Census Update: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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Do you think filling out the census sounds boring? We have something to help!
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6318374 6 дней назад
You cheeky bastard 🤣🤣
MilitaryDog 7 дней назад
Why is there a time limit on the Census? They’re essentially cutting out the uninformed procrastinators. I enjoyed that dvd screen and audio book btw. “Wtf was that voice?”
Bettina Zatuchni
Bettina Zatuchni 7 дней назад
Hobo Jesus
Hobo Jesus 15 дней назад
that guys book actually sounds interesting, strange as all get out, but interesting
Daniella Fields
Daniella Fields 17 дней назад
Already filled out the census, the rest was lovely
H H 20 дней назад
.Now you Know ruposts.info/one/Zo1qmXuamdqrooI/video
RegiRuler 21 день назад
I guess I'm in the minority as the book seemed just fine to listen to. It was grounded in style with an small absurdist flourish at the end.
Julia Set
Julia Set 22 дня назад
I have always gotten a census form in the mail, but this time I have not gotten one, I had to do it on line. Why, when I have lived at the same address for decades. Seems pretty fishy to me.
Matty sim
Matty sim 23 дня назад
But I like the dvd thing
Baz Vargis
Baz Vargis 26 дней назад
Not sure why Oliver disparaged that passage, I thought it was quite appealing, a true realization of the American dream turned nightmare.
Spaghetti 27 дней назад
i worked for the census :)
Brandon Contreras
Brandon Contreras 27 дней назад
I don’t agree with everything said here but it does offer perspective.
Zalta Patraz
Zalta Patraz 27 дней назад
A request NOT to include any of Drumb's voice/videos. It is really annoying to hear him everywhere in every news outlet, so much so, that I tend to turn the volume off/change the channel while Drumb is on. I would suggest just putting a picture and in quotes what he said.
Ashmit Kolli
Ashmit Kolli 27 дней назад
Lmao that was unexpected
Kathleen Reynolds
Kathleen Reynolds Месяц назад
I mean I missed this when it was relevant, but....shit, this is ASMR as fuck and I’m totally into it.
Chefs Corner
Chefs Corner Месяц назад
What is this AD for a DVD Video?? I don't recall John Oliver mentioning anything about a DVD. LOL ;)
LadiesMan 217
LadiesMan 217 Месяц назад
Census don’t do Jack Shit
Cioda 11 дней назад
Yes it does. He explained what it does.
laserbeak Месяц назад
I swear John you are the freaking BEST!!! 😂😂
Jellydogsterio Месяц назад
Did you you have alt j commentary at the end???
Elayne K
Elayne K Месяц назад
Brilliantly hilarious ✌🏾😂
Alana Loken
Alana Loken Месяц назад
I’m dying 😂
Alexander Garcia
Alexander Garcia Месяц назад
Total backfire...I want this to fall asleep to at night
Simone Casillas
Simone Casillas Месяц назад
That reading at the end tho. 😆 "Just folx gettin by"...
Opacream Месяц назад
Jokes on you I'm into that shit
C S Месяц назад
Thumbs up if you didn't get counted I thought I had heard it was extended till the end of the year. The census website says 99.9% of households were counted I'm skeptical of that.
six Dillon
six Dillon Месяц назад
And this was the best show of y'all's I have ever watched thank you so much 🥰👍
Kimmy Ball
Kimmy Ball Месяц назад
You are awesome!! I've already done both but I like Sean's voice!! Lol
newdude50 Месяц назад
Shit. I don't Floss. But, I and my entire family did fill out the census early this year in May. I did it online and it was easy.
Emilio MCB
Emilio MCB Месяц назад
Love itttt! Filled my census
hugo brutus
hugo brutus Месяц назад
Faurest Месяц назад
Should have checked the comments it never hits the corner yall
Ben Moormann
Ben Moormann Месяц назад
That book sounds genuinely interesting though?
Johnny Phillips
Johnny Phillips Месяц назад
Thank God for you, John. We need more heros like you.
Ryan H
Ryan H Месяц назад
Fill out the census, because someone from a different country says so. I wish he would do a segment on why ppl do not want to fill out the census.
Trung Đoàn Thành
Trung Đoàn Thành Месяц назад
ninjakids dianaross melly scatman vyqwaint txt
gnitpeohseluj Месяц назад
I like watching the DVD logo bounce around; it classifies in what they now call the "satisfying" category of RUposts.
Jaded Old Joe
Jaded Old Joe Месяц назад
Did actually play that shit for an entire episode?
Rabbit Beall
Rabbit Beall Месяц назад
Adam Holt
Adam Holt Месяц назад
You can't spell Census without SUS.
Pre Beed
Pre Beed Месяц назад
Just folks gettin by
Vanessa's Ambitions
Vanessa's Ambitions Месяц назад
I should have listened to John. I listened to the last part and now I’m feeling an emotion I can’t explain. It’s not good tho. It’s not good.
IBLizZaRD x Месяц назад
I don't know a single person who filled that out hahaha
Renzo Fernandini
Renzo Fernandini Месяц назад
John: 40 min show Video: is 4 mins
Andrew Vazquez
Andrew Vazquez Месяц назад
I filled out census and register to vote finally. Idk if this will get read but it’s says being Hispanic or Mexican are not considered a race in the census.
Bill Freese
Bill Freese Месяц назад
Judging by the comments, you underestimated the willingness of Americans to listen to Sean Penn while watching a bouncing DVD logo. Next time, try running advertisements.
5PVC3 Месяц назад
Can't register to vote early in Idaho
MaeTricks Месяц назад
I have done both of those things. But im a stubborn botch and suffered through the rest of the video anyways.
Danny Simard
Danny Simard Месяц назад
tbh I like this
godlessyurifan Месяц назад
... I wasn't living in the country as of April 1st, so when I went to fill it out, the site said not to.
John Clements
John Clements Месяц назад
I didn't do the census cause I live in California and the very last thing I want is more California Democrats in office
Alex LUKENS Месяц назад
Took me 7 min 37 seconds
Johnny C
Johnny C Месяц назад
I watched the last 2 minutes, out of respect to the effort.... despite being already registered to vote & counted in the census. You're a bastard, Oliver, but I'm with ya....... If anyone actually took the time to read this, instead of answering the census & registering to vote, you're a dink. 🇺🇲
illyxxolicnaxim Месяц назад
Years later, that DVD screensaver still causes me almost physical pain to watch
Jason Gray
Jason Gray Месяц назад
Brad Zahn
Brad Zahn Месяц назад
In 1942 the U.S. used the census to round up Japanese Americans and put them in internment camps.
Laurie Guilbeau
Laurie Guilbeau Месяц назад
And donate blood too! You'll get tested for COVID antibodies. Takes longer than two minutes, though.
Sydney V.
Sydney V. Месяц назад
Yes, the democrats declared publicly on national television that they ARE NOT A LEFT PARTY IN ANY WAY, they do not support BLM, they do not support Green New Deal, and they definitely DO NOT support Medicare for all during a global pandemic. Shift your party affiliation and vote according to platform and policy. #GreenParty2020
b c
b c Месяц назад
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Jonathan Perry
Jonathan Perry Месяц назад
I'm glad I came across this video I thought they were going to send me a letter in the mail and I just fill it out and send it back I'm doing it right now
Julian Kazakar
Julian Kazakar Месяц назад
Neighbor said they think the questions are "Too personal" so hasn't filled it in. (  ̄^ ̄)
magellanthecat Месяц назад
Sadly, I have read (or tried to read) published novels that were worse than that one. They made me wonder... How the hell to these people get published?
Farie Fly
Farie Fly Месяц назад
I like this story - need to read it (my census is already filled)
Sharona Maynard
Sharona Maynard Месяц назад
I actually really liked that ending. The gravelly voice too close to my ear kinda gave me chills and I was interested in the story and the way he told it. Thanks for the recommendation.
Can't wait til the next census when my voice becomes more feminine, and I tell the person on the phone I am in fact a male.
Damon Stone
Damon Stone Месяц назад
I just don't get how people thumb down Last Week Tonight.
Nathan Augustine
Nathan Augustine Месяц назад
More Sean Penn reading nonsense please! Enrapturing, enthralling, all the big words.
joeyp978 Месяц назад
14 billion households
BrynPoo KC
BrynPoo KC Месяц назад
It was weird. I’ve taken a lot of censuses over the decades. Some years they were one or two pages of tiny type questions about everything. And sometimes I was “selected” to do an interview to represent “my demographic” (single, never married woman). Those would take a couple hours. The little dink thing this year was hardly worth my time to type in the url.
Sue Cuevas
Sue Cuevas Месяц назад
Isnt he sposed to be funny? sigh
tori albanese
tori albanese Месяц назад
October 6th, 2020 3:30am. I’m currently torturing myself with the last half of this video just to feel something.
camwyn256 Месяц назад
And so it was
prying eyes
prying eyes Месяц назад
After hearing that excerpt from Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff, I think the firemen in Fahrenheit 451 were doing God's work.
Veronica Haile
Veronica Haile Месяц назад
I love this man😂
S M Месяц назад
Ok so I filled out the census because John Oliver told me to, but I still don’t understand why? he talked so fast I couldn’t understand most of what he said other than “fill out the census”
Sarah Ngegwe
Sarah Ngegwe Месяц назад
Check and check🤣
Alonzo Johnson
Alonzo Johnson Месяц назад
Mark Precious
Mark Precious Месяц назад
It's not dreadful, sheesh!
Wren Месяц назад
This is a painful reminder to me that a friend of mine is one of the people that refuses to fill the census out because she doesn't 'Want the Government tracking their information' and I couldn't convince her otherwise 😑
Frank K
Frank K Месяц назад
Yikes. That was painful to listen to. How is he considered one of the great actors out there? He sounds like he should be telling us about diabetes or something. RIP Brimley!
Lovina Vargas-Carriedo
Lovina Vargas-Carriedo Месяц назад
As someone whose filled the census and also registered to vote. Thag last minute was the most amazing thing I've heard this week. Holy shit. That author has issues
Emma Liu
Emma Liu Месяц назад
What timing John Oliver! Been meaning to do this for weeks. Finally. This actually worked! Good job Mr. Oliver.
mayrni bird
mayrni bird Месяц назад
his voice is hypnotic, it's much better if you just listen to it as a stream of individual, disconnected words. my eyes are getting sleepy.
Shade Long
Shade Long Месяц назад
Here is a New Only Fans Babe To Cheer Up Everyone's Day ! @t
Chris Howerton
Chris Howerton Месяц назад
My mom filled both of our censuses but I need an ID to register to vote!
Eric Stodolnik
Eric Stodolnik Месяц назад
... and so it was... smh...
blue03r6 Месяц назад
I refuse to participate. I don't trust the government. They already know everything about your household. It's all public records. In fact all anyone on the internet needs is your address.
Kit Tillis
Kit Tillis Месяц назад
Okay yea. that took about the length of that clip. thanks for the reminder!
Appa Martell of Tatooine
Appa Martell of Tatooine Месяц назад
Yo who disliked this you got what you came for
matt _ess
matt _ess Месяц назад
How many times does the POTUS have to state that he does not side with white supremacists? He said it numerous times. Make racist Biden say it!
Steven Harkness
Steven Harkness Месяц назад
It's like listening to a story written on used toilet paper.
Rocky Slope
Rocky Slope Месяц назад
I have already completed the census. It was short and sweet. I have now used my free time to tap the subscribe button, so that I can watch more dvd logo screen saver videos! 😃👍
Richard Mediate
Richard Mediate Месяц назад
Thank you #DanielO'Brienrules
Dummy Enigma
Dummy Enigma Месяц назад
i filled it out once, then got mailed it again so i filled out the mailed version and mailed it in, then i had a representative come to my door and tell me i hadnt been counted yet after doing it twice and when i provided the reference code from finishing it was told it didnt exist and was asked to fill it out online again.
Trent Noor
Trent Noor Месяц назад
This is Crazy
This is Crazy Месяц назад
Schroedinger Cat
Schroedinger Cat Месяц назад
it's actually a kind of art.
Jill Unger
Jill Unger Месяц назад
Dear Oliver. I love you, but for some reason it sounds like a goldfish is dying a painful death in the background of this video. I have actually filled out my census form. SERIOUSLY, what in God's name is wrong with this video?
Calcifur Gaming
Calcifur Gaming Месяц назад
Done both, enjoyed the soothing voice
ÆRational Месяц назад
Obviously I was going to have to watch the DVD symbol the whole time to see if it hit the corner perfectly..
Internet Omatic
Internet Omatic Месяц назад
I don't like John Oliver much, but I have to say, his (or his writer's or his intern's or whoever) taste in bad lit is impeccable. Holy. Shit.
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