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With the 2020 election underway, John Oliver explains how the Trump administration has handled asylum seekers over the past four years, why it matters, and what we can do about it.
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nguyenghathan phanthuangian
nguyenghathan phanthuangian 3 часа назад
funnypranks spm chrissmoove piemations slipknot lukasgraham dunkey
Rosa Cummings
Rosa Cummings 7 часов назад
When the president of El Salvador is a more proficient English speaker than Donald Trump.
nguyenthanhchung phamquanthanh
nguyenthanhchung phamquanthanh 13 часов назад
uglygod river americanidol
surelychoo 21 час назад
this episode broke me; I've never cried from watching this show even though John has been discussing increasingly heartbreaking stories as the years go on, but this is just so so horribly sad. My heart breaks for these asylum seekers. you can hear the anger in John's voice
DropKick2772 21 час назад
This is disgusting
Marbles6346 День назад
Wow, John, I can't believe I found out we disagree on something!!!! Cilantro!!!
Chronicler OfTheDead
Chronicler OfTheDead День назад
QAnon: "Our goal is to uncover and prevent child abuse." Misguided Member of QAnon: "Hey look, proof the government is abusing Mexican kids!" QAnon: "Uhhhh..."
TaiwaneseBoi День назад
Don't let Berta in. She looks like she's been fighting in the UFC. Look at her face tattoos, we can't trust her 🙄
Aluzky 2 дня назад
3:33 Wish granted, she is now safe in US detention, free shelter, free food. But now she wants to be returned to the place she flee from so she can be killed? Where is the logic in that?
Aluzky 2 дня назад
Common, if you don't like US asylum process feel free to seek asylum in any of the other 190+ countries. I don't get why we have like people from Peru or Africa seeking asylum in US. What, they spend years crossing though dozens of countries to come to US for asylum, could you not seek asylum in those dozens of countries that where before US? Feels like they many people seeking asylum in US are only trying to exploit the system to get in for free. That that can harm people who needs real asylum.
Banana Banana
Banana Banana 2 дня назад
Awesome video, Oliver, as always you are one of the TOP finest. Lets make America "human" again.
FOertel 3 дня назад
People laughing about Asylum-jokes of Trump at something called "Republican JEWISH Coalition" is just...
Mansooreh Sani
Mansooreh Sani 3 дня назад
People who are harsh on asylum seekers think it is easy to leave all of your life behind and flee? Most of them pack a huge suite for one week travel and have no idea what "leave a life behind and run" even means... Who runs away from a familiar place with the language and culture they are familiar with??? Do you even think about these questions???
Joe Scott
Joe Scott 3 дня назад
The RIM program is illegal... And we need to execute the cartels. All of them. Thank God Drumpft will be out soon. You know it's bad when fleeing to Mexico is an improvement.
Nightthought 4 дня назад
I mean, this whole episode is the perfect example of privilege. I mean, asking to be protected and being thrown into detention is perfectly normal if you miss two boxes on privilege bingo. That's not a lot. Also some of those boxes are connected. Like chances are if you aren't cis, there is an 80% chance that you are not a dude.
Jón Frímann Jónsson
Jón Frímann Jónsson 4 дня назад
There are many people that are going to jail once Joe Biden start to dismantle the horror of the government of Donald Trump.
Youssef Laghzali
Youssef Laghzali 4 дня назад
american melting pot: africans is not a nationality*
Daniel Feldman
Daniel Feldman 5 дней назад
But I like Cilantro.
ngangtraivao dangtrinhung
ngangtraivao dangtrinhung 5 дней назад
cher sailormoon brownman tanqr dailywire seananners xxtentacion
asioe kiou
asioe kiou 5 дней назад
Trump should face crimes against humanity charges.
Jonathan Perez
Jonathan Perez 5 дней назад
I don’t know if John Oliver is getting enough recognition . He’s bringing all these things into the light but at end of the day it’s up to us to make a change and do something about it .
bacncake 5 дней назад
I know a person who works at an ice facility. They discussed a person who fleed their country came to America and has been trying for a year to get in contact with the Aunt that raised them. They recently were told that the day after they left their country she was killed when they came looking for this person. The person then had a psychological break and was sent to a mental health facility. The person I know then told me last week that the person was being deported back to their country because they couldn't present any evidence for asylum. I live in a garbage country. Don't come to America its not worth it.
Luke Mordon
Luke Mordon 6 дней назад
I cried when I heard the story this is a really fucked system
asioe kiou
asioe kiou 5 дней назад
The English are definitely not the cilantro of the human race
airsoftshrek23 6 дней назад
Well its not our problem you come in here illegally you get put in jail it doesn't matter if they need help it may be a dick move but its not our problem
Ghost_Anna _Reads
Ghost_Anna _Reads 6 дней назад
Yeah, I asked about the American Melting Pot....apparently, it doesn’t really exist because adults forgot what they were taught in kindergarten, share and be nice.
Christian Topayung
Christian Topayung 6 дней назад
If the Democrat ever purpose such asylum program they will lose badly in 2022.
NapFloridian 6 дней назад
When Trump flees, he should make sure not to Honduras... Tbey would drill him and his lovely Russian hooker at the border... And don't complain
Rai 6 дней назад
When his voice went unspeakably low talking about his anger about GBBO I'm ashamed, but I found it attractive. Because it was Hilariously random, but also, I have enough British friends to know, *there was genuine anger there.*
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt 7 дней назад
A man complaining that people fleeing for their lives are cowards is pretty hypocritical for a guy who hid in a bunker from people with signs.
Random Garbage
Random Garbage 7 дней назад
as a white man, is there any value in my life?
captainautobots 6 дней назад
Yes, if you recognize that all lives have value AND that those who are disadvantaged in society more than others need more help, like people of colour, woman, homeless, the sick, etc. Do what you can to help, or at least don't join the Proud Boys; their lives ARE worthless.
Jos de Bruijn
Jos de Bruijn 7 дней назад
We need this kind of reporting in the EU as well. There are rampant human rights violations at there borders here, and very little reporting of this.
Legitly Spelunking
Legitly Spelunking 7 дней назад
Trump: "the coronavirus isn't real, it's a hoax" Also Trump: * uses coronavirus as an excuse to do this bs *
mikeshogunlee 7 дней назад
Also Also Trump: *Gets Carona Virus*
Selma Reyna
Selma Reyna 7 дней назад
omg my heart aches for Berta. :' (
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt 7 дней назад
one systemic social crisis at the time... JO make me laugh and cry at the same time... I love and hate you John Oliver, at the same time... keep the good work!
Daniel Wyrembelski
Daniel Wyrembelski 7 дней назад
The Orange Man is aweful and im glad he lost.
Luigi Scazzari
Luigi Scazzari 7 дней назад
All Trump administration deserves to rot in an The Hague jail.
Jacob Harvill
Jacob Harvill 7 дней назад
i love immigration please help to protect it
Penitent Hollow
Penitent Hollow 7 дней назад
I find it extremely telling that the cartels assume (or at least tell their foot soldiers) that people living in the U.S. can automatically afford a ransom between $10,000 and $20,000.
President Obummer
President Obummer 5 дней назад
What is it extremely telling you?
Stelios Maris
Stelios Maris 7 дней назад
The English are definitely not the cilantro of the human race
EnzoSlayer 04
EnzoSlayer 04 7 дней назад
John why your video got taken down
Kat Horne
Kat Horne 7 дней назад
This is the last John Oliver video viewable in Canada. They are all now blocked. Anyone know why???
Chadimous 7 дней назад
Asshole Chad’s are pudding me off. ... as if Tom Greene’s “The Chad is great” didn’t make my teenage years annoying!!!!
regina jerusalemsky
regina jerusalemsky 7 дней назад
How are you not seeing this you ask.. little zombie people (as I am one of you I KNOW) #NewWorldOrderStage4Maybe5# Oliver already screaming all of this! And also...I reeeally don't think that it's Trump's doings anymore..He IS being said/controlled on what to do!
regina jerusalemsky
regina jerusalemsky 7 дней назад
How does NOT ONE TIME SAY "what about article 42 CONSERNING the Covid-19 in America/American people?" John.. whatever you can with what"they" allowed you..I know you can..I know you can..
Cotton Farmer
Cotton Farmer 7 дней назад
If you have any questions regarding Trumps immigration strategy, watch Immigration Nation on Netflix. It will answer all your questions.
Joey Speers' Greatest Hits #JSGH #Troll22 #VTVR
Joey Speers' Greatest Hits #JSGH #Troll22 #VTVR 7 дней назад
Biden built those systems! M4A!!!!!!
matthew styles
matthew styles 7 дней назад
Fyi Biden already increasing asylum numbers from 15k trump. To over 100k a year.
ericdealba 7 дней назад
one systemic social crisis at the time... JO make me laugh and cry at the same time... I love and hate you John Oliver, at the same time... keep the good work!
The Chri
The Chri 7 дней назад
In Europe the same thing. Economic refugees claim that their life is in danger. Nobody can disproof that and so they all stay. Perfect system
m dispose
m dispose 6 дней назад
@The Chri ich gebe dir Recht, es sind nur zwei Punkte die ich kritisiere, erstens ist es nicht wahr das es supereasy ist Asyl zubekommen. Und zweitens haben wir größere Probleme. Das hat was mir passiert ist gezeigt, nämlich das die Österreichische Regierung und der dazugehörige Sicherheitsapparat verdammt unfähig ist. Nichts desto weniger ist es nicht zu tolerieren das viele das System ausnutzen, links oder rechts, Inländer oder Ausländer. Da bin ich voll bei dir.
The Chri
The Chri 6 дней назад
@m dispose Sowas nennt man Strohmann Argument. Du kreierst eine Person mit Eigenschaften und Einstellungen die sie deiner Meinung nach hat, und bekämpfst diese dann ohne Interesse daran zu haben was wirklich ihre Meinung ist. Ich hab nie gesagt dass ich Migranten für alles Böse verantwortlich mache. Aber ich hab natürlich auch keine Lust wie alle naiven Gutmenschen (damit meine ich meine Strohmänner und nicht dich) jedes mal wenn radikalisierte Religionsfanatiker menschen töten so zu tun als ob die bösen weißen Europäer dran eigentlich schuld sind und wir nur mehr Verständnis aufbringen müssen für andere Kulturen um den Karren noch rumzureißen. Die Linken kreieren die Rechten mit dieser Einstellung- und ich hab auf beide keine Lust..
m dispose
m dispose 7 дней назад
​@The Chri Then another fact: We had at maximum 2 million imigrants in the last 10 years ( because the US started multiple wars in the near east, among other things). If you also count the illegeals we had about 5 million. These are just about 0.5 % of the European population? Do you really think they harm us? Or do we have maybe other problems, like tax cuts for the rich? Like in the US? I was about 20 meters away from the last terrorist attack here in Vienna. And I will not accept that we just blame 'the others' because of our problems. Sorry pal.
The Chri
The Chri 7 дней назад
@m dispose I think my point is that there are more economic refugees than war refugees coming to the west. John Oliver loves to take single examples (in this case woman with child) and tries to proof his point. And all people who are not in line with his openness to everybody are put in trump camp or worse..
The Chri
The Chri 7 дней назад
@m dispose Fact is, I can't proof my claim. How could I really?
Kwauhn Istronglydislikegplus
Kwauhn Istronglydislikegplus 7 дней назад
5200 dislikes? I see at least 5200 degenerates watched this video.
Rat Shion
Rat Shion 7 дней назад
The vp for the deporter in chief. Your asshole won, I hope none of you cowards settle for it.
The Savage Atheist
The Savage Atheist 8 дней назад
Like how you deliberately left out the “by their government” part literally every time you talked about asylum. Hence why criminality isn’t protected, like from cartel. Cartel isn’t government and asylum only applies to persecution by government.
Whofan06 8 дней назад
Seeing footage of migrant children being held in a hotel guarded by men who refuse to identify themselves and violently stopping a civil rights lawyer from seeing them makes me wanna fucking throw up.
potterinhe11 8 дней назад
16:22 These American Secret police are so adorable compared to actually secret police organizations!
J Bang
J Bang 8 дней назад
These trump people will get to live their lives without any problems after this administration ends
Finwolven 8 дней назад
Well, the QAnon does claim that left-wingers are in the business of stealing children. So as usual, it's actual projection, the real child-stealers are the Trump Administration, protected by the GOP-controlled Senate. So yea, business as usual.
Steve Jarvis
Steve Jarvis 8 дней назад
I am not at all surprised.
Mellow Rebel
Mellow Rebel 8 дней назад
tRUMP Grandson of a dodge drafter!!! Son of a draft dodger. 5 time draft dodger himself!!!
President Obummer
President Obummer 5 дней назад
That's least something good about them.
Pryszlak Anna
Pryszlak Anna 8 дней назад
You should talk about Poland. Country currently run by a dwarf dictator who is a twin brother of former president killed in a mysterious plane crush in Russia. Country experiencing at the moment the biggest protest since communism was destroyed that are womens protesing agains being forced to become living coffins so dead fetuses can be delivered named and buried as requested by law. A country where guy holdinga a power over homeland security calls in public speach on footbal holigans to start a war and beat women protesters.all thise things sadly are facts. Ah and they arrested an unicorn.
Rich Ly
Rich Ly 8 дней назад
Watching the crowd laugh at people pleading for safety was disturbing. I hope this doesn’t become ironic for them...
Johannes9126 8 дней назад
Mixing up asylum seekers with immigrants again? Typical leftist trope.
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu 8 дней назад
Trump talking about keeping out asylum seekers to a roomfull of American Jews, many of whom wouldn't be there if their grandparents hadn't gotten asylum from Nazis. Irony
Brian Salomon
Brian Salomon 8 дней назад
I thought that this was going to be a story about the White House
Undead Scoll
Undead Scoll 8 дней назад
There was 200000 people from America that clamed asylum to canada get your shit togeather america
Samuel 8 дней назад
Cilantro? You're being too generous, John.
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu 8 дней назад
Gun owner: "My life is in danger!" Kills a guy. Hero status. Mexican: "My life is in danger!" Prison.
thomson salwa
thomson salwa 9 дней назад
"I am very fearful for my life" Crowd laughs Hmmm, that kinda sums up the reaction I have regarding certain police officers.
NNA 9 дней назад
Stand Up .... ... For America. During these troubling times I would encourage concerned Americans to take up a U. S. Flag. Find an appropriate (and legal) location. Stand and hold the flag. Stay for at least 4 hours. No chanting of political slogans, Remain quiet except for normal conversation. If others doing same thing then gather together but maintain six feet between fellow ‘standers’ at all times. If someone asks, say what you feel but remain apolitical at all times. Example: I am a concerned American standing up for... .... America. ..... American Democracy. .... the United States Constitution. .... the American election process. Etc. If there is a relief ‘stander’ coming, surrender your flag to them to hold onto in case a person shows up without a flag, or just wants to join in. Wear a mask... Social Distance .... .... Stay Well!
devan english
devan english 9 дней назад
wait .... he said where that old lady was on air .... is he fucken stupid
Mike McCartney
Mike McCartney 9 дней назад
Making fun of asylum seekers is so low. I'm glad the orange sociopath got whooped in the election. -Canadian
MEEMS 9 дней назад
My dad came here trying to get asylum and was refused. He ended up illegally coming thru, marrying for his greencard, and living. Which is the opposite of what would have happened had he stayed in Lebanon with the terrorist camp that murdered his father in front of him and took all the boys, including him, to train them as terrorists and suicide bombers. To this day, he cannot talk about chuck-E cheese without getting nauseated, because in the camp, they fed the boys rats and mice, which is what was on hand and Chuck-E Cheese has that fake mouse mascot.
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy 9 дней назад
A man complaining that people fleeing for their lives are cowards is pretty hypocritical for a guy who hid in a bunker from people with signs.
Broctavius 9 дней назад
“I show them my countdown timer, they show me their scars.”
Cari111111 9 дней назад
Did he say Cool S’s? Yessssss
J S Ellis
J S Ellis 9 дней назад
There are always the same amount of thumbs down...LOL!
Mr Invictus
Mr Invictus 9 дней назад
Funny how Trump hates asylum, but might have to seek it soon to avoid going to prison once his immunity from being President expires!
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy 9 дней назад
wait he said that to a JEWISH conference?! You mean the ppl who were fleeing from the fucking Nazis?? So literally those ppl were actually laughing at their ancestors...right.
Dizzy Spinner
Dizzy Spinner 9 дней назад
That is SO unfair to cilantro.
DannyGirl 10 дней назад
“I did not sleep with that woman..” am I right
UltimateQmazing 10 дней назад
Asylum seeker: *dead in a ditch murdered by a cartel* Trump: they’re faking it. Nice try you’re not getting into my country.
Nick Woods
Nick Woods 10 дней назад
Thank god that orange will soon disappear
Le Viet Thanh
Le Viet Thanh 10 дней назад
Gun owner: "My life is in danger!" Kills a guy. Hero status. Mexican: "My life is in danger!" Prison.
robert lawson
robert lawson 11 дней назад
lol the president of El Salvador speaks better English than the president of America
Junba Files
Junba Files 11 дней назад
I’m from the future joe Biden won
Dwayne Carroll
Dwayne Carroll 11 дней назад
Don’t we have enough hack comics in the US? Do we really need this twit?
President Obummer
President Obummer 5 дней назад
Between Kimmel and Fallon you desperatly need this guy.
Prashant Wason
Prashant Wason 10 дней назад
He likely contributes more economically to the country than you. So your conservative "market is a God" ass should pop off
Orange Harrison
Orange Harrison 11 дней назад
"A Fish Who's Lying" sounds like an "A Talking Fish" tribute band.
__ 11 дней назад
...and of course: cannibalism by a giant green statue. omfg I'm dead. xD
Rebecca Williamson
Rebecca Williamson 11 дней назад
The "pro-life party." Right.
bill murray
bill murray 11 дней назад
immigration abuse is rampant in your country because people who skip the line and illegally enter the country come in expecting HUGE hand outs, which they are given well before the people who went properly through the system in a legitimate and legal fashion. your immigration system is a joke that is abused with intent to get free money, healthcare, housing, food, and to enter a high economy country.
Wendy Desparois
Wendy Desparois 11 дней назад
LOL, 'truly disciplined about being truly evil' sums up tRump and the GOP PERFECTLY!!! Guess what that means, supporters of both? (Betcha can't figure it out if you are a supporter of tRump/the GOP, though.) (Psst, it means if you support evil, YOU are evil, too.)
Favours Tyche
Favours Tyche 11 дней назад
wait he said that to a JEWISH conference?! You mean the ppl who were fleeing from the fucking Nazis?? So literally those ppl were actually laughing at their ancestors...right.
Nikoli Grimm
Nikoli Grimm 11 дней назад
He lost popular vote yet again. Imagine if we had the ability to revoke a 'circus peanuts' citizenship due to popular vote... I'm actually curious if there are any countries that would be willing to take him.
Dayne Godwin
Dayne Godwin 11 дней назад
Imagine how different things would be if Trump had a thing for Latinas instead of rampant distaste...
I’m impostor. Why? Because. I vented
I’m impostor. Why? Because. I vented 11 дней назад
People say that trump has no idea what he’s doing. The truth is, he does. He is knowingly separating family’s and everything he has done since 2016 has all been deliberate and one of his or some other party members ideas.
Hannele Kormano
Hannele Kormano 11 дней назад
We'll know things are better when he gets to be funny again
Rennata Wilson
Rennata Wilson 11 дней назад
I wonder how John Oliver would react if the US under either Biden or Trump deployed significant military assets into Central America's northern triangle and began systematically liquidating the gangs. Because that is the only way you're going to stabilize those countries.
President Obummer
President Obummer 5 дней назад
Yeah because it was so stable when US controlled Juntas controlled those lands.
mandy moore
mandy moore 11 дней назад
I don’t think Jenri from Honduras was a man looking to “rape woman”. Mainly bc Henri was 5 years old and taken away from his mother at the border thanks to trump! HOWEVER she has been here for a decent amount of time, enough time to be sitting in prison attempting to learn English, which she clearly has not done.
PolyglotteMD 12 дней назад
A F R I C A N S......
Erinski 12 дней назад
I've put off watching this because I knew how badly it was going to piss me off. The Right loves accusing the Left of being spoiled children who take everything for granted, and yet they feel they should be able to deny the right of other to walk the same path as their ancestors who immigrated to America...just because. The entitlement is astounding.
Rennata Wilson
Rennata Wilson 11 дней назад
No nation can afford open borders. Even Mexico. It's time for the northern triangle to begin the process of systematically liquidating their gang infestations. Until they do that they will continue to export poverty towards an unreceptive USA.
Sage Milne
Sage Milne 12 дней назад
I would like John Oliver to talk about the closed borders between Canada and USA and what that means. He could even include the joke about Baby Bear that tried to cross the border and how unbearable it is. There are a lot of towns on the borders and it has been affecting a lot of truckers.
pierre California
pierre California 12 дней назад
William's property maintenance
William's property maintenance 12 дней назад
Your show and and liberal views are disturbing
President Obummer
President Obummer 5 дней назад
Don't insult him as liberal, he is a leftist.
Sam Mckeen
Sam Mckeen 11 дней назад
Prashant Wason
Prashant Wason 12 дней назад
What's disturbing about them?
pikeman80 12 дней назад
Joe Biden is the worst of the list of Democratic candidates.......he's the closest to "Trump Light" that the party had. But then the States isn't ready for a guy that would get things done like Bernie Sanders.
Marcella Norman
Marcella Norman 12 дней назад
Tonight on “what horrific thing is my country guilty of this week?”
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