Voting Machines: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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John Oliver discusses how voting machines work, how they don’t, and how we can fix them.
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Steve2Work 42 минуты назад
(images, and latest edited version here: ) November 23nd, 2020 . Good Monday Evening, Blood of Christ, consolation of the dying, save us. . . . Index Number 476: . . . Symbolic World, Jonathan's guest is well spoken and has an informed perspective you will not easily find, .. . “Rod Dreher - Preparing for a Soft Totalitarian Future” by Jonathan Pageau . Atomizing people is a method they use to destroy Order, Justice, Truth,.. . It started in our Witch Universities in unJust testicle crushing of young men who seek answers and truth, seek a life of Service for Mankind, destroy their lives for not licking their evil Witch boots, for not serving Satan, torturing babies to death, taking children, hyper-empowering their twisted Poisoned-souled Witch Minions and twisted cnts .. . .. now it's world-wide - Social Credit Witch family corpDragon evil lists, local Satanic secrete Witch-Matriarchy twisted cnts - slimy vicious lying vile #MaleHating vomit-souled virtueless women and their twisted Dog-males. . Reference book Audable link.. . . . . Here's a point worth the few minutes .. . “You Can't Be Free Without This” by PragerU . . . . Pope proves that he is not only (very) Fallible but perhaps Howling psycho-Evil by pushing the 'systemic racism' Marxist Lie (Lie until someone show data - not some black criminal who died of overdose), the pushing the 'Great Reset' stay home - no Church Services for the Scary!Scary!Scary!Virus that is less deadly then the flu if under 75 yeas old. . .. F-You people, and your unquestioningly following the evil Witch Authorities - Satanic Puppets and Minions! You have the Web - look at the Real Data - FBI Crime Data and the CDC death stats - do it before the Evil Big-Tech hide those, as they silence and Ban information they don't want you to know.. . “Clip - Pope Foolishness or Evil - LIVE EWTN News Nightly 11232020” . (22 sec. Copyright 'Fair Use' Video Clip of .. “LIVE | EWTN News Nightly | Monday, November 23, 2020” ) . . . . A Catholic Soldier reminds us what our Church Leadership has been repressing for generations,.. . “The Vortex - Attacking Hell” by Church Militant . . The forces of evil, directed by the 12-15 international interlocked Witch family Rulers and their corpDragons who have Captured our Administrative State, Gov courts, law-makers, Education, medical, media, High-Tech, .. their Agents are everywhere - the slimy vile vicious co-worked, service-workers, gov-services, managers, owners, teachers, .. most women (and Dog-male minions) of power in all branches of society - if they support baby-murder, taking children from fathers, destroying families, and men on a the whim of some twisted female tool - they are Evil Active or supportive Horrors who will and are destroying all Goodness, Justice, Truth, Order, .. all our Futures and Hope. .. don't let them have power over you, loved, neighbors - better Gone, away from Power. . . . . Addressing the Witch family ruler's coordinated unJust evil related to voting, and the last 5 years against President Trump. . (I would support him more if only on the reason of the Satanic unTrue, unJust, twisted treatment directed at him, and the disRespect and brain-F-ing directed at us. Those horrors are vile and evil - anything they support is Bad, everything they against should be looked-at with an eye towards what merit or aspect do the Witches Hate about it, ..) . “CrossTalk Bullhorns | Quarantine Edition | Trump on trial?” by RT . . . . “Here’s the Evidence of Voter Fraud the Left Denies” by Misandry Today (Another BC copy included in case he removes one.) . . --- SOURCES --- CNN Politics . John Oliver, Nov 3, 2019 . WikiLeaks: . Lawsuit Affidavits . . . . . The Body Language women - what do you think about this/her skill? .. . “Body Language: Dominion Spokesperson On Voting Systems” by Body Language Ghost . . In this less then 4 minute video - You can watch the fraud live, vote switching, transferring Republican votes to Democratic votes on CNN ... . “Clip of - THE CROWHOUSE US ELECTION 2020 - THE MOST BLATANT & OBVIOUS ELECTORAL FRAUD IN HISTORY ” . . FBI could grab original video from CNN, pull in some experts to determine what happened .. . But perhaps they too busy hiding Jeff Epstein's found videos of powerful, wealthy, famous people having sex - and perhaps more horrible things, with an entire ocean to dispose the bodies? - of minors, his 'Blackmail' videos they found at his home, .. . .. or hiding China Commie-Joe's son's Laptop, .. .. framing innocent Muslims and Patriotic white men, .. preparing more WACOs, maybe? so, so busy. . . . . The Great Reset - one inch at a time,.. . “The Boiling Frog Effect” by Computing Forever . . . . China Commie-Joe will be fine about this, you can expect the Witches that own his soul and control him to push more of this.. Chinese and other corpDragon surveillance in every home. . “Walmart-exclusive router and others sold on Amazon & eBay contain hidden backdoors to control devices” by Bernard Meyer . . . . May God Have Mercy on us. . . . PS. This Morning's Post, .. . .
Bradley Scott
Bradley Scott Час назад
Man, rough objectivism to be remembered a year later J O
bigbabyzubas 2 часа назад
18:15 And we need to use it, from now on. I know you Disavowed this, but at least talk about how Paper ballots with peoples Counting is a better Idea than this BS? I know Trump got Cheated. Because tis teh same wway they Cheated bernie, Tim Canova, Cheri Honkola, Bernie, Charles Booker in the Primary, did i Mention Bernie?
bigbabyzubas 2 часа назад
5:05 LOL Chad Joke. need to throw in a Stacey call back.
Jeffery Wang
Jeffery Wang 2 часа назад
John Oliver didn't kill himself....
stenobro 2 часа назад
The show actually released some kind of BS statement defending this whole episode. Believe what you want. Why would this show need to speak to conservatives about this episode. They're not watching this tripe.
Ciara Oneil
Ciara Oneil 3 часа назад
Why is he today stating completely the opp to what he says here? It’s only a year on today from when this is made. Voting machines cannot change from being dodgy if that’s how they started out. All this is so corrupt.
Drago Bludvist
Drago Bludvist 4 часа назад
watching this in 2020
Hello There
Hello There 4 часа назад
John Oliver is the HBO Version of Sean Hannity.
James DeGray
James DeGray 4 часа назад
The first time I caught Hillary Rodham Clinton playing with rigging voting machines she was using a disk drive to run from disk rather than from internal data, it generated the record expected to be seen, but a vote for any choice resulted in a vote for the same candidate. Complete with a record of how that machine didn't do it. The only problem reporting this fact was that Hillary was an investor as well the person the voting machine company wanted me to explain to how I could tell the votes were changed, when even a forensic level investigation at the time yielded no evidence. You don't tell election thieves how they got caught, now put them in jail. Obama's executive order making him unlawfully and illegally shadow president upon leaving office, outside the constitution leaves me knowing Biden is his "president in the light" basically just a puppet, and Joe didn't even win with all the rigging that's why media keeps covering for him Trump still has and is using legal recourse. About time we the American people drive all the anti-Americans out of America. Obama and Trump both said "you can leave". Obama said it first, and Obama said it worst.
Gold Fishyman
Gold Fishyman 6 часов назад Research then speak
Ranch Davidian
Ranch Davidian 9 часов назад
Opinion on voting changes current year to current year. Almost like these guys are unprincipled hacks.
Los Empresarios
Los Empresarios 10 часов назад
2020 democrats: But there is no evidence.
BigChump 11 часов назад
Oh, have the tables turned. It's fine when your candidate is in the lead. F#cking disgusting.
justin rundus
justin rundus 11 часов назад
Liberals main source of news. Comedy Central
debbiedogs1 11 часов назад
Our elections have been RIGGED FOR DECADES, and more people need to know! Check out this award-winning documentary from 2006, exposing how bad the cheating already was back in 2000!
C C 12 часов назад
So many comments with incorrect assumptions. DRE voting systems have been in the process of being phased out for years. Since this aired, Georgia does not employ DRE voting systems. They use BMD (ballot marking devices) which create a paper ballot for every voter. Georgia then underwent a hand counted audit (planned before the election) to verify one of the races. (Presidential was picked considering how close it was.) They found only small human user discrepancies. They employ Dominion systems that proved complete accurate. Also, for the record, the remaining states using DRE voting without paper trail are Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, West Virginia, Kansas, and New Jersey. All but one of these states went to Trump. Source:
SimGunther 5 часов назад
@C C Some recounts/audits were half-done, so...
SimGunther 5 часов назад
So who counts the counted votes? Some servers connected to the internet, including a server in Frankfurt (allegedly). If Smartmatic is cheating as badly as we think, this could end badly for nations using Smartmatic.
C C 6 часов назад
@Gianni I'm Canadian - I find the US election completely insane, because, even though you are the "United States" you aren't very united. Having a consolidated federal level election with identical laws and process would make things so much easier. But that's not how it works. So yes - the US has hundreds of different machines at various levels of the election process. Putting up a video showing a hack for a specific machine is ZERO proof that widespread hacking was done in any one state's county let alone thousands of counties, across many states to steal an election. Especially when those states don't even use that hardware. The MI "Glitch" that you say was not a glitch. Again - the US election is complex. The ballots have sometimes dozens of choices and differ for each county. It's like running thousands of elections all at the same time. And in that case, it was one county that forgot one of their races and had to add it in before election night. This caused them to require a new configuration file - basically a list of each ballot entry across a sheet with counts. Because of user error - a simple mistake for an overworked election worker - they ran the ballots that misaligned the counts. But the thing is - it was automatically detected. No audit, or re-check, it was standard practice for each batch to have both parties confirm counts and when these did not match they knew something was wrong. They checked - called the company's hotline, figured out the issue, re-ran the config. Then resubmitted the count. This happens in all elections. In all states. There are many checks and balances in place. Discrepancies happen every election. And again - a hand count of the paper ballot has proven the software in Georgia wasn't causing voting changes. MI and PA (and other states that have BMD devices) do small sample audits of stacks of paper ballots to check against the machine scanner counts to verify things and both parties get to witness this. Really - there could be more issues in FL or TX, than any of these other states, but I don't see court cases there of course... I don't see people talking about the machines being hacked there (since many counties have no paper ballots to even verify!) or for example, disenfranchised voters there who had no box to put ballots in and huge lines to vote in. No - this is the picking and choosing you are talking about. If machine hacking fraud has caused widespread changes in multiple states, they need proof - evidence - that can be proved in court, because that is how the US laws work. The machines you site above were used in 2010, 2012, 2014, 2016, 2018 in many states and where were the lawsuits and investigations and refusal to certify back then? None. They did audits. They did some recounts here and there. The official certified it, people conceded and they moved on. This is simply a end-run around a loss and a passionate base being stirred up to create controversy to get around an election. Plain and simple.
Gianni 10 часов назад
@C C cnn said it too back then, but now everything is okay are this now too, crazy trump claims? and in MI there was a glitsch that gave 6k votes from trump to biden, i wonder how many other glitchtes they have. and when you say voter machine are fradulent, or they are risk, then you focus on every voting machine that are in charge of the election. you don't pick and choose. and the media and dems are doing this right now.
C C 11 часов назад
@Gianni They are competitors. Many competitors share licensing agreements, it's very common. It doesn't mean their software is the same, anymore than a license agreement between Google and Apple means they are the same. What I'm saying, it is ridiculous to focus on a Dominion scanner that counts paper ballots and claim a huge conspiracy, without any proof, and especially after a hand audit. Oliver's segment was good - he's pointing out that DRE machines could be compromised and there's no paper trail. As you said - what if he won? Well, Trump did win in 2016. In Georgia in 2016, and many counties in 2018, they used these DREs and there was no mass complaint of voter fraud from software hacking and conspiracy to steal the election. Sidney Powell is a completely wrong and now the GOP is distancing themselves from her as there is no proof and no sane rational for her wild accusations. It's just sad to see it's all come to this. What they did complain about in 2018 was disenfranchising voters. If Trump wants to complain about PA and how unfair it was because of spoiled ballots, well then he's just trying to prove that differences in counties means votes should not count, he's opening himself up to how unfair it is for certain neighborhoods in Texas or Ohio that had 8 hour voting lines, while others (heavier Trump counties) had none. Should we throw all those out too? Where does this end? It's not about fraud, it's not about unfair or "legal ballots", whatever that is. It's about him using courts like he has all his life to bully his way to get what he wants. Unfortunately, he doesn't understand government, nor the supreme court, and he's not going to win.
Dameon Edwards
Dameon Edwards 12 часов назад
The internet never forgets LOL... Now they want to discredit their own video LOLOL
lalaman0914 13 часов назад
So much for the most secure elections in American history...
Garcon Harts
Garcon Harts 13 часов назад
Let's set up crying foul if Trump wins and pretend there are no problems if he loses
lalaman0914 14 часов назад
Oliver you are a biased shill. Whatever fits your agenda at the time...still mindlessly entertaining nonetheless.
Gianni 14 часов назад
so john is now a qanon nazi trump fan right?
SPACE-KING 14 часов назад
Good to see Oliver not being bias , good journalism finally 😆
Make it simple
Make it simple 15 часов назад
Just right after Trump losing the election, the Republicans are now looking into lefty circles for evidence of voter fraud. America never fails in the entertainment business.
Ogami Birdflu
Ogami Birdflu 15 часов назад
Lmao he even brought up affidavits. Oh man this is really funny.
Ogami Birdflu
Ogami Birdflu 15 часов назад
I am so SICK of propaganda. The Putin/Russia nonsense forced into your jokes is so obvious. Not to mention the fact that this shows twitter said conservatives showing this to support Trump's claims is "horse sh*t."
Ogami Birdflu
Ogami Birdflu 16 часов назад
The last week tonight twitter said "people using this piece to validate trumps claims of voter fraud is HORSE SH*T."
XLColdJ 16 часов назад
krishna murthy
krishna murthy 17 часов назад
Share this as much as possible before HBO takes it down.
Jessica Davis
Jessica Davis 17 часов назад
Man, this is interesting. The propaganda system has been completely exposed.
uhlan30 18 часов назад
For everyone saying “this didn’t age well,” keep in mind that every single state in which there are lawsuits used a voting method that produced a paper trail in 2020. A few used the DREs that are criticized in this segment, but they use them with VVPAT (Voter-Verified Paper Audit Trail), which is a way of also recording the ballots on paper. It seems that the only states that used DREs without VVPAT in 2020 are solid red states and Texas, and of those, only Louisiana solely used DREs and no other voting methods. Unfortunately this will probably get buried because people care more about playing “gotcha” than the truth.
uhlan30 8 часов назад
@Gianni What are you even talking about? Nothing you just said has anything to do with my comment.
Gianni 12 часов назад
so we pick and choose when it comes to looking at voter fraud by machines right? the media doesn't have to look at dominion because biden won. okay
uhlan30 18 часов назад
NoBrakes23 19 часов назад
How long till they delete this?
JAS 20 часов назад
Edward Snowden made a video showing how easy it is to hack and manipulate the machines..they’ve been talking about the machines and mail in ballots for years and then when it goes their way, they decide it’s impossible to hack these machines and mail in ballots are crazy safe..okay
JAS 14 часов назад
@John Bacon yeah I have..what was it he figured out, like 174,000 votes from unregistered voters, something like that..I’m not a conspiracy guy, this just didn’t make sense..even slight anomalies should be looked at..and I think there’s more to it than slight anomalies..if they continue to hold elections with mass mail in ballots like this, I have a feeling the votes will always turn out one certain way
John Bacon
John Bacon 16 часов назад
@JAS go watch Crowder info on this
JAS 16 часов назад
@John Bacon yeah..for people saying that trump isn’t respecting the election process, mass mail in ballots isn’t our election process, this isn’t how we elect a president..and people acting like it’s no surprise Biden got 80 million votes, give me a break
John Bacon
John Bacon 16 часов назад
Only in person voting should be legal change my mind
Eddie Current
Eddie Current 20 часов назад
Double speak 100
Jason Grames
Jason Grames 21 час назад
Nice to see the back peddling going on lol I'm so glad I unsubscribed from this trash.
Ranvir 21 час назад
Watching this before it gets deleted
sdlausen 22 часа назад
So... according to liberals this means that Trump suddenly fixed our election system in 2020? No fraud, right?
sdlausen 22 часа назад
Proof enough John Oliver is just a liberal partisan hack talking out of his a**. The irony of it all...
induhindus10 23 часа назад
All of John’s concerns are about the voting machines and the tabulation process. The 2020 election has a lot of paper records and paper ballots due to mass mail in voting. Even if machines were manipulated, risk limiting audits would show it, and so far there haven’t been any major issues.
Jo Quin
Jo Quin 23 часа назад
There’s only election fraud when trump wins, especially with the aid of” Russian collusion” Now that Biden won the presidency: we have “robust safeguards that ensure the integrity of our elections” American elections are a joke!
Nathan Lubamba
Nathan Lubamba День назад
Guess what is paper and what a lot of state are doing? Yesss you got it.... mail-in ballots 😬 the Same voting process trump demonized for weeks and that BS is one of the reasons why he lost period.
Time To Leave The Planet
Time To Leave The Planet День назад
Looks like Trump was right ✅
Alberto M
Alberto M День назад
So nice to hear oliver make trump’s point
Matt Stafford
Matt Stafford День назад
The spokesman from Dominion Voting Machines was on Fox News this morning saying none of this was possible.
alex serov
alex serov День назад
Wow what a hypocrite
Ponda Baba
Ponda Baba День назад
Marcus Elgart
Marcus Elgart День назад
You caught in a pickle here leftist media superhero boy. Thanks for doing the heavy lifting by the way.
userofusername День назад
Biden won! Yippee! John Oliver says you can all go back to sleep now. Nothing to see here.
Unpaid Shill
Unpaid Shill День назад
12:20 i thought we weren't supposed to make fun of people for the way they look? you guys really seem to pick and choose with your principles...
Bubba Bozo
Bubba Bozo День назад
Did he call Abe bisexual??
Justin Holmes Realtor
Justin Holmes Realtor День назад
John Oliver no longer backs the statement he made in this segment. He now says there are no evidence of voter fraud that is nationwide and your a far right conspiracy nut of you believe that there is fruad or hackers hacking into voter machines l.
shotgunfetus День назад
John Oliver now backtracking machine voting Nov. 2020 , President Trump won in a landslide broke the (Dominion) machines algorithm
Hate Crime
Hate Crime День назад
Interesting video. Thanks.
Daniel День назад
Hahaha "NO!!!! Now that there is evidence in what we called out a year ago and it looks like are guys did it, you have to disregard everything as crazy conspiracy theories!!!" John Oliver, you are a sad pathetic piece of shit....oh and shouting "ITS CURRENT YEAR LITTLE TIMMY!!!" over and over isn't whitty or funny....
Steve Schweichler
Steve Schweichler День назад
This didn't age too well did it. Love their back peddleing and double speak. Don't look behind the current. Trash leftist ideology at its best right here....
David Curry
David Curry День назад
200 year old cabernet sauvignon
inboxnews День назад
Whoopsy daisy.
Android Phone
Android Phone День назад
Many people have posted similar videos, but only socialists can do so without banning, red herring fact checks, and/or demonitization.
southrnlyfe День назад
Why is the no flag about the 2020 election has been decided?
ML H День назад
southrnlyfe День назад
Liberals are so fucking hypocritical.
No Man's Sky
No Man's Sky День назад
Thanks for the research John! TRUMP 2020
Crille MAN
Crille MAN День назад
HAHAHAH thanks for the info.
Lands of Crom Trading Card Game
Lands of Crom Trading Card Game День назад
13:00 Still doesn't mean it is connected to the internet. It could be sent to something like a BBS, it's still obviously a telegraphic data exchange, but not all of them are the internet.
southrnlyfe День назад
Lol, so Oliver agrees with Trump now?
askarightist День назад
is this video unlisted? Can't see it in the channel feed. Suspicious.
Stephanie Parker
Stephanie Parker День назад
Yes a yr ago. Profound.
John Glick
John Glick День назад
ELECTIONS (screams for 4 years about russia) ARE (discusses the vulnerabilities of voting machines) SAFE (will attack you if you question the outcome of the 2020 election)
H. Abramson
H. Abramson День назад
Yay! Biden won! Nothing to see here. Everyone can go back to sleep now. (No doubt John Oliver deeply regrets having ever done this episode).
Dan Hudson
Dan Hudson День назад
So they kept talking about Voter Fraud until Trump says what they have been saying for years?
JT Garcia
JT Garcia День назад
I agree
zolikoff День назад
"The machine can't be bad because it produced me." - Democrats, circa Nov. 2020
grassfireu День назад
The left is unbelievably gullible.
w День назад
Left just got owned. Thanks John Oliver for pointing out the concerns of the 2020 election. You are 100% correct, we should question election results.
Badger Lord Patrick
Badger Lord Patrick День назад
This country's insanely partisan. Republican or Democrat, there's probably fraud, and it's time we get to the bottom of it. By the way, you're both lunatics. You make Vermin Supreme look like Aristotle.
scetchmonkey007 День назад
I wish John Oliver kept to his original reporting. Flipping only makes Trump appear more honest than anyone on the left.
christian schulz
christian schulz День назад
Who is here after Last Weeks tonight embarrassing statement about this after the 2020 election
Ace Nine
Ace Nine День назад
But I thought our voting machines were totally secure and Trump has no basis for saying it wasn’t secure???????
K.Dizzyy 21
K.Dizzyy 21 День назад
In other words.... "It's okay if we do it" 🤷🏽‍♂️
Thunder Nuts
Thunder Nuts День назад
Someone share this on Twitter and Facebook. See if it gets flagged.
Unpaid Shill
Unpaid Shill День назад
i love how even sorted by Top Comments, they are almost ALL from the last week or so. i thought i had to set to Newest First, but i didn't lol
Dr. Beau Hightower
Dr. Beau Hightower День назад
This aged like milk
onehandgamer 13
onehandgamer 13 5 часов назад
?? No It aged well
Septims День назад
9:55 very damn interesting Georgia
Ryan Napier
Ryan Napier День назад
You gotta love the internet. It never goes away, aye chap.
Ryan Napier
Ryan Napier День назад
That's gonna be a yikes from me, dawg.
Alexander .R
Alexander .R День назад
Thanks for the heads up John. We'll be sharing this with anyone who now claim voter fraud and hacking can't happen.
Yeghia La
Yeghia La День назад
Hey Oliver, go f urself back to your dysfunctional sharthole . Build back better w my arsehole scum bag.
Ounouh День назад
This section of the show is trending in 2020, for "no proof for any reason" at all ;D
Joe Plumley
Joe Plumley День назад
Lol I'm sure the producers of this dumb show hate this one now. Expect to lose and use this as an excuse?
The Voice Inside Someone Elses Head
The Voice Inside Someone Elses Head День назад
Ppl put card readers on gas pumps to steal your card info. Of course they use them on voting machines.
Gary McDerp
Gary McDerp День назад
Lol. Oliver is regretting doing this episode right now. It’s a miracle this video is still up.
Ounouh День назад
Ooofff. All it took was one year to flip on the matter.
BubblePuppy День назад
Oops how did this slip past RUposts's censorship?
JessAtlas День назад
Thanks for telling the truth John. In before this video gets taken down.
Laneous14 День назад
'Ignore everything we said before because our tribe won this time! But if it goes wrong for us in 4 years then everything we said before is true!!!!!'
awesomedavid2012 День назад
Hahaha nice cognitive dissonance you no-integrity fuckwits.
Sean Willhite
Sean Willhite День назад
And now they are saying this Horseshit that is being used by conservatives you are are a hypocrite John Oliver!
You Tube
You Tube День назад
Well this aged well, how come he hasn’t been cancelled?
Andrew Baldwin
Andrew Baldwin День назад
Thanks for pointing out how the Democrats used voting machines to cheat in 2020!
Large Metallic Fellow
Large Metallic Fellow День назад
Don't be a hypocrite John. You warned everyone about this, and suddenly it's not relevant because candidate X supposedly beat candidate Y?
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