William Barr: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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23 дня назад

John Oliver discusses William Barr’s attitude toward authority and executive power, how that attitude has influenced Donald Trump’s presidency, and what it could mean if Trump wins a second term.
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Cory Johnson
Cory Johnson 4 часа назад
Oh John Oliver. We know, we know... all Republicans are BAD RACISTS. Your jokes are boring and your content is awful. YAWWWNNN
mirna george
mirna george Час назад
Did you even watch the videos? Pay attention to what’s being said?
R C 6 часов назад
Yes I remember this summer Trump holder I have total power to the CNN reporter she repeat it total power he said yes total power no he doesn't this is not a fascist country even though he acts like a dictator he doesn't have total power and this is Bill Barr all behind this
Savannah M
Savannah M 10 часов назад
Being a twitter activist sucks! Got banned for trying to spread the word. Please look into Buy Now, Pay Later services and how they market to vulnerable people during the COVID19 crisis.
corsoconner 12 часов назад
this kind of arrogance coupled with power is frightening to behold. The comic relief comes when every time he opens his pie-hole he dribbles himself. Give us the strength to endure such bullshit.
Ariel Delacruz
Ariel Delacruz 13 часов назад
Barr you sure can blow that bagpipe, do you use that blowing talent to Trump
tim thudi
tim thudi 13 часов назад
upskirt renegade deji hoarders brockhampton suicide cbs
Al Glenz
Al Glenz 17 часов назад
9/11, building 7, Osama family and saddam were bush friends. Trump. The puppetmaster is incredible. Pet goat 2
ччч сссс
ччч сссс 19 часов назад
"He is an adult." You literally can't set the bar lower than that.
GamePapa 19 часов назад
The reason why Trump is the worst president ever is not just because of the obvious, but also because he brought out the worst kind of people into his administration.
A B 20 часов назад
He looks like a fat about to fall apart pumpkin with a head
Arthur McCaw
Arthur McCaw 21 час назад
Spray it in his face and see how he likes it then put a bag on his head like cops do to people
Danielle Simard
Danielle Simard 21 час назад
Truly scary!
Isaac Zurich
Isaac Zurich 23 часа назад
The most chilling part of the clip where Barr compared a possible lockdown to slavery was the applause that came after he spoke. It reminded me of the cheers Trump received when he first publicly proposed a ban for Muslims into the United States. As comforting as it may be to think that normalcy will return now that Biden has been elected, it's an idea that's not reflected in reality. Trump and his supporters are not some aberration that will disappear as soon as the next government begins its job. They are here and are even more emboldened to be who they are than they were before.
J Demo
J Demo 23 часа назад
Just another nazi...Bill Barr.
Charles Nunno
Charles Nunno 23 часа назад
I wish I could beat up hippies and give coffee to cops now!!!! LOL.
Charles Nunno
Charles Nunno День назад
"instead of cultivating meaningful relationships" LOL....how many meaningful relationships do you liberals enjoy during Covid19???
Janelle McCoy
Janelle McCoy День назад
Thank you comedy. #therealjanellemccoy
M D День назад
But the people clapping though when he got to the slavery part🥺😆
DripsOnAnalogs День назад
This dude is hilarious.
Don Ghidoni
Don Ghidoni День назад
By every word that comes from Barr's mouth he proclaims himself a proponent and in self a fascist authoritarian who's intent is to overthrow or constitution and rule of law. It's sedition what Barr is practicing to install an authoritarian police state.
Miguel V.
Miguel V. День назад
I’m glad he’ll be gone soon.
Gloria Slivensky
Gloria Slivensky День назад
William Barr and his Bagpipes! Just shows what a WINDBAG BARR IS!
Janis Kitsuwa-Lowe
Janis Kitsuwa-Lowe День назад
Barr, please don't ever wear a face mask at the WH.
Lane arndt
Lane arndt День назад
Do you think he said Babies and Dogs know that because Babies and Dogs is an acronym for BaD?
Robert VanTreese
Robert VanTreese День назад
If there ever is anarchy,it won't be the poor who gets shot. Perfect statement.
Hayden Vandenbrink
Hayden Vandenbrink День назад
Ok, he's a monster and should go straight to hell, but he plays those bagpipes well.
NezuKamado День назад
Are y'all ever going to do a bit on Bitch McConnell?
Aaron Daye
Aaron Daye День назад
I remember I used to love watching John Oliver now his bias is so obvious I can't watch anymore
bte320 День назад
@7:38 someone really needs to explain to John Oliver, a self-proclaimed "comedian", how a joke works...
Drew G
Drew G 5 часов назад
You voted for trump eh?
éléphants lions rhinocéros ext reine lion
éléphants lions rhinocéros ext reine lion День назад
Pour son dernier talk show .il a fait encore très fort ..ciao 2020 ..comme en 2016 après l'élection de trump . .il fait tout sauter . Rendez-nous en février 2021. 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
Manuel Costa
Manuel Costa День назад
Not sure if this would be an appropriate think to say but, considering what this bill bar, trump and the whole other puts have done to the 🇺🇸 USA, theses guys a pure criminals, they should be prosecuted to a higher sentenced the law permeates, or stick then in a firing squad, for the crimes.
GoddamnTrump IsDumb
GoddamnTrump IsDumb День назад
Considering Barr is so full of hot air, OF COURSE he would be a master of wind instruments!🤣
Tyler Ward
Tyler Ward День назад
When you realize the only reason John is talking up Steve’s looks is because they look eerily similar...
Renard Leblanc
Renard Leblanc День назад
I almost managed to hold on to a thin shred of respect for Bill Barr, as any human being warrants, until I heard Scotland the Brave. He plays the bagpipes? Okay, that's quixotic... Scotland the Brave? That's obnoxious. Trump: "Barr, should I cross this line?" Barr: "It's only the Rubicon, how bad could it be?"
I. Wyrd
I. Wyrd День назад
How do we prevent another AG Barr? What can be done to change things to limit the power of the AG or at least make them more accountable?
Gregory Dearth
Gregory Dearth День назад
Sorry, John, but Barr wasn’t splitting hairs. He was simply wrong to assert pepper spray isn’t a chemical. The active ingredient in pepper spray is capsaicin, the same chemical that adds the characteristic heat to chili peppers. Barr evidently doesn’t know what chemicals are. Perhaps he thinks chemicals are always synthetic. That’s a common elementary-school mistake.
Rocs Cee
Rocs Cee День назад
Trump and his henchmen are the "untouchables"! These devils should've been taken down a long time ago!!!
ewlchen День назад
I don’t think bagpipes are terrible, and I think Barr’s a pretty good bagpipe player. That’s all he is, a good bagpipe player. Nothing more. So stick to playing the bagpipe and give up pretending to be a lawyer and attorney general
Sara A
Sara A День назад
SoldierPrince 2 дня назад
Good to know Trump and Barr use the same personal trainer.
gerald acevedo
gerald acevedo 2 дня назад
Awesome reporting ! 🙏🏼🌎🇺🇸
François Côté
François Côté 2 дня назад
Pretty sure the Russians got a Kompromat of him...
AliensAreReal TTSA
AliensAreReal TTSA 2 дня назад
William Barr is going to star in the next Purge movie. Also, Jeffery Epstein.
Percy Lau
Percy Lau 2 дня назад
The weather forecast calls for hail storm and citizens are advised to stay indoor. Is that putting a limit on one’s liberty?
Steven Hirm
Steven Hirm 2 дня назад
Can I tell you something about Barr. He’s currently destroying the cia. Cia is falling, heads are rolling, they are fleeing, literally. Brennan, clapper, Obama, Biden, clintons, haspel, comey, Wray, are all going to burn for high treason. Military conducted an Op and got the CIA server of dominion from them in Germany while arresting all of them for treason. Trump has already won, Biden has lost. In Jan some disgusting news about Biden & kids is goin to come out. Many people are all going to turn on each other save each other’s ass, some more good news George soros is finally coming down. Don’t look for this in the MSM anytime soon but they will start hearing & notice how they will stop calling Biden president elect and ppl r going to turn on him. If they flee without gettin caught they’re lucky the rest r done. Trump has won. I’m sorry to all the ppl that hate.
Thomas Brunt
Thomas Brunt 2 дня назад
Matthew Whitaker looks like if you hard boiled pitbull for 10 minutes on high heat
Cambodian River Pig
Cambodian River Pig 2 дня назад
John Oliver is a British intelligence asset.
RodneyWHenderson 2 дня назад
Fuck, this stuff is so thin.
Drew G
Drew G 5 часов назад
Hahaha. You're just mad.
eseterik78 2 дня назад
A Aaa
A Aaa 2 дня назад
6:52 That's how you get FBI agents in foreign prisons.
deepbigeyes 2 дня назад
"Bad...It means Bad. Babies and Dogs know this." - ROFL
HRHDMKYT 2 дня назад
The only thing I want to hear is that Barr succumbed to Covid.
Judy Hess
Judy Hess 2 дня назад
Why is Barr playing Scotland the Brave? That song goes against everything Barr is working for.
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui 2 дня назад
The problem with establishment conservatives like Barr is that they’ve been extremists all along and can now indulge in that with Trump.
jonny blaze
jonny blaze 2 дня назад
Lock him up!
Kent Kirschner
Kent Kirschner 2 дня назад
Check out the Barr connection to Jeff Epstein going back to the ‘80s. Pretty small, crappy little center of power running this country for four decades now. www.google.com/amp/s/time.com/5650974/william-barr-jeffrey-epstein/%3famp=true
XIIIphobos 2 дня назад
why did you show me that bagpipe clip, you made me like him more
Stephanie 2 дня назад
I'm looking forward to when latenight has other topics than Trump again. Finally! I'm sure John's team has enough important topics lined up. Colbert etc gonna have to search for topics. There's no going back to a Leno style monologue
Vlad Nicolae Leu
Vlad Nicolae Leu 2 дня назад
As if prosecutor Kamala was (or would be...) just 'peaches & cream' ???... Come on John, I'm sure you're perfectly aware of the horrible, inhuman results of the 'lab' experiments induced and promoted by the US judiciary with max support by CIA and local US officials (e.g. the US Embassies) in a lot of countries and places of the World, including some EU States, to 'remove' and replace local nationalist/patriot officials with abject no-spine & corrupt 'Uriah Heep-type' collaborators and promoters of US & multinational corporations' hegemony. I'm totally in favor of US supporting legally justified actions to stop local corruption outside US territory. However, I highly question the morality and benefits of US' policy of replacing local oligarchs with even lower and more despicable characters, just on the premise that the latter would be more attentive & obedient to US interests. The World's never going to get better through this kind of action... And neither will the US.
Redd Ken
Redd Ken 2 дня назад
Did he just compare a covid lock down to slavery?
Pepper Pig 1.0
14:20 Goodbye yellow licked toad.
Robert Patterson
Robert Patterson 2 дня назад
He , barr , maybe plays a bagpipe , get a back drop ,. Jjjjjjjooolllliiivveeerrr , ur a millionaire, for cchhrrissaaskkkesss .,
Peter Griffin and Elton John's illegitimate child
Low Barr
I thought he played the piano with Bernie Taupin?
Aidan Flynn
Aidan Flynn 2 дня назад
Your not having a news report , you think that your a legal eagle , narcissist's son.
TheMellowFilmmaker 2 дня назад
Barr has now worked for two one term presidents.
Nowork Puppies
Nowork Puppies 3 дня назад
Well, proof barr is full of HOT AIR!!!
Brittany Vanover
Brittany Vanover 3 дня назад
Barr is without a doubt the most dangerous member of the Trump Administration.
Sean Webb
Sean Webb 2 дня назад
Trump is the most dangerous of the Trump administration.
BeakerInShortShorts 3 дня назад
Oliver, don’t you dare besmirch bagpipes. I. Mean. It.
Nathan Levesque
Nathan Levesque 3 дня назад
Bigger intrusions on civil liberties than the quarantine (plus a few lockdowns where that has actually been done): internment camps, the situation for women before they had rights, wage slavery, mass conscription for wars that service economic interests (pick a conflict in middle east) or reinforce colonial power (Vietnam), the NSA police state...I could keep going.
Darcy Bhaiwala
Darcy Bhaiwala 3 дня назад
"If there ever is real anarchy, it won't be poor people getting shot".
Mr. Fahrenheit
Mr. Fahrenheit 3 дня назад
Why won’t John Oliver denounce leftwing violent rioters?
Doctor Rock
Doctor Rock 3 дня назад
Spanish.....er i mean kansas flu.....100 years gone....people wore masks....although it was more severe.....and there were anti maskers then too....conspiracies ran rampant.....people are fucked
Iunno 3 дня назад
The amount of doublespeak from Barr is insane. I said it but I didn't *say* it, they used it but they didn't *use* it, so it's fine.
natecarlo45 3 дня назад
It feels good to know we only have 2 months left
Frankie Chan
Frankie Chan 3 дня назад
This big turd needs to be flushed.
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu 3 дня назад
how dangerous they are. They will find another puppet, make no mistake about it.
Virginia Matthews
Virginia Matthews 3 дня назад
OMG! this just blows my mind. When I saw the lafayette square situation unfold on tv that day. It scared the hell out of me. They attacked US citizens demonstrating there constitutional right. Barr is scary, he's out of control.
anonymous car driver
anonymous car driver 3 дня назад
It's official. Trump is an autocrat
Aaron Anderson
Aaron Anderson 3 дня назад
I don't really care about the political aspect but you just insulted alot of scottish heritage. I used to like you but now all you do is hurl insults
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu 3 дня назад
Barr is the worst🤦‍♂️
GrimJerr 3 дня назад
Barr, an Offensive Bag of Shitty Noise playing the Bagpipes.
ayoungethan 3 дня назад
tbh, the "founding fathers" probably did have something like that in mind for article 2. they were a bunch of secretive, elitist egotistical white male supremacist douchebags who waxed poetic about the well-bred and whose chief complaint in the Revolutionary War (where they cynically used common people as pawns) was that their share of governing and economic power and influence wasn't large enough. they didn't dispute the imperialist hierarchy, they just wanted to be on top. that is the government and legal system they designed. read the transcripts of their secret constitution meetings, where they met as (self) appointed representatives of the uber elite under armed guard and swore an oath of secrecy that remained in effect until decades after the last of them died. sounding democratic in spirit, yet? General George Washington personally screwed his troops out of their wartime earnings in a huge scam to enrich his own coffers. Madison scrambled to undermine the "revolutionary" part of the revolutionary war intended to build a more just society based on the premise of the declaration of independence, which was far too radical for him and his ilk. so he begrudgingly put some milquetoast language in the constitution paying lip service to the revolutionary intent, but made sure it was only enforcible if profitable. which continues to this day. civil rights? EPA? only if we can assign dollar value to living beings as "interstate commerce" via the commerce clause. the civil rights clause of VAWA was struck down as unconstitutional in the early 2000s. the legal basis of the US is completely fucked and deliberately tipped in favor of the super wealthy elite. So Barr may have been in good company with other people whose heads are so far up their own asses its hard to tell their mouths from their anal sphincters. purely academic, though, because they produce the same shit from either hole. more functional and advanced democracies such as New Zealand have almost none of this crap as the legal basis for the execution of their governments. The US government was already obsolete before it came into existence, by design (an attempt to recreate the old British imperial monarchy but dressed in clothes resembling the newer British democracy). the only good thing about the constitution is the bill of rights, which are utterly and completely marginal (amendments, remember, never the core intent of the founding fathers) and completely dependent on the corrupted elements at the core of the constitution for interpretation and enforcement. its all about maintaining socioeconomic hierarchy.
Crystal Hairston
Crystal Hairston 2 дня назад
I love it
Azi Blas
Azi Blas 3 дня назад
Oh , Im so sorry I saw that shit !
Adrian Eller
Adrian Eller 3 дня назад
That's so cool Bill Barr can play the bag pipes . John Olive oil couldn't even play with himself . Well at least not properly. I must say I find You Mr. Oliver a very childish little Pratt. I'm willing to bet you have no kids and if you do i feel sorry for them. As a person behind the president how bout this one. Its not the vote of the people that counts its the people that count the votes. Joseph Stain .
SlayerBVC 3 дня назад
Tracy Christenson
Tracy Christenson 3 дня назад
Bill Barr - I said "Get it done", but I didn't say "Go do it!" Henry II - Will no one rid me of this turbulent priest? Wait, I didn't say murder him! ... Oops, too late!
Evelyn Bertresse
Evelyn Bertresse 4 дня назад
Barr sounds CREEPY!!!
Zaid Syed
Zaid Syed 4 дня назад
I do like 👍 but you don’t want it for you or sume to go home to go in the house 🏡 t the vid and mama did not rise to me me or even my brother in the new update and mama did not rise a rasist in my corner and mama did not rise a rasist and mama did not rise a rasist
Mike Hoster
Mike Hoster 4 дня назад
I would have learned the Bagpipes, but I did want to still live in my neighborhood, I chose guitar...
Nils N
Nils N 4 дня назад
So to putted in other words: Bill "the grown-up in the room“ Barr needs a big strong daddy and is okay to end western civilization to get the strongest daddy of them all.
nickrich56 4 дня назад
Flintstone reminds me of J. Edgar Hoover. Unscrupulous and çreepy. ☹️
Misan Thrope
Misan Thrope 4 дня назад
He's an adult..? That's it..? Easiest interview ever.
Maggie Schubert
Maggie Schubert 4 дня назад
"redistribute my assets, you ~*Glistening Gnome*~"
C L 4 дня назад
As usual, a good show in every aspect except the humor, where it is possibly the worst show I have ever seen.
ptek69 4 дня назад
Barr is the worst🤦‍♂️
Essential Listening
Essential Listening 4 дня назад
William Barr makes the white supremacy sign while encouraging police control over US citizens, Evil man, and he has control over our lives, I am scared
Shawn G K
Shawn G K 4 дня назад
Well... good thing Trump is done lol
Roger Sledz
Roger Sledz 4 дня назад
Masks PROTECT YOU THE WEARER plus everyone around you!
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