RNC 2020 & Kenosha: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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2 месяца назад

John Oliver discusses a week that saw the Republican National Convention, a horrific series of shootings in Kenosha, Wisconsin, and a strike in professional sports -- three stories that are really one story, about race in America.
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Tom Beachler
Tom Beachler 12 часов назад
It feels like you're leaving out some pretty f****** important parts there is the understatement of the year for do the right thing. Also, I watched do the right thing after seeing this clip and saw that coming as soon as the scene started and was horrified immediately. it was like watching some horrible combination of natural disasters approaching that you saw in slow motion. Especially after 30 years and nothing has changed
JC Mac
JC Mac 14 часов назад
Thank you John Oliver
JC Mac
JC Mac 14 часов назад
White people SMH
Dudu Marxiste
Dudu Marxiste 17 часов назад
He is right about Biden, wrong about Zazu
Majestic Chinchilla
Majestic Chinchilla День назад
An anti-racist version of America ninja warrior sounds pretty cool.
Your Big Head Cousin
Your Big Head Cousin День назад
The Rittenhouse story writes its own ending. "A 17 year old took an assault rifle to a protest...".
mike alexander
mike alexander День назад
And rittenhouse is out on bail as of 11/21/20. So far, they haven't heard us. Or they don't care.
Wesly Z
Wesly Z 2 дня назад
So are there still protests? The news stopped getting ratings for it.
Sarah Abramova
Sarah Abramova 2 дня назад
"Personal Injury Attorney"? More like they said "my feewings awe huwtey" and try to make it an actual point, even though they were holding protesters at gunpoint and were being called out for it.
Shaun Walton
Shaun Walton 2 дня назад
Rapists deserve seven warning shots to the back.
Dee Yanase
Dee Yanase 3 дня назад
After watching this, do you want to move into & live in a black community? Do you welcome black people move right next to your well maintained lovely house? C’mon just be honest.
Luís Andrade
Luís Andrade 4 дня назад
The hero of Kenosha will never be forgotten
Luís Andrade
Luís Andrade 2 дня назад
@Gregor Elphante reality boy. 🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫
Gregor Elphante
Gregor Elphante 2 дня назад
Oof edgy bro
Raju Miah
Raju Miah 4 дня назад
Damn used to be a fan of this guy but the complete incompetence and bias in which he covered the kenosha shooting, the two personal and in a previous video, the support for violence and vandalism on the streets 😕
Andrew Nixon
Andrew Nixon 4 дня назад
Jeff Glen Bennet was a better Zazu, and he isn't even British.
Sonic The Nicholas Cage
Sonic The Nicholas Cage 4 дня назад
When John Oliver makes a joke: 🤣😂😄😅😐😕🙁😞😖😭
Night Stick
Night Stick 4 дня назад
"Politically 1940's Germany" is fantastic.
winder zhao
winder zhao 5 дней назад
Wait a hot minute. Is he asking to put a whole generation in rooms til they die to shut them up
Aethel Yfel
Aethel Yfel 5 дней назад
Cathedral Bishop who thinks the media gets to control the state, prepare for defamation lawsuits, not very funny man.
James Cornett
James Cornett 5 дней назад
Looking back post-2020 election results, the RNC's entire presentation more than likely did them a lot more damage than anything the Democrats have done, especially when you put Kenosha and the events of recent weeks into the context of it.
Ghost_Anna _Reads
Ghost_Anna _Reads 6 дней назад
Not gonna lie, at 1:20, I thought I was looking at a suicide cult video.
Jessamine Haak
Jessamine Haak 6 дней назад
That woman screaming at the beginning of the video is genuinely fucking terrifying
Zack Smith
Zack Smith 2 дня назад
Her actual speech is worse
Justin Bergman
Justin Bergman 6 дней назад
Trump or Biden isn’t qualified to run a local Arby’s let alone the United States. But both Democrats & Republicans act like they are both going to save the world. What a joke!
captainautobots 6 дней назад
But didn't you hear Kimberly Gabbadabba? "THE BEEEEEEEST IS YEEEEEET TO COOOOOOME!" I mean, aliens in space heard *that*.
James W. Styles
James W. Styles 6 дней назад
ThErE iS nO gReAtEr ThReAt ThAn FrEe HeAlTh CaRe
Xenos Breed
Xenos Breed 7 дней назад
Literally every working class black person: "Racism exists" Republicans: "Black guy was president, so racism doesn't exist anymore, and it never did, so there."
James Williams
James Williams 7 дней назад
Look up racial epithets on youtube. With cedric the entertainer. Wake up.
Luke Sedge
Luke Sedge 7 дней назад
Great piece, my favorite part is when he pronounces Thabos Sefalosha correctly
ohnofan 7 дней назад
Maybe the most disturbing thing about what these people at the convention and others have said is that most are completely unaware that what they say is so very racist. Seriously, many do not even realize they are hateful people. There is no self awareness at all. I know people like that. To strangers, they seem like good, law abiding, hardworking people but you get them talking politics and the next thing you know, you are shocked at what comes out of their mouth. As I said to a friend just the other night, all these people proclaiming to be Christians while actively hating “the others” are going to have some serious “splaining” to do at the pearly gates.
higglefur li
higglefur li 8 дней назад
I think he has found good pacing for non-live audience shows
Necesito SomaPorFavor
Necesito SomaPorFavor 8 дней назад
The majority of people needs to act, not just vote.
Necesito SomaPorFavor
Necesito SomaPorFavor 8 дней назад
Trump always uses the hand gesture which Americans see as "OK" but the rest of the world thinks "Asshole". The fact that he doesn't know that is funny. Comedic.
Necesito SomaPorFavor
Necesito SomaPorFavor 8 дней назад
States have their own flags... there should be 1 USA flag with 50+ other flags.... WAKE UP
Necesito SomaPorFavor
Necesito SomaPorFavor 8 дней назад
My best friends were 3 black guys (Marcene (African American), Uchechukwu (born in Nigeria), and Sebastien (from the Caribbean) , and 2 Filipino/Italians (Michael and Joseph). In Alabama. I was the only white one. And I'm a ginger. I didn't know how much they needed me to be there when we got in trouble, but they did.
tree 8 дней назад
So he wants to make concentration camps to erase black people from America? How American of him
BazS 8 дней назад
"Ken's white flight dream house" - best joke ever! Mike Pence looks like he might be Ken's uncle. LMAO
kamlesh lokwani
kamlesh lokwani 9 дней назад
1:25 So funny
Kathy Chambers
Kathy Chambers 10 дней назад
Wow! Awesome! So honest!So factual.
Senna Taylor
Senna Taylor 10 дней назад
Just remember that Nikki Haley registered to vote as 'white' when she's Indian. If there really isn't any racism, why would she not register as Asian? She also is a Trumper now, but she first supported Marco Rubio in the primary, then Ted Cruz after Rubio dropped out, and repeatedly said she was 'not a fan' of Trump. Yet now she kisses his ass 24/7. Haley is just an opportunistic two-faced GOP vulture who views helping Trump as a way to help her political career. Watch out for her, there are rumors the GOP wants her to run for president in 2024.
Alan Taylor
Alan Taylor 10 дней назад
David Davidson
David Davidson 10 дней назад
Did this come out before the Kenosha shooting? The amount of fake news stuffed into this is astonishing.
Gwen 8 дней назад
@David Davidson uh huh
David Davidson
David Davidson 8 дней назад
@Gwen Did you watch the video? ruposts.info/one/eI6heWvXltemioY/video&bpctr=1605476546 NBC did a breakdown. Fair warning, it is graphic.
Gwen 8 дней назад
@David Davidson lmao. "self defense". he was a white supremacist teenager murdering people for sport
David Davidson
David Davidson 8 дней назад
@Gwen 1. The misrepresented the Kenosha shooting as a vigilante killing two people when it would be better represented as a vigilante shot three people in self defense while being attacked by a mob. 2. Rittenhouse was not illegally carrying a weapon. Under Wisconsin law open carry is illegal for individuals under the age of 16 years old (Rittenhouse is 17). This means Rittenhouse can legally posses the weapon in Wisconsin. This is not true for Illinois, where Rittenhouse is from, but he never had possession of that weapon in Illinois. It was housed in Wisconsin by the company he was employed to protect the property of. 3. Oliver speculates Rittenhouse was not shot by police because he was white. Nothing to do with him approaching with his hands up & under the pretense of helping treat for the wounded. 4. The "We appreciate you guys, we really do" comment was spoke before the shooting took place. Rittenhouse was a EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) who was there to heal people if violence did ensue. 5. Oliver NEVER mentions that the reason the shooting took place was because Rittenhouse was knocked down from a skateboard to the head, had his head stomped into the concrete, & had a gun pulled on him. All of these inaccuracies & misleading information stuffed into just three minutes.
Gwen 8 дней назад
@David Davidson by "fake news" I'm assuming you mean "news i don't like"
Andre Villa
Andre Villa 10 дней назад
I think i just felt in love
Kristian Thaler
Kristian Thaler 11 дней назад
I'm so glad I have John to get angry for me
Alex 11 дней назад
And now the Republicans wonder how they lost Wisconsin in the election.
Mossy Rhom
Mossy Rhom 11 дней назад
it's simple, regarding all interactions with police. listen to the police, don't put yourself at risk, don't encourage "protests" against police. if they want to arrest you for whatever, there will be time afterward when the situation is cleared for you to take legal action if you feel you were discriminated against. don't hide your hands, don't walk away from them. don't do anything that would give them a reason to feel threatened or that you might be a threat to others. we can avoid so much pain and death
Mossy Rhom
Mossy Rhom 11 дней назад
i've gone through large chunks of "both sides" to know that "protesters" stop being "protesters" as soon as they commit a felony, and the founding page of blm included the abolishment of the "nuclear family system", which all seems shady. i've also learned that there are more people than we think that usually have some sort of "prejudice" or otherwise against some group of people, from all groups of people, and we should help better each other without labelling or deplatforming or taking sides. no ones perfect. fear creates hatred of all kinds. so we should work to understand and get rid of this fear for whatever groups we might hold something against
Berkeley Pickell
Berkeley Pickell 12 дней назад
"It seems the democrats no longer view the government's job as protecting honest citizens from criminals" -Armed criminal the American public should be protected from. @6:08
CPLWeeks 12 дней назад
This show has become so racially inflammatory I can't stand it. John Oliver is turning into a left-wing Alex Jones.
Jonas Mejer Pedersen
Jonas Mejer Pedersen 9 дней назад
at least he isnt right wing
Gwen 9 дней назад
okay whitey
yair katz
yair katz 11 дней назад
Alex jones isn't a comedy show. It's not supposed to be informative, it's supposed to be funny.
RiftWalker 13 дней назад
Hilarious how terrified the person sounds when she says "We'll be one step closer to government-run healthcare!"
Neo Punk
Neo Punk 13 дней назад
John Oliver is great at saying with confidence that which isn't true. And isn't it strange that he would want to become an American Citizen given how racist the country is?
Jonas Mejer Pedersen
Jonas Mejer Pedersen 9 дней назад
what are you talking about? he is just reporting on the news!
Richard Untch
Richard Untch 13 дней назад
Just no. FYI your take is the furthest possible opinion from what is considered punk.
Force Wolfchaser
Force Wolfchaser 13 дней назад
ruposts.info/one/pXesYnm0hd5jq20/video Still promoting the fine people hoax? Debunked by BBC www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-53858940 Claim 3.
chris young
chris young 6 дней назад
From the transcript itself, in the link from the article you linked (*which btw does not say he did not say it) "... and you had some very bad people in that group, but you also had people that were very fine people, on both sides. You had people in that group." So yes, he did say it, and backtracked while also doubling down at the same time. He tried to downplay the severity of the situation in a bad way.....but thats Trump, inept at even the easiest thing a president can do.
AFantasticCat 13 дней назад
You know, the guy Jacob Blake had a warrant for his arrest and had a record of domestic violence at the time he was shot WHILE GOING for his knife which was under his car seat. If you wanna present yourself as a bastion of truth and good judgment then maybe don’t obfuscate the fact that the police needed to prevent a known criminal from taking hostages (his own family) while reaching for a weapon. I don’t care if you are mostly right, but do not just think that you can ignore some facts because it doesn’t fit into your narrative. That is exactly the garbage you claim to be against! Get real, and present the information as it is and not with the spin and clever editing that you yourselves criticize...
T71S NanoBellum
T71S NanoBellum 14 дней назад
The incident with Kyle Rittenhouse was self defense, there were 3 people attacking him, one bashed him in the head with a skateboard and the other had a handgun. They had pushed him to the ground and he had no other option than to defend himself
Stephen2462 13 дней назад
That was after he'd already killed the first guy. As a side note, it looks like the cops just arrested the guy who strawman purchased the gun for him. waow.com/2020/11/09/gun-used-by-rittenhouse-in-kenosha-killings-was-bought-in-ladysmith-complaint-states/
pacersnrams781 14 дней назад
Um I'm black and we're standing up when cotton eye joe comes on
aidan gibbons
aidan gibbons 14 дней назад
Wow..for a minute there I taught Kimberley was going to announce the second coming....
bollu varalakshmi
bollu varalakshmi 14 дней назад
Safe and sound
ThatNerd WhoLikesStarWars
ThatNerd WhoLikesStarWars 15 дней назад
Reverse bear trap John. Reverse bear trap.
Hobo Jesus
Hobo Jesus 15 дней назад
The lady opening the RNC, she really was right! #4SeasonsTotalLandscapping
nmkaspr Kasprowicz
nmkaspr Kasprowicz 15 дней назад
Sorry john, you have the Kenosha narrative wrong. Blake was going for a knife, and the vigilante got jumped.
SinisterPony 13 дней назад
the Rittenhouse shooting is much more complicated, but it is clear that he was not jumped and attacked with the skateboard in the video until after he had already shot and killed someone. that person made, what i consider, the incredibly dumb descion to try and reach for the gun in the hands of a nervous, out of his element, inmmature child (we have no credible evidence yet that proves whether Rittenhouse's gun was actually grabbed or if that was only attempted. what we do know is that Rittenhouse had the angle to shoot Rosenbaum four times during that incident). I'm fine to let the courts decide the nature of how this should go. but from my perspective, you lose your self-defense credibilty when you drive to another state to intentionally clash with protests while brandishing an illegally obtained firearm. im a centrist. I support and excercise my 2nd amendment rights. alot of 2nd ammendment advocates are scared that Rittenhouses case could set a precedent that would put self-defense claims legally more difficult to pursue. i see it the exact opposite. if people like Kyle, who illegally obtain an assualt rifle, lack basic training, dont abide by basic gun safety, and intentionally go to clash with protestors are given the legal precedent to opperate in such a manner, that is an incredibly worrying thought.
SinisterPony 13 дней назад
it is heavily debated about the knife. police said Blake admitted he had a knife in the car. The police UNION, not actual investigators, claim Blake was shot while resisting arrest, putting an officer in a head-lock and being shot after refusing demands to drop the knife in his hand. Blake's defense attorney states that blake was not holding the knife when he was shot and that blake admitted having one in the car to officers during their initial questioning. based on the fact the UNION, not investigators, have made the claim on the knife, which is disputed by Blakes legal team, we will have to wait for the results and findings of the investigation before we can be definitive about this.
Daniel Andrade
Daniel Andrade 15 дней назад
The best is yet to come. 'Cept not for republicans.
Aanchal 15 дней назад
Not being an American , I care neither for Republicans nor Democrats . But one of my American friend's car park was burnt down twice by Black lives matter protesters and that too even when he himself is a person of colour who supports their cause . I usually admire John Oliver but this episode made me realise how partisan he is and how easily he ignores the other side of the story.
JRS ESCACA 12 дней назад
@Aanchal yeah well, saying theres is another side of the story without telling it just doesnt work - Me Btw, what fallacies? i stand by it: If you are not from the country he is talking about, your insight of the problem is as good as my capability to drive after 16 beers. - Me The insult is the weapon of the ignorant to defend their inability to dialogue. - who cares....
Aanchal 12 дней назад
@JRS ESCACA You are clearly dumb and totally missed it when I asked for your credentials so I could send you the details . Plus for even discussions , fallacies have to be removed first ; so I asked you to do that , but no , instead of doing that you start self-victimising yourself. Guess you don't know debating rules either. Bye ! ' It is usually futile to try to talk facts and analysis to people who are enjoying a sense of moral superiority in their ignorance. ' - Thomas Sowell
JRS ESCACA 13 дней назад
@Aanchal Now thats a twist i didnt expect, now its my fault for "not helping" (not sure with what) "someone" (no name, no city, no information whatsoever). All of this without you telling "the other side of the story", now thats how you pivot a question people, amazing!
Aanchal 13 дней назад
@JRS ESCACA the credit goes to you entirely . You are in a position to help someone yet choose not to. Clearly tells how correct my assumptions were with respect to usual John Oliver crowd. You've already imposed the fallacy of me not being from your nation as your decided bias against me . Delete that comment and we'll debate. If you don't do that , nor help your fellow countrymen then guess we don't need any achievements to verify what the entire world already knows about America.
JRS ESCACA 13 дней назад
@Aanchal lol classic, evasion achievement unlocked.
Rich Gerow
Rich Gerow 15 дней назад
I swear Republicans were George Lucas's inspiration for the Sith.
French Rev.
French Rev. 16 дней назад
Idk why but im feeling like revolting....
Ryan Giannitelli
Ryan Giannitelli 16 дней назад
Jonas Mejer Pedersen
Jonas Mejer Pedersen 9 дней назад
it does! #blacklivesmatters still exists after the Trump administration ,and, also, the republicans are still the majority in the senate (sadly).
Levyathyn 16 дней назад
My favorite part about the whole Kyle situation--sarcastically speaking I mean--are the idiots saying that he was defending himself. Even if it was just him showing up somewhere with a gun and no right to be there, that wouldn't be true. But the only reason people were after him as a crowd is because he had been shooting people for a while, and you can see at least two people on camera drawing guns while they're trying to take him to the ground... and yet, none of these so-called violent criminals ever fired a single shot at him, probably because he was just a kid. Really weird, that.
Brady Furlano
Brady Furlano 18 дней назад
5:26 This moment really pisses me off. As a white person. The subtle racism here is insane. This is exactly why we need to fix American attitudes towards race, and it's exactly why I'm not voting for a possible president Pence.
Hdhs Hdhs
Hdhs Hdhs 18 дней назад
16:22 just catches you
Beaky 19 дней назад
Some fucking badass speeches. Malcolm X would be proud.
Splashstorm04 19 дней назад
Any big meaningful change that has ever happened in society has been through violence/rioting/destruction. It needs to be big enough to affect the people at the top.
Patsy Sadowski
Patsy Sadowski 19 дней назад
Your GOP makes the UK far right look actually reasonable.
D Brent McAlee
D Brent McAlee 20 дней назад
Multiple lies in the first few minutes. Biden said “absolutely” regarding redirecting funds away from police. Trump did not call WS “very fine people” - easy to verify unless you’re an idiot who can’t find the transcript.
Jonas Mejer Pedersen
Jonas Mejer Pedersen 9 дней назад
@Alexa Ales took the words out of my mouth
Alexa Ales
Alexa Ales 18 дней назад
wow, dude, quite the opposite, it's easy to verify that that video of Joe Biden was doctored and Trump is on tape saying exactely that. and no, that video was not doctored. but you will call it fake news of course.
Chefblaze702 20 дней назад
Just so yall know this is a democratic owned and run show that pushes only one narrative
Jonas Mejer Pedersen
Jonas Mejer Pedersen 9 дней назад
what are you talking about?
Ichijo Festival
Ichijo Festival 20 дней назад
White fear is at the base of every lynching and massacre in American history. I have no respect nor sympathy for that fear. But on the plus side, apparently there's been a call for nice, safe, secure Amazon warehouses where these people can get some peace of mind.
Phoenix 21 день назад
Im surprised the Kenosha sheriff didn't call his solution "The Final Solution". 🙄
Kingbudman 21 день назад
I like how John says others leave out key details but then goes to describe the couple as pointing guns at BLM protesters. Yeah protesters who broke down a gate and forced themselves onto the couples property. Then only left the property after the couple came outside to defend their property with guns. If he wasn't so Left wing and maybe more biased I might actually listen to what he says. Then goes onto say how Tucker says property damage is violence, well John the Left believes speech is violence. What do you think is more violent, speech or damage to someones property? Two different responses? Maybe because someone has their hands up surrendering and the other is walking away from police disobeying orders. I used to like John, then I started to think for myself and realize everything that comes out of his mouth has an agenda behind it.
BEEF WEDGIE 21 день назад
The worst part about this video is that it's gotten SO MUCH WORSE since then...
Wolf ofDimensions
Wolf ofDimensions 21 день назад
Didnt those protestors break into their property? Wasnt that confirmed? Im not republican. Im not a democrat. But if they did bust into their land, thats on them not the owners. And i do believe in the protest movements. But too easy it can be for those to turn into riots.
Brian Meaker
Brian Meaker 21 день назад
Every time I hear Republican enthusiasts mention how 'we're not going to be safe under a Democratic president' all I can think of is that time in Total Recall when Arnold Schwarzenegger wanted to activate the machine and Cohagen just kept screaming "No, don't do it, we're all going to die!!"
Michael Houser
Michael Houser 21 день назад
Michael Houser
Michael Houser 10 дней назад
@Evil only if it’s Biden’s basement
Evil 10 дней назад
@Michael Houser go back to 4chan, basement dweller
Michael Houser
Michael Houser 21 день назад
@eshu orishas based
eshu orishas
eshu orishas 21 день назад
Based? Were we trying to spell “biased”?
Kiki Jewell
Kiki Jewell 21 день назад
Obama also shut down the strike, telling the players to go back to work - and it's telling that John Oliver didn't mention that part.
Kiki Jewell
Kiki Jewell 21 день назад
The topic was the sports strike - and suppression of the strike came from *both sides*, Dem and GOP. It's disingenuous to ignore this fact - especially since BLM protests started under Obama. Obama was no saint. Nor friend to the Black Lives Matter movement.
eshu orishas
eshu orishas 21 день назад
Oh, is Obama part of the DNC or president right now? No, then let’s stay on topic.
Nikola Glogovcsán
Nikola Glogovcsán 21 день назад
Policer officers say multiple time "STOP" you STOP, god damn it!!! You dont open your car door and lean into it in a manner of taking something out of it...
Marco Cappelli
Marco Cappelli 19 дней назад
Nikola In a reasonable society, police are not so trigger happy...
Peter Hockley
Peter Hockley 21 день назад
"The best is yet to come!" trans. "The two large snowy rails laid out in my dressing room!"
Peter Hockley
Peter Hockley 21 день назад
AAAAaaand it's the two idiots with no gun discipline... :/
McHammer3000 22 дня назад
“The emotional price of being black in America” what an absolutely ridiculous statement. Black people are people and not some sort of collective John you massive racist.
eshu orishas
eshu orishas 21 день назад
I think you may be struggling with what that quote means
the lone meerkat
the lone meerkat 21 день назад
That's taking something out of context
Johney357 At gmail
Johney357 At gmail 23 дня назад
The kids weapon was legal. John lies. And maybe Doc rivers should focus on not letting his team choke every single postseason.
Stephen2462 13 дней назад
Looks like they just arrested the guy who strawman purchased the gun for him. waow.com/2020/11/09/gun-used-by-rittenhouse-in-kenosha-killings-was-bought-in-ladysmith-complaint-states/
Marco Cappelli
Marco Cappelli 19 дней назад
@eshu orishas And had crossed state lines...
eshu orishas
eshu orishas 21 день назад
Except he wasn’t legally old enough to operate the rifle.
Peter Zuidervaart
Peter Zuidervaart 23 дня назад
drstevenrey 23 дня назад
I just wonder where the Laura Ingrams and Tucker Carlsons of the USA are going to go after Trump is gone. Surely they can't stay in the US. They could be eaten.
Mehrzad Ghasempour
Mehrzad Ghasempour 23 дня назад
That’s called self defense
John Frade
John Frade 24 дня назад
The whole police department needs to be purged of all its employees and rebuilt. You literally have the one guy advocating for eugenics and the other for concentration camps its no surprised its officers kill the black guy but spare the white guy. This is the institutional racism that exists.
John Frade
John Frade 24 дня назад
scary that this was even mentioned wtf is going on down there America you ok.
eshu orishas
eshu orishas 21 день назад
@Marcus Lopez-pierre touché
Marcus Lopez-pierre
Marcus Lopez-pierre 23 дня назад
We haven't been ok since 1776
Gregory S
Gregory S 24 дня назад
What's sad, these politicians and spokespersons seem to think lying to the us is just fine. And there is nothing we can do about it. The virus brought out just how ugly citizens are.
Thanos Andreou
Thanos Andreou 24 дня назад
I have a question regarding Jacob Blake. Wasn't he shot after he ignored police commands to stop, then got shot before he got in the car where there was a knife inside? I also heard that the mother of their kids called the police as he had a court order against him from taking those kids? If I got any of this wrong please educate me.
Thanos Andreou
Thanos Andreou 23 дня назад
@Marcus Lopez-pierre as for the 2nd event, there was some footage showing the kid was running away from the 3 people he shot, all of which have previous history. And the one that wasn't killed was holding a firearm before and after he was shot
Thanos Andreou
Thanos Andreou 23 дня назад
@Marcus Lopez-pierre well I was just referring to the cops vs Jacob Blake incident but if you want to talk about both, ok. Put yourself in the cops shoes for just a moment, somebody calls for help, you come to the rescue. You want to know exactly what is happening that way you know what to do next to resolve this situation, to do this you need everyone to remain still and calm. 1 gentleman does not comply with your request multiple times and instead walks to the drivers side of a vehicle. You have a split second to react, option a : do nothing, roll the dice and see what happens s next, will this individuals go for e weapon you cannot see, will they get into the vehicle and escape or use it to run you over, or are they getting a lighter? You dont know. Option b, open fire to eliminating threat bearing in mind gentleman has not been complaint at all. Again, if this wasn't how it went down, educate me and tell me where I am going wrong
Marcus Lopez-pierre
Marcus Lopez-pierre 23 дня назад
@Thanos Andreou I'm referring to both
Thanos Andreou
Thanos Andreou 23 дня назад
@Marcus Lopez-pierre are you referring to the Jacon Blake incident, or the shooting in the riot that followed? I am a little confused with your question
Marcus Lopez-pierre
Marcus Lopez-pierre 23 дня назад
So being insubordinate to a police officer is worse than killing 2 people, AND THEN being subordinate to a police officer?
Satan God ́s Boy
Satan God ́s Boy 25 дней назад
lol... you guys are heading straight to your next civil war :D i have my popcorn ready
Satan God ́s Boy
Satan God ́s Boy 21 день назад
@Neko Chan sry... have my dips on that
Neko Chan
Neko Chan 21 день назад
@Satan God ́s Boy only if I can press the boom button
Satan God ́s Boy
Satan God ́s Boy 21 день назад
yeah probably^^ but who the hell cares :D let us admit what we are and finally vanish from this beautiful world
Neko Chan
Neko Chan 21 день назад
Man it's gonna hit the world economically and that's not a good thing for anyone.
goaram 25 дней назад
Sure, don't mention why he shot those people, that's inconvenient.
Yngve Andersen
Yngve Andersen 25 дней назад
Nala Cub
Nala Cub 25 дней назад
eshu orishas
eshu orishas 21 день назад
I would, if the US didn’t mess up the pandemic so bad that the world is refusing US citizen entry.
Trevor MacIntosh
Trevor MacIntosh 26 дней назад
Honestly, I've seen so many videos of all the many problems in America, it's really started to weigh on me. Racism, voter suppression, climate change, endless division. It feels like the list never ends. As a Canadian, I like to think were above all of that. But there have been stories in Canada of police brutality to black and native Canadians. What if Canada is just as messed up and I'm just blind to it? And the worst thing is I don't really know how to fix all these problems. It all just feels so hopeless. I could use some encouragement. Please respond to this comment if you have any hope to give.
Trevor MacIntosh
Trevor MacIntosh 25 дней назад
@Richard Untch Thanks. I think I needed that.
Richard Untch
Richard Untch 25 дней назад
As a fellow Canadian, I share your concerns. More and more our politics and culture are being infected with the same rhetoric and divisiveness that is rampant in the US. There is hope though, at least our PM is a decent leader and has made some great decisions during this pandemic. I'm not his biggest fan but he's done alright. The only thing I can say is. Speak out when you see injustice and encourage those around you to do the same. People like that sheriff don't gain power because their beliefs are popular. They gain power because people don't speak out against them. Apathy is the most dangerous tool there is. Do not go gently into that good night, but rage, RAGE against the dying of the light.
Danny Gray
Danny Gray 26 дней назад
John is on 🔥
Deanys D Dreamer
Deanys D Dreamer 26 дней назад
It represents the South...yeah, you know, the treasonous traders who tried to leave America.
Sane Fran
Sane Fran 26 дней назад
White people in America...what are you doing....you guys are supposed to save the world....
DragoKnight 26 дней назад
They gotta keep the online Last Week Tonight going after the pandemic.
Duck Buck
Duck Buck 26 дней назад
Is that not a contraction camp he just discribe
eshu orishas
eshu orishas 21 день назад
Words are hard.
ChronoXShadow 27 дней назад
6:18 If you found nothing wrong with this propaganda, you're messed up. If this isn't the definition of segregation, I don't know what is. Apparently, only these people are allowed to have single-family homes, and if you can't afford it, you're not human. Or at best, 3/5 of a citizen.
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