Legal Immigration: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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John Oliver explains how our legal immigration system works, and how it often doesn’t.
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Lee Gou
Lee Gou 5 дней назад
My mom and I immigrated to the States from the Philippines. My grandma then immigrated here. My grandma also voted Trump. 🙃
Lee Gou
Lee Gou День назад
@Arun kumar Singh My mom and I voted for Biden. Dafuq you talking about?
Arun kumar Singh
Arun kumar Singh День назад
So u dig ur own grave 😂😂😂
XXgood Boy
XXgood Boy 6 дней назад
I hate the trumps name in the same sentance as "Slovenia"
Saitama 7 дней назад
As a person living in Norway I am confident to say that if anyone in my city wants to go to the us right now they have to be 1 of the 3 listed below 1) an anti vaxxer 2) a racist 3) someone clinically insane
Vegas Jay
Vegas Jay 8 дней назад
WTF had a chance to replace Ted Cruz with Beto O’Rourke and you passed???
Nadine Relihan
Nadine Relihan 9 дней назад
I am here from Germany and received my green card because I married an American (this was 11 years ago), and I cannot say that it was difficult for me personally. I know many people don’t have the luck I had and are waiting for their green card for many years, if they receive it at all.
mandy moore
mandy moore 11 дней назад
Lmao “stone cold killers”.... bc they tend to be very family friendly oriented. 😒😒😒
pikeman80 11 дней назад
Best part of this video was the Ted Cruz poem(in the classic Dr. Seuss fashion).
Carmelo Ortiz
Carmelo Ortiz 12 дней назад
This republican people are so stupid they don't even know the history of this indian land i am so happy biden is the president now.
KD 12 дней назад
The worst people apply to the DV lottery.....fuck you Trump. I have a master's degree and work for a multinational company. I've never even got a parking ticket. I'm so happy he got outvoted like a little bitch!
Annie Graham
Annie Graham 13 дней назад
"In one of Trumps more reflective moments..." shows Trump staring longingly at Ivanka. PURE GENIUS.
Eye Said It
Eye Said It 16 дней назад
19:42 They both look miserable with each other
Jiahua Hou
Jiahua Hou 17 дней назад
Looks like John can’t do the math for chain immigration. mother -> mother = grandma. grandma -> daughter = aunt
Collen Matsepe
Collen Matsepe 20 дней назад
Maybe I am mistaken but what I heard from the lady is her saying ''they kept'' and not ''they killed'' and for that Trump was not insane in asking her ''where are they now?''
Matthew Whalen-Henik
Matthew Whalen-Henik 24 дня назад
Where are they now? I’m dead lmao
thezekroman 24 дня назад
Imagine having Ted Cruz as your senator.
Ayan Verma
Ayan Verma 26 дней назад
*Or you can go to Canada*
patronustrip 27 дней назад
US is a country made of immigrants that don't want immigrants anymore.
Ayan Sarkar
Ayan Sarkar 28 дней назад
Even drumpf doesn't beling to America, go back to ur fucking land
Jude Rosaire
Jude Rosaire 29 дней назад
Economic migrants =/= refugees
Jude Rosaire
Jude Rosaire 29 дней назад
If Oliver stopped making stupid far reach jokes, he'd have time to "unpack" what Trump is saying. He spent a total of only a few minutes of this 20 minute segment making actual (and decent) arguments. Liberals in America should respect themselves a little more and not get their political discourse from this dutifully unfunny "comedian".
Willie master of destruction
Willie master of destruction Месяц назад
If are cuntree is full than how is are greet leeder tew fine a knew wyfe? (As if his dikk still worked anyway...)
René NK
René NK Месяц назад
8:40 confirmation that he is, in fact, an actual wizard
adrish basu
adrish basu Месяц назад
I am an Indian I did my high school and college in us I worked in the us army under MAVNI for 4 years in Afghanistan and I am married to an American, i took me 9 years to be an American
Mark Satterfield
Mark Satterfield Месяц назад
To those who watched this video and don't agree, Other than white racist laws created by whom SCOTUS identifies as white racist "founders" (see Dred Scott v. Sandford), what makes you more a citizen of this country than the homeless immigrant that lives under a bridge?
Taylor Rathbone
Taylor Rathbone Месяц назад
The country's not so full anymore. Can we let them in now?
BenJamin Croft
BenJamin Croft Месяц назад
@Vincent Giasullo Because of the process of assimilation that _all_ immigrants, legal and/or illegal, have to go through if they want to become full fledged citizens of this country. It is a slow and arduous process. To just keep letting people in, without first going through this process of adapting, familiarizing and settling into our culture and ideology, based on a foolish notion that we "have the room" is very disingenuous. Not only that, a tremendous increase of population would obviously increase our needs and consumption for more energy such as fossil fuels, natural resources such as food and clean water, infrastructure that would need to spread into farmlands and natural ecosystems with wildlife, ect. There is already over 300 million people in this country. That number is projected to increase to 400 million by 2050 and 600 million by the end the century. And that's if we do nothing. That's still keeping the restrictions on immigration that we have now. We're still going to have problems with an increase of population in this country even if we do nothing. So if we just start letting even more people in, legal and/or illegal, without first waiting until that group has properly assimilated and on the asinine assumption that we have the room and resources for it, is a glorious absence of sophistication on one's part. That's why.
Vincent Giasullo
Vincent Giasullo Месяц назад
@BenJamin Croft why not?
BenJamin Croft
BenJamin Croft Месяц назад
4philipp Месяц назад
It’s a challenge for a rich country to balance immigration. You know by default most people trying to come in have educational levels below that of average Americans. They may not speak the language and religious and/or cultural aspects may limit how they progress. So why would the rich country want to allow immigration that is most certainly resulting in dependence? Rich and educated people? They will make it anywhere, that’s low risk for dependence. In light of the number of poor people in America, many of which are immigrants (aka minorities), it would make little sense to add to that pool thru immigration. Here in NYC, I see good immigrants and bad immigrants. You could say, if the states (aka NYS, PA, CT and so on) can not manage their immigrant populations and provide them with housing, education and jobs to be productive members of society, then the federal government has no choice but to limit the inflow of people. If states did a better job, immigrants would not be seen as a problem. So perhaps immigration rates should be directly linked to how well or badly immigrants perform once here. Then potential future immigrants would not blame the government but their own predecessors.
Therai Месяц назад
Yeah my father had to wait for 5 YEARS to get a green card.
Jeff KaplenTM
Jeff KaplenTM Месяц назад
John "open the borders" Oliver
Sam Mckeen
Sam Mckeen Месяц назад
Donald "make all immigration illegal" trump
Jak3ild Месяц назад
We weren't able to add your reply. Please try again.
Riyman24 Месяц назад
@Jak3ild I'm so curious, what does that mean? Did you type that first comment or did youtube mess up?
Jak3ild Месяц назад
Jamirimaj Месяц назад
Very underrated lesson I got from here: HOUSECATS REALLY DON'T GIVE A SHIT.
Michael Koksharov
Michael Koksharov Месяц назад
9:45 "It is not a great result for America that helped educate him and then for some reason forced him to go innovate somewhere else" Actually, that's one of the literal purposes of study (F-1) and professional exchange (J-1) visas. That people get education and professional experience in the US and then go to develop their own countries with that knowledge. :) Though, it's not as official as in some countries where you sign a paper promising to leave after the end of your studies. :)
Ayush Thumbarathy
Ayush Thumbarathy Месяц назад
After watching this video in October 2020, I have just one question : Why the FUCK would anyone with sense want to move to the US anymore?
b3 8
b3 8 Месяц назад
Becuase of many opportunities
Luis Sto
Luis Sto Месяц назад Great refugee story. Become involved, First Friends. Sponsor an immigrant.
obsidiana07 Месяц назад
Isn't chain migration how Trump got his wife?
Pearls Anne Heels
Pearls Anne Heels Месяц назад
So... I wanna start by saying I love this show and hope it never goes away. I have to disagree with you though at 3:55 where you say big or small countries are bound by the same numbers. Not really how percentage works. Let’s say Malta has 100 citizens, 7 of them per year could immigrate per what you said and let’s China has 1000 people in it, they get 70. It literally couldn’t be more fair. Now the rest of the process... it’s shit.
Disques Swing 13
Disques Swing 13 Месяц назад
Sam I Am Oh Sam I Am I will not eat green eggs and ham. I'm a Jew, you see. They're bad for me So Sam I Am Just let me be.
Melville Comics
Melville Comics Месяц назад
With your permission John Oliver, I would like to drop a relevant ad here. Sorry for coopting your comment section. If you have any interest in an all ages comic about refugee resettlement matters, please check out my book on Amazon. Search "Little Fugee book" or author name "Melvin Otieno." I worked for the American refugee resettlement program for 3 years and created the book to shed more light on the program. Thanks for anyone who will check it out. I hope as many people as possible can get to read it.
quest4lucidity Месяц назад
If he were “a stone cold killer”, I’m guessing he wouldn’t care to bring his granny.
Jana G
Jana G Месяц назад
Unpopular opinion: No one is entitled to citizenship in countries they aren't native to. Source, my family was bounced coast to coast riding on a boat fleeing a natural disaster as refugees looking for a country that would adopt us. It sucks, but it's their home, and you're not entitled to it.
Sam Mckeen
Sam Mckeen Месяц назад
@Jana G I never said they were wrong. Just an observation.
Jana G
Jana G Месяц назад
@Sam Mckeen Were they wrong?
Sam Mckeen
Sam Mckeen Месяц назад
I'm pretty sure that is exactly what the indigenous people said to columbus.
Thomas Stecyk
Thomas Stecyk Месяц назад
I am sorry they were so proud to say there are twenty-five million illegal Mexican Immigrants in the US. They did not come in legally, but they are counted as Immigrants Legal or not. It may have been a long hard trip but they are here. People flying in from other countries and staying. How hard was that? Here is an idea, get naturalized or leave.
Mok zin
Mok zin Месяц назад
Personally I am glad the Indian tech guy got rejected. by starting a company in India it helps the people there. creating jobs. improving the lives of people there and competing with the almost monopoly it seems American companies have on the tech market. The world would be better off if the best people from every country didn't always try to leave those places and instead helped raise up their homeland.
Sam Mckeen
Sam Mckeen Месяц назад
@Mok zin Oh shit sorry. I'm bad at speed reading.
Mok zin
Mok zin Месяц назад
@Sam Mckeen What you said makes no sense if you actually read what I wrote. I said I was glad he wasn't able to open his company in America. I am glad he was able to open in his homeland of India.
MCPunk55 Месяц назад
Like I keep saying, Conservatives are not human. There's no reason to treat them as such.
Judi Barth
Judi Barth Месяц назад
‪Vote Early! Vote Early! #FreeUpTheMail Find your local Registrar of Voters Office. They can inform you of locations of ballot boxes to drop off your ballot. Remember, you can track your vote. Make sure your voice is heard! #FreeUpTheMail
Natquik Месяц назад
Well shit, I wanted to move to the US to chase tornadoes, guess its impossible
Madzie 2000
Madzie 2000 Месяц назад
Sweet Jesus, they made MAE HIM ZAZU in the new Lion King
Kat Culbertson
Kat Culbertson Месяц назад
To be fair, as a former English major, "And then we totally fucked a lot-- / Death has a big, fat Dick" isn't NOT the intended meaning of poem 479.
JAT Hammer
JAT Hammer Месяц назад
Please support and subscribe to the following RUposts channels: Secular Talk, The Hill, The Majority Report, The Jimmy Dore Show, TBTV, Useful Idiots on Rolling Stone, The Amazing Atheist, The Humanist Report , David Pakman Show, Christo Aivalis, Status Coup and LastWeekTonight w/James Oliver if I left anyone out please tell me who?
Dan Rodrigues
Dan Rodrigues 2 месяца назад
Yup, Trump cares about the little guy...
Rose Black
Rose Black 2 месяца назад
"Four legs good, two legs bad." thank you Orwell. Also, borders are a fiction that should be obliterated.
DJT BE BEST 2 месяца назад
"Death has a big fat dick..." Fucking hilarious
Christopher Sadlowski
Christopher Sadlowski 2 месяца назад
Seeing how this administration has handled immigration and asylum a year after this was posted, I actively hope terrible things and bodily harm to happen to all of them. Actually, toss in the entire Republican Party. They're all worthy of abject contempt and no peace in life.
Gina 2 месяца назад
Looks like Trump learned a new phrase " Chain Migration."
krepnata kadara
krepnata kadara 2 месяца назад
Oh yeah, we're so full we need to nuke central region to make space
pikeman80 2 месяца назад
Great Ted Cruz Dr. Seuss poem. Another of the flock of assholes associating with and kissing ass of Donald Trump.
Jerzy Feliks
Jerzy Feliks 2 месяца назад
Republican Jewish Coalition, oh the irony of it. Do you remember those ships of Jews fleeing Nazi Germany that you sent back? I guess the country was full back the wasn't it?
R D K 2 месяца назад
i love that when the right made fun of Obamas wife, it was seen as racist and sexist. Trump's wife? nah go to town on the women.
Le Hans
Le Hans 2 месяца назад
When in this video did he make fun of Melania Trump? He was pointing out Trump's hypocrisy to take advantage of a system he says is badly hurting America. And criticism is not the same as sexist and racist remarks, I hope you still know the difference...
Alyssa Shih
Alyssa Shih 2 месяца назад
Oh my god I’m not used to the live laughs anymore
Casey Kuilman
Casey Kuilman 2 месяца назад
This video is surprisingly good when watched at 200% the speed.
Roderick Portelli
Roderick Portelli 2 месяца назад
I'm from Malta and thank god I don't live in america
b3 8
b3 8 Месяц назад
Thank god I don't live in the EU
Oliver Ybarra
Oliver Ybarra 2 месяца назад
Thumbs up for O-1
Kelly B
Kelly B 2 месяца назад
I love the way John can take a complicated topic and break it down in an understandable way. Also trump is such a damn hypocrite. He got his wife's citizenship status by bribing immigrating authorities. Oh ya and his mom is from Scotland who may or may not have arrive legally. Then he screams about "more legal immigration" while his administration actively makes it harder and harder for anyone to try and immigrate. A liar, a hypocrite, a con man, a thief, the list just goes on and on.
Tj H
Tj H 2 месяца назад
I will just say ONE thing about the american immigration system: I'm a single 30 year old, citizen and resident of CANADA, with a permanent salaried job at a fortune 500 SILICON VALLEY GIANT. BOTH my parents are almost retired citizens of US who are likely in the top 10-15% in terms of how much money they make. My parents applied to sponsor me to come to the US, and it will take me at least another 10-15 YEARS to even get close. That's INSANE, on average for anyone in my position the next 10-15 years would bring SO MANY changes. Not to mention the fact that 30s is kinda the age where most ppl "settle down", would I really want to move in my 40s after that? And you know, let's not forget: 1. Me being in the US means one more person who will be able to support my parents as they get older so they are less of a burden on teh state 2. As John Oliver points out, this is family based migration, something Trump and a lot of his supporters seems to hate. And that's not even getting into how INSANE it is that the employment route is not the one i'm going for (believe me I tried, and Trumps changes have made it impossible), seeing as how as i said - I'm employed by a fortune500.
Kaitlyn Hatch
Kaitlyn Hatch 2 месяца назад
Legal immigration is just code for white, wealthy oligarchs. I find this all very interesting given how many US citizens I know who want to get out of this country right now.
b3 8
b3 8 Месяц назад
Not much
Way Too HyperNova
Way Too HyperNova 2 месяца назад
wait since when do "the worst of the worst" even try the legal way? _smh trump your argument is shaky_
Siddharth Ganesh
Siddharth Ganesh 2 месяца назад
USA: gives John Oliver a green card for exceptional talent in arts John Oliver: calls his show sad zazu's MILDLY INTERESTING Me: are u seriously planning to get deported??
Draco lord
Draco lord 2 месяца назад
Trump hypocrisy is flabbergasting. First his wife gets in the same way John got in, (without the talent) then she sponsored her parents by way of the family visa, which Trump rallies against.
John Walker Ramos
John Walker Ramos 2 месяца назад
Oliver Ades
Oliver Ades 2 месяца назад
Anyone else watching during COVID weirded out by the audience laughter
Somebody 85353
Somebody 85353 2 месяца назад
Telling and immigrant to just “get in line” is like telling someone with asthma to just breathe.
4philipp Месяц назад
Not really, you must breath but you must not be an immigrant. One is a choice
ko ko
ko ko 2 месяца назад
my mom is an immigrant and I can confirm that John Oliver is a dumbass
the lone meerkat
the lone meerkat 2 месяца назад
When did she migrate
Hacke Hackspett
Hacke Hackspett 3 месяца назад
Taht Ted rhyme though xD
Today In Idiocracy
Today In Idiocracy 3 месяца назад
I love how many Americans don’t even know the laws of the country they live in it cracks me up but also scares me
4philipp Месяц назад
How well do you know criminal law if you are not engaged in that field? It’s the same for immigration. That doesn’t prevent people from having opinions. And similar to being sick, you may not know the root cause but you can clearly identify the symptoms.
Matt Kramer
Matt Kramer 3 месяца назад
She said “they left them behind my brother my mother” she didn’t say they killed them. And notice how they only show a tiny clip.
the lone meerkat
the lone meerkat 2 месяца назад
Yes she did
Chris Winter
Chris Winter 3 месяца назад
Best Dr Seuss ever.
Blaster Elforg
Blaster Elforg 3 месяца назад
Defund the Congress and outsource politicians abroad where they can work doing damage away from the people who elected them, and at "competitive" wages. Both the GOP and the Democrats are indistinguishable on immigration.
Miguel Sanchez
Miguel Sanchez 3 месяца назад
6:14 *THAT'S UNHEARD OF!* ... him saying something STUPID!!!
Urged Panda
Urged Panda 3 месяца назад
That kids, is why xenophobia is fucking horrible
jackie pollard
jackie pollard 3 месяца назад
So, was he saying Melania is a serial killer in her native country??? Lmao.😂
Jem Thirtysix
Jem Thirtysix 3 месяца назад
well hold on 17:11 the added words to what was painted on the barn in Animal Farm. It all fits....
Hikaru 3 месяца назад
You wanna hear something sad and funny at the same time? Trump's grandfather was an immigrant from Germany. Let that sink in.
Hikaru 2 месяца назад
@Valery Gomez you still didn't get the point of my comments :')
Valery Gomez
Valery Gomez 2 месяца назад
@Hikaru The fact that Trump's grandfather was a legal immigrant from Germany almost a hundred years ago has little bearing on what our needs are as a nation in 2020.
Hikaru 3 месяца назад
@Valery Gomez nice straw man argument. But completely useless in an actually discussion. Try better next time.
Stephen2462 3 месяца назад
@Valery Gomez When did anyone suggest that? The only people making claims like that are of Comservatve propoganda.
Valery Gomez
Valery Gomez 3 месяца назад
So therefore we should have no repercussions for border hoppers?
Jocker 3 месяца назад
Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me
the lone meerkat
the lone meerkat 2 месяца назад
@Stephen2462 what Isn't he asking for clarification
Stephen2462 3 месяца назад
@Valery Gomez Wow, you're really desperate to put words in people's mouths.
Valery Gomez
Valery Gomez 3 месяца назад
You think the US is lacking poor people?
Wu Tang
Wu Tang 3 месяца назад
Ted Cruz poems ROCK!!!!
David Robert
David Robert 3 месяца назад
the look on that poor wmans face when she tells trump , they killed them
Faizo Abdi Mohamed
Faizo Abdi Mohamed 3 месяца назад
It took my parents almost 20 years to legally come to Australia it's a long and difficult process that isn't as simple as those ignorant people say it.
Liam Pedersen
Liam Pedersen 3 месяца назад
I came to the US on a scholarship, and attended one of the best grad school in the world. The US has done a lot for me, and in turn I have given back my best (and awarded the public service medal by the US govt). I am profoundly grateful to this country. Yet immigrating here took me almost 20 years despite support from elite institutions and a member of Congress. The legal path to citizenship is tortuous and capricious. We can and should do better.
Ane Hertzberg
Ane Hertzberg 3 месяца назад
As a norwegian: we dont want to come
Fertile Dirt
Fertile Dirt 3 месяца назад
Flushing the fat ass orange turd and bring a plunger. Merica has some flushing to do and send some people packing. Pretty sure Melania falsified information on her visa. Research it and then you send me the SAT or IQ test results.Cause seriously I can't find anything. 2020 should be the year of perfect vision for a perfect future for as many generations we are allowed if we still exist in a world you fucks are polluting and killing.DEEP BREATH Not all are killing but mostly. Time to reset MERICA and you know it. !(&$ Boost immune systems and be safe.
Peggy Trawick
Peggy Trawick 3 месяца назад
Legal immigration. “Lady Liberty bring me the storm-tossed and ragged and little children. I lift my golden torch”
NoNii 3 месяца назад
My parents came in from a visa lottery from Argentina, my family was very lucky but I feel very bad for those who need to wait 60 years...
Reddit Vibes
Reddit Vibes 3 месяца назад
Who’s here after Immigration Nation ?
Samuel Rosander
Samuel Rosander 3 месяца назад
Trump's Cult/Base: Help wanted. Must be completely gullible. Bigotry a must. Critical thinkers and fact checkers need apply.
Hemanth Reddy
Hemanth Reddy 3 месяца назад
fuck trump and his nonsense, but I honestly know of a relative who got married to an indian living(alone) in the US and hauled almost 17 family members back to the states
Corben Bailey
Corben Bailey 3 месяца назад
If you want me to wait in line, give me a fucking line to wait in and I'll happily do so.
anup jaini
anup jaini 3 месяца назад
Wtf? Melania’s whole family is here through chain migration
DJ Mona Lisa
DJ Mona Lisa 3 месяца назад
WRONG! Oliver is wrong! TRUMP has lifted the migration for Poland! A ton of Polish people will be coming in. Keep up with the times Oliver!
safa khan
safa khan 2 месяца назад
I think that this was recorded before then
Slippery Dolphin
Slippery Dolphin 3 месяца назад
Lifting immigration only from a county that is majority ‘conservative’ HmMMmmMMm
enlightendbel 3 месяца назад
Trump is so pissed at familial migration because that's how his inlaws got to come to the US and now instead of just Melania looking at him like the piece of shit he is, it's all of them.
Ilan Smolders
Ilan Smolders 3 месяца назад
Please add closed captions
RedMouse 3 месяца назад
11:40 Underestimating Asian genes I see...
brockhampilton 3 месяца назад
From Australia to America: here's a little reminder if you forget. The Republican party IS more evil than the Democratic party. Do not vote for them. Don't fuckin do it.
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