Rudy Giuliani: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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2 года назад

Rudy Giuliani is new to Trump’s legal team, but not to public controversy. John Oliver examines his turbulent record as a lawyer, a politician, and an enemy to ferrets.
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peixe coruja
peixe coruja 9 часов назад
Time for a follow-up
Alexis Sweet
Alexis Sweet 10 часов назад
Here after that weird press conference with the hair dye/ thickener/ black soul running down his face and those sites are still good and cute, they are very cute.
Muhammad Ahsan
Muhammad Ahsan 12 часов назад
Boy do we need an update of this
Felix Ndayis de Bologne
Felix Ndayis de Bologne 15 часов назад
Ask the Italian prosecutors on the pizza connection trials in the eighties: they saw Giuliani as an incompetent showboat they had to cope with because he was American ; French prosecutors didn't want to have anything to do with him . Read pros. Ayala memoir.
triplenz 16 часов назад
Man, Biden burned him there
Still Bill Hill
Still Bill Hill 17 часов назад
LoL @ Cuzznuzzler
Still Bill Hill
Still Bill Hill 17 часов назад
The head leaking tho
partydean17 20 часов назад
After Borat 2 this aged SO well lol
Ruben Espinoza
Ruben Espinoza 21 час назад
Who's here after that press conference where he started melting?
Tsbbss Ruddhj
Tsbbss Ruddhj 21 час назад
This aged so well.
bigginsd1 23 часа назад
Wow, who would have thought Giuliani was so far from hitting rock bottom here.
Joe H.S
Joe H.S День назад
Watching in November 2020 it’s so pathetic watching him sink lower and lower and lower. His reputation is beyond repair.
Andrew Kohler
Andrew Kohler День назад
"Men are disposable" - see, patriarchy *is* bad for us, too, fellas.
donald pizzo
donald pizzo День назад
Democrats will go down for treason!
donald pizzo
donald pizzo День назад
Wonder how long it will take democrats to realize the same voting software bumped Berney Sanders for Hillary and Yang for Biden when it was overly obvious the dem voters wanted different reps but the dems don't care about their supporters either!
Zii Mpondo
Zii Mpondo День назад
I must say, I think John Oliver has loosened his accent
Randall Batson
Randall Batson День назад
Simple rebranding will fix it. So now we know you waste money on bs instead of the business of entertainment news, I'm sure your sponsors approve of what they've invested in.
Ben Burke
Ben Burke День назад
I agree with Rudy’s statement about men being disposable, but not so much everything else he said in that clip.
multitudeofidols День назад
Reading the comments are amazing because you begin to realise how this buffoon keeps becoming relevant after doing something crazy. And, like, three of them happened within a couple of months.
I’m watching this in 2020 lmao
Eat Fish,yum
Eat Fish,yum 2 дня назад
These people are forgetting; Giuliani was supposed to be in building seven with hundreds of others formulating a plan to protect us. Giuliani is on live tv being asked why was he not in building seven and he is visibly shaking in fear and embarrassment. May New Yorkers hate him for this.
André Renault
André Renault 2 дня назад
Hmm I wonder why this is trending
Sam Fish
Sam Fish 2 дня назад
Who’s here after he started leaking crap from his head
Jarren Whitworth
Jarren Whitworth 2 дня назад
This video is positively amazing to watch in November 2020
Ryan Partika
Ryan Partika 2 дня назад
Is Giuliani auditioning for Scanners 3
NIX CRUZ 2 дня назад
That Biden is going to be president now .
Daniel Martinez
Daniel Martinez 2 дня назад
You know Rudy Giuliani wants to do Ivanka
Babba Ganoush
Babba Ganoush 2 дня назад
Now back here after the "Shoe Polish Meltdown" on 11/19/20. This episode aged like center cut prime rib from Gallagher's. I know we have not yet seen the last of Rudy. The finale will probably include a nun, a penguin, a bowl of jello, a gallon of gasoline and a seemingly implausible appearance by Bill Cosby. Nah, it'll be even weirder. Ya just can't make this stuff up...
Ginger Goliath
Ginger Goliath 2 дня назад
That URL is very well still active this late into 2020. My God it is golden.
William Johnson
William Johnson 2 дня назад
In light of recent events please do a 2nd part to this
Edward George
Edward George 2 дня назад
What's Trump got on Giuliani? 👺
William Reffett
William Reffett 2 дня назад
You're too much of a coward to actually put any of my comments up front sounds about normal for a left Winger that can't even tell the truth when it's put straight in front of them
William Reffett
William Reffett 2 дня назад
Lol the coronavirus is straight up Hillary Clinton's masterpiece you're supporting a completely terrible person I can't understand why you would do something so terrible! It literally seems like you don't understand what people are about nowadays
William Reffett
William Reffett 2 дня назад
The fact that you literally do the same thing when it comes to commenting on people is disheartening and you literally straight up do the same thing so you're not any better!
William Reffett
William Reffett 2 дня назад
@Lane Dayes stupid much! You're literally commenting on somebody's post calling them a loser but yet you still commented on it looks like I'm making more ground than you are.
Lane Dayes
Lane Dayes 2 дня назад
Butthurt much???? Trump is a loser n so are u
Tyler Price
Tyler Price 2 дня назад
Bro he's on coke that dump gives him
Sarah White
Sarah White 2 дня назад
Anyone else watching this in 2020 after Giuliani started to melt on tv after the election? 😂🧐
Bijaya Luitel
Bijaya Luitel 2 дня назад
Who's here after he literally melted from his lies
Diego Gómez
Diego Gómez 2 дня назад
naturalpn7 3 дня назад
Who here after he was sweating hair dye?😂
oreochick24 3 дня назад
Anyone back here after the Hair Dye Press Conference Debacle.
multitudeofidols День назад
I'm here after the part where he blew his nose into a handkerchief and proceeded to wipe it, snot-side out, all over his face.
Lillie Bobson
Lillie Bobson 3 дня назад
Joseph Fernando
Joseph Fernando 3 дня назад
I feel like this comment section is just going to become "who's here after Giuliani's [insert latest public gaffe or meltdown]..."
David Delaney
David Delaney 3 дня назад
It got worse
Joe 3 дня назад
The only thing more irritating than Rudy Giuliani, is John Oliver. You yanks sure lap up talentless Brits that struggle to read a script.
Gregory Mitchell
Gregory Mitchell 3 дня назад
Actually the most ridiculous thing in this video was that clip of Tucker Carlson hosting a show on MSNBC.
Amanda Corral
Amanda Corral 3 дня назад
Anyone back here after Giuliani inevitably getting busted by Sacha Baron Cohen?
Dan Howells
Dan Howells 3 дня назад
Lol are we just not gonna talk about Tucker Carlson being on MSNBC in one of the clips
Neon Hero
Neon Hero 3 дня назад
Here after Rudy’s hair dye fiasco
Charles Baldwin
Charles Baldwin 3 дня назад
As for Rudy Guiliani as a Lawyer, in the Past 28 years has been in More Hotel Rooms with his Hand Down his Pants than Federal Court Rooms.
Tj Ray
Tj Ray 3 дня назад
"This excessive concern with little weasels is a sickness." Wow! That's aged even worse than his Cosby appearance
Lillian Ward
Lillian Ward 3 дня назад
Oh, if you could have only seen how batshit Rudy is by November 2020. I don’t think I would have dreamed it’d be this bad.
Hatch 4 дня назад
Who’s here after Rudy’s hair started melting?
civas 4 дня назад
Giuliani "meschino" Italy
Tabitha Kelsey
Tabitha Kelsey 4 дня назад
“Maybe he brings Trump down through sheer incompetence?” -John Oliver 2019: Impeachment Time!
Steel City
Steel City 4 дня назад
Guiliani took down the most powerful crime organisation in US history. The man is probably the best attorney in the United States.
mariomaster777 4 дня назад
Who is here after the press conference today on election fraud?
Nathan Wagner
Nathan Wagner 4 дня назад
this video today is so relevant
Lady Skeptic
Lady Skeptic 4 дня назад
My god, watching this in November of 2020 & hearing an actual audience is weird. Edit: omg Biden is fucking savage lol! I'm so glad he's gonna be president in 63 days.
謝俊宏Peter Hsieh
謝俊宏Peter Hsieh 4 дня назад
It's been 2 years and they still own those URLs, fantastic
Badledgend117 4 дня назад
What I found hilariously ironic is that Giuliani rose to fame as the U.S Attorney of the Southern District of New York by successfully prosecuting corrupt government officials, white collar criminals, and the New York mob commission, aka the heads of the five families....and now he is the personal lawyer for a corrupt, mob-style individual like Trump.
Paul Johnson
Paul Johnson 4 дня назад
John Oliver, you are the best 👍🏻👌🏻
M S 4 дня назад
These videos age really well haha
Rhy 4 дня назад
The good old days, when this was the craziest shit Trump did!
Dillon Markley
Dillon Markley 5 дней назад
Four Seasons Landscaping
WiperHunter 5 дней назад
Rudy the Drunky Drunk Guiliani
brent y joseph
brent y joseph 5 дней назад
"(. . .) this memorable line from then candidate Joe Biden (. . .)" That aged well.
Brendan Fishh
Brendan Fishh 5 дней назад
leafpool2014 gaming
leafpool2014 gaming 4 дня назад
Brendan Fishh
Brendan Fishh 5 дней назад
Anyone reading this in 2018, it gets worse
Simo H.
Simo H. 5 дней назад
After some consideration of democrat voters, I've decided to start some new businesses for myself: I've begun pimping time-shares, running a pyramid scheme built on cheap Chinese products and I'm also putting up a rent-to-own furniture place. With that done, I might go into the insurance business or develop a social media platform next. It's not that I hate democrats (I can forgive an idiot) it's just that you were all going to have everything taken from you anyway and I'm bored with my day job.
Simo H.
Simo H. 5 дней назад
John Oliver: Corporate meat puppet, butt nazi leftist and poopie "D" enthusiast extrordinaire. Hey oliver! Stick this up your rear: Your side cheated and everyone on both sides knows it. Here's a big, hard "larynx crushing" truth for you while you're at it: Trump won in a landslide. Get it all baby. Don't spill or you're sleeping on the wet spot.
Puma722 4 дня назад
LMAO yeah in 2016 Ge got his ass handed to him in 2020. Bye Red dummies
Buick Debaron
Buick Debaron 5 дней назад
I was recommended this video from "Shook Ones." Went to the next recommendation (NY State of Mind, on Illmatic), no Giuliani. Pressed back to Shook Ones, this video is recommended again. 🤔
Hello Hi
Hello Hi 5 дней назад
not real new yorker guloanai saved city from crime in 1990s
Cas van der Wal
Cas van der Wal 5 дней назад
I know "Middle America" hates New Yorkers, and sometimes it's a little bit deserved. But don't ever say New Yorkers (and people from Atlantic City) didn't warn the rest of America about Giuliani and Trump for years and years. It didn't have to be this way.
Kathy Mack
Kathy Mack 5 дней назад
Qhat was the name of the king after the questing beast? Pellinore?
gg454lune 5 дней назад
"(. . .) this memorable line from then candidate Joe Biden (. . .)" That aged well.
Evan Liu
Evan Liu 5 дней назад
9:45 as a NASCAR fan this is too funny 😂😂😂
Heather Smith
Heather Smith 5 дней назад
Back for this after Rudy just made the world's biggest fool out of himself in PA court xD
Georgia Overdrive
Georgia Overdrive 5 дней назад
Watching old clips with an audience feels weird.
J B 5 дней назад
Zachary Monroe
Zachary Monroe 5 дней назад
Who is back here because of Rudy doing a press conference at Four Season Landscaping, next to the p*o*r*n store and a crematorium?
Camryn Wagner
Camryn Wagner 6 дней назад
the only thing i could thing of this entire time was james corden and "wow, all the networks"
tszvj 6 дней назад
Rudy Giuliani being affiliated with Bill Cosby makes so much more sense in a post-Borat 2 world
jb888888888 6 дней назад
Friggin' Giuliani!
Clint Evans
Clint Evans 6 дней назад
Dad to the Bone... lol
Louella S. Gray
Louella S. Gray 6 дней назад
Not now/Cancel!
Aj Rivera
Aj Rivera 6 дней назад
The fact I want him to run for president now because John bought the most obvious URL if he wants to run amazes me. Long time burn
antony Pizarro
antony Pizarro 6 дней назад
Jared is very disposable and Ivanka even knows that
Mark Riggi
Mark Riggi 6 дней назад
This trump stuff is the best show on tv they should make a mini series
Jonathan Cleary
Jonathan Cleary 6 дней назад
I'm late to the party on this Tucker Carlson used to be on MSNBC?? What did they do to him to drive him to Fox?? 6:52
canipawulfi 6 дней назад
websites are still active! i am amazed^^
Dreigonix 6 дней назад
God, I hope James Woods got freaking _bank_ for playing this guy- even Hades is too good for Rudy Giuliani.
Admiral Musclebeard
Admiral Musclebeard 7 дней назад
Anyone else watching in 2020?
insert name
insert name 6 дней назад
Yes, after the four seasons parking lot saga🤣🤣
Julia Wilkinson
Julia Wilkinson 7 дней назад
That's not fair. Belgians do know how to walk in a city, it's just we also know how to annoy Americans. (This is a joke and I in no way mean to offend anyone. If I do I apologise in advance)
Forza Martini
Forza Martini 7 дней назад
Giuliani is a walking talking hoax, his very existence is a conspiracy of a universe that shouldn’t have allowed it to happen.
Parthasarathi Rath
Parthasarathi Rath 7 дней назад
Time for a sequel, anyone??
mid z
mid z 7 дней назад
i came here from his WOOOW ALL THE NETWORKS!!! and i’m not disappointed
sealand000 8 дней назад
Was that Tucker Carlson with MSNBC at 6:55?
JJ 7 дней назад
Yea he had a show on MSNBC, he’s a master grifter
Dialed-in Gaming
Dialed-in Gaming 8 дней назад
Chronicler OfTheDead
Chronicler OfTheDead 8 дней назад
Right now, since Trump lost the election and is blaming fraud, Giuliani is the only lawyer he has left that will take his false claims seriously. He's screwed.
Francisco Padilla
Francisco Padilla 8 дней назад
6:49 I just realized that was Tucker Carlson
lellim 8 дней назад
This video deserves an update. You CANNOT miss the chance to include 2 things: Borat and Four Seasons Total Landscaping.
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