Voting by Mail: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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5 месяцев назад

With the 2020 presidential election nearing and a pandemic in full swing, John Oliver discusses why voting by mail is necessary, the fearmongering surrounding it, and why we need to start planning for November right now.
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Jennifer Mems
Jennifer Mems 4 часа назад
Watching this and comparing it with total deaths by state, it is no surprise that Texas has the highest number of total cases, and the 2nd highest number of COVID deaths.
bella southam
bella southam День назад
i have a usable pencil with a good eraser and i have a pencil sharpener and i know where it is.
Chris Hardin
Chris Hardin День назад
Bryan Reynolds
Bryan Reynolds 3 дня назад
"Stop playing politics with our lives." AMEN! This is all I want to say to Trump and all his supporters.
LadyZubat 3 дня назад
Jokes on you asshole I have 10 fully functioning pencils and I know exactly where my pencil sharpener is!!
Whitman Ashby
Whitman Ashby 4 дня назад
It’s 2 weeks after the 2020 presidential election. This aged like fine wine Mr.Oliver.
Nick Scicchitano
Nick Scicchitano 4 дня назад
This aged like a fine wine
dan stokes
dan stokes 4 дня назад
You look pretty bad!
dan stokes
dan stokes 4 дня назад
Alyssin Williams
Alyssin Williams 5 дней назад
I have plenty of pencils and several pencil sharpeners and I know where they are :)
GriffOberwald 5 дней назад
John Oliver is clearly part of the establishment and a buffoon.
palopatrol 7 дней назад
Trump: guys, dont vote by mail Supporters: ok *mail in votes are counted last* Trump: wOaH wHy aM i LoSiNg ???
Aethel Yfel
Aethel Yfel 8 дней назад
Sorry leftist but John Oliver is not a saint, is words are gospel, but his gospel therein is no truth but mittens and baileys all the way down. He is a high bishop for the cathedral of the media academia controlled state.
Reza Behnood
Reza Behnood 8 дней назад
Hey John, maybe you should go back and argue with yourself (2019 John Oliver telling us why voting machines are not to be trusted):
Mostly Peaceful Fascist
Mostly Peaceful Fascist 8 дней назад
Voter ID + Block chain
ohnofan 10 дней назад
I voted in person in Louisiana and must say I was surprised at the safety measures in place. Hand sanitizer stations at entrance and exit, social distancing markers, all workers wearing masks and seated behind plexiglass. Pens were available for signatures but I was asked to place it in a separate container to be cleaned before reuse, and every voting machine was cleaned and sanitized between each voter. There were I voted stickers though. However, despite the fact that Louisiana has a mask mandate, people have stopped wearing them unless required by employers. I noticed that Hurricane Laura happened and suddenly the masks started to disappear. Then Hurricane Delta came along and people act as if the virus doesn’t exist. Now the case numbers are spiking again.
Monica Horton
Monica Horton 11 дней назад
It’s 2 weeks after the 2020 presidential election. This aged like fine wine Mr.Oliver.
lit lit
lit lit 9 дней назад
Yet this aged like a turd in a cesspit
Toshiro Dragon
Toshiro Dragon 11 дней назад
*contemplated the pile of useable pencils with good erasers in her top drawer and the functioning pencil sharpener mounted on the back porch* I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE!
Ken Hicks
Ken Hicks 11 дней назад
Wow, how accurate was this in the end? I'm glad I voted by mail early to flatten the curve.
Steve Smith
Steve Smith 11 дней назад
I have an electric pencil sharpener in my house lol
Jessica Carr
Jessica Carr 11 дней назад
He bloody well called it
TonyDsubs 12 дней назад
17:21 Totally called it
Jill Marshall
Jill Marshall 12 дней назад
You can vote early or by mail in Australia in any election. We had local elections during Covid-19 lockdown that were ONLY via mail. No-one mentioned fraud.
Ashlee Jade
Ashlee Jade 12 дней назад
Only artists like me having working pencils but that doesn’t mean we aren’t living in a fucking fantasy world. Because that’s definitely the case, and sometimes the point.
Espio56 Momene
Espio56 Momene 13 дней назад
Tucker: so you mean to tell me, I have to be a retard, to attract actual retards for a sum of money my family can easily make in a week? FOX: And suck up to Trump to get a large number of ignorant citizens to worship him, as well as frequent shout outs Tucker: when do I start? FOX: Yesterday. Get up to speed and meet with Hannity and Dobbs.
In The Moonlight
In The Moonlight 13 дней назад
love watching this after the election 😌 i mean he’s still calling the election fraudulent but at least, after everything, he lost
Phillip Franklin
Phillip Franklin 13 дней назад
BIDEN WON !! Hallelujah !!
Dominion Fraud Machines
Dominion Fraud Machines 13 дней назад
I got away with it. The dead voted for me. No witnesses. You can’t put them on the witness stand. The perfect Voter Fraud, who’s dumb now?
pulpficti 9 дней назад
@Dominion Fraud MachinesI hate to say it but You give me the awful impression of someone who has never read anything about how voting in the US works. Hammer and Scorecard has been debunked for days. Even if Computer manipulation worked, every vote has a paper sheet copy. So no,myou can't just add votes without anyone noticing. Btw how did Democrats lose the senate? It's on the same fucking ballots. They even lost seats in the house. Worst scam ever
Dominion Fraud Machines
Dominion Fraud Machines 9 дней назад
@pulpficti Hammer and Scorecard was designed by the CIA as a Vote minipulation Software, which alters Votes as the are being entered. Retired Airforce General Thomas MCinerney warns of CIA Software Hacking Voting Machines To steal Votes for Biden. If anyone thought 1975 Operation Mockingbird, the Collusion between the CIA and the MSM was bad, hang on to your hats. Now new Collusion by the CIA, MSM and the Democrats has been uncovered. Retired Airforce General Thomas MCinerney warns of CIA Software Hacking Voting Machines To steal Votes for Biden. Hammer and Scorecard was designed by the CIA as a Vote minipulation Software, which alters Votes as the are being entered. The CIA, FBI, MSM and the Democrats are well aware of the Massive Voter Fraud Scheme. Time for more Generals to stand up for America and The People, or your all “Traitors to America” Sidney Powell is going to release “THE KRAKEN” , time to standup and and fight America, or you are no better than a “BANANA REPUBLIC”. Dominion and others manipulated the Voting Machines, Your Votes were Stolen.
pulpficti 10 дней назад
Name one dead person that voted
The 2DT-Vlog by TheDdreams
The 2DT-Vlog by TheDdreams 13 дней назад
Those elderly poll workers stole the 2016 elections & this virus moved them out of the way, so they couldn't steal it again. Done. God didn't cause this virus, but He allowed it to expose them. Those who have lost loved ones from this virus, don't blame Him, they caused this; blame them, He just used their wickedness against them.
Luminis 14 дней назад
This aged well. John is a prophet
JD Knight
JD Knight 12 дней назад
No, Trump is just that stupid and predictable.
Oce 13 дней назад
Or a leftist mouthpiece reassuring people it's totally legit before mass fraud takes place.
stef sneaks
stef sneaks 14 дней назад
The military votes by mail all the time. Funny how that never comes up
שחר אטדגי
שחר אטדגי 14 дней назад
12:36 Then explain why it’s illegal to merely mentioning assassination of the currently ruling political party’s leader?
Deb M
Deb M 14 дней назад
Trump only wants to stop mail in ballots in states that voted for Biden. Florida has had mail in ballots for close to 10 years and Trump won in Florida. You don't hear him complaining about Florida.
Gregory S
Gregory S 15 дней назад
How many times did trump say "they?"
williestyle35 15 дней назад
"... Stop playing politics with our lives". 163 000 new cases yesterday, and it continues.
Reality Isacollectivehunch
Reality Isacollectivehunch 15 дней назад
“Substantially fraudulent” actually means - ‘too inclusive and accurate to get a republican elected’.
Taragoola 15 дней назад
Trump did not in fact, get schwifty after the election.
mnichols8378 15 дней назад
Hmm, looks like Trump was 1000% correct. They used mail in ballots to steal this election.
oKtosiTe 15 дней назад
*win FTFY
mnichols8378 15 дней назад
I am now fully against mail in voting. I will work to pass laws to allow in person voting ONLY!!
mnichols8378 14 дней назад
@Sushi Striker pretty simple, strike while the iron is hot!
Sushi Striker
Sushi Striker 15 дней назад
The hell are you gonna do, Nichols?
oKtosiTe 15 дней назад
So I guess you had a hard time understanding the video?
Mike Rotch
Mike Rotch 15 дней назад
7:56 John Oliver destroyed tucker carlson and he deserved every bit of it.
Gaelin Looi
Gaelin Looi 16 дней назад
This video has aged like wine.
Jennifer Mulherin
Jennifer Mulherin 16 дней назад
Oh on!!
Mishomish0 16 дней назад
Back here after the fraudulent claims from mail-in votes... I needed to re-watch this
jonki leshi
jonki leshi 16 дней назад
Set a reminder to watch live at 8p ET: President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris are expected to deliver remarks after CBS News projected that they will win the election.
Olivia Graber
Olivia Graber 16 дней назад
My county still conducted its primary the day after a tornado destroyed the homes of people all across the county
Eeel Fautque
Eeel Fautque 16 дней назад
Trump talking about corruption in the system, priceless 🙄
G kilsetup
G kilsetup 17 дней назад
Ha because it was.
Daniel W
Daniel W 17 дней назад
It's just easier to print the ballots, block the windows, and run 100K paper ballots thru the machine. Ballots are not signed. There are no signatures on any ballot in the united states, or names on ballots of the voter. It's all lies.
oKtosiTe 15 дней назад
It's sad to see Americans so incredibly misinformed about their own elections.
Daniel W
Daniel W 17 дней назад
Does this guy Oliver think you are supposed to use a pencil in American polls? HAHAHAHA
Craig Gorum
Craig Gorum 17 дней назад
This episode has dated well
Anthony Salonek
Anthony Salonek 17 дней назад
finding voter fraud already
chemmed312 17 дней назад
What a truly prophetic video!
Benjamin Carter
Benjamin Carter 17 дней назад
"Education is a weapon, whose effect depends on who holds it in his hands and at whom it is aimed." -Joe
oKtosiTe 15 дней назад
Indeed. Republicans have been hampering education for decades now to keep their voting districts ill-informed.
Persephone 17 дней назад
my pencil sharpener is on my art shelf with my pencils
Persephone 17 дней назад
@Helder Silva most of the time my cat nicks it from time to time
Helder Silva
Helder Silva 17 дней назад
At least You know where Yours is. You lucky bastard!
Adriel Sebastian
Adriel Sebastian 18 дней назад
Watching this after mail ballots in PA and NV pushed Biden over 270, and gave him the lead in GA and AZ. Bet Trump is turning bright red screaming into the phone w/ DeJoy.
Brandon C.
Brandon C. 18 дней назад
This aged well
Killer Queen
Killer Queen 18 дней назад
incredible how he completely called the issues with PA
HalfMan HalfAmazing
HalfMan HalfAmazing 18 дней назад
Thank you to all Americans who voted by mail to fire Fat-Nixon!
williestyle35 15 дней назад
And that cost us, 163000 new covid cases yesterday.
What the hell is a Youtube?
What the hell is a Youtube? 18 дней назад
Trump wouldn't be able to help the fact that majority of Americans are poor and or middle class. He wouldn't be able to stop is from working to feed our families. Racial tensions were caused by corrupt police officers. It's an isolated event when BLM or ANTIFA attack people who think different. But when a few bad cops do something stupid, it's all police. Double standard bullshit needs to stop. It's the American people who are supposed to decide and Trump listened to American people. I accepted the fact that Obama won fair and square both times. I didn't like him or support him but I accepted it. This stinks of cheat and fraud. If the government and voter investigate and it turns up that Biden won fairly. Then I'll accept it. Until then, I'm going to use my first amendment to speak up for the silent majority. This seems like trump got robbed. I didn't support trump at first. I voted independent. But Trump did a lot of good for this country and the brain washed liberal voters could only call me names when I presented facts and logic. I'm not going to burn my city down because of this election tho. Can you liberals say the same if it were the other way around? I don't think you can. Protests already erupted outside the white house before the election was decided.
Samuel Wolch
Samuel Wolch 17 дней назад
Buddy, the “majority” you speak for is about as much a majority as the Bolsheviks were in Soviet Russia
razzakksa 18 дней назад
Who is here after Joe Biden won?
Luis S.
Luis S. 7 дней назад
@T'challa I agree I think the election was already stolen. The problem with what happened is that catching them isn't enough. It should have been prevented in the first place. What Trumps needs to realize is that the 73 million voters have his back.
T'challa 7 дней назад
@Luis S. Actually the states certify their results on different dates, for example Georgia will certify their results on Nov 20th. What happens on December 14th is that they will officially sign off on the results. As far as voter fraud, I'm not blind to the instances where votes don't add up, or people have committed blatant fraud, cause at the end of the day I'm an American, and I truly care about the efficiency of our country's election process, and those who are caught committing voter fraud should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, and things should be implemented so that it will never happen again. With that being said there is no evidence of widespread voter fraud to the point where it would swing the election.
Luis S.
Luis S. 7 дней назад
@T'challa actually states dont call elections until December. And you wouldn't see voter fraud if it slapped you in the face because you refuse to believe it. Why are dead people voting and why the hell is there always thousands more ballots that were never counted in Georgia? And what's going on in Detroit where you have more votes than voters? This is the reason this election is the biggest joke in the history of the United states and only Biden supporters see nothing wrong with it and totally legit. In California 2 people were arrested for voter fraud. Wake up if they rig this election there's no coming back for Democrats or Republicans.
T'challa 7 дней назад
@Luis S. Let me guess, the only legit media outlets are Oan, and Newsmax, 🤣 And the media didn't call the election, the states did, the media just reported the results. If Trump could really prove voter fraud, I would listen, but so far all he's doing is crying, and screaming cheat, because he lost the game.
Luis S.
Luis S. 7 дней назад
@T'challa you definitely need to lay off the CNN cool aid. I'm just waiting for the process to play out cus you know the media doesn't have the authority to call elections. If Biden wins fair n square then I can accept that but I'm gonna wait it out.
Seanasdfghjkl 18 дней назад
17:26 - Hours after Biden's been elected. This was pretty bang on Mr Oliver.
Hot Club of the Mountains
Hot Club of the Mountains 18 дней назад
Regretfully - America will get Biden. Then, Biden will be declared incompetent. Kamala will be put in his place and Pelosi elevated to Vice President following US Constitutional laws of succession. America will regret Kamala and Pelosi, riots and violence will rule the streets of the US as citizens violently protest the new "Rulers". That is what I fear will happen.
Hot Club of the Mountains
Hot Club of the Mountains 15 дней назад
@oKtosiTe bullshilt. It is very rational evaluation of a candidates qualifications and another's mental cognizance. dmfk liberal. you are not even from the US, troll.
Alex C
Alex C 15 дней назад
@oKtosiTe liar. I love Clarence Thomas and Senator Tim Scott has been great for us in South Carolina just to name a few. Plenty of other great women in politics as well and we have more women in Republican Congress as ever before. What dems fear is the black person being an independent thinker and crossing the asile.
oKtosiTe 15 дней назад
This is pretty typical of Republicans: irrational fear of women and black people in power.
Andrew Walker
Andrew Walker 17 дней назад
Uhhhh, the line of succession doesn’t work that way. If the 25th Amendment is invoked, the Vice President becomes president, and, as with all Presidents, chooses his (or her, as we can reasonably say for the first time ever) VP. The only way that the Speaker of the House would become VP is if they’re chosen, which I don’t see happening. Otherwise, the line of succession only comes into play in the event of the death or removal of the President, and only goes as far as selecting a new President. It’s not a ladder where everyone moves up a rung. If both Joe Biden and Kamala Harris both die at the same time, then Nancy Pelosi would become President. She would pick a VP and a new Speaker of the House would be chosen. That’s how that works. *Edit* I forgot to mention that a new VP pick would have to be approved by a vote in the House and Senate. In the example of Harris becoming POTUS, she would nominate a new VP who would then have to be confirmed by the House and Senate. Still, the Speaker of the House doesn’t automatically become VP.
Alex C
Alex C 18 дней назад
Well we all know for sure Kamala will take over Bidens spot
John long
John long 18 дней назад
5 + Courts found voter fraud why is it a question?
John long
John long 12 дней назад
@oKtosiTe oh yes they did 😂
oKtosiTe 15 дней назад
No they didn't. Just because a court hears a case doesn't mean there is any credible evidence. That's why several of these cases have already been dismissed.
Bad Alice
Bad Alice 18 дней назад
Dude, shut up, go do a little research on the meaning of "clueless." The problems you mention can't be addressed by a president being robbed of his "Landslide victory." How much are they paying for mothers these days?
Bad Alice
Bad Alice 15 дней назад
@oKtosiTe If the shoe fits.
oKtosiTe 15 дней назад
Who are you talking to?
William Gogas
William Gogas 18 дней назад
The reason all those bad things are fact is because of you J.O. And all the corrupt Demz. (jerk off) night show host.
oKtosiTe 15 дней назад
Republican logic: "I tripped over my shoelaces. Democrats are to blame."
Highlight Reel
Highlight Reel 19 дней назад
17:30 Wow he literally just predicted the election.
PBNkapamilya 6 дней назад
@Luis S. Get your head checked.
Gnorts Mr Alien
Gnorts Mr Alien 17 дней назад
@Luis S. How does it feel to live in a world of your own creation lol
Luis S.
Luis S. 17 дней назад
Yup. Trump won by a landslide.
James Chapman
James Chapman 19 дней назад
Well this aged superbly well.
S G M 19 дней назад
Well well well
Doctor Pepe
Doctor Pepe 19 дней назад
Voting by mail is an insult to those in flanders fields
oKtosiTe 15 дней назад
Because more citizens got the opportunity to vote, and not just people who are willing to risk themselves and others by voting at overcrowded voting centers? Okay.
Todd Scholefield
Todd Scholefield 19 дней назад
No it’s not bullshit the mail in ballots are a real fraudulent thing.
thecrescentsun 19 дней назад
Watching this in November is a trip
Paul Boucek
Paul Boucek 19 дней назад
I just tweeted John Oliver is a despicable liar - no problems from Twitter so it must be true.
oKtosiTe 15 дней назад
I just had to google it and yes, you did actually tweet this insightful message to your *6* followers. What a treasure trove of nonsense you have there.
WhiskyPentruFete 19 дней назад
So Trump was right once again!
oKtosiTe 15 дней назад
He's been right about something?
Sean New
Sean New 19 дней назад
He called it.
Muhammad Ali
Muhammad Ali 19 дней назад
Trump is right. As seen voting by mail is not reliable
oKtosiTe 15 дней назад
Or, just maybe, your guy just lost the elections.
16canadien 19 дней назад
Watching this while Biden flipped Georgia with those mail-in ballots.. Trump is probably punching the air right now
Zachary Woodford
Zachary Woodford 3 дня назад
@Bryan Reynolds honestly I do it out of boredom. Watching them all parrot the same talking points over and over makes me laugh. After 4 years of calling everyone left of hitler a snowflake cuck socialist they are getting a taste of their own medicine
Bryan Reynolds
Bryan Reynolds 3 дня назад
@Zachary Woodford WHy are you trying to talk sense to a Trump cult member? They have been fed a steady diet of lies, paranoia and hate for so long it's all they know. You would have better luck explaining evolution to a may fly. They can not see anything beyond the lies they have been fed, even after those lies are proven false. I feel so sorry for them.
Zachary Woodford
Zachary Woodford 7 дней назад
@Don Jr, so you made those numbers up is what I'm hearing because he was never up 20%
Zachary Woodford
Zachary Woodford 7 дней назад
@Don Jr, well than it's a good thing that's not what happened at all. They were within a few percent of each other the entire time. I'm curious how you came up with that number
Luis S.
Luis S. 8 дней назад
@Becca Matilda Yeah apparently people voted for Biden despite being dead. Like death itself was gonna stop them from voting Biden. Also the lack of transparency is why people are skeptical about this election. In Michigan they wouldn't even certify the results of the election. They then certified it under the condition that they fully audit the unexplained inaccuracies. Georgia found 2700 more votes which help trump. There's nothing secure about this election so I don't understand why the media shrugs it off and tells us to accept it and move on. The same people who said Russia was responsible for the results of the 2016 election for 4 years. If you don't mind I'm gonna wait this out and see what happens because Biden isn't the winner until the process is 100% finished.
BARIŞ SÖZE 20 дней назад
This is so relevant right now. John, you need to do a follow-up.
CL C 20 дней назад
I think letting all people vote by mail and early isn't not a good idea, only people should vote absent if out of country or medically incapable to vote in person. Voting should be done in person on one day, would get results quicker and no unrest!!
xSilentHarmony 19 дней назад
The reason why there's a delay in results is because in states like Pennsylvania, their GOP legislature refused to change the law so those states could start processing the mail-in ballots earlier than the Election State. If they'd been allowed to start processing them early, it probably wouldn't have taken this long.
John Doe
John Doe 20 дней назад
Justin Robertson
Justin Robertson 20 дней назад
It's scary how accurate he was in this video with what's happening.
Hermon James
Hermon James 20 дней назад
I love for John to shit on Tucker’ Carlson it makes me sooooo happy
Trolling Pereyra
Trolling Pereyra 20 дней назад
Well... I guess this is actual
Mark T Tabor
Mark T Tabor 20 дней назад
That was a great show John! You were so convincing. You slipped onto a band wagon and became a useful idiot. Mail in voting is safe is it. We will see if conspiracies exist and if they are democratic. WHO TOLD YOU TO SAY THIS JOHN???
Ché 20 дней назад
Very prophetic!
Kellie Marsoobian
Kellie Marsoobian 20 дней назад
Really you don’t think there is political bias- do you live under a rock?
Global Warmhugs
Global Warmhugs 20 дней назад
I worked a polling station in my town, where people distanced on their own, wore masks, used sanitizer, acted with adult behaviour, modelled said behaviour for their children, brought their own pens, and were polite, respectful, and responsible. My town is in Canada, so...
Global Warmhugs
Global Warmhugs 20 дней назад
Also... absentee and mail in ballots were ALL counted. No signatures were required.
Oliver Goddard
Oliver Goddard 21 день назад
My man John called it back in June.
The Retro Theater
The Retro Theater 21 день назад
Leftist puppet
Lex S
Lex S 20 дней назад
@The Retro Theater I’ll let the results coming in answer your question
SprayArtist 21 день назад
Russian troll
The Retro Theater
The Retro Theater 21 день назад
@Lex S you mean Biden, right??
Lex S
Lex S 21 день назад
Imagine feeling the need to comment on a video several weeks old because you’re terrified of your loser fave being beaten
Nickrak 21 день назад
It's hilarious hearing conservatives complain about "censorship" or bias from social media companies when their ideal capitalist society supports their ability to do that explicitly
Karma Yt
Karma Yt 22 дня назад
“Fraud and manipulation by mail-in elections?” Exactly how? By Republicans taking ballots home at night in order to modify them?
Karma Yt
Karma Yt 22 дня назад
I love Washington state voting by mail!
Phoenix1220 22 дня назад
We kinda have to vote by mail in the military if we want our vote to count... and we're government employees
Rose Fahmida
Rose Fahmida 22 дня назад
The final reveal of the season is going to be that John Oliver is actually ripped
JOHN David
JOHN David 23 дня назад
They voted gay marriage in with postal votes in Australia. First time ever voting was done exclusively through the post. It doesn't take a genius to realise that it is a flawed system open to corruption.
Stray Tarnish
Stray Tarnish 23 дня назад
if people are getting ballots in dead people's names and voting with them where is the investigation showing more evidence than hear say?
Stray Tarnish
Stray Tarnish 23 дня назад
where are the ballots that were found in a river? what river were they found in? what state is the river in were they were found? where is the person who found them and what branch of the government is investigating the claim?
Stray Tarnish
Stray Tarnish 23 дня назад
if we're going to get through this together why don't the rent collectors have to stay home from work as well?
Gnorts Mr Alien
Gnorts Mr Alien 17 дней назад
Can't stay home from work if your "job" is a fiction lol
Tyler Wickerham
Tyler Wickerham 23 дня назад
The republicans know all about mail in voter fraud considering they did it in Florida to get George Bush jr re elected
Maginator 23 дня назад
Lt_Darkseeker /Antique
Lt_Darkseeker /Antique 23 дня назад
Me,a person who loves drawing with pen,pencil and paper: *sad sharpened H,2B & 4B pencil noises*
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