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3 месяца назад

John Oliver takes a look at how the history of race in America is taught in schools, how we can make those teachings more accurate, and why it’s in everyone's best interest to understand the most realistic version of the past.
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Kristi M
Kristi M День назад
I live in New York State and was still told that "the civil war was not about slavery, it was about state's rights" in school. I graduated high school only 3 years ago!
donaldson medina
donaldson medina День назад
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Kaliq al rasheed
Kaliq al rasheed День назад
im indonesian and i realize america slaughter 1million indonesian who support communist
Michael Red Sox
Michael Red Sox День назад
We had no problem spending billions of dollars to send few idiots to the moon.
Simple Human
Simple Human 2 дня назад
Eat s**t, John. Leave.
Gavin 19 часов назад
It’s more patriotic to stay and try to improve it.
שחר אטדגי
שחר אטדגי 2 дня назад
Pretend to be either a slave or a slave owner and write about my day? Okay, here's what I imagine the day of a slave looks like: Dear Diary, today I just seem to have incredible back pain, I think my master's beatings have started taking their toll. I hope this won't affect my day, or I'm doomed. But I have no time to lament over things, I can't quite afford to slack off. I start the day, like always, by starting to crop, it would've been a lot more easier if I wasn't doing it on an empty stomach, but my master gets really violent when I ask for food, so I'd rather just shut up and do what I ought to. Thankfully, I don't work alone, there are multiple people working alongside me. But I can't help but hope that one day, he'll sell me to someone who actually gives a damn about me as an individual. Or here's a better one: Dear Diary, today I've was a rather rough day, my sister decided she's some kind of hero, and decided to ignore our master's wishes and stop working. I really wish I could mourn her death, or that maybe things could be different from how they are now. I heard of this revolution happening in the north, where slaves are being set free, but my master would never agree to it, he'd rather die than set any of us free, maybe we're just too convenient. Thankfully, I hear they're trying to spread their message to the South, so I can't help but feel like we're on the bridge of a social change, where maybe I won't have to work on someone else's farm in order to be allowed to live. Maybe I could even own a farm of my own and actually try to give something in return for the people working for me, like both of us are human beings. I don't know, which one do you think better reflects the helpless feeling of slaves at the time?
שחר אטדגי
שחר אטדגי День назад
Do you want to show that you are a slave or a slave and write about me? Now, here's what Worship Day looks like: Beloved book, it seems I have a great history today, I think the husband’s wife is starting to take the victims. I hope it doesn't affect my day or my choice. But I don’t have time to grieve over things, I can’t fall. As always, it would be easier to start the day if I did not do this on anything at the beginning of the harvest, but the issue of food makes my husband a real god, so just be quiet, I am doing what You must do. Fortunately, I don't work alone, but some people do. But I hope one day he will sell me to someone who cares about me. Is this good: Your notebook, today was very difficult for me, my brother decided he was a hero and decided to quit his job and ignore our master's wishes. I wish to mourn his death. Or it may be different than it is now. I heard that this rebellion was taking place in the north, where slaves were being rescued, but my husband did not agree. He will die but he will not let us go. Fortunately, we cannot control our thoughts on the storm of social change as we feel that they are trying to spread the message of the south. It allows me to live. Maybe I too can own my farm and try to give something on behalf of the people who work for me since we are all human. I do not know, but what do you think indicates the lack of slave support at the time?
שחר אטדגי
שחר אטדגי День назад
Well, I Google Translated this, and here's what I got "My favorite book today seems to have a great background story. He seems to have begun to suffer damage from the Lord's injuries. I hope it doesn’t interfere with my day. Otherwise, I had planned. But I can’t fall because I don’t have time to grieve. However, my husband was abused because of food problems. Listen, but I do what you have to do. Fortunately, I don't work alone, but some do. But I hope he sells it to someone who cares about me."
שחר אטדגי
שחר אטדגי 2 дня назад
Wow, I didn't really know that's where I was going with this, I thought I'm gonna use comedy to depict the tragedy of the situation, but I guess even I'm surprised by me
dieuanhmong tronvennhung
dieuanhmong tronvennhung 2 дня назад
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Tweak Freq
Tweak Freq 2 дня назад
Wait til the reptialians come out into the open and you will see Real racism
Tweak Freq
Tweak Freq 2 дня назад
Let's clear that point. Human is a race, black is a color. China is a nation, being American isn't wrong.
Cooper Hillis
Cooper Hillis 2 дня назад
It’s sad that most Americans are learning their history from a British guy who wasn’t born here and who is telling us what is wrong with our county. Ignoring the fact that the British owned slaves too and brought them over here in the first place.
Desiree Bradish
Desiree Bradish 2 дня назад
I have been to several funerals where the priests talked about donating to their parish, or voting republican or patriotism and barely touched on the deceased.
Frøst 2 дня назад
Not only us history but world history with united states. Tell me how many of you learned about the time America over through democratically elected presidents and replaced them with dictators. Or the many war crimes we have committed in the middle east like drone striking villages and bombing fleeing civs
Serendipity Shop
Serendipity Shop 3 дня назад
I for one would probably sit through any number of history lessons if they were taught by John Oliver.
French Penguin
French Penguin 4 дня назад
This video makes a lot of good points, but the 3/5 compromise actually helped to limit the expansion of slavery
Patrick Kilduff
Patrick Kilduff 4 дня назад
100 years from know every single white person will swear they would have NEVER have voted for Trump if they lived in 2016...
Patrick Kilduff
Patrick Kilduff 4 дня назад
I think there reaction to that watchmen episode was more like, black people were like: I didn't know that happened...but I'm not surprised. White people were like: No....that didn't happen. No one knows history....thats the problem.
nguyenthutuyen phamquangdan
nguyenthutuyen phamquangdan 4 дня назад
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phamhangnga nhungtuyetbung
phamhangnga nhungtuyetbung 4 дня назад
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Natalie 4 дня назад
That Shane Dawson call out lmao.
Ludah Wolf
Ludah Wolf 5 дней назад
The bottom line even I got as a child in school is......if the African people are portrayed as coming over and lending a hand to the white man and having fun frolics after eating or whatever the fuck they try to say, then why did you label them as fucking “slaves” not “partners” or “helpers” like you fucking morons try to portray, also if you can’t see thru this bullshit I’m sorry but your part of the problem, it’s common sense, something is off about this damn book! Even a child can understand this fucking lie.
Chris Poole
Chris Poole 5 дней назад
I find it ironic that this video is focusing on America history, black history and racism and its teaching to kids but lacks any mention of native Americans and what they had to go through
kriky zk8
kriky zk8 5 дней назад
crystal valladolid
crystal valladolid 6 дней назад
Love this video
Keketso Ramaisa
Keketso Ramaisa 6 дней назад
18:08 “...as of this taping”
Kelly Lynch
Kelly Lynch 6 дней назад
My 8th grade teacher had us watch a week of Roots and other very mature depictions of the atrocity of slavery. Most of our curriculum dealt with the Civil War and slavery in America, and he made sure not to, quite literally, 'white wash' it. This is a school in a middle/middle-upper class suburb just outside of Philadelphia. It blows my mind that some schools in this country had learning activities and quiz questions like the ones shown here. I shouldn't have to feel lucky or thankful for being taught reality as a middle school history student.
Nick Johnson
Nick Johnson 7 дней назад
I reckon trump knew exactly what he was doing when he went to Tulsa. He had to, right?
R-Dub 64
R-Dub 64 7 дней назад
I miss Ian Duncan
Chris Lauderdale
Chris Lauderdale 7 дней назад
HEY NOW! Don't be dissing on Doc Brown like that. He wasn't obsessed with the 1950s, the 1950s date was just an arbitrary date he punched in when he was showing Marty the Delorean, and said it was the time when he got the idea for the flux capacitor. He got a little wistful about the parking lot once being a field of trees, and remarked about the orchard owner having weird ideas about cross breeding some things, but looked more dismissive than anything. The idea he was a bit more wistful about how much time had passed than anything. Doc Brown didn't LOVE the 50s. He just lived through them.
bencodep nguoioidong
bencodep nguoioidong 7 дней назад
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MforMovesets 7 дней назад
Yes this is what we should agree on, that censoring racism instead of critically discussing the material isn't the way. We won't forget "Song of the South" exists, Disney. And no, "not censoring stuff" isn't equal to "oh nice I can be racist now". Its a matter of context, now cope.
KHXEauq326IUVYjkpwz59~@/\DOSQoevh1748:+CFGJLRdfmxy#%-,}(ABMNPTWZ 7 дней назад
In 3:38 why that a popular traditional chinese name in a European language ? Lee =李 top is meaning of and downsides charities meaning of , their fore I am living in a slaves owner four star ⭐️ hotel 🏨 , it was surprising that traditional confederate /union America popular name should be John/Peter/mary /Ann /Susan etc 😀 In Far East that isn’t a combat between black skin vs white skin , that is double 👁 eyeliner ( pro commercial/stock casinos 🎰 )vs single eyeliner ethics group (mongolien pro military /defensive) In 10:23 of the modern day changed to telephone ☎️ contracts, TV 📺 license contracts, and even married contracts and lawsuits and 🏦 credit card 💳 Loans 💸, just the name changes, nothing especially 🙁
nguyenkinhien phamquangyem
nguyenkinhien phamquangyem 7 дней назад
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Patrick Shields
Patrick Shields 7 дней назад
It's wierd seeing some of the bullshit they tried to feed kids. I didn't have a great history class either, but we at least watched Roots.
Kassandra Jack
Kassandra Jack 8 дней назад
the way they teach everything short of reading (and i'd argue even that) are pretty darn poor. the public school system really needs a complete revamp
Devin Gendron
Devin Gendron 8 дней назад
Its depressing I didn’t know about Tulsa or Juneteenth until recently, in spite of having been an AP US History student in school. I took a (nominally) college level us history course with an otherwise teacher, and we were still not taught about these critical pieces of history. Not because he didn’t want to teach it, we were given a People’s History of the United States as a supplementary text, but that’s all it was, supplement, something to read so we’d be less uninformed. But we didn’t go into it as much as the AP textbook, which did not talk about the details of America’s dirty history, because AP classes teach to the test, and the AP curriculum doesn’t put a premium on that information because it isn’t pretty or politically acceptable to a power holding subset of the population. That’s just depressing, and its frustrating how long it took me to learn about them.
grant santana
grant santana 8 дней назад
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The Ninja Nerd
The Ninja Nerd 9 дней назад
This is why we should've never let the confederacy survive...
John Doe
John Doe 9 дней назад
All the things she said were racist are actually racist like she’s complaining about the equivalent of saying 2+2=4 and then freaking out about it
bacncake 9 дней назад
I love in texas. I know my kids aren't getting taught history. Where do I start?
Lea 9 дней назад
PLEASE reform the American school system! That's so disgusting!
Tor Ormseth
Tor Ormseth 9 дней назад
'The Help' is a good fucking movie
James 9 дней назад
I am watching this shortly after Trump almost won again. With all the information available, why did more people vote for Trump than in 2016? Ridiculous.
Eddye Herndon
Eddye Herndon 4 дня назад
They have the heart of Trump
Daryl Harmon
Daryl Harmon 9 дней назад
I like how John here gets angry when descriptions of slavery are too whimsical, then gets angry when slavery is depicted in a ruthless way.
gay rtz
gay rtz 9 дней назад
NO ALABAMA, STOP IT i fucking lost it hahhaha
Rohar Vanderbull
Rohar Vanderbull 9 дней назад
I uh well sh*t
imamoose007 9 дней назад
As someone who lives in tulsa, I am absolutely shocked that people have only heard about the massicare from watchmen.
imamoose007 9 дней назад
"choose to be a sleave or a slave owner" well, if your giving me a choice in the matter...
Juan Blanco
Juan Blanco 9 дней назад
King was killed for that revolutionary idea..the ‘redistribution of economic power’ or wealth, that has yet to take place in American agriculture where modern slavery is still the norm
George Geisert
George Geisert 9 дней назад
My school decided to SKIP the chapter covering "Discrimination Against African Americans" because they deemed it to be "less important" than other chapters like "Leisurely Activities of the Last 1800s". Depressing
Jared B
Jared B 9 дней назад
Tears down the pyramids they were all built by slaves
De LaSierra
De LaSierra 8 дней назад
Jared, they were actually build by skilled labour, just some of which were the lower class, not slaves. They get paid well to built the pyramids as its considered sacred temples
The Kennett Report
The Kennett Report 9 дней назад
They weren’t lol
Emma T. Fink
Emma T. Fink 10 дней назад
Let’s also not forget that we like to paint MLK as a “peaceful protestor”. He literally said “rioting is the language of the unheard”. White people like to condemn rioting as a form of protest so they can continue to ignore the issues of a system that they largely benefit from.
KOOL WOND 10 дней назад
this is very simple if you dont read history as the perpetrator and as the victims you dont know what reading history is. 🤔 hummmm other wise you just a idiot.
Molly Rogers
Molly Rogers 11 дней назад
As a Tulsan, we were only required this year (2020) to teach and learn about the massacre in schools. For years, our own city, the city where the very atrocity occurred, lied to us about how large the district was, how bad the damage was, and, most importantly, how many people had died. I was 19 years old and a freshman in college before I even heard the word "massacre" in reference to the event. They tell us 35-40 people died, and close to 100 people were injured. It has taken nearly a hundred years for the real truth, the deaths of close to 400, mostly African American, Tulsans, to come forward. It has only been in the last year that Tulsa has even considered changing the names of establishments and streets to ones that no longer reflect racist town members. Our city has tried so hard to cover up this horrible, horrible thing, and it's time to stop.
Francis Tongoy
Francis Tongoy 11 дней назад
this was truly hard to watch.
Average Awesome
Average Awesome 11 дней назад
Can take down statues of slave owners and civil war “”””””heroes””””””” (just one didn’t feel like enough) is attempting to erase history. But purposefully perpetuating falsehoods that’s just a thing to do. Shits fucked up and all because people don’t want to admit their great granddaddy was a right shithead and an awful person
Augusts Art
Augusts Art 11 дней назад
The most horrifying thing to me is that I wasn’t taught that Washington ever owned slaves in all my 12 years of public education and what’s worse I was actually taught that Washington never owned slaves at all which honestly some of the of the most whitewashed bs.
Brajeswar Das
Brajeswar Das 11 дней назад
Blacks didn't know about it either....
Snakelifes Wolfe
Snakelifes Wolfe 12 дней назад
Please do more on history. I wasn’t taught enough and don’t know what to search to get more.
Aubrie M
Aubrie M 12 дней назад
It's stupid that teaching history as it really happened is seen as "political."
T TD 12 дней назад
You want to talk about what is and isn't in textbooks? Before 1985 most Americans had never even heard of the Japanese-American incarceration camps in WW2. Why 1985? Because that's when the Karate Kid was released. The story of how that scene was even included in the movie is its own tale of denialism and racial intimidation, but there isn't enough space here to tell it. The point is, it's not about dealing with the shit there ancestors did, it's dealing with the shit they did.
Ashley Wyatt
Ashley Wyatt 12 дней назад
God idk who I hate more Tucker Carlson or Matt Gaetz
TARINunit9 13 дней назад
This episode made me double-check a lot of what I thought I knew about George Washington. In school I had never been taught that he owned slaves. I learned that in college. My sources at the time told me that he never bought any slaves, he inherited them and had them all freed in his will. After this episode I checked and learned part of that last sentence was wrong: Washington DID buy slaves with his own money. The historians I'm reading now state that Washington simply didn't question slavery growing up, because he grew up all around it. But Washington is not a one-dimensional human... Historians are also agreeing that Washington's attitude toward slavery changed in his life. Washington's farms, on which the slaves worked, changed from tobacco to grain. Grain is much cheaper to harvest, leaving Washington to ask why he still owns these slaves. And to further ask, why his slaves were enslaved. During the Revolutionary War, Washington was friends with Alexander Hamilton and Marquis de Lafayette, both strong abolitionists. Then there's the simple fact that of the 250,000 Yankee soldiers in the war, a good 9,000 of them were black. These people literally fought and bled alongside him. I close out this reflective evening with the words of Washington himself, in his last will and testament: "Upon the decease ⟨of⟩ my wife, it is my Will & desire th⟨at⟩ all the Slaves which I hold in ⟨my⟩ own right, shall receive their free⟨dom⟩. To emancipate them during ⟨her⟩ life, would, tho’ earnestly wish⟨ed by⟩ me, be attended with such insu⟨pera⟩ble difficulties on account of thei⟨r interm⟩ixture by Marriages with the ⟨dow⟩er Negroes, as to excite the most pa⟨in⟩ful sensations, if not disagreeabl⟨e c⟩onsequences from the latter, while ⟨both⟩ descriptions are in the occupancy ⟨of⟩ the same Proprietor; it not being ⟨in⟩ my power, under the tenure by which ⟨th⟩e Dower Negroes are held, to man⟨umi⟩t them. And whereas among ⟨thos⟩e who will recieve freedom ac⟨cor⟩ding to this devise, there may b⟨e so⟩me, who from old age or bodily infi⟨rm⟩ities, and others who on account of ⟨the⟩ir infancy, that will be unable to ⟨su⟩pport themselves; it is m⟨y Will and de⟩sire that all who ⟨come under the first⟩ & second descrip⟨tion shall be comfor⟩tably cloathed & ⟨fed by my heirs while⟩ they live.... The Negros thus bound, are (by their Masters or Mistresses) to be taught to read & write; and to be brought up to some useful occupation, agreeably to the Laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia, providing for the support of Orphan and other poor Children. and I do hereby expressly forbid the Sale, or transportation out of the said Commonwealth, of any Slave I may die possessed of, under any pretence whatsoever. And I do moreover most pointedly, and most solemnly enjoin it upon my Executors hereafter named, or the Survivors of them, to see that th⟨is cla⟩use respecting Slaves, and every part thereof be religiously fulfilled at the Epoch at which it is directed to take place; without evasion, neglect or delay... And to my Mulatto man William (calling himself William Lee) I give immediate freedom.... as a test⟨im⟩ony of my sense of his attachment to me, and for his faithful services during the Revolutionary War." There's a lot to unpack there. Washington's only hesitation in freeing his slaves was that it would break up families shared with the slaves of his wife Martha (her own slaves were considered separate ownership). As a compromise Washington immediately called that his wife Martha would pay for their education and boarding in the estate -- which she did. And while Martha didn't free her own slaves (they sadly ended up the property of a family that would one day marry Robert E. Lee) she moved the clock forward on her husband's slaves, freeing them while she was still alive. So yes, thank you for exposing me to the dirty laundry of our founding fathers. Washington wasn't _just_ a monster who bought slaves, Washington wasn't _just_ a great guy who freed his slaves. People are complex, history is complex. And we need to learn it, not ignore it
carbidegrd1 13 дней назад
Americans have turned the Constitution into a religious document written by Caucasian Jesus.
Jack Levy
Jack Levy 13 дней назад
Did…did he just call out Shane Dawson? Nice
Alex Iudice
Alex Iudice 9 дней назад
I wouldn’t have picked up this joke without reading your comments seconds before. But yes he did.
Aidric Peterson
Aidric Peterson 13 дней назад
"can you imagine if some greasy politician deserted your funeral." that sounds familiar, oh wait that's your profession Tucker.
Evan Fernandez
Evan Fernandez 14 дней назад
I think its important to remember our past and to not let it define us as a nation hopefully things get better after Jan 20th I don't think it's okay to whitewash history tho and I feel like alot of that has gone on lately
Hope OConnell
Hope OConnell 14 дней назад
I remember being in my movements and the black experience class in college and being utterly shocked and fascinated by what I was being taught. Kids should learn about things and people like the one drop rule or the Lovings before college and not during it.
1969barnabas 14 дней назад
Wow! I am blown away. I am a 50 year old white man. I lived in Northern California until age 14 and finished school in Central Florida. I didn't know about "Juneteenth" until Trump scheduled a rally on June 19th and I read about it in either the NYT or WaPo. I found out about the Tulsa massacre within the past year (I saw a documentary about it and I was horrified). Watching this episode, I learned that schools in the south teach kids that the civil war was about "states' rights". This is just incredible to me. I now understand why so many southerners insist that the civil war was about states' rights. I remember an American history teacher in high school who mentioned the states' rights argument, but the teacher made it clear that this argument is absolute BS. The argument is basically saying that individual states should have the right to do something which is contrary to HUMAN RIGHTS. So many RWNJ's talk about how schools "indoctrinate" students. Yeah. Right. Except that it's the right-wing states which are doing the indoctrinating.
שחר אטדגי
שחר אטדגי 14 дней назад
Fun fact: Germans teach about the Holocaust in school, are incredibly supportive of Israel and are so humane that people in Israel leave to Berlin because of the lower prices there!! Maybe they SHOULD be more influential than America, they at least know how to treat the negative aspects of their history!!
Chloe_ No
Chloe_ No 15 дней назад
Most of what I learned about black indigenous history was very white washed and repation. All I learned about black history was MLK and his "I had a dream" speach, Rosa Parks and Harriet Tubman. The most I learned about indigenous history was the trail of tear for one day. I learned about Malcom X,the Tulsa massacre and Residential schools this year. We were not taught about Hawaii and how America forced their Queen to sign over her country. Our history is white washed but it’s our job to fix that and tell our teachers and classmates about them.
Heber Velasquez
Heber Velasquez 15 дней назад
Holy shit, I actually thought he(George Washington) had freed his slaves when he died. Learning that did not make my day but I'm not complaining.
Bill Vroman
Bill Vroman 15 дней назад
0:53 Love this moment
G Bode
G Bode 15 дней назад
And now I feel even better about using Zinn to teach my students
Alexander Kaiser
Alexander Kaiser 15 дней назад
Those who do not learn from the past are doomed to repeat it. And if you try to whitewash the past then you can't learn from it.
Dayna de Montagnac
Dayna de Montagnac 15 дней назад
The neighborhood segregation/redlining piece is very true. When my parents were looking for houses, my mom called over the phone to tour this one property in a very white neighborhood. After waiting ages in their car for someone to escort them in a neighbor flat out told them the man wouldn’t come out and sell it to them because they were black. Luckily they settled in a much more integrated neighborhood instead.
J Booker
J Booker 15 дней назад
John Oliver & LWT team; please do a segment on Noam Chomsky ASAP. Thanks!
CyanideSlushie 15 дней назад
Jake Smith
Jake Smith 16 дней назад
People have to want to be educated. Can’t make them
August D
August D 16 дней назад
The 10,000 dislikes truly shows how racism is ingrained in people's minds.
ilmu011 6 дней назад
Sort comments by new on John Oliver videos. That will show it much better
Ashlee Jade
Ashlee Jade 16 дней назад
I didn’t learn about the Tulsa race Massacre in US History class either. It’s extremely sad and unfortunate. We need to fix this in our schools and while it is okay to be ashamed of this history, it is not okay to try to erase it. We need to not only admit the wrongdoings of our ancestors, but also we need to continue to move forward and treat our fellow humans EQUALLY. “Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it. Those who do not remember their past are condemned to repeat their mistakes” -George Santayana
Gbearguy89 16 дней назад
Same problem here in Britain. I’m 31 years old and I only found out about the West Bengal famine this year and that when told about the amount of death caused by the famine, Winston Churchill said “has Gandhi died”. I can also guarantee that a lot of British people don’t know that Concentration Camps were first used by the British during the Boer war.
alien gamer
alien gamer 16 дней назад
dinosaurs cannot and never have been able to fly
Rayvearn 17 дней назад
john straight up shat on jenna marbles
Rtas Vadum
Rtas Vadum 19 дней назад
I am Hispanic and I think people will immediately assume when they hear that that i wouldn't know much but I grew up wanting to learn and hearing george washington owned slaves wasn't a surprise but this should not be at all surprising to people I mean "white people" tend to filter out the bad and forget everything they did I mean Black Lives do matter but what about Latino Lives Matter hispanics too most people have ignored that part and you do talk about it i think in most schools please respond to me but I think in other places that aren't New Mexico say he died in his sleep and have a challenge to not eat grapes for a month but the American education system is absolutely terrible your education is entirely based on where you live and this is not ok tell me your learning experience
Wacky Boy
Wacky Boy 19 дней назад
I think i just felt in love
Sierra LVX
Sierra LVX 19 дней назад
I remember in my first history class in grade 7 in canada, my teacher said we learn history so we don't repeat the mistakes of the past. Well, what good is that if you don't even teach history as it actually was?! Also the whole 'don't make history too political' is absolute bs, because you're literally learning the history of politics in your country!!! Wtf else will you learn?!
Poptarts They Allude me
Poptarts They Allude me 19 дней назад
This is an issue across Western countries, I imagine. Here in the UK the standard history education is basically 1485 - 1650 - blank - 1916 - 1945. I'll let you work out why... It's uncomfortable learning the realities your country's history.... And present.
BD MEDIA 19 дней назад
Another inspiring episode trying to wake those of us who are slowly but surely walking into oblivion. HBO fund excellent content from my all time favorite "The Sopranos" to excellent thought inspiring show such as this one "Last Week Tonight" & for that thank you HBO. John Oliver you are a LEGEND!
Kyle Dare
Kyle Dare 19 дней назад
People outside America often ask, “How are these people like this?!” (Typically not in a flattering way). Especially with how so many White-Americans (sadly, of all ages) can still be so hateful, insulting, and *willingly* ignorant towards other races, especially African-Americans. But it makes a lot of sense now. In that, they’re basically being brainwashed at an early age.
Joshua Garver
Joshua Garver 19 дней назад
"The worst day in America beats the best day anywhere else" - who knew Pearl Harbor, Columbine, 9/11, and Hurricane Sandy were better days than the dozens of Munich Oktoberfests, The Carnivals in Rio de Janeiro, and Holi celebrations in India, not to mention celebrating the ends of wars, independence, and protections of Civil Rights. Give that guy a thousand 9/11s before the end of Yemeni Genocide or a Democratic election in China.
I Live To Fight
I Live To Fight 19 дней назад
In 9th grade, I had a history teacher who was very hands on in his work. He wanted us to have an understanding of our government, so we had a small direct democracy and a class contract defining the terms of our meetings and elections, that kinda thing. One day, while we were discussing reconstruction, he asked us to, within our groups, come up with an idea of how we would handle it. My class was pretty white, including myself, but things were mostly as you'd expect (sans half my group proposing public executions for slave owners). One group was predominantly black. The girl who was speaking for it didn't seem to understand why we all bluescreened when she said the words "separate but equal", which led to a very awkward discussion. I do have more stories of this class, like the time we unionized.
Baby Bun-Bun-MTU
Baby Bun-Bun-MTU 19 дней назад
Holyshit dude, I live in Australia and they made us play the same slave games when we were learning about slavery. We were like 10 and It was fucking traumatising, especially since i already had a history of abuse. Like Jesus christ, what the fuck were the teachers thinking.
Andrew K
Andrew K 20 дней назад
America you're FKKD
EJ H 20 дней назад
Mentioning the 1619 project didn’t age well
Sharpshooter649 20 дней назад
Juneteenth wasn't even mentioned in my A.P. U.S. History class. A.P. FUCKING HISTORY !
Alexa Ales
Alexa Ales 20 дней назад
I hope John Oliver visits his shows on youtube every once in a while to see what fruitful discussions his shows ingite. I visited the comment section to explain to people how we are taught about the 3rd Reich in school here in Germany, but then I saw Wayneman's comment (top comment) who did it way better and way more eloquently than I ever could. Well done, thank you for that.
Noah Trahar
Noah Trahar 20 дней назад
It is more responsible to revel in a painful truth, than a comfortable lie
Melinda Dunn
Melinda Dunn 20 дней назад
On acknowledging white supremacy, when I was doing apples to apples during game day in my social skills class; the teacher playing with us did not explain the KKK when someone drew the KKK card. Just discarded it. Luckily I know.
Astreal Brizbee
Astreal Brizbee 20 дней назад
"Imagine if a greasy politician walked in on your parents funeral" We don't have to imagine it Tucker, you're already on the TV....
Jacob Monks
Jacob Monks 20 дней назад
Slavery was a big reason the South seceded, but the only reason it was a big deal was because of states rights and the South wanted to keep slaves. So while John Oliver is technically right, it's a bit more complicated. States rights had been a contentious topic pretty much since the Constitution was written. It's pretty clear to see this in some of the very first pieces of legislation passed by the government. The National Bank assuming states debts was seen as the government exercising too much power instead of diluting that power throughout the former colonies, and the excise tax on whiskey to fund said bank was extremely divisive. The debate over slavery simply exacerbated those divisions to the point where the South refused to compromise any longer. Also the South were extremely racist. And I struggle to call the Constitution inherently racist for two reasons. One, the document itself does not really give any guidelines for slave laws or talk about slaves as a status. The most it did was delay any laws regarding the slave trade until 1808, which I believe was motivated by a desire to keep the nation unified rather than prolong the misery of slaves, since slavery, as stated above, was a pretty contentious issue. Two, the founders designed the document to be adjustable. Yes, many of the founders were slaveholders and/or held racist ideas, and the initial printing of the Constitution denied the ability to vote among other things to a large portion of the population. But the founders very explicitly stated that the document was not perfect, and in fact they designed it in such a way that it would be modified. In fact the 9th Amendment very clearly says that there are possibly many rights that are not enumerated, and the government has the power to officially recognize any of these rights. It was because of this that the Constitution could be adjusted for slavery to be abolished via the 13th Amendment, the only barrier was the politicians. I'm not going to say all of the founders wanted this to happen, that would be presumptuous at best and ignorant at worst. But I am saying that the document is more flexible than people make it out to be, and calling it inherently skewed towards one side of the political aisle or even towards one race is kind of pessimistic. Its not the document itself that creates racist or otherwise terrible policies, but it's the people who claim to be working under its guidelines who ought to be scrutinized.
Tracesprite 21 день назад
America faces a great difficulty in recovering from the Trump cult. However I think it can be done. I feel that America's psychologists, psychiatrists, sociologists and historians should work together to figure out a range of responses that different American states might choose from. The Trump cult is not the only cult in America. There are lots, including Scientology and the secretive cult "The Family" which Trump himself has been inducted into (see Netflix). Other nations have recovered from being mesmerized by an evil politician. Cambodia (now Kampuchea) had Pol Pot who was part of the Khmer Rouge. After the Killing Fields, Cambodia formed a government which amazingly included members of the Khmer Rouge. They have "grown out of" that horrific time, though they still have huge memorials about it. Rwanda had a time when many people from one group (the Hutus) killed the other group (the Tutsis) in a kind of frenzy. Then, I think with help from the United Nations, they stopped and had a healing process and that ghastly time is over. In South Africa, the evil white government was replaced by a real democratic government lead by Nelson Mandela. Archbishop Tutu lead a Truth and Reconciliation Commission. The aim was not to prosecute people but to bring the truth into the light of day to stop continuing racism and violence. So nations can heal but it has to be done actively and in an organised way. I think that President Biden could call together a committee and work out a way forward. One problem is that if the education system is so bad that millions of people believe Fox News, then those uneducated people are easy targets for Trumpery and so on. In addition, the poor wages in America mean that poor people have to work so hard that they can't think or follow the news properly. And then many of them get thrown out of work and feel the kind of disorientation that makes them an easy target for a smooth talking con man. Those are the kinds of issues that have to be tackled and different states will have different methods. I agree that part of the problem is mythical thinking but that is the kind of thinking that happens when people feel that reality is unmanageable. Good government can create workable lives for everyone.
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