Rehab: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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2 года назад

The addiction treatment industry is dangerously unregulated. John Oliver explains why many rehab programs should incorporate more evidence-based care and carefully reconsider their doctor-to-horse ratio.
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callmeky 20 часов назад
That four seasons reference aged well
Lennart van Dorp
Lennart van Dorp День назад
First you hate horses now you want to fuck them? This is why no one trusts the lefist cuck media!
ZockMedic 2 дня назад
Alcohol OR drugs? Yeah right, alcohol isn't a drug, is it?
Kevin Thye
Kevin Thye 5 дней назад
The interview with the Cliffside guy has serious Micheal Scott energy
Xenos Breed
Xenos Breed 5 дней назад
As a recovering addict, the best place I got help was a mental hospital. Before ending up there the only thing doctors did was throw drugs at me that didn't help. They offer med management, but also set you up with social workers and outpatient care such as therapy, intensive therapy (a lot like inpatient care but with a lot more freedom) and several sources. Sadly in the US mental care is sorely overlooked and hard to get treatment for especially without insurance, and you have to keep up with it yourself, which is incredibly difficult, especially since it makes it seem like they don't care. I wish there were a better system.
Byron Hacking
Byron Hacking 5 дней назад
KedarOthort 6 дней назад
Yes, plenty of things happen at Four Seasons Total Landscaping. 😂😂😂
Wise Wolf Tony
Wise Wolf Tony 6 дней назад
Yea I can say as a drug addict that a drug like Buprenorphine has done wonders for me. Methadone on the other hand not so sure how well that works as my Brother has been in a clinic for Methadone where he gets it every day yet has still been using constantly while in the clinic for the last 3yrs. Me on the other hand being a Suboxone clinic which is the brand name for Buprenorphine that I have never used once while being in the clinic. Now it is basically just substituting one drug for another. Seeing how if I go more then a day without taking it I will have withdrawals. But it at least keeps me from doing dope every day and spending a shit ton of money on it every week. Never once have I felt like doing any sort of opioid while on Suboxone. It's also a drug that you can get yourself off of by slowly taking less and less MG of it. But my problem has always been the 3x that I did do that and got completely off of Suboxone that every time it happened I was back to using dope within 3months. So now I'm just at the point where I'm just gonna stay on Suboxone as I know I will stay 100% clean on it.
Joram Appel
Joram Appel 6 дней назад
I'm sure that by now we all know that life-changing things DO happen at the Four Seasons.... Total landscaping...
Alan Takhir
Alan Takhir 7 дней назад
Usually, I´m annoyed by all the rules and guidelines we have in Germany but when I hear things like this, I´m happy that we have them 🙈
Jazzy Beat
Jazzy Beat 7 дней назад
Claiming you're cured is a HUGE red flag about that rehab's credibility
tomas roca
tomas roca 10 дней назад
Meanwhile in Germany, Rehab is: #1 Paid for by the mandatory health insurance #2 Done in a mental hospital #3 By actual Psychiatrists and Psychotherapists #4 With following outpatient therapy after you leave the hospital
Neptune Henriksen
Neptune Henriksen 10 дней назад
I'm in the hooters, I'm in the hospital. I'm in the combination hooters and hospital!
Spurious Lathos
Spurious Lathos 13 дней назад
There is exactly a 0% chance that ol' Dick Taite here was *not* on cocaine when he gave that interview at Cliffside.
Amaze Cat
Amaze Cat 14 дней назад
If John Oliver has ever been to Florida he would know that every hospital in fl is a combo hospital/hooters. That’s a given
TheMundusvultdecipi 15 дней назад
After my first stationary therapy (12 months) I received a call of a social worker who asked to visit me for inquiry. They did a study about how people who underwent longterm therapy were doing, to gauge the success rate. Now she visited me 22 months after therapy and I was 100% sober. 3 months later I relapsed, so in the said study I'm listed in the success group. Serious studies should be done 5 yrs after treatment, then they might actually reflect partly the reality.
Isaiah Capone
Isaiah Capone 16 дней назад
QA QA 20 дней назад
As a professional in this field, I’m giving this a standing ovation
Jan Fazlagić
Jan Fazlagić 21 день назад
Jazzy Beat
Jazzy Beat 21 день назад
Wow it's almost like integrating capitalism into a system makes it all about money and not people's well-being.
Midnight arrow
Midnight arrow 26 дней назад
you ever notice florida looks like a penis?
john kenny
john kenny 27 дней назад
Spin dry centers don't work!!
François Perreault
François Perreault Месяц назад
USA, please fix your country. Love, Everyone else.
Christina Nicholson
Christina Nicholson Месяц назад
If it doesn't have AA sponsor i wouldn't send my family to IT
Mason Minor
Mason Minor Месяц назад
I went to rehab in April of 2019 and when we went to the ranch to pet horses, a bunch of people got kicked out for having sex in the barn. Epic
Michael Warman
Michael Warman Месяц назад
I recently watched Bojack Horseman, and the Pastiches Centre really reminded me of this, a revolving door centre of sketchy practices not based in evidence, run by "Doctor Champ", who is not a Dr but is simply named "Doctor", and repeatedly stresses that he is not a therapist but a therapy horse held to no standards. It's excellently done.
DOB Liming
DOB Liming Месяц назад
Chao isn’t a sound, it’s bye in Spanish.
daisy's tea and friendship
daisy's tea and friendship Месяц назад
daisy's tea and friendship
daisy's tea and friendship Месяц назад
MCPunk55 Месяц назад
Strange... I tried to quit antidepressants - a legitimate drug to treat a chemical unbalance in the brain - and one day without them just made me feel like I was about to vomit my brain. So I'm not surprised she kept snorting cocaine like an anteater.
BabakoSen Месяц назад
This explains so much about Florida.
Dean B
Dean B Месяц назад
I've been to rehab twice. John is 100 percent right. I am the only one left alive of my group. It's about money. Not people.
Dynamite24 2 месяца назад
“Nothing is harder than keeping up an 8 minute call.” Are you kidding? My friend and I called up each other and stayed on the phone for 2 hours!
Peggy Trawick
Peggy Trawick 2 месяца назад
I have 2 kidneys
Felis Impurrator
Felis Impurrator 2 месяца назад
You could say those "sober homes" really like taking the piss.
Spaghetti 2 месяца назад
let's not overlook the fact that alcoholics are mandated to go to a program with religious undertones held in churches. Stating you are athiest is enough to fail.
Nonna_SoF 2 месяца назад
So, $73,000 for 30 days equals $2433.33 per night. Four Seasons is $400-$700 a night.
Bret Harley
Bret Harley 2 месяца назад
"And the tragedy is his son died... and remember the funny guy who hated horses? He died too..." gave me chills.
JRElevates 2 месяца назад
cliffside looks stoned
jeff wolf
jeff wolf 2 месяца назад
Life is never Beach if you quit doing drugs if you quit doing drugs it is the most horrifying thing ever.
Jared DePew
Jared DePew 2 месяца назад
Ty for these videos on addiction. One thing I want to add are these rehabs push the 12 step program so hard, as if its the only thing thatll work. I tried them and i cant get any help from them. So im on medicine that helps me. Been on it for two years and have held down my job without any issues. I get to save my money instead of blowing it on pills. I get to have a normal life again with my family. They instilled in my head that any type of medicine tthat i am on now, isnt ok and will furthur the prob. Couldnt be furthur from the truth. For such a complex issue, a one size fits all approach to helping ppl isnt realistic or helpful.
John Schultz
John Schultz 2 месяца назад
I remember seeing commercials for the Cliffside Malibu and passages and that douchebag saying "I'm cured"what a bunch of crap. It's all in marketing, pictures of the ocean drawing people into a trap.
Peggy Trawick
Peggy Trawick 2 месяца назад
Urine (is like gold)?
Peggy Trawick
Peggy Trawick 2 месяца назад
I love horses
Peggy Trawick
Peggy Trawick 2 месяца назад
Rehab’s from alcoholism and abuse of drugs
Kitsudōte 2 месяца назад
America: Everything wrong with capitalism... Why would you want that evil, evil socialism 🙄
FLdancer00 2 месяца назад
That Vice episode was pretty incredible. That guy was clearly on the coke the entire time.
Tatea 2 месяца назад
C 2 месяца назад
I see one of those Dr. specialists (Dr. O) you mentioned near the end. My Dr. internist has often suggested Dr. O changes his specialty very often and mostly likes money. My rheumatologist has the same view, quietly smiling while saying Dr. O's name. They have given me some of the other types of things my doctor has been into.... I keep going back because I'm addicted to the medicine he gives out. I've tried stopping and getting off the drug, which is outrageously expensive, but I quit going top him and taking the drug, and eventually go into withdrawal, and then go back to the doctor and his drug. Dr. O has told me, gently often, I may have to take it the rest of my life. I am so embarrassed and don't have the money and don't have the insurance, but I need to keep coping and this is the only way I know.
Nicole Bruh
Nicole Bruh 2 месяца назад
that last line of the first commercial didn’t even hit me as odd, and i just realized how desensitized i am to little program sayings and mantras, jesus christ
Yrr Gallerte
Yrr Gallerte 2 месяца назад
To watch John Oliver again I'd totally go to building
Lone Wild Dog
Lone Wild Dog 2 месяца назад
She's the clinical director of a rehab center and her last name is Fried? What happens if someone says they're feeling fried that day, she says "me too"? Did she take that job as a cover if someone under her cover gets their brain fried?
Atheistically Yours
Atheistically Yours 2 месяца назад
SHAME ON YOU JOHN! Addiction is NOT a "disease"! It is NOT "caught" like the damned Corona-fucking=-virus is! Advocates of the "disease" model of addiction are nothing more then idiots trying to justify "medical research" into what is CLEARLY A WILLFUL, KNOWING, AND VOLUNTARY BEHAVIOR! Please do better research next time!
Susanna Lain
Susanna Lain 6 дней назад
Oh, so you know better than science now?
SpawnRevenge92 2 месяца назад
Shut the fuck up, Christ.
Uber Huber
Uber Huber 2 месяца назад
"CLEARLY A WILLFUL, KNOWING AND VOLUNTARY BEHAVIOR" Eating sugary or fatty foods is also, why don't you attempt to discredit the medical researchers studying the diabetes they cause? Smoking is also, do you mean to imply that the Oncologist treating lung cancers or that the pharmaceutical scientist developing treatments for victims are justifying medical intervention unnecessarily? What do you say to the person who had dental issues and, due to their inability to afford proper medical care, had to take powerful pain Killers for months and months waiting until they could have teeth extracted or root Canales performed resulting in higher rates of opiate dependency (physical addiction)? Did you know that the brain has to grow additional cells to adapt to the enormous increase of dopamine and serotonin from a single dose of methamphetamine, or that the portions of the brain responsible for impulse control are rapidly shriveled in size physically and no longer function properly after using it? Without the "idiots trying to justify medical research" I wouldn't know things like that, would you? Addiction is a big problem and needs to be understood better, not just by ignorant people like you, but by professionals that actually want to help other human beings.
Alistair Blaire
Alistair Blaire 2 месяца назад
That's a serious bummer that the horse guy died.
Kevin Simmons
Kevin Simmons 3 месяца назад
John Oliver, you are the man! If you are addicted to opiates, bupe/suboxone saved my damn life. Of course you cant just take a pill and you are cured but its the step in the right direction. I wouldnt be clean off opiates (including suboxone) if it wasnt for that medication. You arent alone! If you are still using please stay safe and use harm reduction!
Mario Chamuty
Mario Chamuty 3 месяца назад
JO calling C3PO "C" instead of "3PO" was a major disappointment :/ :D
Antwan 3 месяца назад
Addiction is not a " disease" it's a choice. Ppl make money off it because ppl are stupid. If the addict wants to quit they will, forcing them to only results in a waste of time, money, and sympathy.
SpawnRevenge92 2 месяца назад
Shut the fuck up.
Kyle King
Kyle King 2 месяца назад
Addiction is a disease just like the people who bully people into commiting atrocities
Joel Davis
Joel Davis 3 месяца назад
What qualifies you as an expert?
The Man on The Moon
The Man on The Moon 3 месяца назад
Wait I thought John had a equine fetish? Or maybe he hates the horses because he’s in denial?
Tom Curl
Tom Curl 3 месяца назад
My mom’s been to rehab twice for alcohol and she still a notorious drunk I wish they could help her better
Peggy Trawick
Peggy Trawick 3 месяца назад
I love horses
Dillon Havins
Dillon Havins 3 месяца назад
6:48 Is that the horse from horsin' around? I heard he went to pastiches Malibu.
Ollie Plays Piano
Ollie Plays Piano 3 месяца назад
I went to a mental hospital a couple years ago. I went in because I had self harmed (no one was in there for drug use, I should add) and they made everyone take a urine test every day. I think I now might understand why. They also abused all the patients soooo
Siddharth Ganesh
Siddharth Ganesh 3 месяца назад
Ironically he hates horses and still wants to fuck one😂😂
James Thompson
James Thompson 3 месяца назад
bin in and out of rehab 4 times now still take suboxone everyday its not perfect but it is what it is i was a dope addict for 9 years live in Ohio close to Youngstown and i will say that peoples attitudes have changed a lot (they now realize that we need help that its beyond will power ) when i first started peoples answer was throw them in jail or why don't you just quit so that's a lot better is there still issues no doubt but its not all doom and gloom i think dr are really understaffed but to say that someone is cured after a few week vacation is ludicrous there no such thing bin clean for 6 years no dope(still subs) even had it in front of me (just remembered all the things it cost me not talking money and the people who never lost hope in me not many just a few but can't let them down) even with that said i still can't %100 say i won't ever fall to it again
Matt Jamison
Matt Jamison 3 месяца назад
5:51 The truth.
Yorda Lyn
Yorda Lyn 3 месяца назад
In the 80's: person addicted to crack= Thug, criminal, just say no. Now addicted to Oxy and heroin= It is an illness, they need help
Susanna Lain
Susanna Lain 6 дней назад
Well, they do.
jacknorg 3 месяца назад
Ghostly 3 месяца назад
cHaNcE 3 месяца назад
Is it bad that I am getting this recommend to me?
Flashbang83 3 месяца назад
Cured!? Those fools are insane considering Pix got arrested for drug possession. Plus what real addict has insurance or $50,000 for treatment. This is truly a way to milk insurance companies
Harley Quinn
Harley Quinn 3 месяца назад
0:07 I'm literally doing my makeup to go out to Dave and Buster's right now I'm....
MasSam3713 3 месяца назад
John Oliver; slams on horses this episode. Another episode; wants to f*** horses.
Mistynne D Strong
Mistynne D Strong 3 месяца назад
Least surprising thing I’ve ever’s all about blaming the victims and making money...
Just someone Else
Just someone Else 3 месяца назад
3:14 “Stop sending your loved ones to south Florida cause we’re sending them back in body bags.” That... aged... better... than it should’ve... much, much better than it should’ve... 3:23 WHY HAS THAT JOKE ALSO AGED HORRIBLY WHAT THE HECK OK THEN. JUST. WHY.
XVeganDaveGodFreeX 4 месяца назад
Te best way to start is never to start! #StraightEdge
Luca Tassiello
Luca Tassiello 4 месяца назад
The sunglasses guy is clearly Michael Scott undercover.
Kamiel Voets
Kamiel Voets 4 месяца назад
R. I. P Funny guy who hates horses 😔
Mike Shem
Mike Shem 4 месяца назад
Yeah that definitely sounds like horse shit! Lmfao
Timothy Mensik
Timothy Mensik 4 месяца назад
I agree with that statement on horses. They're useless, just a HUGE waste of money.
Rogue Guardian
Rogue Guardian 4 месяца назад
Florida sucks
Wecanhelp 4 месяца назад
Please look up a addiction doctor just like John Oliver said, there are some on youtube that use MAT (medically assisted treatment) for example Dr B. Recovery Channel and these are real professionals.
Wecanhelp 4 месяца назад
I know so many "professionals" aka a ex meth head or heroin junkie that got clean and got a counseling license that takes 2 months to get. Fucking joke, once they get clean all of a sudden they know all the answers to life especially the 12 steppers. Those are the worse 12 step meetings often have violence, theft, drug dealing, and basically cultism with "sponsors" aka strangers power tripping over your personal life, just a group of opinionated self absorbed assholes. You get a lot of wierdos and constant sexual harassment for women and men. Honestly Covid changed that so now all they can do is bitch and be clicky over Zoom and it's a lot less irritating now that all these scummy people stay at home.
Rpv92 4 месяца назад
John Oliver seems to have a complicated relationship with horses
MrJacobrabbit 4 месяца назад
I did that to my nephew got his nose didn't get it back until I went home.
Sri Draco
Sri Draco 4 месяца назад
South Florida's slogan regains relevance.
Ashley B. Ashley
Ashley B. Ashley 4 месяца назад
When he said “hoot-spital” I laughed soo hard.
harfang des neiges
harfang des neiges 4 месяца назад
For those who had a bad experience with rehab centers,class action suit!Sue the health department for turning a blind eye on this as THEY get their cut too in taxes paid!
MissyBee 4 месяца назад
I know everyone is different, but equine therapy is a HUGE reason why I'm free from addiction for over TWO AND A HALF YEARS now. I tried so many things, saw so many therapists, and I relapsed every time until I got into equine therapy. Animals are incredibly healing. It's not for everyone, but it was definitely for me. (:
Nora Nirvana
Nora Nirvana 4 месяца назад
Im gonna be really honest here. Im glad I didn't go to rehab when i got sober for alcohol (I'm 7 months sober). I did it alone with a little help from family and other recovered addict's. I also don't do well in rooms where i have to talk a lot
Antonio SCENDRATE GATTICO 4 месяца назад
This shit is proof that the "free market" is bunk. You have a ton of options now, good luck finding the one that isn't shit and won't milk you for the rest of your life.
seigeengine 4 месяца назад
@Antonio SCENDRATE GATTICO Once again, you're an idiot who has no idea what you're talking about. Using the market does not involve killing public healthcare.
Antonio SCENDRATE GATTICO 4 месяца назад
@seigeengine Oh really? Damn, I guess I must've dreamed the public healthcare system my nation has, and the devastating impact on it that defunding it in favor of private clinics in my region (which, incidentally, was the worst hit by covid) had.
seigeengine 4 месяца назад
@Antonio SCENDRATE GATTICO lol, and we've found a dumb extremist. Competent countries with public healthcare still use the market to optimize healthcare.
Antonio SCENDRATE GATTICO 4 месяца назад
@seigeengine No, the market shouldn't put its greasy fingers anywhere near certian things like healthcare. Leave it to tvs and similar shit, healthcare is a captive market. You can't choose not to have healthcare coverage.
seigeengine 4 месяца назад
lol, yep. The free market is great at only one thing: optimization. Novel discovery is best done via public funds, and proper regulation needs to exist to ensure the market is competing at certain things (like healthcare) with accountability.
Renia E Saddler
Renia E Saddler 4 месяца назад
America, where we worship the freedom to cheat and lie for profit. More freedom now!
Sreeram Rahul Jayasekar
Sreeram Rahul Jayasekar 4 месяца назад
who else's on a john oliver marathon this quarantine?
Mark Leech
Mark Leech 4 месяца назад
I completely support John Olivers opinion on Horses.
MJ Dan
MJ Dan 4 месяца назад
On the one hand I want John to become more famous so he can spread his message but on the other hand I am genuinely worried about his personal safety. Companies and peoples as described in his videos will make sure of deleting anything and anyone who is shedding light on this huge pile of bs.
Death_San Darkrender
Death_San Darkrender 4 месяца назад
MJ Dan
MJ Dan 4 месяца назад
So fucking messed up. The Earth deserves better than us, think about that. Hearing these stories is just heartbreaking. Wish this show is translated into every language and aired on a loop 24/7 instead of these junk tv shows
betunia98 4 месяца назад
Please everyone never try any recreational drugs the moment you try them once it's over just avoid all together if you can
TheHighNoonSaloon 4 месяца назад
Why do I make myself sad.
STYLE-T.V 4 месяца назад
It's to keep alcoholics off the street so they don't tarnish the image of the city ..its bad because a lot of people die there.
STYLE-T.V 4 месяца назад
Have you ever heard of a drunk house made by the government...look in Rochester Minnesota..
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