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As coronavirus spreads to the US, John Oliver discusses what’s being done to fight the illness, what’s gone wrong, and how to stay safe.
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Are you Serious
Are you Serious 8 часов назад
A few days left until December 2020😑🙃
Danger Beans
Danger Beans День назад
Jeez. It was just two weeks later that Covid became a worldwide pandemic.
xDJ Rockstar
xDJ Rockstar День назад
It's tough watching this now
Eddie Chung
Eddie Chung День назад
I can hear the masks as they laugh
Wesly Z
Wesly Z День назад
Half way through November and we only *MIGHT* start to combat it. Two vaccines, let the bidding war begin.
ilRegulator 2 дня назад
9:17 I think Trump watched that epsiode
Jamal Naraynasawmy
Jamal Naraynasawmy 2 дня назад
Covid 21
El Barto
El Barto 2 дня назад
I wonder if that young healthy looking Chinese doctor really died from the virus or if China stepped in.
Some One
Some One 3 дня назад
I miss hearing an audience John.
christopher lo
christopher lo 4 дня назад
Its unreal that this was 8 months ago
Seymour Tits
Seymour Tits 4 дня назад
Trump ruined America
Evangelia Ivi Ioannou
Evangelia Ivi Ioannou 4 дня назад
Who's rewatching ?
Rowena Rosse De Plata
Rowena Rosse De Plata 4 дня назад
(Not American) Your country's gone to shit. 200,000+ are dead, there are 11,000,000+ cases and that's not the thing people are super worried about.
Niki Bronson
Niki Bronson 4 дня назад
It's a week before Thanksgiving in 2020 and it's so weird watching this knowing what this year has been like and still wondering how the rest of this year's going to end since they say this is supposed to be the darkest winter in American history. Stay safe
Katie Krauss
Katie Krauss 4 дня назад
🍊: “iT WIlL dIE oUt IN aPRiL” Everyone in November: *nervous laughter*
Guinness 4 дня назад
As of the moment of writing a quarter million Americans have died. It's really strange to hear John say "You should be a bit worried" We had no idea what was awaiting us.
Chuckie Danylo
Chuckie Danylo 5 дней назад
Watching this in November made me realize how truly fuck we were from the very beginning.
A. Polaris
A. Polaris 5 дней назад
Who else is binging every Coronavirus episode consecutively and experiencing its progression because it's less depressing than watching the ones about Trump's post-electoral behavior?
Derby Harrington
Derby Harrington День назад
A G 5 дней назад is literally a wonderful page, check it out
Vivian Tristesse
Vivian Tristesse 5 дней назад
Andrew Farley
Andrew Farley 5 дней назад
Remember the good old days when there were only a few dozen cases and we were worried about packages having covid good times good times
Jay Greenberg
Jay Greenberg 6 дней назад
I forgot that people used to be in talk show audiences...
TeaToritoise 6 дней назад
Trump’s comments aged quite poorly... 🙃
TeaToritoise 5 дней назад
@eeveeritt15 truuuuuue
eeveeritt15 5 дней назад
now he's aging very quickly while living in denial
Ven H
Ven H 6 дней назад
Really tough looking back
5Oblivion 6 дней назад
8 months and 1 million global deaths later.
Anneke Sallis
Anneke Sallis 6 дней назад
Check out this video that breaks down the mask science even more
GPAngel 6 дней назад
9:30 oh the irony
Nalin Airheart
Nalin Airheart 6 дней назад
looks like I'm not alone in revisiting this to look back at how we got here. rip to the 247,101 in the US who have died this year and those that will soon meet the same end. we're now averaging around 150,000 confirmed cases each day in the US while gearing up for round 2 of panic buying and hospital crowding across the country.
Hajar 7 дней назад
Lol Adam Driver. It's over now.
Abe Javed
Abe Javed 7 дней назад
Watching this now has this harrowing feeling to it. John is talking about it like it's all-new. When he explained that it was called COVID-19 for the first time until now. The innocence in his voice is charming and soul breaking when you see where we are now
Adam Blyth
Adam Blyth 7 дней назад
It's november. Trump lost the election after letting it get to over 100000 cases per day and over 1000 dead per day.
Gracie Gebel
Gracie Gebel 7 дней назад
so young, so much hope
SureDust8187378 7 дней назад
If I were to tell everyone there that we would be riding the waves like a group of college kids on summer vacation they would have no clue what I’m saying but here we are
GIChiyo 8 дней назад
It's surreal coming back to this in November It get so much worse
Larissa Chai
Larissa Chai 8 дней назад
November - Where going on another wave and schools made kids guinea pigs
Isabelle Kulow
Isabelle Kulow 9 дней назад
Pretty accurate. 11/14/2020
Shadow Scout
Shadow Scout 9 дней назад
currently the most of the rest of the world is slightly okay us in America don't just have the biggest houses the biggest racists but also the biggest number of cases of corona. humanity... I hate you. also hey trump 9 months later we still have the virius guess who got it You atleast biden has won
Finn Baikie
Finn Baikie 10 дней назад
Currently 10.4 million cases in the US
no name
no name 9 дней назад
11 million
Tanator twtobi1
Tanator twtobi1 10 дней назад
It so scary to watch it right now...I don't know it feels so weird and scary that this got so much worse....
Brouwerij Het Snerpende Hertje
Brouwerij Het Snerpende Hertje 11 дней назад
Isn't it ironic how Trump actually did the thing that was described at 09:31?
J H 11 дней назад
Ryan Kimoto
Ryan Kimoto 11 дней назад
holy shit this felt like more than 8 months ago
Katie McGowan
Katie McGowan 11 дней назад
Trump, ignoring the advice actual experts in March, 2020: "Cases will go down", "Warm weather in April will kill the virus", "There is nothing to worry about" November, 2020: 10.5 million cases, 241k dead in the US Trump, still ignoring the advice from actual experts: "I did a beautiful job handling the virus." What an absolute asshole.
Emma Thomas
Emma Thomas 12 дней назад
MMm aging like milk left out of the fridge in summer
Chinese Virus
Chinese Virus 12 дней назад
China is virus itself
Danny Lieberwirth
Danny Lieberwirth 12 дней назад
watching this in november and its. kind of surreal
AJ F 12 дней назад
“You can’t just ignore real numbers and make up ones that you like better,” Pretty much sums up Donald Trumps presidency, including the election he recently LOST
Coco Papaya
Coco Papaya 12 дней назад
would you look at that...
FrankMcFuzz1 12 дней назад
1:38 This was funny before the President suggested it as his brilliant solution, and now it's VERY funny.
Paul Scheidel
Paul Scheidel 12 дней назад
“We’ve contained this. I won’t say air tight but close to air tight” RIP to the 240k people who have died so far
mimiette 13 дней назад
the intense aggression of john oliver concentrating on getting the right dance movements is too precious for this world.
nmkaspr Kasprowicz
nmkaspr Kasprowicz 13 дней назад
The last week before shutdown, even the guys in High School were washing their hands.
nmkaspr Kasprowicz
nmkaspr Kasprowicz 13 дней назад
It's honestly not at all surprising that no one in Iran trusts their politicians.
Nicola Mulholland
Nicola Mulholland 13 дней назад
Eh 9 mins in.....sound like anyone else??
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ 13 дней назад
This video aged very poorly.
Aceisurdeath archives
Aceisurdeath archives 13 дней назад
This video makes me feel like the coronavirus was the beginning of the end of trump's chances of getting re-elected. Which I say good
Isaiah Clayton
Isaiah Clayton 14 дней назад
Anyone watching in November?
Rebecca Karis
Rebecca Karis 14 дней назад
Let's be real we all searched up that guys TikTok
Thomas Dunne
Thomas Dunne 15 дней назад
This aged well
Nandini Singh
Nandini Singh 16 дней назад
This guy is amazing!
Ken Gibson
Ken Gibson 17 дней назад
Is it weird, that, 8 months later, I'm rewatching all of the coronavirus episodes of last week tonight, as it is more comforting than waiting for election results?
Daniella Fields
Daniella Fields 17 дней назад
Almost a year, cheers Oliver
Louis Penn
Louis Penn 18 дней назад
It's the Fifth of November and it seems that Emperor Tangerine is taking the big F for how poorly he dealt with the issue.
Al. J
Al. J 19 дней назад
Back here from 8 months in the future, 10 million infections in the US and only rising, 250k dead... this sucks
Gemourison 21 день назад
I dont know, what is worse - mistrust towards iranian parlament or Trump after getting corona and still not wearing or promoting masks
Reetuuw T
Reetuuw T 21 день назад
Trump really had a good comedic timing by appointing Pence to lead the corona virus team
That way gaming
That way gaming 21 день назад
watching this 2 days before election.
Sean O'Reilly
Sean O'Reilly 22 дня назад
Turns out this whole thing was a scam. We should have just let it go... we would end up the same place
Ilan Smolders
Ilan Smolders 13 дней назад
no it wasn't..piss off
SweetAsCookiePie 22 дня назад
Watching this after #45 got coronavirus and half the people thinking he was faking for publicity gives the bit about Iran a whole new slant
Nero Smoove
Nero Smoove 23 дня назад
9:20 is exactly what American has become smh
SK Bost
SK Bost 23 дня назад
Simon L
Simon L 24 дня назад did not die in april
Fikret Kayhan
Fikret Kayhan 24 дня назад
The bleach part, months later by Trump: inject bleach
Emma Close
Emma Close 25 дней назад
Well this hits different in late October 2020...
kilroy987 25 дней назад
GOP: We're in control and magical.
Ryan Zarmbinski
Ryan Zarmbinski 26 дней назад
I guess it wasn't quite as airtight as we originally thought...
Zachery Jequinto
Zachery Jequinto 26 дней назад
Thanks to Trump's amazing handling of the coronavirus we gave the most cases and deaths in the world.
Joan De arc
Joan De arc 27 дней назад
October 27th, 225,000 many lives lost to stubbornness and Idiocracy
Bryn Malone
Bryn Malone 27 дней назад
god it's so weird watching this in october
Ali Kalkandelen
Ali Kalkandelen 28 дней назад
So crazy that he said the first death came in yesterday and today its over 230 thousand deaths. -_-
Rafi 666
Rafi 666 28 дней назад
Well hello Third Wave. Nice to meet you. May you break the United States for good.
fghgl 28 дней назад
Famous moments taken before a disaster
Hasnain Ali
Hasnain Ali 28 дней назад
"Don't be racist." Yikesssss =/
Grace Mildebrandt
Grace Mildebrandt Месяц назад
Spoiler alert from October 2020: The US is the cool metal tube to die in
Kate Keiana
Kate Keiana 15 часов назад
*laughing turns in to crying*
Andrew Burton
Andrew Burton 15 дней назад
@DestroyerOfAglets especially if you live on the West coast.
DestroyerOfAglets 16 дней назад
"Cool" is debatable
Alber spga
Alber spga Месяц назад
Se acabaron los matemáticos en el mundo? El virus, sin parar el mundo, se hubiese llevado o nos hubiese llevado a 20 o 30 millones de personas... con lo que hicieron, sólo en los próximos 10 años, se llevará la parca, o nos llevará, a 1000 o 2000 millones, tiene sentido? O hay algo que nos ocultan...
Angela Gwen
Angela Gwen Месяц назад
It’s October 24, 2020. 220,000 Americans are dead. There’s no end in sight. Meanwhile, countries like New Zealand, Vietnam, and Cuba are barely dealing with it anymore
MaeBee Месяц назад
Decided to watch this to see how far we have come with COVID-19 and was genuinely startled by the sound of a live audience
Shane Garrett
Shane Garrett Месяц назад
17:48 . . . please ask you researchers to research legitimate antimicrobial properties of silver. Silver impregnated dressings are found in some U.S. hospitals to minimize risk of central line infections. Further, silver based topical treatments are common in burn wound management. Colloidal silver does have some medicinal benefits. Can it cure an active COVID-19 infection? I don't know. I'm not aware of any studies.
Dan Gartland
Dan Gartland Месяц назад
Nearly Halloween of 2020... No end to the virus is in sight. People are slowly forgetting the halcyon days of the before times. Fuck this year with a redwood tree.
Collin Griebling
Collin Griebling Месяц назад
Watched this to see how it aged. Seeing the jokiness of John in this episode coupled with the live audience laughter was actually pretty jarring.
Ryan Wojciechowski
Ryan Wojciechowski Месяц назад
7+ months later. The fears of a global pandemic were well founded. We’re at over 1,000,000 dead a full fifth of them in the US and a second wave is about to crash over all of us.
johann george
johann george Месяц назад
Third wave dude us had a horrible covid response biden 2020
Teudace Месяц назад
A bit
hoshikoto15 Месяц назад
The flu killed nearly 200,000 American in 1918! So uh we beat that number in the US...
Bryan Kerman
Bryan Kerman Месяц назад
Look at how innocent we all were back in March it's almost cute
Sreeram Rahul Jayasekar
Sreeram Rahul Jayasekar Месяц назад
I'm from the future and we're about to face the 2nd wave (3rd for the US) .....
Fred Lamarre
Fred Lamarre Месяц назад
“[the iranian people] think he’s lying. That he staged the whole thing up only to come out and say “it’s not that bad, don’t worry.”” 7 months later, Trump is tested positive and a lot of us wonder the same thing. Seems like the american people also have a high level of distrust towards their president...
Venator #5507
Venator #5507 Месяц назад
That part about the Iranian people mistrusting their government because they thought that dude was lying about having COVID? That's aged interestingly.
Mauricio Montoya
Mauricio Montoya Месяц назад
It's October and this feels so far in time...
Bob saget
Bob saget Месяц назад
I love what is written if you actually go to the werewolf solution website
Bob saget
Bob saget Месяц назад
The audience is horrible i can't believe they used to film it with an audience
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