Equal Rights Amendment: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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There’s still nothing in our constitution that explicitly prohibits sex discrimination. John Oliver talks about how to fix that.
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Amy Bickett
Amy Bickett 7 часов назад
I have never seen someone who hates Florida as much as me
Erin Sherman
Erin Sherman 2 дня назад
14:39 One of the few good things to come from 2020
Diane Jennifer Clarke
Diane Jennifer Clarke 3 дня назад
Cheeseontour 3 дня назад
I love that the subtitles translated schlafly into sloth lea 😂
Senna Taylor
Senna Taylor 4 дня назад
Be honest, when John said that 37 states had voted for the ERA, you knew that Florida was going to be one of the states that hadn't.
A G 6 дней назад
I would argue that the ERA is redundant because the 14th does clearly say everyone has equal protection, however, it should still be ratified because there is no real reason not to, and it would show the country that the country is for everyone.
My Name
My Name 6 дней назад
A British man yelling at the states
Hornswroggle 7 дней назад
Mississippi may not have been the one to finalize the ratifiaction of the ERA - but at least they sorted out their State Flag in the 2020 election.
Alexandra Shaw
Alexandra Shaw 8 дней назад
I like how this is a video about the Equal Rights Amendment and he makes a "your mom fucks pigs" joke.. like what lol kind of contradictive
Joaquin Augusto
Joaquin Augusto 4 дня назад
a joke about someone fucking a pig has nothing to do with equal rights lol
Rene Ferguson
Rene Ferguson 10 дней назад
hey mississippi finally changed their flag
Wade Wilson
Wade Wilson 11 дней назад
Congrats on Mississippi for changing flags, the new one is amazing!
ZWar101 11 дней назад
Stupid fucking Amy Comey Barret is an originalist of course.
Eh Paw Sha
Eh Paw Sha 11 дней назад
Mississippi actually change their flag on November 3, 2020. Right now, as im writing this it is nov 14 2020, so it feels chilly with how recent it is.
Collin Keyser
Collin Keyser 11 дней назад
How The Hell Did They Get Texas To Ratify That?
Collin Keyser
Collin Keyser 11 дней назад
Phyllis Schlafly Is Like A 1970's Karen.
tifforo1 12 дней назад
The whole thing never mentions the deadline that came with the amendment.
_*Ale*_ 13 дней назад
If you are interested in this there's a miniseries on the Era and Schlafley is played by Cate Blanchett, I recommend. It's called Mrs. America
Dani 16 дней назад
And Trump just proposed Coney Barrett the female version of Scalia as told by her peers...
Mara Frederick
Mara Frederick 16 дней назад
“It would destroy traditional male female roles” That that’s kind of the point where we’re not servant we are equals
Spurious Lathos
Spurious Lathos 13 дней назад
But then who's going to do my laundry?!?!?! Me? *ME?!?!* Are you fucking kidding me?!? Now I'm expected to take care of myself like some sort of functional adult?!?
because why not
because why not 20 дней назад
Hay guys did this get passed?
darkpepsi 20 дней назад
Who’s here after that Mississippi finally changed their state flag?
Strazdas 20 дней назад
Dr. Pat Spearman, we are not born with equality. equality is a right granted to us by being able to enforce the law. You have to be extremely stupid to think rights are somehiw magically created at birth. They are constructs we enforce.
Spurious Lathos
Spurious Lathos 13 дней назад
Obvious Troll is obvious.
Strazdas 20 дней назад
Violence against women act is sexist and would not be allowed under this law. It treats one gender exclusively when both recieve the same amount of abuse according to pew research.
Spurious Lathos
Spurious Lathos 13 дней назад
Obvious Troll is obvious.
Strazdas 20 дней назад
"Wives are not properties of their husbands", unless Fred was a muslim or any such religion that treats them as such.
Spurious Lathos
Spurious Lathos 13 дней назад
Obvious Troll is obvious.
Strazdas 20 дней назад
The claim about divorce case results are actually statistically true. If we treated them equally there would be a alot of angry mothers out there.
Spurious Lathos
Spurious Lathos 13 дней назад
Obvious Troll is obvious.
Strazdas 20 дней назад
Do we really need a constitutional amendment if other laws already guarantee the same rights? Then again i suppose its easier to change other laws so that may be a good idea anyway.
Spurious Lathos
Spurious Lathos 13 дней назад
Obvious Troll is obvious.
Vukirin 21 день назад
back here after Mississppi changed their state flag
Rose _10
Rose _10 Месяц назад
Oh no my friend is moving to Florida I have to stop her
Pengwing the Shriya
Pengwing the Shriya Месяц назад
Who’s here after watching Mrs.America!?
efkaservicegirl Месяц назад
Okay, I'm watching this in October of 2020 during the confirmation of Amy Barrett. Who clerked for Scalia. That bit has aged horrifyingly well in a very terrifying way.
Ooma HuntressProtectress
Ooma HuntressProtectress Месяц назад
making an amendment for that? i guess?s its fairly simple to do.. but?? its been called off, this time..,
Paula Röyskö
Paula Röyskö Месяц назад
Those 7,4 t. dislikes scare the hell outta me...
Merissa J
Merissa J Месяц назад
The West Wing does a good bit against the ERA as redundant.
Michael Месяц назад
Probably the worst thing to ever happen in human history, right up there with the holocaust
Ilan Smolders
Ilan Smolders 8 дней назад
what is
Idiot Savant
Idiot Savant Месяц назад
Woohoo, let's go virginia. We're going down in history!!
Josephine Dark
Josephine Dark Месяц назад
How does it feel to pay forced taxes to a corp? United States Congress and senate even supreme court ARE CORPORATIONS!!! ALL GOV STATE AND FED ARE INCORPORATED!! LOOK IT UP! Dnb. Com. dun and bradstreet does all credit scores for us companies! Go to menu, choose DUNNS NUMBER lookup, select other company, put in United States and choose district of Columbia as state.. And search!! Or you can search your state or city govs!! Our gov has been stolen just like our country!! This corona crap is a lie!!! World economic forum!! Agenda 21!!!stop being lazy! Look it up!
Keaton Hanson
Keaton Hanson Месяц назад
11:11 that hits differently now
Infinite Things
Infinite Things Месяц назад
Chocolate cake recipe i'm spreading around youtube because i'm bored Copy/Paste #6 1.) Whisk following together in a bowl: 2 Tablespoons of flour 3 Tablespoons of sugar 1/4 tsp of salt 1/4 tsp of baking powder 2 T of cocoa powder 2) Mix following together in microwave safe bowl: 2 T of chocolate chips 2 T of milk 2 T of butter Microwave for 60s or until chips melt 3) Pour Step 1 bowl into Step 2 bowl (That’s if you’ll eat it out of that bowl. If you want it on a plate, grease a microwave safe bowl and combine 1&2 in that bowl) 4) Add 1 egg yolk 5) Microwave for 1 minute 6) Take out bowl and let cool 7) Add a scoop of ice cream (optional)
Mohamoud Ahmed
Mohamoud Ahmed Месяц назад
Its Virginia!
David Taylor
David Taylor Месяц назад
Quick Google search: in February 2020 (before the Bitchslapping of the Year) the House reportedly voted to eliminate the deadline to ratify the ERA. So it's possible someone is just watching the amendment and going: Any day now, any day now. It shall pass _Any day now, any day now_ _I shall be released_
rey benes misasi
rey benes misasi Месяц назад
Ah, Phyllis Schflay. God I hate that woman sheesh.
Lilli Mango
Lilli Mango Месяц назад
to be fair: if women and men were born equal... why do men lead in the statistics for cardiovascular impairment and women lead in the statistics of people giving birth?..... I like the english differentiation between equity and equality...people are not the same, and to ballance out the differences to give them equal chances is why we need rules to begin with.....
OuTSMoKE Месяц назад
That dead judges joke didn't age well... :|
MCPunk55 Месяц назад
Hm... no, I'll be skipping this one... two many things will abhorrent, sexist and right down hypocritical and frankly, I don't want to get angry at anyone right now... I'll simply say this: If Feminism was about equality, it wouldn't be called Feminism, it would be called Egalitarianism, which is a far older concept that Feminism opposes with teeth and claws.
MCPunk55 Месяц назад
@SinisterPony "Step on him, he's a mere man." official Feminist slogan. The opposition they faced was Egalitarian, not mysoginy.
SinisterPony Месяц назад
they only had to resort to those tactics because of the large amount of opposition they face in achieving that equality. only idiots think that ratifying the ERA is somehow sexist and is agaisnt men. also way to represent a centuries old movement by a few bad apples (which every group has)... real fucking charitable of you.
TheL1oness Месяц назад
These age so well approaching the election. Like fine skim milk, in fact. Scalia's appreciate was just nominated for SCOTUS
Trish Una
Trish Una Месяц назад
*Ratatouille would like to know your location*
Tabbichu Месяц назад
Watching these now makes me sad that nothing changed...
TheHighNoonSaloon Месяц назад
I had once made a comment here about how Wcdonalds had been taken And google deleted it Anti-weeb discrimination these days :P
Emily Ellsworth
Emily Ellsworth Месяц назад
Going back to watch old videos is so strange because I'm so used to the silent white void now. Like.. hearing the audience is unsettling
Kyla Szemplinski
Kyla Szemplinski Месяц назад
Who else agrees JK Rowling might have based Dolores Umbitch on Phyllis Schlafly? Hell, Phyllis even dresses like Umbitch.
L. David Roberts
L. David Roberts 2 месяца назад
E.R.A. would strip away advantages and privileges from women. How are Republicans not all over this?
Noctis Frost
Noctis Frost 2 месяца назад
It takes both Hawaiians and Puerto Ricans 12 hours to roast a pig, but its definitely worth it especially with drinks.
vivek pillay
vivek pillay 2 месяца назад
ERA will be equally beneficial to men
Windy 2 месяца назад
0:25 Anime studios are sweating 👀
Kayla Spence
Kayla Spence 2 месяца назад
It didn't pass guys all the way guys....... :(
Michael 2 месяца назад
Probably one of the worst things to happen in human history
Michael Hourigan
Michael Hourigan 2 месяца назад
Hey at least Mississippi changed there flag
Capt Dna Donut
Capt Dna Donut 2 месяца назад
Good job Virginia 🥳. Took longer than it should have but good job.
Kunanjaada 2 месяца назад
Who's here after Mississippi changed it's flag?
Ricardo Fabila
Ricardo Fabila 2 месяца назад
3:00 why did you thought of "men" as "that other sex"?? are implying there are only two sexes, john? I am triggered. Cancel LWT, cancel HBO, cancel the US!!!!! - extreme stupid liberal
Ricardo Fabila
Ricardo Fabila 2 месяца назад
@Lil Sloth I've heard some crazy shit. iI am quite libreal, but some extremist are just to much.
Lil Sloth
Lil Sloth 2 месяца назад
Ricardo Fabila no one acts like that. You’re twisting your own panties
Collin McLean
Collin McLean 2 месяца назад
Who's here after Mississippi's new flag announcement?
Joey Gonzalez
Joey Gonzalez 2 месяца назад
I wish he would do a follow up new 2020
C C 2 месяца назад
Phyllis is like the slaves who fought to be slaves....
judacia 2 месяца назад
Anand Kulkarni
Anand Kulkarni 2 месяца назад
The most renowned Arizona will be, in the future, is their university was honored to have Noam Chomsky as a professor!
Sue Alexander
Sue Alexander 2 месяца назад
Smartacles Llama
Smartacles Llama 2 месяца назад
Bro it’s hella weird to hear people in the audience
Zachary Hare
Zachary Hare 2 месяца назад
Dale Hartley
Dale Hartley 2 месяца назад
It should be a basic quality of any society. It is shocking a nation priding itself on a constitution declaring the all men are born equal lacks such a fundamental distinction. But “should” is not the best reason to do this. Raising those not born to privilege to possess the same access, opportunity, freedom and protection under the law empowers them to participate as full citizens; with all the responsibility and benefits of ownership. It empowers societies to benefit from their brilliance and effort that would otherwise be denied by the enslavement of bias, violence, poverty and fear. It is the greatest tragedy of any society that any of their citizens are treated with inequity. We deny our own selves by denying others those privileges we inherit by chance of birth and force of arms. There is always a cost to oppression. But the cost extends beyond the need to press the boot upon the neck of the oppressed, it denies us their willing strength, and it denies their compassion when our turn comes. It is a self defeating maliciousness.
Arcanine-Espeon 2 месяца назад
Wtf how did I forget to like this last year?
Arcanine-Espeon 2 месяца назад
Whoa, whoa, wait a second...at the risk of sounding really dumb, John is saying June 4 2019 was the 100th anniversary of the 19th amendment, so why have people been talking so much about the 100th anniversary just this August?
Elisha ND
Elisha ND 2 месяца назад
Who hoo. The ERA passed this year!
BrokeredHeart 2 месяца назад
Came back to watch this after watching Mrs. America. That show was a great in giving historical background to the pro and stop ERA movements of the 1970s, and really illustrates the imperfect arguments being made by either side. It's a really good show with fantastic acting. Highly recommend it to anyone reading this.
John Moldoch
John Moldoch 2 месяца назад
Just how depraved was Phyllis Shaffley's love life? Never mind. Don't want to know.
Attidude Diaries
Attidude Diaries 2 месяца назад
What happened on Sept 13 1992? I didn't catch that bit
Robodestroyer360 3 месяца назад
When those girls said I'm tired of living here I just sat here like bruh same Missiouri's fuqed!
Miguel Sanchez
Miguel Sanchez 3 месяца назад
14:46 *THEY FINALLY REMOVED IT! THANK GOD!!!* thats like in germany, Berlin still hung out FUCKING NAZI CROSSES because "oh yeah 'history' and... uh such?'
Miguel Sanchez
Miguel Sanchez 3 месяца назад
Why Hawaii was that fast: "want to sign this?" "eh sure, got time, pig is still roasting..."
Giovanni Lloret Sorribas
Giovanni Lloret Sorribas 2 месяца назад
Hawaii did the equivalent of writing "First!" in a RUposts comment
Miguel Sanchez
Miguel Sanchez 3 месяца назад
Between 0:53 and 0:54 somewhere a McDonalds *Lawyer* picked up the phone and put it down again!! XDD "... next time..."
LordPhoenix140 3 месяца назад
Arkansas, the state that's so stupid it would forget it's name of it wasn't written on it's flag.
Illusion Cubes
Illusion Cubes 3 месяца назад
14:40 bet he's happy to know that the Mississippi flag is being changed
j y
j y 3 месяца назад
it's good to see this clip before watching “Mrs. America” on Netflix... good show despite uncomfortable moments listening to Phyllis Schlafly spew out misogynistic remarks without irony 😒
Spoonhouse Inc.
Spoonhouse Inc. 3 месяца назад
Mississippian here. We just took down our flag and are going to vote on a new one☺️. Are you proud of us, John? We finally did it!
Cioda 3 месяца назад
Yeah you did. But you didnt do it by actual choice. You were shamed into doing it. Which kind of cheapens the whole thing, doesnt it?
Kunanjaada 3 месяца назад
RIP Kirk Douglas
animeXcaso 3 месяца назад
3:01 People who ejaculate
MrBibi86 3 месяца назад
*Blame religion for inequality*
Uthman Baksh
Uthman Baksh 3 месяца назад
I guess one good thing that happened in this poop storm called 2020 is that Virginia ratified the ERA so it is one step closer to being law!
Mark Smith
Mark Smith 3 месяца назад
Hooters discriminates between cup sizes. No mosquito bites getting a job there.
Marvelous Meh
Marvelous Meh 3 месяца назад
Phyllis, is treated as a hero by the Right. Not surprising. I mean, they think Trump is a great President. XD
Glorified Truth
Glorified Truth 3 месяца назад
Way to jinx Kirk Doughlas.
dcamron46 4 месяца назад
Missippi actually removed their state flag on June 30th 2020. wow
Scie 4 месяца назад
Mississippi’s flag will now not have the confederate flag on it
Nut Suphanat
Nut Suphanat 4 месяца назад
RIP Kirk Douglas
Pamela Porter
Pamela Porter 4 месяца назад
Phyllis Schlafly. Gawd. A member of the original conspiracy group. 😑
Carter Reid
Carter Reid 4 месяца назад
Trump guaranteed wants to get rid of these laws
Brendan Maher
Brendan Maher 4 месяца назад
Yeah florida is great to the tourists
Markus Ortiz
Markus Ortiz 4 месяца назад
Keeping suggesting for the update and at come soon. So Oliver, get with it sir!!!
FrankyBabes 4 месяца назад
I'm here because I am two episodes into Mrs America
Kaitlin Keller
Kaitlin Keller 4 месяца назад
Would love for you to do an update on this story!
Nai Hwong
Nai Hwong 4 месяца назад
John pronounced it Arkansas but the flag in the back says Arkansas.
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