Workplace Sexual Harassment: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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2 года назад

With a national dialogue underway about sexual harassment in the workplace, John Oliver sits down with Anita Hill to discuss the recent response to a not-so-recent problem.
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erika flores
erika flores 3 дня назад
John: "He just left without washing his hands" 2020 has entered the chat
Edgar Davenport
Edgar Davenport 4 дня назад
The 10K dislikes are from people that didn't like the recent Ghostbusters movie
Sherman Culbertson
Sherman Culbertson 5 дней назад
Tucker Carlson has destroyed himself.
Xenos Breed
Xenos Breed 5 дней назад
I don't understand the 'false accusation' or the 'women can claim anything anytime' argument. Rapists rarely go to court and even rarer do they go to jail. Trump got elected president after 2 dozen credible accusers came forward, Kavenaugh got put on the Supreme Court after acting like a child, Louis C.K. still does stand up after admitting he sexually harassed women. It took a ton of women and Cosby to out himself to actually get Cosby. The system isn't in favor of women and if you didn't know that you're part of the problem.
vonkäuen Theforbidden
vonkäuen Theforbidden 5 дней назад
Oh this is ridiculous. Of course intent matters. If a guy hugs you, and he was just showing affection, and had no intent to harass you, that is not the same as a guy creepily holding you for like a minute and a half, groping you. That's just ridiculous. Just because it made you feel uncomfortable doesn't make it a crime. What should happen in the first case is that you should simply communicate the fact that the hug made you feel uncomfortable. And then he apologizes and doesn't do it again. The second case, the guy clearly is intending to grope and harass you. This is one of the things that really irritates me about the way women view things. I say women, because I've noticed this only among women. Never men. I remember i had a chick go to HR and say that some drawings i were doing were mocking her. They were drawings of little cartoon animals. None of them had a name on them or anything. She tried to say that one of them, with this symbol for anger, was her initials. I was dragged into HR and interrogated over that. Under the whole "intent doesn't matter" BS standard, her feelings would have made it so those drawings, even though clearly not intended to offend anyone, would be treated the same as if i had directly insulted her, which would have gotten me in some kind of trouble. That's BS. And thankfully HR saw it that way too. This is why I can't stand feminists. I get the need to address sexual harassment and the mistreatment of women, but in large part, the solutions are anti-male and prioritize women's feelings over any kind of fairness. They prioritize accusations over evidence. If a woman accuses a man, that's good enough for them.
Sam Mckeen
Sam Mckeen День назад
@vonkäuen Theforbidden I think doing something creepy to a female coworker and having no regard for how she may feel seems pretty negligent to me.
The Viewer
The Viewer День назад
I had a guy pull me into a hug and sniff my hair. According to him he was just curious what hair products I use cause I was the only girl in our year that left my hair naturally curly and my hair does actually have a distinctive smell cause of what I put in it. He said there was no malice behind his actions. It made me feel sick, was it wrong for me to feel that way or is his intent more important than the genuine disgust and discomfort I felt?
vonkäuen Theforbidden
vonkäuen Theforbidden 3 дня назад
@Sam Mckeen true, but that requires some level of negligence or wrongdoing to start.
Sam Mckeen
Sam Mckeen 4 дня назад
Well, manslaughterers are still at fault for killing someone even if they didn't intend to. If something awful happens, even if you didn't intend to do it, it's still bad.
amy joy
amy joy 6 дней назад
that is one hell of a lady. and more men like you, john oliver, in the workplace...who are brought to the verge of tears by the memory of not standing up to a creep...that gives me hope.
Monnie Bunce
Monnie Bunce 6 дней назад
John Oliver seems to be an extremely decent human being. He's empathetic, modest, endlessly curious & genuine.
Tony Skeptical
Tony Skeptical 6 дней назад
"Should men be scared" "Not if you aren't harassing someone" You're missing the point. Those men are Scared of false allegations, at least men like me are scared of false allegations mainly because I've been falsely accused and was treated like I had raped someone when I didn't and there was no proof/Evidence of that. It was my word against hers and in a world where "Male Privilege" is Paraded around as being real she certainly had a lot of Privilege telling me where my life was going. She certainly had a lot of Privilege ruining my life, and a few years later when I ran back into her in Public had the nerve to Say "Well I didn't tell them that you did that to me" Even though the whole reason I was in that mess to begin with was because of her. People do this all the time, this Potent most Destructive technique called "Lying" that can mess up peoples lives. And while I'm not going to become an Incel because I believe on the individual not the Mass or Sins of the Father there is a underlying problem that most people overlook and will continue to do so unless things change. Incels are A black sheep in our modern world and while their behavior is Quite toxic and very Dangerous in some cases why do you think they ended up that way? Most incels become like that because they don't feel welcomed in a world that caters to Women as a Whole. Like my sister can call me an Incel simply because I don't bow down to every opinion she has on certain happenings in the world and for What? Because I think Feminism as a Whole isn't Needed in a Society that Caters to women? That other than a few individual cases a lot the world is very much Feminist and hold egalitarian Ideologies? Feminism isn't needed what is Need is Egalitarianism. The fight for Everybody, whites blacks, gays straights trans and cis why should it only be limited to Black people or Women or gay people? Injustice is injustice no matter who it's against. Simply the fact that #KillAllMen can be hastaged and trending on Twitter proves that Men in this country and around the world are treated as second class citizens. Even though we are the ones who Support 90% of society, die faster and from more dangerous jobs have higher suicide rates and When we fight for custody we don't even win even though our house might be more stable that the Mothers. How are we Privileged? We take all this shit to the face but some asshole who Is drunk says you have a fat ass walking down the street and suddenly it's the end of the world? Again. Everybody should be treated equally no person should have more Privilege than another Tom shouldn't be treated better or worse than Sarah. Jimbob shouldn't be treated better or worse than Deyvon (fuck off I'm black I can make that joke) And Steve who likes to go to the Gay strip club down the block shouldn't be less or more than Jim who has a wife and 2 kids. Judge everybody based on them, not based on how they look. People love to quote Dr Martin Luther King Jr but do they actually know what he was about? Do they actually know what the words meant when he said that he hopes his children can be judged by their character not by their skin. That wasn't just meant for Black people that was meant for everybody. Until he or she proves otherwise a white man or A Asian man or a gay Or trans person is no better or Worse than me.
Riyad Yusuf Harun
Riyad Yusuf Harun 7 дней назад
I actually met my wife at work, but I completely agree that work is for work and no one should be subjected to any form of harassment. I think the issue is that my wife and I developed a working relationship of respect and trust, rather than me approaching her in a cheap and revolting manner. Our marriage grew from our respectful interaction, the problem to me seems like the people committing the acts of harassment are doing so to sate their own personal demands and the other person is simply a representation of their need. In other words, someone like Louis C.K. isn't interested in respecting a woman or building a relationship, he's just interested in fulfilling his sexual fantasies at someone else's expense. Some women are into it, but if you have to lure them to a room and trap them, it's probably not consensual... Just saying.
J Leone
J Leone 8 дней назад
Anita Hill for president! Such a graceful well-spoken woman. I want to be like her when I grow up. What a great role model. Unlike whats in the Whitehouse now.
Rose Hannaquist
Rose Hannaquist 9 дней назад
I wonder if people come out of interviews with John Oliver thinking "damn, that was the most depressing interviewer I've ever had."
Andrew Farley
Andrew Farley 10 дней назад
The not washing his hands might be the biggest complaint with that video in 2020
Skayda Lee
Skayda Lee 10 дней назад
I left my last job because of sexual harassment. It’s a privately-owned and run assisted living facility, (a husband and wife turned their six bedroom house into a home for elderly), so there was no HR. My bosses were the husband and wife owners and the husband was the issue. It started out vaguely enough so that I didn’t think anything of it; compliments on my work ethic, the on my hair, makeup but after a few years it became making excuses to stay and “help” set up for the day or other things I’d been doing on my own for years, asking for hugs, which I’m normally fine with I don’t mind hugging when appropriate, (this was before COVID obviously), “accidental” touching while walking by, etc. The last straw was when I kept getting comments regarding my butt and legs and the guy kept saying he missed my cute butt when it was my days off, (I was still treating it like a joke and trying to laugh it off but also telling him it’s inappropriate), and then he groped my breast walking past me in the hallway one day and tried to play it off as an accident which we both know it wasn’t. I quit that same day. The only things I’ll miss there are the residents and their little dogs. I left the only other employee they had there confused as to what happened and why I was leaving so fast. I told her about it and she seemed shocked. She told me it’s never happened to her, which is weird since she’s gorgeous and could be a model if she wanted, but she said he’d never been inappropriate at all towards her in the seven years she’d been working there. Just me as the “lucky” one, huh? That was the second time I’ve dealt with workplace sexual harassment, the first time I was in my 20s working at a similar type of place, private owned elderly home, and I did 24 hour shifts alongside an male cna who would make inappropriate sexual comments towards me all the time. I now have a great job working for a home care agency that allows me to work when and where I want and pays several times more than my last job and there’s no harassment at all.
Philippe Racicot
Philippe Racicot 11 дней назад
21:20 : I do not agree with her, intent always matter in this case because it more complicted than someone hit by a car
Aspiring Creator
Aspiring Creator День назад
@The Viewer That is incredibly disgusting and wrong on so many levels.
The Viewer
The Viewer День назад
I had a guy pull me into a hug and sniff my hair. According to him he was just curious what hair products I use cause I was the only girl in our year that left my hair naturally curly and my hair does actually have a distinctive smell cause of what I put in it. He said there was no malice behind his actions. It made me feel sick, was it wrong for me to feel that way or is his intent more important than the genuine disgust and discomfort I felt?
Zuma Zuma
Zuma Zuma 7 дней назад
The things is, most harrassers don't intend to harm the person. They don't give a fuck about the other person: they only care about their own gratification, and some of them honestly think that what they're doing is not a big deal, that it doesn't bring any real damage. "So I rubbed her knee: no harm done. I didn't rape her or anything". That's why intent doesn't matter much.
Aspiring Creator
Aspiring Creator 9 дней назад
The thing is, that's not the point being made. Obviously situations like sexual harassment are more complicated than getting hit by a car, that's not the point being made. What's being said here is that intent doesn't matter in this situation because harm was done. It doesn't matter if for instance let's say you hugged someone just because that's your way of showing affection. If you made someone feel EXTREMELY uncomfortable with that hug, you still made someone feel uncomfortable and if that behavior repeats then you're especially at fault and need to alter the behavior which is very much like if someone is hit by a car and the driver tries to go on about intention basically to avoid helping to pay someone's insurance. It doesn't matter, the damage is done.
Arcanine-Espeon 13 дней назад
Many times over the last so many months, I have been trying to remember Anita Hill's name (She was an important figure before I was born). I had a clear picture of her in my mind and what she was known for, but her name wasn't coming. Today I saw this video in a recommended list and thought "I might as well watch it again so I can at least remember her name." Then, just as I clicked this video, I heard in my head, in John's voice, "Anita Hill." Thanks, memory. What would I do without you.
Anthony Boone
Anthony Boone 13 дней назад
Wait, was that Joe Biden at the hearing?
agdamag agdamag
agdamag agdamag 13 дней назад
Lol, I come from the future: Tucker Carlson just got accused of sexual misconduct. Explains a lot of his tone in that clip.
FrancisOf TheFilth
FrancisOf TheFilth 13 дней назад
I'm so confused. Im a mechanic and work with women. Not many but enough. I never once worried that I was going to get in trouble. I'm there to do my job and go home. If I wanna get a girl ill go out to a club or use a dating app. Get the job done and go home. My dick shuts off when I walk through that door
Eeel Fautque
Eeel Fautque 14 дней назад
"HR exist to protect the company from liability" Former HR admin here. It's 101% TRUE.
John wick
John wick 14 дней назад
It's all true. But women falsely accusing men is not a rare case there are many of them.
Zuma Zuma
Zuma Zuma 7 дней назад
It's about as often as other false accusations. So as long as you're not worried that your colleagues accuse you of stealing, there's no reason to worry about being accused of sexual harrassment
Jack Noble
Jack Noble 14 дней назад
John Oliver seems to be an extremely decent human being. He's empathetic, modest, endlessly curious & genuine.
Twigy Bransch
Twigy Bransch 16 дней назад
Rukia BlackBlazer
Rukia BlackBlazer 17 дней назад
*Healthy at peace BLACK DON'T CRACK.!* Yes, big sis, lead the way.🤜🏼🤛🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿🌬🔥
Dean Troy
Dean Troy 19 дней назад
“Should they be terrified of this conversation?” “Well not if they’re not harassers.” Perfect
Ked Taczynski
Ked Taczynski День назад
@The Viewer Evidence? Plus, concern doesnt just arise from the frequency of the allegation, it also arises from the severity. Being falsely accused of sexual assault is far more harmful to your life, career, and relationships, than being galsely accused of stealing your coworker's sandwich. But again, unless you can produce evidence that false claims of theft are more likely, you're wrong on two counts.
The Viewer
The Viewer День назад
@Ked Taczynski False sexual allegations are lower in rate than being accused of workplace stealing. Are you constantly concerned you'll be accused of stealing at your workplace?
Ked Taczynski
Ked Taczynski 7 дней назад
@Zuma Zuma Because unlike stealing, kicking dogs, fraud, and black face, false sexual assault allegations are common. So common, in fact, that in that very dommon, youve essentially implied that Ive committed sexual assault.
Zuma Zuma
Zuma Zuma 7 дней назад
@Ked Taczynski why? Are you scared of being accused of stealing? Kicking dogs? Fraud? Blackface? No, right? Cause you haven't done any of that. Why are you scared of sexual harrassment accusations? Fo you know deep down that you've done something wrong in the past?
Ked Taczynski
Ked Taczynski 13 дней назад
Complete bullshit. There sre plenty of people who arent harassers who have a legitimate fear of metoo cancel culture.
Jayson Burke
Jayson Burke 19 дней назад
This genuinely made me tear up. When John asked "It's kind of sad that that's not an instinctive reaction, isn't it?" he sounded so sincere and empathetic. Like you could see the hurt he could feel for his actions or lack there of. Even leading up to it she gave him the answer and it was so obvious to just ask someone how they're doing that he was nodding at how obvious it was. That really resonated with me. Some people just don't know. A lot of people I think are good people but genuinely don't know what to do for others. I really do hope this video helps people learn. But most importantly I really do hope they can empathize with real situations women have gone through.
Jonpluke Hughes
Jonpluke Hughes 19 дней назад
The rules aren't difficult, don't invade someone else's personal space
Rose Fahmida
Rose Fahmida 20 дней назад
John: "He just left without washing his hands" 2020 has entered the chat
QA QA 20 дней назад
Anita Hill is the most poised, elegant lady I have ever seen interviewed. I have the greatest respect for her.
Joe H.S
Joe H.S 20 дней назад
15:45 Hey it’s Joe Biden
ShadeDragon 21 день назад
8:45 This is a really important part here. With a lot of crimes nowadays (specifically Harassment, Rape, and Racist/Sexist/Homophobic behavior) due process is basically dead. It goes from Accusation to Public Action before trial. We’ve forgotten innocent until proven guilty. We shouldn’t punish either party (the accused or the accuser) before a trial. No-one should be fired, publicly shamed, or kicked out of college before the trial and it should be illegal to do so (as far as the firing or being kicked out of a college).
ShadeDragon 7 дней назад
@Zuma Zuma So you’re saying that people should be allowed to falsely accuse other people of crimes without punishment? If you’re only saying that we shouldn’t punish accusers if the accused is guilty, well that’s pretty fucking obvious. If not, then you’re just wrong.
Zuma Zuma
Zuma Zuma 7 дней назад
We shouldn't punish the accuser at all.
phoebe armstrong
phoebe armstrong 21 день назад
I was harassed at several jobs. From being grabbed and his hand going between my legs to coming up behind me when I was busy and grabbing both breasts with both hands. Now I'm sorry its not rocket science you know damn good and well that is sexual harassment. Keep your hands to yourself and your improper comments to yourself. Easy to do. Do you want some perverted piece of shit fondling your wife or daughter or sister. If you dont care then get some help.
phoebe armstrong
phoebe armstrong 21 день назад
These behaviors start in childhood. Teach your sons to respect women and teach them to like women .
Rae Shields
Rae Shields 24 дня назад
play this at a low volume behind any vid including this one instantly better
abcd 25 дней назад
Especially after the Brett Kavanaugh hearing, I wholeheartedly agree with the sentiment that Orrin Hatch can "go fuck himself"
Nik Satt
Nik Satt 26 дней назад
Popular vote doesn't count you idiots ELECTORAL COLLEGE
Evelyn Okay
Evelyn Okay 26 дней назад
Yeah, but there will always be women who want to sleep their way to the top and flirting is an easy way to get what you want from certain men. Even if their relationship is 100% consensual, it's still normalizing sex as a bargaining chip. Then, we're supposed to expect these same men to reject her advances and report her for misconduct? Or do the other women in the office need to slutt shame her until she stops?
Guska Blanco
Guska Blanco 26 дней назад
I feel like the fact that women now can speak out is good. I also feel the increased weight of a woman's allegation against a colleague is going to be used as a weapon by unscrupulous women to advance in their company or unseat men that they have disagreements with or just plain dont like
noneofmynameswork1 Месяц назад
Was this before or after Kavanugh hearings?
Dimmerdome Pinhead
Dimmerdome Pinhead Месяц назад
Workplace sexual poggers
Fiona _
Fiona _ Месяц назад
As a customer service worker, harassment is EVERYWHERE!!! Almost every time I work there will be at least one man that comes up and says something gross or even will TOUCH ME!!! One time I was stocking the bottom shelf and was on my knees and a man that had to have been at least 60 came up and said "Finally got you girls on their knees!" And then bent down and put his hand on my back. I couldn't yell at him like I wanted to because I could've gotten fired, so I just awkwardly laughed and walked away. This shit needs to stop.
Jess Месяц назад
that cut to matt lauer in the bill o’reilly interview punches me in the gut every time
Bamse Bamse
Bamse Bamse Месяц назад
Such a gracious and intelligent woman.
Max Boyden
Max Boyden Месяц назад
It’s not that hard to know when you’re allowed to compliment a female coworker. It’s fine to say “I like the haircut” or saying “you look nice today.” Saying “eheheh your titties look extra bouncy, Sharon.” Unfortunately, I didn’t make up that last example.
Nad Senoj
Nad Senoj Месяц назад
Wow. I had a stark reality crash down in me a few years ago. My partner and I had a little disagreement about this. She organised a sit down, with most of the women I consider myself close too. And each of them addressed the question. "Have you been sexually assaulted." It shattered me. Horrendously. Since then, I have had plenty of input, from women in my life, from that point and people that came into my life since. Anita, is a saint. I asked those friends if mine for information. Information about who, and when, and even why!? What kind of arsehat asks WHY!? Not one of them would tell me anything more. How do you do it? That rage I felt, has stayed with me. Cold and ever present. I know it's not right to even say this. But if I ever find out, that thus happens to my chosen family. I will make that prep, wish for the sweet embrace of death, with their entire being. They will beg me to end it. And they will fail.
Monica Blanchard
Monica Blanchard Месяц назад
I know people out west. I've worked in politics out here. I'm from fucking Florida. I might be able to help
Christina Nicholson
Christina Nicholson Месяц назад
The best way to change the culture Picture them all naked! Doesn't that make you feel better... They don't even have to know In your mind You get too violate anyone Oh the things that Master John Oliver has made me DO 😻
Christina Nicholson
Christina Nicholson Месяц назад
i told them all too man up To stop being a pussy i made them climb over me i made them crawl under me i made it sooo hot and dirty i had a good reason i want to fuck Aluma One why or another Still don't understand Why they fired me?
Christina Nicholson
Christina Nicholson Месяц назад
To be "clear" i did sexually harass my co-workers. i just wasnt sexually harassing some random guy named "chad" that i got fired for.... i was only sexually harassing Aluma Employees
Christina Nicholson
Christina Nicholson Месяц назад
i was innocent of sexual harassment and was fired anyway. My union told me the company was banning me for Life - even though IT was misinformation that was the cause. No one even complainted- the Company went looking for a reason to fire me- just because the "boss" wants to fuck me
Christina Nicholson
Christina Nicholson Месяц назад
i was fired for sexual harassment It was one of the most fun "games" ive ever played? i can't tell you the rules! Thats how i win!
Christina Nicholson
Christina Nicholson Месяц назад
Who better? Me? Im the best at IT i give IT to them Way harder than They can give IT To me!
prying eyes
prying eyes Месяц назад
@12:34 Wait. So first "The Ghostbusters" become women, and now they're gender-swapping "Halloween"?!
Karan Balwani
Karan Balwani Месяц назад
who is the gentleman at 11:11. Could anyone explain why the audience gasped?
Tia G.
Tia G. Месяц назад
Imagine Tucker Carlson asking that question
Tyrone Hunt
Tyrone Hunt Месяц назад
MtNdhlovu Месяц назад
10K dislikes? I didn't know the US senate had that many senators in 1991.
giwrgos katranas
giwrgos katranas Месяц назад
Its the same as participating NOOOOOOOOOOOOOPE,Its not,just like at china people go to "educational camps" for things that they might do.
Yurii Kril
Yurii Kril Месяц назад
Harassment is subjective and thus cannot be solved by passing a law
Yurii Kril
Yurii Kril Месяц назад
@Zuma Zuma actually, it's vise versa, everything you think is subjective The reality is objective but your brain makes it subjective to you ☝️
Yurii Kril
Yurii Kril Месяц назад
@ParagrafenPapagei sure, but the consent that you mentioned IS subjective
Zuma Zuma
Zuma Zuma Месяц назад
some things can be subjective, but most of it isn't
ParagrafenPapagei Месяц назад
Harassment is not per se subjective. Grabbing someone‘s private parts without their consent is harassment, plain and simple. So is a constant barrage of inappropriate comments over a certain amount of time. This needs to stop. This is not a subjective issue, but objectively despicable behavior.
Kimberly Bradford
Kimberly Bradford Месяц назад
Nothing has really changed
rutger5000 Месяц назад
Fairly easy google searches will tell you that for every person that is falsely accused of rape about 100 people are actually raped. If you worry more about people getting falsely accused then you worry about being raped,then your priorities are out of wack.
Tatianna hazel
Tatianna hazel Месяц назад
Yep fuck hr I worked for Sheetz I was the over night supervisor in Lexington va and I'm a gay transgender woman I was sent a shirtless pic by a friend i was seeing I set my phone down and a coworker I was having problems with went to hr and complained on me for social harassment claiming she saw a pic of a man in a sexual nature and I was terminated four months later
Tatianna hazel
Tatianna hazel Месяц назад
as I was told by HR you're still a minion regardless if you're on estrogen or not you haven't had surgery to remove your testicles so you're a fake woman then when I went to the EEOC to file a complaint on the district manager for making that statement which was on recording on my phone because we both decided to record our conversation when we had our interview after the complaint had been made they said I had no justification and filing a suit against sheetz Incorporated
Tatianna hazel
Tatianna hazel Месяц назад
And it was a female employee that I kept having to discipline because she had worked there before I had been hired and did not get a promotion and refused to listen to me and then when I started writing her up she came up with this unfounded allegation that you know me having a shirtless pic of a guy as my screensaver on my phone was a form of sexual harassment to her so I kind of understand being in that position even though I am a woman it was weird being on the other side of sexual harassment accusations and they sided with her because I am a transgender woman
Aditya Kumar
Aditya Kumar Месяц назад
She is a feminist
Jessaye Месяц назад
Goddamn, why does this have so many dislikes? Did they even watch the video?
ParagrafenPapagei Месяц назад
Well, a certain group of people get angry and feel attacked when people talk about harassment and why it is wrong.
Jackie Chandler
Jackie Chandler Месяц назад
Christopher Ambrosio
Christopher Ambrosio Месяц назад
Impeccable episode. Comments, I do have a genuine question. As a bi far left Male, I have been flasely accused of sexual assault despite not having sex with the woman. Luckily I was seen as I am, and her lies and twisted stories were exposed. Having had nearly exclusively female friends until college and many ex's and close friends confiding in me their experiences, ever since I myself have been hit with a close call of a major life altering accusation I really do not see how we can make progress in anyway legally that wouldnt result in wrongful imprisonment on any scale. Thoughts?
Zuma Zuma
Zuma Zuma Месяц назад
you didn't go to jail, did you? False accusations are rare. Right now there's a lot (A LOT!) more cases when a very justified accusation doesn't go anywhere, than when a false accusation does. So maybe the number of wrongful charges will increase a little, but isn't it a fair price for getting justice for a lot more victims? After all, that's how it works with most other crimes: the possibility of falsely convicting someone doesn't mean we give up on punishing people altogether.
Bradley William Busch
Bradley William Busch Месяц назад
Wouldn't it be better to begin working out how to solve this in the school system? Says the straight kid who was called gay until he ended up in a mental hospital..
wang weihai
wang weihai Месяц назад
that black woman is a real gentle and elegent lady.
wang weihai
wang weihai Месяц назад
i think we all know what happened,any man who said they are afraid to be alone with a woman is more likely to sexually harrassing woman in the first place.and the only reason why they don't know where the line is,is because they didn't know any line.
Max Muustermann
Max Muustermann Месяц назад
well the point is how to proof
Dean Susec
Dean Susec Месяц назад
He is just getting worse and worse. Lefties suck.
ParagrafenPapagei Месяц назад
Wow, what a well thought and argumented comment. And interesting (and really telling!) that you frame something about stopping sexual harassment as „leftist“.
Emilio Rosario
Emilio Rosario Месяц назад
First, I don't think hitting someone with your car unintentionally is the same as giving a handshake or complement to someone without the intention of doing harm and then this someone turning around saying what your intentions were. In the first case the damage is tangible and evident, in the second case the damage is.....more subjective at least if not completely construed. I've always had a problem when someone can do something and then somebody else dose the same thing and gets treated differently. Someone she likes gives her a hug , grate! She doesn't like the person, harassment!! She has the right to like or not like anyone... but bringing legal, workplace and economic consequences upon someone for something that could have been perfectly normal if she just happened to like him or (we all know it...) If she could get something from him... It's bull shit !!! And let's face it wining a lawsuit is getting something...
Hornswroggle Месяц назад
Hi I'm back to this video during my 2020 binge. Since this aired I've started working myself, and I am part of a team of programmers and testers with a good portion of women. Thank you Prof. Hill for giving some advice here. Because of course in the team sometimes we get joking and laughing, and someone (or even myself) make a comment below the belt line. I have asked my colleague "Hey sorry that was pretty low. Are you ok?". She said it was ok in that instance but I'm glad that I can teach myself to pay attention to this, so it doesn't derail completely.
dimsoneill Месяц назад
One of my fav Sonic Youth lyrics - "I believe Anita Hill"
Elvin Pompey
Elvin Pompey Месяц назад
7y7y6b. Ffrry6
JuICyBLiiiiiiinGeR Месяц назад
The republicans have always been the problem. Watch every video calling back to these types of issues. Orin Hatch? Have the republicans always played “hmm that could be the right idea.. but let’s go the extreme opposite of what “good” might be..” From climate change, racism and every issue this video brings up.
Judi Barth
Judi Barth Месяц назад
‪Vote Early! Vote Early! #FreeUpTheMail Find your local Registrar of Voters Office. They can inform you of locations of ballot boxes to drop off your ballot. Remember, you can track your vote. Make sure your voice is heard! #FreeUpTheMail
Aaron Aaron
Aaron Aaron Месяц назад
I was sexually assaulted by a woman in the workplace, but it wasn't taken seriously because I'm a man ...can we as a society talk about that? 😒
Zuma Zuma
Zuma Zuma Месяц назад
sorry that happened, buddy. But just so you know, absolutely no laws or measures that exist or that are proposed to combat sexual harrassment are gender-specific. So you're not being ignored by the people who are aware of the problem: only by the people who don't give a shit about either female or male victims.
Susan Mathers
Susan Mathers Месяц назад
I think it's pretty simple for anyone who doesn't know how to behave around women.. Don't say or do anything to a female colleague that you wouldn't say or do to a man. Problem solved. Also aren't these people supposed to be working?
Fashion Diva
Fashion Diva Месяц назад
Speaking as a professional woman who’s been a 20 year career military officer and federal employee as an attorney and judge (who’s had the pleasure of meeting Prof Hill), it’s infuriatingly frustrating when I’ve experienced workplace sexual harassment and male coworkers who witnessed the behavior would look at me and shrug. Literally shrug their shoulders and say “oh well.” It’s maddening knowing not only did something inappropriate and illegal happen but that others witnessed it and tacitly approved. As women, particularly women in male dominated fields like the military and the practice of law, we’re trained daily to ignore harassment, to normalize it and accept it as part of the cost of doing business. Complaining is a sure way to guarantee you won’t advance. Even after being sexually assaulted I was told to keep it to myself because “Jags don’t make problems for command, we solve them” when I sought the advice of my SJA (commander equivalent). I was warned that my spotless career would suffer and my fast burning career would be derailed. And it was absolutely true.
ParagrafenPapagei Месяц назад
Thank you for sharing this experience. Glad you speak up. Women like you are inspiring for all of us, saying this as a man.
Irish Месяц назад
How about we just not fucking touch other people at work ever?
Jesse Hess
Jesse Hess Месяц назад
what an amazing woman
Jasmin Kusumaningsih
Jasmin Kusumaningsih Месяц назад
Thank you so much for talking about this
Eli Месяц назад
John Oliver is my favourite type of feminist
Antigone Месяц назад
I pick people up and swing them around in big hugs. Pretty sure I'm not supposed to be so joyous.
JAT Hammer
JAT Hammer Месяц назад
Please support and subscribe to the following RUposts channels: Secular Talk, The Hill, The Majority Report, The Jimmy Dore Show, TBTV, Useful Idiots on Rolling Stone, The Amazing Atheist, The Humanist Report , David Pakman Show, Christo Aivalis, Status Coup and LastWeekTonight w/James Oliver if I left anyone out please tell me who?
s sumi
s sumi Месяц назад
Working years with both male and female colleagues i have managed to not molest male co workers or direct any sexual comments or touch without permission, why the heck do people think its hard to keep your organ to yourself and get the job done. You are there to work not to fool around with oposite sex. You can be friendly and polite without touching thats all im saying. Every single person working beside you are human being HAVE respect for their personal space
The Atheist Hammer
The Atheist Hammer Месяц назад
Fact is there are some genuine cases, but there are also slot of money grabbers and men are afraid because if a innocent man is accused then automatically his career is ruined simply because a woman accuses a man, even when the woman has proven to have lied about it the damage is done, now the UK is trying to push a new law that if you say anything negative about a woman you get jail time, misogamist law it doesn't apply to misandry though, false claims are real and are not rare,
Zuma Zuma
Zuma Zuma Месяц назад
those cases are very rare, compared to justified accusations that get buried. Your priorities are twisted.
Rose Black
Rose Black Месяц назад
SMASH THE PATRIARCHY!!!!! Also, a reasonable approach toward interpersonal relationships is, surprisingly reasonable. Don't be a jerk.
Nightwishmaster 2 месяца назад
I always hated having to take sexual harassment classes at work. I get why they're necessary but I just get so frustrated every single time I've had to take them (they're mandatory to take on a yearly basis) and always made the same comment every single time, "If someone has to be told that this kind of behavior is unacceptable, why are they here in the first place?". I know that may sound dumb, and it's so frustrating having to sit there and have to listen to them explain that groping your coworker is unacceptable behavior. Maybe it's because my parents taught me to teach women with respect, but it just boggles my mind that people have to have these things explained to them. It should go without saying that hitting on, touching, harassing, etc is not acceptable. Raise your kids properly people, and maybe one day we won't have to have yearly classes explaining that hooting at your female coworker and grabbing her ass is inappropriate.
Loso Ono
Loso Ono 2 месяца назад
This ass wipe that was at my current place of work constantly made inappropriate comments simply because we no longer have an HR department. One day he said “whoops i got excited because we have a 17 yo on the line” , referring to a young woman who is a server (i am a sous chef , this man was one of my line cooks) i literally got so mad that i walked out of the kitchen , started crying , let him finish his shift , then i fired TF out of him. The thought of him disgusts me and i was appalled that no one had the balls to get rid of that imbecile let alone say something to him! Dickhead , if i ever see you , I’m shoving your shitty looking mask down your throat. Stop wiping your ass with your mask dipshit.
G Hill
G Hill 2 месяца назад
Poor Anita Hill, I thought the Senate was creepy and disgusting back in 91, it sounds even worse today. We're getting tired of old white men trying to set the guidelines for the mores of society.
theCyberApple 2 месяца назад
Last week tonight’s slogan should be “slowly degrading your faith in humanity until you decide that it’s not worth it anymore, but at least we make it entertaining”
Adam Doyle
Adam Doyle 2 месяца назад
Anita Hill just said intent should not matter in regards to sexual harassment. I cannot overstate how dangerous that sentiment is
Zuma Zuma
Zuma Zuma Месяц назад
if intent matters, then what's to stop the asshole from saying "i didn't mean to hurt anyone, it was just a joke"?
Bernando Silva Jr.
Bernando Silva Jr. 2 месяца назад
Who are the 10k who downvote this
A Kaz
A Kaz 2 месяца назад
am I the only one who likes the new John Oliver videos better cause they don't have audiences? He can tell a joke and move on instead of trying to talk over the cheering and laughing...
pikeman80 2 месяца назад
Cops and Military much worse than the Forest Service. Even though it's a much less frequent occurrence I wish he would have also addressed that men can be victims of a sexual predator as well.
Dimas Akbar
Dimas Akbar 2 месяца назад
To those abuser apologist... You are hired to work, not to have sex. Do not sexualize anything in workplace / work employment unless you are sexual worker. Is it really that hard or do you really can't control yourself? Btw sexual and/or other kind of harassment happened a lot due to power disparity between perp and victim, and perceived notion of impunity. It is not about gender or sexual orientation, no one go out against you and/or your kind people. It is against people who misuse power and disregards others rights. It is not battle of sexes
Hassan Razzaq
Hassan Razzaq 2 месяца назад
james fiaco
james fiaco 2 месяца назад
I think one thing that would clarify what type of investigation occurs when somebody alleges sexual allocation. Would be to ask the leading investigator or whoever's in charge of it. To explain the differences between asexual failure sexual criminal versus those who are physically fit mentally sound spiritually balanced being able to express physical freedom living up to the pleasure potential responsibility of femininity and masculinity. Keep in mind sexual crimes are classified as the weakest form of criminal conduct.
james fiaco
james fiaco 2 месяца назад
If someone complains about sexual harassment and gets a letter that states a investigation has been done no wrong doing was found. My question to the incompetent sexual failure that wrote the letter. It would be what did your investigation consist of. And would you like your soul and spirit to be treated with the same type of professionalism.
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