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It’s easy to buy things online, and even easier not to think about how they get to you. John Oliver discusses what happens when you click “buy now.”
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Brian Waltman
Brian Waltman 12 часов назад
In my grandfather's day, owners had the decency to hire goons to beat u to death with a baseball bat. Now they enslave and bear mace you...
Devil Doll
Devil Doll 2 дня назад
XPO Logistics owned by the Angel of Death to the USPS. No surprise.
hhscadets09 3 дня назад
3:08 "Fulfillment centers they call them because it's supposed to be fulfilling." Umm...no. They're called fulfillment centers because that's where they fulfill orders. It's not a new name that Amazon came up with to try to make the warehouse sound like a happy and satisfying place.
Sylvertongue Everflame Phoenix
Sylvertongue Everflame Phoenix 3 дня назад
As someone who worked at Amazon for over a year, yeah... It is brutal working in a warehouse. And never agree to "light duty", despite the name, it requires crap like moving heavy ass stacks of unfolded boxes, or scraping line tape off the ground. It is harder than just packing the boxes or taping them. I do miss the pay... But I don't miss the work.
Cash4Fruit 3 дня назад
I worked at Amazon Fresh in SF, $17.25/ hour and plenty of overtime opportunities. I loved that job! It was so fun going to work every day and being active and joking with coworkers. I got fired for missing shifts/my stupid log in wasn't working on my phone so I couldn't properly cancel my shifts while on vacation. I am eagerly waiting to apply again after my 1 year probation. Idk about other warehouses but my was basically a party every day and so laid back. :)
Michael Hanson
Michael Hanson 2 дня назад
I dont believe you
Rose Black
Rose Black 3 дня назад
No ethical consumption under capitalism comrades!
Tabitha Kelsey
Tabitha Kelsey 3 дня назад
Walmart Exec: "This guy saved us at least $30 million!" Boss at yearly review: "Best I can do is a 25 cent raise"
Brian R Williams
Brian R Williams 4 дня назад
If you keep buying from Amazon, you’re basically paying them to abuse the f*ck out people. They also have a high turnover rate and can’t keep their employees. I used to work there.
Chamir Ledesma
Chamir Ledesma 4 дня назад
Honestly walking 10-15 miles a day at work would do amazing things for your health.
FerroKardo _
FerroKardo _ 5 дней назад
Here's an idea. Chop the whole warehouse into different units, each unit ideally being a max 30m×30m in area. Assign one worker to each unit. Connect each unit to a automatic track following trolley. The worker has to get each product to the trolley within 15s. The processing center will be placed at dead center of the warehouse, to ensure equal distance and time is taken for trolleys from each corner to reach the centre.
Temple ODoom
Temple ODoom 6 дней назад
7:26 who tf was working for michelle obama?!?!
Jay Jay
Jay Jay 7 дней назад
Get in the cagie, wagie
Carlton Dunnert
Carlton Dunnert 7 дней назад
“Our model is built upon speed, innovation and SLAVERY. Things that are generally not associated with the unions ☺️”
Eric N
Eric N 7 дней назад
Do you have any reasonable suggestions to make besides criticizing Amazon? Are other e-commerce and retailers really better btw?
Eric N
Eric N 7 дней назад
Isnt walking 15 miles a day good for your health though? How does that compare to working in china or a third world country or being unemployed?
Michael Hanson
Michael Hanson 2 дня назад
Try it yourself and see what happens
Andrew Farley
Andrew Farley 8 дней назад
I know an Amazon worker and they say it is horrible and the average time some one spends as an employee is just 1 year.
ragnorock cookie
ragnorock cookie 9 дней назад
That stul was a downgrade
TheNinthGeneration 9 дней назад
Switching to the shorter step stool is dangerous because we need the height of the two-step stool
TheNinthGeneration 9 дней назад
That’s the reason that so many retail buildings are already warehouse sized and shaped, when the store closes it turns into a warehouse or factory
Rohit Chaudhary
Rohit Chaudhary 9 дней назад
I worked one day in Amazon in Brampton canada. It makes you machine and forget you were human ever.
Rohit Chaudhary
Rohit Chaudhary 10 дней назад
How can be he so true
Lt_Darkseeker /Antique
Lt_Darkseeker /Antique 10 дней назад
Some of us know that Jeff won’t end at a Rocket,he will end with a giant flying wing of a dronehub capable of storing hundreds of drones in its wing,come with a death laser, emp capable ICBMs and multiple VLSs in its wing(props if you got that reference)
johndotto 11 дней назад
Fuck XPOLogistics. They murdered a woman.
Rigo 11 дней назад
Sharks don't need dentists sorry to say
James jones
James jones 13 дней назад
Why don’t they give them electric scooters.
TyDie85 13 дней назад
I'd love to see the workers force Bezos to work in an amazon "fulfillment center" for 1 year straight and see how things go. Make sure he gets bear maced a couple of times as well.
TheNinthGeneration 14 дней назад
I’m lucky that my warehouse job is through FedEx and works for retail stores so we have a much less need to push ourselves beyond our limits
Strazdas 18 дней назад
The primary reason its cheaper to order online is because prime real estate retail locations actually cost a shitload of money to upkeep, and warehouses are much cheaper than that. the worker abuse is just late stage capitalism at work.
Strazdas 18 дней назад
The robot uprising does not start with nukes, but with a bear repellant!
Strazdas 18 дней назад
walking long distance in warehouse was always a thing unfortunatelly. It can be mitigated by stuff like scooters. even the nonelectric ones mean you would use a lot less energy to move the same distance.
Jack Rickle
Jack Rickle 18 дней назад
Just in case anybody is sitting here thinking this is an Amazon exclusive problem: I worked for UPS for about a month and my experience was about the same as those in this video. Routine chemical spills, constant overload, almost got fired 3 separate times for underperforming my quota by less than 2% on 3 of my first 8 days on the job. I was 18 and a multi sport varsity athlete and I had to quit the job because my body was quitting on me every day to the point I wasn't able to eat enough due to the amount I had to sleep. I lost 16 pounds in 3 weeks working there, these places are unbelievably stressful and difficult to work in, spare a thought for package handlers next time you order something that weighs 100+ pounds and demand next day delivery.
Newstainable - news on sustainability
Newstainable - news on sustainability 19 дней назад
When you finish editing and then find out John Oliver has made a video about that very topic: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Alexandre Martini
Alexandre Martini 19 дней назад
why did you make the only black guy invulnerable to the bear spray? i don't get it.
evilbyron 20 дней назад
People with decent jobs complaining about walking too much... first world problems
Kay Haughton
Kay Haughton 20 дней назад
And some people still think the usa is great
Kay Haughton
Kay Haughton 20 дней назад
Amazon and Walmart treats their workers like slave laborers and robots but their trying to send an image that their workers are treated good and fairly
Ravenel Curry V
Ravenel Curry V 20 дней назад
couldn't amazon make it so that each person is assigned a section and have a. person in each isle
Coletha Albert
Coletha Albert 20 дней назад
I canceler my prime.
Coletha Albert
Coletha Albert 20 дней назад
It's mostly ladies working there .
Coletha Albert
Coletha Albert 20 дней назад
Warehouses spread diseases off all kinds.
H H 21 день назад
.Can't Hide anymore ruposts.info/one/Zo1qmXuamdqrooI/video
imaloony8 21 день назад
Here's what's crazy: since this story aired, Jeff Bezos got divorced and his wife took 25% of his stock in Amazon with her (valued at over $35 billion), but despite that his net worth has skyrocketed to over $200 Billion.
Olivia Green
Olivia Green 21 день назад
Amazon is full of low quality products and fake products now. I just use prime for the streaming of tv shows and movies
tahliashaye 28 дней назад
this radicalized me
uzumaki i.
uzumaki i. Месяц назад
bear repellent is americas largest enemy
uzumaki i.
uzumaki i. Месяц назад
second only to inivitable space trash meteor shower :///
Martin Major
Martin Major Месяц назад
i need salt and pepper shakers. i am deliberately not thinking about it. yeah, i said it.
Ooma HuntressProtectress
Ooma HuntressProtectress Месяц назад
people are asking too much of yu
Ooma HuntressProtectress
Ooma HuntressProtectress Месяц назад
so personally, as 5yr old mate to be? elv, like,, it could be more sometimes,,
Ooma HuntressProtectress
Ooma HuntressProtectress Месяц назад
I'll be slayn if I subscribe to an Aussie's channel,! crazys
McK Месяц назад
Just Checking
Just Checking Месяц назад
He could give everyone 30,000 and still have change. I say 30, because that's all I need.
Senna Taylor
Senna Taylor Месяц назад
There are countless non-profit organizations and charities that Bezos could single-handedly fund to help communities in need, but NOPE. He's gotta have a dick-shaped spaceship.
anon Месяц назад
you forgot to put a dead body in the background of the new ad
Israel Vasquez
Israel Vasquez Месяц назад
That shit that John is saying is exactly what it's like to work in warehouses.
Kazzenkatt Месяц назад
Does this video change anything? No. F*****g hypocrites everywhere.
J Turtle
J Turtle Месяц назад
You left nursing off the list of dangerous jobs. Very high rate of injuries.
Tien Pham
Tien Pham Месяц назад
That's why I always said that Amazon treats their workers like they treat the packages that they shipped. 150 Billions dollars and Jeff Bezos can not figure out how to fix the problems with his warehouse??? Bullshit
Linux Tuxfriend
Linux Tuxfriend Месяц назад
Feels like capitalism in the early 20th century. Think of this: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Triangle_Shirtwaist_Factory_fire The mindset of the entrepreneurs was exactly the same.
EnSerio71 Месяц назад
Ah, 444,000 is ironic considering the US hostages in Iran were held for 444 days.
Richard Longoria
Richard Longoria Месяц назад
Thank God I work at Walmart. We don’t deal with that bs
Richard Longoria
Richard Longoria Месяц назад
I miss that old stool. -current Walmart employee
ben truett
ben truett Месяц назад
I can attest to the no ac in tn. I used to work in a factory and we were told "if" we made enough profit they will look into getting an ac unit. We made rubber for car windows.
Father Jake Stoney
Father Jake Stoney Месяц назад
Oh man we needed a Warehouses 2 earlier this year. In Hazleton PA our plant had hundreds of positives a day
Justin Barnes
Justin Barnes Месяц назад
It's funny, with all the boycotts and cancellations everyone complains about, Amazon is really the one company that deserves it. And the weird thing is, they offer nothing worthy of exclusivity. I have avoided them for the last year since seeing this video. I get everything cheaper and faster by not using them. Their marketing team must be excellent, convincing a nation to spend too much for some reason.
Nick Месяц назад
Watching this a year and $80 billion Bezos bucks later
Chris Scerbo
Chris Scerbo Месяц назад
he's a real asshole to say that. let me tell you jerkoff there are people that work in these warehouses that went to college. shows you the disconnect out there.
MentToBeEzy Месяц назад
The System is stupid, have people stay in the color zone and pick there part of the order an send to packing to collate/sort out. Also give each worker a pedometer and have forced brakes after X step's. Im sure in the long run the hole process will be automated from production to door, human hands free.
Sebastiano Lombardo
Sebastiano Lombardo Месяц назад
13:50 handwashing....hmmm....corona?
Avarice Месяц назад
I love that the black guy was the only one unaffected by the bear mace 🤣
Marvin Li
Marvin Li Месяц назад
However, one day, when these jobs are replaced by real robots, these people won't even have the chance to complain. They are unemployed.
spongeintheshoe Месяц назад
Do you mean being obsessed _with_ your customers, or the obsession _of_ your customers?
youwannaknoweh Месяц назад
I worked at a modern warehouse for a few months and I really never was as worn out as at that time ^^
Akhidenor Favour
Akhidenor Favour Месяц назад
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J F Месяц назад
In australia working in warehousing transport and logistics is a brutal industry. Extreme conditions in summer and winter. Extreme dust and noise levels. Unrealistic work loads pushing humans body beyond fiscal capacity. Lack of empathy from management for fatigue. Companies in australia put fingerprint locks on the bathroom doors so you need to scan your finger to access the bathroom witch clocks you off so your not getting paid and back on when you exit. A power hour and one winner out of 150 people get a $10 voucher that was donated to the company. Constantly threating employees with your kpi's are down and their is a waiting list for your job is not ethical and is illegal. The entire situation constitutes modern slavery as in most cases this type of employment targets the uneducated majorities.
J F 23 дня назад
take 36
take 36 27 дней назад
Which companies???
Joseph DESTAUBIN Месяц назад
The worker drones should shut the f*** up and get back to work. Seriously though, I have worked construction for 34 years, 10 of them in Texas, obviously without airconditioning. Just saying... Also, that overweight whiner wouldn't last the morning on a construction site.
nightmare machine
nightmare machine Месяц назад
Robert Platt
Robert Platt Месяц назад
Many of these new warehouses are owned by state employee pension funds. They are very large, capital-intensive projects requiring tens or hundred of millions up front. Bloomberg did a story on a giant Amazon complex in rural Illinois that was owned by CALPERS, the California fund. So the rent goes to paying pensions, which is...?
Tomáš Štefánik
Tomáš Štefánik Месяц назад
I walk approx. 10-25 miles a day in work. These guys just looks like to me like overgrown crybabies whining after first day in a real job. Grow up , shut the fck up and work. If you do not like It than fond another job. If you are not qualified, educate yourself. It's never too late. You are a grown ass man, you can do it.
Aaron Cruse
Aaron Cruse Месяц назад
The actors in those videos got paid more than the real employees ever will
112313 Месяц назад
Wow....workers in america is so... pampered.
JAT Hammer
JAT Hammer Месяц назад
Please support and subscribe to the following RUposts channels: Secular Talk, The Hill, The Majority Report, The Jimmy Dore Show, TBTV, Useful Idiots on Rolling Stone, The Amazing Atheist, The Humanist Report , David Pakman Show, Christo Aivalis, Status Coup and LastWeekTonight w/James Oliver if I left anyone out please tell me who?
Josh Coulson
Josh Coulson Месяц назад
I was a picker for Bluestem Brands, parent company of Fingerhut, and we were treated really well, in fact the islamic employees got an extra break and a space for their prayers. We had little electric carts with trailers we drove around to pick. I worked 60 hours 6 days a week for the holiday season, yeah it was hard, yeah I wanted to give up, but that paycheck made it all worth it. Granted this was ten years ago so I don't know if it is still the same.
big tamir
big tamir Месяц назад
21:02 I love how the guy in the purple shirt is like "Oh look, there is a sort of gas apearing and they ran away, nice"
Marc Daggatt
Marc Daggatt 2 месяца назад
Its really a shame that all of this is so fucked up. I'm disabled, and have a very hard time getting to the store for things I need, so I have to rely on online shopping to survive. I just wish the people working in these warehouses were treated with the respect they deserve.
Casey Vee
Casey Vee 2 месяца назад
A lot of what they talk about on the workload is common in retail. Obviously most retail stores as not as large as warehouses, so the running distances may be less. But things like not being permitted to use bathroom when needed are common. Also, skipping lunch is a common demand. The last store where I worked had 1/2 hour lunch break, but the rule was that if you were with a customer when your scheduled time for lunch began, you were expected to stay with the customer and NOT gain the time back on the other end of your break. Your pay remained the same. In my case, the store where I worked had an upstairs warehouse above the sales floor, 28 steps up it and 28 steps back down while carrying merchandise. Not at all unusual to run said stairs 10 or more times in a day. I could only make tentative dates or appointments for any other after hours activities, as I might be too tired after work to go out. On Friday nights, when much of the world goes out, I knew I would be too tired, so never arranged anything for a Friday. Usually not for a Saturday, either, because although my normal schedule was M-F, I might be called in on Saturday. Basically, I used the weekends to recover and start the same thing again the next week. YES, for anyone planning to ask, I was there of my own free will. But it took me some time to learn just what abuses went on, and a lot more time to find another job while still working at that one- job market was VERY weak at the time, which is probably why owners figured they could abuse people. But I eventually did leave before it killed me.
LilacDoe 2 месяца назад
Wouldn’t it be more efficient to have employees/contractors work in dedicated sections? Also, the companies that hire the lumpers make bank even if the people that do the work don’t. I’ve had to pay $400 for the lumpers to unload 6 pallets with no option to do it myself.
Andre Perez
Andre Perez 2 месяца назад
"Amazon, try not to think about it"
D. Alex Kablack
D. Alex Kablack 2 месяца назад
One other fun thing they use, the 1947 Portal to Portal act, which lets employers make employees wait 10...20....sometimes even 30 minutes to leave the facility after they clock out without getting paid just because that time waiting "isn't vital to their job operation". It ain't just amazon though, FedEx is also one of the worst culprits.
cjfilmproductions 2 месяца назад
The ceo of xpo now runs the us post office.
Maya Venker
Maya Venker 2 месяца назад
Amazon fulfillment centers are air conditioner. They also changed the warehouses from having the employees walk to the shelves moles and miles a day to having the shelves ride on robots to the staff. The pay and benefits are also amazing, they just expect you tk actually work at work. I work with 70 year old guys who love their job.
DMCpawn Месяц назад
Really depends on the management in the building tbh, some are nightmares, where the workers are harassed to go above rate bc others are too lazu
Benedikt W
Benedikt W 2 месяца назад
If those guys saving walmart 30million bucks a year still have to work minimum-wage I will flip my table... wait... it is kinda big and klunky... can someone invent something lighter and smaller, that would not be so heavy to flip? But, when this is invented, I will flip that!
drstevenrey 2 месяца назад
But, as long as there are other people to be found that get the job done right, I have to conclude that these so called witnesses are just not good enough for the job. Because if that were not the case, Amazon would have closed down years ago, since they can't find pickers that get it done.
D'NYLE/ denial
D'NYLE/ denial 2 месяца назад
My son's in prison for selling drugs to undercover cops! Wtf
NA Post
NA Post 2 месяца назад
The trick to making it in a warehouse is drugs and alcohol.
L S 2 месяца назад
Ha that crazy moment when you know the guy in the interview. weird lol
Joe Momma
Joe Momma 2 месяца назад
I miss Sam Goody!
Hannibal Lecter
Hannibal Lecter 2 месяца назад
Just started working at a fulfillment center 5 weeks ago. It's...yeah. Like it's not as bad as what I've seen in the vid and I guess that's because of this segment that kinda pushed Amazon to make better working conditions, but it is still tough as hell. I do not recommend working for Amazon long term, 15 an hour is great and all but it's.....it doesn't feel really worth it by the end of the week. My recommendation is that they hike the pay, remove mandatory overtime, and allow us to listen to music or something. 8 hours of picking things up and putting things down, walking miles across the same concrete floor, and only an hour break isn't easy or fun. Anyways, im greatful that Lastweektonight did this before I started working there, i believe that some of the criticisms made here improved working conditions by a little. :) If you DO decide to work at a fulfillment center, pick a gooooood pair of shoes that will support your feet. Walking on their floors for 8 hours plus can get painfull on your ankles and sometimes knees.
Apathetic Alex
Apathetic Alex 2 месяца назад
For a bird, boy do you know how to make me laugh!
Alexander Crafter
Alexander Crafter 2 месяца назад
casi me siento culpable por pedir tanta cosa
Peggy Trawick
Peggy Trawick 2 месяца назад
Amazon Jeff Bezos is full of trillions of dollars. The workers are fatigued some to death
Evan Barnes
Evan Barnes 2 месяца назад
I know what that anti-union video was trying to say, but god damn, who wrote that? It opened with the phrase "we're not anti-union, but we're not neutral either." Did they not realize that the most logical interpretation of that is that it leaves them in the pro-union camp? Because if they're not anti, and not neutral, that leaves pro-union as the only option. I know it was just bullshit business speak for "we're anti-union but don't want to use that term," but fuck me, spend some of those billions on a better writer you anti-workers' rights assholes.
Santiago Klappenbach
Santiago Klappenbach 2 месяца назад
Why not get them segways...
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