Coronavirus II: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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8 месяцев назад

As the spread of coronavirus worsens in the US, John Oliver discusses how the government is handling the outbreak, how they’re not, and what we can do to help.
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huh nah
huh nah 12 часов назад
We really need a laugh track. The "despite studying infectious diseases, the only thing he ever contracted was a serious case of the bedroom eyes. 'Salvador, stop IT'" made me ugly laugh and no one else told me it was ok. That was a joke, right?? The corgi joke also made feel like a pervert for laughing
Illusionist Kyouko
Illusionist Kyouko 20 часов назад
Ah back when john was relatively optimistic about this,
Siddhant Banerjee
Siddhant Banerjee День назад
8 months and 250,000 lost US lives, and 1.38 million lost lives worldwide...and this thing doesn't seem to be going away till those vaccines become commonplace. Its legit hell this year.
Leela Billiot
Leela Billiot 2 дня назад
I want to be with people. Right before this just left a ward after trying to end it after years of solitude. I dont want this
Alyssin Williams
Alyssin Williams 2 дня назад
Im a little offended that you dont consider hockey a major sport -_-
Stephen Yantha
Stephen Yantha 3 дня назад
CDC Says Only 6% Of COVID Deaths Cited COVID Alone (about 15,000 people in the U.S. not 250,000).
Garrett Webster
Garrett Webster 3 дня назад
Holy shit , this was 8 months ago !
Choughington 3 дня назад
It's amazing how much of the information has changed since this was posted.....Sarcasm
LucasG 3 дня назад
It’s really weird hearing him hit on anyone besides Adam Driver.
shell c
shell c 3 дня назад
250,000 dead now
John Sieber
John Sieber 4 дня назад
The closing of this reminds me of the ending of the last episode of the TV show, "dinosaurs" from the 80s where they basically announced their extinction. So dystopian oml 😂
MrMabb91 4 дня назад
Oh boy this has aged well 😂
Sunni Womack
Sunni Womack 4 дня назад
No JO til Feb 2021 is going to be rough.
Rizu Brown
Rizu Brown 4 дня назад
So I spent the 30 seconds while he was being angry about football being angry about not being able to see my coworkers, or hug my parents, or go anywhere without a mask, and I actually feel a little better.
Whitney Hannah
Whitney Hannah 5 дней назад
LOL throwback to when we only thought it was for this week
JAMIL Singleton
JAMIL Singleton 5 дней назад
Its all pseudoscience. Either the virus is complete BS or its real but has little to no impact on us when we get it. Ive been close to two people that got it and ive been fine. Whose to say i didnt get it and recovered at home? Did yall do the math on the mortality rate? Did yall take the total number of cases and put that as the denominator and put the deaths as the numerator to find the percentage of people that actually die from the virus? Naw thats too much digging and research for yall. Yall would just ride with whatever mainstream media says. I worked for the CDC for 8 months during the pandemic. I just got two other work from home jobs this week. This shit is a joke. Look how all yall scared sheep wearing masks. And they making this stuff mandatory like wearing masks and taking vaccines.. That isnt scary to yall? That isnt a sign of the last days and mark of the beast? I feel this virus/vaccine is the mark of the beast amongst other things. Will you take the vaccine and receive the mark? Ill leave the country but you can imagine with this new world order one world government shit they got going that they gonna have all countries all over the world complying with the same safety precautions. One world government. Biden gonna ride this agenda out hard. Closing schools and making vaccines mandatory etc. Look at what they doing in new york. Im not a fan of trump or biden but do agree with some of trumps statements such as the coronavirus hoax stuff and biden pushing this coronavirus agenda to create fear and keep yall so scared to where youd do anything they say cuz you are too foolish to think for yourself. Youll go to the doctor for broken bone and theyll misdiagnose you just to help nbc and fox's reporting on case numbers. Its to further their agenda. There are videos with both patients and nurses saying they are misdiagnosing people with covid and even killing them from malpractice and still people still going to the hospital to be murdered for an agenda....thats what you call a sheep. Its people who get both postive and negative results from two different covid tests the same day. How does that work? Because their testing system is effedd up too. They dont even know what they looking for lol. My little brother cant even play sports this year in high school because they keep cancelling games and practice because someone got covid like wtf. They are trying to keep everyone scared, separated, poor, in need of government assistance, so we can all gravitate more to social media and technology like staying on our cell phones 24/7 becoming robots and slaves to technology and this will take away from the social norms we are used too. Imagine the next generation's way of life, cell phones will control our society if this keeps up. A baby will know how to download an Instagram app on their iphone before they even know what 1 plus 1 is. Playing outside will soon be an extinct thought. This is whats going on right now. They are trying to lessen human to human interaction to let technology be your source of entertainment and control when you are bored at home and depressed because you cant find a job due to covid. Some schools in georgia have students going to school everyday while others are virtually doing school. Imagine what this does to the parents who cant work from home like me. Imagine what this does to kids who want to do extracurricular activities. 2020 is the craziest year and biggest brainwashing of the world that ive ever seen in my life or ever came across in history. Never have i known an entire human population to comply with BS. This is what makes us slaves
Forrest Friends
Forrest Friends День назад
sounds legit.
David Moreno Belmonte
David Moreno Belmonte 6 дней назад
Chief Science Officer of the company which just announced their vaccine is 90% effective says "Second Wave” Faked on False-Positive COVID Tests, “Pandemic Is Over” a second lockdown will worst the situation, economically and on health side.... from the mouth of vaccines developers and experts...
David Moreno Belmonte
David Moreno Belmonte 5 дней назад
@eeveeritt15 yeah because Chief Science Office of the company you are gonna get a vaccine from (plus thousands of doctors worldwide) are not a reliable source right? same as saying the earth is flat right?..... I advise you to research, get your own conclusions and respect others. To face the fact that there is maybe people in power who we can't trust takes courage, I understand, not all us are able or ready to do it, I respect your fear, and your skepticism, now please behave.
eeveeritt15 6 дней назад
lol conspiratards!
Chapo GG’s
Chapo GG’s 6 дней назад
I'm leaving this comment to myself from 8 months ago: it's about to get sooooooo much worse before it can even begin to get better
Andrea Rupe
Andrea Rupe 7 дней назад
My grandma and grandpa died last week after covid got into the nursing home. Can't go to their funeral that will be the week of Thanksgiving, and not gonna have Thanksgiving at all. Did I mention my birthday is also the week of Thanksgiving? Good times.
Knine Nights
Knine Nights 7 дней назад
I’ve seen a lot of people saying that the lack of audience reaction was an improvement for different reasons. I personally do like the audience reactions in part because it makes me feel less awkward when I find something funny. But, I do think that the lack of response is very appropriate right now. I appreciate it in a way because it really shows how painfully serious we have to be.
Srikanth Shastry
Srikanth Shastry 7 дней назад
FadeFinder 7 дней назад
I'm here after watching this year season finale.
AJ F 8 дней назад
“Maybe the administration did it, I don’t know anything about it,” is an interesting thing to say when “the administration” bears YOUR NAME. But not for long :)
sanbell 9 дней назад
Happy 10 million positive cases and counting America!!
DesperateOak48 9 дней назад
YCS Charlotte :'( I know this is 7 months late, but still sad
Israel Camargo
Israel Camargo 10 дней назад
Covid-19 is the worst thing in 21 century other then 45 president and cigarettes.
Cristine Ramos
Cristine Ramos 10 дней назад
30 seconds: 50th birthday party canceled. Daughter a graduation cancelled. Other daughters 16th birthday celebration cancelled. Looking forward to one big ass catch-up party in 2021-hopefully !
Matthew Kennedy
Matthew Kennedy 13 дней назад
Zero local cases in Oz.
Melinda Dunn
Melinda Dunn 17 дней назад
I started wearing a mask when there was a covid-19 scare in my mental hospital unit. They thought I was being alarmist, until I got a negative Covid-19 test!
yair katz
yair katz 11 дней назад
Negative means you DON'T have it tho...
Wise Wolf Tony
Wise Wolf Tony 15 дней назад
Yea I'm not such to what degree they help. All I know is that I have never left my house without one although I wear a bandana instead of a mask. All I know is I live in a house with 4 other people all of us always wear masks when leaving the house and not once of us has gotten it yet. Which is why I get so angry when I see morons with Make America Great Again hates doing shit like going into a super market and recording videos where they mock everyone that is wearing anything over the mouths. As some of them somehow believe this is all fake and the rest just see their moron of a president not taking COVID seriously so they see that and think if he isn't worried then why should I be.
kilroy987 20 дней назад
At this time I was concerned about just getting a two week stash of food in case I needed to quarantine. The grocery store shelves were SO empty. I'm glad to say that aside from having to settle for some cheap toilet paper for a while, getting some odd bread for a week, and having to make multiple trips to snag what I could (bread, milk, etc.), I wasn't left without something I needed.
Kojin MacJorn
Kojin MacJorn 20 дней назад
"Take care of yourself... and take care of others." No... Nope. We did not do that. Sorry John. We REALLY screwed the pooch on that.
Shadow Scout
Shadow Scout 21 день назад
I am watching this with my cat the last one died of guess what a cat strand of corona
Jade Jabines
Jade Jabines 22 дня назад
This came out in March 😔
hiram richards
hiram richards 23 дня назад
That is utter madness, USE THE FIELD HOSPITALS NOW AS QUARANTINE HOSPITALS FOR ALL COVID PATIENTS they need to transfer some of the staff and all of the covid patients to these field hospitals NOW The field hospital would quarantine the disease so it would NOT spread through the main hospitals to other patients and staff. Put ALL the covid in 1 building away from everyone else. Then all staff to wear a tonne of PPE in the covid hospitals. This is the ONLY way to defeat this disease. The main hospitals can then be used for all other procedures, all of which as are also essential. 25 million plus cancellations in main hospitals in 6 months because patients and staff are too scared to go there in case they catch it. with ALL covid sent to quarantine hospitals all that fear and infections in the main hospitals would disappear. The numbers of staff then off with covid whether infected or self isolated or through fear of cathcing it would all fall through the floor. so far more staff would become available. please do not fall for the line these field hospitals are not needed, they are needed and will be essential in the coming months. BUT they cannot be used for regular patients as they do NOT have the essential equipment, mris , x rays, ct scanners , operating theatres etc etc so they can ONLy be used for covid. The governments have dithered and failed to act on them, they must do so NOW
x o
x o 24 дня назад
this is nostalgic to me now because this came out the day i left school
Jose Jaime
Jose Jaime 25 дней назад
As a healthcare worker, i can confirm, we have been in "the sh*t".
Sean O'Reilly
Sean O'Reilly 25 дней назад
We all would have been better ignoring all lockdown rules. It's spread everywhere anyway and all we did was ruin economies. Ironic
SpiderPig42 26 дней назад
Wait, we're supposed to be fighting this pandemic? Americans in 2020
Ondra Broz
Ondra Broz 26 дней назад
I mean football is cool and all but have you heard about marble racing?
mazin argga
mazin argga 27 дней назад
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Monte Crysto
Monte Crysto 28 дней назад
This video is truly a sight to behold given how right he was. I would recommend watching these videos in reverse order to grasp how badly things escalated...
Señor Stalin
Señor Stalin Месяц назад
This was half a year ago... wtf
George Georgiev
George Georgiev Месяц назад
Fun fact. Turned out that holding your breath for more than 10 secs IS a test whether you have Corona or not. :)
Buzzkillington 11 дней назад
It absolutely is not. It's been debunked time and time again. That's can be a test for shortness of breath and low lung capacity or lung damage, which you can have for a myriad of reasons and conditions, and also will do absolutely nothing if you have coronavirus, but shortness of breath is not one of the symptoms. Coronavirus affects the lungs and can causes shortness of breath only in serious cases, which are the minority. Most people are completely asymptomatic and for those who do have some symptoms, testing whether or not you can smell and taste things is more effective. That's actually been reported as by far the most common first symptom.
Angus Noble
Angus Noble 24 дня назад
KCSkoolz 831
KCSkoolz 831 Месяц назад
It’s wild, watching this 7 months later...
Brian Salomon
Brian Salomon Месяц назад
Of course Fauci's an expert. He's been around for about "500" years* * According to the president
Evelyn Okay
Evelyn Okay Месяц назад
March 2020: wear a mask only if you have symptoms October 2020: wear a mask only if you're a decent person who doesn't want to kill everyone around you. LOL jk Do whatever you want b/c we'll all be dead by December
Robert Tausig
Robert Tausig Месяц назад
06:43 "It is what it is" indeed. (This was way before Trump used the exact same words when confronted with 1000 people dying daily of Covid-19)
L Addington
L Addington Месяц назад
Star Wars has conditioned me to immediately orgasm whenever I hear the words *hello there* in a British accent
Kate McCarthy
Kate McCarthy Месяц назад
"Something called social distancing" imagine a time where that wasn't part of day to day vernacular
Wurdnurd's Guide to Life
Wurdnurd's Guide to Life Месяц назад
Premise: Time travel for humans isn't possible, but chat and forum threads can go back in time, and someone in 1997 stumbles upon this one.
Vegan Sista
Vegan Sista Месяц назад
I feel like historians are going to use John Olivier's CoronaVirus coverage to help document just how crazy this whole time has been.
Saltino Месяц назад
why does he sound like he's about to cry for almost the whole video tryina make me cry bro??
Amy Bess
Amy Bess Месяц назад
Well, now Trump has it.
Eresoii Beats
Eresoii Beats Месяц назад
Man what a crazy time
joepod Месяц назад
"Wear masks only if you have symptoms" sure didn't age well.
Joseph Esquivel
Joseph Esquivel Месяц назад
It was also, as he says, so that essential workers could have them. Now we have more companies and individuals making them for everyone
theqwertykey Месяц назад
Everything happened so fast, terribly fast.
dave dave
dave dave Месяц назад
john oliver is biggest idiot out there and only pleasing brain washed audients , so john hide from virus and lock down and cripple the world economically and emotionally is very smart move,, and yes john virus will go to moon after few mounts ,,and yes john vaccine will save life and is medicine and cure,, lol if vaccine all pepole in world millions healthy will die just from allergy reactions . vaccine only might and that is might if they get it right might benefit 1% and that is pepole that cold and any flu or diarrhea or anything else can put them in emergency or worst,, ( that is 70 million ) old pepole and those with bad immune system ' or taking aspirins or some medications yes corona virus can be dangerous ,, but what no one talk about is 'with virus all comes down to immune system .' what lock downs social distancing and loss of income and jobs do ? yes you guessed it 'stress pepole ' what stress does ? stops immune system function,, so most pepole that didn't even know have virus are in danger now ,,so we only delaying virus and by doing that turning world upside down ,and our next generations have to keep paying for our stupidity . if we all continued with our lives in few mounts all would be over ,,and old pepole could be stay in lock down by choice and isolations until they find vaccine,, so john kiss trump a## and put suck in it dumb a## idiot . keep burning bridges john and support it ,,you will see the real impact of it in next year and years after ,
dave dave
dave dave 18 дней назад
@Scott Cameron did you cry and delate my comment? i have to rewrite it! i am not 8 year orld and i am not white (incase someone else reading this) so still you can kiss my black ### , i speak and write 6 languages , i learn English without going to school, after 12 mounts could read and write .( how about you what's your iq seem you have high iq keep bragging about it lol) sorry my iq is only 140 ' ps i know my grammar needs work,
dave dave
dave dave 20 дней назад
@Scott Cameron ​ lol good answer but this is my opinion if trump losses in next few mounts world war 3 will happen ,unfortunately powerful nations can afford cold wars any more ,(covid 19) and funny thing is not many pepole understand impact of covid, we seen tip of iceberg , will take century taxpayers money to recover from covid bill and lockdowns,,,,
Scott Cameron
Scott Cameron 20 дней назад
@dave dave Nah, I’ll let the election results insult you themselves
dave dave
dave dave 20 дней назад
@Scott Cameron come on any more insults you can think of ,i am sure you can come up with something better,
Scott Cameron
Scott Cameron 20 дней назад
@dave dave either you’re an 8 year old who hasn’t finished grade school, or... you’re a white supremacist who hasn’t finished grade school. I really cannot tell!
Cassarole Месяц назад
Whose here when trump has coronavirus?
Edaug-Ethanb YT
Edaug-Ethanb YT Месяц назад
Great intro
B B Месяц назад
Lol this aged well.....
Zellie Owen
Zellie Owen Месяц назад
trump tested positive, and i'm not sure how it was only now
Christopher Brassat
Christopher Brassat Месяц назад
Welcome to damn october 2020
Ida_IMK Месяц назад
More likely years
Bojidara Georgieva
Bojidara Georgieva Месяц назад
Fiding this show in quarantin is best thing that 2020 give it to me 🤣
Rei Kuroki
Rei Kuroki Месяц назад
Watched this 6 months after this aired. This episode has aged very well. The USA screwed the pooch and just keeps digging the hole deeper.
Annabelle Alpar
Annabelle Alpar Месяц назад
Watching at the end of September..... This country really sh*t the bed huh?
ludwig van beethoven
ludwig van beethoven Месяц назад
Yeah watching this after 6 months is really fucking with my mind
Hmm Yes Indeed 1997
Hmm Yes Indeed 1997 Месяц назад
It's so weird watching this 8 months later and thinking "wow...this is how it all began..." I remember when the entire world felt like John Oliver sat alone in that pure white room and so much shit has happened since then - sincerely from the UK, where our government is still trying to break international law!
Georgia Englot
Georgia Englot Месяц назад
POV: you’re watching as American deaths have passed 200,000.
Sizwe Letanta
Sizwe Letanta 6 часов назад
Jake Wright
Jake Wright День назад
@Ziggy Ustar comment aged well like fine wine 🍷
Sage Leaf
Sage Leaf 2 дня назад
@Stephen Yantha this is true. That’s it. You’re right
Stephen Yantha
Stephen Yantha 2 дня назад
@Sage Leaf you: "this doesn’t mean that the virus was not a contributing factor or, indeed, the leading cause" , me: "agree... that is NOT what it means". Many stats are being abused to prop up the covid paranoia. If someone is over 80 with failing internal organs, blame it on anything (including covid) when they do pass, no one is seriously going to delve much into it. Statistically however, calling it a covid death is over-reaching.
Sage Leaf
Sage Leaf 2 дня назад
@Stephen Yantha ...mind explaining that comment?
george thomson
george thomson Месяц назад
i hope Qoronavirus leave us alone whoever see this comment i wish you,your family and the ones you love a healthy life i hope God save all of us
Zman44444 2 месяца назад
We need to keep this safe. This is sacred. 6 months from the upload date. Sitting at 200,000 plus deaths. Fuck this situation.
BloggerMusicMan 2 месяца назад
Interesting to watch this six months later. Most of it holds up. It's interesting how the mask advice changed over time given how many masks were made and how many indoor places opened.
임동하TV 2 месяца назад
Nobody wear the mask on...... even Oliver
Rin Rin
Rin Rin 2 месяца назад
John, being a Liverpool fan, is the best thing ever.
isaya Hills
isaya Hills 2 месяца назад
Fauci should meet with MD Dr House 😊
Kunanjaada 2 месяца назад
You can see Ruth Bader Ginsburg (the dog) in the intro
Rajab K.B
Rajab K.B 2 месяца назад
From the dog Supreme Court
moi meself
moi meself 2 месяца назад
Geraldo's information wasn't entirely wrong though. That is one of the self-diagnosis tests encouraged to discourage people from rushing to get tested at the least sign of known symptoms.
Yamato Ninico
Yamato Ninico 2 месяца назад
Spent my complaining time to gripe about my mother cancelling any love for me 29 years ago. yes I know I'm a little jaded for a 29 yr old, but it's About time I got to have my 15 seconds to whine. I don't need 30.(30 seconds?! are you kidding me?! I've spent more time spel checking this post. which, lets be honest, was WAY funnier in my hed.)
Nathan Myotte
Nathan Myotte 2 месяца назад
Liverpool got to win the EPL title; congrats!
Bigfoot ain't real
Bigfoot ain't real 2 месяца назад
Fuck you John Oliver
Gerald Weibenga
Gerald Weibenga 2 месяца назад
Dam John you nailed it 😂
Kyle Hynes
Kyle Hynes 2 месяца назад
"Annoying"... yeah, it's a little more than that six months on.
Jesus Montes
Jesus Montes 2 месяца назад
The good ol days
Another Dimension Where My Dog Is The President
Another Dimension Where My Dog Is The President 2 месяца назад
These Coronavirus episodes are depressingly accurate with its predictions. I'm so jealous of the alternate dimension of reality where John Oliver is the current president of the USA.
Saltino Месяц назад
aw man can u imagine, the british edition of west wing
TheLibermania Месяц назад
At least Liverpool won the League Title
Richard Noriega
Richard Noriega 2 месяца назад
The current confirmed number of cases for early September in the US is 6.3 million, with deaths up to 189k, roughly. because of many factors, this is a controversial figure, from inaccuracy of the reporting data, to the ongoing denial of the existence and impact of coronavirus, and politicization of the issue for the upcoming American election. Just so we’re clear, the media and misinformation surrounding the virus is plentiful, so I invite you to determine for yourself the impact of covid by looking at the difference in older and newer videos about it from this one year. I hope someone learns from this, and not just in some bullshit textbook context some kid will be forced to read. We needed systematic change and the people in power were too scared of doing what was necessary to prevent this disaster, too scared of stepping into an unknown future.
Kshitij Pujari
Kshitij Pujari 2 месяца назад
Message from the future: Liverpool did win the title
GreenGuren 2 месяца назад
The very last clip was priceless
Das Entertainment
Das Entertainment 2 месяца назад
Can someone edit this show and add a virtual audience to it... it doesn't feel right to watch it without audience
Das Entertainment
Das Entertainment 2 месяца назад
DAMN! i am always waiting for audience to laugh to understand if it was joke or humors
Robin Ho
Robin Ho 2 месяца назад
Chinese were being target of racism around the world, there's no way in hell for them to spread the virus across every continent. Truth is, there are multiple reports suggest that COVID was already there way back to early 2019. And for that, a lot of Asian (whether you have Chinese descent or just being Chinese) people has suffered racism attacks.
Brian Rose
Brian Rose 2 месяца назад
Before this virus lock down I didn't know that John Oliver or Stephen Colbert existed including some of the other talk show hosts... but now I really enjoy watching your shows... plus if Im in the car or out for a walk I listen to the shows... great job Brian from Haliburton Canada
Seeno Colour
Seeno Colour 2 месяца назад
"It is what it is." That didn't age well.
JOHANNA FRANCO 2 месяца назад
tik tok cringe
snakebte1 2 месяца назад
Side note: an article from late June said RG still hadn’t fully recovered. No sense of smell, though everything else seems okay.
DooLittle 2 месяца назад
"It is what it is", little did John Oliver know that would become Donald Trump's rallying call
Toshiro Dragon
Toshiro Dragon 2 месяца назад
I had finally got a perfect job... and then Coronavirus. Can't take disabled people out into the community anymore, no summer time events to attend perfect job evaporated in the sun.
Russ Land
Russ Land 2 месяца назад
Epic breath hold
Create Ideas Plus
Create Ideas Plus 2 месяца назад
I share the video 🎥 how to make a mask 😷 with filters easy and fast at home ✔️♻️🌐
Wyatt Lines
Wyatt Lines 3 месяца назад
John Oliver is just being paid by to drive views to their website to get ad revenue. True Story.
lostc0z 3 месяца назад
Joe Ewing
Joe Ewing 3 месяца назад
John Oliver for president anyone?
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