Public Shaming: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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John Oliver talks about the power of public shaming, good and bad.
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Dale 39 минут назад
She was totally exploited by a man in power and has taken so much crap. I think shes smart and she should have her own show.
Erick Tellez
Erick Tellez Час назад
She would be a better president than Hillary Clinton.
DOB Liming
DOB Liming 3 часа назад
14:08 these people are saying she’s bad, but I swear one just grabbed her chest.
DOB Liming
DOB Liming День назад
Jamey Zell
Jamey Zell 2 дня назад
Public shaming is total bullshit but let's remember this girl has been milking this since it happened... On TV shows, books and elsewhere... Ooops I said milking... That is how all this got started. and didn't she blow the whistle on this AFTER she blew the president?? Fun times...
Ben Jammin_Duisburg
Ben Jammin_Duisburg 2 дня назад
0:59 Who is he talking about? This is the famous French actor Juicy Smooye
Abenezer Wondimu
Abenezer Wondimu 3 дня назад
JOHN PARKER 3 дня назад
The pen thing is just UNBELIEVABLE from a human being. He is clearly NOT
Jessica Ghadban
Jessica Ghadban 4 дня назад
Oliver rhymes with all of her 😂 put this man in a rap song!!
SuperGamingBros. Show
SuperGamingBros. Show 4 дня назад
turning 22 earlier this year, found this interview very funny
Harlequin Cyning
Harlequin Cyning 4 дня назад
Republicans are immune to public shaming. They just don't give a fuck.
Ghost_Anna _Reads
Ghost_Anna _Reads 4 дня назад
Where are the rap songs mentioning John Oliver? I need to hear them now!
BeanSproot 5 дней назад
0:57 that aged VERY poorly
P VR 5 дней назад
What did she do?
General Seretary Yuri
General Seretary Yuri 5 дней назад
AKA cancel culture
Harsten Stahl
Harsten Stahl 5 дней назад
I am 21 so still a year until I am an idiot. looking forward :D
"I don't want just a piece; I want all of her- hittin' all the spots that got missed like John Oliver" Bars.
ytho 6 дней назад
Ok, but Monica was the one who chose to have the affair fully knowing and having talked to his wife and she bragged about it. It also wasn't a one-time thing, it was several times in the oval office. She kept the dress he jizzed on (don't tell me she was pressured). She doesn't deserve harassment, but she needs to take responsibility as well, which she hasn't whatsoever. She blames everyone else on her problems but doesn't even recognize that she did something that's not ok. She claims she gets no privacy but does all these interviews and launches a fucking handbag line. There's such a different between playing a martyr and being a martyr. All she does is play the victim card.
Viking 6 дней назад
Couple Made 12-Year-Old Girl Run In Diaper With Shaved Head (they went to jail)
Indoor Orchids and Tropicals
Indoor Orchids and Tropicals 6 дней назад
Its really unfortunate that the aunt can't sue the media for this. If I'm not mistaken, the media is free from litigation for defamation and all other damage they do. Their mottos are literally those of psychopaths like, "if it bleeds, it leads." They also half ass everything because they have to get stories out RIGHT NOW, and wouldnever get anything done if they actually went back to sources and fact checked things.
Ryan Japan
Ryan Japan 6 дней назад
1:11 that looks wrong
Ryan Japan
Ryan Japan 6 дней назад
0:56 that aged well again.
Vkp P
Vkp P 6 дней назад
Hillary might be president one day 😂😂
papa tingle
papa tingle 6 дней назад
I'm 22 xd
Raj Panchal
Raj Panchal 6 дней назад
Every twenty two year old is some version of an idiot? no they are forced to become or else they will not have any friends.
Raj Panchal
Raj Panchal 6 дней назад
The only reason it is not a binary question is because there is just no proper law in place and when people say someone they are doing something wrong they just have no effect so the people just have to resort to these kinds of means....
wkruit1 7 дней назад
What a woman! Having experienced what she went through and come out a strong and beautiful woman! Way to go, Monica!
Nicole Lee
Nicole Lee 7 дней назад
How do you make fun of her for her looks? She's flawless.
Sanjanasri Vedavyas
Sanjanasri Vedavyas 8 дней назад
0:57 I did a double-take and had to check again that this video came out in 2019. California 2020 took notes from this video I see.
Rickie 8 дней назад
By her own admission Lewinsky wasn't abused and the interaction was consentual. Blame Bill Clinton all you want for cheating on his wife, but anyone engaging in a consentual hidden physical relationship with a married person that is not separated from his or her spouse is not blameless. Monica Lewinsky absolutely deserved the public backlash she got because of her choices and her actions. The fact that people now pay her to hear her cry about "getting picked on" only proves how many suckers (no pun intended) are in the world. Monica Lewinsky destroyed her own dignity in the risk she took. Does she still deserve to get crap over it, probably not - but back then? Absolutely, and hopefully it serves as a cautionary tale for the rest of us. End of line.
Rickie 6 дней назад
@chris young I see that my having writen "Blame Bill Clinton all you want" is lost on you so I'll clarify; at no point did I state or allude to the idea that Clinton was blameless. To be clear, he absolutely isn't and he's a piece of shit for not telling others to back off Lewinski, but that doesn't change the fact that he cheated on his wife with Monica Lewinski who was a willing participant and who this segment was about. Honestly, I don't give a damn about either of the Clintons but Lewinski knew he was married and still made the willing choice to do what she did with a married man. If you think that someone should be able to do something so obviously stupid with someone so obviously public and expect to not be harrassed over it, great! Make your case or, as you so eloquently put it, fuck all the way off. 🖕✌️😁
chris young
chris young 6 дней назад
I agree with Max. Fuck all the way off. Bill got little backlash compared to Monica. Hell Bills wife even gets that incident brought up against her character, instead of Bill getting the backlash for it.
Max 7 дней назад
Lmao what? Go fuck off
Rachael London
Rachael London 8 дней назад
Touching and so funny, love this segment.
Andrew Farley
Andrew Farley 8 дней назад
The gender reveal wild fire will return in 2020
Rosa Cummings
Rosa Cummings 8 дней назад
As a 22 year old, I'd like to say that I'm not 'some version' of an idiot, I'm like six different versions of idiot cobbled together into a roughly bipedal approximation of a functioning adult.
Nefelibata 9 дней назад
very nice interview rewatching after debating this subject with friends
Der Pinguin
Der Pinguin 9 дней назад
Lewinsky should have thought about her suck beforehand. Doing that and crying about getting mocked is hypocritical.
Bug bugbug
Bug bugbug 9 дней назад
our generation doesn't really care about the Oj story, never would have known he went to USC
Windy 9 дней назад
25:20 That's a great point. Usually one person seems very small in a sea of online voices... but in some situations that's all it takes. Sometimes you just need to hear one other person agree with you to feel like you're not crazy. So we shouldn't hesitate to say positive thoughts online.
mandy moore
mandy moore 9 дней назад
Honestly at this point if she’s referenced in anymore jokes r punchlines she should be rewarded some for, of royalties like how Aerosmith has a Beatles cover song.
mandy moore
mandy moore 9 дней назад
What’s so devastating for her was how young she was! I have to give her A SHIT TON OF CREDIT for not killing herself!
mandy moore
mandy moore 9 дней назад
How did the public even find out about this ridiculously private story?!? Like mind your own damn business! U have to be extremely bored and have nothing positive going for you in life if u feel the need to behave like this!
Andy Franklin
Andy Franklin 10 дней назад
chris young
chris young 6 дней назад
Hes richer and better looking than you, I know its tough man.
Austin Squire
Austin Squire 10 дней назад
I’m a 29-year old man and I think I’ve seen this interview at least 5 times now. Monica is such an impressive person, this whole country was soooo fucked up to her back when I was a kid I literally grew up thinking of her name as a “dirty word” or as referencing something overtly sexual. I remember I was shocked when John revealed he had interviewed her for the episode but holy fuck did they slap me in the face with how relevant her story is to this day.
chris young
chris young 6 дней назад
The whole thing is still gross. People bring up this incident as if its a stain on Hillary, even though her husband was the adulterer and Monica is the villain even though Bill was a very willing participant. He suffered little consequences and all the burden was put on the women in his life.
Denny's Donuts
Denny's Donuts 10 дней назад
We shouldn't slut shame women in general when they have affairs or sexual relationships with public figures (if they aren't married). We should shame the *figures* .
Kristen Martin
Kristen Martin 11 дней назад
Wow, I had heard of the Clinton/Lewinsky scandal before, but never knew or cared about most of the details. After watching this video and hearing her story, she immediately became an inspirational figure to me! To learn that she was a mere 22 years old at the time?! Wow, what an awful thing to go through at such a young age! I did HELLA stupid stuff in my early twenties, so I feel so much empathy for her because doubt I could have handled it like she did if I were in her place. What a bad-ass woman she turned out to be!
Tha Weezl
Tha Weezl 11 дней назад
I saw Monica in her ted talk several years ago. It was very powerful.
Mike King
Mike King 11 дней назад
Eat shit Bob
Insert name here
Insert name here 11 дней назад
Wow, public shaming has really fucked up a lot of people. Much like Tucker to his Roomba.
Baguette Gott
Baguette Gott 11 дней назад
The amount of sut shaming directed at Monica in the comments is frankly disgusting.
Ultr0 Shot
Ultr0 Shot 11 дней назад
I wonder what the show would say about how completely out of proportion (and idiotic) the entire chris pratt ordeal has gone.
Drew M
Drew M 11 дней назад
Awe shucks people are going to have to think and watch what they fucking say before the say it more now??? Boo fucking hoo... Shame is honestly one of the only real pieces of power "we the people" have... I do think people need to also think and watch more about what they're shaming. Accountability has gone WAY down in the last 30 years, to the point where it's not peoples faults it's medical condtions, it's alcohol, it's drug addictions, it's whatever I can find so the blame is less about me. Shaming brings that accountability back up.... It might sound mean but being an alcoholic or having a medical condition, etc, doesn't excuse anyone from not being or doing shit they knowingly shouldn't.
Drew M
Drew M 11 дней назад
I mean I feel bad for her, but at the same time she was 22 not fucking 12, she knew fooling around with someone as important as the president was a bad idea.. That being said we should all be dog piling Clinton for the same thing... Obviously it's long over there's no point... but she can't be that surprised really over how big it was... She fucked the PRESIDENT... this isn't the bag boy at safeway... Like sorry but not sorry YOU major fucked up.... Shit like that should carry some weight, unfortunately it doesn't anymore as seen by stormy and trump.
chris young
chris young 6 дней назад
Problem is she has gotten way more shit for this than the man that also allowed it to happen. Her name is a dirty word and yet he is almost absolved. Its uneven negative public opinion for the exact same misdeed. Even Hillary gets shit for what Bill decided to do yet he seems to be mostly fine in the public's eyes. The PRESIDENT decided to allow this to happen as well and he should have been held to a much higher bar than an intern, yet here we are.
D Lo
D Lo 13 дней назад
I can't wait to see him going back to interviewing people, he is so good at it.
Mr. Dr0boT
Mr. Dr0boT 13 дней назад
Shaming Nazis will never be bad.
Erica A.
Erica A. 14 дней назад
Save Johnny Depp! #johnnydepp
Katherine Petersorf
Katherine Petersorf 14 дней назад
Every teen and early 20’s has made horrible mistakes. Not all on the same level, but we all have. We should focus our shaming on what truly matters, like shaming someone who raping (like with Keith Reiner in NIXIM) or on those being extremely racist, sexist, homophobic etc. Our collective energy has proven it can ruin lives, so why not take down those who deserve taken down for the good of our world instead?
Jon Carey
Jon Carey 14 дней назад
Monica is such a good speaker. I would totally hangout with her in college or something.
A Human
A Human 14 дней назад
“A gender reveal party that started a wildfire” that happened TWICE?
Shaun Walton
Shaun Walton 15 дней назад
Buncha lesbians
Joe H.S
Joe H.S 15 дней назад
“A company that made a blackface shirt" Me in 2020: “that’s a mask, what’s wrong with it?"
שחר אטדגי
שחר אטדגי 16 дней назад
0:29 I'm sorry, the kids show about love and friendship with the surprising adult audience?! THEY provoked the outrage of the public so much of the public that they made it to the news?!! HOW?!!
Sizwe Letanta
Sizwe Letanta 18 дней назад
Wait, there was another gender reveal party that started a wildfire last year? We never learn do we?
Samir Castro
Samir Castro 18 дней назад
C C 19 дней назад
Lewinsky is really pretty.
Aditya Singh
Aditya Singh 19 дней назад
Did Clinton force himself on her?
Baguette Gott
Baguette Gott 11 дней назад
I don't think so. Still, with such an insane power imbalance (the age and wealth difference alone would be pretty bad, but he was the literal PRESIDENT), I feel that if we have to assign blame, it should definitely lie wit Clinton. It's very possible that it was technically consetual, but still manipulative on his part.
Gianna DiGiacomo
Gianna DiGiacomo 20 дней назад
Honestly fuck Monica she’s a home wrecker
Katherine Petersorf
Katherine Petersorf 14 дней назад
It takes two to fuck up a family. So you better hate Bill Clinton too. Otherwise you’re hypocrite. And I say this as someone who hate Bill for his choices *
Namless's Media Dump
Namless's Media Dump 20 дней назад
This is literally half the plot of 1984.
Asam Master
Asam Master 21 день назад
she should be like trump shameless
Kat McGee
Kat McGee 22 дня назад
I remember a saying someone said either on Instagram or RUposts "Some people seek out opposition to justify their hate". I mean, I get why people can be outraged about certain actions or topics, but goodness, when the death-threats, doxing, stalking and attacks start, I draw the line. Probably even before that actually. Problem is, people will hate you for anything. With the mass amount of people who use and are exposed to the internet and media, you cannot post anything without one person hating on it. It's not that people don't expect it, but it can make people feel really vulnerable. So much gets taken out of context, goes viral, people will often believe the most and well told story, even if it's not the truth, hate hate hate. I think the worst (or best) part is the anonymity of it all. People seem to get must (EDIT: much) darker when they cannot be identified. I always say to myself that "I (EDIT 2: If) you wouldn't say it to someone in public eye, they you probably should not be doing it behind the safety of a computer screen or letter". The mob culture of the modern day is a scary thing.
Strazdas 22 дня назад
Ah, the democrats. Your president rapes someone, your version of the story is "they had a relationship".
Strazdas 22 дня назад
Ah, the news media destroying lives over false accusations. A tradition as old as written word. The problem here is accountability. If the media couldnt hide behind its exceptions from the law and was actually punished for blatantly lying this shit would stop. But no politician would ever suggest that because that politician will be the one with his life destroyed by the media the instant he does.
Amartya Chakraborty
Amartya Chakraborty 22 дня назад
john - or as we call it inengland.parenting samehere in india lol
akulahirpada1993 24 дня назад
Nice, another reason to hate Jay Leno. FUCK YOU LENO
a a
a a 24 дня назад
Tim Sawyer
Tim Sawyer 25 дней назад
Monica certainly is not now, nor has she ever been, "Unattractive"... She's hilarious, highly intelligent and insanely beautiful! Think about it, she was working at the White House when she was in her very early 20's.... That was basically her "McDonalds" career. You know, that crappy job you take until you really start your life... Yeah, she did that at the White House. What was your crap temporary job? Imagine what she could have become if not for what she's had to go through... Society is truly shameful sometimes.. #2020&TuckerCarlsonStillFucksRumbas!
Daniel Murphy
Daniel Murphy 26 дней назад
That Lewinsky interview happened across the street from OJs highschool in SF .
Harsha Vardhan
Harsha Vardhan 26 дней назад
People should remember that bill Clinton was 49 And was married and had kids also the president of the United States. He clearly took advantage of Monica and I have seen snowflakes and lefties defending him.
splaz 27 дней назад
why is no one mentioning that giuliani straight blamed china for intentionally infecting us in borat sequel
Robert Hartmann
Robert Hartmann 28 дней назад
Well if u suck some milk out of the president and tell the press, what do you aspect?
Aeri Heirsling
Aeri Heirsling 28 дней назад
Aeri Heirsling
Aeri Heirsling 28 дней назад
Babinsky Shaminsky HOLINSSKY
Aeri Heirsling
Aeri Heirsling 28 дней назад
OMG Monica! Private figure? You showed up with your "PRESIDENTIAL KNEEPADS" (SELF PROCLAIMED). OF COURSE IT WENT VIRAL. DUH!
Sue S
Sue S 28 дней назад
Monica, you are so cool and inspiring. Thank you! ❤️
Dianne Burns
Dianne Burns 29 дней назад
I never did I know you are so wonderful that this has been so shitty to begin with sorry I am I am I am clam I help you get better I know you are better I can’t talk so I’m
racquel fagan
racquel fagan Месяц назад
I’m 25 and I’m still doing stupid shit.
l Месяц назад
>John Oliver talks about how people should be held accountable for their actions. >Has a show that's all about making biased and uncomfirmed claims about many subjects and individuals that often turn out to be wrong and never apologizes for or redacts those statements
Steven Todd
Steven Todd Месяц назад
I don't understand why this was a scandal in the first place. He cheated on his wife. She was just part of the cheating. She shouldn't be shamed basically at all. And he got impeached? Why? For sex with another American? I don't get it. Impeachment is for violating the constitution and whatnot.
Gale n' Rhyme
Gale n' Rhyme Месяц назад
I've never seen a video or really heard Monica Lewinsky talk about the scandal and holy shit do I feel for her so much. She literally went through the biggest public shamming in history and she's such a fucking baller for not breaking and just powering through to become such a strong person.
Lawjee Месяц назад
Can we take a minute to appreciate her high tops though? Drippin
Just Checking
Just Checking Месяц назад
I don't feel bad for ML. She shouldn't have slept with a married man. She saved the damn dress. She knew what she was doing.
James Harper
James Harper Месяц назад
John. This was great. For all the right reasons. Way to go Jax!
snugglelicious Месяц назад
Watch Monika Lewinsky's TED talk, 10/10 recommend
Nicholas Ziemba
Nicholas Ziemba Месяц назад
The clip from the ABC interview always breaks my heart. I can't even imagine having my life being exposed and opened to the public, and being shamed about it.
Christina Nicholson
Christina Nicholson Месяц назад
im begging for IT
Christina Nicholson
Christina Nicholson Месяц назад
Publicly shame my family We deserve IT We are dirty and bad girls
Allan Evans
Allan Evans Месяц назад
Is true that Oliver is a dead fuck. Let's ask Don Lemon over at Braking News CNN.
Repti Vision
Repti Vision Месяц назад
As I always say, Public Shaming is a tool that is too misused too often.
Animeasure Find
Animeasure Find Месяц назад
bro why is monica just the one who getting blamed on i mean ignoring the 49-yr old married man and President of the United States.
Zack Pez
Zack Pez Месяц назад
#tuckercarlsonfuckshisroomba pass it on
Sebin Holly
Sebin Holly Месяц назад
This interview was absolutely lovely. Ms. Lewinsky, you are absolutely lovely. Keep on shining. You're amazing. I am in awe.
Dani Molina
Dani Molina Месяц назад
Fuuuuck Monica's shoes are on point
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