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5 месяцев назад

As nationwide protests over the deaths of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor are met with police brutality, John Oliver discusses how the histories of policing and white supremacy are intertwined, the roadblocks to fixing things, and some potential paths forward.
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Thomas Hyle
Thomas Hyle 2 часа назад
trump's fans always laugh and cheer when he talks about violence; have you noticed? Notice.
bryan luiz
bryan luiz 5 часов назад
It’s pretty fucked up that after 400 years of this same exact bullshit...these same exact messages are needed 🙈 these are our brothers and sisters getting murdered and we desperately need to fight along side them for sustained, positive, and real change. No one anywhere in the world or anywhere else deserves to be raised and live in constant fear. This shit breaks my heart 😔
Jackermy Sextonpike
Jackermy Sextonpike 21 час назад
You can't scream "pigs in a blanket, fry 'em like bacon" and threaten to hurt police officers without them retaliating to your domestic terrorism anymore
Ryan Japan
Ryan Japan День назад
18:40 wasn’t it downstairs?
Jack Johnson
Jack Johnson День назад
The stupid noisemaker at the end is suggesting that in white or brown communities we own our own Target store?
Daniel DiBono
Daniel DiBono День назад
I'm really happy they aired the entire episode. Most likely because this is a HUGELY important issue. Thanks for trying to spread the word!!!
Marguerite Hudsell
Marguerite Hudsell День назад
The guy I met was trying to get a Writ of Habeas Corpus noticed. Related?
Marguerite Hudsell
Marguerite Hudsell День назад
I did try. I made a concerted effort to report police brutality on minorities and was told I was harassing them. I made every attempt, followed instructions to a T. I was persecuted for it. I did try! I DID!
Marguerite Hudsell
Marguerite Hudsell День назад
Flashbacks, yes. Horrible flashbacks.
Paloma Daisy
Paloma Daisy День назад
"don't be nice" Unless of course you've just arrested a 17 year old who murders two people
tevin samuel
tevin samuel 22 часа назад
in self defense, because they shot first
rajbv 2 дня назад
JAXi 2 дня назад
To come back here after all this time. I think police should really focus on their main job of taking care of "real criminals". People that actually hurt other people or "industries". Sorry my English is kinda bad, sleepy af. I hope you understood. I'm not from US.
RPG AIRMAIL 2 дня назад
“Peaceful protests” welp guess the car in the background just randomly started on fire... and that’s not excessive force, they’re just marching towards the domestic terrorists to mitigate damage. “Armed like the military” no shit. Y’all are the ones who started killing people who tried to defend their property, so no shot the cops are gonna defend themselves. Plus, the best way to win a war, aka keep blm retards from destroying cities, is to make the prospect of war seem hopeless. Dumbass, you contradicted yourself with the pictures you showed. Please stick to non political shit. There’s too many people with too many opinions about shit they don’t know about already.
lopeepso livi
lopeepso livi 2 дня назад
“Since some people decided that this baby born in the Middle East is white” that joke is lowkey not getting enough love
kparks0527 2 дня назад
"Sentient polo mallet" "Welcome to Marwen reject" "Human razor burn" God I love British wit.
Sanyo Nazyin
Sanyo Nazyin 2 дня назад
Maybe they should change USA to TRA (Third Reich of America) instead, because right now there's little to no difference inbetween white racist cops and Hitler's SA or SS creeps bullying Jews in Nazi germany.
Joseph 3 дня назад
So poorly trained police fucks up, you defund them, and where will they get the training money?
Joseph 3 дня назад
@Gavin yeah that's police militarization and it's not even close to defund the police. It's misleading as fuck to say defund=demilitarize. That's like saying BUILD THAT WALL is the same as implementing sensible immigration policies
Gavin 3 дня назад
You stop giving them machine guns and armored HUMMVS and fucking TASER SHIELDS and reallocate that money to social programs and education and training to the few armed cops we actually need.
KillerGrooves 3 дня назад
More and more I find myself asking why I stay in America. I have a skillset that can keep me employed all over the world. I keep thinking, “Well, this is my home.” Well, the coronavirus is raging out of control in a country where every single state has seatbelt laws and requires car insurance to drive, but wearing a mask so we don’t kill each other is a bridge too far because a guy the majority of voters voted against is in charge and built that bridge. Then I think about all the people who emigrated from their homes to come here and I wonder why I don’t just do the same. I could immigrate to a new country and adopt it as my own. Build a family there that I don’t have to worry about their education being substandard because the curriculum was politicized. I don’t have to worry about going bankrupt if I need life-saving treatment.
Rei Kuroki
Rei Kuroki 3 дня назад
I get your point, but even before Obama I've wanted to move. Just certain things stopped it. I will say this, there really is no perfect country or a greatest. There are though a lot of other countries that are better than the USA. More power to you if you want to move, as fixing the sinking ship of the USA will take decade to fix. I'm of the belief that even if H. Clinton was President, coronavirus would have been worse at the start and we'd be about the same as we are now. The only difference would be the media coverage. Fox would be having fits at the 100,000+ new cases and 500 to 2,000 deaths a day. CNN/MSNBC would be slobbery that Clinton is doing a good job. If the the virus is still raging in February you'll see it. But as soon as Clinton would have tried lock downs and masks, they'd whine about her taking the freedom away and government overreach. Really it didn't matter who was in charge, because the way the US is set up is for failure when the time is needed. That's why so many things fail as this show points out.
Gavin Boot
Gavin Boot 3 дня назад
Please all you protesters,,register as someone the police dont have to respond to when you need help ,,call the crims , looters and drug thugs that are on your side instead,,,,,,
Gavin 3 дня назад
I’ll just own a gun, shoot the burglar, ask the cops to clean up his body
DoodlePop 4 дня назад
Went back to this video and found 32k dislikes which is fucking disgusting.
tevin samuel
tevin samuel 22 часа назад
nah, semblance that are something who listen to this drivel and understand it's bullshit
coke267 4 дня назад
crazy woman at the end. You definitely need more funds for policing. Good policing is expensive.
Paul 4 дня назад
John, you need to take on the corrupt police unions that protect bad cops.
Janhvi Rochwani
Janhvi Rochwani 4 дня назад
Why does the pie chart at 8:54 mention Asian American and Indian separately?
Lewis Fraser
Lewis Fraser 4 дня назад
I love how easily that pussy was taken down after pepper spraying an unarmed woman. It's like those types are literally unprepared to be stood up to.
Rodrigator X
Rodrigator X 4 дня назад
The speech at the end made me realize, or black people were looking for revenge, the US population would take decades to recover
Konraad SE
Konraad SE 4 дня назад
I love how John Oliver went out of his way to insult Jared XD so perfect lol
Varun Sundaram
Varun Sundaram 4 дня назад
the to so is that the police can handle them. good is exception
Pam Martin
Pam Martin 4 дня назад
“We got here on purpose” is the most revealing sentence
Rich Y
Rich Y 4 дня назад
C.C. Style
C.C. Style 4 дня назад
my english professor made us write an essay around this video and honestly this made me like her even more, sad that this is our world..
joe bidens son's crack pipe
joe bidens son's crack pipe 4 дня назад
Go back to England
Joe C
Joe C 4 дня назад
Holy shit that speech in the end was absolutely gripping
NapFloridian 4 дня назад
Defunding will not work... as they will send out hoards of cops setting up traffic traps and bulling you in your car... in order to fund the force.
NapFloridian 4 дня назад
Watching some of these clips shows that we were training the Gestapo rather then a force who serves and defends. Sad nation under hypocritical masks
ahmed asmalika
ahmed asmalika 5 дней назад
15:05 ...he didn't dare to say Palestine , instead he used "the Middle East" say what you want about the crazy right wing , but you share with them the cowardice toward Israel !
Røget Bacon
Røget Bacon 5 дней назад
Wow.... something is wrong in the US.... 😳
Charles Andy
Charles Andy 5 дней назад
Your not ment to use that spray that close to people let alone spraying someone in the face shocking
HZStudio 5 дней назад
A correctly executed "choke hold" can be very helpful and non lethal.
Chloe Manz
Chloe Manz 5 дней назад
That speech at the end was so powerful. I sat in silence for a few seconds to fully appreciate how true her words were.
Samuel Black
Samuel Black 5 дней назад
I would think that if paperwork was enough to discourage an officer from drawing a gun, the situation may not have warranted a gun to begin with
mikej jones
mikej jones 2 дня назад
That’s easy to say, however if an Officer were to pull their gun when one was already pointed at them it may be too late. You can’t guess when a gun will be pulled on you, or when your life or the public’s will be in danger. Policing is not black and white, it’s extremely unpredictable. A lot of reform is needed, but it’s difficult for the average Joe to come up with solutions without walking a mile in their shoes.
jorgemt62 6 дней назад
The joke about the white baby Jesus is cheap and dumb. Every culture has the right to represent universal religious figures close to their own looks. And not only that: Argentina is the most European American country outside the US and Canada. There is no black population to talk about. And yet the patroness of our Air Force is the Virgin of Loreto, and she is black and holding a black Jesus in her arms. Patroness of the freaking Fuerza Aérea Argentina. Make it more official than that. I have seen Asian, African, and Latino baby and grown up Jesuses, and also Virgins, Gods and saints, and I do not see a problem with those, so why should be a white one troubling - except from a perspective of American white guilt, of course. In fact, the only times I usually notice racial traits as such in religious icons is while sightseeing, that is, when I am looking at the details of a work of art. Otherwise, I only see the symbol. 3.bp.blogspot.com/-vA9OHgyaooc/VlJ3u0N_P0I/AAAAAAAAFpo/g-9Vu-1wUJY/s1600/loreto.jpg
Onyi 5 дней назад
The point was that people will be racist and discriminate against Middle Eastern people meanwhile being Christian. The problem isn’t with people depicting Christ as they’re own race, the problem is with the hypocrisy.
Nathan Long
Nathan Long 5 дней назад
You missed, the ENTIRE POINT of that video.
Paula Whitehead
Paula Whitehead 6 дней назад
I have to ask, why do you hate Cuomo?
Gavin 3 дня назад
Deaths in Rikers, tear gassing strikers, generally a shill for the GOP
Connor Hoagland
Connor Hoagland 6 дней назад
32 thousand cops disliked
justice for Quawan Charles
justice for Quawan Charles 6 дней назад
I don't believe they are being asked to much of seeing as how much they get in funding. They made a choice to be pieces of shit.
Huey Tran
Huey Tran 6 дней назад
That dude who called in on that Zoom call is a national treasure.
rich ri
rich ri 6 дней назад
How many coronavirus cases have there been in your area? Enter your postcode to find out how many people have been infected with coronavirus in your area www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2020...
Maallos334 Mi
Maallos334 Mi 6 дней назад
I just realized the lady in the end referenced the Tulsa Race Massacre
Bless DaPoet
Bless DaPoet 6 дней назад
And then you have people who defend the cops by saying: "He was just doing his job". Those people clearly don't see anything wrong with police brutality. How do we move forward when we have millions of people like that???? So yeah,,, the society is heavily involved in this.
ytho 7 дней назад
I'm really glad John points out that the police aren't vastly doing this on what they feel like, it's from orders and what they are taught. While wrong and no one should until death, the chokehold that was used on Rodney King was taught to the force as something that they should not only use, but often. They are doing what they've been trained and ordered to do. There is a line though between putting someone down because they're being violent and practicing the techniques longer than needed. No one points out that not all cops are white. What about them? What about black cops? Are they all the same? What if a black cop pepper sprayed or shot rubber bullets at peaceful protesters? That happens too, but it's not being talked about.
Kim Bers
Kim Bers 7 дней назад
Thos is exactly why I don’t understand how Clinton could have been considered as « the first black president » wtf ?!?
smilryface Williams
smilryface Williams 7 дней назад
White people broke the contract for blacks the same as they did true Americans the indigenous native American Indians. This sister is keeping it real real. 100.
Mark Dickson
Mark Dickson 7 дней назад
This has been a long time coming, American police are completely out of control & way over armed. Shame on everyone and every institution that has allowed this curse to become normal in our lives
smilryface Williams
smilryface Williams 7 дней назад
Trump's make America great again, is to bring back jim crow, so that white people could feel free to kill black people while having a picnic with there children. To watch them. Torture castrate. Lynch, and burn A black man, so that they could take some body parts home as souvenirs Bill Clinton was nothing but a closet racist grinning in black people's faces. While stabbing them in the back. Hillary Clinton showed her true racist behavior when she was running against president Obama. She and Bill are cut from the same cloth as Trump. Because they were all joined at the hips. By no means do I believe that the democratic party isn't racist. Because most white liberals are as racist as white Supremacist Trump.
li hanyuan
li hanyuan 7 дней назад
your loling
Huey Tran
Huey Tran 7 дней назад
Holy shit that speech in the end was absolutely gripping
The Reptilian Gamer
The Reptilian Gamer 7 дней назад
Where can i find the xlip at the end
winder zhao
winder zhao 7 дней назад
“We got here on purpose” is the most revealing sentence
Tun. 7 дней назад
The lady at the end Is Kimberly Jones! LOOK HER UP she says some empowering things 🤎🤎🤎✊🏿
Fire puppies
Fire puppies 7 дней назад
Destruction is inherently wrong... but when you have little other choice to send a message...
E. Carter Uslabar
E. Carter Uslabar 7 дней назад
The 'fuck you!' at 2:04 is so satisfying I wish I had said it.
MrCowabungaDude 8 дней назад
fake government cops are no rolemodels that kids want to be like.
Jarrel Williams
Jarrel Williams 8 дней назад
This remains the most painful & toughest episode to watch.
Huey Tran
Huey Tran 9 дней назад
Holy shit that speech in the end was absolutely gripping
All Soul
All Soul 8 дней назад
Nice repost
sydgringo 9 дней назад
i love john oliver t6hank you dr maggio for assiging this bulshit constatnly thank yozU ZSO MUCH Z
sydgringo 9 дней назад
sydgringo 9 дней назад
love from kazakhstan
John Doa
John Doa 9 дней назад
If all police are spending more of their annual budget on misconduct lawsuits than actual conduct training then there’s a problem
John Doa
John Doa 9 дней назад
If all police are spending more of their annual budget on misconduct lawsuits than actual conduct training then there’s a problem
winder zhao
winder zhao 9 дней назад
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maaz 69
maaz 69 9 дней назад
Police have used more excessive force on protesters than they have on actual public and school shooters
Keith Chaney
Keith Chaney 10 дней назад
John Oliver, you are just proof to the fact that you don't have to be an American, to be an American hero.
Brandon Newby
Brandon Newby 10 дней назад
If ya can't find the will or the time to do the paperwork associated with the job, you need to find a different job.
The Viewer
The Viewer 6 дней назад
If a doctor was to say that you'd report them ASAP. If a teacher was to say that you'd try and get your kids to a different school. Hell, if a plumbing business was to say that you probably wouldn't want to hire them. We should be holding people with deadly weapons to higher standards than someone we call when our sink is making concerning noises.
Goodluck Chisom
Goodluck Chisom 10 дней назад
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Gregory S
Gregory S 10 дней назад
Look at all of those white cops standing in unison with the union's leader as he acts like the murder of another black man, is not a reason to remove an officer. The shit from the past has been the case for most of my life. That lady at the end was powerful and made complete and absolute sense. She said exactly what needs to be said. all day long or at least for the next 12,000 years.
Muffin of doom
Muffin of doom 10 дней назад
That last bit gave me chills. She is so right. She is an educated, angry, young black woman and the old white men are terrified of that, as they should be.
nate jones
nate jones 10 дней назад
Good fucking christ, that speech at the end. You can taste the truth and conviction.
Christina Baker
Christina Baker 10 дней назад
Fucking WOW! That beautiful woman laid it out AMAZINGLY! She should go to DC and be allowed to show that passion to law makers. I actually got goosebumps! Bravo!
pikeman80 11 дней назад
Oh. cops don't care about the misconduct claims you have to pay out cops. The taxpayers are the ones that are paying those fines. Those claims won't cut down the numbers of assaults, murders, and inappropriate actions by the cops. They don't care! AND HE IS SO RIGHT ABOUT JOE BIDEN......HE IS JUST "TRUMP LIGHT+.....the worst candidate they had in their field.
Hack Job Garage
Hack Job Garage 11 дней назад
Two words... GUN CAM!!! Problem solved! Also maybe start charging these people with crimes! THEY ARE NOT ABOVE THE LAW!!! EQUALITY FOR ALL!!!
Hack Job Garage
Hack Job Garage 11 дней назад
I have NEVER had a police officer there when I needed one. NEVER. I've never even heard of anyone needing an officer and actually receiving assistance. In my experience, the police have only made a bad situation worse. It seems like, if they spent more time waiting for the phone to ring and helping those in need instead of harassing citizens and escalating problems then they would actually doing the job that we pay them to do!
pikeman80 11 дней назад
Take the gun out of the cops hands and maybe they'd have to use their brains......that's assuming they have brains. Cut back on their funding instead of giving them an endless supply of money.
pikeman80 11 дней назад
Actually police have it in their history to subjugate ALL people and the people who were experiencing the "Summer Of Love" were appalled by what was happening to Black people as well.
raphaz11 11 дней назад
John Oliver has clearly not a clue, what he is talking about. And I find his comments on peoples looks, so he doesnt have to deal with their arguments appalling. If you defund the police, there will be less money for training, Officers might be less qualified, wich will result in more Situations "solved" by just shooting the criminals. A defunded police is much more dangerous, than a well funded well trained one.
The Viewer
The Viewer 6 дней назад
The money doesn't just vanish. If you take the money from the police and put it to a local mental health facility then the police are less likely to be called when someone is going through an emotional crisis cause they can go to the mental health facility and speak to someone that knows what they're talking about. If you put more money into rehab and other drug programs the police are less likely to be called for drug related crime cause drug related crime goes down. Defund the police means narrowing the polices scope and putting the now excess money into other resources that are actually a lot more helpful. I mean, statistically police don't really deal with violent crime that often, they deal with those examples I gave far more frequently though and they don't have the training and actively make things worse when there are professionals out there that would know what to do.
kukyo null
kukyo null 11 дней назад
So a few things. 1 the same shit happened again. Riots, then they died down, and next to know positive action has come. 2 it makes me so mad, the fact that the police aren't protecting anyone in my eyes. The thing that is protecting me in my eyes, is my white skin, and its protecting me from the police. And that is so sad, that an institution was created to kill people at random on the streets because they look different. If I wore a yellow hat, and you wore a blue one, should you have the right to gun me down right then and there?
JustCarp 11 дней назад
the woman at the end really shook me with her words. wow.
66fiveandahalf 12 дней назад
Exactly what crimes do the cops actually solve or prevent? They give tickets, intimidate people and or shoot them. If they did stop policing I don't think anyone would notice but the Karens
Kevin Jones
Kevin Jones 12 дней назад
I still don't understand the argument at the end for destroying businesses.
Kevin Jones
Kevin Jones 7 дней назад
@Justin Coccia did you not watch the video? The woman clearly is in favor of building down buildings and she is most definitely part of the BLM movement. The person you're defending isn't on the same level as you and will happily destroy what isn't hers. Explain why you think it's okay please?
Justin Coccia
Justin Coccia 8 дней назад
@Kevin Jones nobody was standing up for the looting and arson People who want to have an agenda, assign a whole bunch of blame to a whole lot of people. All the while ignoring why it happened. Can't say it it in any simpler.
Kevin Jones
Kevin Jones 10 дней назад
@MomentaryKen Again, these are 3rd party who have no involvement?? Why can't these rioters direct their anger towards something actually meaningful? They're absolutely petty and meaningless acts of arson. They should go burn down a police department or state building. These rioters are the same as bullies. They pick on someone who can't defend themselves and tell a sob story or a history lesson as their reason to go burn someone's life. If you still think losing your business doesn't matter then donate all of your retirement money to charity because it's essentially the same thing. Losing everything you've worked for only to be taken away who again WASN'T INVOLVED. They're criminals and should be treated as such. This is exactly why they need to direct their anger towards something meaningful.
MomentaryKen 11 дней назад
@Kevin Jones businesses can be built and grown back and the black community is more than happy to contribute to those businesses but what can't be built back is the lives of people killed by an unjust and unfair system that stems deep into policies built in our nation. Instead of seeing the damage done and thinking "Oh these people are bad because they're burning down businesses" step back and think why are they protesting, why are they doing what they're doing? they've spent years of their lives yelling for their voices to be heard and but people focus on the method more than the message. Property damage doesn't mean shit in comparison to the physical, mental, societal, and emotional toll these people have to face every day from the moment they are born. So yes it's bad that a couple businesses get hurt and we feel for those victims who have to rebuild what they worked for but is that really more important than the disenfranchisement of an entire community of people?
Kevin Jones
Kevin Jones 11 дней назад
​@ArgentumEmperio I agree that the massacres are bad but that's not my argument. These business owners and people who work there haven't been alive for 350 years right? that would be impossible. People who have no involvement with the situation are losing their entire livelihood because of someone they've never met in their life disagreeing with the way POLICE conduct their behaviour. They should direct their anger towards the real problem and not burn their their neighbour's businesses to the ground. If you disagree with me then go to your work and burn it down as well because I clearly won't understand the moral argument here.
Shadow Aitherios
Shadow Aitherios 12 дней назад
1:40 I like this guy
Weskimo501 12 дней назад
How is that scene where they drag the guy from the crowd NOT exactly like the scene from the Hunger Games when do the same thing. Also, to a black guy. THE ACTUAL FUCK.
Michael Anderson
Michael Anderson 12 дней назад
That may be true. But they're MORE likely to be killed by one'a their 'brothers' in the hood.
Justin Coccia
Justin Coccia 8 дней назад
Exactly the doctrine of the last 200 years. Keep them controlled and they will only kill themselves. Except now that information has reached critical mass we realize this is class warfare, with a race scapegoat. Watch how it changes as we become more divided, through capitalism.
Alex Putt
Alex Putt 12 дней назад
Holy shit that speech in the end was absolutely gripping
Aryton Preacher
Aryton Preacher 12 дней назад
That was the best 30 seconds I’ve heard in my entire 28 years of my life. Whoever this man is must be protected at all cost!
DavidVT23 13 дней назад
So there's a joke. "How many therapists does it take to change a lightbulb?" "One, but the lightbulb has to *want* to change." Same situation here. Reforms of police will only work if the police want to reform. And far too many of them, obviously don't.
Paul James
Paul James 13 дней назад
Something about John Oliver is just comforting
TheNexan 13 дней назад
"I yield my time! *_F U C K Y O U !"_* King. King. King.
Sabrina Frölich
Sabrina Frölich 13 дней назад
Tazing a pregnant woman who is refusing to sign a parking ticket. Neither my brain nor my gut want to process these words.
Brad Miller
Brad Miller 11 дней назад
L 13 дней назад
It's not just police, education needs to also be made a level playing field where nobody with whatever ability is left to be placed on the scrap heap no matter what their background, money, or race, or any combination of those is. Stop large colleges becoming money generating machines where the wealthy can buy their stupid offspring a certificate guaranteeing them a prosperous life, while other young people don't even get the basic education they should have a right to.
Otto von Kewl
Otto von Kewl 13 дней назад
Look, I get that these people feel disenfranchised, but there is NO WAY anyone should condone the attitude of the lady at the end. There's a messed up situation, but ostrasizing youself from it and responding to it with an aggressive attitude is never the way. If that woman doesn't feel American and doesn't want to fix the fucked up shit in America, then she doesn't belong in America. And this is the first time I completely disagree with something in a John Oliver show ever. The solution has to come from both ways.
Brad Miller
Brad Miller 11 дней назад
@ArgentumEmperio 👍😎
ArgentumEmperio 11 дней назад
Look up the video "How Can We Win Kimberly Jones" Kimberly Jones is the woman from the clip at the end and to put it bluntly... we got about 350 years worth of history to know that she's not wrong Also look up history that you don't know, are unaware of exists and is neatly compiled on Wikipedia called "List of massacres in the United States" - not all of them are about inequality or are as severe as others but each and every one of them is something that should be taught in in school and those that aren't taught and analyzed from a historical perspective... ask yourself this question: Why aren't they If this is too much work which honestly, it is a lot of work due to the sheer amount of information, then you are forced to either take this at face value as reference material of why Kimberly Jones and John Oliver are correct ... or you can elect to not believe it and just wait until the next Massacre gets ignored and relegated to history lists such as the one on Wikipedia.
Tiffany Cheshire
Tiffany Cheshire 13 дней назад
I’ve watched this episode so many times, it always brings me to tears. I don’t know why John always rags on his looks...I think he’s beautiful.
The Neko Otaku
The Neko Otaku 13 дней назад
Why do fox new anchors look like cult leaders? Or people who have molested children in their basements
Carlton Dunnert
Carlton Dunnert 13 дней назад
That dude who called in on that Zoom call is a national treasure.
Butt Hurtz
Butt Hurtz 13 дней назад
It makes me sick that these people complain about the paperwork they have to do for shooting someone, compared to the paperwork I have to do for an employee of mine getting something in their eye. Can we have equal treatment?
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