Psychics: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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Psychics may seem harmless and fun on TV, but they can make a lot of money by exploiting vulnerable people.
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Earth 2 часа назад
Only person I need an explanation for is Lorraine Warren. How do you explain her and her husbands lifetime work? All the cursed and possessed items they acquired over time and are all stored in a single place. Not saying almost everyone isn’t a scammer most of them are. But in rare cases like the Warrens how do you explain that?
Ginger Goliath
Ginger Goliath 11 часов назад
Of all the things these psychics can see, it's how stupid they are practically becoming. And onto mediums, gonna be great when they start to communicate with their career choice when literally nothing else will replace that.
PS G День назад
I’m opening a psychic university
JOHN PARKER День назад
I went to a psychic and she told I was going to have a baby in the near future. I was 16. And a virgin.
no babe
no babe День назад
*John Oliver talking to Long Island medium lady while he’s dead* John Oliver: I was killed by Tru- Long Island medium: nope, nope, I’ll tell your parents you miss them. John Oliver: It was Trum! Long Island medium: nope! NOPE! NOPE!
Gunnar Freyr Valdimarsson
Gunnar Freyr Valdimarsson 2 дня назад
See Miracle a Netflix series by mentalist/illusionist/magician Darren Brown. A master of his craft. In this special he "exposes" or uses similar technigues use by faith healers and shows actually good results within a certain framework. He is a master hypnotist and he mass hypnotizes the whole audience and lets them get self hypnoticed. He uses visualuzation tecgniques and lets people move ailments away (some types). A lot of people of the audience are healed (might it only be tenporarily). He explains that unknowingly or knowlingly some of the healers are just using a very known method, hypnosis and vizualisation to sooth or heal, at least temporarily. Darren calls them cheats but acknowledges that the "best" of them are really good hypnotizers. And he puts on a fabulous show in an teleavengelical style. He talks you through every step he is taking. Nothing hidden. To prepare he travelled around America to see the tricks and techniques the mass healers use. Exposes them but reuses them with his own craft. And with stunning outcome.
firestorm 8265
firestorm 8265 2 дня назад
I once made my dad stand outside the room, and inside the room of a claimed psychic. I told the psychic my dad died and told her that I wanted to talk to him, I show her a picture of my dad. She told me that he is proud of me and that he very much went to heaven. I laughed and brought my dad in.
paul Z
paul Z 2 дня назад
Rachel Dratch is right, my grandmother is a bitch!
Kevin Sysyn
Kevin Sysyn 2 дня назад
Here's a guy who really hated
Jam Ice
Jam Ice 2 дня назад
I bet this was the lady that talked the dead into voting! Damn! LOL
erika flores
erika flores 2 дня назад
I went to a psychic and she told I was going to have a baby in the near future. I was 16. And a virgin.
Gabriel Jordan
Gabriel Jordan 2 дня назад
I'm sensing someone in your family had a pet cat or dog.
john smith
john smith 2 дня назад
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Elysian Sounds
Elysian Sounds 7 часов назад
Abdallah DZ7
Abdallah DZ7 3 дня назад
"I told him none of his dead relatives want to talk to him" "Thats so them" 😂😂😂😂
Michael 3 дня назад
I didn’t read the title carefully and was initially excited to watch a spiel on ‘Physics.’ This was delightful, though.
Beau Peterson
Beau Peterson 3 дня назад
Sometimes I wonder why we’re not advancing as a society faster, then I’m reminded of people like this. Ok, at this point I don’t really wonder anymore.
R. Syke
R. Syke 3 дня назад
Compare to those who believe that 'original intent' is right way to interpret the constitution.
ivan dunr
ivan dunr 3 дня назад
SO much shade thrown in this episode. lmao. I love it
Anon ymous
Anon ymous 3 дня назад
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Reelijunniz Foorazzholes
Reelijunniz Foorazzholes 4 дня назад
Im fine with people pretending to be psychic as long as they don't prey on people in distress.
dutchcanuck 4 дня назад
Phychics are at the same level as religious evangelists. The only difference is one prays and the other preys on the desperate in order to take their money.
th3doorMatt 4 дня назад
Now I have to MY grandma a bitch? So many unanswered questions...
Kathleen Hoffman
Kathleen Hoffman 5 дней назад
So does a "medium" turn into a "well-done" when they're grilled on TV?
Jake Call
Jake Call 5 дней назад
My grandmother is a bitch!! how did she know??????? 🤔🤔🤔👀👀👀
Rose Aleph
Rose Aleph 5 дней назад
The best way to talk to the dead is in dreams.
Excalibur ZX
Excalibur ZX 5 дней назад
Only person I believe whose a Psychic is Neil Patrick Harris, never forget Space Nazi Psychic
Ben Thomason
Ben Thomason 5 дней назад
Given all the people alex jones thinks were killed by the new world order, the fact that _he himself_ is still alive proves that the NWO doesn't exist.
Hanro50 5 дней назад
....this just kinda makes me want to see how far a psychic could go with someone that has the ability to pull a professional pokerface.
John Smith
John Smith 5 дней назад
My psychic told me you would say that.
matrixphijr 5 дней назад
I would think psychics who are smart enough to cold read a room of people would be smart enough to give themselves an out when trying to work an individual. Something like, "I'm not getting any kind of connection from Matthew. It could mean he isn't dead, because I can only talk to spirits, or maybe the conditions just aren't right and we need to try again later."
MissBardoJeep 6 дней назад
John Oliver should slow down when he speaks. His motormouth is very annoying. Also, I know he thinks it's cool, but it blocks his intuition.
Cas van der Wal
Cas van der Wal 6 дней назад
And by "fishing alone in my boat" Matt means trapping interns in his office with the automated door lock and molesting them.
Myr Ochiltree
Myr Ochiltree 6 дней назад
listen i read tarot and i do believe in it to a degree but i dont really think its ok for the industry to, like, exist! its fucked!
Christopher Moniz
Christopher Moniz 6 дней назад
Me: a engineering student with dyslexia, stoked to see John oliver talk about physics...
Kathryn Heim
Kathryn Heim 6 дней назад
I remember driving with my mom, and we past by a psychic office that said out of business, my mom said bet she didn’t see that coming.
Ben Thomason
Ben Thomason 6 дней назад
I'm going to go to a psychic's presentation, and throw a banana at them. Then I'll say "I bet you didn't see that coming."
some rando
some rando 6 дней назад
Man, remember when the show used to do fun stories like this? I wonder if we’ll ever get back to those days...
Vinícius de A Batista
Vinícius de A Batista 6 дней назад
0:12 - "there is not a whole else going on right now" -john before 2020
Ryan McInnis
Ryan McInnis 6 дней назад
I remember driving with my mom, and we past by a psychic office that said out of business, my mom said bet she didn’t see that coming.
Martin 1
Martin 1 7 дней назад
“That’s great”
ahmed asmalika
ahmed asmalika 7 дней назад
12:35 Beaking News : John likes f*cking fluffy things ! that explain all the beastiality he keeps bringing up !
Jack Mahler
Jack Mahler 7 дней назад
3:07 Maronna mia indeed
Rosa Cummings
Rosa Cummings 7 дней назад
The funniest of debunk of all time....a psychic told Houdini that she was talking to his mom....his response, "I didn't know you were bilingual"....she said "i'm not"....his response, "thats funny because my mom didn't speak a word of English"
Chaos-15 7 дней назад
Hey. She was a bitch. But she was our bitch ... Miss you Abuela. RIP.
Carlton Dunnert
Carlton Dunnert 7 дней назад
4:52 "There is a big D in your life..." ..ok.
Gozi 8 дней назад
i fucking thought this said physics i was like since when is john oliver a scientist
Emanuel Moreno
Emanuel Moreno 8 дней назад
12:20 jhon is using discord to blame the impostor. Ban him.
Moses Calkins
Moses Calkins 8 дней назад
Misread the title as physics, a little disappointed
MrsGamgee977 9 дней назад
(I know this is about psychics, but...) My fave Dr Oz moment ever was when a woman in the audience asked if it was normal to orgasm every time she did a poo.
Mohamed Slimani
Mohamed Slimani 9 дней назад
the people who believe in psychics are the same as those who voted for trump ... I would'v asked how could they be so stupid then I think mybe they are from an other paralel universe and they logic there is no the same as in this universe
Hunter12365 9 дней назад
I thought it said physics....frigging dislexia 😑
Ivan Espinoza
Ivan Espinoza 9 дней назад
I went to a psychic and she told I was going to have a baby in the near future. I was 16. And a virgin.
MEEMS 9 дней назад
Amanda Berry's mom died thinking she was dead. Fucking horrible.
pt42sundevils 9 дней назад
ICYMI: My Xbox Review is LIVE on the channel.
ghastlyairs 10 дней назад
"Anime drawing of Jared Kushner" that killed me, fucking accurate 😂
Kyle W.
Kyle W. 10 дней назад
8:26 hang on Amelia Earhadt called in
Abel Steve
Abel Steve 11 дней назад
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Sue Kovalski
Sue Kovalski 11 дней назад
Cindygr8ce 11 дней назад
I low-key love the name Wakey Wakey for a talk show
Cindygr8ce 11 дней назад
Whew glad none of those people with talk shows are supposed to be actual fucking doctor's
Aiden Eastwind
Aiden Eastwind 11 дней назад
Professor X would be so proud of you
MforMovesets 12 дней назад
I just can't watch psychics being destroyed on TV. I feel too embarrassed for them.
Dean Troy
Dean Troy 12 дней назад
I remember driving with my mom, and we past by a psychic office that said out of business, my mom said bet she didn’t see that coming.
World Truth
World Truth 12 дней назад
Jon Oliver wears a top hat on monocle on his weiner and calls it Mr. Peanut
marie-rose daly
marie-rose daly 12 дней назад
This BS needs to stop 2020 and not the 16th century
Larry Lamb
Larry Lamb 12 дней назад
CHRIST told us that there would be wolves in sheep's clothing !
Almarane 12 дней назад
Greg inherited his parents' fortune, but still wanted to pursue his passion of video games and decided to work in a Gamestop
D Hotz
D Hotz 12 дней назад
I'm surprised Trump doesn't have a psychic in his employ?
Nithin 12 дней назад
1:23 lmao kamala harris stole this for her debate
TheMiket273 12 дней назад
Is it coincidental that 4 in10 people believe in psychics and around 4 in 10 people believe in Trump? Gullible is as gullible does
Coda V
Coda V 14 дней назад
John Oliver the legend. Duck psychics. I said what I said.
DPowered Smith
DPowered Smith 14 дней назад
gosh people are desperate and stupid
C T 14 дней назад
1:04 15:57
CuttleFisH 15 дней назад
Ooohhh shit 4:50 is the girl jon tron made fun of on goop lab
Xander Shullaw
Xander Shullaw 15 дней назад
Ghosts are real, psychics are not.
Rinnosempai 15 дней назад
the "only" pshychic ... that I can entirely trust is Patrick Jane.. and he's not even a phsychic.. he is the Mentalist. Yeah, sad he doesn't exist irl though.
kamiri george
kamiri george 16 дней назад
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Fred Blonder
Fred Blonder 16 дней назад
“They took in 500 million dollars. I had no idea psychics could make that much money.” Well duh, if you were a psychic you would know that.
alina angela
alina angela 17 дней назад
I went to a psychic and she told I was going to have a baby in the near future. I was 16. And a virgin.
Mall Ninja
Mall Ninja 17 дней назад
40% of Americans believe psychics are real. That is depressing. On the one hand, the only thing keeping me from being rich is my sense that's immoral to fleece gullible, stupid people. On the other - those dumb motherfuckers are gonna waste their money somewhere, and "make Mall Ninja rich" is probably a less-immoral cause than many of the other causes they'd support. I might need to rethink my life choices.
CloudsGirl7 17 дней назад
I love the audience's reaction when Matt Lauer's mug showed up. 😂
Rodney Love
Rodney Love 17 дней назад
Robby Davis
Robby Davis 19 дней назад
I'm lucky my travels barely got me into that profession. Its a good one for the future though if anyone is college bound. A money maker for sure and good for society as well.
Robby Davis
Robby Davis 19 дней назад Those types are better at predictions.
Robby Davis
Robby Davis 19 дней назад
LOL. I'm such an idiot.
TG TG 20 дней назад
Time is not linear, it only is from our perception. Some people really do have visions because they aren’t perceiving time in a normal way. They aren’t out there for money though. More so suffer from it more than anything. Nor do they actually choose what they see or hear. They really show symptoms more like schizophrenia but controlled in a sense. Sometimes self induced. Real “psychics” aren’t anything like the scammers that are being shown here. Where they look at people or picture and guess what that person may be thinking. Genuine psychics have to go through a special process entering a meditative state called “cosmic consciousness” entering something called the Akashic records. The people who access these more innately have a strong Neptune influence. Find your moon sign and the house it sits in. You must have the exact time of your birth to find the house your moon is in. I’ve had many precognitions and have foretold my own future through my subconscious mind years in advance. All has happened. I’d even seen what my friends were doing when they were not there. Everything in the universe is connected.
Cindra Mendibles
Cindra Mendibles 21 день назад
I remember driving with my mom, and we past by a psychic office that said out of business, my mom said bet she didn’t see that coming.
H H 21 день назад
.Can't hide
Jazzy Beat
Jazzy Beat 21 день назад
4:52 "There is a big D in your life..." ..ok.
Martin Major
Martin Major 21 день назад
Is it an insult to wish James Randi may rest in peace? When he knew perfectly well that there is no afterlife?
Eli Hancock
Eli Hancock 21 день назад
Chartreuse Maiden
Chartreuse Maiden 23 дня назад
I can't fathom somebody making money of what it really is. It doesn't work like that at all. But I never judge people either...well the ones who do this. It is just NOT how it works. They are con artist. I even had to spook a few in the local ones and scolded them. It is not a gift it is a legit problem. Think of it like Charlie, I dunno I use this as an actual experience. A 13 year old came home from church with her family for some reason her piece of shit dad ACTUALLY got them a McDonald's happy meal. She didn't care she finally was allowed to eat McDonald's. She and her sister were so excited. So before starting their homework they had lunch the girl's little sister had to go to the bathroom so the older one waited for her before eating (that just how we were raised shut up) In the meantime, with no in the room except for the small chiuahuah the girl's sister's burger just rose up. The dog started barking and the dad in next room over just yelled at the dog to "shut the hell up!" The girl was so focused on the burger not thinking of anything else. When her sister returned the burger fell onto the table bounced to the floor. Dog still barking. And the sister was pissed asking. "Why did you throw my burger on the floor." The girl was like....."......uh....I didn't. I swear." Her sister ran to their shitty horrible abusive father and told on the girl and she ended up with a massive ass whipping for something she didn't do and couldn't explain. Fuck those psychics this is not something you can profit off of!! >:( I don't blame people but fuck it is not fair.
LUchesi 23 дня назад
John: Loss is complicated! Loss: Is this me?
Maddie Tillem
Maddie Tillem 24 дня назад
I believe some people are better at understanding others, but that is FAR from being a psychic. Most psychics aren't even there to help others anyways
Gamersoldier100 25 дней назад
Unfortunately, some truly gifted people can give you information. But they don't g on tv or the phone or open a shop to do this. When a person giving a reading continually asks you questions; they are most likely fake. A true psychic doesn't need to ask. There is one that I knew and that never knew the things in my that she told me. She was offered many $ making jobs with psychic lines, etc but she wouldn't do it. She could have supported her family. But she wanted to maintain her integrity. Hey. I know this sounds nuts. But I got her to gasp one day. She thought she was crazy, but she told me where she saw me and she was correct. Where I chose to meditate and believe me it's not a normal place that anyone could imagine or think of. I think she was actually jealous.
aidan gibbons
aidan gibbons 26 дней назад
People are stupid....its that simply..
Bismarck 26 дней назад
This makes me ask many questions about clergyman and religious ministers giving prophetic messages claiming to be from God. They even claim to cure illnesses, and more... Fuck it, Let's all be Psychics..
Siddharth Hegde
Siddharth Hegde 26 дней назад
The 'Psychic' woman at 3:55 looks like the ultimate Karen.
Anne Elise Morrigan
Anne Elise Morrigan 27 дней назад
HOLY SHIT! SHE IS PSYCHIC! My grandmother IS a bitch!
CONCEPT DESIGNS 28 дней назад
I wanna call California Psychics and when they say "ok lemmie get your name" . . .me: "Shouldnt you already know that???"
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