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One America News, or OAN, is a far-right news network being embraced by President Trump at his coronavirus press briefings. John Oliver takes a look at who they are, how they report, and why they could be a big problem during the pandemic.
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Helen Frederick
Helen Frederick 20 минут назад
I have never seen it. Not the point. Not her? job to control what her parents watch. Will have to see if I can find it. Don't know what is available where I am. My kids would be out of the will, just for starters, if they did that to me. I think watch what there is so, at the very least, you know what others are saying or doing. Conversely, they are as convinced as you are that the other side' is wrong and the minds are warped, confused and out of touch, bordering on mad or extremely evi. I see merit in different things on both sides.
K- Drex
K- Drex Час назад
Why is it that crazy right wingers and most republicans in general have NO UPPER LIPS??? This dude, mitch mcconnell, giuliani, pence, karl rove, limbaugh, etc......Look at ALL OF EM!! NO LIPS!! And if they DO, they have some fucked up looking lips like paul ryan or marc rubio
Steve Freiwald
Steve Freiwald Час назад
Bet OAN won't be in White House after Jan 20. No more crazy liars news network OAN. TRUMP TV.
andydidyouhear 2 часа назад
The collection of fine words with their definitions is a great idea!
chaz Tranchina
chaz Tranchina 4 часа назад
I cant count how many times I've been fooled by a transgender penguin. That's why I am jobless, childless and living off the government now....Dont think it cant happen to you. Stupidity is an epidemic.
Herald 4 часа назад
4:51 I, as a citizen living in the largest Muslim majority country, am offended
Andrew Randston
Andrew Randston 4 часа назад
God Oliver.. you guys are so crooked I'll be surprised if you can pee straight
Zack Smith
Zack Smith 23 минуты назад
Same to u
Jack Mcnuggets
Jack Mcnuggets 5 часов назад
He means when he is wrong he is still “ Right Wing Nut Job” seriously that’s what he means
Jim Elliott
Jim Elliott 6 часов назад
OAN is banned for a week on youtube cos of a covid cure video remember to report OAN if they are spreading harmful conspiracies
DENVER JIU JITSU 7 часов назад
You have no credibility ax hole!
palopatrol 7 часов назад
I just love how OAN’s logo is portraying an eagle’s LEFT wing.
Will J
Will J 7 часов назад
This guy is slightly funny, but he is complete fake news
Peter Langdale
Peter Langdale 7 часов назад
Junior would just shoot a Tiger, it's what he does, while snorting cocaine.
Avi Chetri
Avi Chetri 7 часов назад
6:33 - I think the tag-line, "even when I'm wrong, I'm right" is to imply, even if I am morally* wrong, or say the inappropriate thing, it strikes a deep truth. It's the animalistic analysis of our brains to hate the new and foreign when they might threaten our lives or lifestyles.
Guy Massicotte
Guy Massicotte 8 часов назад
Loll they do way better than the other that spin lies and ask the flavor of ice cream ;)
s Takala
s Takala 8 часов назад
Pathetic news organization. Period.
ausfi 8 часов назад
What about NTD, at least as bad as AON? They had their own election map, all different from the right one.
Kyle Cooley
Kyle Cooley 8 часов назад
Someone need to tell her you don't drink the hair dye OMG
oefspcedwards 9 часов назад
OAN is pure propaganda
Montesama314 9 часов назад
Traditional gender roles are bullshit, so... Yay, penguins.
Montesama314 9 часов назад
"Even when I'm wrong, I'm right" could refer to being on the political right. In other words, he's fine with telling people total lies and falsehoods as long as he can tell conservatives what they want to hear.
Montesama314 9 часов назад
Coming back to this video after the election, Trump and his cult has leaned on OAN even more, calling Fox News a channel with traitors.
Leeningtowerofpizza 9 часов назад
Polyamorous lobsters When I tell you I WhEeZeD
Collin Keyser
Collin Keyser 9 часов назад
OANN Has Apparently Been Demonitized & Had It's Account Suspended For A Week.
jake atkinson
jake atkinson 9 часов назад
What the fuck is wrong with Trump’s son’s upper teeth?
Yodel 10 часов назад
Where the hell does America find these OAN types?
Baribrotzer 10 часов назад
"That's a look that says, 'Hhhow did I woind up, in the meedle of this arse-ole samwich?'"
Mercedez Bascombe
Mercedez Bascombe 10 часов назад
jazzmusic gorillaz edm direstraits juul technoblade
Earnest Funship
Earnest Funship 10 часов назад
Oliver is a pathetic and vile "comic" that many Americans go to for a perspective on the "news." SMH
David McKilligan
David McKilligan 10 часов назад
If John Oliver doesn't like OAN that's a great reason to watch it. Only this shill would run away from the truth.
captainautobots 11 часов назад
5:51 "Milf Chronicles 4: Busty Mansions" Thank you for that. brb
B 11 часов назад
Because OAN tells the truth and you all are #FAKENEWS
NatashaJane1987 11 часов назад
The irony of stating you're "living under an edict not unlike Hitler's Germany" when spouting right wing propaganda Joseph Goebbels would be proud of. OAN have just been suspended from RUposts for sharing a fake coronavirus cure, which is irresponsible and dangerous, and despite warnings. If you think this is censorship; RUposts is a private company not a public forum (as ruled in a US court in February) and this breaks the site's policies, the same as hate speech or inciting violence.
Muffin Toast
Muffin Toast 13 часов назад
"We are living under a tyranny" Said as Trump is president, so I guess he's right
Orken Erken
Orken Erken 13 часов назад
You are just a joke
Patricia Sannino
Patricia Sannino 13 часов назад
You are laughable! Grow up!!@
Temo Galvan
Temo Galvan 14 часов назад
15:50 Why is he complaining if he loves Trump so much...? He’s contradicting him self
Kathy Pelkowski
Kathy Pelkowski 14 часов назад
“Asshole sandwich”. 😆😆😆
Milla Wochnik
Milla Wochnik 15 часов назад
I really don’t know wether to laugh or to cry 😂😭
Shardninja Shenanigans
Shardninja Shenanigans 16 часов назад
They just got banned for a week... Sadly not enough considering if it was a Nintendo streamer it would be banned for life.
Ben Bauer
Ben Bauer 17 часов назад
Who was brought back by the RUposts ban?
Race Pace Masters Swimming
Race Pace Masters Swimming 17 часов назад
Hair dresser = gas chambers?? His hair is shit anyway.
yogisie 18 часов назад
Thank GOD Biden won't call on these nutjobs!
Race Pace Masters Swimming
Race Pace Masters Swimming 18 часов назад
OAN = ⚾️⚾️⚾️⚾️⚾️⚾️⚾️⚾️⚾️⚾️
Race Pace Masters Swimming
Race Pace Masters Swimming 18 часов назад
🤢😳 OAN is becoming the story instead of reporting the story
Brandon McNamara
Brandon McNamara 19 часов назад
This is a joke
Michael Gaskill
Michael Gaskill 20 часов назад
John Oliver is a pompous-ass Brit that has no clue as to what he's talking about. I haven't cared what Brits thinks since 1776
J F 20 часов назад
Communist don't want Anyone to hear the truth, it interferes with their agenda.
DeVout Lion
DeVout Lion 20 часов назад
Oliver’s a bitch
marines0001 21 час назад
you know they are getting it correct when un funny comedians try to make you feel they are miss leading you. like this guy is a complete loser !!!!
Harold Denver
Harold Denver 21 час назад
My god that penguin clip... I think I just had an aneurysm trying to follow that logic.
Walter Kyson
Walter Kyson 22 часа назад
Is it just me or does "One America News Network" heavily sound like a ficitional propaganda network out of a Cold War movie?
Kedhar Swaminathan
Kedhar Swaminathan 5 часов назад
I mean your not exactly wrong...
Lori Maurer
Lori Maurer День назад
I LOVE OAN, because they aren't CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC! LONG LIVE OAN AND NEWSMAX! Who is this British leftist snob? Never heard of him😂
Matthew Burdick
Matthew Burdick День назад
Fuck you Oli
Rose Black
Rose Black День назад
I would gladly take the angry communist Rachel Maddow for a comrade.
Gavin Woodward
Gavin Woodward День назад
John Oliver uses the same penguin chain logic on almost everything about OAN
NovaInc. День назад
It’s weird looking back to the period of the corona outbreak where Americans didn’t wear masks yet... so weird
E942 День назад
OAN began as satire, I am sure of that.
Janet Williamson
Janet Williamson День назад
John Oliver...yet another failed jester of the left.... a little TDS a pinch of hypocrisy and a dash of denial...
tomas roca
tomas roca День назад
OANN Makes Fox News Look Like CNN
Melodias День назад
Appearntly got banned for a week off youtube and demonitized for posting fake cure video
jrstar777 День назад
OAN! Bc they're the few telling the truth....Unlike the throw up you spew to people along with your "journalist" peers.
Rakshasa День назад
"Do you consider the term 'Chinese food' racist?" ...
Gunhaver День назад
6:55 If Rush Limbaugh hates anything, and constantly brings it up how much he doesn't like it, its unfettered capitalism. I consider Rush to be the embodiment of conservatism, for better or worse. Whoever this OAN chode is, its not conservative.
P. Luffy
P. Luffy День назад
You should have ended this with "even when I'm right, I'm wrong" xD
ironside eve
ironside eve День назад
Conrad Favale
Conrad Favale День назад
He warned us... Now it's the go-to for Trump lovers. I've never seen a president so religiously fawned over...it's creepy.
Ty 4 часа назад
I disagree. There was a failed Austrian artist who went into politics once and became the messianic "savior" of a certain nation.
Mary Clark
Mary Clark День назад
If u tube really does Ban OAN then once again we have media censorship which is BS I guess I’ll have to stop watching u tube
Techno Logic
Techno Logic 10 часов назад
@captainautobots Vaccines cause autism, the Earth is flat, global warming is a hoax, and Abraham Lincoln invented gravity.
Techno Logic
Techno Logic 10 часов назад
@captainautobots The bird may find me, but he cannot lay a finger on me here.
captainautobots 11 часов назад
You'll be missed. Now THAT'S fake news!
Techno Logic
Techno Logic 12 часов назад
Well it's not really about media censorship. They didn't flag Trump's tweets about him winning the election because it was him, but because he was wrong.
Dianna Riley,
Dianna Riley, День назад
Lies and bigotry! Black votes don’t count! If y’all had your way, we blacks would still be in slavery and not able to vote! I’m baffled by the idiocy of you white people who came to America, didn’t learn anything about the native Americans language, but require everyone who comes to America, to learn your language. Now I see your people with signs saying that you’re coming after African Americans and Native Americans. Bigotry at your best!
Avel Vel
Avel Vel День назад
CNN suck ass and Fox is follows to , 👎🏾😑
Joe Johnson
Joe Johnson День назад
Fucking perfect
Mary Clark
Mary Clark День назад
Love OAN !!! And Main dream media is Evil
Slappppy День назад
You are irrelevant.
Bobby Pinkston
Bobby Pinkston День назад
Said a commentor who doesn't attach their name to a RUposts comment, on a video posted half a year ago. The irony is amazing.
cgirl111 День назад
In my area Comcast doesn't carry OAN and hopefully it stays that way.
Trevor H.
Trevor H. День назад
You know what's hilarious about this? If you google OAN, THIS thumbnail, with John Oliver on it is used as their main picture on wikipedia blurb on the right. It looks like he's their main anchor, and it absolutely must stay that way. lol
Davey Jones
Davey Jones День назад
Backpfeifengesicht??? The Germans certainly have the greatest words ever
Apache День назад
Leftist trash
jo14wp День назад
John Oliver has such an annoying voice!
Yorky Gonzalez
Yorky Gonzalez 9 часов назад
His british
Phyllis Davenport
Phyllis Davenport День назад
Omg his voice is so squeaky I bet all of wan are just like them ! Filthy porno people
FO Biggles
FO Biggles День назад
3:35 - 2 grand is NOT alot of money.
Larry Mant
Larry Mant День назад
So is RUposts part of Democratic party?. Sure looks like when the Democrats scream to censor group they don't like RUposts does it according to the NY Times.
user name
user name День назад
Right wingers can't stand free speech. They mass report opinion they don't like and get accounts terminated. My last one didn't make it a month. It's incredibly lucky Hitler, I mean Trump was defeated. He would finished this country off.
ChiefMishka День назад
Me liking this video from 7 months after its posting.
Jeff Hinkle
Jeff Hinkle День назад
Kindly take the word News out of your name. May I suggest OACTAA. One American Conspiracy Theory After Another. That would be more truthful. The bile you spread is the farthest thing possible from "News".
hone marshall
hone marshall День назад
John Oliver i tip my hat you are the Fuckin man. God bless and keep taking down the scum of this country.
ytho День назад
Graham Ledger: "I'd rather die of coronavirus than..." Coronavirus: That can be arranged.
MA CODEPAGE День назад
Now do one for CNN.
Mayk3_ME 9 часов назад
@MA CODEPAGE United States of America. Where did you learn your word structuring?
MA CODEPAGE 9 часов назад
@Mayk3_ME where did you learn English from?
Mayk3_ME 10 часов назад
@MA CODEPAGE let me put this on a way you understand. Would you put a round peg in a square hole?
MA CODEPAGE 10 часов назад
@Mayk3_ME you don't make much sense.
Mayk3_ME 12 часов назад
They’ll be forcing something that is not equivalent. You’re asking for fascist/communist propaganda
Just A Tiger Defying The Laws of Gravity
Just A Tiger Defying The Laws of Gravity День назад
Hey Penguin woman, heterosexual couples have destroyed traditional marriage and marriage overall so why not let other couples try to repair it.
jordan c
jordan c День назад
OAN is becoming worst than Fox News
FLSG Reddit
FLSG Reddit День назад
nice grammar dumbass
9enius День назад
Whites love crying about having the easiest life on the planet
The Last Draco
The Last Draco День назад
2:46 the man in the first row looks dumbfounded
kricketcraze EXCO
kricketcraze EXCO День назад
Patrick McCormick
Patrick McCormick День назад
Freedom of speech. Anything else is propaganda. Even this "comedy".
Ryan Tornai
Ryan Tornai День назад
Freedom of speech doesn't prevent you from calling OAN fucking retarded though
Andrew John
Andrew John День назад
4:00. I can’t watch any more.
Gonzo Bonzo
Gonzo Bonzo День назад
We should not be aiming for the industrial revolution, children lost hands and fingers, a whole building burnt to the ground with all their workers in it, monopolies rank amuck, and we barely got paid enough for the food we'd need. If anything he forwards the notion of sanders.
Makeda Byrd
Makeda Byrd День назад
These people are blithering idiots!
Makeda Byrd
Makeda Byrd День назад
I'm here after the election. This makes so much sense. He should have never been President. Presidential, he is not!
Rajeev Prabhakar
Rajeev Prabhakar День назад
The “even when I am wrong, I’m right” slogan has a different connotation I think - the right refers to right wing, not to correct. It is a direct pandering to the right wing viewers (just like they pander Trump) that the newscaster will champion right wing views, even when they are wrong, than providing a left leaning view that is right.
horrorfan84 День назад
What if human children are raised to think they always win even if they lose? doesn't that lead to a warped expectation of winning and losing? and if so doesn't that lead to widespread ignorance and fit throwing when they grow up and lose something? and if that happens doesn't that lead to baseless claims being thrown around as they try to win even though they lost? and if so doesn't that mean that to stop themselves from losing they will do anything to try to take the win away from the rightful winner? and if so.....okay my head hurts but hey back to what i was talking about originally, chocolate chip cookies are much better when you put chunks instead of chips in, this has been OAN news where even when we're ignorant and stupid we are still intelligent and in the know! goodnightdayafternooneveningmorning
Rollslow День назад
Chanel Rion just tells the truth
Well We do know the dhimmicrats plan to bring hundred thousands more of their wonderful innocent peace loving pious muslim jihadist companions to America! It was their plan if hillary had won the 2016 election! Say goodbye to Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving and all things Christian, It offends the dhimmicrats wonderful innocent peace loving pious muslim jihadist companions "Constituents" www.nbcnews.com/storyline/europes-border-crisis/john-kerry-u-s-accept-85-000-refugees-2016-100-n430576
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