Coronavirus IX: Evictions: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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4 месяца назад

With evictions set to rise due to the economic fallout caused by the coronavirus, John Oliver discusses the long struggle with housing in the US, why it’s gotten worse in recent months, and how to prevent an escalating crisis.
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Jonathan Bailey
Jonathan Bailey 20 часов назад
Oliver I gotta say your worth every breath and every word! No one reads comments but i gotta say it anyway
Someone 234
Someone 234 2 дня назад
Rentoid propaganda
Dennis Scott
Dennis Scott 3 дня назад
"Throwing out a single mother with 3 children isn't fun, but it's business." The US really is a 3rd world country in disguise..
MrCowabungaDude 3 дня назад
I'm going to be broke because my rent and addictivly consumer-buying habits. I'm a consumer on welfare and I'm just a single room renter. The economy has a chance to reset itself but it's not going to happen because of all the fake-news and importance of corrupt people. The economy isn't real to begin with it's just like the crust of a good sandwhich. The flavor doesn't come from the crust, it's just a fake reason to believe the flavor is based off the flavor of dried-cooked outsiding. The economy is going to ruin a lot of peoples' lives if the government forces people back to work and have to wait to spend time at a place that gives them back problems. Everyone living semi-comfortably off of welfare are going to be forced to surrender their precious-items because greedy people refuse to admit to their counterfeit-money laundering. Conolizing-socialists trapped during this quarantine are covering-up their dirty-laundry. If anything gets better it's not going to be the economy for minorities. The policies of foreign businesses are rubbing off on company policies that have much better ethics and forced to compete with the standards of slave-driving people that believe in espionage as the true government basis. I as a single-male above the age of 25 is making way less money than a privelaged 20 year old socilizing with old-men in hopes to influence other kids into believing him as a prophet sent from the future of all mankind to save only white-rich people and pretty girls. The ugly girls and colored people will have to work 40 plus hours for below age-restricted wages that are based on a set-standard minimum. They'd have to give up their favorite position as a cashier to get paid more they'd have to take a management position because they've been getting prettier and the rich old white-men want to meet them to take them to dinner, buy them a watch, and have sex until someone prettier comes along. A cashier making over $40 an hour and working 20 hours "FULL-TIME"; give or take; would have a much happier life to be at work on time and smile at their customers. Other than a cashier who has to work for $15 an hour working 40 hours "full-time" and get another job just because one paycheck doesn't amount to the debt accumulated as a consumer plus rent. The States is corrupted by business-politicians with no experience in customer-service. Their concerns are worthless... their families are spoiled-brats, and probably paid their way to an education not qualified to apply for certain positions out of their states. Foreign-businesses are ruining cities that never needed to see their faces in the first place. It's like seeing a stuck-up arrogant pretty-guy trying to take a girl away from her childhood sweetheart. Really rude. Nothing they say or do can ever be considered as an apology because of the patronizing attitude that burdens foreign people with no actual rights of being "special" on foreign soil. Life and liberty under an espionage government doesn't exist. Everyone that doesn't look cool enough to be in those white-people families are a target to be patronized for looking like they know something; and bullies having the urge to harrass citizens for being consumers are ridiculously-idiotic because of the right of "Life and Liberty". Socialisim supports Capitalisim, capitalisim is based off of criminal-opportunism; legal or illegal. Those facist ideologies are supportive of a government that gains by espionage and saving face with technology; to keep distance from getting their hands and the hands of their families dirty. An economy being brick-walled by a monopoly of tech-companies won't ever see a day of a safe better future. Those electronic-technology based companies with high gross-incomes should be taxed per programming and liabilities created with total disregard to the demographics sold too. A lot of fake currency is being used to pay rent in areas that don't have the technology to know if the tenants are being funded in fake-currency backed by syntax-programs that accumulate numbers at the push of a button. Even possibly those "privileged" few are bribing realty-agents, with counterfeit cyber-funds to squat in buildings not being well taken care of to further their plans of espionage to over-throw democracy for good families. Segregation is the best idea to straighten out an economy that is biased on race. Singles, families, old, young, short, tall, rich, poor, students, educated, criminals, etc. however a government; without the need of espionage to stay operating; could explain all the **ckery that white-people love to colonize cities for. A country with multiple billionaires with poor people sleeping in the streets is very odd. How is that even possible that billionaires are possible to be so high in regards that their lives aren't targeted, or even investigated for corruption and criminal activity? Poor people need quality lives too. They haven't been asking for much from my perspective, but I do still see overzealous white-people waiting to lash out during summer time, because during winter Santa's watching. Bipolar-economys are corrupt! Technology companies that let their products exist in the hands of criminals are definitely corrupt! Careless rich white-people culturally-appropriating to venture into further foreign lands are intruding on familys' rights to stay properly educated and ethically earning a living; that won't fail them and stab them in the back to use them as a scapegoat to throw under buses! A banking-cap can prove of illegal counterfeit-funding from foreign locations connecting to localized criminals plotting to get away with money-laundering through espionage. Too bad realtors haven't been making their tenants pay monthly for a living-permit instead of paying full rent prices that won't allow them to save to return back at work. Being able to buy a living-permit could've easily been set by government to inform realtors, tenants, and homeless of an option to find shelter and stay sanitized. The homeless could be sorted out and seen by counselors or therapists to get their lives in order. Living in the 21st Century is ruined, uneducated people learning manipulation tactics by slick talking wordplay is very sad to know people without proper educations are getting better jobs than people that earned a degree just for proof of perseverance and working at a regular day-job with the rest of the hardworking people that too have a perseverance to keep food on their family's table. School's important... i feel bad for all those new college students that had to get a refund for quarantine and move back home to stay in quarantine and learn off T.V. and turn in all their workbook-packets, their tests, and not be able to apply for the classes they would have if they weren't in quarantine. I hate being poor and teeter-tottering my bank statements because evil white-people don't support consumerism, they just like looking at me when I'm shopping thinking I'm trying to steal everything. Too late! The whole store's probably stolen by an economist washing his money with the total store-income accumulating solid bank-notes from good-earning citizens. Hopefully nobody in HR's forming a conflict of interest by being over-qualified for their position and typing away on company computer-hardware to load a syntax-code that "distracts" forensic-scientists, from furthering an investigation on treason. They're just supposed to clock-in and clock-out, not loading a planted virus spy-ware code to center-target on locations for other cyber-criminals to use IP addresses in foreign locations. They're trying to triangulate signals to find people they can solicite to and make "money" offers that don't exist! White-people are the worst liars... and the ugliest criminals! Cracking down on cyber-criminals and their allegiances it's the perfect time to catch and release them all, until they do make a real move worth sentencing them to a jail-sentence. Jail-rent is free! Wow! The only bad thing... angry white-people still. Also... they might be guy-guy with swastikas tattoo'd on their butt-cheeks! They might force rustic foolduggery to purse the lips of a victim in joining their Christian-Aryan agenda within the prisons free-walls. The white-people outside of prison are oblivious of the uprising of Swastika butt-cheeks being tattoo'd for the Christian-Aryan culture inside the pen. Probably Barabbas still likes the smell of his sleeping bunkmates rearend... his taste for rustic penny-lemonaide is very strong. He may lick the center while grabbing the tattoo'd Swastikas on each cheek, generously spreading the danish to expose the "chocolate" center? Free rent in prison! I guess life is a trap for the white-people to poach the souls of the stupid "animals" dumb enough to play Monopoly. I can't buy nudes and pay rent! Geez!
Raph Arreaza
Raph Arreaza 4 дня назад
I keep thinking back to the relief package that is still to be approved.
Mister Gunsen
Mister Gunsen 4 дня назад
what the fuck was that ps5 commercial
Blake 4 дня назад
Living in vehicle now, no job, Trump now stopping food stamps. 62 sick . florida, making it illegal to live in car with fines. jail lose vehicle. This is how America treats Veterans. Starvation next.
Wee lil' Dinosaur
Wee lil' Dinosaur 4 дня назад
sorry, but the worst thing to ever happen to weddings is the wedding industry
Xenotric 5 дней назад
perhaps buying up properties you dont need only as a means to charge people isn't the soundest financial model let alone moral decision
Random Garbage
Random Garbage 5 дней назад
spoiler: it got worse
Micah Schweitzer
Micah Schweitzer 7 дней назад
Meanwhile, Houston city council voted to raise the police budget by $20 million, from just under a billion dollars, to just under a billion dollars.
ray jacobs
ray jacobs 7 дней назад
9:00 Not all Canadians are like that guy, most of us are quite cool about things....
Alex Martinez Coronado
Alex Martinez Coronado 9 дней назад
Someone spent 20,010 on that painting and just yeet'd it for a joke? I love this show.
Mikhail Sunstone
Mikhail Sunstone 11 дней назад
4:38 min in. Holy crap. Watching this on the day ps5 comes out. 11/12/20 5:57pm
Cindygr8ce 13 дней назад
Anyone surprised nothing has been done yet? Nothing will b done until maybe end if January but lets face it then it's tax season again we aren't getting anymore relief if the Dems don't win the GA runoff seats for the Senate
PureNeptune 13 дней назад
Old vid I know, but the way he just tosses that painting out of frame when he's finished with it and you can hear it hit the floor is just great.
Blake Polak
Blake Polak 13 дней назад
With all due respect to those suffering hardships, I represent a large property management company that oversees a large number of properties in central Indiana and "owns" the majority of those. By "owns," I mean they are mortgaged and one of several lending institutions hold the deed to the actual property. Suggesting that we should better plan for a "rainy day" is, again, with all due respect, incredibly shortsighted. Under no circumstances do we enjoy filing evictions. However, the fact that there was a plague that began affecting this country in March does not forgive the fact that we have had to continue to pay (non-federally-backed) mortgages on properties where we have been patient with tenants who have not paid rent since last December. Where does the line get drawn between "enough is enough" and becoming a doormat? My only intention is to hopefully shine a light on the fact that perhaps the issue is not so "black and white." Landlords are people too, business or not.
A Plants
A Plants 13 дней назад
Horizon!! YES!
David Ferencz
David Ferencz 14 дней назад
It is worth noting in Courtney's case that the Canadian landlord's letter notes that she had changed her phone number and email address so that he could not get in touch with her. Apparently he's a 67 y/o dealing with injuries from an accident (see second letter). So, while he was rude and should not have engaged in name calling (giving Canadians a bad name), she should have notified him about phone and email changes.
Lena Johnson
Lena Johnson 14 дней назад
I'm here for that sick Magicarp burn
Mike Eddy
Mike Eddy 14 дней назад
A natureza é maravilhosa
Hannah 15 дней назад
how the fuck do I save for a rainy day when my rent us so high I can barely afford to feed myself? If I end the month with more than 10$ in the bank, it’s a fucking miracle. I live in a one room basement apartment, and 80% of my income goes to my landlord, who then uses that money to finance his 3rd new car in the last 2 years. Eat the rich.
Bao Doan
Bao Doan 16 дней назад
John Oliver talking about Horizon: Forbidden West was the last thing I thought I would ever see in my life.
The Treacherous Leech
The Treacherous Leech 16 дней назад
You know what's worse for the economy than that? Dead or homeless people unable to get a job due to their Situation.
Angus Noble
Angus Noble 17 дней назад
3rd world country
Tunde Ballack
Tunde Ballack 18 дней назад
hhh, funny that i'm just watching this, exactly one week before the PS5 launch. Guess I know where John Oliver will be "NEXT WEEK"......tonight.
Madeline Elene
Madeline Elene 18 дней назад
If you take nothing else away from this show, make sure it's this: ... John is a gemer = 3=b
Backfisch Spieler
Backfisch Spieler 18 дней назад
John Oliver be gaming.
Thanhtam Nguyen
Thanhtam Nguyen 19 дней назад
This dude tossed that picture like the garbage this current political climate is.
syno crat
syno crat 20 дней назад
To be fair, the tenants signed a rental contract with their landlord, the contract spells out what happens if you don't pay. What happens to the small landlords who need to pay mortgages and utilities and property taxes with rental receipts? They lose the property they own to the bank in foreclosure but the tenant gets to keep living there because they can't be evicted? Sure doesn't seem fair to me.
Monte Crysto
Monte Crysto 20 дней назад
John, listen here... Why on earth Horizon 2?? No Demon's Souls nor Stray? Come on, you got better taste than that mate! Joke aside, it's dark times when the only good news on Oliver's show is a PS5 pun, and the destruction of one of Kudlow's wife paintings
WWZenaDo 21 день назад
Don't forget that the *Chinese have been buying up American residential real estate* . From: "China has become the largest foreign buyer of U.S. residential real estate In 2014, China supplanted Canada as the source of the largest share of foreign buyers of U.S. residential real estate, according to data from the National Association of Realtors. In 2018 dollars, Chinese buyers accounted for roughly 25% of total foreign investment in U.S. residential real estate. Canada was No. 2 at 9%. Of the 284,000 properties sold to foreign buyers last year, some 40,400, or 15%, were bought by Chinese nationals." Obviously the Chinese (at 15%) aren't the only part of the problem.
Linda g
Linda g 21 день назад
There already is a homelessness crisis.
Jim Bates
Jim Bates 21 день назад
Regarding evictions, the "place" will deteriorate without an occupant. If they aren't improving or maintaining the "place", or causing damage, then there's a rational reason to consider eviction. Oddly, most property management company's don't do much to take care of basic needs for property - um, slum lords?
Generic American
Generic American 21 день назад
Winter is coming. It is going to be dark.
Joseph Crispin
Joseph Crispin 21 день назад
I am mentally and emotionally preparing for homelessness. I now see as my future.
Aaron Kempster
Aaron Kempster 22 дня назад
Housing, Healthcare, Food, and Education should not be for profit. And every worker has the right to have their basic needs to survive and to make a living wage.
Richard Wong
Richard Wong 24 дня назад
solid video game references lol
Jolyne KuJo
Jolyne KuJo 26 дней назад
All useless bullshit, Just seize the means of production and redistribute property equally among everyone, problem solved.
Jolyne KuJo
Jolyne KuJo 26 дней назад
Tenants: please save us were can't afford food, we're getting kicked out of our house! Americans: uh oh, no my guy, that's Communism.
Ke Tho
Ke Tho 27 дней назад
when the owner has enough money and nothing to be really scared he is a asshole when he evictions you (let me say in less then 4 months) (in switzerland 3 are anyway legal) but some owner rly need that money (and they can't afford to never get that money maybe.. or they just need it now! (maybe u need it as your retriement plan.. what than?) i get both sides... but don't forget to say i wait now.. don't mean u get anything later.. IN SOME CASES..
Sopek cs
Sopek cs 27 дней назад
Landlord have loans to pay as well.
JollyOldCanuck 26 дней назад
Which is why a broader solution is needed, tenants in difficult financial situations should have a temporary reduction in rent and small landlords should have the interest temporarily eliminated from loans related to their investment properties.
fghgl 28 дней назад
Who’s here after civvl?
Athiest Monk
Athiest Monk 29 дней назад
I work in property management, 20+ years. Rent is high because housing is a speculative market so rich buy up the best spots in city which pushes up rents. We have to raise rent we try to work with people but maintaining these building is EXTREMELY expensive. People are so hard on buildings I could write a book on the damage people do to the property and the elements and the difficulty finding good workers. Also this is going to sound mean but if we lower rents it attracts riff raff.
Sir Wesley
Sir Wesley 29 дней назад
5:30 That guy sounds like a decomposing melon too.
That bank re-establishing argument is right on the money. As a citizen I should be able to start over as well. We are 100% slaves trapped in corporate bondage. A citizen could in theory be locked out of the system for good if they have bad metrics.
otakudante321 Месяц назад
I regret to inform you that there are objectively worse pokemon than Magikarp
I present to you the PU tier
Un_Amor_Perfecto Месяц назад
NWO is on its way & the smart ppl are moving up in the mountains & off the grid.
Travis Vincent
Travis Vincent Месяц назад
Most landlords are psychopaths.
Eddie Martinez
Eddie Martinez Месяц назад
You guys stop acting like you don’t use a laugh track and fucking use it already.
3point14156 Месяц назад
I really hope he does a follow up on this
Gio Месяц назад
why am i not surprised anymore when i hear that republicans are the ones not sympathising with the American people? who's holding back relief: republicans, who's not letting prisoners out during a pandemic: republicans, who are against pro-choice: republicans, against the green deal: republicans, etc...
Kana Beats
Kana Beats Месяц назад
side note: if john actually plays horizon zero dawn that's amazing
Juliett A
Juliett A Месяц назад
Humanity went very wrong when "it's just business" became an accepted justification for anything.
100%. Humans are capable of producing ,they just need the basics.
joeno MRC
joeno MRC Месяц назад
That pokemon joke......I dunno how to feel about it. It's either the dumbest thing I've ever heard this man say........or the greatest.
Gabryal Sansclair
Gabryal Sansclair Месяц назад
Man.. property owners should really remember that when the dam breaks and the guillotines comes out it's ALWAYS the heartless landlords that go first
ナカナカ Месяц назад
“rich people don’t care if poor people die because of homelessness and/or unemployment” water is wet.
Noodley Arm Man
Noodley Arm Man Месяц назад
Wow if only we had a presidential candidate who was proposing a federal housing program.....
Anita Lakhani
Anita Lakhani Месяц назад
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piccolo917 Месяц назад
Welcome to the US of A! Where you can experience the distopian post-capitalist world today!
learning channal
learning channal Месяц назад
this is still going on btw i just hope those in the future will look at this and thank their moms
learning channal
learning channal Месяц назад
and dads bolth parents sorry
Billithekat Месяц назад
"America's national trampling day" LOL
Chris Smith
Chris Smith Месяц назад
Yeah I got a little static at first but I told them to look at the side of my patrol car it says To protect and serve not throw family's into the street
Chris Smith
Chris Smith Месяц назад
I was written up for refusing to participate in any evictions and my union supported me I just won't do it and my union supports me in that regard
TheRolePlayer Месяц назад
Fun fact, Hitler actually spent a little time on the streets. When he was a struggling artist in Vienna.
Dani Molina
Dani Molina Месяц назад
Man, housing in the US SUCKS
Pyrus Месяц назад
So many commies in this comment section, we gotta fire up the rotors
Richard Alderman
Richard Alderman Месяц назад
That's your fellow Americans suffering
Dewan Barnil Atif Dimitre
Dewan Barnil Atif Dimitre Месяц назад
RandomBoxOfWeird Месяц назад
Thanks, I hate capitalism
Ethan Месяц назад
It’s important to note that landlords have to pay the bills and you being on the property using the utilities makes their bills more expensive. So whip ideally the landlord will be generous, it is unfair to the landlord to say “you have to let this person stay in your house and pay for all the utilities they use and you can’t expect them to help with the bills at all”
Benedikt W
Benedikt W Месяц назад
That was a $20.010 middle finger to that guy, and throwing it away in oblivion just was the icing on that joke 😂
Joey O ridinger
Joey O ridinger Месяц назад
Just wanted to say that I’m the son of a landlord and landlords are people to and we pay bills and keep the building running
Jarod Rhudy
Jarod Rhudy Месяц назад
Yeah but at the same time nobody, pandemic or not, would walk into a grocery store and expect to walk out with free groceries. So why do they expect landlords to provide their business for free?
Shane Gibson
Shane Gibson Месяц назад
Jeez 2 video game references already? Settle down john
Jasmine cuevas
Jasmine cuevas Месяц назад
Love being from Ithaca man, we cool or whatever
Nat Weird
Nat Weird Месяц назад
Canadians normally: 😁😁😁✌️🏳️‍🌈🇨🇦🍁 Canadians during a pandemic: 😁🔪 where's my money?
Milan R. Vuckovic
Milan R. Vuckovic Месяц назад
That Larry King penis joke was unnecessary and cringey.
MCPunk55 Месяц назад
How about LOWERING THE FUCKING RENTS? I know, shocking how simple it is.
MCPunk55 Месяц назад
It's a worldwide problem... I, for instance, am currently unemployed, as is my best friend and many other people; others are in precarious situations and guess what our government said? "Wash your hands and wear your mask." No shit! Maybe if you hadn't kept the borders open like the legs of every modern woman when a millionaire is in their presence, Covid wouldn't have spread like wildfire. And now, even health care has legalized blatant discrimination. I have an injury on my right foot that runs a very serious risk of becoming chronic, and my doctor is actively ignoring me to attend women who sneeze and don't know how reproduction works... because Covid. I need my foot to walk, and I currently can't because my ankle has a fucking leaking crack, and my CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT to health care is being ignored. It's not only America that's broken. Covid unmasked the blatant discrimination that both Feminism and Capitalism working in tandem have caused. And remember kids, when a man dies of Covid, it's women who are most affected...
LUKVANCE Месяц назад
What is the solution proposed? It used to be that your show proposed at least one solution. :(
roof pizza
roof pizza Месяц назад
Corona-virus 9? Has it been 11 years already? Should be XIX not IX.
Jacob Oliver
Jacob Oliver Месяц назад
As an art student, the way he tossed that painting aside physically hurt me.
george thomson
george thomson Месяц назад
i hope Qoronavirus leave us alone whoever see this comment i wish you,your family and the ones you love a healthy life i hope God save all of us.
Adam Hlavacka
Adam Hlavacka Месяц назад
What is the current status as of today (25th of September 2020) ??
The Warhammer Historian
The Warhammer Historian 2 месяца назад
It’s almost like.... capitalism is bad..... almost
임동하TV 2 месяца назад
​Any plan or action from Government?
Sankar Harikrishnan
Sankar Harikrishnan 2 месяца назад
#affordablehousinginamerica If we don't act, then everything changes.
Allie 2 месяца назад
Landlords are the dog shit on America's shoes, except that one dude in NY- he's cool
Richard Alderman
Richard Alderman Месяц назад
No many landlords are middlemen who have no control over rent because they are part of a larger cooperation. It's like complaining to the waitress that the food is bad.
Valentina Giorgi
Valentina Giorgi 2 месяца назад
America is a beautiful country. if you are rich. and white. and a man.
ilalo101 2 месяца назад
Loooolll the world's rudest Canadian 🤣
biggles the gamer
biggles the gamer 2 месяца назад
That one landlord who waived rent for his tennants is literally the only good landlord, rest are scum 💖
Arcanine-Espeon 2 месяца назад
7:18 This is probably my third time watching this episode, but it's my first time realizing the true fate of Ties Without Kudlow! (┛◉Д◉)┛彡┻┻👔 🖼️ *YEET*
RIP Dodge Viper
RIP Dodge Viper 2 месяца назад
4:30 November 12th in a handful of countries. November 19th for the rest of the world
Joshua Marshall
Joshua Marshall 2 месяца назад
As a Canadian on behalf of our country we'd like to apologize
Richard Alderman
Richard Alderman Месяц назад
We knew you would, you goody two shoes.
Skeletal gaming
Skeletal gaming 2 месяца назад
Anyone get the feeling that John's been on a videogame stint during the lockdown? Pokemon, Horizon, he's clearly been busy.
Miguel Santiago
Miguel Santiago 2 месяца назад
Regardless of the context of this video, Magikarp is not completely defenseless. Its evolutionary standards will show Kevin Spacey no mercy. GYARADOS, USE HYDRO PUMP!
Miguel Santiago
Miguel Santiago Месяц назад
@Ilan Smolders Good point. That's way much stronger.
Ilan Smolders
Ilan Smolders Месяц назад
Hydro pump? More hyper beam
David Horsley
David Horsley 2 месяца назад
I think Alton to send that to pay your rent show me a worldwide homelessness
Royal DiCastro
Royal DiCastro 2 месяца назад
*His jokes aren't nearly as funny without an audience. Makes you wonder if he's actually funny.*
Ilan Smolders
Ilan Smolders Месяц назад
He is. We are in a shitty place
Ryan Clarke
Ryan Clarke 2 месяца назад
All of the cascading issues stemming from the pandemic can NOT be blamed on the pandemic. Half of America lives paycheck to paycheck. More than half of Americans can't financially weather an emergency that lasts more than a few months. Less than 40% of Americans are able to maintain some kind of "emergency/savings fund" in any amount. Most worry about being able to retire comfortably, because no matter what, they can't get ahead no matter what they do, and have settled for the idea that they will have to rely solely on Social Security, which is also a concern about how long it will be around. And as John pointed out, we have had a housing crisis for decades. We also have stagnant wages, growing income inequality, and a medical insurance system too tightly bound to employment. This is NOT the sign of great economy. The US doesn't value labor and good pay for honest work anymore. It values wealth above all, and the rest of us can go eat garbage. The US has FAILED.
RhayneFalls 2 месяца назад
I just received an eviction/lease termination notice last week. I always pay my rent. The issue here is I have lived in this unit for nearly 10 years and what I pay is not what they could get if they kick me out and get a new person in it.
5888max 2 месяца назад
Surely the answer to that would have been for you to pay more rent ? That would have suited the landlord much better if you had been a good tenant for 10 years he is going to have expenses a possible void and doesn't know what sort of tenant he will get next . No landlord wants to change tenants unless there is something wrong with them or you are paying way under the odds and refused to meet a rent increase
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