Xi Jinping: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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2 года назад

Chinese president Xi Jinping is amassing an alarming amount of political power. If only his propaganda videos made the idea of unrestricted authority seem as troubling as the concept of singing children.
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stripymccatpuss 5 часов назад
Nice to know who Biden is taking orders from.
Northern Idiots
Northern Idiots 2 дня назад
1:37, does trump even know what 习近平 is saying? Also this i interesting because I'm Chinese Russian,Czech.
Robawt Dracula
Robawt Dracula 3 дня назад
I hope you all make your addresses easy to find
NOS ULT 3 дня назад
Is he backing fucking China
colin 3 дня назад
glory to the people’s republic of china!!! 🇨🇳 🇨🇳 🇨🇳
JustGamers 4 дня назад
Kommunist Kars 4 Kids KKK.....
Utkarsh Rastogi
Utkarsh Rastogi 4 дня назад
Look how he talks about CCP 🤪🤪🤪🤪. Booooooo...
Jinx - CodaBass
Jinx - CodaBass 5 дней назад
What do you mean? There is no war in Ba Sing Se..
Indoor Orchids and Tropicals
Indoor Orchids and Tropicals 5 дней назад
You can add America's own AOC to the list makers.
Daniel Scharf
Daniel Scharf 5 дней назад
I don’t know why but I lost it when I heard my horse eats your big lady
Roald The penguin
Roald The penguin 5 дней назад
Komunist Kars 4 Kids YES
Darth Malgus
Darth Malgus 6 дней назад
Wait what happened at the Cheesecake Factory?
Errr 听取蛙声一片 TaiWa
Errr 听取蛙声一片 TaiWa 6 дней назад
hi john, I know you love making fun with world leaders, thai is your job, you live on that. but if you will not respect a total different culture, which you do not know about, WHAT Kind FUCK Democracy DO YOU HAVE?! let me tell you john, most Chinese don't care what you west guys thing about our leader(s), we RESPECT them, that is our Chinese culture. By the way, you might be right by saying "china behave bad", but let me tell you guys, we Chinese are one of the Nations that love peace and fight everything for peace. You must have forgotten what your grand grand… grandparents did to China100 years ago - invaded and colonized? or 200 years ago- killed allmost all Indiana and colonised the whole world?! John, just take care of your own shit, make sure you guys or your next generation will never do that to the world again! coz that was much more worse than just "behave bad", wasn't it!
Luca Wegmeyer
Luca Wegmeyer День назад
Shoutout to the Uigures who live in concentration camps
Aaron Horvath
Aaron Horvath 5 дней назад
Taiwan number 1
Soap 5 дней назад
does the ccp know your on a illegal site
Norah Kehrli
Norah Kehrli 6 дней назад
Watching this in 2020 hearing him mention whigurs makes me realize that he isn't saying this from the heart or writing this himself
Gabriel Berrios
Gabriel Berrios 6 дней назад
John can insult AT&T or even america And have his job for years forward, if a Chinese broadcaster insulted China on a show, he wouldn't even have his life
Paul Chen
Paul Chen 4 дня назад
I won't say your life will be in danger, but you will be in some shitty situation for sure. Same as a US broadcaster talk shit about Black on a show.
Agent Sheenx
Agent Sheenx 6 дней назад
Years later it was revealed that the Belt and Road Initiative was a master plan to force countries into debt traps.
Michael R
Michael R 7 дней назад
Waving from 2020. Good job China :P
Kolin Martz
Kolin Martz 11 дней назад
14:04 a good advice for AoC and the “Trump Accountabilty project” perhaps?
Kolin Martz
Kolin Martz 11 дней назад
The two votes against are already designated by the CCP to appear democratic. So nothing bad really happens to them. Nice joke tho.
thediamondshard 12 дней назад
There are startling parallels to China and nazi Germany, but China has nuclear weapons
Genera Thermothrix
Genera Thermothrix 12 дней назад
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장군 중고차二手车
장군 중고차二手车 13 дней назад
Winsery Oin
Winsery Oin 10 дней назад
在这 www.reddit.com/r/chonglangTV/comments/jt8xhw/%E5%84%BF%E7%AB%A5%E9%82%AA%E5%85%B8/
SHIVAM PATHAK 13 дней назад
Lesiqa Jeni
Lesiqa Jeni 13 дней назад
"China knows no matter how badly they behave, the world still wants to do business with them." Saudi Arabia just might sue them for copyright infringement
Skevoz 13 дней назад
[This comment has been removed by the Communist Party of China]
Rayan Sharara
Rayan Sharara 7 дней назад
original 100
彭琨 14 дней назад
totally bullshit.
Jack Noble
Jack Noble 14 дней назад
"I'm going to stay on top indefinitely" . . . . That's what Xi said😁
Luna LUO
Luna LUO 15 дней назад
Many MISS-interpretations about Chinese culture. I feel sorry that HBO doing this video. Spreading stereotypes and misconceptions.
Luna LUO
Luna LUO 19 часов назад
@Justin Hamilton RUposts is not a illegal site in China nor VPN is.
Justin Hamilton
Justin Hamilton 2 дня назад
Does the ccp know you’re on an illegal site lmao y’all live in 1420 and you don’t even realize it
Cioda 7 дней назад
What stereotypes? All he did was talk about actual things that happened.
Brenyatta 16 дней назад
CNN: So what do you- *signal cut off* CNN: What the hell?
Seth Rollins
Seth Rollins 16 дней назад
NASA wow we get alian India wow god. China wow food
Cristle Lücker
Cristle Lücker 17 дней назад
How could the host use so much unproved materials and statement to define and describe what a country exactly is? Even though this is just a talk show, plz obey some journalism principle, ok????
Justin Hamilton
Justin Hamilton 2 дня назад
This ain’t a talk show buddy lmao
Cioda 7 дней назад
Um they do? What about it was unproven?
herbert clyde maligro
herbert clyde maligro 17 дней назад
westerners just continue defame china but to thought it was they who cause pain and suffering to many asian nation by using its people and resources. china has help so much other countries and many its becoming citizen to other countries become a good leaders.
Aaron Kempster
Aaron Kempster 23 дня назад
Xi is a much better leader than trump, corona virus proved that, if nothing else.
Rayan Sharara
Rayan Sharara 7 дней назад
@Bread in the end, the virus benifited Chinese more than the americans
Michael R
Michael R 7 дней назад
Aaron Kempster sounds like a really English name. :D #wumao
Bread 15 дней назад
Yes, Xi was good at the cover-up of the virus.
[B]eter B
[B]eter B 23 дня назад
7:34 I don’t know what if anybody be else is asking, but what parents would let their children take part in a Chinese government propaganda video?
E Nikata
E Nikata 23 дня назад
It's clear what the road and belt is going to be used for. By creating the premier trade network China will be able to use it to impose its will upon all nations using it. "What's that, you don't like how we suppress minorities and violate human rights? Well sorry, you can't use our trade network". Think they won't do it? Companies in the US are already putting Chinese policies ahead of the freedoms of the people who live in the countries they originate in. When Activision Blizzard banned a Hearthstone player for speaking out against Chinese oppression in Hong Kong he was banned and then they said in a state in Chinese that they would anything to uphold the honor and integrity of China. The road and belt will be the ultimate check mate. China will make countries bow to their internal policies in order to use it because if they can't it'll affect their trade and eventually their economies.
Eric Clausen
Eric Clausen 24 дня назад
The world needs to outlaw the CCP and if they don't step down for a free government the whole world needs to destroy them by cutting off their food supply the oceans they have fished their oceans to extinction and now they are fishing other countries oceans to extinction while they won't let any other countries to fish in the SCS so that it will recover they totally rely on sea food if all countries stop China from fishing their waters we can starve them into submission.
Sean O'Reilly
Sean O'Reilly 24 дня назад
Democrats pretending to hate China
Bernardo chill
Bernardo chill 24 дня назад
Australia’s special forces is beyond repair - it's time for them to be disbanded Christopher Elliott, King's College London October 30, 2020 6.09am AEDT Four years into a constant stream of misconduct allegations, it’s hard to know how to process the latest revelations about the actions of Australia’s special forces in Afghanistan. In village after village - in places like Darwan, Sara Aw, Zangitan, Patan, Sola, Shina, Deh Jawz-e Hasanzai and Jalbay - we have seen plenty of evidence to support allegations that some Australian special operators committed war crimes in Afghanistan. These stories are now a well-entrenched part of the Australian news cycle.
刘杰 25 дней назад
Good to see you guys enjoy the jokes about China ,keep it up.love from China
Sachit Singh
Sachit Singh 12 дней назад
You better go hide in nuclear bunker or uncle xi is comming for you. Lol 😹
Mateus Leão
Mateus Leão 25 дней назад
ruposts.info/one/qXuGaa-kkrBzooo/video For me, this is the best explanation for what the hell is going on in the world right now, and I think you should see it, too. Subtitles available in English. It is a triology and this is part 3.
Ishan Roychowdhury
Ishan Roychowdhury 26 дней назад
what did Riga Berta do?
Ishan Roychowdhury
Ishan Roychowdhury 6 дней назад
@Cioda probably right
Cioda 7 дней назад
I think its just a name he pulled out of a hat for a joke.
FennXFox 26 дней назад
I have a friend who moved to America from a China and my history teacher was talking about censorship when she made a comparison to Tiananmen Square and asked my friend about it to make a point. My friend admitted she’d never known anything at all had happened in Tiananmen Square. This was just four years ago
Kai Baker
Kai Baker 27 дней назад
too soon
BlueSoulJim 27 дней назад
He fucking gave us Covid19
Robert 27 дней назад
2018 John talking about Communist China was really a simpler time, huh?
Newscount 28 дней назад
This is why commu ism is bad
Touhidul Islam Abir
Touhidul Islam Abir 27 дней назад
Because of propaganda?
Newscount 28 дней назад
At least they don't have trump right? Right?
Newscount 28 дней назад
John Oliver loves china
Cioda 7 дней назад
Newscount 28 дней назад
China......somehow trump bad.
Andrew S
Andrew S 28 дней назад
All governments control their people on different levels especially the free countries
jacob so
jacob so 29 дней назад
What a wonderful shirt Xi
Cevdet Ali
Cevdet Ali Месяц назад
刘天 Месяц назад
You westerners will never understand why we chinese respect Xi. I think he, as the leader and decision-maker in China, deserves respect. How can you follow his order if you make fun of him. A man with awe and respect can make progress. Stop asking a man too much since he's done a great job, not causing conflicts unlike American, embracing the world and improving Chinese livelihood for the better. Media should have restrictions.
刘天 7 дней назад
@Bread no matter what i say, you will only believe what you had believed since we are having problem here and i am not authoritative anyway. But I will give you my answer since you ask, that was a mess caused by people who cant appreciate what they have and will have, sponsored by some bad people. I am not an expert here and i believe watching some video will not make anyone expert. Do you really believe that CPC can control nearly 1.4 billion people by tyranny or constantly doing things like you mentioned? and all of this combined, china still can become the second largest economy in the world and lift several billion chinese out of poverty?? I really love my country and I dont like it when people disgrace my country, since I understand that it is ok in your country to make fun of politicians, thats fine. If you keep looking for bad things, i really cant do none about it. That is all I want to say.
Bread 7 дней назад
@刘天 what happened in Tiananmen Square, 1989?
刘天 7 дней назад
Hope everyone respoding me understand a fact that Im talking to you in English instead of my language. And you can never understand China only through news media, especially most of them are uglyfing China because we have a different system, not your capitalism. You said human rights are violated, minority people are maltreated. Why dont you go to my country and find out by yourself. There are also plenty of videoes on youtube you can refer to and they are made westerners. Besides, these thing dont happen in your country? I learn your language so I know your history. Your freedom is not for all. When you think you know China, its impossible. If you still have that stereotype, I am fine. Arguing sth that is so trivial in our life is worthless. I mean it, so please dont leavee any comments.
Bread 7 дней назад
Jeez, talk about Stockholm Syndrome.
Apilolomi 43
Apilolomi 43 Месяц назад
Well we westerners never understand you chinese who embrace a man who has violated almost every basic human right, is systematically destroying minority cultures of China, censors historical events and attacks peaceful protesters with brutal beatings, water cannons and more. Is that what you call a respect deserving leader? I bet he didn't tell you what happened in 1989 at certain square in Beijing.
tombobman10 Месяц назад
yazzi panda
yazzi panda Месяц назад
ok but they compared Obama to tigger and pm Abe to Eeyore 🤣🤣
Lynjho Месяц назад
Haha, West Taiwan go Cry!
JBCJBC Месяц назад
Charles-Antoine Côté
Charles-Antoine Côté Месяц назад
I will like to speak to the manager ofJohn Oliver
Cioda 7 дней назад
赖寒 Месяц назад
As a Chinese citizen, i can say it out loud that the social credit score is a total LIE. What Xi said was right, the world should know more about China.
Swag Mimic
Swag Mimic Месяц назад
China sucks
Eszra Falcontail
Eszra Falcontail Месяц назад
Communism- an ideology that sees people who know they are not soulless animals as a threat. Oh you pray? -10 points. This is pure evil.
Gideon Valdo Takidjo
Gideon Valdo Takidjo Месяц назад
that is the "new" communism. communism in idea is nice. even the book "utopia" from 1512 has a communist system
broootal Месяц назад
Fuck off inbred. Prayers don't mean shit.
Eszra Falcontail
Eszra Falcontail Месяц назад
Communism- an ideology that sees people who know they are not soulless animals as a threat. Oh you pray? -10 points. This is pure evil.
Daniel Kostenko
Daniel Kostenko Месяц назад
Optimism for the future...that aged badly.
sravan jayati
sravan jayati Месяц назад
Can someone clarify the thing about the guatamelan activist?
SinisterPony Месяц назад
nothing. it was a joke the audience laughing, his tone of voice shift and the fact he doesnt bring anything up makes it pretty clear.
Jude Connor-Macintyre
Jude Connor-Macintyre Месяц назад
birdn4t0r Месяц назад
those are the whitest-looking chinese children i have ever seen
DOB Liming
DOB Liming Месяц назад
Is it during the night if your reading this, if so, night owl always beats early bird.
Louis Lee
Louis Lee Месяц назад
Many Chinese will answer you that numbers of people in China are not well educated so there should not be democracy speech freedom and so on. But for the part of people with well educated it’s unbearable, I got two PHD but still need to do whatever a Winnie said even can’t speak for myself. Can’t feel my ownership to this country. For the people who leave poverty under the lead of CCP, China is a bless, for me it’s a torture and the reason move to US.
MA XI Месяц назад
Xi da da means more like calling him lord xi in a "cuter" way
Jay White
Jay White Месяц назад
the belt road propaganda is that real or made up?
Anant Patel
Anant Patel Месяц назад
Whether you hate Trump or Like him ......but we all can agree that Trump has been successful in countering China.
Winzot Huang
Winzot Huang Месяц назад
The only thing I learned from this episode is that China is as badass as the USA, in a different way.
Sanu Kumar
Sanu Kumar Месяц назад
Xi jingping is the new emperor of China
Chris Scerbo
Chris Scerbo Месяц назад
well one thing for sure xi jinping is smarter then our president. the investment in infrastructure is living proof
Nick Llama
Nick Llama Месяц назад
Donald Trump can't orgasm unless he's eyefucking a Xi Jinping poster.
Orville Brewer
Orville Brewer Месяц назад
Congress, in Latin is coitus.
Space Fish Aviation
Space Fish Aviation Месяц назад
Evety time they said XI I thought Xi was a very manly women
Jessica Victoria Carrillo
Jessica Victoria Carrillo Месяц назад
Scary. I wouldn't be safe in China. I'm very non-conformist, I am an Aspie, I am Catholic, and I can smell bullshit a mile away. I'd be on the "unsafe" list.
Markus Belden
Markus Belden Месяц назад
You are Winnie the Pooh you shit hole
Pin head
Pin head Месяц назад
Who? Xi? Yes he is
Abhinav Pandeya
Abhinav Pandeya Месяц назад
The funny thing is even thought it's all wrong what is happening .. the whites did it before and now complaining that thay are not the one who is doing it now .. even though it is all ruled by money and bureaucracy .. butt mehh .. uncle xi rule em up haha
Ha22y L11
Ha22y L11 Месяц назад
Full of western pride and prejudice. Can't even watch this. While I don't really like Xi, I think one thing he said is true at least: China needs to learn from the world, and the world also needs to learn from China.
Shikhar Arora
Shikhar Arora Месяц назад
Modi India might get copyright infringement from China Xi
Cannibal713 Месяц назад
Ping has no sense. Your haters compare you to a beloved children's storybook character. Own it! They have a poo edify, point and have a laugh. Give it a laugh, but also remind your enemies that bears are vicious and have a good ol commie purge!
Hüseme Erbolat
Hüseme Erbolat Месяц назад
çin doğu Türkistan kardeş lerimizi zülmeden zalim bir terör ve işgalci devleti çin yok olmaya mahkumdur ALLAHIN İZNİYLE
ALPINA TM Месяц назад
Fu k turkia
Yakuzzo Месяц назад
super important to talk more about china, but pls dont try to apply any conditions of chinese politics or society to ours. Yes Dada might sound weird for us politicians in china are considered to have a similar role as a family member (which btw all are call douple syllables like Meimei, Gege, Shushu...) due to the confucian and dynastic hierarchy and values. If people want to critizise that they need to find negative consequences. Just saying: thats not done within my culture is not really a funny punchline and unfortunately this sentences summarizes almost all of this show.
MCPunk55 Месяц назад
I hope Trump means "China" and not "Chyna"... 'cause the latter's been dead for quite some time.
Washington Reagan
Washington Reagan Месяц назад
As a Chinese I can tell you in China you can complain about everything but as to you and your family’s consequence.....
Bacon Master
Bacon Master Месяц назад
The Chinese government be like: ruposts.info/one/qnyQmoConZhnh5w/video
Marie Devine
Marie Devine Месяц назад
The Supreme Court decision on Roe v Wade said, "If person-hood can be established, Roe v Wade is Unconstitutional." Evidence is all around, IF YOU DO NOT ABORT a fetus, a person comes out. The law is unconstitutional and should be ended. Justice Ruth Ginsburg was a champion of Women's Rights which sounds like equality. (Abortion, equal rights, LGBTQ, etc.). Proverbs 16:25 "There is a way which seems right to a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death." It was women's rights that enticed women out of their God appointed roles of mother and wives at home, brought them into the workplace, and made having children an obstacle to business success. The ones that had children were not there for them and we have a culture that is easily led by deceived strangers who teach children not to observe facts and evidence of anything including their own anatomy, and confuse them in their identity of whether they are male or female, further confusing the idea of marriage. IF people would follow the laws of our Creator in the Bible and know the power of the Gospel, women would have great equality and reverence because of their exalted position of being mothers, guardians and promoters of the family and our next generation. When the woman is home, she is continually with her children teaching them the wisdom of our God as she lives it, as a loving and giving wife, mother, daughter, granddaughter, sister and neighbor. She is the strength of the community, being home to help when needed, and sharing her wisdom with her husband. All Torah Law through Moses is for the purpose of avoiding a kingdom like we have made. It is a quick matter of closing your eyes, making a promise to yourself that you will live in the Kingdom of God here and now, if you have to be the only one. You will give strength to other women, enjoy weekly commanded no work Sabbaths with the rest of the family and live in the rest of Kingdom of God. DEUTERONOMY 5 Ten Commandments. LEVITICUS 23 all holy days of rest and celebrations. BibleGateway.com read Bible in your own language, online, free. "Ruth Bader Ginsberg's Vote History Shows Why Trump MUST Nominate Someone"... ruposts.info/one/h2t9aazcYraLiYY/video via @RUposts When we ignore our Creator's laws through the Bible, we lose wisdom and harm society. All God's wisdom is to save us from creating a world like we have now.
L Smith
L Smith Месяц назад
I'm happy that lifestyle works for you, but not everyone finds that lifestyle comfortable or even manageable.
Marie Devine
Marie Devine Месяц назад
China's leader, Xi Jinping, fights against the God of Heaven and those professing Him, and are told to call him God. Sooo the God of Heaven and the whole world, Yahuveh, lets him be god. Historic floods, devastating plague, etc., etc. etc. It is time for the people of China and the world to cry out to our heavenly Father, protector and guide to forgive our sins and save us. The blood of Yahushua (Jesus Christ) has washed away the sins of all who ask to let Yahuveh save us with His wisdom and love. The New World Order that many push for can only succeed with the Law through Moses, (Torah) and the understanding through Messiah - Jesus. Yahuveh said in 1830s that HE gave the US Constitution for the rights, privileges and protection of all men to be used with godly principles. Our Creator's New World Order has ordained a Law, Torah, and a Constitution; we only need to accept it and reject the laws of man to see the Kingdom of God here and now. D&C 98 and D&C 101:77-80
Andrew Bergamann
Andrew Bergamann 2 месяца назад
As Trump says: TSCHINA!
Peggy Trawick
Peggy Trawick 2 месяца назад
Xijing Ping tianmenn Swing Tian
Tsinat Dereje
Tsinat Dereje 2 месяца назад
Moot Месяц назад
No u
White Blogger Black Specs
White Blogger Black Specs 2 месяца назад
Yup John Oliver looks a lot like Zazu 😂
Fertile Dirt
Fertile Dirt 2 месяца назад
Now think about the 2 that voted against XI DADA
Tian Xiong
Tian Xiong 2 месяца назад
Things are much different in China than John Oliver describes, he does not know much about China.
aayush gaming
aayush gaming 2 месяца назад
who the fuck is disliking this
Peggy Trawick
Peggy Trawick 2 месяца назад
Trump’s ego is tremendous
Peggy Trawick
Peggy Trawick 2 месяца назад
The Great Wall of China is just a wall they had they have their own Airplanes
Anish Jamedar
Anish Jamedar 2 месяца назад
I still don't know who is they "she"
StreakyBaconMan 2 месяца назад
China did a great job lifting 800 million people out of poverty - pity they changed the definition of poverty in China to be earning less than $1 USD per day so that 800 million number isn't really correct and is just propaganda they put out. Such a pity that even when people are trying to be critical of China they still sometimes fall for their propaganda. Never trust any figure the CCP puts out - they always fudge the numbers to make themselves look better.
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