Green New Deal: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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With the Green New Deal sparking a national conversation about all the ways to combat climate change, John Oliver looks at a few potential solutions.
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Ouga Gongo
Ouga Gongo День назад
What? I know them all. One CEO is even from my ex uni in London. Another one from campus.
Sally Wilkins
Sally Wilkins День назад
I've never heard Bill Nye swear. That was surreal.
Bwh3200 День назад
John Oliver sounds like a clown, I’d love to know about his current insider stock trading. Follow the money people.
dark orange
dark orange 2 дня назад
damn Bill Nye takes no prisoners
gät bik
gät bik 3 дня назад
Use ecosia and help plant trees :)
Gabriel Gonzalez
Gabriel Gonzalez 5 дней назад
AOC after this Green new deal speech drove away in a V8 black suburban. Lol. While she takes flights from DC to NY. Climate change is only for everyone else, not her. And yes the initial report did mention, cows, eliminating air travel, etc. It also proposes electric cars for everyone even though 60% electricity energy comes from coal/natural gases that produce what she’s trying to eliminate not to mention how much emissions it takes to build batteries and the disposal of it. And the funniest part is that Nuclear energy produces ZERO emissions but yet it proposes to eliminate it!! 🤯 Why would you want to eliminate nuclear energy?!?! More people have died falling off their roofs while installing solar panels then nuclear radiation. Just ask France on how they’re doing in Nuclear energy?? They’re actually selling its energy and recuperating its costs.
Gabriel Gonzalez
Gabriel Gonzalez 2 дня назад
@Techno Logic I would do more research into nuclear energy. There is nuclear waste but for the amount of energy it produces compared to any energy source. Even electric cars that have huge batteries units have more waste I just the battery units alone not to mention the majority of its current energy it needs like coal or gas to get its energy from. There’s bigger problem in the world from old batteries AA or AAA or whatever it maybe then nuclear energy. I recommend in reading this,
Techno Logic
Techno Logic 2 дня назад
Nuclear energy may not produce emissions, but it also produces nuclear waste, which is extraordinarily radioactive and there's no real good way of storing it. Basically, when we use nuclear reactors, we do the same thing that a child does when his mom tells him to clean up his room, and he doesn't until he hears her coming up the stairs, so he just shoves everything into a closet. He can worry about it later.
AMADIOH TALKS 6 дней назад
This video inspired me to make my own video and talk about climate change
Samuel Fenn
Samuel Fenn 6 дней назад
7:11 Most punchable face competition
Techno Logic
Techno Logic 2 дня назад
I vote Ingraham.
John C
John C 7 дней назад
Not gonna lie, I'm really sad to see nobody watching my most recent doc :( Do you guys have any feedback for me? Was it just a poorly done video? Edit: Thanks for some of the feedback guys. I can understand for those of you just not interested in League of Legends content anymore, it's just frustrating to constantly see all the other LoL youtubers do so much better in viewership than me when I feel like I'm putting in just as much effort as anyone else. I just wanna understand how I can improve and get to the level of being a real person. Sorry to everyone who doesn't watch League of Legends RUposts content. I don't know why YT is recommending this post to you instead of my actual subscribers lol.
danny55531 8 дней назад
"Saving the planet" BOOOOOOOOO
Lorenzo Blum
Lorenzo Blum 8 дней назад
The irony, the military industrial complex, world biggest global polluter is exempted from the green new deal. Any idea why? Keep in mind those numbers still underestimated for obvious reasons
Lucas Colantoni
Lucas Colantoni 8 дней назад
I rewatch this ep every couple months so that my only takeaway isn’t that cows don’t fart but actually belch. I’d hate to let my boi Johnny O down lol
Tien Pham
Tien Pham 8 дней назад
The more I read about US History, the more I realized a lot of stupidity can be erased if Americans know the difference between socialism and communism.
BrewDiePie 9 дней назад
Bill nye the scoldering-young-adults guy
Kylo Ben
Kylo Ben 9 дней назад
Yo what
pikeman80 10 дней назад
There was an expose which found out that only 8 percent of plastic that was supposed to be in the recycling program and used to make new products actually made it there. The other 92 per cent ended up in the dump. Going back to glass would be a good start. Electricity over fossil fuels of course.
Milano Xiel
Milano Xiel 10 дней назад
wildfire ..... 2040 ?
Pandaboi 10 дней назад
"worsening wildfires by 2040" YEAH ... so that aged like a fine milk.
junit483 10 дней назад
Still strange when governments have costumes
junit483 10 дней назад
Most pollution comes from South East Asia. The rest of the planet could be 100% clean and we'd still be screwed.
What's happened here?
What's happened here? 11 дней назад
9:42 What this graph doesn't consider, is that the volume of gases released isn't as significant as their GWP (global warming potential) values. For anyone that doesn't know CO2 has a GWP of 1 and the rest of the gases are compared to that. Fluorinated gases have GWP values THOUSANDS of times greater than CO2, and so that 3% is actually much more significant.
Anon 11 дней назад
Full UFO disclosure... Is how you accomplish the *"Green New Deal"* then you can finally use all the back engineered technology to solve the energy production problems. Simples
Matthew Riegner
Matthew Riegner 11 дней назад
For the bill nye skits alone it's worth the watch 10x
Erin Schofer
Erin Schofer 11 дней назад
Safety glasses OFF
Will Not
Will Not 12 дней назад
Ah well right again
Ocie Magana
Ocie Magana 12 дней назад
Year and a half later California is on fire, San Francisco has a nice orange glow, fire tornadoes 🌪 are a nice spectacle to watch, temperature’s as high as 130 in Death Valley and Republicans are still denying climate change is a thing... Good times 👍
Das Snek
Das Snek 6 дней назад
I'm not a denier, but I think this plan is one of the stupidest things even proposed to congress
kairon156 12 дней назад
Newfoundland already pays the highest household tax in our country. We don't need more. Why not make companies pay more in taxes, or simply take away their tax free benefits?
Synthax 10 дней назад
Though i would suppose both your ideas might work as well, werent you listening? 70% of the households in Canada, that is to say those households that would suffer from higher taxes, are getting their money back. You are a perfect example as to why polititians are so reluctant to use the word "taxes", you hear it, immidiatly decide you dont want it and stop listening to whatever else the proposition holds. Its the same thing with taxing the extremely wealthy. Most of the ppl arent even close to being effected by them but they still oppose it because all they heard was "more taxes" and then stopped paying attention.
Phoenix1220 14 дней назад
the second he mentioned cow belches that's all I could focus on
Logan Walton
Logan Walton 15 дней назад
Gregory S
Gregory S 15 дней назад
I live in Washington state. A short while ago, it brought to the public's attention, the one land fill in use was getting full. The location for the dump used up all of it's space and is now running out. They laid out three choices. One, tear down some buildings associated with the dump and use that space. Another was loading the refuse onto trains and ship it to some where else. But the third surprised me. They have the ability to simply burn our garbage AND create energy and a bunch of jobs. What did they do? We're going to keep the land fill for another 40 years. Assholes.
Ethan 401
Ethan 401 15 дней назад
Who keeps a garden hose in their living room?
Snow Carini
Snow Carini 15 дней назад
Who wants to see bill nye the angry science guy???????
Ryan Albers
Ryan Albers 15 дней назад
"I wish to be buried with my hoes basket" -John Oliver May 12, 2019
B. Steel
B. Steel 16 дней назад
He's exactly right. Here from Alberta, Canada. I'm for the Green New Deal and the carbon tax.
Blue Goodman
Blue Goodman 16 дней назад
Never become Joe rogan
KillerCreeper Dan
KillerCreeper Dan 16 дней назад
the last thing i ever thought i would hear is Bill Nye swearing
David Sword
David Sword 16 дней назад
Trump 2Q2Q the storm is coming.
adoranymphlupin 17 дней назад
This is one the best parts of growing up. Seeing someone you loved to watch on TV as a kid and be able to appreciate them as an adult. "Here's some fucking mentos and a bottle of diet coke. Happy now?" - Billy Nye, the Science Guy
A dude with a guitar
A dude with a guitar 17 дней назад
Hearing bill nye say the f*CK cured my depression
Sushil Rai
Sushil Rai 17 дней назад
I disagree! 🎂 > 🥧
Henry H
Henry H 18 дней назад
“It’s funny cause his brain is slowly turning into pudding” It already was John, it already was
Ernesryst Jackinn
Ernesryst Jackinn 18 дней назад
*T* h *e* P *l* a *n* e *t* O *n* "F" *u* c *k* i *n* g *"F"* i *r* e *.* . *.*
Dark Knight
Dark Knight 20 дней назад
It would never work
Soviet Elmo
Soviet Elmo 7 дней назад
Yeah. *If only there was a massive ball of gas that's in our orbit that could supply us with clean, renewable energy, which could prevent a mass destruction of life that is doomed to happen in 20 years.*
Angus Noble
Angus Noble 19 дней назад
What wouldn't?
James Harper
James Harper 20 дней назад
Bill nye!
Kellen Catherine
Kellen Catherine 22 дня назад
Got it. Belching cows, not farting ones. Perfect. Thanks John. Learned everything.
Alexa Ales
Alexa Ales 22 дня назад
and those stupid hosebaskets will contibute to climate change cause all those idiots going out buying them to make this effing baskets will amass more thrash.
Angus Noble
Angus Noble 19 дней назад
The whole point is you reuse old hoses
Robin Doggie
Robin Doggie 23 дня назад
This is why "The New Green Deal" will not work for America, here is why:
Cal Griff
Cal Griff 23 дня назад
Having any conversation that contains the word "carbon" and "tax" anywhere near my hometown is like asking someone to put their tongue in your fart box before the first date
Strazdas 23 дня назад
"The Oranges of investigation" sounds like a hoppie rock band,.
Strazdas 23 дня назад
You actually can stop cows from flatulating. Put at least 5% of their die with seaweed and the methane production stops.
Andres Sebastian Montalvo Suarez
Andres Sebastian Montalvo Suarez 24 дня назад
@Trump's oranges = It's funny because is true haha
Utd Ant
Utd Ant 24 дня назад
Anyone else thinking hmm steak, burgers and lasagne when they bring up the subject of taking away cows
Max Mustermann
Max Mustermann 24 дня назад
Now it's just 20 years left.
joe cole
joe cole 25 дней назад
The Earth is not dying. It does not need the Democrats to save it.
Fighting GOLD
Fighting GOLD 25 дней назад
Best Video of 2019. Period
Nikita Van Zyl
Nikita Van Zyl 27 дней назад
ag shut the fuck up america i can only shower 3 times a week because our politics are fucked and you fucking crap in your pants about this shit, its pathetic how entitled you are
agustin zamora
agustin zamora 27 дней назад
please!! go back being like this, that white wall is shit!!! :(
craigcarter400 28 дней назад
3:33 He was being a prophet there. At least air travel
Zachary Hare
Zachary Hare 28 дней назад
I've given up I'm just going to try and find a place where I can exist until the end of the world and play video games
Lord Drago
Lord Drago 28 дней назад
But it's only five pages long
Brian 18 дней назад
True, here’s a plan from a lot more credible sources that’s over 900 pages long -“ NREL Electricity Futures Report”- I support this. Vol. 1: “Exploration of High-Penetration Renewable Electricity Futures” Vol. 2: “Renewable Electricity Generation and Storage Technologies” Vol. 3: “End-use Electricity Demand” Vol. 4: “Bulk Electric Power Systems: Operations and Transmission Planning”
David Sword
David Sword 28 дней назад
Trump 202Q
Maksie0 16 дней назад
Whoops, better luck next time
Bigfoot ain't real
Bigfoot ain't real 28 дней назад
The green new deal is a communist take over of our nation ! Government over reach ! READ IT !!!!!! It has nothing to do with energy and more about government control
Hannah King
Hannah King 17 дней назад
Buddy did you read it
Patience Silva
Patience Silva 28 дней назад
It’s all insightful, but jump to 7:30 to learn how the green new deal will AFFECT OUR LIVES INSTANTLY
ElsbethMai 28 дней назад
1:00 Hld on, My 'ld' garden hose has been setting in the dirt behind the shed for 13 years. It's cracked, stiff and rotting. You want me to wrap zip ties around it and put it on my dining table?
Emma Bonn
Emma Bonn 29 дней назад
I'd like to hear about high speed rail
joe cole
joe cole 25 дней назад
I'll tell you about it. It's a failure.
Logan Outlaw
Logan Outlaw 29 дней назад
Walter J Najarro
Walter J Najarro Месяц назад
We pay nearly 6 dollars a Gallon in Canada...we are being robbed by our government. Don’t ever sign anything to do with environment unless you have all the other countries in the world jump on board. And BTW...I have never got a rebate in the mail...I am still waiting.
Lynn Rolaf
Lynn Rolaf Месяц назад
Tax emissions like they have cigarettes. There will be many more dollars made there then on smoking.
Bruce Morris
Bruce Morris Месяц назад
What is the elon musk, pedophile joke/reference? Didn't get it...
Chris Jones
Chris Jones Месяц назад
Safety Glasses OFF, Motherfuckers LMAOOOOO
Cecilia Grady
Cecilia Grady Месяц назад
Rewatching cuz there's nothing else to do during the lockdown. Is this the white void you started in? XD
crmags Месяц назад
"Grow the fuck up...". Good luck with that, humanity is a write-off. Hopefully, the next dominant species figures it out.
Matthew van Denel
Matthew van Denel Месяц назад
OrAnGe MaN BaAaAaAaD
Hannah King
Hannah King 17 дней назад
You got it
Styx 29 дней назад
100% he is
thằng nào thấy đươc cái của tao thì tao cho 1 lay
thằng nào thấy đươc cái của tao thì tao cho 1 lay 29 дней назад
uzumaki i.
uzumaki i. Месяц назад
sprinkles/pringles caption typo had me lmfao. westeros cupcakes go
Jarrett Месяц назад
1:18 -- climate change will shrink the US economy and kill thousands? ooooh boy, it'll flood the coasts of all the Americas and that gradual flooding will have all those other effects!
joe cole
joe cole 25 дней назад
Predictions. How many "Florida will be under water in 10 years" predictions do we have to hear before you realize global warming is a sham?
Alex Florack
Alex Florack Месяц назад
Vote blue and vote Biden !! #greennewdeal #bidenharris2020
Brandon Dennis
Brandon Dennis Месяц назад
Americans expect their air, water, and land to be clean. In the Trump Administration, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is intently focused on meeting these expectations. This focus has paid off. Since 2017, criteria air pollutant emissions have fallen 7 percent, making air quality the best it’s been since modern recordkeeping began.
Jason Nielsen
Jason Nielsen Месяц назад
We're already seeing many of the coral reefs bleaching and dying off....unfortunately I don't have faith that we will change in anyway until it becomes too late. We can't even care about one another yet, what makes any of us think we can get humanity together to care about saving Earth. The Religious have no intention of helping at all as they think they will be saved by a deity and so motivates them to fight climate support, deny its real, and not care much about how much pollution they create themselves
BunzeeBear Месяц назад
So cows don't fart? What about horses? I know my dog farts (and it reeks really bad)
Shane Winsten
Shane Winsten Месяц назад
12:58 stop the
chatbear69 Месяц назад
Most sane conversation on clean energy - @
Ooma HuntressProtectress
Ooma HuntressProtectress Месяц назад
toe bee, cocaine is poisonous to girls and gals, its very expensive to heal or cure that out
Rice Cooker
Rice Cooker Месяц назад
Here’s some *MENTOS* My pea brain: YAYYYY
Ooma HuntressProtectress
Ooma HuntressProtectress Месяц назад
now, i takeded the pear, and will explain, but thats was hundreds of years ago,, ok, but ya "greenhouse gases" or whatever, is interesting terms, more critical for most of the human creature(s) steffi! many,, but anyways, this planet is dayly and evenly interactions with each other, materials, and, of, theys relationships with biogeochemical variables and/or happenstance surrounding them, ou, inserted in places..🇧🇻
A dude with a guitar
A dude with a guitar Месяц назад
Who is here after trump went on FOX news and claimed that the new green deal was about “tearing down all the buildings and rebuilding them with tiny little windows that don’t let the light in” and “helping little fish that aren’t doing so well without water”?
Das Snek
Das Snek 24 дня назад
Yeah it's almost as ridiculous as the actual Green new deal
Justin Schiavo
Justin Schiavo Месяц назад
The way he said “Isabella”
Brandon Dennis
Brandon Dennis Месяц назад
China is over fishing the world with over 33% of the world's fish caught with no regulations or regard to life and dumping more garbage into the ocean than anyone. They are producing some many pollutants into the air that some days you cannot even see the cities the world need to tighten the belt up and stand upto china
Crocoshark Месяц назад
I think we should have a new version called the Green, Lean And New Deal. That way in full it spells the word "GLAND".
Samuel Carver
Samuel Carver Месяц назад
Why is he weird
Sarah Greville-Wise
Sarah Greville-Wise Месяц назад
The Green New Deal does NOT go far enough. The republicans who directly represent the interests of massive corporations and therefore won't allow this to happen hold all the power in the government, and the democrats are useless and won't do anything about it while their corporate donors control them like puppets. Even if by some miracle it does become law, as you've said yourself, big business still controls the state, not the democratic will of the people. Theres no way to make sure it's properly enforced. The state is addicted to oil. 63% of greenhouse gases come from just 90 companies! As long as the capitalism, the state, money, the profit motive and undemocratic workplaces exist, our planet is doomed. We need revolution NOW!
#JETplays Месяц назад
relevant: (re: mary poppins and cocaine, that is)
2tsuprem Месяц назад
Fracking puts the most methane in the air, why worry about the cows?
TonyDsubs Месяц назад
11:38 He sounds just like Stewie from Family Guy.
Jesse Bryant
Jesse Bryant Месяц назад
Belch or fart? That's the Left for ya! ROTFL
Jesse Bryant
Jesse Bryant Месяц назад
@mngentry Discernment over panic and emotion?
mngentry Месяц назад
So if that’s the left...what’s the right?
Ian Hiltz
Ian Hiltz Месяц назад
I’m a Canadian and the carbon tax was one of the best decisions Trudeau made. PS FUCK the Conservatives.
J H Месяц назад
Vorname Nachname
Vorname Nachname Месяц назад
the only thing on the cheesecake factory menue should be cheesecake!
Kaiis Lucero
Kaiis Lucero Месяц назад
Bill Nye says "Fuck"
Paul J. von Hartmann
Paul J. von Hartmann Месяц назад
Cannabis vs. Climate Change*Version*=1&*entries*=0
David Reyes
David Reyes Месяц назад
Eeewe it’s already happening lol 2020
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