Trump & the Coronavirus: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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22 дня назад

John Oliver takes a look at how the Trump administration has handled the coronavirus outbreak in the US, from lack of preparation, to mangled coordination, to harmful communication.
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Frank Korver
Frank Korver 3 минуты назад
Black Friday Sales? How are we supporting #Black Lives Matters ? Where we all forget, as long we get a bargain! Retailers need to take a long hard look at themselves, are you?
asel1124 4 минуты назад
OMG!! That Pinocchio bit has Daniel O'Brian's writing all over it!! Hahaha I love it.
Beatle Toons
Beatle Toons Час назад
Beatle Toons
Beatle Toons Час назад
Eric Schultz
Eric Schultz Час назад
I hear a lot of conservatives talk about how "Chinavirus", "Chinesevirus", and "Kung Flu" is not racist because that "was the actual name of the virus before it was the Coronavirus". Even if that is true, by the time I (and most other normal Americans) heard of the virus, it was called "Coronavirus" and ""COVID-19". I did not hear "Chinesevirus" until Trump mentioned it weeks after I first heard of "Coronavirus". Again, even if it is true that it was from China and even if it is true that it was called "Chinesevirus", it is hugely insulting that Trump referred to it as that name when all other Americans knew it as "Coronavirus" and disturbing that he would purposefully use it in tweets in a joking way, knowing full well he is pissing off his opponents rather than trying to united Americans for a common goal. Biden might not be the best the Democrats had to offer, but at least he is doing the right things to try and mitigate the results of the Coronavirus by leading the correct way.
Reelijunniz Foorazzholes
Reelijunniz Foorazzholes 2 часа назад
I dont believe he got it. I think he put it out there that he had it just to show how easy he beat it to show how strong he is. I hope im wrong.
Arthur Danu
Arthur Danu 3 часа назад
John Oliver is a mouthpiece for the establishment. Pope Robert Anton Wilson II is a mouthpiece for the TRUTH:
Ocean View
Ocean View 5 часов назад
3 vaccines ready for production 95% efficient, under your daddy Trump administration. But Harris and Biden have been telling people they dont trust the vaccines.? Since before the elections.
Savannah M
Savannah M 5 часов назад
Being a twitter activist sucks! Got banned for trying to spread the word. Please look into Buy Now, Pay Later services and how they market to vulnerable people during the COVID19 crisis.
captain Rockatron
captain Rockatron 6 часов назад
While I may regret this later... Hooray for Biden!
S N 6 часов назад
Trial him to exile......... Africa!
Alilretard1 7 часов назад
He didn't get any reply cause he didn't give them any money.
nolan marquez
nolan marquez 8 часов назад
tadow wwe yes
Tesoro Tesoro
Tesoro Tesoro 9 часов назад
Problem is the wet markets in China
duyencuong thangquynh
duyencuong thangquynh 9 часов назад
jonstewart thepolice chill bolero godsmack jaydayoungan savage
Monique Damphousse
Monique Damphousse 13 часов назад
This was very interesting and informative. The U.S. has over 10 times the population of Canada, and yet you have over 36 times the number of confirmed cases of Covid-19, and over 14 times the number of deceased from the virus. Here in Canada we're alarmed at the rate the cases are climbing because of the 3rd wave, and yet Trump continues to say 'it is what it is' while he plays golf and pretty much wishes you all would just die. It's going to take your country YEARS to pull out of the mess Trump has dropped you in. I don't think prayers are going to help you much any more, but I'm praying just the same.
Arthur McCaw
Arthur McCaw 15 часов назад
It should be call trump virus For What he denied to the people
Mauricio Vides
Mauricio Vides 16 часов назад
17:10 I remember when I saw this my eyes welled up with tears of anger. At the time I never mentioned the tears just the anger. Its almost like my emotions were raped by this man. He is truly a monster.
KCs Funhouse
KCs Funhouse 16 часов назад
Wow I didn’t know that guy Boeing got so emotional, it makes sense he tried to warn them and now it’s out of his control whether he can help people or not.
Dean Pruitt
Dean Pruitt 17 часов назад
Trump is sad actually it’s like old people if they’re wrong one time it means they’re old then they lose their pride it’s a sad mental disorder nothing more and famously John Lennon said everyone in power is insane and a week later he was shot
MforMovesets 18 часов назад
"Yes sir, if he's retarded, I'm retarded."
G G 18 часов назад
Question is how Obama knew that there will be a pandamic with exact date ? Partner in crime!?
G Scruton
G Scruton 21 час назад
This is brilliant. I love that he talked about other countries doing so much better.
T Nunn
T Nunn 22 часа назад
Studies show these effective: ...VitD, VitC, Zinc, Selenium, Quercetin and ignored(no $$)Save people!
Dave Roche
Dave Roche 22 часа назад
Fun fact: according to my "Civil War Book of Facts" (John Hinde Curteich, distributed by Americana Souvenirs & Gifts, Gettysburg - purchased several years ago) - Grover Cleveland [D] (POTUS 22 & 24 fyi) "paid a substitute to take his place in the army when (he) was drafted in 1864". Wow - imagine a President who was a bit of a weasel prior to taking Office! Well - at least he actually PAID!
Luis Martinez
Luis Martinez 23 часа назад
The no talent Homosexual has no career when trump's gone
Luis Martinez
Luis Martinez 17 часов назад
@Ailsa Ni thank ya
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni 20 часов назад
thanks , wow love the rant
jackiechan511 23 часа назад
I’m convinced if Mrs. Clinton won the whitehouse in 2016, the amount of cases and deaths would be far lower. Democrats are better than Republicans in believing in science.
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni 20 часов назад
Borderline sociopathic?? John Oliver, Trump is way over the border
Dirk Slot
Dirk Slot День назад
I am surprised no one smacked those pens out of his hands.
Jake Dragon
Jake Dragon День назад
Please say Trump can get charged with at least a few federal crimes for being so destructive. I could have came up with a better response to the virus in just a day and simply being asked "how can a country fight an airborne virus?"
GlobalistsR Traitors
GlobalistsR Traitors День назад
haha, funny joke person say orange man bad, haha NPC's
Aishiya1 День назад
Notice that the dumbest answers are spoken in a southern accent. My fair homeland does not disappoint.
sam1953 День назад
Today's figures show over 11 million cases so far of covid-19. It also states that maybe there have been 255,000 deaths. If you do the math that comes out to a 2.3% death rate. On the flipside you could also say that 97.7 percent of people who get covid, survive!. It is probably more because we will never really know how many people actually got infected. 97.7% chance of survival! And that is if you get the virus! I will take those odds any day of the week!
Daniel День назад Zinc and Vitamin D for immune support
Mike Mulholland
Mike Mulholland День назад
t-r-u-m-p-o is a j-a-c-k-a-s-s.
Popeless Not Hopeless
Popeless Not Hopeless День назад
Trump handing off his pens, regardless of how many, it was 15 .... pen15.
BrokeredHeart День назад
While I don't put too much emphasis on national symbols, seeing the number of Trump flags on flagpoles ABOVE the US Star Spangled Banner really illustrates their commitment to one man above their country. That's why these "patriots" think he can do no wrong in their eyes. They're correct that he didn't start the virus, but it's ignoring the fact that everything that comes after their awareness of it is HIS responsibility to fix. If he didn't see it coming (which he really should have) then it's still on his shoulders to do something about it when that reality is inescapable. If there was ever a more appropriate allegory for this year, it was summarized by that Oval Office meet n' greet between Trump and those health care workers. He had the same indifference to their plight as he showed that woman who was explaining to him that her family was killed in Yemen prior to her seeking asylum in the US. "And where are they now?" FUCKING DEAD YOU BRAINDEAD IMBECILE. I wish that someone would have broken with the niceties and the decorum of treating him like a run-of-the-mill moronic president. Just once I wish someone spoke to him with the same exasperated, furious tone that John Oliver expresses every week watching that fucking clown feign interest for others when you can see him mentally checking his watch for a 2pm tee time. One day soon, we'll get news of him dropping dead mid-backswing on the back 9, and I will rejoice that no paramedic or first responder showed up in time to restart his black heart. Leave him out there while the other groups play through, or wait to have one of the alligators come to take care of the rest. For the horrendous way he's treated millions of people all his life, he deserves nothing less.
D dancer
D dancer 17 часов назад
Luist Triolet
Luist Triolet День назад
“A - Plus?” “A” Minus plus? What? 😂 he gives clues with his stupidity? Just write A+, what the fuck? He’s never gotten an A+ in his life and you can tell. Cause then he wouldn’t have written it that way.
Calvin Chann
Calvin Chann День назад
Critical thinking is severely lacking in America. They’re just lemmings.
Andrea L
Andrea L День назад
Your show will suck when Trump is gone because you sold your soul to TDS and traded away a decent show for a four year political hate fest against a country you don’t even vote in. Karma sucks for you.
Michelle Partridge
Michelle Partridge День назад
Trump is so vile no punishment could be awful enough for what he deserves.
Idk What to name myself
Idk What to name myself День назад
jack harrison
jack harrison День назад
Borderline sociopathic?? John Oliver, Trump is way over the border
p s
p s День назад
thanks , wow love the rant
lamda consong
lamda consong День назад
andioop leafy doctorwho delirious angrypicnic
R R День назад
The WHO is corrupt and needs to be dealt with accordingly. You can’t trust what they say. They have either allowed or are Criminally Negligence in this Virus. No credibility at all, does anybody trust anything they say ? Why would you ? Time to clean house, get rid of the dead weight. What a Massive screw up, 55.6 million cases and 1.34 million deaths to date Trillions $$$ in financial loses. That is a War crime.
B A Weevil
B A Weevil День назад
Here's how much the pandemic hasn't been his fault: There are less than 1500 Australians dead. Period. Since it started.
CoastalSphinx 17 часов назад
Even adjusted for population the difference is stark. Covid-19 deaths per million population as of late November 2020: Australia, 40 USA, 780 And the USA situation is worse than it looks. Most of Australia's Covid-19 deaths were during July-September, winter in Australia. In the meantime the USA has been in summer and still had a substantial Covid-19 death rate. Now the USA is heading into winter and Covid-19 deaths are trending upward.
Lou Lou
Lou Lou День назад
Trump probably thought, something you don't see, won't hurt you.
B A Weevil
B A Weevil День назад
I can't believe he said that shit on a stage. A quarter million Americans dead in less than a year. Find me one other event in our history that compares. I'll wait.
John Franco
John Franco День назад
I don't want the attention but I love Trump so much, he's a genius and is the funniest man of all time. But I voted for Kamala I'm sorry. A chance to have a brown girl as a president is so dope.
B День назад
Oh, so Obama was in on the plandemic and developed the response team for Clinton ahead of time to sweep in and grab more power for the Federal Government?
Mark Dragonrider
Mark Dragonrider День назад
i know this isnt the point of the episode... and is certainly not the conclusion i should draw from this.. but.... @15:44 is that bikini the right size?
Jstoney127 День назад
well said!
Tabish Rahman
Tabish Rahman День назад
The embarassment on his face while saying "I voted for trump"
Tipsy Owl
Tipsy Owl День назад
John mad by the end of this. Hands going everywhere
Rick Papineau
Rick Papineau День назад
There's no question that tru*p did the best that HE could do under the circumstances... he did all of the things well that he's good at: lying, deflecting and blaming others for his inadequacies.
Jules M
Jules M День назад
So Trump is a murderer?
Kevin Burdeshaw
Kevin Burdeshaw День назад
A quarter of a million American Deaths - ALL TRUMP's Fault - no question.
bigemugamer День назад
Ya... The second one. >=\
jayb198083 День назад
Hey John, have you guys even tried to do any research on how many deaths from the 200k were actually corona deaths. I dont mean something that is related to corona but specifically corona induced deaths. What age groups were they, what were their underlying conditions?
Mark Howell
Mark Howell День назад
Hey another foreign ally for the fascist liberal party.
HRHDMKYT День назад
DJT is such a disgusting FAILURE, I certainly hope those whose loved ones were harmed or killed by Coronavirus sue him in a huge Class Action suit. They deserve a personal payout from him, and he needs to be jailed for life.
MyKrabi День назад
Everyone in the writers' room of this show is a fucking genius!
derek gulbranson
derek gulbranson 2 дня назад
When 50% of your audience believes they will die from a disease that kills 0.5% of the people it infects, is that 1 order of magnitude distortion of reality or 2? I’m bad with math.
Roger Stephen Roth
Roger Stephen Roth 2 дня назад
Given the total shit and garbage the federal government has become under Trump, radical reforms will be needed. If lawmakers don't step up along with resistance fighters these criminals will flush the United States down the toilet along with the Maga minion death cult members of his. 2021 should be the year of prison sentencing and major indictments of all members of the Trump party. They all belong in prison and should be sentenced to 250,000 years in prison for what they done to this country.
Alain Belanger
Alain Belanger 2 дня назад
Trump Government it’s a Hoaks
dcoog anml
dcoog anml День назад
no John, Geppetto built Pinocchio so he could have a son you goose
jean schmitz
jean schmitz 2 дня назад
after watching this iam so great full jacinda is our pm
dcoog anml
dcoog anml День назад
medical debt, which is the leading cause of bankruptcy in the US."
Christina Furneri
Christina Furneri 2 дня назад
18:54 I mean... Justin Trudeau's wife got COVID, so he could have easily gotten it too, but his response to the pandemic has still been adequate!
David Shillaker
David Shillaker 2 дня назад
Thank God that Trump lost.
Megamon 2 дня назад
I think Leonid Brezhnev did more in any point of time in his power than trump did about the virus
Pleroma 2 дня назад
Sick of his annoying....self-aggrandizement.
MO EL 2 дня назад
Trump have ABOLUTLY NO FEELINGS. NO EMPHATY. He leterly don't know what to SAY or DO if SOMEONE talking about FEELINGS. ICE COLD HART. SAD TO WATCH HOW HE RESPOND TO THAT DOKTER. Al he says is Pas THOSE pens around.
Dalton Smith
Dalton Smith 2 дня назад
Not gonna lie I got a little teary eyed at the end of this monologue. Well said John....
Ryan Mattie
Ryan Mattie 2 дня назад
I'm not sure who needs to see this but if you look at John's tie, it has strips but in the reflection of the table, it crosses. Very important
-E R I - N A G A S A K A-
-E R I - N A G A S A K A- 2 дня назад
you really suck comedy is dead
A B 2 дня назад
All I say is class action suit against those who are liable for making this worse than it should have been
Andrew Crenshaw
Andrew Crenshaw 2 дня назад
The reason why America is turning into a third world country is because regular Americans are getting their news from foriegn shill comedians like this John Oliver guy.
Prashant Wason
Prashant Wason День назад
Lmao not really but sure.
Melissa 2 дня назад
Watching after the election but I felt that for you Americans. Canadian here sending you love and healing for better days.
Omar Alor
Omar Alor 2 дня назад
Wow, not even ending in a punchline anymore, just, Trump is bad, the end...
Vet Tech Student
Vet Tech Student 2 дня назад
5.9 thousand people are morons.
Chat Noir
Chat Noir 2 дня назад
Surprise! We Need Medicare for All "Fifty-seven percent of Americans say they’ve received a medical bill they weren’t expecting. Sometimes their crime was being unconscious in an ambulance taking them to the nearest (out-of-network) hospital. Other times their mistake was failing to stop their (in-network) provider from commissioning an $18,000 urine test from an (out-of-network) lab. Surprise medical bills like these are a major contributing factor to medical debt, which is the leading cause of bankruptcy in the US."
Eliza Wilson
Eliza Wilson 2 дня назад
no John, Geppetto built Pinocchio so he could have a son you goose
Mr Invictus
Mr Invictus 2 дня назад
It blows my mind that so many people voted for Trump in 2020. Either there’s a serious issue of Americans being unable to admit they were wrong in 2016 or just rampant propaganda. Because the rest of the world is watching America right now and we’ve gone from amused to horrified by the stuff Trump has done.
Mark Hogan
Mark Hogan 2 дня назад
A thing of great beauty.
Benjamin Glatt
Benjamin Glatt 2 дня назад
Idiocracy predicted that in 1,000 years people would be watching shows like "Ow, My Balls!" on TV, but I'm pretty sure that Trump supporters would watch that shit right now if you put on some "radical leftist Democrat."
Adri 2 дня назад
John: *Talking rightfully angrily and fast* Comments: Trump / virus Me:...whoa... his tie's lines crisscrosses because of the reflect.... *mesmerized*
StaringAtSidewalks 2 дня назад
November 20th, the us is still hitting records of covid cases.
YouTube is terrible
YouTube is terrible 2 дня назад
God Bless America! 🇺🇸🦅🇺🇸🦅 #stopthesteal
YouTube is terrible
YouTube is terrible День назад
​@Prashant Wason Don't need to, he's already got it. he shows it to the media and it's "RuSsIaN dIsNfOrMaTiOn". The fact that you don't know about the 10,000+ dead who voted in our general election in Michigan is kinda scary tbh. Oh, it's fake, you say? Prepare to have your mind blown, then. Here's a list of all those dead people who voted: You can use that to input the names and dates into the voter registry for the state: Credit where credit is due: Dude also made a 1.5 hour long video of doing this himself in case you're too lazy: I've done all the easy work for you. Voter fraud is real. I don't care what "fact checkers" have to say anymore. They're as fake as the MSM is, and I don't trust them. You go ahead and fall for their lies, good luck.
Prashant Wason
Prashant Wason День назад
@RUposts is terrible Ya. If Biden did cheat, and Trump really did win. He deserves his second term. Now, where's the proof that he cheated that you claim is on your phone? Why don't you hand it to the Trump admin so that they can start winning some of their lawsuits that are getting tossed from courts.
YouTube is terrible
YouTube is terrible 2 дня назад
@Ilan Smolders So you would, even if it meant a second term for trump?
Ilan Smolders
Ilan Smolders 2 дня назад
@RUposts is terrible ya
YouTube is terrible
YouTube is terrible 2 дня назад
@Ilan Smolders So let's say if Joe really did cheat, would you care?
ratguy101 2 дня назад
The nurse to the left of Trump aggressively fiddling his thumbs as he realizes how fucked we are kind of says it all.
Gordon York
Gordon York 2 дня назад
Ya notice. Y'all don't need no masks. Ever notice there are no brain surgeons with a southern accents?
anthony mitchell
anthony mitchell 3 дня назад
No ones seems to care that 100's of thousands die from smoking and in cars every year.
anthony mitchell
anthony mitchell 3 дня назад
Safety should be in the individual hands not the government. If you feel unsafe going in public because someone does not wear a mask then don't go. STOP making laws that affect our FREEDOMS.
Prashant Wason
Prashant Wason День назад
Are you against no driving zones and speed limits in certain areas? Are you against pathways? Are you against seat belt laws?
Leo S.C.R
Leo S.C.R 3 дня назад
5.9k Trump supporters watched this
Philippe Nachtergal
Philippe Nachtergal 3 дня назад
But her Emails !
Tony Emond
Tony Emond 3 дня назад
Trump wasn't "borderline sociopathic", it was just plain sociopathic.
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon 2 дня назад
Do not hunt
of nie dan
of nie dan 3 дня назад
John, if you read this contact me ASAP. I know what is happening. The new Messiah is coming. His name is E.T. It's Eric trump!
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon 2 дня назад
H Riggs
H Riggs 3 дня назад
Donald Trump's trying to do the best he can right now and see how right if you believe that one I got some swamp playing in Florida I'll sell you that's a buildable lot Donald Trump hasn't done one damn thing for anybody with coronavirus even the people that have passed away Donald Trump has not done nothing he hasn't mentioned one name of anyone who passed away Donald Trump's been out of the public with the coronavirus for quite some time he dismantled the task force that would have taken care of this dismissed what doctors had to say and let his idiot son-in-law that has no idea or experience he's not a doctor I'm going to let him manage it Donald Trump has f***** up everything he's touched and if you believe anything different you have to be brain dead
JOHN PARKER 3 дня назад
Trump got the full 2020 experience; he got Covid, he lost his job, and in 2.5 months, he'll be evicted.
khongthay mongthap
khongthay mongthap 3 дня назад
bangtantv soami steve1989 ravens
Pixelblock62 3 дня назад
No recount is going to save Trump so stop denying your lord and savior lost.
Brian Salomon
Brian Salomon 3 дня назад
A four year clusterfuck
Jackoveto Lovo
Jackoveto Lovo 3 дня назад
Trump did nothing to save people - his best is nothing - stupid people suck
Dave V
Dave V 3 дня назад
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