Venezuela: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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2 года назад

John Oliver discusses the devastating economic crisis in Venezuela and enlists the help of a large bird who bears a striking resemblance to Wilmer Valderrama.
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Punk Fingerboards
Punk Fingerboards 10 часов назад
FAKE upvotes for this American hating piece of trash.
Hail Caesar!
Hail Caesar! День назад
This video didn't age well... yeah oliver "not real socialism" 🙄
Olivia Lukanuski
Olivia Lukanuski День назад
I watched this with my Venezuelan friend and he started cussing at Oliver and couldn’t finish it. You are so wrong Oliver.
Horacio El conserje opina
Horacio El conserje opina 2 дня назад
Madura can’t understand English jajaja
John John
John John 3 дня назад
In Nearly EVERY SITUATION, less government is better
EarthrealmGames День назад
@John John How? And that is not an answer to what I asked you
John John
John John 2 дня назад
@EarthrealmGames do you know why the USA exists? The gov has grown tyrannical
EarthrealmGames 2 дня назад
@John John But they prevent crime. Are you going from saying that people would be fine without government to endorsing since mad max esc bullshit
John John
John John 2 дня назад
@EarthrealmGames police are good, but they arent legally bound to protect you. Quit giving others responsible for your person. THE LESS GOV THE BETTER
EarthrealmGames 2 дня назад
@John John A lot of people do, yeah. What the fuck do you think police do?
Alpotnunge 3 дня назад
15:20 is not very far from what's happening right now on November 2020.
Aaron Kamel
Aaron Kamel 3 дня назад
There are plenty of socialist countries that don't look like Venezuela... yeah name one... oh and don't you dare to bring scandinavian countries, they are CAPITALIST.
Olivia Lukanuski
Olivia Lukanuski День назад
One of my favorite interviews is when the prime minister of Denmark says “I don’t know why this American politician Bernie Sanders keeps saying we are socialist. We are not socialist. We love capitalism”. I used to live in Denmark and Sweden and he’s right. They are more capitalist than us. Shout out to Ikea for their furniture being affordable enough to get me through college.
Robert Jarman
Robert Jarman 3 дня назад
Cooperative Republic of Guyana? Right next to Venezuela? Finding a country that is one thing or the other tends to be hard, and with many branches of each to pick from, nobody will agree on those definitions. I could turn around and use the same reasoning against capitalism too if I wanted.
Tias 4 дня назад
why no one has put a bullet in his head is beyond me
Robert Jarman
Robert Jarman 3 дня назад
John or Maduro?
Jean Zeibak
Jean Zeibak 5 дней назад
Shame on you John these are so many lies
Ajmal A
Ajmal A 5 дней назад
Not accepting will of people, huh?? Now what's up with you USA??
Robert Jarman
Robert Jarman 3 дня назад
Not accepting a legislature with 74% turnout in 2015 is not accepting the will of people.
pikeman80 6 дней назад
And the U.S. setting embargoes at the same time they are sucking up to Brazil isn't helping.
Cindygr8ce 7 дней назад
Hmm we have two months until Dongress opens
El Último de Filipinas
El Último de Filipinas 8 дней назад
Thanks for not monetising your videos ♥️
Erik Russo
Erik Russo 8 дней назад
What she said: "I just want healthcare, honey" What she meant: "I just want somebody else to pay for my healthcare, honey"
Robert Jarman
Robert Jarman 3 дня назад
People in countries with forms of universal healthcare pay into a pot with their tax revenue (which can be quite significant, especially in places with VAT rates), and then a centralized negotiation system bargains down the price for healthcare that individuals tend to have difficulty doing (like how a union can bargain for benefits better than individual workers can alone when they are easy to divide into thousands of blocs rather than a union and its locals making up 95% of the workers in a given sector), which makes the amount of money necessary to be paid by the people much lower, and when you distribute the final bill among most of the people able to work and their families per person, the amount to be paid is typically a low fraction of their eventual income before taxes in a given year. Australia gets this down to about 3000 dollars per person (USD), which given the median income tends to be work fairly well. Some of these countries still have out of pocket expenses too like Singapore and Netherlands, and the Netherlands still has health insurance companies being your primary conduit.
thorinbane 8 дней назад
People need to see the Empire Files debunk this bullshit. Shame on progressives who believe this garbage. This is exactly what we learned about in media studies on editing and manufacturing consent.
thorinbane 8 дней назад
Shameful propaganda by toucan limey.
Fishing pole studios
Fishing pole studios 11 дней назад
7:59 The guy next to him is looking at him like ‘what the shit are you talking about small bird man?!’
History'sNeb 12 дней назад
That reporter was wrong, in just my own opinion, venezuela is an Authoritarian-Socialist country, most Socialist Democratic Nations are quite successful like denmark.
Olivia Lukanuski
Olivia Lukanuski День назад
Check out the interview with the Denmark prime minister where he says “I don’t know why this American politician Bernie Sanders keeps saying we are socialist. We are not socialist. We are capitalist.” And it’s true. Denmark and Sweden are ranked higher on the capitalism scale than the US is. Shout out to IKEA for being able to produce super cheap furniture to get me through college thanks to Sweden’s lack of regulations.
Robert Jarman
Robert Jarman 3 дня назад
@crack shack Finland has about 10% of the GDP, or about 20% of the private sector where private companies can be relevant, made up of by cooperatives, which is a pretty big figure and could be elevated through chosen policies.
Pop- Sickle
Pop- Sickle 3 дня назад
@crack shack that’s true. but Venezuela was basically just capitalist with socialist characteristics since 70% of its economy was private.
crack shack
crack shack 12 дней назад
You're talking about soical democracy. Contrary to popular belief, social democracy is not socialism - worker control of the means of production - as social democracy allows for capitalism and private ownership. The Nordic countries - Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, and Iceland - are go-to models of a socially democratic system in practice. Essentially, social democracy is a capitalist economy under the pretext of a welfare state.
L 13 дней назад
Rabbits are not the solution to food shortages. If you only eat rabbits and nothing else you can die from rabbit starvation.
MrFlipperInvader792 13 дней назад
13:00 id love to see a chapter of that
Boxers Austin
Boxers Austin 14 дней назад
None of this funny
Seth Mydude
Seth Mydude 15 дней назад
Check out Steven Crowder’s take on this.
Olivia Lukanuski
Olivia Lukanuski День назад
@Obstacle 3 try watching him and decide what you think yourself instead of listening to other sources. He had a shirt that said “socialism is for figs on it”. Yes, figs.
Obstacle 3
Obstacle 3 13 дней назад
Isn't that the guy with the homophobic merch shirts?
Arthiem 16 дней назад
Greetings from November 7th 2020. Im researching what's going to happen in the next few months.
Josue Cabrera
Josue Cabrera 16 дней назад
Man how do you Brits deal with such a stuck up jackass like Oliver?
Warren Phillips
Warren Phillips 18 дней назад
Whoops how has Venezuela worked out you moron.
Ashish Vatsavai
Ashish Vatsavai 20 дней назад
Only an intellectual can deny the evil of socialism.
Dev 02
Dev 02 21 день назад
Aakriti Kundu
Aakriti Kundu 24 дня назад
Ugh... Appointing supreme court justices to skew power... Why did you give Trump the idea? Aiyaiyai!!!
Coolnvigilant Outreach
Coolnvigilant Outreach 25 дней назад
Venezuela is struggling because we sanctioned the shit out of them. Tried to force them into buying American petrol. Now we were trying to install Juan Guido so that we could have another puppet government. Maduro is shitty but he was democratically elected.
roltthehunter 21 день назад
"We" Are you sure you are American, just saying bud no Americans call it petrol even when talking about Oil we just call that shit oil.
Random Stuff
Random Stuff 25 дней назад
John Oliver is fake progressive. He has no problem lying to promote American imperialism. Watch the video below to see a complete debunk of this ass kisser.
Asam Master
Asam Master 25 дней назад
thanks a lot to have give him the idea (trump)
Hmm 26 дней назад
Everyone knows John Mulaney killed Princess Diana
Abren Месяц назад
1:22 Exactly. Why do people still deny this?
Evil 10 дней назад
@Abren yep, we agreed on that. Many people try to mentally juggle to justify their positions on public health, education or taxes, comparing things with Venezuela. It is really sad to watch
Abren 10 дней назад
Evil Yeah, socialism is when the government controls the means of production. That's what happened in Venezuela when Chávez nationalised the oil industry. Then he made it worse with inflation and price controls, causing people to starve. So yeah, those are the inevitable consequences of socialism. But just because a country has socialised healthcare or a social safety net, that doesn't make their economy socialist. So calling the UK or Canada socialist countries because they have socialised healthcare is wrong.
Evil 10 дней назад
because people are trying to sell the narrative of, free health? that is socialism. If you define socialism as, the government controls the means of production, then maybe yes. Even though there you have the case of China, where Huawei is controlled by the workers.
Mike West
Mike West Месяц назад
To the man who stole a police helicopter and used it to fire at the Supreme Court... I’m sparking this j for you, you glorious madman.
That show had me lose credibility on John Oliver's shows. He is just promoting leftist propaganda.
K Reid
K Reid Месяц назад
"EPIC MISMANAGEMENT!!!!" .. Yeah that's called socialism.
K Reid
K Reid День назад
@Olivia Lukanuski yeah some people just aren't smart enough to know how bad it is.
Olivia Lukanuski
Olivia Lukanuski День назад
Right?! That’s exactly our concerns about socialism lol.
Pin head
Pin head Месяц назад
Maduro is a fat pig. Getting rich of the suffering of others
Hogwire Месяц назад
Everyone should look up how the Empire Files debunked this whole video. The US is way more involved and responsible for this than John realizes.
Todd Cullen
Todd Cullen Месяц назад
Everyone should watch the empire files debunking of this lie filled piece of garbage.
Pin head
Pin head Месяц назад
@Hogwire but it really wasn’t the US’s fault to begin with. Sanctions are the only way you can get borderline dictators like Maduro to listen. Most of Venezuela’s problems started in the Chavez days but they eventually came full circle
Hogwire Месяц назад
@Pin head According to the Soviets they were elected. By the soviet people. They also said they were soviet. Why are you taking the soviets at their word when they say they are socialist, and not when they say they were democratic? How do you feel the soviets embodied socialism, beyond simply claiming that they did. I'm not saying the soviets weren't dictators. We agree they were not democratic, event though they said they were. My point is that the soviets were also not socialist, even thought they said they were. Venezuela got fucked because they didn't want the US to have control of their oil. Now, because they are not playing ball, the USA is imposing sanctions and deliberately causing starving among the venezuela population. The notion that all of this is the fault of the Venezuela government only is US propaganda.
Pin head
Pin head Месяц назад
@Hogwire Venezuela was fucked even before sanctions were imposed. Sometimes sanctions have to be imposed to get dictators like Maduro to listen. Also Soviets aren’t Democratic because they didn’t even have elections not even sham ones like Venezuela or Belarus. You can’t tell me the Soviet Union wasn’t a dictatorship
Hogwire Месяц назад
@Pin head Why is the soviet union undemocratic, but america is? Also that is flat wrong. Venezuela is fucked because of USA sanctions.
Pin head
Pin head Месяц назад
@Hogwire But everyone knows the Soviet Union wasn’t democratic. Venezuela has sabotaged themselves with fatass maduro chomping on food in front of a starving nation. I mean the government not the people
Timo Ilonen
Timo Ilonen Месяц назад
Two words: fuck socialism
Hogwire Месяц назад
Or rather, fuck the USA for placing disastrous sanctions on the country.
Mr Block
Mr Block Месяц назад
Brain dead take, everyone who is serious about tackling these issues in Venezuela should watch this video
SavageSlaad Месяц назад
2020 United States: Hold my Beer
Michael Stead
Michael Stead Месяц назад
Why not tell the truth John?
MaTRIXX41 Месяц назад
@Vp watch t he video by empire files debunking this
Michael Stead
Michael Stead Месяц назад
@Vp It's not neoliberal talking points.
Vp Месяц назад
what's the truth?
Paul Martin
Paul Martin Месяц назад
I have enjoyed John Oliver's progressive look at serious problems and find that people do seem to listen when his comedic style gets the point across. However, once I watched this episode on Venezuela I have lost all respect as this episode is so full of falsities that I can see that this show is now being controlled by government propeganda. As someone who has friends in Venezuela who assure me that this leader is a good man who does not want the greed of corporate American to destroy his nation. Also there are many congress members who have openly supported financing a coup in Venezuela as the current leaders won't play with the US who want nothing more than to steal their oil resources again at the cost of human suffering and death. This episode is pure propeganda to get the people to agree on US military intervention (AGAIN). Its called "MANUFACTURED CONSENT" SHAME ON YOU.. you have lost an avid fan.
Navigating El
Navigating El Месяц назад
Socialism is NEVER at fault when socialism fails in socialist countries. It was never real socialism.
Lars Kaiser
Lars Kaiser Месяц назад
Watching this close to the election it is eerie how close the current ideas of the Trump government resemble the ones brought forth by John. It's like their cronies were watching this video and thought: "Yeah, that seems legit."
Hunter for truth
Hunter for truth Месяц назад
Socialism has benefited only one group of people. And they are the nihilistic enviromentalist who always says "PEOPLE ARE THE EARTH'S CANCER" Don't worry enviromentalists Socialism is killing them.
Caitie Regan
Caitie Regan Месяц назад
this is truly the worst lwt video welp
Alexander Tan
Alexander Tan Месяц назад
This is a very superficial analysis of what is wrong in Venezuelan economy.
Viktor Birkeland
Viktor Birkeland 5 дней назад
@Unlisted I fully agree. But he isn't well versed in this, he doesn't have the local knowledge some of us do, you can't expect him to always get stuff right... I remember feeling incredibly disappointed when he fired a cheap shot at a guy that had his whole life ruined by the media. That was when I stopped believing everything that John oliver talks about!
Unlisted 5 дней назад
​@Viktor Birkeland There's a reason why this video has more dislikes than a John Oliver segment usually gets. I usually like his videos , but this time, not only is the video superficial but it's also disingenuous, distorts some facts and completely ignores others that don't fit his narrative. Hell, I'm not even that well versed on the topic, but by the time he got to that irresponsible take on obvious American intervention in South America, I was just lost for words. It has honestly really hurt my trust in his takes on different topics, especially if I have none or very little knowledge about them.
Nick 6 дней назад
A 20 minute talk show story is superficial. No kidding.
Viktor Birkeland
Viktor Birkeland Месяц назад
Every show on TV, including the news, is very much superficial, so I don't really get your criticism... you know that it's superficial, this isn't a documentary! And yes, many documentaries are bad or superficial aswell, but there are some good ones aswell
Alexander Tan
Alexander Tan Месяц назад
,Chavez is lucky he died before the price of oil collapsed. I don't think the destiny of Venezuelans would be any different if he was alive.
Julia Ward
Julia Ward Месяц назад
Trump’s game plan🤯 not even original... Everyone creating this amazing show and the accurate content belongs in the white house advisory committee!!!! Everyone in there right now must be removed!!!
Fredrik Dunge
Fredrik Dunge Месяц назад
Sassy popeye is kind of hot. I mena not the way she looks but the way she puts down that infowars reporter. Very nice.
Katheryne Mero
Katheryne Mero Месяц назад
This Venezuela from two years ago is now starting to sound like the United States in 2020.
Sam Flaherty
Sam Flaherty Месяц назад
2:28 accurate
Jebediah Springfield
Jebediah Springfield Месяц назад
MCPunk55 Месяц назад
It gets better. Portugal is famous for many things, and one of them is roasted piglet, which apparently is famous in Venezuela. Well, Portugal stopped sending it because it was retained or something, and they'd be basically wasting food. Maduro blamed Portugal for the famine...
MCPunk55 Месяц назад
The day Venezuela is a Socialist country is the day John Cena will finally admit he's a bootleg Eminem.
MacPie71 Месяц назад
That congress take over joke sounds not so far fetch in 2020!!!
hannahhiro Месяц назад
I love Sailor Socialism
Margot 34
Margot 34 Месяц назад
How did John Oliver know
Maverick Doe
Maverick Doe Месяц назад
Eat the Rich
Eat the Rich Месяц назад
This segment is inaccurate and imperialist.
Audacious 319
Audacious 319 Месяц назад
That Trump stacking the supreme court comment for elections purposes aged sadly well.
Wynton Visser
Wynton Visser Месяц назад
Its 2yrs later now and Trump actually has, "put a bunch of his friends in the Supreme Court" and I think he really is going for Don-Gress! What have you done John Oliver!?
interesting videos
interesting videos Месяц назад
Keep on repeating “ That’s not real socialism. ”
Ray Bin
Ray Bin Месяц назад
Venezuela is under a dictatorship.
Seal Bro
Seal Bro Месяц назад
US wants the country destabilized no matter what because a successful socialist economy of any kind would be a huuuuuuuuuuge threat to the "necessary" inequality sustained by unrestricted capitalism in the world's biggest superpower
Shreyas Srinivasan
Shreyas Srinivasan Месяц назад
Trump appointing his friend to the Supreme Court now is a very real possibility
Juliette De Maso
Juliette De Maso 2 месяца назад
That joke about Trump and the Supreme Court in 2020.. 😖😣
Lionel Mandrake
Lionel Mandrake 2 месяца назад
Uhh, name ONE socialist country that isn't fucked up you twit. And no, Norway and Sweden are NOT socialist.
Rose Black
Rose Black 2 месяца назад
Socialism isn't a monolith, Karen!
Sattya Chakrabarty
Sattya Chakrabarty 2 месяца назад
No Venezuela is the socialist paradise John Oliver and people are loosing weight because they are socialist and obesity is caused by capitalism....
Sherman Ng
Sherman Ng 2 месяца назад
I used to like you John. Not anymore. Americans aren't holding socialism/communism accountable and the same standard as fascism. Socialism is a fantasy land-turned nightmare that no one can get out of. I'm saying this because Hong Kong is suffering under tyrannical communist China!
João 2 месяца назад
The US government does NOT want a socialist country to be a good example to the world. And the US does NOT want the Bolivarian idea of an united Latin America to succeed and challenge their hegemony on this continent. The USA government will do EVERYTHING and ANYTHING on its power to suffocate a people's government, because their government is controlled by transnational corporations that want to keep using cheap labor and end worker's rights.
Peggy Trawick
Peggy Trawick 2 месяца назад
I am a bird
Genius Brook
Genius Brook 2 месяца назад
Why venezuela hasn't changed yet to democracy? Theres alot outside countries interests to keep it that way so they can extract oil precious minerals and drug storage. These countries are most communists like china russia cuba. They need the resources to keep it on so they supply with weapons equipment and cheap food supplies to venezuela so their people can have it free and they shutup. The only problem whyvstil like that is cause of cuba interest the cubans make sure it stay like that they got rid of hugo chavez to replace him by one of his own ( Nicholas maduro) dont forget thst cocaine also flows from cuba to usa Florida so cuba needs venezuela to trade with russia and china in the drug business. People dont realize most cubans launder their drug money in usa florida businesses. Thats how they made their empire in south florida. How do you get rid of Communist in venezuela? Cocaine supplies must be cut to venezuela. Colombia60% ecuador10% peru80% bolivia50% brazil5% Guyana1%. No supplies no interests money laundery will decline slow. Oil is limited since tesla will adquire battery technology that will replace fuel combustion engines oil sales will also decline by 40% no supplies for money laundery no more communists in venezuela🇻🇪
Gustavo Adolfo Rueda Upegui
Gustavo Adolfo Rueda Upegui 2 месяца назад
si eres Venezolano y vives en Colombia deberías visitar esta página te ayudara mucho
Ronzig the Wizard
Ronzig the Wizard 2 месяца назад
John, I really resent this show. It's fake news and propaganda being spewed by a comedian who should get your facts right instead of supporting American propaganda. I'm so pissed off that I may never watch your show again. USING PROPAGANDA TO RIDICULE A LEGITIMATE GOVERNMENT THAT AMERICA IS KILLING CIVILIANS BY THE THOUSANDS WITH THEIR CRUSHING SANCTIONS AND THEFT OF THEIR RESOURCES. By the way John it's 2020 now and Maduro is still president after an election that was monitored by the United Nations and even Jimmy Carter supports as fair and open. Yet the persecution continues even using a naval blockade to prevent any goods from being delivered. What you did with you vicious attack on Venezuela was the most immoral thing possible. American attempts at regime change and sanctions and naval blockades are the ONLY REASON VENEZUELA IS SUFFERING. Do you still believe Maduro is illegitimate? WAKE UP!!!
Ronzig the Wizard
Ronzig the Wizard 2 месяца назад
WORMS IN YOUR BRAIN!!! That is the absolute best answer to some fake journalist pumping out propaganda. CLASSIC!!! John the ONLY REASON Venezuela is hurting so bad is AMERICAN SANCTIONS AND ATTEMPTS AT REGIME CHANGE. They were doing fine until the Americans stole all their gas stations which were all across America and Britain stole all their gold. America put sanctions on them that forced them into starving. Get it right. America is preventing anything from being sold to them and even increased sanctions during the pandemic. They are prevented from even buying medicine because America has blocked them from buying anything by blocking them from using the SWIFT system which is the only way to buy anything from any other country. GET IT RIGHT!!! NO MORE SPEWING AMERICAN PROPAGANDA!!! Your clips of riots are just a few mostly white people while the people come out by the thousands in support of Maduro. American hypocrisy is boundless. They claim to be supporting democracy by trying to oust with both sanctions and several failed attempts to murder the legally elected President Maduro the legally elected president and trying to install a puppet president who has never even ran in an election for president.
David Canatella
David Canatella 2 месяца назад
You report on the U.S. killing children for a nickle, then you eat U.S.propaganda on Venezuela as if it didn't have a program with its oil company to give heating oil to senior citizens in the U.S. for free something the U.S. seems to not think is important, or have food programs for its own poor and free health care something the U.S. also doesn't think is important. And, you mentioned oil which is controlled by Their government and not by U.S. or European private companies and their money is not controlled by the private world bank, all things that the richest people don't like enough to use propaganda against. So, thanks Oliver for being a tool for the greedy to destroy a struggling democracy from whom America could learn a lot. Actually fuck you by the way.
Mohammad Hassanpour
Mohammad Hassanpour 2 месяца назад
Fun fact: This is the direction iran is headed to if the regime doesn't get overthrowed
Mohammad Hassanpour
Mohammad Hassanpour Месяц назад
@Finna Meme Yeah? expert on iran economy here?
Finna Meme
Finna Meme Месяц назад
Cringe and wrong
Leon Hill
Leon Hill 2 месяца назад
Paused, liked and commented as soon as "sassy Popye" came up. So what I'm over 4 years late?
Peggy Trawick
Peggy Trawick 2 месяца назад
Maduro has “oil” in Venezuela
Peggy Trawick
Peggy Trawick 2 месяца назад
Venezuela Hugo Chavez had oil
Nestor Espaillat
Nestor Espaillat 2 месяца назад
When US Neoliberalism wins in Latin America it causes poverty and people want to migrate to US, when it doesn’t, US puts sanctions that Impoverish people further, resulting in migration to US, for those who believe that we are here to take your jobs, ask Washington to leave us alone and we’ll come here only for vacation
HappyConstructor 2 месяца назад
So that’s twice that LWT had someone in an animal costume talk to a corrupt leader who claimed to get a special message from the same animal.
kaywat40 2 месяца назад
dude, you lose credibility when you site infowars as a legit information source.
Kelly B
Kelly B 2 месяца назад
This topic really needs a follow up. So much more has happened in the last 2 years.
pkrisnin 2 месяца назад
So America is not interfering in the county with the largest oil field reserve . America has not interest in oil . :)
Shelly W
Shelly W 2 месяца назад
What can we do to help the Venezuelan people?
Matt Styner
Matt Styner 2 месяца назад
That isn't sassy popeye, that's slightly stoned Sailor Jupiter! Lol
Daniel Castillo
Daniel Castillo 2 месяца назад
6:45 Colombiaaaaaaa 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 que orgulloso 🇨🇴🇨🇴🇨🇴🇨🇴🇨🇴🇨🇴🇨🇴🇨🇴🇨🇴🇨🇴
lethumusa mdhluli
lethumusa mdhluli 2 месяца назад
Bad timing Zazu 😂😂😂
Samuel 2 месяца назад
As a Venezuelan im sorry but i struggled watching this video... its disgusting and disturbing. My uncles and cousins are literally most likely going to die and you guys want to try subvert the blame from socialism
North Carolina Rebel
North Carolina Rebel 2 месяца назад
Since we are socialists, we must necessarily also be antisemites because we want to fight against the very opposite: materialism and mammonism - Adolf Hitler
Mavis Morrigan
Mavis Morrigan 2 месяца назад
I shouldnt have come to the comments
Ezequiel Martinez
Ezequiel Martinez 2 месяца назад
John Oliver is very intelligent, but I can´t explain why he missed the private venezuelan sector´s responsability (businessmen) in this situation, with its boicots and manipulation of the supply. And I´m not even talking about corruption and threats to the same democracy they plead they defend. It´s the same in every corner of this continent, it´s time for John Oliver to finally aknowledge how conservatives and people with money treat the rest of us. Only Chile, Argentina and Guatemala suffered from the american colonial initiative? The US has no fault in all this? Come on lad, grab a thicker history book. Shall we tell him the US government tried to take to the executive chair by the force, some *sshole who didn´t even win the elections in Venezuela? What about the blockage, or the media lobby coming from America to the rest of the continent? This was filmed before that, I hope he finally understood a thing or two about the american foreign policy. PD: antichavistas, a ustedes no les cree nadie, se sabe que sus razones no son ni buenas ni puras sino que pretenden perpetuar el status quo de pobreza y miseria que ya imperaba con el típico capitalismo latinoamericano. Lo único malo de la inmigración venezolana en Argentina, es la cantidad de nabos de derecha que lloran hambre habiéndose pagado un viaje de varios cientos de dólares, y trayendo guita para ponerse un local o manejar un UBER recién comprado. Nadie les cree. Lamento la imbecilidad de Maduro, pero más la de ustedes.
Dux Nihilo
Dux Nihilo Месяц назад
@Daddy Butter Unboxings adresses this video specifically.
Ezequiel Martinez
Ezequiel Martinez Месяц назад
@slayerette86m same here in Argentina
slayerette86m Месяц назад
Your comment is interesting. In the state’s, Venezuela is used mostly to peddle anti-socialism ideals. That’s it. I hope the best for the Venezuelan people.
João 2 месяца назад
@Daddy Butter Unboxings Check out the Empire Files here on RUposts.
Daddy Butter Unboxings
Daddy Butter Unboxings 2 месяца назад
Creo que no vas a encontrar oliver divergiendo de los estados unidos en policía exterior. Mira a sus videos sobre China. Perdóname para mí español estoy aprendiendo, pero gracias por tus palabras, son buenos para aprender español y políticos!
Bodenlose Dosenhose
Bodenlose Dosenhose 2 месяца назад
7:43 Reminds me a lot of C-3PO telling the story of the Jedi in "Return of the Jedi".
Bodenlose Dosenhose
Bodenlose Dosenhose 2 месяца назад
3:04 "The march of shit. Let's arm! They've got gas, we've got excrements." You could say, shit just got real. Literally.
JD 348
JD 348 2 месяца назад
Hmmmmt...starting to look familiar?
Jonathan Becker
Jonathan Becker 2 месяца назад
Canada has universal healthcare and their economy hasn't collapsed. Bernie Sanders is not trying to turn the US into a socialist country. But this for-profit, private insurance based Healthcare system has failed America since the AMA bribed Congress to use its model in the 50's. The greed of Big Pharma, health insurers, and corporate care lobbyists has payed off our legislators to keep a system that leaves millions without insurance and tens of millions with insurance they can't afford to use. Every other country has realized long ago that the profit motive in healthcare is fiscally untenable. It allows a few wealthy individuals to hoard vast amounts of cash while the rest of us go broke any time we get a catastrophic illness or injury. Big Pharma and corporate care interests have enjoyed seeing industry virtually free of the free market competition that's supposed to keep prices down. They lobby Congress against regulations and in favor of anti competitive measures which make American healthcare non transparent and the most expensive in the world. We pay twice what other developed countries pay for care, and multiple times that for drugs. Big Pharma pays Congress to block foreign competition and sensible price restraints. Canadians enjoy much greater economic security and job mobility than Americans because their healthcare is regulated and taxpayer funded. The AMA and Big Pharma want to monopolize Healthcare and keep pocketing a huge percentage of what we spend. With the insurance industry, they take 50¢ of every dollar spent. Federally regulated healthcare would increase the efficiency by keeping that money out of their pockets and put it towards actual care and medicine. And EVERYONE would be included in a TAXPAYER funded scheme. Cost projections for the current system over there next ten years suggest we'll spend 46 trillion dollars on healthcare. That's quite a lot more than the 37 trillion it would cost for the Sanders Medicare For All program. Under Sanders, tens of millions who can't afford care and medicine will be included. Having this style of healthcare will NOT make the US a socialist country. In fact, most countries with this kind of healthcare still have capitalist economies. Corruption in the US gives us a current capitalist system which is a fixed market with limited competition to ensure high corporate profits. Big corporations have bribed Congress to limit consumer rights while protecting those corporate profits. Consumers and patients get screwed under this system which loots from the middle class. Corrupt Republicans and Establishment Democrats in Congress no longer vote in the best interests of human beings. They vote to make billionaire and corporate profits higher, and their taxes lower. They vote to keep themselves in power. Congress is now a get rich quick scheme for wealthy elites who have no idea what it's like to try to live on minimum wage. More and more Americans who can't afford healthcare, also can't afford rent and food. During Covid 19, thousands more Americans are standing in line at food banks because Congress has failed to pass stimulus packages designed to bridge the temporary gaps in employment between now and the end of the pandemic. Donald Trump could care less about working class Americans too. He's done nothing to help and everything to support billionares and corporations getting richer, if that's even possible. We need to end the corrupting influence of corporate money in Congress before the economy looks like Venezia's. This economy is a feedback loop, and if the Middle Class keeps getting degraded, there will be a massive constriction or depression. Wall Street is addicted to money, and no amount makes these greedy billionaires happy. They would see this country go down in flames as long as they keep making money in the meantime. During the subprime crisis they cost the taxpayers TRILLIONS of dollars. You wouldn't hear them screaming "socialism" when they were crying to Obama to bail their asses out with taxpayer money. But they're okay with corporate welfare and socialism as long as they're getting rich. It's an obvious hypocrisy, and we have to stop them from getting rich on our dime.
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