Election Results 2020: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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John Oliver discusses the long week of US presidential election results, including Donald Trump’s various attempts to make the election appear illegitimate, and a historic win for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.
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Bael 37 минут назад
Once again, Black Women save America.
Bael 39 минут назад
I want to see Trump getting dragged out of the Oval Office screaming and squirming in protest.
Finnstigator Час назад
Why is Last Week Tonight always the next video to be played on my youtube? I mean it's good and all, but I've already seen it, everything that's on youtube, sooooo what's the deal here?
Devan Bhatia
Devan Bhatia Час назад
How to tell Trump is definitely out, amazon is selling stuff with his name for 30-50% off. Incase you give us surprise show before year end maybe good one to use.
Kel Steps
Kel Steps Час назад
Oh Rudy, you and your rhetorical questions.
J Klaas
J Klaas 2 часа назад
Ohh the great divided country of America 😂😂
Dianna Miller
Dianna Miller 3 часа назад
I am so very very happy that Biden/Harris won the 2020 elections!!! Yes!!!
Francis Chabot
Francis Chabot 4 часа назад
The BBQ guy will remain a legend for the rest of eternity.
Foxae 4 часа назад
Celebrating like an octopus on ecstasy is going to be my new catchphrase
Christina Nicholson
Christina Nicholson 5 часов назад
John Oliver is a snapping turtle 🐢 😍
InsaneCrazyZombieDeer 5 часов назад
I'm so happy someone else appreciates octopuses and would spill the facts in celebration 🍾 😌
Ching Chao
Ching Chao 5 часов назад
This guy used to be very funny but not any more. Maybe he is still being seen as funny by the trump haters. A true comedian should be able to make fun of all kinds of people, not just trump and his supporters. Perhaps it's too hard?
Travis 5 часов назад
Someone's upset.
Cayleigh is Clueless
Cayleigh is Clueless 5 часов назад
Octopi, not octopuses. C'mon John 🐙
Lex Slate
Lex Slate 5 часов назад
While the gift of seeing Trump spend an entire week losing has been nice, it is important that America actually prosecute the many, many fascist fucks involved in the administration's extended selection of crimes. You cannot recover from a car accident until you get the broken glass out of your face, and America cannot recover from this nightmare until it deals with all of the criminality and stupidity that brought it here.
Winter Wilde
Winter Wilde 5 часов назад
Of all the places I expected to see a My Hero Academia poster, the last was in an photo edit for a ten second joke in a LWTWJO episode.
Bryan Benedict Bonifacio
Bryan Benedict Bonifacio 6 часов назад
Finally. We kicked Trump out of office.
Faris Abuain
Faris Abuain 6 часов назад
To be fair, at least with CNN, they were emphasizing “we won’t know the results tonight”.
Faris Abuain
Faris Abuain 6 часов назад
1:27 These people are extremely inconsiderate - do they realize the pandemic is still going on? I’m as happy that trump lost as the best guy, but Jesus Christ people, stay inside! Keep a 6ft distance! God ....
Furness Prime
Furness Prime 7 часов назад
This was suggested after the video of him going on for 30 minutes about how easy it would be to tamper with the election... ? Which is it.. ?
James Elliott
James Elliott 8 часов назад
It's pronounced "Leftenant-Governor" Mr Oliver: "LEFtenant"... as well you know!
Nathan Levesque
Nathan Levesque 8 часов назад
They also went from saying "stop the vote" to demanding recounts.
Alicia Altair
Alicia Altair 8 часов назад
Also, shrooms are legal in Oregon now :D
GodZefir 6 часов назад
Hmm, maybe Rudy went to Oregon for a bit
Jade Laurel
Jade Laurel 9 часов назад
I love how Trumpists won't stop using music from gay and brown artists. Like I know it's wrong, the artists have not/would not approve their use, I know many who've had their music stolen by the Trump campaign are not happy about it, so I don't support their thievery. But there's just something so funny about a bunch of bigots singing songs from gay POC. It's up there with their incessant playing of Fortunate Son and Born in the USA in terms of ironic music selection. I remember thinking this when the Westboro Baptist Cult was first "protesting" with all these printed signs, like for real you guys only have those because of a gay man, so lol, and this is just like that. YMCA and We Are the Champions, one song made by a multicultural group of male singers created to cater to the gay community, and the other by a band fronted by a Zoroastrian gay man from Zanzibar who was killed by AIDS. And these are the songs being used by a violent rightwing extremist movement of white supremacists and bigots who support an incompetent wannabe dictator. The incongruities amuse me.
C C 9 часов назад
it would be great to see mitch mcconnell and lindsey graham out as well !
gspendlove 9 часов назад
Never in my life has four years felt so FUCKING LONG!
billy fix
billy fix 9 часов назад
So much funnier to watch after the Dominion crime
Alex Griffin
Alex Griffin 9 часов назад
I'm positive at this point the only reason this channel has so many views is because it auto plays this channel after almost every video completely unrelated to what I'm watching and I've never seen this and don't like this man at all... Good job RUposts.
DP 10 часов назад
Biden supporters are rolling in their grave. Get it? Because dead people voted for him...
The Chaconut
The Chaconut 10 часов назад
Are we just going to ignore the background of a hamster in a pink thong working out at 1:06
Zaid Syed
Zaid Syed 7 часов назад
Shh 🤫
Justin Teurn
Justin Teurn 10 часов назад
"Donald Trump's personal lawyer and star of the Borat movie"
TheLookaas 11 часов назад
I like your takes but I honestly don't think you're funny at all. Maybe I'm just too young to understand your "jokes"
Opinions No One Cares About
Opinions No One Cares About 13 часов назад
There's no chance that declaring victory is the ONLY thing Trump does prematurely.
Edwin Rodriguez
Edwin Rodriguez 13 часов назад
Hearing about Trump BS from the future is somehow a lot less scary.
Advocate For A TYT Canada
Advocate For A TYT Canada 15 часов назад
Part of the problem with 70 million people voting for Trump is the propoganda the news channels and internet push to people. The public is NOT well informed and do not think critically. We need to teach our children how to think critically if we have ANY hope of a peacefull future.
Michael Regan
Michael Regan 15 часов назад
HRHDMKYT 15 часов назад
Aaaaaahhhhhhhh! (That’s a giant sigh of relief). I am heading out to buy myself some champagne to celebrate. Three bottles: one to celebrate DJT’s Loser status being confirmed by Joe Biden’s landslide victory, keeping the second on ice until the inauguration, and the third awaits DJT’s arrest & conviction in NYC for multiple counts of tax fraud. Subsequent celebrations will doubtless ensue when his family members also get arrested for those and other crimes. It’s a beautiful day!
Mandy H
Mandy H 10 часов назад
Oh good. At first I thought you were screaming 🤣 But yes, same. Champagne for all! 🍾🍷🎉
Tom Green
Tom Green 15 часов назад
John Oliver sided with Trump in the potential for electoral fraud because of faulty machines in a 2019 video. He's an alt right, straight white male NAZI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tom Green
Tom Green 14 часов назад
@Serendipity Jesus.... You missed the part in that video where Trump said paper ballots were the best form of recording, and John Oliver went back and agreed, then said he was probably slightly horny as well, huh? Not your fault... Reactionary comments from people like you rarely lack accurate information anyway. I reported you for fake news too lol
Serendipity 14 часов назад
Your comprehension skills need work. What Oliver said was voting machines with the biggest vulnerability are “direct-recording electronic voting machines, or DREs, especially those without a paper trail.” He also added that only one state, Nevada uses DREs, but that they also use a paper ballot backup. So, No, he did not agree with Trump about election fraud.
Sergio White
Sergio White 15 часов назад
oh yeah all the policies positions and pov of reality that got us here are back in controll we are sincerly fucked in a bad way not that good sexmake stuff
Victoria Alvarez
Victoria Alvarez 16 часов назад
John Oliver is intentional disinformation. That’s a fact.
Travis 5 часов назад
Everything is "disinformation""when you're in a cult, which Trump supporters are.
Miguel Partida
Miguel Partida 16 часов назад
I like how the 30 seconds of fun sound like a confession for hentai
Marc Lauzon
Marc Lauzon 16 часов назад
It's always the same shit with nationalist voters like Trumpers. They are the practical version of "Here's a stone against werewolf. You didn't get attacked by werewolf, proof it works." Basically, they are not affected negatively by political decision, thus it is doing a good job. Trump sold truckload of anti-werewolf stones and they worked, why would they doubt this boulder of bullshit.
Cambo 16 часов назад
It’s a shame all those people are breaking COVID protocols
Steven F
Steven F 16 часов назад
haha you ask and furries provide ;3
byindani 16 часов назад
Donald is joke of a human.
GodZefir 6 часов назад
Don't insult jokes like that
TheyCallMeFilep 17 часов назад
Jokes aside, how does Eric always look like he's greased up as if he's freshly birthed?
Deb Shankar Mitra
Deb Shankar Mitra 17 часов назад
18:56 nah already did it for modi
JohnJaggerJack 18 часов назад
Looking for an online group of Trump supporters. Have been going through rough times and i need some comedy to take the edge off.
Nicolas Maltais
Nicolas Maltais 19 часов назад
Celebrate all you want. But if you think booting Trump out of the White House will magically solve the us deep deeeeeeeep issues you will be sorely mistaken. Trump was ever only a symptom, never the root cause.
Monk Amani
Monk Amani 20 часов назад
BBQ, BEER and FREEDOM. OK. Biden/Harris. 2020
Sheri Robinson
Sheri Robinson 21 час назад
I so love you J.O., ... But.. can we... pretty sure it’s Octopi... 😅😅😅
GodZefir 6 часов назад
It actually is octopuses, although some dictionaries have started adding octopi as an alternative
Babylon Gate
Babylon Gate 21 час назад
This guys no fun no more, he just became boring.
Harold Denver
Harold Denver 21 час назад
It feels so nice to see John happy about something that's not a sewage plant
Walter Kyson
Walter Kyson 22 часа назад
Are we really surprised Trump is still trying to force himself upon us after we said no?
zippityou 22 часа назад
John... remember last year when you railed against voting machines? Not a peep about them this year? ruposts.info/one/pqt8p37BltF_h2U/video
mikin lirou
mikin lirou 22 часа назад
The irony that they are singing a song by Freddie Mercury... a gay man who would most of them would discriminate against if he were still alive
Jack Hound
Jack Hound День назад
M Green
M Green День назад
20:12 It's nice to see someone in news(comedy), point out this is a problem.
Paul Gloor
Paul Gloor День назад
BAhaha, I'm late to the game but lets all visit the address and report rampant voter fraud. Gerrymandering, closure of voting locations, tampering with the mail system and all the other lovely things the republicans attempted to do to reduce peoples ability to vote and squeeze a victory. For any democratic americans watching this, remember this, remember your achievement here and don't ever forget or put off voting in the next election and the one after that into eternity. Every time you don't vote you're basically saying "I'm ok with the other guy if they win.."
mikin lirou
mikin lirou 22 часа назад
No more Trumpy bears. 🤣
Liam Farrell
Liam Farrell День назад
15:20 I did one where I said I saw George Soros wiping his ass with Trump Ballots, under the name Bye Bye Donald You're Fired, with the address of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
April King
April King День назад
Finally! Something good comes from 2020!
flakeyjay День назад
Being John's first opportunity to vote in the Presidential race it must be extra satisfactory to know he help oust the prick in chief..
D Bone
D Bone День назад
Rudy says 80% of the vote has been counted. Says there is 14% left. Then asks if we think they're stupid... Uhm... I'd ask him if that is rhetorical, but I'm honestly not sure he would know what that means...
Gondamar День назад
john oliver is much better without his audience laugh track
Caden Bass
Caden Bass День назад
8:24 Anyone else notice the MHA poster?
Lucio Travaglini
Lucio Travaglini День назад
Lucky for you you have a contract. I hope you appreciate it. Make amends my friend. You've lost alot of believers in you.
Emily Griese
Emily Griese День назад
Was not expecting to see gay furry softcore thrown out there so casually
Wayne Smith
Wayne Smith День назад
how many dead people voted?
Kid Mohair
Kid Mohair День назад
say what you like about deadlyoledon, and there isn't very much... he has fully exposed how messed up and deeply corrupt "capitalist democracy" really is
Mia bear
Mia bear День назад
It is difficult to defeat an incumbent, even someone like Trump.
Mia bear
Mia bear День назад
Almost half voted for Trump, almost 5 million more than in 2016. 57% of the white vote went for Trump. This isn’t good at all.
Quinn Marchese
Quinn Marchese День назад
i just wanna say how much i love the my hero academia poster on the teenage sons door
Mia bear
Mia bear День назад
No more Trumpy bears. 🤣
Mia bear
Mia bear День назад
If Dems. committed mass fraud then they should have won all the Senate, House and state races. 🤣
Mia bear
Mia bear День назад
This is what an authoritarian dictator does.
Joel Brody
Joel Brody День назад
I only watch this show to see how more biased they get on a weekly basis. Leftist trash now.
Miss Anne Thrope
Miss Anne Thrope День назад
No more fucking Jared!!!😄💕💕
Lumby1 День назад
Please send money to cover Rudy on duty's alleged $20,000 a day, oh and by the way, pay some of the debts Donnie ran up and doesn't want to pay with his own billions. Your contributions will be appreciated, this is your last warning, losers and suckers. The comedians must be having trouble keeping up with this farce. There are too many Americans who will actually send him money, let's be honest.
BattyButtercup День назад
Stacey Abrams is a consistent beacon of realist, determined hope and compassion. Her work, and the work of so many BIPOC like her, has truly been a balm throughout this past decade for people who, like me, have increasingly feared for its citizens and their unacceptable reality as denizens of a real-life dystopia setting. The dread of what is to come, in these short months between Presidents, has made Stacey Abrams all the more essential in retaining a belief that Americans CAN and WILL work toward rectifying their state of affairs & actually become the democratic society they so love to preach unto others.
Benjamin Glatt
Benjamin Glatt День назад
Oh God, Joe, don't point like that.
Jarrett День назад
I don't blame other minority groups for protecting their cultural/demographical interests and identities. Majority groups do the same; I don't know why they don't get that. If a larger group did it first, and arguably does it more, why the FUCK can we not do the same? Furthermore, America has no unified identity. None of the Americas do: from as far north as Canada to as far south as Chile. (Also, I think Australia and surrounding former colonies fit this bill too). We're all hodge-podged nations that were established by colonists, slaves, indentured servants, poor immigrants -- and we all pushed indigenous people further into backwater wilds to do it. (Well, the armed colonists did, and those of us forced to fight alongside them). The Americas are countries -- at least the USA is -- where they started off with this mish-mashed laissez-faire je ne sais quois hodge podge, and then justified a "melting pot," which, in the end, only ended up favouring majorities and the powerful, and assimilated other groups. There was no way we were ever going to peacefully converge to a singular overall identity, or even just a few major ones. (In the US, you particularly have two overall groups now, as defined by politics: the Left, and the Right. They've been vying for dominance for a hundred years, and have both assembled all manner of variant and other ideologies and demographics under their banners. You guys don't even properly recognize centrism, and treat them with mistrust). At least in Canada we're trying to embrace this failure; that we're NOT going to have a unified identity and we're just a mosaic -- the way the entire world always has been, and always will be, in the end (because each person is their own person, and not some fucking copycat or duplicated machine).
Yudith Caron
Yudith Caron День назад
No Adam Driver? You list your three favorite things and there's no Adam Driver? Even though he's no a "thing" per se, that's no reason not to wear a shirt that says "Oversight - Adam Driver - Hamsters in speedos". You could make a truckload of money off these.
Tommy Ronny
Tommy Ronny День назад
Ok we got the fascist out of office, time to get to work comrades
Evan Ouk
Evan Ouk День назад
"I would love to make fun of that, but unfortunately I have no time for losers". Funniest line ever, lol
Vladislav Pantaleev
Vladislav Pantaleev День назад
I haven't even smiled during a Last week tonight for months... What happened?
Lori O'Neill
Lori O'Neill День назад
The non-existent laugh track makes this even more awful if that is even possible.
Penitent Hollow
Penitent Hollow День назад
9:41 I didn't realize that Gus Johnson was doing an impression of a *specific* moron in his "yelling election guy" video! It's even better now! ruposts.info/one/dYqMoKHFgrqoqpw/video
Alex Obed
Alex Obed День назад
"No more fucking Jared." (Twice. For emphasis.)
william thibeau
william thibeau День назад
I choked at that 9/11 joke
MLU8811 День назад
OBJECTION! Over seven million people did *NOT* vote *for* Trump. They voted a) for their party, b) for Trump, c) for hate, d) for misinformation.
Hanna Harper
Hanna Harper День назад
Honestly John your silence on Destiel is deafening
MLU8811 День назад
14:20 ... I was (may currently be) involved in some open source litigation shenanigans. One thing I learned through... if you make an allegation and /then/ go look for substantiation, you should get bent and fuck off.
Berkeley Pickell
Berkeley Pickell День назад
When will this show get back to llama related tax loopholes or whatever??
Guy J Hall
Guy J Hall День назад
As a fellow Brit living the American dream I just don't understand the requirement to swear (and badly) it does not enhance what is normally a positive experience in watching your shows!!!
Yee Dubay
Yee Dubay День назад
The answer to your Pringles questions: Tall, kinda chubby, waxed completely hairless, and nipples that look like Pringles chips, because where do you think they come from?
Sophia Karina
Sophia Karina День назад
Reverse 9/11 really got me 😂
Zankou Ryles
Zankou Ryles День назад
No more fucking Jered!!
Common Sense
Common Sense День назад
cozyTeacups День назад
the fucking irony of trump supporters singing a song created by a LGBTQ singer....... revolting
Joshua Szeto
Joshua Szeto День назад
that's not trump milking two cows. he's imagining pleasing his two best friends, putin and kim jong
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