Brazilian Elections: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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2 года назад

Brazil is about to elect a new president during a turbulent period of political corruption and economic uncertainty. John Oliver urges the people of Brazil not to figuratively fingerbang their democracy.
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TRONkhfan13 2 часа назад
JESUS WANTS A HUG!!!!!!!!!!!
diogo sapha
diogo sapha День назад
When he says that people think Brazil is heading in a bad direction he doesn't mention that this is because of 16 years of communist party rule.
diogo sapha
diogo sapha День назад
Prosperity is not a word people in Brazil associate with lula
Kelles Magalhães
Kelles Magalhães День назад
Bolsonaro was not an outsider. His support was about 15% of fascists like him. Car wash operation was responsible for this monster. Bolsonaro DOES NOT REPRESENT Brazil and we will overcome this moment!
Kelles Magalhães
Kelles Magalhães День назад
I came from the future to say that LULA was arrested without evidence, DELTAN Dallagnol thought he was a god and today his crimes are being discovered.
Vincent Knight
Vincent Knight 2 дня назад
This video has a ton of dislikes but not as many as the Brazilian body count from covid due to their president’s great (= non-existent) pandemic response
Bernadyk 3 дня назад
"No white man has ever seen" I don't need to say nothing
frank bonini
frank bonini 3 дня назад
Beaches, Soccer, Carnival, Rock in Rio & Some of the Sexiest Actresses (Morena Baccarin, Sonia & Alicia Braga) and Supermodels (Gisele, Adriana Lima & Sara Sampaio) in the World
Jack McKeague
Jack McKeague 4 дня назад
He's a fascist full stop.
Vinícius Furtado
Vinícius Furtado 2 дня назад
Fascist rather than socialist.
Alan Laiter
Alan Laiter 4 дня назад
Brazil is going to brazil😳
Sarah Souza
Sarah Souza 4 дня назад
O bagulho é o seguinte, só quem mora aqui pode dar pitaco, azideia dos gringo euem
Ken Hicks
Ken Hicks 4 дня назад
Busey Lucy!
Aidric Peterson
Aidric Peterson 5 дней назад
The statue is called "Christ the redeemer."
CJ DA QUEBRADA 5 дней назад
Diogo Bernardes
Diogo Bernardes 4 дня назад
Amo esse cara, queria ver oque ele acha do Brasil agora, pq mermão, ta foda
feargm 5 дней назад
retarded people disliking this were so fucking wrong. saw this disaster coming since he was elected.
Alan Git
Alan Git 5 дней назад
Alan Git
Alan Git 5 дней назад
fuck u brazil will resist
shadowdemon1375 6 дней назад
Damn, that like/dislike ratio is impressive.
santiago momo
santiago momo 6 дней назад
Well, he fucked up all right
Yehoshua Oliveira
Yehoshua Oliveira 7 дней назад
"he's not been implicated in a corruption investigation. Yet" was SO foreshadowing omg I hate Brazilian politics
Mestre Shake
Mestre Shake 7 дней назад
Sometimes I come here just to check if my downvote is properly counted.
Danilo de Oliveira dos Santos
Danilo de Oliveira dos Santos 8 дней назад
Babe u guys have elected Trump, so both dirty people.
Peres L.
Peres L. 8 дней назад
Estude, antes de falar "MERDA" beleza!
Pedro День назад
@Diogo Bernardes justamente por isso que eu falo pra tu que era pra tá pior, poha. A crise que estamos vivenciado agora é resultado direto do crescimento econômico artificial que teve durante as políticas fiscais no governo Lula. Tu acha mesmo que tudo isso vai ser concertado com plano de governo de político em 4 anos de mandato?? acorda pra vida
Diogo Bernardes
Diogo Bernardes День назад
@Pedro mermão DOLAR 6 CONTO ARROZ TA CUSTANDO UM RIM GASOLINA UM PANCREAS NÃO IMPORTA OS EMPREGO QUE ELE TRAZ, SE O SALARIO N PAGA MEIA CESTA BASICA sem contar, obvio -é um completo imbecil animal do caralho lidando com o corona -fogo na amazonia -fogo em rondonia -fogo no pantanal -fogo em tudo, menos nos corruptos e nos racistas -filho envolvido em rachadinha, papai defendo eles bloqueando investigações -familia pega milhões Eu não to defendendo o pt, mas mano, NÃO PUTO PORRA NENHUMA nois continua sendo roubado na cara dura, e oque mudou, MUDOU PRA PIOR
Pedro 4 дня назад
@Diogo Bernardes é porque você não tem noção da merda que estaríamos agora se tivéssemos eleito o PT ou outro candidato sem ser o Jair Bolsonaro
Diogo Bernardes
Diogo Bernardes 4 дня назад
AJ F 9 дней назад
“The country of the future is the country of misery,” as someone from the future compared to these guys, yes, it is. We were so innocent back then...when only these ridiculous things had happened.....
Xandy 523
Xandy 523 9 дней назад
Greetings from Brazil
absolutangel64 9 дней назад
Hindsight is a bitch. It's so painful watching these videos.
Carlos Basado
Carlos Basado 5 дней назад
Elieser Campos
Elieser Campos 10 дней назад
Pior que isto só a eleição americana
abc d
abc d 11 дней назад
Nazgûl Volador
Nazgûl Volador 11 дней назад
Someone tell this host the English are still sickeningly condescending and he is a clear example of it himself
Lucca Oliveira
Lucca Oliveira 11 дней назад
Even the amount of dislikes in this video is smaller than the number of deaths during this pandemic under Bolsonaro’s presidency! #vergonha
Carlos Basado
Carlos Basado 5 дней назад
Bolsonaro for president FORVER 🇧🇷
Well Jr
Well Jr 12 дней назад
Pedro Asuaje
Pedro Asuaje 12 дней назад
Curious how John Oliver casually forgets to mention that the cause for the corruption, mismanagement, and recession is that the country has been run by leftists for the last 20 years. That’s why Bolsonaro won.
Diogo Bernardes
Diogo Bernardes 4 дня назад
Olha, eu não vo nega, pt foi uma bosta Ma o bolsonaro ta melhor não, só olhar as investigações nos muleke dele, tudo roubando nosso dinheiro, e ele tentando encobrir Ele não merece sua simpatia não cara, pau no cu do bolsonaro
Ricardo Couto
Ricardo Couto 12 дней назад
Rio actually has a crossfire waze-like app.
Fabio Raniery
Fabio Raniery 13 дней назад
this video would be even funnier if I wasn't brazilian but unfortunately I am, I don't wanna live in this country run by bolsonaro anymore, please UN save us😔
Kalinne Ferreira 1k
Kalinne Ferreira 1k 13 дней назад
Que que esse homem ta falando
Cipher GAMING 14 дней назад
I agree with bolsenaro about gays
Diogo Bernardes
Diogo Bernardes 4 дня назад
Of course you do, now city over you 12 year old boomer
Kay Haughton
Kay Haughton 14 дней назад
Jair bolsonaroi is terrible human being and a fascist and likes to do finger guns well I guess Brazil is on a one way trip to oblivion
Pessoa Legal
Pessoa Legal 14 дней назад
O vídeo tem mais deslike do quê like
Diogo Bernardes
Diogo Bernardes 4 дня назад
Bots :V
Micah Bell
Micah Bell 14 дней назад
É as contas que o bolsonaro criou pra dar deslike
Reality floor
Reality floor 15 дней назад
After 2 years and many leaks of messages, we know that Lula was arrested by the judge for not being able to run in the election, so the judge himself became minister of the winning government
George Henley
George Henley 15 дней назад
Vive Fascismo! You all may have the U.S ( for now) Fascism will unite Latin America and destroy the Capitalists and Communists. Your Feminist's, Rights activists, and Lefties will be taken on Helicopter rides.
Vinícius Furtado
Vinícius Furtado 2 дня назад
Ah... If it were possible to bring Pinochet to life again... 🚁🚁🚁
Priest 15 дней назад
Lol Scandalous video get negative.
Maria Fernanda
Maria Fernanda 16 дней назад
Alguém que saiba aonde tem esse video legendado? Por favor
Micah Bell
Micah Bell 14 дней назад
Resumidamente, ele falou que o bolsonaro é um pessimo candidato e aconselhou os brazileiros a votar em qualquer outro menos ele
Pessoa Legal
Pessoa Legal 14 дней назад
Também queria saber
DARKER SAM 17 дней назад
Angelica Irene
Angelica Irene 17 дней назад
John predicted 2020
Lucifer MorningStar
Lucifer MorningStar 17 дней назад
Pelo nariz, é um judeo infiltrado
Antonio Rodrigues
Antonio Rodrigues 18 дней назад
I wish I could know where you are from ,taking Brazil as a joke is easy for you _.I guess your country must be better than look like a clown speaking that way (you stupid)'.who do you think you are?( Brazil is and Will always be the best country in the world_you dump!).whenever you feel like speaking this name (Brazil) make sure to wash that Gross mouth with a soap firstly.
Guilherme Samejima
Guilherme Samejima 18 дней назад
Bolsonaro is corrupt
Matheus Braga
Matheus Braga 19 дней назад
Vídeo falando do Brasil sem legenda para brasileiros entenderem, Not stonks :(
hissami issobe
hissami issobe 19 дней назад
so you thought the operation car wash was way too complicated back in 2018? 2020 just said “fuck it” and put that shit in hardcore mode too, everything is wild and the operation that was supposed to be the glimpse of hope in the midst of a never ending corrupt politicians was biased, corrupted and had the biggest case based in an ilegal relations between the judge and the accusers
Karl Quetzacoatl
Karl Quetzacoatl 19 дней назад
Lula - Beloved Hahaha what a moron
leal clb
leal clb 19 дней назад
Poderia ter o tradutor
Bruno Mota
Bruno Mota 20 дней назад
He's fingerbanging our democracy right now.
The Viper
The Viper 20 дней назад
Isn't Bolsonaro the guy that thought Covid was fake and then he got it. Sounds very similar to my least favorite american president
meçi careca
meçi careca 22 дня назад
Eu me sinto triste quando eles dão risada😰😥🇧🇷😢
meçi careca
meçi careca 3 дня назад
@FF ATERMIS sim amigo kkkk
FF ATERMIS 4 дня назад
@meçi careca sim kk eu queria entender o que eles estão falando.
meçi careca
meçi careca 4 дня назад
@FF ATERMIS é pq ajente pensa que eles tão zuando agente
FF ATERMIS 4 дня назад
Mn eu não entendo nada KKKK
Chronicler OfTheDead
Chronicler OfTheDead 22 дня назад
It kinda makes me happy that John described Bolsonaro being stabbed as “absolutely horrific” because no matter how much we hate someone, we should never wish death on them or celebrate it when tragedy strikes.
Lucas Pereira Sampaio
Lucas Pereira Sampaio 23 дня назад
I thought the Brazilians would put up with the jokes, but by the "deslikes" I see that not, and unfortunately it is reality, I live in this chaotic country
Lucelio Rodrigues
Lucelio Rodrigues 25 дней назад
The reason i voted for him, is for Haddad, not stell my money.
Veni, vidi, vici.
Veni, vidi, vici. 27 дней назад
Fuck off This guy know nothing about my country!
LG COC The Lagging Offencoch
LG COC The Lagging Offencoch 7 дней назад
@Veni, vidi, vici. any number multiplied by zero is still zero bud.
Veni, vidi, vici.
Veni, vidi, vici. 7 дней назад
@LG COC The Lagging Offencoch I know more than a foreign guy.
LG COC The Lagging Offencoch
LG COC The Lagging Offencoch 24 дня назад
And what do you know about your own country?
Abaramotorai 28 дней назад
Dude 2 things: 1 this video has aged well. 2 How the heck does this video has more dislikes than likes? Hint answer for n2, Bolsobots!
Masewero 28 дней назад
This aged like a steak someone took a shit on over 2 years ago...
Tatiana Ginatto
Tatiana Ginatto Месяц назад
It's sad to see how media control people's mind with funny misplaced and twisted info. In example, when Bolsonaro's says he wouldn't rape that woman (which is a good thing right? different from what John Oliver tried to make you believe) it happened right AFTER that woman was defending a RAPIST! She was PROTECTING a guy that abused a CHILD!!!!! And so he went nuts as I and probably you would too. See how the media can control your mind in a way and with a story you would never have guessed??? Another example of the corrupted ideologies of this host and his team is the finger guns thing... the finger guns were used by many in the past and still by some, which means something like "you got it man" or "I'm the guy" it never meant killing people or anything near that .... there are so many flaws in this episode, so many cultural things that they understand nothing about, that I can't even start to number them. Wake up folks, leftism ALWAYS base their narratives on lies. How does someone wants to place their future on their hands? Also, if you didn't realize yet, his team used the image of that big red flag - with the star in the middle - right before Bolsonaro's picture was placed, what by the way that red flag is from the PT party, the largest leftist's party in Brazil, the red color is always associated with the leftists in Brazil and not to the right wing (republican) as in America, so they were clearly trying to trick you to believe this corrupted and despised party was Bolsonaro's party what is not but it's how you know the party involved in the car wash corruption thing. Now that you know the media plays with your emotions and senses and that they are the great majority leftists all around the globe, what will you do about it? I'm so done with the lies they play on us. Try to hear, read and study the other side before buying so easily whatever they tell you to believe or do, whenever they are playing with your emotions and worries, be aware of them.
Carlos Basado
Carlos Basado 5 дней назад
Thank you so much for speaking out. These evil media outlets have completely brainwashed the entire world for generations. They have turned the whole world against the Portuguese, the Germans, the southern confederates, and many others. I genuinely hate the actions of these snakes
Tatiana Ginatto
Tatiana Ginatto 28 дней назад
@Gordon Mos oh please, do you speak Portuguese? That’s what John Oliver and his “awesome” team wants you to believe. He said “I wouldn’t rape you because YOU DONT DESERVE IT”. Huge difference don’t you think?
Gordon Mos
Gordon Mos 29 дней назад
Please don't say bullshit! Bolsonaro said he never rape her BECAUSE SHE WAS NOT WORTH. it's big difference. Aren't you able to understand the difference?
KaBoOn! Месяц назад
I saw this video when it came out, as I was researching about what the foreign media thought of our elections, and oh boy, how glad I am to be back here, and proudly state that most of the things Oliver said would happen, actually happened, but it was much worse!
O Urso a Águia e o Dragão
O Urso a Águia e o Dragão Месяц назад
Bolsonaro is the best! Joe Biden is a Mo*thfu*k
Carlos Basado
Carlos Basado 5 дней назад
I would ally with Brazil and form a confederate/Brazilian coalition. I hate yankees and everything they do
Micah Bell
Micah Bell 14 дней назад
Trump and bolsonaro is trash
Miquéias 21 день назад
Vai comer tua pastagem
V_for_Vinícius Месяц назад
It's so great to watch this amd see how well it aged. The comments now have a bit of sense.
Alejandro López Tobón
Alejandro López Tobón Месяц назад
All the dislikes and look at Brazil. People get the leaders they deserve...
Daniel Rocha ITZ
Daniel Rocha ITZ Месяц назад
Our native language is English. I am amazinged about how so many Brazilian speaking English as if it was our native language.
Don't Know
Don't Know Месяц назад
I saw this episode around a year ago when it came out. Now i looked at the dislikes, & i went "THE FUCK😲"
Abhimanyu Karnawat
Abhimanyu Karnawat Месяц назад
Cry liberals cry harder.
Esq. Месяц назад
BRAZIL WHY DID YOU NOT LISTEN? ... now look at you!
Pedro HVPV
Pedro HVPV Месяц назад
Brazil is so mess, that even the car wash judge is corrupt
o tal do marco PJL
o tal do marco PJL Месяц назад
vc fala mal do brasil e nem sabe escrever o nome certo kkkkk fracos
Miquéias 21 день назад
Brasil em inglês é com z
o tal do marco PJL
o tal do marco PJL Месяц назад
poha vcs vê o Brasil só a poha do Rio de Janeiro vsfd só tem o Rio de Janeiro no brasil não seus merda vtmnc poha
Zed Kast
Zed Kast Месяц назад
Aaaand now he has tons of corruption scandals, so he really is worse than the rest.
Pedro G.
Pedro G. Месяц назад
What a effeminate comedian!
Denis Prado
Denis Prado Месяц назад
1:34 I never realized that Chapolin Colorado looks like a grasshopper
15 \_ KAUÃ LIMA Месяц назад
Lucas Alves Gusmão
Lucas Alves Gusmão Месяц назад
13:15 JUNO how hard it is to confuse Ellen Page?
Rayden X
Rayden X Месяц назад
Dude, just for your INFORMATION, PT is a WORKER'S PARTY = SOCIALIST/COMUNIST PARTY and you're telling Brazilians to fkin vote on Comunists?! Guess you don't have comunist parties in the U.S or U.K the hell you're from! btw, Bolsonaro does suck but it's the weapon Brazilians had to pull out those commies.
Duc Jai
Duc Jai Месяц назад
It's communist not comunist. Go to school.
Mii 2.0
Mii 2.0 Месяц назад
Donald Trump, Boris Johnson, Rodrigo Duterte, Marine Le Pen, *Jair Bolsonaro.* *IT'S A TSUNAMI OF FUCKING RIGHT-WINGERS!!!* *ENGOLFING THE LEFT!!!* 😱
Loner Месяц назад
yes, we do need another video about Bozo-nero from you, John. Great work as always!
WilliJ Gaming
WilliJ Gaming Месяц назад
Fingerbang Bang bang Fingerbang bang Bang bang bang I'm gonna fingerbang bang you into my life ♪ Girl, you like to fingerbang ang that's alright ♪♪ Cuz I'm the king of fingerbang, let's not fight ♪ I'm gonna fingerbang bang you every night! ♪♪
William Olsen
William Olsen Месяц назад
Operation Carwash has been revealed as a corrupt politically motivated investigation itself. They were in with Bolsonaro the whole time, this was a way to make sure that the far right in Brazil took control.
biscoito1r Месяц назад
That Sir is a big fat lie. I hope you're mom is not proud of her lying son.
Dantres Месяц назад
Bolsonaro is a humanoid turd.
mundo logia
mundo logia Месяц назад
So vejo br falando inglês
aweybrother Месяц назад
Bolsonaro, vai tomar no cu!
Chris Mang
Chris Mang Месяц назад
watching this right now, when Bolsonaro became President, is actively burning the amazon forrest & worse than imagined AND Ruth Bader Ginsburg Died.....
biscoito1r Месяц назад
The amazon was burning before :), they even used an image from the 90's to show how Bolsonaro was burning the amazon, which of course is dishonest and doesn't make much sense. I'm not a big fan of Bolsonaro either but I'm also not a big fan of liars like yourself. Maybe you're not a liar but just a useful naive idiot.
Victor Aires
Victor Aires Месяц назад
57M of voters did let Bolsonaro finger-bang Brazil's democracy.
Leandro lopes romero
Leandro lopes romero Месяц назад
Bolsonaro 2022 trump love
Chris Lee
Chris Lee Месяц назад
Oliver does not understand, nor even attempt to understand, the motivations of the many Brazilians who voted to reduce the size and scope of power of their ginormous government, and/or to recover their right to bear arms. Yet he cites massive theft and corruption by government politicians, and specifically by the then-ruling political party -as well as widespread violence perpetrated against a citizenry legally disarmed by the ruling politicians. One might think he'd connect the dots better.
Chris Lee
Chris Lee Месяц назад
How does Oliver reason? Why does a reporter observing that no one of European origin had seen some regions constitute racism? (0:55) Would it have been racist for a Nambiquara to note that no person of his origin had visited parts of Europe?
Guilherme Da Costa Botossi
Guilherme Da Costa Botossi Месяц назад
"And the nicest thing you can say for him is, he has no been implicated in a corruption investigation yet ...." ohhhh boy
Chronicler OfTheDead
Chronicler OfTheDead Месяц назад
Well... at least Ruth Bader Ginsburg wasn’t eaten by a bear. RIP RBG. You were forever notorious.
Newton Cazzaro
Newton Cazzaro Месяц назад
"Dangerous Ideologist" "with potential disastrous consequences" Wtf is this guy talking about? We wanted Bolsonaro to clean up the swamp just like we needed Trump in the US.
Keith Hopkins
Keith Hopkins Месяц назад
@Presuffix exactly
Presuffix Месяц назад
But did he clean the swamp? No. He filled it even more like Trump did.
aayush gaming
aayush gaming Месяц назад
who the fuck is disliking this
lucasf47 Месяц назад
the bots bolsonaro bought with public campaing funding and now with people taxes money
mmc83 Месяц назад
11:28 - taken out of context. Do you gringos know who that bitch is?? Of course not. Wrong again
mmc83 Месяц назад
Brazil is better off than it ever was. All of this in just 2 years. Please revisit this story in another 2 years. You'll see how wrong you were.
Presuffix Месяц назад
No he'll see how right he was.
Vitão Месяц назад
Que sem graça essas risadinha de fundo tinha que ser gringo mesmo..m
SHINJI ikari
SHINJI ikari Месяц назад
Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk foda-se ?
Micah Bell
Micah Bell 14 дней назад
Foda-se oque?
Anjinha beta 2d
Anjinha beta 2d 2 месяца назад
I'm brazilian and i love my president. You of the other contries don't know about politics from brazil. The comunism fuck this country.
Daniel Goh
Daniel Goh 2 месяца назад
Uhhhh ruth bather ginesworth has passed
TELL ME NOW 2 месяца назад
Bolsonaro is a tropical version of Trump´s parrot parrow. Brazil political system is too complicated to be understood by foreigners. We have about 33 political parties. They are more like whores houses negotiating everything imaginable that can be translated in huge profits for themselves. Among all political parties, only two claim to be Democratic, although this is only a title. In Brazil corruption is the real name of the game. Forget about Lula, Bolsonaro or whoever may show up. To get into the game you must play by the Corruption Rules. Our country is going down fast. Florets are burning down, Rivers are heavily polluted even the water supply is contaminated. 52 millions people get by with less than US$0,50 per day. Please don´t ask me how this is possible. Amazon is burning down with Bolsonaro´s blindfold support. Bolsonaro strong desire is to revive the military dictatorship, although Brazil is strongly fighting this possibility. I don´t want to scare you even further, therefore I showed you the light version of the Brazilian reality.
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