Season 7 Finale: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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8 дней назад

John gets a visit from a special friend, and gives 2020 the farewell it deserves.
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EBTL0947 6 минут назад
HHm? 4 million views, 213k likes, and only 16k comments. Something don't add up.
Siobhan Clark
Siobhan Clark 10 минут назад
2020 started out terrible, ended (so far) wonderfully with the election of a new president. It's like a crappy contagious virus sandwich between 2 slices of moldy bread 🍞 (but 1 side has been toasted so u can't see the mold). 2020 has been incredibly awful for most of the world - try trusting in Jesus Christ and accept what he has to offer us free of charge- and let 2021 be as nasty as it's going to be but without fear, stress, worry, angst or concerns because when I accept Christ, u trust him to take all these things from you and he in turn provides us with a fearlessness and an inner joy and peace that u won't get without him!! I couldn't do it without him!! I wouldn't want to!! The stress itself would devastate ones soul if they allow it. Accept Christ's gift of eternal salvation and become a born again (new christian) follower of Christ and trust in him that he will provide for u what I need in earth and learn about our father God, tell others what I have experienced and lead others to finding a way out of this hell on earth and into an eternity with him that is actually our true future and what we should be working towards building up and not those things here on earth because ultimately that doesn't matter and especially these days doesn't matter at all because in less than a decade our judgment will be upon us and we will begin our 1000yrs on earth with the living God Jesus Christ!! Believe me or don't. Your choice doesn't change whether you believe me or not, it doesn't change the facts or the events that are going to take place. There's only 2 choices, my friends, and they are Jesus Christ/Lord of Lords/King Jesus/Immanuel (good) and satan aka lucifer/devil/the baphomet. There's no other way to an eternal salvation in heaven other than thru Jesus. If it's not thru Jesus, it's not the true way to heaven or to God because God only accepts those who have accepted the gift of his son Jesus Christ. There's no other way, people! If u choose not to, it doesn't matter what God you believe I serve, he will not recognize and receive you!! You serve the enemy if u reject his gift he sent for u thru his son Jesus Christ. No write in ballot. 2 choices and only 1 truthful and safe answer and that's born again and accept jesus as your savior. Remember this because you will need this info when the time is right and you can't take anymore!! Hopefully u look into this now while there's still time. There's a reason ur reading this. God bless you
gabrielle abshire
gabrielle abshire 12 минут назад
john oliver clearly has adam driver specific humiliation and degradation kinks
Siobhan Clark
Siobhan Clark 39 минут назад
U Guys are twisted LMFAO
Corvus Strigiform
Corvus Strigiform 41 минуту назад
Imma be a Debbie Downer and say that this show making at least one beastiality/animal rape joke per episode with constant jokes about John Oliver hitting on men, it's partly funny cuz it's gay, right? How progressive. This show is excellent without edgelord unfunny sex jokes, rape jokes, and tbh sexual harassment. If John was targeting a woman or if John was Kevin Spacey, could you imagine what it might sound like. Do better. Also, still unfunny especially animal rape jokes. Do better next season please. Fire whoever morphed your humor into that one dimensional garbage.
Charles Minus
Charles Minus Час назад
Cool, but 2020 ain't over. Now I am scared
Bunny8675309 Час назад
I love this show I'm posting a link to the funniest video I think of the year please enjoy
Nacho Palma
Nacho Palma Час назад
Fuck the New York ball drop, i'm rewatching this on New Years.
Felix Barragan
Felix Barragan 2 часа назад
I was expecting a Heath Ledger Joker impromptu explosion
Karen Hunt-Ahmed
Karen Hunt-Ahmed 2 часа назад
For a moment, before it became clear, I thought it said Zazu 😊
Blue Macaw
Blue Macaw 2 часа назад
Omg! I thought I loved Adam Driver before. He's fantastic!
fearless platinum
fearless platinum 2 часа назад
Producers: “We saved a LOT of money just shooting this season in a blank void. What do we with all this unused $$? If we don’t use it all, they’ll cut our budget for next year.” Demolitions expert: “Oh, I have a few ideas...”
Yota Toy
Yota Toy 2 часа назад
Mr. Bean cosplayer lmao.
Snubble Bubble
Snubble Bubble 2 часа назад
Was Adam Driver in on the bit this whole time?
Pak RT
Pak RT 3 часа назад
When Star Wars and Matrix universes collide
Brittany Carter
Brittany Carter 3 часа назад
Watching a physical manifestation of 2020 explode and burn honestly was good for my mental health. Thanks for that.
Sarah Lindsay
Sarah Lindsay 3 часа назад
I love you so much, John. Thank you for everything you and everyone who works on this show do and continue to do. ❤️
Kenya F
Kenya F 4 часа назад
Too cool for school. 🔥
Matthew Otto
Matthew Otto 4 часа назад
Damn that felt good 👍
glacier activity
glacier activity 5 часов назад
I imagine actual news did the same as HBO/Last week tonight - operating more like CSI spin-off series #73 than a relentless 24/7 cycle of covering incompetence. Imagine if we could turn off the news now. Knowing that we will be updated in February next year. 3 months of peace. And when ALL the news return they will tell us that Biden is getting comfy in the WH. We will be told how Season 2 of the Mandalorian ended. And how Queens Gambit ended. And how season two of His Dark Materials ended. That someone with F-ing competence was busy with the vaccination program already being at work. And we will all say - yeah, yeah, yeah. Exactly as expected. Boring as we already know how every TV-show on the planet has ended. And if Biden is not comfy already, I am sure we would know. Should we try something new? Like pitching in some good intentions to make a year that we do not actively want to blow up next year?
Adam J.
Adam J. 5 часов назад
That end to the Adam Driver bit is amazing.
James Slick II
James Slick II 5 часов назад
The death that hit me hardest this year was Grant Imahara. No warning, no anything, just like that, boom... he's gone. I miss that wonderful soul. Fuck 2020.
James Lee
James Lee 6 часов назад
We're still going to have to say 2020 for the next 9 years 🙄...😖
Nobody Anon
Nobody Anon 7 часов назад
Julianna Smaltz
Julianna Smaltz 7 часов назад
Underbaked gingerbread boy 😂😂😂😂😂
Grace Muncie-Jarvis
Grace Muncie-Jarvis 7 часов назад
Not sure why I’m smiling, but I am!
Javier Ramirez
Javier Ramirez 7 часов назад
Poor 2020 where did it go?
Master Wolverine
Master Wolverine 7 часов назад
I want to know how much it cost to blow up 2020?
Hans O'lowe
Hans O'lowe 7 часов назад
You can hear half a chuckle behind the camera when they argue :D
nonabliss 7 часов назад
What is it about huge elaborate structures being built only to be destroyed in a massively spectacular fashion that makes it so epically cool? And just to be clear, I'm not speaking of our democracy as a whole but that giant 2020 being blown to smithereens by Oliver. The democracy thing being destroyed is not cool at all. That's quite sad.
eseterik78 8 часов назад
Happy New Year?
christopher wood
christopher wood 8 часов назад
"Let tomorrow be about solutions, today is about Vengeance." This line made me happy
R is for Rice
R is for Rice 8 часов назад
Bye bye, John. I will Miss your far left liberalism Not
David Benedict
David Benedict 8 часов назад
So wait, he was in a building rigged with *explosives*
Matt & Amy's Adventures
Matt & Amy's Adventures 8 часов назад
Whichever pyrotechnician put that together did a "bang"erang of a job! 10/10! Beautifully orchestrated by everyone involved, including camera peeps and drone operators. Thank you John Oliver for continuing to bring an entertaining and informative show to the masses. And me next you sexy hunk of man meat you!
Kenny Green
Kenny Green 9 часов назад
LMMFAO collapse on his chest...bwahahaha
bubblesezblonde 9 часов назад
I really don't think you folks should shut down production at this point in history. We need you NOW not in a couple of months. Tough it out for two more months then take February off please. Thanks,
Tim Reid
Tim Reid 10 часов назад
Erik Ulnes
Erik Ulnes 10 часов назад
2020 will forever in the history be known as the bad sad vovitrump year ! 😁😉😠🙄😢
Ian M. Jones
Ian M. Jones 10 часов назад
Wasn't expecting Holst's "Mars, the Bringer of War" but I'm down for it
Me 10 часов назад
Good job John Oliver and team. Good job.
William Weigle
William Weigle 11 часов назад
Lol, I can't believe Adam Driver responded to the nonsense in such an amazing way. 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Scott Krieger
Scott Krieger 11 часов назад
Epic ending! Thank you John and everyone there for the laughs see you in February of.....2021!!!
El Ha
El Ha 11 часов назад
What a perfect soundtrack choice! :D The Donauwalzer is what we Austrians drunkenly dance to on New Years Eve. Thanks for this season! Greetings from Vienna :)
Cedric Barber
Cedric Barber 11 часов назад
😂😂 good christ how did adam not cry tears of laughter during this
DL 12 часов назад
Post-script: that fire starts another wildfire. 2020
Dawna Thedead
Dawna Thedead 12 часов назад
Wish it could've been Trump's HEAD exploding...over...and over...and over...and over...and over.....
Dawna Thedead
Dawna Thedead 12 часов назад
benedictify 12 часов назад
I think they melted a drone and a go-pro
benedictify 12 часов назад
Trump losing the election and flailing about impotently trying to undo that really makes it almost a good year. It makes me feel so much better about the last four years.
Matthew Hanson
Matthew Hanson 12 часов назад
And thus the tipping point for global warming was crossed... Just kidding, we are way past the tipping point. Hooray for floodnadoes!
benedictify 12 часов назад
Adam Driver himself is either sexual or violent
Kapn Krump
Kapn Krump 12 часов назад
I never thought the adam driver bit was very funny until he called in.
Low Eel
Low Eel 13 часов назад
It's too early. 2020 is still not finished. It could be even worst: imagine tomorrow Madonna announces she will start a career in porn, by example. So don't taunt 2020. It's still alive.
Bel H.
Bel H. 13 часов назад
will hayes
will hayes 13 часов назад
I know exactly what will happen the moment I see the white 2020 structure. It's been a long time since 2017, but I still remember the explosion scene.
Paula Bird
Paula Bird 13 часов назад
John Oliver! You always crack me up! That bit with Adam driver was hysterical.
A. B.
A. B. 13 часов назад
Best firework ever at the end !
Ryan Dinan
Ryan Dinan 14 часов назад
How anyone can give this a thumbs down... I just feel sorry for them that they just can't experience the sheer joy this show brings to me.
Aleksandra Petrova
Aleksandra Petrova 14 часов назад
John Oliver is the best comedian definitely hahahaha
Skylar Wooldridge
Skylar Wooldridge 14 часов назад
Please tell me john oliver has another show are podcast ... he cant leave us while the country burning to the ground :(
Jimmy Heller
Jimmy Heller 14 часов назад
you put a lot of pollution into the air to say this year was shit! Brilliant!
IAM MEJIA 14 часов назад
Adam Driver looking like a full on meal here DAMN now I see why John is obsessed lol
LOCK TRUMP UP 14 часов назад
Back next February????? That’s just so far away!!! I’ll miss you till then! Lol
14 часов назад
Adam Driver just opened Pandora's Box.
Red Gladius
Red Gladius 14 часов назад
The liberals are going back to brunch. They learn nothing, as usual.
Mika Tuukkanen
Mika Tuukkanen 14 часов назад
Damn it, you made 2020 even more mad. Now it will double down on all the shit it has been throwing at us.
weakendure 14 часов назад
This really, truly made me so happy in so many ways.
Andrea Familari FAX
Andrea Familari FAX 15 часов назад
Thank you!
kenya 3613
kenya 3613 15 часов назад
Oh dear, how can we do without John Oliver! The trump legal team's shitshow is unfolding as we speak!
Mário de Oliveira
Mário de Oliveira 16 часов назад
What a great finale
A. M.
A. M. 16 часов назад
adam driver: "get out of your void" adam driver: also sits in a black void
Jonathan Williamson
Jonathan Williamson 16 часов назад
Fuck 2020 is a mood.
Make Racists Afraid Again
Make Racists Afraid Again 17 часов назад
More satisfying than I expected.
Thobias Larsson
Thobias Larsson 17 часов назад
I immediately thought " I see a red door and I want it painted black".. and well.. scorching it black works too right?
L.Perpenhente 17 часов назад
I don't know why but Adam Driver looks like a mixture of A Meth Addict and a Biker.
rachel raccoon
rachel raccoon 17 часов назад
The Blue Danube waltz by Strauss the Louse. He lived in a house with Mickey Mouse. (think that was from Laverne and Shirley lmao)
edonis2787 17 часов назад
Hate him or love him but how can u not relate to “i dont see anyone, i dont do anything”
Joshua Gapaz
Joshua Gapaz 18 часов назад
Can't wait for 2020 part 2
edonis2787 18 часов назад
zoliking2 18 часов назад
And thus it was once and for all proven that John Oliver will never star as the hero of an 80-ies style action movie. Seems like an expensive experiment to settle that, I think most people could have just predicted that off the top of their heads.
edonis2787 18 часов назад
Final show of the year? Wtf are we gonna do with the 5 remaining mondays of 2020?
london〈3 18 часов назад
A sense of The true man Show ;-)
erika flores
erika flores 18 часов назад
Wait! Don't go. America needs you in this presidential transition.
Lindsey 18 часов назад
God, I've been waiting for this all year. I remember the finale in 2016, I felt this sense of grim camaraderie with everyone. I feel it now. We've lived through this, guys. We're beaten down and worn out, and we've lost a lot of people. This is the most divided our country has been in a long time, and we've experienced most of the year in isolation .. but I've never felt closer to strangers. I can't make sense of any of it, maybe I will in hindsight. What a fucking time to exist.
Lukas Malfait
Lukas Malfait 18 часов назад
A pity that a programm fighting for a peaceful, green and healthy planet finishes by unnecessarily blowing something up, contributing to even more CO2 emmissions...
Ned Curfman
Ned Curfman 19 часов назад
To quote a comment I saw earlier that I can’t find again: Execute Order: *69*
Dean Miller
Dean Miller 19 часов назад
John Oliver, You delivered again! Thank you for that explosion. It felt exhilarating seeing 2020 come to an end. Hello and welcome 2021! May next year be a blessing 🙏 for us 🇺🇸 all.
Vivek Rajoria
Vivek Rajoria 19 часов назад
2020 bit is so american
Mi M
Mi M 19 часов назад
How many tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of Americans would still be alive if President Obama were still president? On the other hand, I recommend that a committee be selected to check and appoint President elect Biden's next cabinet to avoid a repeat of history. I was unhappy in 2016 (and almost voted for Trump) that he (President Obama) had appointed Eric Holder and Geithner and had not arranged to investigate, prosecute, and jail all the leading, ultra-rich banksters in nice, humane jails, forever. I wrote and urged him to investigate all of those persons, including his own appointees. However, he was an ex-constitutional law professor, not versed in financial crimes and he trusted political allies. (Reportedly, Geithner's father was a family friend of President Obama's mother. See See Those years were simpler times, when Americans' lives were not being lost daily indirectly as a result of presidential "mental illness," to be polite. However, we have another chance this year or by 2021 during the next financial collapse. Since the ultra-rich's banks' derivatives gambling and massive MBS (mortgage-backed securities) "investments" (gambling) to again sell mortgages as securities to dupes (like your school, union, or most often, your pension) has almost surely again made the major banks legally insolvent, expect the ultra-rich banksters (not the mass of public shareholders but the holders of the "control groups," who vote enough shares to appoint each bank's board of directors) to again claim that the world will end if they are not bailed out, when the world finds out their weaknesses. (Note the banks' directors and officers are like good guard dogs, obedient to commands from the true ultra-rich banksters (who have never had have to pay taxes thanks to US foreign income tax laws) but deniable, and sacrificable if someone must go to jail.) Of course, expect the stock market again to collapse in value in 2021 and the 15-billionaire-controlled US media to AGAIN hysterically scream that the US congress "just does not understand" until the US congress is again bullied into giving the banksters another TARP bailout. (I bet if the banksters were wiser, they could honey trap politicians into voting for this again by enabling them to have sex with underage girls at parties in mansions of the ultra-rich filled with cameras, video recording the pornographic results. Did they ever think of that? Why not?) That would be aside from the banksters' own ongoing bailouts through their "Federal" bankster Reserve to themselves and I do not mean the "Fed's" 2019 Repo market bank bailouts. See See The banksters' "Federal" Reserve (a deceitfully named and secretly created monopolistic, bank cartel operating behind bankster figureheads appointed by pliable presidents) cannot bail them out forever by acting as a "bad bank," and purchasing the banks' now garbage MBS holdings at premium, way above FMV prices. See What about their formerly-profitable, derivatives gambles -- now gigantic debts? Someone must pay for those-- not the ultra-rich banksters, of course. That "bad bank" is always the banksters preferred financial "solution" to their problems of course, so the US taxpayers will have to indirectly suffer the banksters' gigantic, unrealized but probably now already computable billions or TRILLIONS in losses-- AGAIN. See It must be nice to be a bankster: you make huge fortunes behind what is essentially a government guarantee of your credit while you happily gamble in derivatives and MBS then if you go insolvent, your loyal ("hybrid") "Federal" Reserve bank cartel gives you free (US government legal tender) money secretly, at ultra-below-FMV interest rate loans for decades to "recapitalize" you by effectively giving you gifts worth billions, and if things go really bad, the US congress ultra-rich-owned politicians give you even more free money! Senator Aldrich planned well. Bernie Maddoff must be jealous. See; see See Those "Federal" Reserve cartel gifts to the banksters are in US taxpayer legal tender printed by the "Fed" through the US treasury(!!) effectively as annual, sweet-love-gifts from all Americans to the banksters. Thus, your children's grandchildren will still be effectively repaying them until the next century, to bail out the gigantic fortunes of the owners of Wall Street's most profitable firms, who have enriched themselves by trillions since President Clinton repealed FDR's wise Glass Steagal Act. See and see the bankster apologists' arguments in That will happen soon, by 2021 at the latest. Mark my words. Plan on it. There are real solutions. Read about the early French Revolution and its innovations against corrupt, ultra-rich cronies and secret cronyism by the ultra-rich. Read JFK's speech against secret societies before his assassination--- which I am sure was a sheer coincidence. ;-) See Now, Yellen, the former “Fed” president whose cuddly appearance might have discouraged any investigations of financiers, e.g., in the “Fed,” might became the next treasury secretary. Isn’t that remarkable! Joy! That is really, really, really, really, really amazingly worrisome. Excuse the eye tic that I just got when I heard.
Feran Sheree
Feran Sheree 19 часов назад
I KNEW that Adam was coming. He's been priming it for us all year and i was READY
Patrick Wilde
Patrick Wilde 19 часов назад
Next season should open with a retrospective on every 'victory lap' Trump took while in office, vs his actual accomplishments (if any can be found)
Tyler Durden
Tyler Durden 21 час назад
Love you John.. thank you for all you do for America
merdab8 21 час назад 2020 a boy or a girl?
TheBigFiz21 22 часа назад
Ready to watch this on New Year's Eve as a substitute to the midnight ball drop 😅
William Darko
William Darko 22 часа назад
who needs a fucking youtube rewind when ye got john john the fucking don
Alex Galea
Alex Galea 23 часа назад
He should do one on the war in Armenia
Magic Knights
Magic Knights 23 часа назад
This year was the worst, my dad died on my birthday and it was on labor day my one day off from work
wendy645 23 часа назад
February... holy shit, they're going to have SO MUCH to cover when they return! Because you KNOW this administration isn't going down easy.
ShutupGoat86 23 часа назад
🎼 “average guys only kinda flinch at explosions”
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