Prosecutors: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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2 года назад

John Oliver explains how prosecutors use, or in some cases misuse, their power within our criminal justice system and why it’s important to know whether or not your district attorney is a dog.
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Devil Doll
Devil Doll 2 дня назад
So sad that 2 years later, she did unfortunately die. And these racist Republican death row addicted prosecutors are of course pro-life.
mandy moore
mandy moore 3 дня назад
The more or this show I watch the more I realize it’s basically a show for reasons not to live in America
shavturtle 5 дней назад
Winging the presentation always worked for me
Juliette De Maso
Juliette De Maso 5 дней назад
Prosecutors office; the step-stool to American legislature, perched on top of the poor, disenfranchised, and minorities.
김연희 8 дней назад
Ouch, all the “please don’t die” jokes about RBG hurt now.
Tom Curl
Tom Curl 8 дней назад
She did die
Amelia Sabol
Amelia Sabol 14 дней назад
who else is watching this after RBG died? still upset about that, not gonna lie.
britney901 16 дней назад
My DA is Jack McCoy
Larkin Norred
Larkin Norred 17 дней назад
Rip rbg
Rose Fahmida
Rose Fahmida 20 дней назад
It's always a good day when there's a new John Oliver episode 💛
RenchesAndSords 24 дня назад
why aren't prosecutors paid the same as public defendants?
Chris Smith
Chris Smith 25 дней назад
Update: Chihuahua died
Martin Jørgensen
Martin Jørgensen 25 дней назад
“Prosecutors will decide”... sounded awfully like “resistance is futile” Borg style 😂
Jessamine Haak
Jessamine Haak 25 дней назад
TV shows always have characters going on about "how can you morally justify being a defence lawyer" but in real life that question should be asked about prosecutors
Johan Newaz
Johan Newaz 27 дней назад
Those penguins were clearly more white than black.
Bradley Henderson
Bradley Henderson 28 дней назад
I lived this. My life was ruined by false allegations and my pos public defender didn't want to defend me. He visited me in jail twice in the year I was incarcerated. The system is broke. I lost my job and my home because my bond was so high. I suffer from schizophrenia, depression, bipolar, PTSD and anxiety. I was denied mental health care. I was so ready to go home I didn't care anymore. The system is so broken.
Coolnvigilant Outreach
Coolnvigilant Outreach 29 дней назад
These local elections in many places are kept VERY quite.
Jakob Hahn
Jakob Hahn Месяц назад
Okay this is the second time he said don't die. At this point he ist basically responsible for her death. It is called Caster Curse or jinxing it. Fucking hurts everytime he says it.
Máté Ócsai
Máté Ócsai Месяц назад
This is depressing. I am not American but the sheer fact that a half serious comedy must address problems like this is just not right. I have started to watch this guy a few months back and I learned much more about the states than before all my life. People are making careers by destroying others life and this is institutional.
Madison Myers
Madison Myers Месяц назад
10:38 Nnnnnooooo!!!!! It hits different now.
Gabe Robison
Gabe Robison Месяц назад
Does anybody know if Harry Connick Sr. ever got into trouble for buzzing in defendants ears? That certainly sounds like maybe contempt of court
Caitlyn WIlliams
Caitlyn WIlliams Месяц назад
My great grandpa was asked to run for DA but he said, "You can be an honest lawyer or a politician." and refused
garrett holder
garrett holder Месяц назад
10:27 oof this aged like milk
19: Месяц назад
John says "jurors" and "juries" hilariously.
stealthhumor Месяц назад
OK, I've become addicted, but there's something problematic. Before this video, another LWT segment on Saudi Arabia was censored by RUposts. Is RUposts so powerful they can can censor HBO? Did HBO decide to put the lid on? Now, to my way of thinking, the Saudi program must be revelatory, fascinating, and therefore, should not be censored.
Espio56 Momene
Espio56 Momene Месяц назад
Rest In Peace RBG😢 We are all upset at your untimely death
Gale Sanders
Gale Sanders Месяц назад
Plea deals are nothing more than blackmail
Steve Gilmore
Steve Gilmore Месяц назад
Sadly, that's all it (criminal justice reform) is .. talk.. talk.. talk and nothing being done, seriously. Violating 'due process' is a federal crime. The Fourteenth Amendment secures the right to due process "That’s why it’s a federal crime for anyone acting under “color of law” willfully to deprive or conspire to deprive a person of a right protected by the Constitution or U.S. law" "The rate of wrongful convictions in the United States is estimated to be somewhere between 2% to 10%. That may sound low, but when applied to a prison population of 2.3 million, the numbers become staggering. Can there really be 46,000 to 230,000 innocent people locked away? Mar 11, 2018" "As of February 6, 2020, the Registry has 2,551 known exonerations in the United States since 1989." ONLY 2,551 exonerations of wrongful convictions since 1989 when there are anywhere from 46 - 230,000 innocent Americans wrongfully incarcerated This is a serious issue that gets little to no attention. "According to the Vera Institute of Justice, incarceration costs an average of more than $31,000 per inmate, per year, nationwide. In some states, it's as much as $60,000." $45, 000 x 100,000 (averaging) = $4,500,000,000.per year to incarcerate INNOCENT AMERICANS What we need is more national attention, because prosecutors will never change as long as they know they can get away with it .. and they only get away with it because the national media refuses to expose them. John, the real problem that needs exposed is the American Bar Association. The (ABA) is a self regulating entity the admittingly refuses to self regulate Model Rule 8.3(a) Reporting Professional Misconduct “Imposes a mandatory reporting obligation on every lawyer with respect to other lawyers’ violations of the professional rules. Probably no other professional requirement is as widely ignored by lawyers subject to it.”1 “Moreover, the lawyer’s duty to report professional misconduct is the foundation for the claim that we can be trusted to regulate ourselves as a profession. If we fail in our duty, we forfeit that trust and have no right to enjoy the privilege of self regulation or the confidence and respect of the public.”2" " other professional requirement is as widely ignored by lawyers subject to it.”1 Since they refuse to regulate their own they, by their own admission, have lost that right to self regulation. Again, violating due process is a federal crime There can not be any sort of 'criminal justice reform' without the ABA being forced to face their failure in regulating their own. Why change the way they do things when there's no reprimand for doing it wrong?
Yngve Andersen
Yngve Andersen Месяц назад
She died.....
trocrew Месяц назад
10:36 didn‘t age well
JK Asturias
JK Asturias Месяц назад
Indeed :(
E. Gordbort
E. Gordbort Месяц назад
And here I was thinking Ace Attorney was unrealistic
Cindy Ash
Cindy Ash Месяц назад
I know who my local DA is, he’s my uncle. Lol And luckily, he is a good one.
George Gates
George Gates Месяц назад
Anybody who orders or goes along with the death penalty and kills an innocent person. Those people should get the same death penalty if they make a mistake - This will put an end of not showing remorse, or admitting your.. "mistakes." - A sane person would apply life sentences, so at the very least, a person can have time and a chance to prove their innocence.
jack harrison
jack harrison Месяц назад
to his most important trial dog "please don't die; please don't die, I cannot stress enough how important it is for you to hang in there". RIP RBG and thank Dog for John Oliver's show. Laugh and learn
Gabriel Carro
Gabriel Carro Месяц назад
Rest in peace Ruth, I just wish you could've hung around a bit longer.
Philip R
Philip R Месяц назад
10:33 Dammit.
JK Asturias
JK Asturias Месяц назад
Ugh :/
Vinyl Месяц назад
Came to the comments after I saw that
Scrimmy Bingus
Scrimmy Bingus Месяц назад
He’s describing Camila Harris.
Chris Evans
Chris Evans Месяц назад
Ollomop Месяц назад
Jonathan Quinones
Jonathan Quinones 2 месяца назад
Ummmm the ruth bager ginsberg joke aged well............
Lacroyyy 3 дня назад
@Ilan Smolders jokes are fine people die
Ilan Smolders
Ilan Smolders 3 дня назад
@Lacroyyy dunno
Lacroyyy 3 дня назад
@Ilan Smolders if I made a kobe joke a week before he died?
Ilan Smolders
Ilan Smolders 3 дня назад
@Lacroyyy not at these crucial moments
Lacroyyy Месяц назад
I mean you could say that about a joke made about anyone, people will die, rip rbg
Mike Sanders
Mike Sanders 2 месяца назад
The prosecutor who was quoted as saying "I did something very, very bad." Legitimately has my sympathy. There is true remorse in his eyes, and he comes across as having had to reevaluate his personal biases. I wish he had set an example for other republicans. I could forgive so much if they just admitted that they were wrong.
John 2 месяца назад
Bad news: She died, just five months too early
Bryon S.
Bryon S. 2 месяца назад
Watching old videos and now getting really sad about RBG.
Apollo Ranger
Apollo Ranger 2 месяца назад
RIP RBG, You were and are forever a hero
Aditya Narayan Rai
Aditya Narayan Rai 2 месяца назад
You have a population of 330million and "Your Justice System will Collapse without DA" , Come to India where Justice is given even after 70 years ,no matter whether The victim and Alleged is alive or not and we don't have a fucking DA system .😭.But We get Justice even if it is late (At which point It is not Justice at all) but we don't Collapse.
Chengar Qordath
Chengar Qordath 2 месяца назад
Ouch, all the “please don’t die” jokes about RBG hurt now.
Wolfexer 4 дня назад
@Serena Bean And bye abortion.
Serena Bean
Serena Bean 26 дней назад
Even more so now! Ugh good bye rights(I’m lgbtq+)
D G Месяц назад
Came here to say this
garrett holder
garrett holder Месяц назад
Callum Robbins-Gennerich
Callum Robbins-Gennerich Месяц назад
Yeah I just got to it.... big oof. Wish she'd retired in 2014.
Eagle1116 2 месяца назад
The "prosecutors will decide" things sounds eerily like the Borg
Technical Architect MishraG
Technical Architect MishraG 2 месяца назад
Justice is always to rich and powerful. Only idiots thinks that justice system works for common people.
Supported Living Network
Supported Living Network 2 месяца назад
John "Please don't die" That aged like milk
John Danielson
John Danielson 2 месяца назад
10:34 “Please don’t die.” Uhhhhhhh.......
Sarah Jane Smith
Sarah Jane Smith 2 месяца назад
Rest in power, may memories of you serve as a blessing, our beloved RBG ❤️
Rich 2 месяца назад
Now RBG is dead :(
Heston Diego Jayasinghe
Heston Diego Jayasinghe 2 месяца назад
Ooph at 10:32
Atticus V
Atticus V 2 месяца назад
10:34 ow...
Kyle Schubert
Kyle Schubert 2 месяца назад
Rewatching this after RBG passed... we almost made it
Will X
Will X 2 месяца назад
"Please don't die"... well, she tried...
chaw1032 2 месяца назад
Ivan Stark
Ivan Stark 2 месяца назад
Aaaaaand, she died yesterday. Damn
Jon K.
Jon K. 2 месяца назад
Oh man, that RBG reference today of all days.... may she rest in peace, and have mercy on the rest of us in the next 45 days leading to the election.
RandomNoob 2 месяца назад
That RBG joke really didn’t age well holy shit May her memory be a blessing
Christiana / Lavender Smith
Christiana / Lavender Smith 2 месяца назад
Watching this after RBG has died, it still feels unreal. "Please don't die." The fact that our system depends on one person is terrible.
Lunarmy 13
Lunarmy 13 Месяц назад
I was just about to say that that joke is no longer funny cause its too real
Miriam Sanzone
Miriam Sanzone Месяц назад
I was about to say, the “please don’t die” bit is something that has aged like soup. Kinda the same after 2 years but it’s concerning that it’s stayed the same over such a long time
BunnySmile1o1 Месяц назад
For Fucking Real.
Nasser Bazile
Nasser Bazile 2 месяца назад
For real
Clare Swanson
Clare Swanson 2 месяца назад
Watching this today and seeing the RBG dog HURTS
Pluveus 2 месяца назад
10:40 Watching September 19, 2020 and that's a big oof right there.
M'Boi 2 месяца назад
"Please Dont Die" That didnt age well
KT Raschko
KT Raschko 2 месяца назад
Was not anticipating 10:35. Oof. May her memory be a f*cking revolution.
Adriel Sebastian
Adriel Sebastian 2 месяца назад
10:35 and sadly, our favourite trial dawg is no more.
sax_player133 2 месяца назад
Happened to randomly watch this episode on the day the Notorious RBG died. The joke at 10:35 scared the shit out of me....
pikeman80 2 месяца назад
Start with getting rid of the death penalty. That's a good first step.
Freddy Dominguez
Freddy Dominguez 2 месяца назад
Fuck, she just died. Long live RBG.
Paul Feutz
Paul Feutz 2 месяца назад
9/18/2020 - Invoking Ruth Bader GInsburg's long life appears to have had middling effects.
Whoo711 2 месяца назад
Try Harder And a lot more often -Viagra
Peggy Trawick
Peggy Trawick 2 месяца назад
Marcus Antonius
Marcus Antonius 2 месяца назад
Some of those Prosecutors, were no better than criminals, themselves!! That evil Prosecutor Ken Anderson, who withheld crucial evidence for that trial for murder. And an innocent man served nearly 25 years fore a crime he didn't commit. And that damned despicable Prosecutor only got a 10 day sentence for contempt of court & he still then didn't serve the full sentence!! What a disgrace, & a miserly sentence for ruining an innocent man's life!! No Justice at all there. He, (Anderson) should have got way, way, longer!! Where's the deterrent to stop more miscarriages of justices, like this!!
Ack Ackman
Ack Ackman 2 месяца назад
301 same voice as daniel holtzclaw lady
J Sanchez
J Sanchez 2 месяца назад
"Unless You are a gerbil." 😅😅😅🤣🤣🤣
Greg Hill
Greg Hill 2 месяца назад
It's crazy that people do not go to court and fight this horseshit, you can bet that I went and fought my ticket and they threw it out
Brian Morton
Brian Morton 2 месяца назад
One of those guys on death row... was he the guy who was wrongfully convicted because of dog hair in the forensic evidence segment?
Draco lord
Draco lord 2 месяца назад
America is so fu*ked up. They elect everybody, from prosecutors to sheriff's with little to no oversight. I honestly wouldn't move to American if you were to pay me.
Akiku Hana
Akiku Hana 2 месяца назад
Awful system. This is just insane.
Lilli Mango
Lilli Mango 3 месяца назад
are there no legal study degrees required for being a prosecutor? How can anybody just be elected to such a position?
Miguel Sanchez
Miguel Sanchez 3 месяца назад
*THE DOG STORY* .......... this can only happen in America
Miguel Sanchez
Miguel Sanchez 3 месяца назад
Their *photoshop guy* has to work *DOUBLE SHIFTS* ... thats sad
kunal prasad
kunal prasad 3 месяца назад
Not mentioning Kamala in this one? okay.
Titania Sky
Titania Sky 3 месяца назад
My English teachers actually had to scold me for reading the whole thing in a day and having forgotten most of it before they even handed out the question sheet for chapter two 🤣
Jewel 3 месяца назад
STOP IT!!!! LAWS/rules should be explained : "Like I'm a 6yr old" [as Denzel W. says]!!
candace bruner
candace bruner 3 месяца назад
i plead guilty to a FELONY that I did NOT commit simply b/c I wud get released that night rather than 3 months later, maybe. Having 4 children under 11yrs old from whom I had already been separated 19days..
satsunada 3 месяца назад
If you want a terrible prosecutor, go look up the West Memphis 3. The whole state turned against those kids, ruined their lives, and after it was revealed that the prosecutor hid evidence, hid witness testimony, opted not to look into reports about the families of the children, opted not to investigate reports that someone came in to a local waffle house with blood all over them on the night the children were raped and killed, and then... when this all came out at the Arkansas Supreme Court.. the state did the dirtiest thing possible, one of the kids they wrongly accused was given a death penalty verdict in the original trial, it was on hold due to the appeals. When all the evidence came out of prosecutorial misconduct and blatant efforts to slander the 3, the prosecutor pulled a trump card... and pushed up the execution so that it would happen before the Supreme Court ruling. They then gave the 3 the option of pleading guilty to 1st degree Murder and getting time served.. meaning they could walk immediately... or wait for the court and watch their friend die before the ruling. It was blackmail and extortion at the highest level, and the 3 agreed and pleaded guilty to 1st degree murder. That means they are felons, with all the horrible crap that does to you (no vote, no guns, hard to get a job, etc.) AND the real killer of those children will never be caught because the case is closed.
Rita Carroll
Rita Carroll 3 месяца назад
That was so beyond great. Please call Roland Martin or send him this tape. You Rock.
ç 3 месяца назад
i’m just happy he says controversy like an american and not like a british
Revolutionary Cinema Productions
Revolutionary Cinema Productions 3 месяца назад
America is whats called a corporate oligarchy, where corporations decide the laws and basically make every decision in the government. American democracy is objectively dead, and America has replaced it with objective by definition corporate oligarchy system. Its also a police state, we live in a dystopian Orwellian 1984 nightmare version of America. If current events on earth was a movie, the American government would be the villains of that movie. Its not democrat vs republican. Its rich vs poor, its always been that way and it always will be. They've created the illusion of two different parties but they both just want to strip all of our rights and civil liberties, while simultaneously making it harder for average Americans to survive, and easier for the corporations in control of America to continue to exploit the people of america as well as its government and politicians, by taking away much needed regulations and getting rid of the much much needed socialism in America. What made America good back in the day was the combination of socialism and capitalism, because only one or the other is bad, but true capitalism is far worse than true socialism, capitalism is about exploiting the poor and keeping them poor while lowering wages and raising hours you need to work. That is real true unfettered capitalism. Its horrific, unfettered capitalism is objectively evil as much as evil can be quantified. And there is no true examples of pure socialism, venezuela is not a socialist country, thats also objective fact. The Scandinavian countries are ones that use socialism correctly to its fullest potential, and the citizens there are the happiest, and most financially stable people on earth in the first world. And thats because they use socialism. The corporations hate socialism because its good for the average person, which is why theyve brainwashed Americans on the right to be afraid of socialism and unions in spite of the objective fact that socialism is only ever a good thing for the average person if its genuine socialism. They have tricked right wing americans into voting and acting against their own best interests, those best interests are democratic socialist ideas, like universal healthcare, education that should be paid for by our taxes, green new deal, and democracy in general. What the republicans advocate for is unfettered capitalism where the rich enslave the poor. That is what the republican party has tricked average right wing americans into believing, which of course is against their own best interests. Not to mention if you are poor then u almost always get maximum penalty, but of you are rich, you get the least punishment possible, if any punishment at all, and the same with police too. They get away with murder consistently. And some how right wingers have been tricked into tthinking all this evil nazi bullshit is some how good for them. The democrats and republicans are both corrupt, but Republicans are so much better at it because theyve been corrupt much much longer.
Peggy Trawick
Peggy Trawick 3 месяца назад
Kamala Harris is a prosecutor but she talks about predators like Donald Trump and cockroaches
Zolfram The Instigator
Zolfram The Instigator 3 месяца назад
This how it works: You can take anything you want to trial but if youre convicted you serve the full sentence. Thats how they keep the legal 'system' from collapsing. But if youre famous this wont apply to you, see Wynona Ryder. But if youre some unknown person and you did what Wynona Ryder did YOU would go to prison for the full sentence after being convicted like she was. Her fame saved her from serving a full prison term like others would have.
randy Perez
randy Perez 3 месяца назад
Just took No Contest plea with a year probation for a Bullshit case with no evidence cause I was facing 364 days in Dade County jail if I loss..I didnt have a court date cause of the Corona Virus situation so I couldve sat in Jail for months before anything happened..This episode is hitting to hard at home..
Fitp Rsx
Fitp Rsx 3 месяца назад
Every dislike is from Manfred Von Karma
chad Jones
chad Jones 3 месяца назад
I've trial gambled
Koala From Tomorrow
Koala From Tomorrow 3 месяца назад
I have read the book English teacher asshogrd
Michael Nally
Michael Nally 3 месяца назад
Along with what he has said: 1. All Courts should be held in a separate building- all too often they r in the same building daily with the prosecuting arm of government. In my town the police department is in same building as court. 2. Public defender offices and sums should be 1-1 with prosecutors etc (not only can they be used for the needy, but can handle cases involving the government itself-being a defender of the people.
Matthew Cooper
Matthew Cooper 3 месяца назад
So what you're telling me is the Ghostbusters 2 judge is an actual thing o_0
Straight Talk
Straight Talk 3 месяца назад
My high school English teacher had us read Dracula in 10th grade. I didn't just read it i used my allowance to buy the book at the end of the school year.
Kevin Hedline
Kevin Hedline 3 месяца назад
Prosecuters run for re-election based on success of convictions. They do not divulge whether those convictions were coerced or fraudulent. If the defendent gets a "dump truck" defense attorney as a court appointed lawyer, it is a recipe for injustice. Once again, in America, it is money that matters. So now the tex payer gets to supplement the housing for all the wrongfully convicted prisoners. What a country?
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