Season 6 Official Trailer: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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We're back to do…whatever it is that we do. Last Week Tonight returns Sunday, February 17th at 11PM on HBO.

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Master Sonogashira
Master Sonogashira 9 дней назад
He better have an apprentice, or we are not allowing him to retire
Sheyaan Bhesania
Sheyaan Bhesania 2 месяца назад
I used to watch this guy before he was cool. Now he is the god of talk shows and he has not disappointed.
Ferdia Scully
Ferdia Scully 5 месяцев назад
1:39 Whoah! Piers Morgan gave Last Week Tonight a good review. That must have been before he turned into a Trump supporter.
Channel 4 Ripoff company
Channel 4 Ripoff company 6 месяцев назад
That Wee Rat face quote was still included!
Dobril Tanev
Dobril Tanev 6 месяцев назад
The song is from Halo Sol: Comin' in hotta. Cheers.
Bear not the blues
Bear not the blues 6 месяцев назад
I am glad he filled the void that John Stewart left.
SarahForeshadow13 8 месяцев назад
I love this man
Rubén Pérez Rivera
Rubén Pérez Rivera 10 месяцев назад
Name of the song?
Rohwit 10 месяцев назад
Also, Fuck you Wall street journal
Rohwit 10 месяцев назад
Here because Johny boy is coming back! John - May all my good years be yours. Love from India
Harshvardhan Singh
Harshvardhan Singh 11 месяцев назад
@LastWeekTonight could your production team please release the music score in the background, it's too good
Poppy Kneegrow
Poppy Kneegrow 11 месяцев назад
I love me some Oliver
Jj Год назад
Rip Stephen Hawking... 😂😂😂😂thank you for the roast you gave John Oliver tho😂😂👑
Alan C
Alan C Год назад
sweet sweet dragon money
Abdo Khaial
Abdo Khaial Год назад
in which episode john buys the largest raisin bran flakes ???????
Brian Philbrick
Brian Philbrick Год назад
Was it just me surprised that he didn’t mention Trump once in that entire sequence?
Thomas Smith
Thomas Smith Год назад
I love this show... just bingewatched all 6 seasons while sick with the flu... it just gets better and better at sharing in an entertaining way problems that American society - and sometimes other nations too - are facing in a way that engages people and gives them the energy and motivation to face the challenges and threats and injustices that he reports on. Its a public service as far as I can see and its only a pity that a version can't be created for Republicans to try to sensitise THEM to the god awful mistakes and injustices they are wreaking on US society and now more and more, alienating a great country from the rest of the world. Instead of a beacon of progress and freedom Trumpism has become a beacon of populist dogma around the world with more and more evil shits using the momentum to gain power in their countries and proceed to destroy their countries soul as is seen in Brazil and Hungary and Turkey.
伏見猿比古 Год назад
This is what happens when you give John Oliver money and the freedom to do whatever he wants.
John Chessant
John Chessant Год назад
Ben Shapiro called _someone else_ an "insufferable douchebag". Wow.
Sean O'Brien
Sean O'Brien Год назад
Omg what was the one with stephen hawking I need to watch it 😂
Max Mark
Max Mark Год назад
I hate that this dropped the making fun of the show that's been the running ad campaign
Vedo Le Stelle
Vedo Le Stelle Год назад
*"Wee Rat Face"* - *Cher*
Josny13 Год назад
Sick. (In the good sense)
M Andrade
M Andrade Год назад
"Shameless" - Piers Morgan LMAO
Massimiliano Leoni
Massimiliano Leoni Год назад
The choice of displaying the review "Insufferable douchebag" by Ben Shapiro is fantastic. It's such a sharp critique I almost cut myself.
William Harrison King iii
William Harrison King iii Год назад
I'm very entertained thank you so very much
stephen yousif
stephen yousif Год назад
@JohnOliver You're the reason I'm still in Pharmacy School..
Scar Год назад
Dear John, please update the world on the devastating election result here in Australia this weekend when your series returns. Racist populism is on the rise everywhere including here in Australia.
spider pig
spider pig Год назад
Why are most videos on this channel blocked in the USA, UK and New Zealand?
Liam McEachern
Liam McEachern Год назад
Can't believe people actually find this idiot entertaining.
Tybask Год назад
I may just be too high, but do you think agrees with the final review that the wall street journal gave, "Makes People Dumb", then says "That's our show"? Because I've heard him express his disdain multiple times for people treating what he does as journalism.
utkarsh kant
utkarsh kant Год назад
Which music is in background?
Skysky Nomnom
Skysky Nomnom Год назад
Umbral Phoenix
Umbral Phoenix Год назад
楊子霆 Год назад
Does anyone recognize the music playing in the background?
김wg Год назад
X Y Год назад
Thanks for John Oliver to whatever caused him to starting and continuing on doing this, Thanks much, and also thank you
MissKitty Год назад
"makes people dumb" THAT'S OUR SHOW! GOODNIGHT!
Sheila Outside & Travel !!
Sheila Outside & Travel !! Год назад
Lol.. You the man
Mika25797 HD
Mika25797 HD Год назад
Mika25797 HD
Mika25797 HD Год назад
@Mester true i dont know why they won't put it up in the uk
Mester Год назад
Signing up in uk is waste of time. Alerts and nothing. Thank god I've got sky Atlantic. (how sad)
David Kempton
David Kempton Год назад
BTW, "Season 6?" This is the internet, bub. There ARE no seasons anymore, just Netflix and RUposts. How DARE you take a break and leave us high (at least) and dry (speak for yerselves, young whippersnappers...) Just glad you're back, but still really late updating THIS site... MORE WAX! MORE WAX! (Please, btw you and Colbert those are the funniest series of the last year ...)
Don't Trust China China is Asshoe
Don't Trust China China is Asshoe Год назад
So uh.....Trumps still President! 🤣🤣🤣
Skullhead 96
Skullhead 96 Год назад
Rip Steven hawking
Echo Год назад
It better last more than five more years
Ella Rose
Ella Rose Год назад
Interview these guys: 🥰 Please it’s really time to axe exploitive television programs #JeremyKyle kills someone with his irresponsible use of polygraph and forensics. Phil McGraw and Jeremy Kyle both target vulnerable populations that trust him because Oprah was trustworthy. They have no expertise and make mountains of cash off the individuals they false advertise to help.
Lil Home State
Lil Home State Год назад
0:38 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Ella Rose
Ella Rose Год назад
John. Oliver. PLEASE talk about celebrity doctors Or, as I like to call them, wannabes playing dress up.
Cg Gc
Cg Gc Год назад
Does anyone know when new videos will be put up?
spider pig
spider pig Год назад
There have already been 12 new videos since this one. They are just not available in the USA. You need to use a VPN to see them.
Sara Rozic
Sara Rozic Год назад
Jackalofdeath Год назад
this dude is creepy as fuck
Saad MAFiA
Saad MAFiA Год назад
I never expected this character who escaped from lion king to be that famous! good job square face!
HosterJack Год назад
Song: Halo Sol - Comin' in hotta
Ginger Psycho
Ginger Psycho Год назад
He's uploading to RUposts, but apparently makes it so people in the UK cannot watch this season. WTF?!
Marie Год назад
You're back!!!!
Akitas in the House
Akitas in the House Год назад
I LOVE this show. John's research team is obviously top notch and they do an amazing job of taking very complex issues and breaking them down in a way that is both easy to understand AND very entertaining.... and given the number of times John has called out scams, bad policies, illegal and immoral behaviour, I think a lot MORE people should be watching this show and getting the education that clearly isn't being provided by the news networks. Learning is never a bad idea, people.... and if being provided with facts makes you angry, you REALLY need to get an education.
Layla Год назад
I think Mitt Romney smoking weed would be more like “hey honey, I think “Hie to Kolob” just got a whole new meaning.”
Willi Gari
Willi Gari Год назад
Hmmm... Pretty ominous that the robocall video has been removed. FCC and that moronic twat with the coffee mug were not amused?
Willi Gari
Willi Gari Год назад
Ok interesting. I had my VPN activated and connected to the UK, the video was blocked. Now I've turned it off and it's returned. I'm in Germany.
The-_-Dude Год назад
2019: People are going crazy. Everting goes to an extreme; the polarized era!!
victor becerra
victor becerra Год назад
Damn I fucking live for this show 😆😆
Marco Poblano
Marco Poblano Год назад
Am I the only one who noticed they included an "insufferable douchebag" review on screen at 1:41?? That's subtle, self-depricating, British humor at its finest right there😂😂😂
Ragellflagell Год назад
“Insufferable douchebag” -Ben Shapiro 😂😂😂
Ms. R
Ms. R Год назад
Here again. The season is great.
Phantom_Dubz Год назад
Why does this channel not work in Australia what did we do now
Lillie Ampurra
Lillie Ampurra Год назад
this makes me want to watch old episodes
Appal Год назад
"Insufferable douchebag" - Ben Shapiro I like this show more every day
AndyTR8591 Год назад
Damn bro.
HeyHannah Год назад
I loved Stephan hawking 😂😂👌🏼👌🏼
Rohwit Год назад
John oliver.....I love you
Cairé Rocha
Cairé Rocha Год назад
Please support José de Abreu. He is the new Brazil's president.
computerguy222 Год назад
I can’t wait for it not to be available in my country
Layla Athena
Layla Athena Год назад
Last Week with John Oliver (and his team) is the only broadcast show that offers: - Totally original influences almost every other live comedian show - Doesn’t have guests to boost either their own and others ego and/or ratings - Honestly is compassionate raising awareness for real issues - Always gives and takes comedy to a new level - Sets the stage literally on FIRE - Actually laughs at himself J.O. forever leaves me with this ongoing question “Where the f*ck on earth do I find a similar man (minus the fame)?”
Cathy W
Cathy W Год назад
Why can't i see any of the actual show? I'm in australia. It used to come up with an error that meant i couldn't see it in my region... now it just sits there like its broken. I dunno which i prefer out of them two options, but hey i'd love to watch the show
jonharson Год назад
Is John Oliver registered as a foreign agent?
Turnips Pickled
Turnips Pickled Год назад
Pause at 00:00 .... Nasty.
liizzset Год назад
Cool. Cannot wait for Season 6.
MrGrandwazzoo45 Год назад
A Great show for moronic unthinkthing zombies. John Oliver... YOU SUCK!...
Ariel Monaco
Ariel Monaco Год назад
we got him! love that segment
Jiemin Xi
Jiemin Xi Год назад
Hawkings nailed it
Nova Swirls
Nova Swirls Год назад
I hope he covers PragerU this season. It's important he spreads the word about it, since it's basically a more calculated and appealing alex jones.
Jastro88 Год назад
So does this channel actually produce content anymore, or...?
marc claveau
marc claveau Год назад
please do another Canada story i love them Do Toronto's crack smoking mayors brother being elected to premier of Ontario he so dumb the jokes right themselves . Or maybe canada legalizing weed to hurt the black market but then not opening up any legal retail shops. Or the yellow vest movement where they are trying to drum up support for a pipeling with signs that say they hate imagints and want to murder the prim minister. We are a funny country and should be on more
Richard B.
Richard B. Год назад
Keep it up Oliver. Congrats on 6 seasons.
cyberpimp29 Год назад
Looking forward to this leftist shit job going the way of Vice News. Turns out when you alienate half the country with biased reporting that you lose 50% of your market share...
headnut22 Год назад
best show EVER
sparkshadowtiger Год назад
My body is ready for new john oliver
Cormorant101 Год назад
Hey HBO, why can I watch Bill Maher videos here in Canada, but I can't watch John Oliver?
PJ VC Год назад
no wonder they won the emmy again... they are just soo awesome
Havik79 Год назад
Yeah but not at doing research, unless it was a stupid joke, the map they kept showing of New Zealand had just a slight problem, I mean no biggie really, just about half a million people in the state of Tasmania not on the map of Australia.
Mike M
Mike M Год назад
@iamjohnoliver @LastWeekTonight Please please please do a segment on the corruption in the video game industry. Publishers are repeatedly selling unfinished products and defrauding players with little to no repercussions. I know they are just games but they make billions off us.
Mike M
Mike M Год назад
It's like if you ordered a vodka tonic at a bar but instead they give a cup full of piss and a splash of rubbing alcohol, then watch you drink it with a smile.... Yeah it has booze in it but this is definitely not the drink I ordered.
Mister Sandman
Mister Sandman Год назад
So much cringe.
Will Dickens
Will Dickens Год назад
In regards to the recent story on New Zealand being left off World Maps: 20/02/2019 To Mr J.Oliver. We here in New Zealand, would just thought ya might want to know that we Kiwis and our Land Of The Long White Cloud are over the moon that you John, have decided to remind the world, that we do infact exist. Un-like Hobbits, whom are nothing but figures of the imagination. (Take That Colbert, haha!). And that it should be a crime against Humanity, for simply not including our "O For Awesome" nation of maps of the earth. So us Kiwis John, despite your cheap, childish and "nothing else better to do, so let's pick on the guys at the bottom of the world and hope they won't notice", unfunny and pretty much lame, terrible jokes of which only a Weasel-Parrott Faced Pinocchio such as yourself would tell, Well......We reckon you're all good. So, to make the point that we do exist, not only as a country, but as a people, could you please, PLEASE, come down to New Zealand and film an episode of Last Week Tonight? Just for us? We promise to be nice. No Dildos will be thrown, we won't change our flag and no Eminem rip offs either. Signed, Mr W.Dickens Auckland, New Zealand. P.S: Please read the following link too.
Havik79 Год назад
Don't feel bad, the map #HBO used, didn't have Tasmania on it.
Natalee Steele
Natalee Steele Год назад
I love this show and only wish I had hbo to be able to watch the whole thing
Pynk Floyd
Pynk Floyd Год назад
FU baby killer
Astrid Avellan
Astrid Avellan Год назад
I am soooooo ready!
SevenSulivin Год назад
It’s great to have you back Johnny Buzzkill!
Patrick Star
Patrick Star Год назад
Is the new season not uploaded to RUposts?
Patrick Star
Patrick Star Год назад
Ok never mind it's just not available in new zealand. Well thanks to my vpn this is America now
UnderStuckime97 Год назад
**Looks at the like to dislike rashio** What is Satan doing in the dislike button?
Joyce Péronne-Gourdin
Joyce Péronne-Gourdin Год назад
I'm a spanish-french geopolitics teacher, and I just love these videos ! Thanks John, for always keeping us aware of what is really happening behind the scene of a lot of events. We need more people like you !
CharmedX321 Год назад
Can't believe in your last episode you dismiss the idea of Plebersites and Referendums. If you want to blame anyone for the wrong result on brexit blame the remainers who didn't campaign hard enough on the real world effects of brexit. Don't blame the people because the remainers were so complacent they'd win that they didn't run a hard campaign.
Mannimarco, King of Worms
Mannimarco, King of Worms Год назад
"Insufferable douchebag" -Ben Shapiro
robin2012ism Год назад
Best show ever.
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