Election 2020: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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Weeks out from the 2020 presidential election, John Oliver takes a look at various efforts to destabilize the vote, how to ensure your ballot is properly counted, and why we may need to prepare not just for an election night, but for an election month.
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captain Rockatron
captain Rockatron 6 часов назад
Anyone else glad Biden won?
Gregory S
Gregory S 10 часов назад
Those women seem to think because they strip, some how makes them appealing.
Chris Patrick Hansen
Chris Patrick Hansen День назад
Maaan. We all knew this was gonna happen but to see it laid out so well is just depressing
nguyenthihonglien nguyenthihonglien
nguyenthihonglien nguyenthihonglien День назад
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trolai codaungay
trolai codaungay День назад
worldwarz review superbook
Michael Robinson
Michael Robinson День назад
The greatest get out and vote message was the one done by the cast of Community (though clearly not their characters) Professor Duncan
Blue Marb1e
Blue Marb1e 2 дня назад
I’m down to listen to run the jewels tho
dan stokes
dan stokes 2 дня назад
You look pretty bad!
krisztian79 2 дня назад
Democracy depends on voting. Voting depends on voters' decisions. Decisions depend on information. TRUE INFORMATION. We need immediate fact checking going on during debates, newscasts, interviews etc. So when Trump (or anyone else) uses blatant lies to feed MISinformation to voters... the program is stopped, and the true information is presented.
Ivo Vermeer
Ivo Vermeer 3 дня назад
This aged very well....
Stewart Laird
Stewart Laird 3 дня назад
And then Trump lost, proving that there were at least a few sane people left in the states
Edwin Gonzalez
Edwin Gonzalez 3 дня назад
Omg, that's exactly my coffee shop signatures 😂😂 please don't steal my card friends ...
Joshua Little
Joshua Little 3 дня назад
This is a whole lot funnier six weeks later.
Vanguard War Gaming
Vanguard War Gaming 4 дня назад
This election prediction aged well.
Keketso Ramaisa
Keketso Ramaisa 4 дня назад
John Oliver and his research team are the Nostradamus’s of the 21st century 😂
Chris Hansen
Chris Hansen 4 дня назад
Welp John Oliver predicted the future.
Corwin Connell
Corwin Connell 5 дней назад
that poor temp. worker that accidentally threw out 9 BALLOTS and got demolished in punishments for it
Nathan Towns
Nathan Towns 5 дней назад
"Are you saying you *might not accept the results of the election*?"
Jean Redman-Roberts
Jean Redman-Roberts 5 дней назад
Signatures do change- voters need notice to cure a rejected ballot due to unmatched signature.
Truth 5 дней назад
God, I love you John Oliver.
Lilymoon Willow
Lilymoon Willow 5 дней назад
That’s true they will only take one ballot my father in law had two one was for President an the out the was for something else a month or two months ago for Orlando I guess an he could only put one in good thing he put the right one cause every ☝🏽 vote counts. Even though he won Florida we did not vote for his ass are was team blue. 😂🤣😝 so farewell 🎺
Yesenia Morales
Yesenia Morales 6 дней назад
OMG I need the prediction method that he used here, because is REALLY ACCURATE!!!
captainautobots 6 дней назад
It's fun to go back to this now that trump lost... like a loser... cuz he's a loser. 😈👆
Colin Reynolds
Colin Reynolds 5 дней назад
Well, that's true... the bad news is that he won't admit reality. And neither will his cultists :(
Dylan Jones
Dylan Jones 6 дней назад
What happened to this channel? Where are the newer videos?
James,T Quirk
James,T Quirk 3 дня назад
@The Viewer Unless you use a VPN ...
The Viewer
The Viewer 4 дня назад
They don't show in certain countries until around 1 month after being published.
Joshua Gorsuch
Joshua Gorsuch 6 дней назад
I'm not saying John Oliver is clearly just Ben Elton wearing the defeathered skin of a Toucan like a sarong, but I'm not not saying that either.
BoredumbSleepyHead 6 дней назад
RTJ and Curb Your Enthusiasm, that's a man of real culture
CantoraMask 6 дней назад
Factoid: an item of unreliable information that is reported and repeated so often that it becomes accepted as fact. Factoid does not mean fact
Mass Hysteria
Mass Hysteria 6 дней назад
Dominion machines, and constitution. Trumps well within his rights So you're saying a birthday should only be one day? Sortve like how election day should end on election day? Lmfao Al gore was president elect for over a month. Won the popular vote. And lost the electoral college to bush. Lol
Jonathan Moulin
Jonathan Moulin 6 дней назад
Spot on prediction of what actually happened, always great content ! Keep on going with the great work to the John Oliver team !
197228sept 6 дней назад
Lol, John Oliver is a true prophet! I am watching this after the elections :D
Casey Ray Harris. Esquire
Casey Ray Harris. Esquire 6 дней назад
I saw that was seriously the best campaign add ever.. seriously tho, that was awesome I want to directly see poll turnouts tied to that
gbaines82 6 дней назад
Hello, I'm from 1 month in the future. Don't worry, everything went smoothly and Trump conceded straight away.
Zainbow 7 дней назад
Listening to this now after everything that's happening with the election... Damn John you hit the proverbial nail on the head with what you were worried about.
lordvass 7 дней назад
A biden was more popular and got more votes than oboma or trump got more votes than oboma and then the liberals lost there minds went home and printing biden ballets just enoof to beat trump in 5 states LMFAO no dems cheated trump is your pres for 4 more years thank god. dont know where BLM and antifa going no newly created partys will want any thing to do with them or there lies LMFAO again ruposts.info/one/hH-ef6azkq6Zg44/video and i dont capitalize criminal names
Steven Whiting
Steven Whiting 7 дней назад
Was such a good move John moving to the US. Better than being on Mock The Week. Glad to see he's done well.
Actual Trump
Actual Trump 7 дней назад
The longest time I have waited to cast my vote was 20 minutes that's it
Suq Madiq
Suq Madiq 7 дней назад
Miss Amazon
Miss Amazon 7 дней назад
The "Get Out" metaphor was so spot on I actually think they may have subconsciously made the film not knowing that it would be used as a metaphor for trumps attempt to try to claim victory in the 2020 election on election night!! 😁
Brianna Kirkland
Brianna Kirkland 7 дней назад
it's crazy how he predicted his perfectly
Calie-Anne Caz
Calie-Anne Caz 7 дней назад
I honestly can’t F*ing Wait to watch Melania walking out of the White House, a blank look on her face, with 4 secret service officials each holding one limb carrying Trump kicking and screaming behind her ... I’m sure Ivanka will make sure to be gone already 😂 OMG it’s gonna be so F*ing Awesome!!! 😎
Overly Dramatic Panda
Overly Dramatic Panda 7 дней назад
Watching this after the race has been called is just...uncanny. I don't think there was a single prediction in here that didn't turn out to be 100% accurate.
Cotton Farmer
Cotton Farmer 7 дней назад
It’s amazing how they knew Trump would take advantage of this
Boussami Abir
Boussami Abir 7 дней назад
The biggest "I told you so" ever!!
Shabazz 7 дней назад
I once had my registration rejected because my signature didn’t match. My signature is never the same twice but also I know my handwriting is fucked up enough to know the same person signed it.
Paolo Sbalchiero
Paolo Sbalchiero 7 дней назад
Future was forseen
Tim 7 дней назад
4.25 perfect joke drop.
Stray Tarnish
Stray Tarnish 7 дней назад
votes should be counted just like dollars at a fundraiser,....as they come in,...because how long it takes to count them is directly proportioned to the population of voters,....which is always increasing year to year,...hence counting votes will always take longer and longer,..therefore,..we may never know on election night.
Aural Angst
Aural Angst 7 дней назад
Compulsory voting FTW - then they can't use these dirty tactics to prevent you from voting...
Stray Tarnish
Stray Tarnish 7 дней назад
The real question is if Trump had Biden's votes and Biden had Trump's votes would there be any lawsuits being filed would there be any accusations of voter fraud being accused
BasedWinduXII 7 дней назад
possibly, but nowhere near the scale we're seeing
jimmyoakmeister 7 дней назад
USA: We need less people to vote. Australia: You *will* vote. It is *not* a choice.
Eve Love
Eve Love 2 дня назад
Seriously tho, who wants to cop a $20 fine for not voting?
windwaker0rules 7 дней назад
it also helps that Australia votes on a weekend where USA decides the best day to get people to go out on their free time is on a Tuesday
BasedWinduXII 7 дней назад
It is *noyt* a choice.
Foster Donald
Foster Donald 8 дней назад
johnlegend andrewhuang thotiana danzakuduro
rationalguy 8 дней назад
All republicans are proto fascists.
Andrew Tompsett
Andrew Tompsett 8 дней назад
Look at that. You were right
Felicity Chevalier
Felicity Chevalier 8 дней назад
x3 so obvious
Dru Blood
Dru Blood 8 дней назад
All this shit happened on Election Day! The blue shift, Trump claiming fraud and trying to delegitimize the election and democracy, they called it!
bananathek 8 дней назад
"What are you going to do? Calligraph the Ipad?" 😂😂😂
Narrator 9 дней назад
16:00 so trump is really THAT predictable
Q Theband
Q Theband 9 дней назад
Damned if Oliver didn’t call it. MAGA is trying to use the Blue Shift as a point of fraudulent voting.
Luigi Nastro
Luigi Nastro 9 дней назад
Damn, Donald really did plant the seeds for his manchild reaction to the results.
Vlad Walhalla
Vlad Walhalla 9 дней назад
You are such a marxist. You love Lenin don’t you ?
Vlad Walhalla
Vlad Walhalla 5 дней назад
@seumas Broderick is not about capitalism. Neo-marxism is about uniformity and misplaced needs and want of rights.
Vlad Walhalla
Vlad Walhalla 5 дней назад
@seumas Broderick i am a political science major. I did read the fucker
seumas Broderick
seumas Broderick 6 дней назад
@Vlad Walhalla the only thing marx does is show how capitalism works. Not capitalisms own pr and advertising. How it actually operates. When you know how it works you see how it is dependent on exploitation. Some people are just fine with exploitation. Even when they are being exploited themselves. For those people, i got nothing to say
seumas Broderick
seumas Broderick 6 дней назад
@Vlad Walhalla have you read any marx?
seumas Broderick
seumas Broderick 6 дней назад
@Vlad Walhalla oh ye of little faith
Hipstercat 9 дней назад
at 2:03 why does trump look look a wax figure
Said Mahmoud
Said Mahmoud 9 дней назад
How the next last week tonight show would be??? Am burning to see!!!!!
Bug bugbug
Bug bugbug 9 дней назад
the coffee example isn't too far off, the other day Tucker opened his show saying the liberals are going to "force you to drink at Starbucks"
Kimmy Carol
Kimmy Carol 9 дней назад
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Luke Lehmann
Luke Lehmann 10 дней назад
Pro tip bring a wheel Chair to the polls that way you can sit down and still move
neatodd 10 дней назад
Watching this 13th November is enjoyable.
Colin Reynolds
Colin Reynolds 5 дней назад
Watching it on 18Nov2020 -- not so much. Trump's trying to attack Iran... distraction tactics, much? Creating chaos for after he's forced to leave?
Karim Ali
Karim Ali 10 дней назад
1:25 So funny
Chaoticstorm 10 дней назад
15:20. It’s scary how accurate he was
jim simpson
jim simpson 10 дней назад
So far, republicans have not burned a single building since the Fake Media stated that Biden “won”.
The Viewer
The Viewer 7 дней назад
@jim simpson The difference is that there was actual evidence of the former, none of the latter so far.
jim simpson
jim simpson 8 дней назад
2016: The election was rigged by the Russians! 2020: "This election is completely safe and secure"
Prashant Wason
Prashant Wason 10 дней назад
Yeah, republicans live in barn houses, they don't have buildings to burn.
Scorpius Jones
Scorpius Jones 10 дней назад
Trump lost 🥳🇺🇲✌🏻
Lord Nappa
Lord Nappa 10 дней назад
You think America will forever flourish? People live in denial thinking they NEED governments. But government is flawed and corrupt. Every government in the,past has fallen, been invaded, or conquered . Like the romantic empire , America will fall. And nothing but the screams of this country will be remembered and the utter stupidity of my fellow americans. America will fall and I'll make sure it happens. #kinsofliberty
MrsSlocombes PuddyCat
MrsSlocombes PuddyCat 10 дней назад
😂 Say NO to Trump (and no to Biden) - But a big YES to John Oliver for President.
Andrew Florence
Andrew Florence 10 дней назад
John Oliver still alive or did Trump do a lame duck executive order for the secret service to bump him off?
Denitsa Beshkova
Denitsa Beshkova 10 дней назад
No offence, but if you plan guys to flatten the curve for every single system that exists out there, maybe we all need a change!
Eden Grace
Eden Grace 10 дней назад
Stripper @ 0:26: "But you talkin' bout, 'aWh, tHeY gOn pIcK wHo tHeY gOn pIcK, sHaWtY.." A WOMAN AFTER MY OWN HEART. 😂💜
Martin Verrisin
Martin Verrisin 10 дней назад
that PSA is terrifying, not gonna lie..... IF this is what USA / democracy needs to work.... people who only come from this ad, and don't properly care otherwise, will just vote for the first person they see in some ad... - The state of us humans is really absurd... - I mean, maybe not, but think about it... People need sexual ad, to be motivated to literally choose who will rule over them.... Is that not fucked up? :(
Martin Verrisin
Martin Verrisin 10 дней назад
@Gnome de Plume That's not the problem at all. There is absolutely no problem with sex workers, or anyone, voting. The problem I'm talking about is that if someone votes only because of this ad, do they really care? Do they understand they care? They are choosing who will _rule_ over them, yet they need carnal motivation to pay attention to it? - That's the scary part. The problem is with people who are not voting, because they care, but because of an ad. Now, hopefully, they care as well, but it's weird they don't care regardless, and if they don't care, what kind of voter are they? - On the contrary, as you wrote, adult entertainment workers should definitely vote. Many people should vote. But usually, they should understand what they are voting for. (but with US election, there is less of this issues, as you only have 2 options)
Gnome de Plume
Gnome de Plume 10 дней назад
How about this idea, adult entertainment workers are people too and have a vested interest in the democratic process considering how political decisions can effect their livelihoods
Martin Verrisin
Martin Verrisin 10 дней назад
although, as far as those elections are concerned, maybe just not voting for trump would have had been enough (which makes it one option), etc.... but I'm talking in general.
antigravity19 10 дней назад
spooky watching this after nov 3....
tkondor 11 дней назад
I think that Republicans are at least honest about the snakes they are, while Democrats are snakes dressed up as a fluffy unicorn...
Gnome de Plume
Gnome de Plume 10 дней назад
This just in: under no circumstances do you "gotta hand it to them"
Mik Na
Mik Na 11 дней назад
Watching this days after election results came out. Everything John "predicted" had happened. So either this is so predictable that even a British comedian could see this coming, or John Oliver has a future as a fortune teller 😄
lex n
lex n 11 дней назад
Good prediction John
Rat King
Rat King 11 дней назад
tells everyone to vote by mail, POSTman, imma just lose these ballots
Videoviewer 11 дней назад
John exactly predicted what happened on election day
elephant march
elephant march 11 дней назад
Haha i'm glad I watched this AFTER the election. Eases the stress a bit
elephant march
elephant march 11 дней назад
THOUGH having said that, the bit about SHOUTING that we won't know the winner election night WOULD have made me less despairing that night...
Phoenix 2k3
Phoenix 2k3 11 дней назад
Well can't say we didn't see this coming.
Steve Yuhas
Steve Yuhas 11 дней назад
Wow, it's like he knew it was going to happen just like that.... Although, I mean actually if you think about it, Donald kinda said that he would do that when he heard it was likely to shift... But I'm going with the John being a time traveler theory.
Jack Noble
Jack Noble 11 дней назад
The forest was shrinking, but the trees kept voting for the Axe, for the Axe was clever and convinced the trees that because his handle was made of wood, he was one of them.
Cpl Son
Cpl Son 12 дней назад
"if you think im being paranoid" 😂
Kevin Cobb
Kevin Cobb 12 дней назад
Actual 7D chess going on here.
Juan Diaz
Juan Diaz 12 дней назад
Figgers 12 дней назад
Predicted perfectly. Well done y'all.
Jamie McInally
Jamie McInally 12 дней назад
Hmm, Idk man. I think it's a bit of a stretch with this voting prediction. I doubt him asking all his supporters to vote in person and discrediting the mail-in vote will amount to anything...
Wild Hunter
Wild Hunter 11 дней назад
Oh you don’t think so. Well I gotta tell ya that puts my mind at ease.
Miss KnownUnknown
Miss KnownUnknown 12 дней назад
The gorgeous strippers for voting....oh yeah!
Rationalist Faith
Rationalist Faith 12 дней назад
As a Muslim I was always fascinated with the right's obsession with Shariah law and Taqiya (basically Muslims taking over and subverting the Democracy according to them of course).... As usual the projection is real. It makes knowing what they're doing pretty simple: whatever they're accusing others is a misdirection as they're probably doing it at that exact moment. Snakes, treason and the downfall of our democracy. Allah protect us and protect people's freedom.
K A Armour
K A Armour 12 дней назад
Maurizio Pane
Maurizio Pane 13 дней назад
I just saw ur election 2020 video. I can't believe u stated exactly what Trump was going to do!!!!
lordvass 13 дней назад
ruposts.info/one/mGuAc5q0eKugi20/video spoon feed facts about election fraud, there is voter fraud to that many people that are dead voted but it could all just be called election fraud
lordvass 9 дней назад
@Gnome de Plume ruposts.info/one/d3d_lYPVkreUn4Y/video me either i like to watch shit happen thats why i have a clue and you are clueless
Gnome de Plume
Gnome de Plume 9 дней назад
@lordvass nope
lordvass 10 дней назад
@Gnome de Plume ruposts.info/one/amKweq2zqKeaipg/video 234 sworn testomoney oh no just like that trump your prez for next four years just like the American people voted for id wager trump beat national vote by 10 million maybe 20 who knows maybe next 4 years we will have a vote not a false choose where one side cheats
lordvass 10 дней назад
@Gnome de Plume you are miss informed they were the exact name of people that were dead for 70 years one died in 1951 bro
Gnome de Plume
Gnome de Plume 10 дней назад
People having similar names to dead people is not voter fraud
JOHN PARKER 13 дней назад
I’m just amazed at the battery life on that guys phone.
Kyle Eats
Kyle Eats 13 дней назад
Can you imagine your battery lasting that long
Wild Hunter
Wild Hunter 11 дней назад
That’s the most unbelievable thing about this.
mehrshad shahabi
mehrshad shahabi 13 дней назад
This aged like a fine wine
DeeOnline 13 дней назад
It blows my mind that a man as smart as you is so naive. You clearly do ZERO research
Gnome de Plume
Gnome de Plume 10 дней назад
This show's research team is more thorough than most news programs
ThatElfNerd 13 дней назад
Okay genius, provide peer-reviewed links that discredit literally everything he says.
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