Prison Labor: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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John Oliver explains how prisoners make and spend money, and how companies can profit at the expense of their families.

Let's Pretend
Let's Pretend 13 часов назад
I feel like I say this every single day: The fuck merica?
FrancisOf TheFilth
FrancisOf TheFilth 15 часов назад
Sad. If we simply helped criminals or people who makes mistake and end up in Prison; crime in America would drop drastically.
Claudio Raimondo
Claudio Raimondo 3 дня назад
The fact that there are people enriching themselves of off people ,paying money to see their loved ones sickens me to the core. I really don't know how these absolute assholes of a human being can sleep at night.
edwin justo
edwin justo 5 дней назад
Prisoners are lucky they are getting paid at all let alone getting paid more f that they are criminals so f them
edwin justo
edwin justo День назад
@The Viewer i agree we should give them the tools to succeed and properly re entry society but getting paid even minimum wage is not one of those tools we should teach them trait jobs that they can do outside like fixing cars or even cooking but again no they are lucky they are getting paid at all they are still criminals so f the idea of them getting paid more
The Viewer
The Viewer День назад
They are people. They are paying for their crimes by being in prison, and for most of them they'll eventually be let out of prison. Shouldn't we give them the tools to do better than what they did before?
MilitaryDog 6 дней назад
Simple answers to complex problems. That is the plight of society. If we’re going to do something, we need to do it correct, not just quickly. There are human lives at stake. Sons and daughters are being dehumanized for the profit of corporations.
J Girl
J Girl 6 дней назад
I'd be more interested in the median wage, because outliers can skew it way higher. (I'm sure it could also skew it lower, but I really doubt that it would be an issue because so many inmates are paid nothing.)
Zachary Ayotte
Zachary Ayotte 7 дней назад
That Batman bit fucking killed me and I have next to zero idea why 😂
pikeman80 8 дней назад
The FOX guys sure have a condescending pompous tone.
M. A.
M. A. 9 дней назад
Dodge-Bull is just modern day gladiators. Prisoners being used in a fighting ring (sort of) putting their lives on the line to earn their freedom and entertain the masses.
L 9 дней назад
Hmmm so prison, punishing the families of prisoners when they didn't commit the crime.
L 9 дней назад
Not paying prisoners the correct wage for work and then selling them things at great markups is a pretty shitty thing to do. If you pay them correctly you can tax them more, and then give them voting rights because some day they will get out and have a vested interest in what that world well be. Plus their work could be unfair competition for actual companies. Private companies should not be involved.
L 9 дней назад
Strange that all those convicts being 'rodeo clowns' were black and and everyone else including the announcers and I'm guessing the majority of the the audience were white. So America... Racism much? 🤦
ßìels 10 дней назад
As much as I want to feel bad, I cant. If you go to prison, thats on you, if they're upset about their position, they have no one to blame but themselves. Had multiple uncles who worked in prison and didn't bitch about it when they got out, they got real jobs and had real money. Again if you've ended up in prison its your fault, dont care if its drugs or whatever, and to anyone who wants to argue their mostly non violent drug users, idk if you knew but drugs impact more than the user. My one uncle was robbing houses for drug money. While my other one committed involuntary manslaughter via crashing while on cocaine, both consitered non violent, but still impacted others in ways that can't be forgiven, they should've been punished and were. I remember having to clean the house or do certain things on punishment as a kid. I see no difference in that and being forced to work as a criminal, you're in prison, you're not a free man, serve your punishment and then get back to work.
The Viewer
The Viewer День назад
So doing one stupid thing out of desperation should screw someone over for their entire life? So are you fine with everyone that made edgy bigoted comments as an older teen being branded as a bigot until they die?
Mikyla Wilfred
Mikyla Wilfred 11 дней назад
California is starting to let them after the fires
NeXes 13 дней назад
America is such a shitshow... Gosh I'm glad I don't live there :'D
cal6mm 13 дней назад
Deez Nuts
Deez Nuts 13 дней назад
your country is lost
Natasha Marquis
Natasha Marquis 15 дней назад
We cannot leave Biden and the new senators/congressman alone about this
Ethan Kussmaul
Ethan Kussmaul 17 дней назад
5:24 why does batman sound Scottish?
Raconbacon 564
Raconbacon 564 18 дней назад
A grown ass man, in a high position in one of the worlds most powerful countries is more awkward and squemish about femine hygene products than 13 year old me(i am a guy btw). Jesus fucking christ grow up
Jones 18 дней назад
money, money, money. It aint funny. These are fuckd up corps.
Jones 18 дней назад
DONT COMMIT A CRIME! unless you live in Norway. they have instruments and big cells
Danny Santos
Danny Santos 18 дней назад
Humans are human. Criminal. Politicians. Family. Police. Treat them equal. hypocrisy is at the core of America. Inmates do need a pay raise.
Raymond Parnell
Raymond Parnell 18 дней назад
If they stop visits we have to pay the guards . Higher prices attracts a bigger pool of guards willing to take that risk . Once they cross that line we got them the gaol ours.
Carl Thorell Steinø
Carl Thorell Steinø 21 день назад
Who's here for the Cosby clip?
Bubbles 21 день назад
I beg that when the 2021 Batman movie comes out, a John Oliver dubbed version is also released
Martina Skupin
Martina Skupin 24 дня назад
Prisoners are fire fighters in USA? Can be USA more unbelievable?
BlitŚ 26 дней назад
Keeping people in prison beacuse they are so valuable as free workforce is the principle of gulags isn't it? Stalin would be proud of you, America!
Celena Butler
Celena Butler 27 дней назад
I think the inmates should make fare wages to pay for the amount it cost for their imprisonment, that way it does not cost the tax payers and it will also not pay the people in charge of prisons, or the prisons should take the profit made from people sending money to inmates from companies like Jpay to pay for the inmates - or why is there not a non-profit organization helping people send money to inmates that does not cost them $20 for every $50 they send? None of this makes any sense. Not to mention most of the inmates should not even be in prison, the only reason they are is to make money for other people............this upsets me so much
ナカナカ 27 дней назад
crime doesn’t pay unless you’re a politician
Mandy Swenson
Mandy Swenson Месяц назад
What about giving prisoners a diva cup? It’s re usable and May be cheaper overall than pads or tampons
The Viewer
The Viewer День назад
That'd be a possible good solution to those that want one, but since sanitation is often so bad in there I'd be worried that they couldn't be properly cleaned and would cause infections.
Christina Nicholson
Christina Nicholson Месяц назад
Slave camps. The work camps in mcmurray Are Slightly nicer! The pays better!
Galador Месяц назад
I bet executives of those companies ger wet, watching documentaries about german concentration camps. "Making soap an shoes out of dead bodies? Oh yeah!"
Andrew Struckmann
Andrew Struckmann Месяц назад
Good News: California Inmate Firefighters now get their records expunged upon release and can now be hired as Professional Firefighters
Ari The Dota Newb
Ari The Dota Newb Месяц назад
"Its common sense, it's very simple they're slaves!" - that guy probably
Daniel Kostenko
Daniel Kostenko Месяц назад
The lucky charms leprechaun is Batman
Alex Buckenham
Alex Buckenham Месяц назад
Is Batman from Leeds?
Sara H
Sara H Месяц назад
I dont think there is a single country on earth better at stealing money from their citizens than the US. The people in charge of the private companies making money off human suffering and the politicians being paid off to allow it should be guillotined
Marquis Maye
Marquis Maye Месяц назад
6:58 Red bull gives you wiiiiiiiings!
alittleolder Месяц назад
I think they should get more and especially firefighter should be able to get a job in the field. Man get a job, Mum that doesn'''1 have $6
Chris Scerbo
Chris Scerbo Месяц назад
yup, you need to buy your own toothpaste, deodorant, soap, shampoo, stamps. all kinds of other everyday products. I never had anyone sending me money so I mostly would go without or luckily im a likeable person that had others helping me at least get by. and all this was just waiting for court which I wasn't sentenced to any prison time, was released after court so in other word all that time was for nothing and to top it off the time spent didnt even go towards my fines
Joekuh Месяц назад
California now lets non violent firefighter Inmates have a chance to become real firefighters. A step in the right direction.
S M Месяц назад
Slavery is also a huge part of the chocolate industry: Children are being kidnapped, enslaved, beaten, starved and killed if they try to escape cocoa farms in Ghana 🇬🇭 & Ivory Coast 🇨🇮 boycott & spread the word #blm
Aminata Abdouramane
Aminata Abdouramane Месяц назад
In Islam even if you capture an enemy, you must provide them with good food, water, clothing and a safe place. What America is doing to the prisoners and their families is bad. They’ll be severely punished for that in the hear after. This is complete b.s.
Dr Martin
Dr Martin Месяц назад
do you guys still believe Cosby did it?
Zuma Zuma
Zuma Zuma Месяц назад
of course he did
Julia Ward
Julia Ward Месяц назад
Holy shit!!! Gladiator slaves!! Invite your buddy’s to enjoy a special entertainment with a possible fun gambling option!!! Not even the bull should be forced to be there!!!!! Ladies best “let it flow, everywhere!!!” Let’s see how fast things change once everything is all “yacky” All I’ve learned is they have too many possibilities making money on screwing you over with a smile. Also everyone should go into crime early on in life to invest in your “prison future” so best go really big!! I’m impressed by everyone staying this calm and taking this heinous disgusting abuse. Start over usa this can not be “the system”
Entitled Industries
Entitled Industries Месяц назад
stories like this really make me lose my will to live. they need to be told, but god damn. when i was an edgy 15 year old i thought i hated the world, but only now do i really know what that means.
EdovsAlien Месяц назад
john should commit to getting rapists, killers and other bums in prison minimum wage
Jacob Lehy
Jacob Lehy Месяц назад
The Last Son of Crypto
The Last Son of Crypto Месяц назад
The next batman NEEDS to have that accent
tacobowler Месяц назад
Why is David Tennant suddenly Batman?
liz noble
liz noble 2 месяца назад
Oh, Bill Cosby, how you violated us all.
McGavin Eckert
McGavin Eckert 2 месяца назад
Celebrities are so disconnected from reality.
Jacob Lehy
Jacob Lehy Месяц назад
And yet Republicans keep electing them president.
Ron Pinto
Ron Pinto 2 месяца назад
Ideally, manufacturing operations that could carry on without dangerous tools or products could be established in jails, hire inmates at minimum wages while allowing them to learn new skills. On the other hand, part of their salaries would go towards their own upkeeping (small rent, food, clothing). As a motivational tool, prisoners could receive low-level promotions, such as team leader, supervisor, etc. and receive a corresponding pay raise, just like a job on the outside. If well calculated, the prisoners being helped with managing their income, follow a budget, etc., would be able to maintain themselves, help reduce prison costs and leatrn something about what real life is like. That is if the government really wants to reabilitate people and not just punish them.
Robb Omega Vulka Fenryka
Robb Omega Vulka Fenryka 2 месяца назад
2:20 yes leave out the fact that you have to volunteer to work in the first place, or that the write up goes against wether or not you can work and you only get locked in solitary if you display violent behavior.
Robb Omega Vulka Fenryka
Robb Omega Vulka Fenryka Месяц назад
@Zuma Zuma yes, that is what happens.
Zuma Zuma
Zuma Zuma Месяц назад
@Robb Omega Vulka Fenryka all work is optional. Nobody is required to work.
Robb Omega Vulka Fenryka
Robb Omega Vulka Fenryka Месяц назад
Jacob Lehy it’s not slavery, the “but” in the amendment refers to community service. You are literally having every single last one of your expenses payed for, and you get a little bit of money on top and a shortened sentence. Not to mention it’s optional. And what does there work consist of? Doing the laundry, maybe cooking, mopping the floor once a day?
Jacob Lehy
Jacob Lehy Месяц назад
Oh well that changes everything, now I love slavery.
Sleeperain 334
Sleeperain 334 2 месяца назад
So in some prisons prisoners are required to work but are not paid? I'm pretty sure there's a name for that... oh yeah it's called slave labor
Lynn Doran
Lynn Doran 2 месяца назад
There is a youtuber called Jess Kent who talks about this a lot. She did time in Arkansas and gave birth in prison. She is truly inspirational, and explains what it actually feels like to go through this. Check her out.
L Danica
L Danica 2 месяца назад
I knew a girl in a low security workhouse style prison. She would do hours of work everyday, mopping sanitizing everything, trash, everything. She was paid with a token for a free soda.
Ultimate Hawkeye Fangirl
Ultimate Hawkeye Fangirl 2 месяца назад
It’s nice to come back to this now that California is letting prisoners find work as firefighters after release
Jessi Lizzi
Jessi Lizzi 2 месяца назад
Governor Gavin Nunes signs into law a bill in California which will allow "prison firefighters" to join a career in firefighting once they are released. So good on this show in drawing attention to this issue and bring change. Modern slavery still exists in the prison system but training during incarceration leading into positive career outlook once released. Small changes over time leads to evolution.
Gregory Bogosian
Gregory Bogosian 2 месяца назад
17:00 There actually are people who this is good for besides the private companies. The main purpose of prison labor is to offload the cost of incarceration onto the incarcerated. So state governments benefit because they can imprison more people for less money using prison labor. Imprisoning more people leads to more demand for prison staff. So those people also benefit.
J Qaz
J Qaz 2 месяца назад
Why is that not slavery here's an idea don't go to prison
drstevenrey 2 месяца назад
As an ex con, not in America, I have a few issues. The money you earn goes into what you will have when you get out to start your life again. It needs to be reasonable, say, cover a month, before the social services kick in. Then you have the boredom. It is good to work. Do you really want to sit in you cell all day. No. I am not saying that the numbers are perfect here, but these numbers are galaxies away from this story. Actually, around 20 units of currency per day, average. And, of course, all necessities inside must be free and available, since you are not in a position to go shopping.
Alex Tube japan
Alex Tube japan 2 месяца назад
I love the Business daddy bits!!!
gilibab 2 месяца назад
Fucking ridiculous. The system is literally set up to make it as hard as possible to get rehabilitated and reintegrated into society, just so private prison owners can make money.
Migue Serrano
Migue Serrano 2 месяца назад
Is this show.... from England??
Amatsu Kami Mikaboshi
Amatsu Kami Mikaboshi 2 месяца назад
What if Prison Labor is properly supervised and the prisoners are given fair wages that they can access to buy some items and get the whole thing when they get out??? That would help the prisoners more once they are reintegrated to society.. America: Ahahaha... No
Fight for Peace
Fight for Peace 2 месяца назад
I had that experience for 6 months. I was working in laundry room then changing clothing in whole prison. My shift starts at 4:30am to 9:30pm in backers field CA. I was only getting paid on Friday in the form of a 20 oz Pepsi every week. So what ever these guys are making they shouldn’t be complaining about it, I can tell they are making more then many other inmates.
Lord Shadow
Lord Shadow 2 месяца назад
Uk: women you need to pay tax on pads Us: women you have to work 20 odd hours to get a pad What is wrong with them!!
Catherine Chidgey
Catherine Chidgey 2 месяца назад
That's how Australia started. Convicts were practically slaves, yet no one talks about that... just how white Australians took over Aboriginals… ummm you think we came over voluntary? The overseers did, my family on my Dad's side did not. No one said sorry about that. Funny about that.
Sanyo Nazyin
Sanyo Nazyin 2 месяца назад
Going into debt?
Daniel Piotrowski
Daniel Piotrowski 2 месяца назад
What's the point of making someone with a wage of $0.15/hr pay income tax?
Marc o
Marc o 2 месяца назад
I think that everyone, no matter what he did, should deserve to keep his life and live in a safe, clean, heated and not overcrowded place with decent food and have the ability to see in person his loved ones At least that’s how we treat our citizens in the EU
Miklós Kiss
Miklós Kiss 2 месяца назад
Prator is a nickname for Predator?
Lancelot2000Lps 2 месяца назад
That is one of the many problems that made the usa too the shit country it is!!!
Lion Man
Lion Man 2 месяца назад
The prison industrial complex is an abomination.
Boer Bol
Boer Bol 2 месяца назад
Our treatment of prisoners is wrong. This is so hard to watch. This is not a Christian way. This is not humane. This is EVIL.
Christine Houston
Christine Houston 2 месяца назад
For profit prison is the worst evil. In order for profit maximization, the machine must be fed. T incentives locking people up.
Ms. C
Ms. C 2 месяца назад
I guess prisoners where put in prison rodeo unwillingly. It's inhumane. Those who work inside the prison should atleast be given minimum wage, for their bail out or just for them to have savings. :(
Shaun 2 месяца назад
We suck
Chris Lane
Chris Lane 2 месяца назад
America was colonized by English companies who needed a place to relocate slaves after England abolished slavery in their island territories . Very little to do with religious freedom. Lots of natural resources that needed to be harvested cheaply for the trip back to England.
Arch and Ironic
Arch and Ironic 2 месяца назад
PhilosophersStonedTube 3 месяца назад
Very interesting but not as much as *on my channel I make Soulless Humans Organic Portals videos and food plant teaching videos* genius level
LordPhoenix140 3 месяца назад
Anna C.
Anna C. 3 месяца назад
Keep in mind that there is STILL tax on BASIC NECESSITIES for women like pads and tampons. It’s unbelievable. Why should I have to pay tax on something I literally NEED to function normally, go to work and school? We don’t pay taxes on non-prepared food, even if that food is luxury items like steaks and lobsters, but I need to shell out an extra dollar for literally bleeding every month.
Pablo Dickson
Pablo Dickson 3 месяца назад
Sorry john completely disagree. Its not camp, its jail. Suck it up, take a concrete pill and harden up. Its part of the punishment. If dont like it then dont commit the crime
Pablo Dickson
Pablo Dickson Месяц назад
Jacob Lehy wow, copy paste reply this much? At least put some effort into it because doesn’t even make sense
Jacob Lehy
Jacob Lehy Месяц назад
No dictator would ever be able to seize and hold power without an abundant supply of obedient bootlickers like you.
MAMALI CHAND 3 месяца назад
Nieru 3 месяца назад
3:08 There's a bit of an issue, there, though, because I asked two of my law professors (one of whom is a currently sitting judge) about it, specifically if removing that language would make community service as punishment for a crime unconstitutional, and both said yes because it technically qualifies as "slavery" under the Thirteenth Amendment. That would mean more people going to jail for minor offenses that they have no business seeing the inside of a cell over. We need a more effective way of ending prison slave labor than just taking out that line. Maybe an additional amendment requiring that prisons pay inmate laborers at least the minimum wage, minus the allowable deduction for room and board (which is way less than you might assume and nowhere near enough to completely take their wages away, under that system) or, even better, that they must follow all labor laws applicable to the county or city in which the prison or jail is located, which would include the above, plus OSHA standards, etc. Simply amending that single phrase out of existence would overburden our prison system and unfairly punish minor offenders who could otherwise just work off their sentences picking up garbage or cleaning park bathrooms. EDIT: Oh, I already said this a year or more ago. Deleted the older comment because it was based on instinct, rather than confirmation by legal experts, didn't go into detail, and didn't offer a potential solution.
Umbryonyx Gaming
Umbryonyx Gaming 3 месяца назад
I finally realized what I hated about what those century old fermented prunes were saying. "crime doesn't pay". you are either insinuating that when someone messes up once, they should never get another chance ever, or that what they are trying to be paid for doing in there is crime, in which case the prison should be shut down. im a 14 year old and I have more basic logic than those dinosaurs.
Ahmad Shawkat
Ahmad Shawkat 3 месяца назад
"This is America "
PaulBeen 3 месяца назад
This is so depressing. There's this prison movie called Shot Caller, damn I would just kill myself if I ended up in an American prison
Patrick Sullivan
Patrick Sullivan 3 месяца назад
Is Batman Scottish?
Eric Killackey
Eric Killackey 3 месяца назад
Apparently, it pays for some.
thicc icecream
thicc icecream 3 месяца назад
When a child misbehaves they normally get punished sometimes they do work these prisoners are the children in this case the only difference is the prisoners do get paid.🙂
Jacob Lehy
Jacob Lehy Месяц назад
Laws in this country are so ridiculous that virtually no one can honestly say they've never broken one. And plenty of innocent people end up in prison because their public defender made them take a plea deal, because he didn't have the time or resources to put any effort into their case. I hope you live to regret your epically stupid comment, bitch.
Ilan Smolders
Ilan Smolders 3 месяца назад
What the fuck are you doing
Tohkar 3 месяца назад
This one really made me feel that homo sapiens, while constantly inventing new stuff, hasn't changed in his core from the beginning xD
Charles William Theiner
Charles William Theiner 3 месяца назад
9:36 Oh grow up! It's basic biology!
Temir Van Horn
Temir Van Horn 3 месяца назад
Thank the group known as A.L.E.C. and Bill Clinton for this one. Not only did he fuck his secretary, but he also fucked the rest of America.
Erik 3 месяца назад
How is America the greatest country in the world?
drstevenrey 3 месяца назад
I have no understanding regarding prisoners, and I have been one. You get caught, tough. Sorry.
Eliteshoe3000 3 месяца назад
Even at that logic, it's still expected that anywhere from 40,000 to 230,000 behind bars (~2 to 10%) of the prison population are wrongfully imprisoned. Those people are potentially introduced to this form of slavery at no fault of their own with a system reluctant to help solve their mistakes in order to continue to have virtually free labor. Honestly I'd say the system is entirely dependent on with how horrible the prison system is with reentry. Small offenders who cant afford a good lawyer spend a few years behind bars, reenter society with increased debts/significantly harder time finding employment/possibly no support system coming out, the whole system is designed to take low level offenders, use their labor for a year or two, release them until they come back for even longer, and continue the cycle
Pamela Porter
Pamela Porter 3 месяца назад
What is the purpose of making life as difficult as possible for inmates and their families? This is inhumane.
Jacob Lehy
Jacob Lehy Месяц назад
@b3 8 you'd say the same thing about victims of the North Korean state gulags if you lived there. There's a certain type of person whose mind simply can't comprehend the idea that those in authority can be wrong. They see someone getting beaten to death by cops or soldiers and they just assume they must deserve it. These people are how dictators rise to power.
Eliteshoe3000 3 месяца назад
@b3 8 no
b3 8
b3 8 3 месяца назад
They deserved it
Just Anoman
Just Anoman 3 месяца назад
First, I don't think prisons should be privatized, ever. There should not be anyone profiting from prisons. That said, whether prisoners should be paid more or less will then depend on the net cost or profit to the government overall. When doing this calculation though, it is important to take into consideration all the factors. For example, while paying the guards/administration is a cost, the income tax they then file should be considered a profit. And whereas internal job should not be considered to generate a profit(as it merely offset the cost of hiring workers), anything that does garner a profit, be it a good such as license plate or service such as fire fighting(the money saved compared to paying normal fire fighter) should be considered a profit. After doing this calculation, if it is found that the government is profiting, then certainly, increase the pay. However, if it doesn't, then no, don't increase pay, at least not in money. So what to do if not to increase pay in money? Pay in time served, so that those who work more/harder spend less time in jail. I believe that shorter, but "harsher" punishment would be better. It will save money from a societal stand point while exerting the same overall extend of punishment. It also provide a reachable goal for most prisoners, giving them proper motivation. As for people who are serving life (or rather multiple life, as single life tend to get reduced to finite terms eventually), do use them like slave labors(but not treated as slave, as in no aribtary punishment because you feel like it. That benefits no one. Just whatever is sufficient to force them to work is enough). If they are in that boat, they probably deserve it. And unlike death penalty, in this case if their case is actually overturned(be it innocence or technicality), there is actual appropriate restitution--money.
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