Medicare for All: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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9 месяцев назад

As presidential candidates continue to discuss Medicare for All, John Oliver explores how much it might cost, what it will change, and who it will help.
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Антон Сергеев
Антон Сергеев 6 часов назад
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RoyalGecko 21 час назад
0:43 Me watching this after The Notorious RBG's passing, oooofers, XD
Trulius Julius
Trulius Julius День назад
Just tax churches, mosques and other religious institutions and boom. You have enough money to cover everyone from the poorest to the richest.
Isaac Barba
Isaac Barba День назад
Thank god he did this story but it didn’t seem to help much. I think it needs to be done again focusing more on how the current system is both racist and classist and overall oppressive. Also several studies found it would cost less than the current system.
Lakshit Dagar
Lakshit Dagar День назад
Kamasutra of healthcare... Damn that's a very good title!
El_fantasma_ loco
El_fantasma_ loco День назад
It would be cheaper for my aunt to fly my little cousin to Mexico every month to get her braces done here, than for her to do the, in the United States
Global Warmhugs
Global Warmhugs 2 дня назад
We don't all wait in Canada. It's a lie to scare american people. My longest wait in a clinic has been an hour, and for a non emergent doctor visit, a week. If you have cancer, diabetes, asthma etc, no waits. I chose my doctor, I chose my chiropractor, osteopath, massage therapist, and allergist... ALL COVERED. taxes did not go up, premiums non-existent. I feel for you, my American friends.
Kyle W
Kyle W 2 дня назад
In Canada, i have free healthcare, and subsidized private care. Such an evil socialist country i have.
Kay Haughton
Kay Haughton 2 дня назад
Moral of the story is = if your not rich and are uninsured for healthcare well if you catch a disease just dig your own grave and just die
CloudySnow 2 дня назад
Whenever i read "medicare for all" i keep saying in bernie's accent and voice
Kunanjaada 2 дня назад
"Ruth Bader Ginsburg's inevitable successor" did not age well. 😢
JoelJames2 2 дня назад
0:47 That hurts. That hurts a lot.
Flying Chef
Flying Chef 3 дня назад
Hmmm, who is this "single payer"? Define, please. That is one rich guy (gal?).
Prior of the Ori
Prior of the Ori 3 дня назад
That supreme court joke did not age well. lol
Accursed Satyr
Accursed Satyr 3 дня назад
America the shit hole country of the world. I have had a left leg circulation problem for 15 years. The doctors say it will be amputated eventually If I do not get 1 simple operation. Guess what? I get to lose my leg. I recently found out I have cataracts. Guess what? I get to go blind in 2-5 years. Why? because I can not get any insurance or help of any kind. Medicaid said NO because I do not make at least $11,000 per year. The ACA said I can pay either $900 per month or take an $8000 deductible. I get no credits or discounts because I do not make at least $10,000 per year Where my friend have $1800 per month of no-charge medical care. SO I got to lose my leg and go blind all because I do not make at least $11,000 per year. Disability told me and I kid you not. Because I can not work I can not get a Disability. Yes, you read that right, BECAUSE I CAN NOT WORK I do not get disability. Every single U.S, agency has told me in plain English. Thank you for applying but FUCK OFF. You're too goddam poor for us to give a shit about. Now fuck off and die already. Yea America the land of the rich and the rest of the 5 can fuck off and die. If anyone has a shit ton of money and would like to give me oh say $200,000 I will move to literally anyone one of the other 9 countries that actually know how to take care of their citizens.. You know the countries where tax is at 50% but you get free medical, free education, the country pays you on average $1000 per month just for being alive in their country, Longer life expectancy, Fewer childbirth deaths, fewer mother deaths during birth.
peter8488 3 дня назад
In America it's mostly 2 things profits and stupid conservatives who block it because you know socialism is scary, can't have health care without lining the pockets of the super rich.
Scruffy Looking Brantforder
Scruffy Looking Brantforder 3 дня назад
Tommy Douglas got his start in Saskatchewan, which Regina is the capital of. That's why they were celebrating so much. If it had been Gretzky there would have been a riot in my hometown.
bob hoskins
bob hoskins 3 дня назад
unfortunately, outside of a handful of politicians, both the republicans and democrats are completely against anything that might actually help the working class
Wonder Lady
Wonder Lady 3 дня назад
If google and Apple paid their fair share of taxes....
Chris L
Chris L 3 дня назад
In Malaysia, paid for 50 USD for a month of chemotherapy and 90 days in a highly comfortable quarantined ward.
Molly Rogers
Molly Rogers 3 дня назад
I suffer from a seizure disorder, and there are no doctors close to me who are in our network. There's an excellent neurologist with an office 10 minutes away, but we travel 90 minutes for care because it's less expensive
Waka Maka
Waka Maka 3 дня назад
I miss the audience
Gene Thompson
Gene Thompson 3 дня назад
As a conservative I believe in health-care for all under taxs. That everyone pays
matthew christofferson
matthew christofferson 4 дня назад
Cough cough underground doctor cough cough
Maclean Marsh
Maclean Marsh 4 дня назад
I volunteered at a Remote Area Medical before and yes I can confirm those lines are long. However It really puts into perspective how many people in one small town need access to medicare. MANY people do need medicare and yes the kinks need to be worked out no plan is perfect but it can be done.
lili4990 4 дня назад
its me...I am a Solange
Kāhu Kura
Kāhu Kura 4 дня назад
I live in NZ and I can say it's great.
Littil Avindar
Littil Avindar 4 дня назад
My #YAAASSPLEEN'd at 16 in a car accident.
Luke McGuire
Luke McGuire 4 дня назад
Big business should cover the excess cost of healthcare for all. Also the 1%. Take away theirs and the major corporations tax havens and there you have it, done and dusted.
Donger For bear cubs
Donger For bear cubs 4 дня назад
I really love the nhs
Hannah King
Hannah King 2 дня назад
I don't even live in the UK and I love it lol.
patrick childs
patrick childs 4 дня назад
Me too it’s brilliant
christopher pham
christopher pham 4 дня назад
Baby Yoda floated aboard the ISS as newly arrived NASA astronaut Soichi Noguchi entered from SpaceX's Dragon capsule. WATCH:
Miguel Holguin
Miguel Holguin 4 дня назад
13:36 That has most definitely not aged well.
Riley H
Riley H 4 дня назад
“Ruth bater ginsburgs enevatubul successor” Oof
Gastón Pössel
Gastón Pössel 5 дней назад
In Chile we have a mixed government-run and private health ensurance system and it sucks. Given this is financed by a % of everyone's income, only the wealthiest (and healthiest) segment of the population can afford private plans, with top hospitals, but the rest has to go for the public system. So the public network has to deal with the poorer, less healthier 80% of the people, whom also collectively provide less money to the system than the private sector receives from the richest 20%. The result is an underfinanced public system that struggles to provide a decent healthcare, and an immensely profitable business for private ensurances who can filter it's affiliates by wealth and pre-existing conditions. It's an unequality-amplifier healthcare system, not a real choice.
Joseph Fernando
Joseph Fernando 5 дней назад
17:22 what an apt metaphor for the choice of 2020 election candidates...
Emporio Is Back
Emporio Is Back 5 дней назад
The worst part about the pineapple stuck in that man's arse is that he shoved it in top first.
amy joy
amy joy 5 дней назад
did the little girl get her eye surgery? does the family still need help? i don't have a lot of spare cash, but i can make some hats for the cause...
Frank 5 дней назад
If you voted republican, you can't get free healthcare from that nice guy from Remote Area Medical. You've revoked that privilege.
Eugene Minton
Eugene Minton 5 дней назад
i had an idea. what if the government created a new license that medical providers would need to purchase... to buy the right to not be forced to accept medicare. i'll put it this way... i am on medicare, have to travel around 23 miles to get to a dentist who will accept the insurance. as far as i know they are the only ones within 30 that do. i think if doctors had to buy the right to refuse the insurance, it might go a long way to opening up services with other providers... thou idk what kind of expense would need to be imposed... i wonder if you could get some sort of medical insurance deductions if you accept medicare/medicaid programs? tax breaks maybe? the license would have a purpose anyhow... thought i'd share that with ya.
Eugene Minton
Eugene Minton 5 дней назад
laws would need to be brought up to limit the pricing of drugs and procedures. you see studies show that in the usa, we pay upto 40% more for our drugs and procedures. now is that money pure profit? is the profit being used to shore up other nations lower prices? so so many more questions... but i'll get to the point... if the government put a cap on profit margins over the cost of drugs or procedures, they'd also have to add caps to lawsuits when things go wrong... has to be some give or take with corporations involved in the insurance of medical "stuff"... the walmart i worked at had a policy of not charging more than 3% over cost for "booze", i don't see why that could not be initiated against medicine manufacturers, apparel and tools for medical practices/procedures... you'd still have to wonder just how much a doctor can charge per hour of work... there is no way to control that in my opinion. national fraud in the medical supply, services, etc is rampant... as is insurance fraud. so those to would need to be addressed. sorry if i drifted, i tend to do that when i write so much. LOL
Harri v'Jah
Harri v'Jah 5 дней назад
7:25 PEHP - I swear that sounds like an onion article
Phyro Styxx
Phyro Styxx 5 дней назад
2:45 Rick : "Jeremy, when we get to customs, I’m gonna need you to take these seeds into the bathroom and I’m gonna need you to put ’em wayyyyy up inside..."
Godless Travesty
Godless Travesty 5 дней назад
I'm a Canadian. I was born with several severe medical conditions that would have bankrupted my family, not counting my four older siblings that all also have bad medical issues. [diabetes, asthma, etc] If I had been born in America, I would be dead. And on the issue of long wait times; I'm currently waiting to see a rheumatologist, and it's going to take a few months, but I know when I do get to see them, me and my family won't be thousands of dollars in debt. And if my joint pain becomes worse enough that I should be hospitalized, that also costs nothing! Healthcare has saved my ass so many times, and I can only hope you yankies will join the modern world sometime soon
JimIBobIJones 5 дней назад
There are more than just the two extremes, sticking to extremes is counterproductive and stops actual progress. Look at the rest of the developed world, you have medical systems of every flavor - mostly private, all public and everything in between. Each of them has universal access - which at the end of the day is the key, not how its paid for - to healthcare and in many cases the hybrid models outperform the "single payer" systems.
Lynsey17 5 дней назад
I'm Canadian and I would take Bernie's plan - ours vary provincially and I don't get eye out dental care covered.
chris young
chris young 5 дней назад
I think we need some more eye and dental care integrated as well. In Ontario, seniors over 65 get one free eye exam per year. If you are under 65 and a doctor says you have an eye condition then you can get one per year free as well. Dental here only covers youth under a certain age, and im not sure if dental is involved with senior patients at all, again unless you can actually get the doctor to order dental surgery. Weve been working on our health care for half a century and we still dont have everything covered, I dont think Bernies plan would be implemented in full like he wants in the US. And it seems they dont even want to start the process down there.
Gary Santana
Gary Santana 5 дней назад
If you are in the US and wonder how much we pay in the UK for universal health care plus all other taxes you could use this link so for example the average UK wage is around £27000 a year (including part time workers) or around £35000 for full time only. so at a worker on £27000 (£2,250.00 a month) they will pay each month £175.00 towards health care and Federal pension (known as National Insurance) and £241.52 for other federal taxes. There is no local tax but there is a property tax which is paid separate (mine is £106 a month) so total tax paid on the average wage of 2250 a month is £522 That is all the money you pay to the Federal government and local state taxes and local in taxes, but also covers your health care and your state pension. If your in the US reading this, is yours near the same averages, above or below (including your health care insurance costs)?
Zesty Aqua
Zesty Aqua 6 дней назад
1. Federal Reserve isn't Federal shake down the Rothschilds 2. Made up system. A healthy nation is a wealthy one, we are not. But, they invest trillions in WMDs "defense" look around microbes are free. When you outprice people from living what is the point to all of this? As for the new casters spreading this shit to that I say I worked on cell towers towers in general can your fucking asses keep the infrastructure going the physical labor? Do you know the health risks to do that job so you can have your overpriced job sitting on your asses reporting this shit? Also, operation Mockingbird study that. Get your asses out of the newroom no makeup stand on top of the landfills no mask report from there while cancer patients watch and the homeless in that position from medical debt. It's a non shotty government balanced US we are writing that system I also cite the declaration of independence.... My government had no problem selling me or my data, hacking and abusing I call foul as my tax money was used for those purposes for years. Wage slavery is a problem it's real & the shitty products including medical all around us. So save your fucking rhetoric. In a few keystrokes the FICTIONAL debt is gone- you can't buy away people's hate, their trust nor respect. But, definitely keep saying that shit for greed and profit. So my question is why fund the military to kill or other agencies but, life you outprice us out of? What is the fucking point? Who will pick your crops when those you overworked and underpaid are dead? Fix your cell towers, electrical infrastructure those labors? Not your sorry asses in newrooms. Our monetary system is souly backed on faith nothing else. They talk about budgets as if we didn't literally invent this systems we certainly invented many ways to destroy ourselves and planet our temporary home we didn't invent btw nor did we invent electricity to our bodies. So, stfu with the bullshit offer care. Not here to be a wage slave. To be drugged or abused by my own I call BULLSHIT.
Morgan 6 дней назад
i don’t support medicare for all because my mother works for a private insurance company and that would result in her losing her job :( however i do 100% believe that health care should be a right and not a privilege. countries need to take care of their citizens.
chris young
chris young 5 дней назад
We still have private insurance here in Canada, people can use both private and our healthcare system or one or the other. I had a benefits program at my last job that covered things that I didnt qualify for like 100% free drugs like seniors or people on disability or other benefits receive which was through a private insurance company. Yet if I went to the hospital, I wouldnt be charged for the emergency room, the treatment of the doctors and the supplies they used on me or the stay in the hospital. I can also go to the family doctor, without paying. So I dont think you would have to worry too much about private insurance disappearing, it will be there, its just how corrupt the insurance companies are and if they would lay off a bunch of people so they can keep their bottom line which is the same profits they get now compared to if they worked within a health care system like here in Canada.
SullyPlaysGaem 6 дней назад
lol I know so many americans who have flown to places like mexico and cuba for simple medical procedures that would have essentially been free for me to have treated back home. like who the fuck needs to go to mexico to see a fucking dentist? if thats happening then you have a problem.
Rowan Haight
Rowan Haight 6 дней назад
How did the writers not come up with a joke about wannabe Arnold schwarzenegger.
Justin Bergman
Justin Bergman 6 дней назад
The thing with “Free Healthcare” ran by our government. The best analogy I’ve heard is this: “prison food is free but nobody likes it.” Yeah everyone will have healthcare but the doctors will be shit, wait times will be dramatically increased. Although I do agree everyone should have healthcare it’s just not as simple as people make it out to be.
Diinytro 5 дней назад
Why would the doctors will be shit?
Gnorts Mr Alien
Gnorts Mr Alien 6 дней назад
Conservatives hate "big government" because a smaller government is easier for a handful of rich oligarchs to control for their own personal benefit.
El Barto
El Barto 6 дней назад
Those people on that go fund me segment had better furniture, a bigger and nicer place, better phone and more food in their fridge than me. Why are they asking for money? Kids needing unforeseeable medical expenses is why I would never have a kid. People don't think. And then they cry later when it's not working out. I play the tiniest violin for them.
El Barto
El Barto 4 дня назад
@Diinytro I did in high school. Do you type your own words? Or is there a parrot on your shoulder telling you everything to say?
El Barto
El Barto 4 дня назад
@The Viewer Sorry you can't afford a kid without potentially having to ask strangers for handouts? Yes the world would be a better place if the only people that had kids were the people who could truely afford them. Do you know how many 'million dollar babies' are born and people wonder why our healthcare system is so screwed up. Sorry for the harsh reality lesson but if you can't afford their education and an event such as this, you are rolling the dice having a kid. Plain and simple.
The Viewer
The Viewer 4 дня назад
Cause everyone should have hundreds of thousands of dollars squared away on the off-chance their kid ends up with a rare condition, otherwise their kid deserves to be permanently disabled, that's completely realistic. Who hurt you?
Diinytro 5 дней назад
@El Barto Oh, so do you print your own money?
El Barto
El Barto 5 дней назад
@Diinytro No I certainly did not. I did however save up my own money to buy it instead of setting up a gofundme page and sulking about it when it didn't come right away.
Uwe Hansen
Uwe Hansen 6 дней назад
Will it coast jobs, yes all that staff and Lawer and insurens worker go out off work
Kirra McDowell
Kirra McDowell 6 дней назад
I am still baffled by America and its refusal to get social healthcare. And the argument “why should i pay for those that cannot afford” - because one day that may be you dumbass. America, the land that would rather have no healthcare at all than have social one and the one who rather has their kids in school put in danger than drop guns. GG guys!
patrick childs
patrick childs 4 дня назад
I agree. Here we believe that free healthcare is a right rather than a privilege. It is the duty of the state to provide free healthcare to everyone from the richest to the poorest citizen. The notion of rejecting universal healthcare because you don’t want to pay for the poorest and the most vulnerable in your society is very sad
Erfan Moshtagh
Erfan Moshtagh 6 дней назад
Nothing like people who drive on the road, take their kids too school, and call 911 crying about socialism, maybe they should move to third world country where there is actually no socialism .......primitive thinking
Saifuddin Ahmed
Saifuddin Ahmed 6 дней назад
Damn, Katie Porter is indeed the voice of the people.
Zachery Jequinto
Zachery Jequinto 6 дней назад
Socialism is done in very unknown countries on the brink of falling... France and Australia are really struggling
Bob _Loflin
Bob _Loflin 7 дней назад
welp this aged well.
Nik B
Nik B 7 дней назад
The fuck happened to MTV's Kennedy? Did she always suck?
Matthew Flynn
Matthew Flynn 7 дней назад
With full health insurance, my wife owed 20k after insurance in order to give birth, and that’s definitely not optional
Mads Borup
Mads Borup 7 дней назад
Tom Steyer does, in fact only own one tie, which it seems, he has owned since he was born.
NiNi Na
NiNi Na 7 дней назад
The only argument conservatives have against public health insurance: "Not my problem." The choice argument is BS. There will always be private insurers that offer extra insurance that isn't covered by the basics.
Sharif Ahmed
Sharif Ahmed 7 дней назад
Eh Paw Sha
Eh Paw Sha 7 дней назад
So the arguments are for a long line you have to wait for healthcare that you will eventually get but in our current system you don’t wait because you will not get that healthcare As for the argument of having choices what about the choice of having Medicare for all? 75% of Americans actually want it and 46% of republicans want this as well
Vinícius de A Batista
Vinícius de A Batista 8 дней назад
As someone that lives in an free public healthcare country, If the one that you are trying to implement would be this costly, you really need to rethink and recalculate your entire system. Because It should not
What is my life
What is my life 8 дней назад
This is the comment section, go back
Breanna Stucker Aguilar Hale Angel
Breanna Stucker Aguilar Hale Angel 8 дней назад
Sir. yes Sir. Copy
Breanna Stucker Aguilar Hale Angel
Breanna Stucker Aguilar Hale Angel 8 дней назад
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Roe Jogan
Roe Jogan 8 дней назад
Michael Weigand
Michael Weigand 8 дней назад
As a Minnesotan, I would really like to know which attempt at cloning Sarahg Palin was Michele Bachmann?
wkruit1 9 дней назад
10:00 and the USA isn’t a third world country?? You’d expect images like that in Africa!! It’s an embarrassment!
Veronica LaShomb
Veronica LaShomb 9 дней назад
0:47 Oh god, that didn't age well...
Mimi AJ
Mimi AJ 9 дней назад
The USA is the most developed third world country I know.
Solar Satan
Solar Satan 9 дней назад
that prick who said english healthcare is bad should have committed suicide
Bad Jokes
Bad Jokes 9 дней назад
Since you guys aren't using it can Canada have Burnie's plan. I'd kill for better dental
Felix Ndayis de Bologne
Felix Ndayis de Bologne 9 дней назад
I can't stand this episode. the gofundme for a little kid's disease makes me angry and all Oliver's joke will not change it. This country should and can be better. I live in Europe, this shakes my patriotism
Brandon Smith
Brandon Smith 9 дней назад
Freedom of speech is a right so clearly there is no choice, you cant choose what you are going to say its forced upon you.
Frankszky 9 дней назад
So i should pay other people's medicare? LMAO F OFF
Gnorts Mr Alien
Gnorts Mr Alien 4 дня назад
@Frankszky I guess you haven't noticed what's been happening in Chile. "Doing great" indeed lol
Jack Ward
Jack Ward 6 дней назад
@Frankszky no it’s about what’s a right. And heathcare is a fundamental human right.
Frankszky 6 дней назад
@Jack Ward That has nothing to do with it being a right they are responsible for their kid, im not responsible for you lol
Jack Ward
Jack Ward 6 дней назад
@Frankszky missed a coma. And no it is. If a kid gets bad grades can there parents refuse to take them to the doctor?
Frankszky 6 дней назад
@Jack Ward That's right, no healthcare is a right. You can't make a right that includes violating other people's right, it makes no sense, it's not a right.
Thorborg99 9 дней назад
is the NHS perfect no, its a better system than the US, God bless the NHS.
pikeman80 10 дней назад
It's strange that Medicare For All is something poor people think is a bad idea. My surgery on my back was free where i live......the bill; would have been 35 thousand in the States. Everyone should have access to health.......not just rich people. And for the garbage system the U.S. has it still taxes people more for medicare than most other countries. {rivate Insurance should not be involved in that whatsoever. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren were the only two Democrats worth voting for and sadly they opted for the worst of the group, Joe Biden weho doesn't believe in Universal Health Care. But he's still miles better than the buffon theat was in there perviously.
Joost Mag Het Weten
Joost Mag Het Weten 10 дней назад
If the US ever gets universal healthcare the bill should be named: The Bernie Sanders Health Bill
dashaB0553 10 дней назад
We've had it in Australia for decades and the best thing ever, then you read the complete rubbish about it in the USA
The communist spartan
The communist spartan 10 дней назад
2:46 That did not age well
Pandaboi 10 дней назад
To quote the RUpostsr kraut: 1. Public healthcare on a national level would be a disaster. State level public healthcare is the ideal. 2. The NHS of England is (I mean was) pretty much the worst healthcare system in the EU.
Kishan Singh
Kishan Singh 10 дней назад
@Pandaboi when the government has a monopsony of medicine, they can bargain to get the medicine for far cheaper, and reduce the cost on the patient
Pandaboi 10 дней назад
@Kishan Singh With medicine that costs hundreds of times as much in the US as it does in the rest of the world, and the quality of their healthcare ranks as the worst in the developed world. Distributing the cost for treatment would at best be a band-aid.
Kishan Singh
Kishan Singh 10 дней назад
@Pandaboi to give the american people good health care that they don't have to do bankrupt for. That is why we are "bothering"
Pandaboi 10 дней назад
@Kishan Singh That's it? Why are we even bothering then?
Kishan Singh
Kishan Singh 10 дней назад
medicare for all isnt like the NHS, private hospitals still exist under medicare for all, it is just like everyone has insurance bought from the government
TODDD OETKEN 10 дней назад
During my initial visit to the University of Iowa Hospital & Clinics, their highest-paid surgeon intentionally paralyzed me, lied to me, refused to refer me to another surgeon/doctor, and refused to release my medical records. Now, after living for 18 years with a broken spinal cord, I am paralyzed for life. Beware of Dr. Patrick William Hitchon. Healthcare in America is pathetic.
Al Coulter
Al Coulter 10 дней назад
Al Coulter
Al Coulter 7 дней назад
Jack Ward
Jack Ward 7 дней назад
Ummm are you ok?
Parker Varin
Parker Varin 10 дней назад
*Republicans in congress:* Okay. Poor people... Do we want them dead or alive? If we keep them alive but suffering that's the most profitable. Somebody tell Fox News the opposite so we can convince poor people we aren't killing them and get them to vote for us. *Democrats in congress:* I would like to save poor people, but only if it helps my political party's supremacy. *Bernie:* Screw all of you guys. I'm gonna go get anally screwed by my own party in the primaries twice in a row.
Parker Varin
Parker Varin 10 дней назад
God bless America! No seriously please we need it... It's getting serious any day now... Dammit I'm still waiting... God please noooo Republican senate!?!?
thecalmbro 10 дней назад
We have the money, we have the most expensive healthcare system in the world and spend the most on it. It's about making it actually work for everyone. It's about whether or not we want that, not whether or not we're capable of it. Every other developed nation on earth is capable, but I guess we just don't care enough.
mario alvarez villa
mario alvarez villa 11 дней назад
That RBG joke hurts ;.;
Graysongdl 11 дней назад
America was literally founded because Americans didn't want to pay for something, and now we have an entire party fighting to be forced TO pay for something? Completely nonsensical.
Ricardo Barahona
Ricardo Barahona 11 дней назад
It was about no taxation without representation because it was a colony. Now the US has elected representatives, it’s not the same. The question is how to make politicians more accountable and representative, which could seem fixed if the US had publications funded elections and better elections systems like the STAR system.
Kevin Chun
Kevin Chun 11 дней назад
Thank God for the NHS. Is it perfect no we have to pay for drugs, but it's a fixed rate and dentist charge but its discounted. Would I swap it for having choice - hell no because when I can speak to doctor in less then 4 hours for free why would I swap it to a system where I have to pay to speak to the same doctor. When I'm Ill I don't care about choice I just want help with no worries of debt and bills.
SZRLM 11 дней назад
15:55 I too enjoy a flatulent Pee-wee Herman.
DPowered Smith
DPowered Smith 11 дней назад
Too scared and poor to change to something that would help you be less scared or poor
J T 12 дней назад
America Education system: Socialized Police system: Socialized Firefighters: Socialized Mail service: Socialized Healthcare?: “Ahhhh socialism! It’s evil!” 🙄🙄🙄 This shows the chokehold those health insurance companies have on politicians and the media. And shows that the odds of America ever getting universal healthcare is pretty low, due to this corruption.
Ricardo Barahona
Ricardo Barahona 11 дней назад
@Cod4 Wii Sad truth
Ricardo Barahona
Ricardo Barahona 11 дней назад
The US actually has one of the best postal services in the world and it’s and independent government organization, its able to deliver where UPS and FedEx won’t. The USPS is only losing money because of a 2006 bill from Congress which has made the USPS unprofitable, politicians are destroying the USPS.
Cod4 Wii
Cod4 Wii 12 дней назад
•Iraq war paid for with our taxes: Silence •Afghan war paid for with our taxes: Silence •Bailing out Wall Street and our corrupt banking system with our tax money: Silence •Giving a $1.5 trillion tax break to the top 1%: Silence •Bombing Syria, Pakistan, Yemen, and Somalia all without the approval of congress: Silence •Billion dollar subsidies given to Big Oil, Big Tech, and health insurance companies paid for with our taxes: Silence •$760 Billion dollar per year military budget: Silence •Most incarcerations per capita on a global scale: Silence •$7-10 Trillion spent on war since 2001: Silence •Investing in Healthcare and education: That’s when the media and our politicians say that we can’t afford it and ask where will the money come from... Countries with Free Universal Healthcare: Australia Austria Bahrain Belgium Brunei Canada Cyprus Denmark Finland France Germany Greece Hong Kong Iceland Ireland Israel Italy Japan Kuwait Luxembourg Netherlands New Zealand Norway Portugal Singapore Slovenia South Korea Spain Sweden Switzerland United Arab Emirates United Kingdom
J T 12 дней назад
There’s lots of fear mongering going on in America about universal healthcare, but it works fine in Canada, everyone is looked after. But you guys down south will never get universal healthcare, because the corrupt health insurance companies are giving kickbacks to the corrupt politicians, and those politicians are from both sides of the aisle. If it were just some Republicans being paid off, then you guys would have universal healthcare by now. But it’s both Republican and Democrat politicians that are being paid off to keep the flawed system you currently have. It’s the same as the gun companies, they give kickbacks to politicians as well to prevent anti-gun legislation. It’s nonsensical to spread fear of “socialism” in terms of universal healthcare, when your police service, mail service, and firefighting service are all socialized in the same way. Is the sky falling because those areas are “socialism”? No, they work fine, and everyone has equal access to those services. In terms of wait times, sometimes it’s bad, but it’s not terrible. When I broke my leg, I got an X-ray within a couple hours. And I’m a fairly conservative person, and vote that way, but pretty much every conservative person in Canada strongly supports universal healthcare, and don’t envy America’s system at all. EXCEPT for the Mayo Clinic, people who can afford it find a way to get down there when diagnosed with cancer, as that’s the best chance for survival.
JohnJaggerJack 12 дней назад
USA citizens defending their trashy health-system that is very good at reuniting children with movies starts rather than actually save their lives. Oh well, so glad i don't live in that shithole of a county.
Daniel Heidenreich
Daniel Heidenreich 12 дней назад
came here for the stand up left a bruise that RBG joke just hit hard. also, jhon couldn't help but notice that most of the news groups against health care are from fox... okay have a nice day!!
Fergus Byett
Fergus Byett 12 дней назад
Karma sutra of healthcare!!!
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