Drain the Swamp: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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2 года назад

Donald Trump promised to “drain the swamp.” But considering the culture of corruption inside of his administration, Washington is looking awfully...swampy.
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John C
John C 5 часов назад
I used to love my plain red baseball cap, but Trump's ruined it for me
Arianna Ellie
Arianna Ellie 6 дней назад
I was more concerned when he said "the birds and the bees" as if he was expecting machines to be powered by sex!
thomuaxuan hoituongtieng
thomuaxuan hoituongtieng 7 дней назад
coldplay jheneaiko radioactive creed2 funnypranks
Kyle Bennett
Kyle Bennett 7 дней назад
My brother worked at the patent office in Alexandria over the 2019 summer. And in the two meetings that Wilbur Ross attended while my brother was there, Wilbur Ross slept through both of them. Just sat down in a chair and went to sleep.
Totally OffTask
Totally OffTask 9 дней назад
Watching this about a week after the 2020 election, update: American voters are currently draining the swamp... trump on the other hand
Celisar1 9 дней назад
12:12 Isn’t it interesting how they always pull the poor employees out our their 🎩 like 🐰 when someone tries to protect those employees with regulations regarding the environment we all need to survive? And when do they ever care about those employees when it‘s about job security and fair income?
Hirnlego999 10 дней назад
Trump on "Drain the Swamp": "Funny how that term caught on, isn't it? I tell everyone, 'I hated it!' So I said 'Drain the swamp'. I said, 'Oh, that's so hokey, that is so terrible.' Alright I'll try it. So like a month ago I said 'Drain the swamp'. The place went crazy. I said 'Whoa, watch this.' Then I said it again. Then I started saying it like I meant it, right? And then I said, I started loving it, and the place loved it." The Swamp That Trump Built A businessman-president transplanted favor-seeking in Washington to his family’s hotels and resorts - and earned millions as a gatekeeper to his own administration. www.nytimes.com/interactive/2020/10/10/us/trump-properties-swamp.html 'Extraordinary': Trump has generated 3,400 conflicts of interest since entering White House, report states www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/us-politics/trump-conflicts-interest-trump-organisation-crew-report-b600173.html
kilroy987 10 дней назад
It's kind of sad that Trump said he would end corruption when all he did was introduce more of it, and his supporters believe he was actually cleaning up Washington. It's like a bully walks into a social establishment and gets everyone to act the way he wants with his power (or whatever's granted to him), and everyone outside the bar for whatever reason think he's powerful and good for it. Trump is a moron, and I just don't understand why his voters can't see that. It's like they just want everyone else to be angry about Trump, instead of any positive difference he could have made. What kind of a voter is that? It's like they don't want to grant anyone else any language in the discussion. Just like Trump.
Wise Wolf Tony
Wise Wolf Tony 11 дней назад
That one guy talking about how Trump cares about him and the small people is one of the saddest things I have ever heard in my life. For one he's rich and most of them and most certainly Trump don't give two shits about the small people they only care about themselves and then act like they care about other rich and powerful people that can help them. And his entire term has been nothing but fucking over the small people. From his health care bill that did nothing but completely fuck over all of the small people and old people while did nothing but make it better for the rich and powerful. From his taxes to how he handles immigration. Such as those trying to gain legal entry through Asylum whether it be setting up an even harder more fucked up system for them to try and gain such a thing. To forcefully taking their children away and ruining their families for the long term future if not forever. And then it's also sad for him to actually think he's draining any swamp when he alone by himself is one of the biggest swamps we have ever had in the government much less the white house. Almost everything he does is controversial at best to down right unethical and corrupt. And most of the people he has with him are the same exact way. He's turned a fairly sized swamp into the fucking Amazon River floodplain the biggest swamp in the world.
Johnny Buck
Johnny Buck 12 дней назад
The media is the swamp.
Ashlee Jade
Ashlee Jade 14 дней назад
It seems more like he tried to “fill the swamp with more terrible people and further muddy the waters”
Echo_in_ the_forest
Echo_in_ the_forest 15 дней назад
the swamp got inundated by the election tsunami
Steve 15 дней назад
12:10 that dude sounds like Mitch Hedberg...
Lunacy 1993
Lunacy 1993 15 дней назад
When trump said 'drain the swamp', I didn't know he meant draining it directly into his own cabinet... so sad America doesn't want 4 more years... Here we go, Joe😉 ❤🤍💙
Cotton Hill Killed Fitty Men
Cotton Hill Killed Fitty Men 16 дней назад
Give him a job as a janitor at Epstein's island.
Daniel Easterling
Daniel Easterling 23 дня назад
Steve Mnuchin? You mean your twin brother.
Charles Browne
Charles Browne 23 дня назад
Swamps are not drained with water pumps. Swamps are drained by moving earth. The resulting low spots become retention ponds, and the high spots become buildable.
Tunnel Rat
Tunnel Rat 12 дней назад
Yet another thing politicians don't understand.
Odin Entertainment
Odin Entertainment 24 дня назад
07:18-07:33 - Hold up, is that Bob Murray? Famed turd muncher Bob Murray?
Lord of Electrons
Lord of Electrons 25 дней назад
And replace it with an open sewer. Hey John you have some special influence with the sewage treatment sector any chance calling in a favor.
Glenn Parker
Glenn Parker 26 дней назад
Oliver, aren't you glad there is a 1st Amendment to the Constitution so you can spread your BS without reprisal? Guess that's why you became an American citizen so you could go on RUposts, spread your hate and make money......a great gig, no?
Techno Logic
Techno Logic 6 дней назад
Actually, funny enough, that is what Melania Trump did. Interesting.
Audacious 319
Audacious 319 13 дней назад
You seem slightly triggered by a comedian.
Dre Day
Dre Day 27 дней назад
So John doesn't eat shrimp?
Bobby Greene
Bobby Greene 27 дней назад
I think I like the show better without an audience
Project Vivid
Project Vivid 28 дней назад
Nathaniel Coffin
Nathaniel Coffin 29 дней назад
I think that trump meant drain the swamp litealy. like drain the oil out of the swamp
Glitch master 2
Glitch master 2 29 дней назад
Recently got an ad of trump saying he's almost done draining the swamp. I had no idea he was talking about this. I live in Florida, locals here call it the swamp. I was sitting here wondering how the hell he was managing to pull that off.
bobo caterpillar
bobo caterpillar 29 дней назад
next, we should drain the *MEDIA* BYE john
Allena Smith
Allena Smith 29 дней назад
6:59 is my favorite part and is still relevant in 2020
BoggWeasel 29 дней назад
The swamp just keeps getting deeper and swampier.............with Trump diving right in.....
chip skylark
chip skylark Месяц назад
In what episode does he talk about the department of the interior?
Alex Florack
Alex Florack Месяц назад
Biden Harris 2020 !!
orly freire
orly freire Месяц назад
3:14 to 3:49 It’s because of people like him that Trump wont pay for his consequences and lose the support he never should have had
JonLiveMusic Месяц назад
Well, tonight Biden crime enterprise is over!
Audacious 319
Audacious 319 13 дней назад
This comment aged like milk left in sun.
blåbær Месяц назад
Can some politician just promise to drain the _actual_ swamp in Washington DC. It's humid and gross.
L A Месяц назад
Audacious 319
Audacious 319 13 дней назад
Your right. 2020 is the expiration date for his presidency.
Josephine Dark
Josephine Dark Месяц назад
How does it feel to pay forced taxes to a corp? United States Congress and senate even supreme court ARE CORPORATIONS!!! ALL GOV STATE AND FED ARE INCORPORATED!! LOOK IT UP! Dnb. Com. dun and bradstreet does all credit scores for us companies! Go to menu, choose DUNNS NUMBER lookup, select other company, put in United States and choose district of Columbia as state.. And search!! Or you can search your state or city govs!! Our gov has been stolen just like our country!! This corona crap is a lie!!! World economic forum!! Agenda 21!!!stop being lazy! Look it up!
Jovani Smith
Jovani Smith Месяц назад
"America's not ready to get its fuel from the birds and the bees..." ...sex powerplants..???
Dr. G&W
Dr. G&W Месяц назад
🍊 👨 👎
EnderZ13 Месяц назад
Welcome to 2020
Boone Keller
Boone Keller Месяц назад
"I'm gonna end corruption but I support lobbying"
Dayna de Montagnac
Dayna de Montagnac Месяц назад
That first scene almost made me click out of the video. I was eating.
Poo Poo
Poo Poo Месяц назад
Fuck BP
Marie Yves
Marie Yves Месяц назад
My cell number is...if anybody wants to give me a call to talk about it. 571-585.-3730. That’s 571-585-3730
MCPunk55 Месяц назад
Trump didn't drain the swamp. No politician does. They just replace the pre-existing crocs with their own.
Maximilian We
Maximilian We 2 месяца назад
now i want a piece only about trumps movie career
Agarykane 2 месяца назад
Propaganda asshole
Sedat KPunkt
Sedat KPunkt 2 месяца назад
If you watch the "Weather" episode you'll see another example for filling the swamp... ruposts.info/one/pIJ-oHC2ZJ2WhW0/video
NeptuneWalker 2 месяца назад
Scooch the swamp is essentially what happened, since the swamp seemed to spread around a dozen seats to the left.
Patrick Hosino
Patrick Hosino 2 месяца назад
Bennett Girard
Bennett Girard 2 месяца назад
Watching this in 2020 to remind me of......better times?
John Schultz
John Schultz 2 месяца назад
Wow so somebody else came up with the slogan.. of course he didn't like it but he tried it and it caught on. Wow so dumb....😒
Brad Schrunk
Brad Schrunk 2 месяца назад
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E. Sabbath aka The Bat
E. Sabbath aka The Bat 2 месяца назад
Who is in charge of making Trump’s catchphrases
shane Nicholas
shane Nicholas 2 месяца назад
Trump's doing a great job... Especially while we are dragging the democrats home.. the left has done nothing but whine for 4 years ... And lucky for us we about to get 4 more years
Skulldetta 6 дней назад
@shane Nicholas True, Trump didn't mismanage Coronavirus - that would imply he managed anything regarding it. But he did nothing for eight months straight other than refusing to acknowledge its dangers, refusing to wear masks, refusing to enforce masks or lockdowns, making fun of people for wearing masks and shrugging, saying "it it what it is" when being confronted with the staggering death count. But hey, at least he had time for some more rounds of golfing, so all is well, amirite? Trump didn't try shit other than having his GOP sycophants come up with "stimulus packages" that would greatly profit billion dollar businesses instead of the average American, and then blaming the Dems when they said no because that will do absolutely nothing to improve the situation. He doesn't care, and that quite blatantly. And neither do the Dems really, but they're not the people who were out there bragging what great negotiators they are and how they will all fix it with the "art of the deal". But if the Obamacare repeal and replacement disaster is anything to go by, it's just another example of him talking out of his incompetent ass.
shane Nicholas
shane Nicholas 6 дней назад
@Techno Logic over 200 affadaivts... That's so much proof.... Your telling me over 200 people said I'm gonna lie and risk going to prison for 10 years ?....
shane Nicholas
shane Nicholas 6 дней назад
@Techno Logic that's what all u Dems say I want proof... U give them proof and they are like well that's not enough... Cause the truth is u don't care about right and wrong...
shane Nicholas
shane Nicholas 6 дней назад
@Techno Logic yeah there is proof.... They got the server... It was showing an algorithm in the system... That changed votes acrossed the country from trump to biden.... Trump actually won the popular vote by 6 million... Not that the popular vote matters... Not to mention not letting Republicans view the process... Putting cardboard over the windows ( why do that if it's legit)... Telling republican poll watchers to go home and the minute they leave you count 200,000 k votes .. that all went for biden... How much proof you need?.... Not to mention the 300 affadaivts filled.... There is more proof of fraud in this election than there ever was of trump culuding with Russia...
Techno Logic
Techno Logic 6 дней назад
@shane Nicholas Okay, provide solid, non-partisan evidence that fraudelent voting was an actual issue. And if it was, you just said yourself that there were 100 "glitches" for the same person. Biden won by over 5 million votes. I dare you to try and explain to me how there were 5 million illegal votes. And you can't say, "Because this election was rigged by the far left to try and destroy American democracy".
Peggy Trawick
Peggy Trawick 2 месяца назад
Drain the swamp like alligators
Malachi Marko
Malachi Marko 2 месяца назад
13:40 sounds like Adam Sandler's Billy Madison
JV Gamer
JV Gamer 2 месяца назад
I would definitely pay good money for an al dog petting zoo
Jones 2 месяца назад
they can find out he's text's too. just try and tell me how corrupt he is. would make a good "And Now This" section.
jugglejunk 2 месяца назад
I think a better idea would be to ''Tax the swamp''! If the goverment needs money instead of taxing it's citizens more could just tax the swamp (and democrats like high taxes, so let's say 80% for the giver and another 80% for the recipient and a 2000% fine of the amount if they dont pay the tax), which would give them enough money for a number of other things that are important. (like their national debt or you are going to cause a (?worldwide?) recession like every 10 years or so and we could do without!
Craig Coleman
Craig Coleman 3 месяца назад
00:24 bruh his hands are sooo small 😂😂
nomine *
nomine * 3 месяца назад
"Scootch the Swamp" sounds like either the worst superhero, or the best wrestler in Louisiana.
Patrick MacBride
Patrick MacBride 3 месяца назад
Scootch vs the Gris Gris , winner gets shrimp boots
james butler
james butler 3 месяца назад
74 days away from election day 2020...Trump has yet to live up to any of his 2016 campaign promises. 7 of his closest people o his campaign team have either gone to prison, are awaiting trial, or had been indicted. Trump is the swamp lizard king.
Metin Özkaya
Metin Özkaya 3 месяца назад
who spotted the bob murray cameo
Scapegoat for Failed Capitalism
Scapegoat for Failed Capitalism 3 месяца назад
6:58 wait for it...
Marcy Tamayei
Marcy Tamayei 3 месяца назад
Trump is the Swamp!!!
Dennis Grant
Dennis Grant 3 месяца назад
No swamp drain yet
checkpiontcharlie 3 месяца назад
At 7:30 - is this Bob Murray two seat in front of the head of the epa?
Ari MF Shapiro
Ari MF Shapiro 3 месяца назад
Oliver sounds like C3PO.
Thomy Fun
Thomy Fun 3 месяца назад
a politician who lied to the people about rooting out political corruption and really just filled the country with more corruption? WOW THATS CRAZY!!!(wait no that is andrew jackson)1
Rainbow Writer
Rainbow Writer 3 месяца назад
Trump is the Swamp Thing. He needs the swamp, in order to live. Like humans need oxygen
Kathy Mack
Kathy Mack 3 месяца назад
Damn that accessibility of the ex LA guv number is smart for a crooked big energy guy. Wonder how manys secrets he s learned that way.
Kathy Mack
Kathy Mack 3 месяца назад
To thendonald drain the swamp .meant let the virus out of control so it would take those with shitty healthcare who are crammed into tiny poor neighborhoods. We apl know if we think about it. He meant the immigrants and poor people. Yep. He said this then the virus happened and really nothing else. Its not like he took any action to point at. You know?
Quatsch82 3 месяца назад
7:27 Oh look, it's Bob Murray😂
Carrie S.
Carrie S. 3 месяца назад
here is an independent study of how doctors all over the world are treating COVID, please investigate this for yourself!!! www.sermo.com/press-releases/largest-statistically-significant-study-by-6200-multi-country-physicians-on-covid-19-uncovers-treatment-patterns-and-puts-pandemic-in-context/
A D 3 месяца назад
If I want to drain the swamp the last thing I would do is to hire my relatives I.e. Jared and Ivanka and friends in my administration as advisors. But what do I know am not a “stable genius”
Purple Something
Purple Something 3 месяца назад
As someone who likes to fact check stuff, I looked up what Ryan Zinke studied and he does actually have a B.S. in Geology from the University of Oregon. I fully expected him to have studied Political Science of something, but he could technically be called a geologist.
Crystal Campbell
Crystal Campbell 3 месяца назад
😂🤣love you!!
Anita Henderson
Anita Henderson 3 месяца назад
Pay day loans=.legalized loan sharks.
Anita Henderson
Anita Henderson 3 месяца назад
He DID drain the swamp...unfortunately he refilled it CROOKS like himself.
NiNi Na
NiNi Na 3 месяца назад
Well, he is certainly helping to drain the swamp as all of it now has floated to the top like turds in a public paddling pool. Now all you have to do is skim it off. Whoever thought electing the money elite that caused 2008 was a good idea to repair the damages of that very crisis...
Kim Mitchell
Kim Mitchell 3 месяца назад
We have watched him drain the swamp into the family coffers
Joe Weis
Joe Weis 3 месяца назад
Trump is The Swamp .
Chris chance
Chris chance 3 месяца назад
What's wrong with these people when they believe Trump is for the little guys? He hates you little guys
moderatesunited 3 месяца назад
151k deaths. Thx Trump
Karabo M. Rannobe
Karabo M. Rannobe 3 месяца назад
00:35 cringe world 😐
Vegan Viking
Vegan Viking 3 месяца назад
Can one really claim to be draining the swamp when they are adding their own brand of corruption and poison to it?
Nithyanandam Vinukonda
Nithyanandam Vinukonda 3 месяца назад
Why do you Americans call corruption as lobbying?
You Thought
You Thought 3 месяца назад
Bye bye Jeffrey Epstein, bye bye huge cartel of sex traffickers recently, bye bye to all the Hollywood and elites and former presidents seen on the flight logs
Phenomenal 1
Phenomenal 1 3 месяца назад
I had to call the number lol!
Jim 54
Jim 54 3 месяца назад
Warning, Russian bots in the comment section!
Glorified Truth
Glorified Truth 3 месяца назад
But really, Pence was the eye-candy on the ticket.
R_Home8619 3 месяца назад
He just admitted the secret of his lies. He tries it out. Then says it as if he means it. People believe him. On to the next.
Amy Dactyl
Amy Dactyl 3 месяца назад
Why the shrimp hate? Don’t some Brits eat eels?
#OccupyDogtown 3 месяца назад
Mateusz Makowski
Mateusz Makowski 3 месяца назад
In defense of shrimps, it's generaly good idea to pull out shit string from all your food
Brendan Swaney
Brendan Swaney 4 месяца назад
Lock her up is a great one.
jldude84 4 месяца назад
Normally I'm not a fan of the annoying Trump-bashing on this show, but I absolutely agree that the level of briber....err, lobbying and backroom deals our government is involved in with corporations is fucking beyond obscene and cancerous. I legitimately think money in politics is a bigger threat to society than even climate change. I wish I could believe that simply voting for someone else would crank it down a notch closer to non-existence, but I'm not that naive.
Kelley Hawley
Kelley Hawley 4 месяца назад
I would like to just let everybody know. I think it is imperative that everybody knows this. Trump was not the only reason “Ghost can’t do it” was horrible, given how little he was actually in it he was only responsible for .001 percent of its awfulness. Incidentally the best of that movie is Anthony Quinn. God that was an horrifically awful movie.
Moises Duarte
Moises Duarte 4 месяца назад
2020 has run out of shit to watch
Nicholas Powell
Nicholas Powell 4 месяца назад
You can see a man looking very much like Bob Murray sitting two seats away from Wheeler in that Rick Perry meeting.
Sarah Huntsinger
Sarah Huntsinger 4 месяца назад
I misunderstood that phrase completely. I thought it meant getting career politicians who have never done anything constructive for their base out of office and replacing them with fresh blood who is less inclined to "play the system" to feel powerful and get tons of government benefits while doing practically nothing.
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