Border Wall II: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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3 месяца назад

Nearing the 2020 election, John Oliver checks in on one of the key promises of President Trump’s 2016 campaign: the border wall.
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Its Just Me
Its Just Me 9 часов назад
Obama announced the number one national security threat was nuclear detonation on American soil and that, by the classified law/nuclear response, he was preparing for it before it took place, as in the entire intent of the classified nuclear response being the legal requirement to prepare for nuclear detonation on American soil before it takes places. Then he moved NORAD, NORTHCOM, and the Pentagon comms to the Cheyenne Mountains literally labeled THE EMP SHIELDED WAR BUNKER. So now we apply the applicational use of Obama's nuclear response to move into an EMP shielded war bunker and we compare the environment without electricity and the area with nuclear power plants to find the sustainable and survivable land. The north is frozen most of the year, North Dakota gets up to negative fifty, making it unsustainable for human life. The east coast would be primarily radioactive from nuclear meltdown. The remaining sustainable states are now outlined exactly the same as the Jade Helm map by the facts of science. Then we get to the Baker Statement and the DOD and DHS under Obama and Biden stated their intent was that the US is not responsible to protect civilian life against nuclear detonation on American soil because the critical infrastructure is owned by civilians and therefore they are only responsible to ensure the operation and power of the military force of the US. Now in the event of nuclear detonation, Constitutional law is suspended until law and order can be reestablished, but it takes ten years just to import a transformer and reactor cores can take hundreds or thousands of years to dissipate radiation until the point the land is sustainable. So the benefit of such actions of Jade Helm are to have control over alm of the military power and force of the United States without any restricting application of law and country ipso facto to dictate its purpose or use. Then we get DT who built a wall on Mexico to ensure the border was secured from any attack points that would be possible to enter following nuclear detonation. Again, rather than building any defense systems facing the south pole or shielding civilian infrastructure. Remember Katrina? Or are you a Katrina denier. Transformers are imports. They are special order and not something just sitting in stock. It takes ten years to build one. Besides that, your reactor cores use electricity to run. Remember Fukushima? Yeah, that's a result of not having electricity to keep the reactor running there pal. You ever look at a reactor core map? Passive systems use physics to shut down reactor cores, but those barely came out maybe 15 years ago and that was just in design theory and not in actual use. There's only so many of them in the world and even then they're still on theory because you really can't test run a nuke eh? Nuclear power plants in America use diesel generators for backup. Obviously, they require electricity. And nuclear emps can take up to 7 days or more to dissipate from the atmosphere. It only takes 9 hours, 12 at the most, for a reactor to blow. And trust me, you would notice if your nuclear plants used passive systems. The cores were made before your first gen cell phone. How easy do you suppose you can update your first gen cell phone, brick shape and all, to a smart phone with RUposts to watch this channel. About the only thing that works is the shell and it's completely unstable at that. That is the truth behind the wall and you can't deny it because the only intent you have to do so is to deny scientific facts. You can attempt to say that the classified nuclear response is a "conspiracy theory" like you did Alex Jones when he said it was military occupation but the facts are I have clearly stated facts of science that cannot be disputed and to dispute them would require facts of science, not your political intent of political agenda..called terrorism.
Mr Matt2d2
Mr Matt2d2 День назад
A true fraud = 9:39
Quaigon Pooh
Quaigon Pooh 2 дня назад
You know, seeing all of this from afar (Germany), all of what has been happening over there in the USA kind of seems like a tragic and exaggerated political movie starring Al Pacino. I really dont know whether I should laugh or cry, since we also have our own version of these nationalist clowns spreading fear and people are really falling for it. That really is just a shame.
Greg Dubya
Greg Dubya 3 дня назад
THICC latinas better not be deported
Prithvi Sihag
Prithvi Sihag 3 дня назад
Maybe the only show where I miss a laughing audience
MforMovesets 5 дней назад
"Ok Trump, talk about walls." "Alright." *5 minute monologue about wall climbers* Wow, like a true business-man who's business goes downhill.
Anieadi Charease Moeisha
Anieadi Charease Moeisha 5 дней назад
I can see John Oliver & John Cena in a match; John would run all over the arena cause he can’t see John.😂
JonneyETV 5 дней назад
So good!
Julian Martinez
Julian Martinez 6 дней назад
I find it funny everyone is appalled in disgust at our president. Did everyone think he would be 100% different with the title president? Also. Quit riding a party or politician blindly. You gain nothing.
Matteo Turner
Matteo Turner 6 дней назад
Oh gods I work at a Best Western in Spearfish, South Dakota and we have the Fisher Sand and Gravel guys stay here--I think they're doing work for the state.
Rob Nowe
Rob Nowe 6 дней назад
***** *20201114 **** *Grand Total 406+ miles **** (CBP: 402 miles as of 20201114 ; Private: 4 miles). This is ≥ 90% of 450 mile goal, ≥ 79% of 509 mile goal, ≥ 62% of previous 654 mile preexisting, ≥ 40% of 1,000 miles, & ≥ 20% of entire southern border.
James 6 дней назад
Fisher criminal and fraud and sexual issues completely aligns with Trump's wants, needs, and expectations. Not surprised at all.
Ariq Ahsan
Ariq Ahsan 7 дней назад
John's last note was very powerful and consequential. Damages made in the last 4 years will haunt the US for decades.
Siddhant Basnet
Siddhant Basnet 8 дней назад
wtf is happening to U.S.?
Marilyn Newman
Marilyn Newman 8 дней назад
My favorite is the wall they build fell over at the Mexican/California border.
Breanna Stucker Aguilar Hale Angel
Breanna Stucker Aguilar Hale Angel 9 дней назад
Sir. Mr. Jason Bateman Si Sir. Mr. John Oliver
Laura Quinn
Laura Quinn 10 дней назад
Biden won 98% of Tohono O’odam Nation vote in the previously red Arizona, wonder why?
El Putas
El Putas 10 дней назад
Kyle W.
Kyle W. 11 дней назад
Bad knees Weird dick Doesn’t want to climb mountains
S White
S White 11 дней назад
I'm sorry, the Homeland Security guy's name is CHAD WOLF?? Just how much more of a parody of yourself can you be?
Dianna Marie
Dianna Marie 11 дней назад
My grandma and I had an argument over the stupid wall. Me: The wall is stupid. 1, it makes our country look bad and 2, Mexico isn't going to pay for it. It's going to be in our taxes. Grandma: We have to keep illegal immigrants out. Me: It's racist. You don't see us making a wall along the Canadian border. Grandma: (completely ignoring the racism) Then what do you suggest? Me: How about increasing Border Patrol, creating more jobs?
kazza0206 11 дней назад
I mean. If you were dumb enough to donate to that, then that's on you.
E. Gordbort
E. Gordbort 12 дней назад
Obviously the wall failed, you can't build two of the same Wonder and they were a few hundred turns late.
Kham 12 дней назад
I honestly wonder if these "black people" in the background of Trump rallies are actually white people in black face.
JacksonJin 12 дней назад
More realistically it's a minority comprised of internalized racism combo-packaged with the absurdly racist narrative that the only way for black men in America to get ahead is to suck up to white men. Modern day House Slaves, so broken by their circumstance they can't understand how they are complicit in forging their own chains. (Not to say it's their fault generations of racist as fuck practices across every aspect of American law and culture screwed them out of "equal" lives, just that they can't comprehend how to get out of it.)
Ilan Smolders
Ilan Smolders 12 дней назад
ouch, yes
thirdwheel1985au 12 дней назад
13:45 yikes. That ad would look out of place on Rick and Morty's interdimensional cable.
Ryan Albers
Ryan Albers 13 дней назад
"This is his monumnet. And there's, perhaps, nothing more emblematic of his presidency than this wall: it's destructive, pointless, ineffective, racist, weak, and something the damages of which we're gonna have to be dealing with for a very long time." - John Oliver, the Man
Tyler Lopes
Tyler Lopes 14 дней назад
No more wall man! JOE BIDEN!!!
E. Gordbort
E. Gordbort 12 дней назад
joe biden the fuckin shockmaster
Oldschool Gamer
Oldschool Gamer 15 дней назад
The only dumb thing missing is them digging a tunnel through the mountains so the wall can go through...
Robert Price
Robert Price 16 дней назад
The slow zoom on Trump as he's rambling on about mountains is perfect 😂
icychocolate 16 дней назад
I was wondering about this, thanks John.
ish and other things
ish and other things 17 дней назад
Can't watch John Oliver anymore as he is part of the Logang
JacksonJin 12 дней назад
@Ilan Smolders Google claims it's "Logan Paul fans." ...Also a bunch of other really toxic stuff. Which, I mean, John has never advocated for Logan Paul? So I'm gonna chalk this one up to "Bot/troll trying to score points against a rational person with buzzwords."
Ilan Smolders
Ilan Smolders 12 дней назад
J D 17 дней назад
Oliver rightfully called out government corruption, immoral spending decisions, and showed a few clips. But he was never actually able to refute that the wall does decrease illegal crossings.
JacksonJin 12 дней назад
Because it doesn't? And he did? As he showed how the wall was simultaneously easy to climb and often so easily broken as to be laughable? To the point it's on the verge of collapsing on it's own?
Manju Gopinath RJ
Manju Gopinath RJ 18 дней назад
Love from India to John Oliver 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳
Nickrak 19 дней назад
Honestly the whole "we build the wall" debacle is just hilarious. If you're dumb enough to believe a border wall would work you deserve to have your money stolen.
Candy Domination
Candy Domination 19 дней назад
If this infuriates you, should/listen to "A Warning" by anonymous. Audiobook can be found on youtube. Talks about the great accomplishments of Trump in great detail.
Ilan Smolders
Ilan Smolders 12 дней назад
k thankz
Haley Gould
Haley Gould 21 день назад
17:30 That’s the basis for construction You need 4 walls to build a room, how do you fuck up building one?!
Outlaw Soul
Outlaw Soul 21 день назад
8:40. it makes sense, John, because some of those fishy holding companies that have won the bids are for russian steel. trump is laundering russian mob money while also robbing the american tax payer. the incompetence is by design. it is a criminal enterprise.
Tao Ta
Tao Ta 22 дня назад
Sad why American vote for trump I still don't understand, by no means it saves good. 4 years ago with my classmates and they are so surprised too.
zohreh rostami
zohreh rostami 23 дня назад
Ro N
Ro N 23 дня назад
****** *20201029 ***** *Grand Total 404+ miles ***** (CBP: 400 miles as of 20201029 ; Private: 4 miles). This is ≥ 89% of 450 mile goal, ≥ 79% of 509 mile goal, ≥ 61% of previous 654 mile preexisting, ≥ 40% of 1,000 miles, & ≥ 20% of entire southern border.
Taylor Jones
Taylor Jones 24 дня назад
I didn’t used to you have crush on Adam Driver but John Oliver’s major crush on him has made me one impressionable lady and now I’m crushing hard on Adam Driver.
Troy Haberstroh
Troy Haberstroh 25 дней назад
The sheer vehemence he has in his voice at the end segment was genuinely rallying, he unflinchingly voices something I can't believe all Americans aren't behind, as an Australian I understand we have our share of issues with our own childlike government, inept policies and honestly just straight up cringe worthy parliamentary debates, but you America, are in a league all of your own.
Sky the emotional support cat
Sky the emotional support cat 25 дней назад
If Donald The Duck Trump losses, we will find out who the puppet masters really were, the %15 of the %1. Because he will sing so much, in a chance he will not be blamed for the way America fell
deshawn clark
deshawn clark 25 дней назад
wow, very cool !
SPDYellow 26 дней назад
Did you see Samantha Bee's video where an eight-year-old child was able to scale a prototype of the wall without using much by way of equipment? Because there are few finer joys in life than Trump getting pwned by an eight-year-old. Just for once, I wish there was satisfaction in being able to say, "I told you so," but there never is. It still doesn't seem tacky enough to really be a Trump property. He needs to spray paint it gold or stud it with rhinestones to get that true tacky dictator-chic, obscene opulence aesthetic that Trump loves. Though it is, as you put it, emblematic of Trump as a person.
Keiran Green
Keiran Green 23 дня назад
Where is the link I want to see
Felix Alicea
Felix Alicea 26 дней назад
Holy TDS!
sillylittleposhgirl 27 дней назад
Not only could you climb that wall, I'm pretty sure you could just walk between the bars.
Daniel Ramsey
Daniel Ramsey 26 дней назад
Or take a Hacksaw to it! Hell, there was news that a Section got blown DOWN BY the Intense Wind! And People are Taking chucks from it and Selling it Off! LOL ^.^
MeanOnToast 27 дней назад
Never been funny this guy
Ilan Smolders
Ilan Smolders 12 дней назад
trump was indeed always a nightmare
Jiruberuto 27 дней назад
2:11 Isn’t that the plot of arrested development season 4?
jim simpson
jim simpson 27 дней назад
Constantly blames Trump for bad virus response, no blame on the Chinese communist party.
jim simpson
jim simpson 22 дня назад
@Marcus Lopez-pierre What, silent for 2 weeks, are you serious? Have they taken responsibility? China is not to blame? They are guilty of war crimes at this point. Are you saying China is better than Trump? Does late night tv not shut up about communist China? Where are the hundreds of thousands of hours talking about the bad things China (or any other authoritarian state) has done? At least Trump lets you say what you want. Did they talk in a way that in your opinion wasn't ridiculous, thereby allowing them to get away with things? Do you blame the people who voted for Trump for the outbreak? Sure vote him out, but China is the main culprit here, and is worse than the US.
Marcus Lopez-pierre
Marcus Lopez-pierre 23 дня назад
China may have been silent in the first 2 weeks of the pandemic, but Trump is the reason why America is ground zero of the virus
pug for life
pug for life 27 дней назад
trump's a karren hehe
Senna Taylor
Senna Taylor 28 дней назад
America: builds a wall China: *yeah, that's not gonna work*
K. Hoorn
K. Hoorn 28 дней назад
A grown man crying about construction workers moving some dirt. This country has become so weak and pathetic, stand up for yourselves white man.
tod blower
tod blower 28 дней назад
Isn't a wooden wall a fence
Marcus Lopez-pierre
Marcus Lopez-pierre 23 дня назад
Then are the walls of a cabin a fence?
Tadesan 28 дней назад
I want that wall. I want him to build a monument to his own stupidity.
Eric Hanson
Eric Hanson 29 дней назад
"That was Trump recognizing in real time that his signature plan could be completely undone by thick string." Challenging the PotUS? That's a pretty damn THICC string, indeed. ;-)
Robban Dahlgren Jonsson
Robban Dahlgren Jonsson 29 дней назад
So why is that disgusting?
Alex Newman
Alex Newman 29 дней назад
Your stupid president doesn't understand that drugs can be transported through the tunnel))
Fernado BP
Fernado BP Месяц назад
I would like that Mexico and US build a green wall togher , concrete wall is a waste of money, they both should build the biggest forest wall in the world plus both country can build in the middle of the forest wall a speed train, they can create the biggest and greenest economic zone in the world.
Long Time Toker First Time Grower
Long Time Toker First Time Grower Месяц назад
wazdalos Месяц назад
15:28 the guy on left was like: Could you fucking not?!
Absurd Hero Rx
Absurd Hero Rx Месяц назад
10:10 HEY! No, the tie is- fine. The idea that the tie is the worst thing about that image is inconceivably horrible. The only thing more unappealing/disgusting than lindsey graham is mitch mcconnell
duke quinn
duke quinn Месяц назад
url betternow gachastudio
Jason Anderson
Jason Anderson Месяц назад
Dearest John, I can't help but notice your crush (Mr. Adam Driver) looks very similar to the poster boy for Gold Rush on the Discovery Channel (Mr. Parker Schnabel)...
D4RKBRU73 Месяц назад
Meanwhile Trump is singing Wonderwall from Oasis in the shower: "Because maybe...."
Stephen2462 Месяц назад
@Mikias Ken Orange fan sad.
Mikias Ken
Mikias Ken Месяц назад
Shadow Hegog
Shadow Hegog Месяц назад
Native Americans should form a giant mob to blow up and build a wall straight through Colonial Plymouth.
Mikias Ken
Mikias Ken Месяц назад
Christina Nicholson
Christina Nicholson Месяц назад
Master please... if Trump wins may We please have a wall too?
Spindle DatSpider
Spindle DatSpider Месяц назад
John oliver's hair looks like its always in the process of greying
A G Месяц назад
I would like to point out that any thin wall can be scaled with a grappling hook, technology that has existed for a long, long time. All of the wall designs could be climbed that way.
Carlos Morales
Carlos Morales Месяц назад
They still his money! They paid him whit the same coin 💰 jajaj he is a real leperkon ah
travelerwithstyle Месяц назад
Oct. 16, 2020 (Source: DHS Website) 757 Miles Complete or Under Construction ------------------------------------ 360 new miles now complete 240 new miles under construction 157 new miles under the pre-construction process .
Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi
Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi Месяц назад
I was just reading a post on AOL. . . . it concerned Melania Trumps chequered past. . . . a Trump Supporter came back with this to defend what the other person had written. . . and I quote . " Man, it must be nice to live in a fantasy world where facts and evidence mean nothing, where you can just spout nonsense and expect people to believe it." Isn't that typical of a Trump Supporter to not see the irony in that statement ! ! !
Kaylen Wheeler
Kaylen Wheeler Месяц назад
Starving refugees: "National Emergency" Plague that has killed hundreds of thousands: "Come on, you can't stay inside forever."
PaRAtro0per Месяц назад
Conservatives scamming conservatives. Guilty pleasure.
G Man
G Man Месяц назад
Comment for the algorithm
Rel Месяц назад
Expensive and pointless! Ah yes the trump family motto.
david jones
david jones Месяц назад
All a person has to do to get over the wall is have a rope with a try hook tied to the end of it. You can get up the wall, turn the try hook around when you reach the top and climb back down the other side leaving the hook behind.
Ashley Thomas
Ashley Thomas Месяц назад
Team logan?? Are you kidding me?! Jess all the way (That reboot was trash though)
RenchesAndSords Месяц назад
If there's already that level of erosion under it, wouldn't a good blast compromise it enough to make it just a little too wobbly?
M Will
M Will Месяц назад
Might have kept watching if he wasnt using vulgar language
Craig Cuthbert
Craig Cuthbert Месяц назад
Your wrong John Oliver
Krijn van Alten
Krijn van Alten Месяц назад
@Mikias Ken Yeah, very funny, but you still cannot debunk the arguments Oliver gives.
Mikias Ken
Mikias Ken Месяц назад
@Krijn van Alten
Krijn van Alten
Krijn van Alten Месяц назад
You need to come with some arguments, because on this moment, he gave a shitload of them, and till so far you gave 0.
Craig Cuthbert
Craig Cuthbert Месяц назад
Sexy Latinas will not be deported. Love Craig.
Alex Месяц назад
I'm Canadian, so I have no stake in this, but in 2016 I remember envisioning with a modest appreciation the idea of a six foot thick alabaster wall, complete with flood lights, guard towers, and automated machine gun turrets stretching for hundreds of miles. To say I'm disappointed would be an understatement. At this point I don't know why they don't just put armed guards every two hundred feet along the border, it would probably be cheaper and less ugly.
Cynquilla Месяц назад
It's scary how people support him... They think they're benefiting off his success... In which, he's benefiting off of them.
Hoosier James
Hoosier James Месяц назад
I wonder if John hates Trump ?
Mikias Ken
Mikias Ken Месяц назад
JupiterMelichios Месяц назад
I can't be the only non-american who's first reaction was 'wait, you're only aiming for 150 years, that's nothing'
Clockwork Kirlia
Clockwork Kirlia Месяц назад
Say what you like about Hadrian, and I do, but the lad knew how to construct a fence.
F Barthélémy
F Barthélémy Месяц назад
I know!!! I was thinking the same thing, that’s not enough
Ryan Johnson
Ryan Johnson Месяц назад
England hates this little prick
Ryan Johnson
Ryan Johnson 16 дней назад
@patrick childs Patrick the child reports everything to his mum and RUposts
Ryan Johnson
Ryan Johnson 16 дней назад
@patrick childs why don’t you go tell your mum
patrick childs
patrick childs 16 дней назад
@Ryan Johnson you don't even register in my life you sad and pathetic creep
Ryan Johnson
Ryan Johnson 16 дней назад
@patrick childs this is your and you mum 🍼👶🏼
Ryan Johnson
Ryan Johnson 16 дней назад
@patrick childs I think you’re a joke you’ve reported 3 of my reply’s you’re a fascist against free speech
Vic G
Vic G Месяц назад
LOGAN! that man sucks! So boring. A little entitled. Sorry but I'd prefer any other boy Rory dated.
Brent Cousins
Brent Cousins Месяц назад
As a Canadian I strongly believe we should also look into the concept of a southern border wall 😑
Gordon Месяц назад
Pandaman786 Haq
Pandaman786 Haq Месяц назад
Johnny You trouble maker you
Krijn van Alten
Krijn van Alten Месяц назад
Why? Since he has actually has arguments and you have not?
Pandaman786 Haq
Pandaman786 Haq Месяц назад
Superduper wall
Gabryal Sansclair
Gabryal Sansclair Месяц назад
This is an absolutely amazing clusterfuck
Joanna P
Joanna P Месяц назад
I really appreciate the way they spelled “Kiersten”.
drstevenrey Месяц назад
And I need to get back to the so called foreman. Too gruff, could never be let loose on employees, too fat, not fit enough to lead anything, stupid, only apes hit a hammer to stuff. If that is what people think a foreman would be like, welcome to the real world. You are not fired, you are never hired in the first place.
Seth Soarenson
Seth Soarenson Месяц назад
Trump likes a company that doesn't pay its taxes? I'm shocked! Shocked, I say!
Shonendo Месяц назад
Eh... US turned to a shitshow long ago, what else is new.
Scott Douglas
Scott Douglas Месяц назад
Get this foreigner out of our country.
Krijn van Alten
Krijn van Alten Месяц назад
He has actually US citizenship you know.
hhscadets09 Месяц назад
Ah yes. The xenophobic slogan of the Republican party.
RunFORRESTRun Месяц назад
Trump 2020! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 If you don’t like it go back to England you bloody foo!
Ilan Smolders
Ilan Smolders 12 дней назад
heeeey. :) biden 2020
Banana - Nut - Muffin
Banana - Nut - Muffin Месяц назад
Ah yes the classic xenophobic come back by MAGA supporters I’ve seen it too many times
Stephen2462 Месяц назад
Yes, Trump for prison in 2020. And if you don't like it, YOU can move to England.
Jason Beard
Jason Beard Месяц назад
I would love to be in charge of "testing" border wall prototypes for vulnerabilities. They'd be hard pressed to win that fight with reasonable, cost-effective methods. Even complex methodologies would be at a severe disadvantage. The funniest part of it all is that they chose the most vulnerable model from the available options. It's absolutely hilarious how inept this administration is when it comes to doing things effectively.
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