Trump & Syria: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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John Oliver discusses the alarming decision to pull U.S. troops away from the border between Turkey and Syria.
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Jason Chui
Jason Chui Час назад
'member back in the olden days when we'd say things like "There will never be a US president dumber than G.W. Bush!"
Ivan Radtke
Ivan Radtke 4 часа назад
Diego Gómez
Diego Gómez День назад
Queen I love the southern accent 🤣
Salar Kordi
Salar Kordi День назад
WOW just WOW .... thank you for that i am all the from kurdistan watching you : )
kilroy987 День назад
It's kind of amazing how completely forgotten this is by me. I assume a lot of others have forgotten it too, amid the constant stream of ineptitude and selfishness Trump has displayed for both his first half and the last half of his single term as president. Biden will have such an international mess to hopefully be able to try to clean up.
Crit 2 дня назад
Well this aged well, "Imagine what he might do, with a crisis not of his own making", yeah only 254k deaths as of today
Jose Perez
Jose Perez 2 дня назад
Wow I don't blame the west to be brainwashed if Even the guy who look like the good person blaming the bad guy is shouting wrong information. For your information the Kurdish troops supported by your army killed an deported millions of civilians in Syria and Iraq. They Burnet whole cities and killed their people. Why in hell you think the three counties surrounding them ( Turkey Syria and Iraq) who has nothing in common politically and always fighting agreed on one thing and one thing only fighting these troops. Thier are some good civilians Kurd but they are not the ones supported by the US. The US is only supporting the ISIS equivalent of Kurd troops FYI.
Guynemer 3 дня назад
So why should we be in Syria???
Rixilia 4 дня назад
The first line made me laugh already
amy joy
amy joy 4 дня назад
it's because of the phrase "strongmen" being synonymous with "dictator" that t**** really wants to be remembered along side men like putin and kim.
Nebosvod gonzalez
Nebosvod gonzalez 4 дня назад
Yeah Trump's definitely a total dumbass and jackass Man I wished your button wasn't such a douchebag too He's like a fucking idiot and he fucking loves China so he's fucking its all just terrible
Michael Sanchez
Michael Sanchez 5 дней назад
He did this for Russia’ .. so Putin could go in there’ That POS!
Michael Sanchez
Michael Sanchez 5 дней назад
They call it a k-9.. I call it a dog.. beautiful dog” that is a quote from the STUPIDEST POTUS EVER!! Half of America loved and believed this guy.. that should tell you were USA is. Biden wouldn’t be my 1-2-3 choice but it takes STUPID out of the WH-
tatwood93 6 дней назад
Prophetic closing speech
Alan Griffin
Alan Griffin 7 дней назад
You just KNOW that Trump was told something about the canine’s presence in the raid and didn’t understand. He then questioned why they didn’t just call them dogs, then. It was just still on his mind during his speech.
Cindygr8ce 7 дней назад
Well we also abandoned the Afghanis that helped us so I guess we have precedent
Aléxis d'Almeida
Aléxis d'Almeida 7 дней назад
Biden just won, and this Fking moron still got 70 million votes. Wow.
Ursa Kermode
Ursa Kermode 7 дней назад
18:52 John Oliver predicts the future
Willie5000 7 дней назад
19:07 has aged very well.
KedarOthort 7 дней назад
" imagine how he'll handle a crisis not of his own making" Well we don't have to imagine that anymore
David D.
David D. 8 дней назад
It won't be long now they won't have Trump to make fun of what they going to do then
agdamag agdamag
agdamag agdamag 9 дней назад
This episode is what made me fall in love with this series. I used to be a trump supporter but this episode left me so shocked disgusted and sad that I immediately started questioning everything I thought of him. Thanks for spreading real news
C3R3AL CH1LL3R 10 дней назад
AJ F 12 дней назад
“Two more wars than Donald Trump ever fucking did,” “Why don’t presidents fight the war, why do they always send the poor?”
AJ F 12 дней назад
Trump thinks that people go up to a door and SAY THE PHRASE “knock knock” with their fist raised in the air? Because...WHAT?!
Gregory S
Gregory S 13 дней назад
That base cost us a lot of money and the U.S. just walked away from it. Why couldn't we take it all back and recycle what can't be used and re-issue the other gear to other forward bases. The military probably doesn't even notice the waste.
Liam Burns
Liam Burns 13 дней назад
This was a political move. But for what reason I have no idea. Perhaps it’s just to be evil. Perhaps he doesn’t understand strategy and how we fucked ourself by removing ourselves from Syria. They where a critical ally in the battle against Terrorist and isis. So fucking stupid. Thank god this monster is no longer our president.
Jan Kompos
Jan Kompos 13 дней назад
john understands the meaning of the word catdog
James IDK
James IDK 15 дней назад
We left our allies to die
Lugiagaurdien 16 дней назад
"imagine what he might do in a crisis not of his own making" judging by the fact that The US has the highest amount of covid cases, this video predicted 2020.
hodaka1000 17 дней назад
WorldsWanderer 18 дней назад
fascinating hearing that the days after the election
sugarcubes indy
sugarcubes indy 18 дней назад
24 years ago today, Kobe Bryant made his debut with the Los Angeles Lakers. Take a look back on Kobe’s legendary NBA journey: ▶️
Unnatural Atrophy
Unnatural Atrophy 15 дней назад
who cares about him lol
TheAcousticgrace 19 дней назад
yet the moment the US left Syria and the Kurds worked together.. this shows trump was right after all you worthless unfunny waste of life.
Wesley Page
Wesley Page 8 дней назад
@TheAcousticgrace No I'm talking about the grammar in your first post. I literally cannot dissect any meaning from it. There does not seem to be an action? "Yet the moment the US left Syria and the Kurds worked together..." what did they do next? There's no finishing point in your sentence. I do agree with your second post, though.
TheAcousticgrace 8 дней назад
@Wesley Page Americans need to understand that there is a reason the whole fucking world hates them... the government is doing whatever the hell it wants (literally becoming a reality show with trump) to distract their people from the reality of what's really going on in the world.. you care too much about who's president even though your life with trump was exactly the same as it was with Obama.. so are the bombs being dropped on my historic city in Syria..
Wesley Page
Wesley Page 12 дней назад
RenchesAndSords 20 дней назад
John Oliver: "imagine what would happen in a crisis not of his own making" 2020:"very poor choice of words"
Regiane Gago Paulino
Regiane Gago Paulino 21 день назад
Safe and sound
honkawiman 21 день назад
Trumpo you are such a fucking disastrous ass hole. Don't expect any help from the Kurdish people. They just gave us the middle finger.
honkawiman 21 день назад
The saudis paid trumps direct deposit to Trumpo Bank account.
honkawiman 21 день назад
What a fucking imbecile. Good God. WOW! BING BONG DOUGHBOY
Connor Terborg
Connor Terborg 24 дня назад
Yea I call a canine a "dog" too
Razia Khan Mazlish
Razia Khan Mazlish 25 дней назад
Trump is a kind of masterpiece!! Only he is his favourite!! World is a wwe to him!!
22 Veterans A Day
22 Veterans A Day 25 дней назад
19:10 2020 and watching this. 225,000+ Americans dead from a pandemic. Yah, it got worse.
דניאל זוהר
דניאל זוהר 26 дней назад
Fuck America
hodaka1000 17 дней назад
That's the spirit
patronustrip 26 дней назад
"he's about to make the biggest mistake of his presidency".... yet. 2020.
liam6nugget 26 дней назад
This was a year ago? Wow.
Nick Spike
Nick Spike 26 дней назад
How the hell is this man allowed to even be the president
Wesley Page
Wesley Page 12 дней назад
@hodaka1000 Less than 50%. Though many might just be terrified by one of the above like I am (universal healthcare) but Trump isn't actually stopping either of those lol
hodaka1000 17 дней назад
50% are terrified by universal healthcare and anti fascism
Lasse de Vries
Lasse de Vries 27 дней назад
I can't believe this was only ONE YEAR AGO, Jesus fucking christ. It feels like this event was during Trump's first year in office.
Kamil Löschl
Kamil Löschl Месяц назад
Good thing nothing bad happened in this last year of trumpy`s presidency, that would have been pretty shitty for america, hm?
Ronna Club
Ronna Club Месяц назад
Hahae so good
Moritz Korsch
Moritz Korsch Месяц назад
@8:57 "Hunter Biden's e-mail password" Oof...
Amay Sharma
Amay Sharma Месяц назад
Well it’s not America’s duty to take care of Kurds,
mngentry Месяц назад
Maybe but to say this is a “dick move” is like saying the Nazis had a small problem with Jewish people.
Aiden Ohalligan Esquire
Aiden Ohalligan Esquire Месяц назад
The real question is completely ignored, that being why is the US military in Syria? When, and how, did our troops get there? Oliver really screwed the pooch on this one...
Dylan Waller
Dylan Waller Месяц назад
What’s wrong with the PKK? All they want is greater autonomy and safety for the Kurds, yet you guys make them sound like Al Qaeda
David Szczesniak
David Szczesniak Месяц назад
4:34 wow ivanka in that picture looks so sad... childhood neglect, everyone
Alex Florack
Alex Florack Месяц назад
Biden Harris 2020 !!
hodaka1000 17 дней назад
TheKayleeanna Месяц назад
So what I just heard is that the Kurds will be the perpetrators of the NEXT September 11th attack on the US... and unless we fix Trump's stupidity we will have deserved it. Smh.
MessiMania 21 день назад
Nah Kurds would never do shit liike that. But I can't guarantee that one of the 10 thousands of ISIS terrorist that got out of Jail wouldn't do it.
fsdewolf Месяц назад
its so weird hearing the audience, its been so long
something something else
something something else Месяц назад
Saying the curds only fight when its their land and then bringing up WW2 is a bit hypocritical
Allan Wampler
Allan Wampler Месяц назад
GEE, MISTER TRUMP, I feel sort of psychic today... I think I can see your future... hold on... yes... it's coming... YES! THERE IT IS !!! Handcuffs! I see handcuffs! And you are wearing the handcuffs, sir. I'm sorry to alarm you, but I have to tell you the truth... Yep, I'm sure, sir. Handcuffs...
Blackball Месяц назад
4:11..." Not too complicated if you're smart " This is why everyone is concerned.
Broncos Fan
Broncos Fan Месяц назад
Yeah I took about 3 days for Lindsay Graham to says Trump was brilliant.
Vinayak Patel
Vinayak Patel Месяц назад
The expression of the man on the very left at 5:21 is simply excellent.
Al Iannacone
Al Iannacone Месяц назад
hodaka1000 17 дней назад
N Marrs
N Marrs Месяц назад
Truthfully I’d throw away anything President Trump sent me too
Jennifer Месяц назад
I’m still alive in October and hooo boy. What a decade this year has been, eh?
J M Месяц назад
Trump has done some pretty unbelievably terrible things but this is the worst. It was a disgrace on a biblical scale to abandon the kurds one which the U.S. military personnel who were there were utterly ashamed of. The long term ramifications of this act are terrifying. The kurds are great people and the Peshmerga ferocious warriors.
Hello to God and the world! :3
Hello to God and the world! :3 Месяц назад
The guy throwing the shoe is a fucking legend. Change my mind XD
Timothy Davis
Timothy Davis Месяц назад
How that sewer treatment plant working for ya johnny boy?
Andrew K
Andrew K Месяц назад
Americans are smart¿¿ Shamoota wa arkbaaa Trump is the epitome of the american dream. Pay No Taxes. Live the high life on other peoples money. BS all people and say whatever enters the mind. America you're FKKD. U will be paying for this for Generations.
SinisterPony Месяц назад
some of us know. but sadly a large amount are also yelling about emails found on a water-logged laptop with zero evidence to connect it to anyone.
OptimalZephyr Месяц назад
The best part is I actually share a local bojangles with Lindsay Graham, and yeah he probably does that.
Senna Taylor
Senna Taylor Месяц назад
Let’s throw Ivanka’s shoes at Trump, maybe then he’ll see how much he disgusts us
Hope Rock
Hope Rock Месяц назад
I enjoyed the bit about the ISIS prisoners, it was cute, hilarious and also kind of dark. How do you even come up with that?
kiyu -_-
kiyu -_- Месяц назад
...this was almost a year ago? Fuck lol
Judith Rapier
Judith Rapier Месяц назад
Is he going to build a Trump tower in Turkey and Russia when he is voted out?
Rebecca C
Rebecca C Месяц назад
Definitely not smarter than a 5th grader
Paul Wiehe
Paul Wiehe Месяц назад
Couldn't Baghdaddi be captured? I mean, shouldn't he have to answer to a court? Why can the US just decide?
Uncaged Ulfhedinn
Uncaged Ulfhedinn Месяц назад
These were the ramifications.
Azat B
Azat B Месяц назад
Can you please do an episode on the recent attacks by Azerbaijan on Armenia. We would all appreciate the coverage. I know that you would do an unbiased piece on this matter. It would really help if the world knew what was going on. Thank you
Baz D
Baz D Месяц назад
I can't watch this imbecile anymore Trump is a Loony madman with Putins hand up his puppet arse!
Mookie Hansen
Mookie Hansen Месяц назад
Erdogan is the only leader that is actually helping the Syrians.The Kurds making a deal with the devil (Bashar al Assad) is the evil thing occurring there.Many of my innocent family members were taken to regime run detention centers and were tortured to death.So before we just look at a stupid show and say that the Kurds are good and the Turkish are bad let us see Obama and George W Bush have killed so many innocent people in wars and yet nobody speaks of it.Why?
SinisterPony Месяц назад
we talk about it here, some of us, we really just dont know to do about it, and those that say they know are the ones that are helping kill all those people. America is not working out so well right now, im sorry on behalf of all of us, its gotten away from us and it seems like alot of us just want to pretend like its not happening. i really dont know what to say.
james moretti
james moretti Месяц назад
OMG !!! And I don't even believe in god !! Trump is a functional moron !!
Ishaq Geier
Ishaq Geier Месяц назад
Foreign policy contradiction in the middle east. Support pulled from the Kurds, weakening the only moderate faction in Syria. Who by the way were our closest allies. So now we're shit allies in the Middle East. Soleimani is droned, weakening Shia leadership. With Shia leadership weakened it makes more sense to stay in Iraq. But then Trump pulls out. So the advantage goes to the Sunni extremist side with Soleimani's death, and to both Shia and Suni extremists with the US withdrawal. So all the blood and money spent fighting Shia and Suni militias is squandered. The leader is killed but it's pointless. Meanwhile Solemani was helping Syria during the whole civil war. Without him Assad wouldn't be in such a strong position. Unacceptable.
Ishaq Geier
Ishaq Geier Месяц назад
Turkey invading was an obvious possibility. There was absolutely no risk leaving our troops on the border with Turkey. We basically gave the green light to a massacre with no net strategic gain, only net strategic loss. This is the kind of decision making that spells disaster for a leading power. That's what happens when you only think about how popular you are and you don't know how to fight a war.
Jayke Ohwins
Jayke Ohwins Месяц назад
Real Russians like Pepsi
Love Laneonthebeat Montes
Love Laneonthebeat Montes Месяц назад
How can he be the only making the decisions? Doesn't it have to pass through congress? This is F'ed up!!
masuda ahmed
masuda ahmed Месяц назад
America’s reputation has always been like that
Nathan Thompson
Nathan Thompson Месяц назад
It is currently 28 days until the US election at the point of writing this. Why hasn't this been brought up at all this year?
natecarlo45 Месяц назад
Maybe people never opened a history book after high school but the Kurds did help the allies during the world wars against the Ottoman Turks in the middle east along with other Arab tribes
The Mr. Man
The Mr. Man Месяц назад
*_I think dictators are the only ones that can make fun of trump and trump won't get angry because most dictators own him._*
Fun Facts
Fun Facts Месяц назад
The guy who was shot on the street is my is the childhood-friend of my friend. He told me his name was ALAN and he was less than 18 years old. He was killed because his city was sieged by the Turkish forces and Arabic-Turkish militia. On his way fleeing from hasake he got dead shot by an Arabic-Turkish militia
Sahl Ebrahim
Sahl Ebrahim Месяц назад
May allah reward him paradise and may allah curse the rogue militias
Fun Facts
Fun Facts Месяц назад
I hope americans would put themselves in other people's position.
something something else
something something else Месяц назад
It makes sense ivanka must have beat the shit out of melania thats why trump has only got one daughter
Johnny Xanax
Johnny Xanax Месяц назад
I actually agree with one of the Things Trump said in one of hi speeches about letting sibling resolve sibling conflicts by a short bout and then have them pulled apart. When my brother and were kids, like most, or all siblings have arguments that can then turn violent. The same thing happened with my brother and I. so our parents got us boxing gloves and head protectors. I remember one day, I secretly found out where my brother hid his allowance and extra money he made by doing chores and other odd jobs for our neighborhood. He was counting his money with the door almost shut but there was an obstruction so there was a crack and before I went in I was able to take a peek. A few days later, I took 20 bucks and he walks into the room catching me red handed. Oh shit, he was like, you've got to be shitting me. So he told on me. My dad and mom punished me with a week or fucking chores with no pay ment. Yeah, some of you are thinking, you charge your parents money for chores that you should be doing in the first place? Well, in my family, we got money for bringing home good grades and doing chores because they believed that if we got paid for it, it will teach us the value of money, I need to add this, like cleaning the swimming pool, it needed to be clear of all leaves and branches. The side side filters emptied and the deck also had to be swept and cleaned. Anyway, before I took the 20 bucks, after telling. He came up with my dad, and said, how low can you go. I mean my bro was fuming. So he threw us our boxing gloves and head gear. We went at it, he was pissed so he came at me like a fucking bull. But got he tired after a few minutes. although, I got what I deserved. I mainly protecting my self, But like I said, just a fter a few minutes, he was drenched, and I though I deserved every swing I got. But at that point. I was, my turn, I got a few licks in. But he never gave up, he faked a punch to the gut, but left hooked my on the right. Pretty damn hard. He fell on his ass, so was I. I apologized. I gave him him 20 bucks of my own, we were still relative young. He didn't want to take it. But I insisted. It was a pretty shitty thing to do. Taking 20 lousy dollars from his money jar, that he earned. My mother was not a particular fan of us solving our issues by violence. It never got serious that one of us got injured. But it my dad was always there when the time to talk was just not enough. But we always hugged it out. Obviously, I love him, he is my younger brother. 20 years later. Yes, we still have our gloves. Hanged on a wooden plank. It is just human nature. I took a class in college that concentrated in human conflict, and the awful things people have done to each other. from Roman times, to the Holocaust, 911, and the creation of terrorist factions with senseless hate against the West and their values. I wrote a paper for our final assignment. I got a A on it, and published on the schools paper.
MCPunk55 Месяц назад
Trump appears to be confused... he thinks Rough Housing - a healthy behavior for young children to process their aggressiveness and burn excessive energy - is real fighting. I wonder if he thinks WWE is real and not pre-determined. He also thinks that executing a man on the street with a Kalashnikov is "let them fight for a while". Um... no, there was no fight, there was a massacre. In a fight, two people have an equal chance.
MCPunk55 Месяц назад
So America betrayed an ally... in other news, playing with fire gets you burned.
MCPunk55 Месяц назад
The situation in the entire Middle East is complicated... so much so not even they know why they're killing each other anymore...
MCPunk55 Месяц назад
Conservatives don't know what words mean... I.E: Democrat and Republican. Ask a Conservative what those words means and he or she will write a thesis without answering correctly. K-9 is just a way to shorten the word CANINE, which, surprise, it means DOG, or dog-like.
Jellynen Месяц назад
Anyone back here after hearing Trump possibly owing money / being funded by foreign entities to cover his personal finance debts? He keeps publicly praising these authoritarians
Burr Anderson
Burr Anderson Месяц назад
"Somebody wrote the other day."
Michel Pelletier
Michel Pelletier Месяц назад
His taxes came out in September 2020. Seems like Turkey called in a IOU
Richard MacLean
Richard MacLean Месяц назад
Trump keeps farting on America.
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