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John Oliver takes a look at why people of color are routinely excluded from becoming jurors, who their absence impacts, and what we can do to create a fairer system.
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Fact: Beagles Are Best
Fact: Beagles Are Best 8 часов назад
“We don’t want smart people” is similar to the intent of when Trump said “I love the poorly educated!”
Jonathan Bailey
Jonathan Bailey 21 час назад
Wtf? I don't get the racism in this world although its been going on i would say fron the beginning, but my question is why and fu*# racism to begin with. God if your real we need another flood!
AmethystEyes 2 дня назад
Wow I’m really shocked that Kavanaugh ruled that. I disagree with him on many issues but I agree with his verdict on that.
VintageAntique77 2 дня назад
I wonder how long it takes Professor Duncan to get the jist of what he talks about? Sure sounds like an expert sometimes.
Advancering Newholder
Advancering Newholder 3 дня назад
6:19 This is the reason a sewer plant get their name
Dub man music Inc.
Dub man music Inc. 4 дня назад
So fucking good!
Evelyn Okay
Evelyn Okay 4 дня назад
Juries don't judge the defendent, they judge the prosecutor's performance art
Claire Magnuson
Claire Magnuson 4 дня назад
Clearly we need a whole bunch of judicial overhaul in this country. I’m interested to hear how it’s done in other countries. But I think juries should be truly random unless the potential juror genuinely has a conflict of interest with the case. Also, the jurors should be sufficiently provided for, and the jurors that really don’t have a great ability to complete it at that time should be able to leave bc I suppose you don’t want a juror that wants nothing more than to get out of there ASAP or has doctors appointments or something crucial. After hearing so much about court stagnation, I would think that america would try to increase its supply of lawyers and judges and clerks and legal researchers and decrease the prevalence of trial science and shit
vfig 5 дней назад
Thanks John for talking about Allen county. The county, and this is true, that is in the worst in Indiana. And I live there
Tyler Durden
Tyler Durden 5 дней назад
And yet black jurors let off an obviously guilty man for no other reason than race... Oj simpson
thombaan 6 дней назад
Wouldn't some sortof national Id card and registration be useful?
Dollface 7 дней назад
good news, they eventually dropped the trial against Curtis Flowers
big A
big A 7 дней назад
Sharif Ahmed
Sharif Ahmed 8 дней назад
Dale Michelle
Dale Michelle 8 дней назад
What's interesting in Flowers vs. Mississippi is that Clarence Thomas was a dissenting opinion. With the reason being most of the black jurors that's were dismissed knew the family.
Justin Coccia
Justin Coccia 9 дней назад
Almost every good sounding system in America has been perverted. However standing up against the perversion makes one anti-American. Most things are not black and white but the existence of this phenomenon is convenient to facism. Welcome to the dominant fascist state of the free world.
DannyGirl 9 дней назад
In canada if i'm not mistaken we get chosen with our health card number, so no problem there. My sister-in-law had worked as a sheriff at court, transport the prisoner. She use to tell me if they went through all the people that were called they would go get those that skipped the call Oooor if they really had no one would go to the local shopping mall and mandate old people. Mostly because they just have time on there hands, lol. Thought that was funny. Beware the food court grandma.
mandy moore
mandy moore 11 дней назад
Lmao! We don’t get much of that in prison either! Free “food” sure.
Edith Owens
Edith Owens 11 дней назад
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Çağdaş Taş
Çağdaş Taş 11 дней назад
0:53 Love this moment
Adrià Casanovas
Adrià Casanovas 12 дней назад
david dobrik
maaz 69
maaz 69 12 дней назад
Welcome to America, proudly racist since 1776
CPLWeeks 12 дней назад
Yet more race baiting with zero evidence. Your show used to be based on facts, John.
Charles Rogers
Charles Rogers 13 дней назад
A natureza é maravilhosa
Ryne Mcgriffin
Ryne Mcgriffin 13 дней назад
I feel truly disgusted I ever supported this man. If it were up to me, I’d send him to Iran after he’s been dragged through the streets of New York behind his own godamn limo while Trump Tower burns in the background.
AJ F 14 дней назад
Dude keeps a “race card” card in his pocket?
Michael Girodat
Michael Girodat 14 дней назад
"Danbury, Connecticut can eat my whole ass!"
Gregory Smith
Gregory Smith 14 дней назад
Can I change my name :(
Jeri Oranski
Jeri Oranski 14 дней назад
S a
Melinda Dunn
Melinda Dunn 15 дней назад
When I had jury duty, I was allowed to go out to lunch. I went to lunch with a new jury duty friend
Superblobfish2 17 дней назад
Here it is, here's the episode where it all started
Marcio Alvarado
Marcio Alvarado 17 дней назад
I love that accepts and jokes about that he looks like an owl. I'm not saying he does but it's genuinely heart warming
Alexa Ales
Alexa Ales 18 дней назад
his rant about the race card was freakin hilarious!
Alexa Ales
Alexa Ales 18 дней назад
having lived in NYC for 9 years as a foreigner I would have loved to do jury duty, cause it's such a cliche and seen on so many TV shows. I think that experience would have been great - being part of the american fabric of life. got a card once, was surprised since I am not a citizen, but nothing ever came of it. too bad ...
Peter Hockley
Peter Hockley 18 дней назад
Jury duty is part of the social agreement we have with one another. If it's drugs you will never convince me it is a morally wrong thing to do.
b4byj3susm4n 21 день назад
I may be worried over nothing, but wouldn't making jury lists public be a risk to the safety of the jurors? Suppose a member of a crime syndicate gets convicted for murder and jailed, another member of that syndicate would find the names of witnesses, lawyers, and judge of that trial (as could already happen) but also the jurors who found them guilty. Then those people would be harassed, assaulted, or possibly killed for their member's incarceration.
Jho Dejano
Jho Dejano 22 дня назад
1:02 what is it?
Jonathan Poirier
Jonathan Poirier 22 дня назад
Never not gonna see ian duncan
Mashedpotatoe1000 23 дня назад
May be they think white people are more likely to f**k up a black convict cause they think they are more likely to be racist. Their judgement would be driven that way.
WalnussPower 23 дня назад
private companies can be "surprisingly" unreliable.
Richard O'Brien
Richard O'Brien 24 дня назад
John Oliver does a great job, appreciate the ball-ache.
Vidish Karkera
Vidish Karkera 24 дня назад
The Juice.
Jane 25 дней назад
1:35 who the hell is this guy
2000 Honda Civic SI
2000 Honda Civic SI 25 дней назад
Anyone got a link to his website? Never mind found it rightnerve.com/
Stijn Heinrich
Stijn Heinrich 25 дней назад
And now Danbury has a sewer processing plant called the John Oliver Memorial Sewer Plant.
Hexlattice 26 дней назад
Never watched this 2 months ago... But I've now received a summons in the mail...I call this "studying"
Lankius Pankius
Lankius Pankius 27 дней назад
Holy shit Brett Kavenaugh did something good What the fuck?
thefateshavewarned 27 дней назад
I've got an idea to reform the peremptory challenge process.... GET RID OF IT ALTOGETHER!!!! England got rid of it Criminal Justice Act of 1988 because they saw it as a derogation from the principle of random selection. Canada just got rid of it last year because it was found that it frequently discriminated against the participation of indigenous people in the jury system. Aside from unconscious racial bias, it also should be eliminated because we should assume that attorneys will pick the jurors that will give them the best chance to WIN THEIR CASE!!!! The purpose of the criminal justice system is not to win. It's to affirm the rights and responsibilities of citizens and to right wrongs that have been done to the community.
Danny Caracciolo
Danny Caracciolo 28 дней назад
So basically........... Our justice system would be better off if we had more Dick Solomens causing mistrials
Joshua Vildor
Joshua Vildor 28 дней назад
On another episode of “fucked up things America is guilty of”.
The Gaming Archaeologist
The Gaming Archaeologist 28 дней назад
Now I finally get that Danberry stuff.
Rachel Bonnar
Rachel Bonnar 29 дней назад
People of Color means NOT WHITE uncomfortable for many whiies.
Naira Khachatryan
Naira Khachatryan Месяц назад
5 years ago, you were laughing that Pope Francis and George Clooney condemn Turkey who did. Genocide of Armenian people in 1915. Now you can be happy, Turkey and Azerbaijan doing genocide in Artsax, and nobody cares. Silence is violence. Looks like the world democracies, NATO support war, genocide, ISIS terrorists in Karabax. Karabax never been Azerbaijan, only 65 years, when Lenin and Stalin gave Azerbaijan Karabax and Nakhichevan to Azerbaijan to spread communism in Azerbaijan. They gave more lands of Armenia to Turkey too for the same reason. Nakhichevan is now clean, no Armenians, only Armenian monasteries And khachkars, cross stones. Karabakh fighting for survival and freedom with Azerbaijan, Turkey, Israel, Pakistan, ISIS, Ukraine, NATO, Georgia, terrorists. No comments. Russia waiting, because Armenian premier-minister is Nicol Pashinian, democratic leaders. Only France and Canada comdemn terrorists. That’s it.
Peter Месяц назад
If you're here for the Danbury trash-talking, skip to 6:15 You're welcome.
drunkGfunk Месяц назад
I still can't believe that a 25 second rant, that I am sure was intended to be a one off, ended up in him getting a memorial sewer plant named after him. I'm pretty sure the joke was that he went off on some random city for no real reason, and didn't even say anything bad about the city.
TheNewyorktrademark Месяц назад
The best way for me to get off jury duty during selection is to start off by being extremely polite, be precised and quick with your answer or start off with a cowboy accent and switch half way into normal voice. Either way works they don't want any one who seems rational or crazy.
Tran Ninh
Tran Ninh Месяц назад
the voice 2019
Shailee Stevens
Shailee Stevens Месяц назад
zadruga uzivo
Well today the mayor of Danbury,Connecticut now calls the city's factory renamed it John Oliver Memorial Sewage Plant after he blasted on the Last Week Tonight.
Sigrid Naglé
Sigrid Naglé Месяц назад
having to register to vote is still one of the weirdest things about the US
Matt Powell
Matt Powell Месяц назад
Wow that’s a lot of stupid, thank you John Oliver. I never would have known, live and learn
Matt Powell
Matt Powell Месяц назад
J S Месяц назад
did that man not know he was on camera, I'm not going to time stamp you'll know who I mean
Peter Hartinger
Peter Hartinger Месяц назад
Actually Danbury is even more significant for Thomas Jefferson's letter to the Danbury Baptists back in 1802. The Baptists back then wanted separation of church and state! These Baptists started as a small denomination that faced persecution in Europe since they were not the officially sanctioned government religion. The Baptists must have fretted that the United States would at some point make a decision on an "official" state religion, and being a smaller denomination compared to the other larger mainstream denominations, asked Thomas Jefferson -- in the name of religious freedom -- to keep church and state separate.
Rob Schofield
Rob Schofield Месяц назад
A superb, well-written and expertly delivered piece to camera. Well done, John. Stay Safe! PS. The World is holding it's breath...
Kevin Rasmussen
Kevin Rasmussen Месяц назад
Jury nullification, look it up.
zohreh rostami
zohreh rostami Месяц назад
Brilliant bit on race card
Taylor Justice
Taylor Justice Месяц назад
Wait.. watching this month's later. John Oliver just had a plant in Danbury named after him. 😅😂😂😂😂 even after he shitted on them. Hahahaha
william le grand soda
william le grand soda Месяц назад
And justice for all
hazedus Месяц назад
they rigged everything against us....so imagine what the black defendants back in the days went through......shiiiiiiiiit black people could have told you that.
ReverendPaqo Месяц назад
6:20 - the infamous moment that lead to the beef and realization that John wanted a sewage plant named after him. I love this show.
Koehli _
Koehli _ Месяц назад
why is he such an asshole about Danbury? I don't get it.
FMSpeedart Месяц назад
Why does mr Oliver always salivate whenever there's a horse or horse-like image up on screen... starting to really get concerned here
Barnacle Felcher
Barnacle Felcher Месяц назад
Bob Enyart seems like an usual chap
Shawn Lucas
Shawn Lucas Месяц назад
Thanks again. This is a really important topic for Americans.
larsthegunslinger Месяц назад
articulable is not a fucking word. articulate is a word. unless im crazy?
Klaivine Silva fernandes
Klaivine Silva fernandes Месяц назад
lil pump
Andrew williams
Andrew williams Месяц назад
"A mariachi-themed gender reveal party."
Elizabeth Brogan
Elizabeth Brogan Месяц назад
Someone from Danbury please comment on this.
Breezy Breezy
Breezy Breezy Месяц назад
it is easy to exclude Asians, east Indian, and middle Easterners because they all have different last names.
J D Месяц назад
This reporter is either a moron or is...no, he’s a moron. The motion he is talking about is called Batson-Wheeler. The logistics are are too complex to go into in a RUposts comment, but I’ll leave a cite below. Long and short is that no, an attorney cannot start kicking propel off of the other side “plays the race card.” It’s quite the opposite. If one attorney (most often for the Defense) makes this motion, it means they are alleging the other side (i.e. the Prosecutor) is kicking people off BECAUSE of race, gender, etc. If sustained, it stops one side from kicking people off because of race. In other words, these motions exists to stop juries from being all white. Here is a good primer: www.dailyjournal.com/mcle/136-batson-wheeler-objections-to-peremptory-challenges
J D Месяц назад
And yes, a jury with racial diversity is inherently more cautious and deliberative.
J D Месяц назад
And yes, the group of potential jurors are systematically disproportionally white.
J D Месяц назад
And yes, Prosecutors can and do easily get around it.
tish and mark backs
tish and mark backs Месяц назад
you mean making jury lists public under 'freedom of information' statutes right? some sort of 'due process' that dots the i's and crosses the t's but doesn't expose jurors to a desperate, guilty plaintiff. otherwise smart people are going to save mcmahon and his ilk the trouble. also... i love your work!
Jordan Eggerman
Jordan Eggerman Месяц назад
Going back to this episode a month later makes the Danbury segment just *that* much sweeter
GEOGUY2001 Месяц назад
Gotta love how he just takes a minute to completely shit on some random city in Connecticut.
Tamisan Latherow
Tamisan Latherow Месяц назад
I actually had a DA tell me I was too educated to be selected, which made me both laugh and cry. It's truly sad to see the state of our justice system.
Jake kirkwood
Jake kirkwood Месяц назад
Ahhhh, so this was the Danbury thing
Mamasun01 Месяц назад
HLN is a pretty weird network!
Provider8714 Месяц назад
Would it be possible to make sure that the “race” ratio (like 10% Latinos, 30% Black etc) stays the same even after the selection? Since the race ratio was drawn randomly they should make sure it is kept even after selection no?
DeadDancers Месяц назад
If they want to be picked for jury, they can register to vote? What’s the problem here? Unless you can’t register to vote because of other discriminatory reasons?
priyanka iyer
priyanka iyer Месяц назад
I love you but my god... the cutaways!
Olivia C.S
Olivia C.S Месяц назад
“A race card card” I LOST it 💀🤣
Imani Islander
Imani Islander Месяц назад
why he hate a nice city
cchoi108 Месяц назад
An "accident" do you really believe that? I don't think anyone is really that naive to think that these are "accidents"
XenoRaijin Twitch
XenoRaijin Twitch Месяц назад
All the dislikes are from the people that live in Danbury
BYERE Месяц назад
Maybe I'm just cynical, but all these private companies who "accidentally" exclude populations with the higher/highest percentage of non-white folk... these things don't seem "accidental" to me. I mean, I believe in coincidences, but when it happens with such frequency? Not bloody likely, if you ask me.
Chris Smith
Chris Smith Месяц назад
Only smart people like John Oliver and He better get his crap plant in Danbury hehe
Mai Yenish
Mai Yenish Месяц назад
6:17 I came to watch this because Danbury, Ct. named their Sewage Plant after the big J.O. BECAUSE, as the mayor of Danbury stated, "John Oliver is full of sh*t". facebook.com/MayorBoughton/posts/10157790638858981 I wanna live in Danbury! I can give John Oliver my sh*t everyday, just like he gives America!
Chris Pettus
Chris Pettus Месяц назад
It should be law that software used for such public purposes must not be closed source.
incantation Месяц назад
lo he complained about not being able to watch HBO in the jury box? man, so many types of people out there.....
Macnos Mutano
Macnos Mutano Месяц назад
If you're not white why would you want to live in the U.S? Canada isn't perfect but it's a whole lot better.
Patrick Hearn
Patrick Hearn Месяц назад
The most important thing here, John, is that the Race Card was red printed on white card. No-one is printing white on red card. Come on John, how are we supposed to trust anything you say?
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