Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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John Oliver takes a look at the president of Turkmenistan, a dangerous autocrat with some notably strange obsessions.
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Jack Dunlap
Jack Dunlap 2 часа назад
Can you imagine the joy in John's writers' room when they discovered the Guinness angle on this story? Very few shows on TV make you feel so full, yet still leave you wanting more.
lopeepso livi
lopeepso livi 4 часа назад
I looked it up and, unsurprisingly, Guinness World Records still doesn't acknowledge Last Week Tonight's marble cake, but luckily the wikipedia page on marble cake does.
Dah 5 часов назад
I need Ken Jeong to do a parody of this guy.
Belinda Williams
Belinda Williams 6 часов назад
Still my favourite episode.
Brian Waltman
Brian Waltman 17 часов назад
Horses fuck other horses, that's how they make new horses...
StinkyPirates 20 часов назад
The accountants filling out HBO's Schedule A form: 👁👄👁
C L 21 час назад
this guy is exactly like donald, manchild that no one likes with a childish need to be liked obusing his power to appear important fighting against the relaity that they suck
Joni Anderson
Joni Anderson 23 часа назад
My mans might have autism. His special interest is def horses
youtube user
youtube user 23 часа назад
and I just love the fact that he held the enormous fork and just grabbed a chunk of cake with bare hands (not to say that he should be eating with that fork lol)
kpw84u2 День назад
The precursor to trump 💁🏽‍♂️
PurpleZombie День назад
gurbanguly berdimuhamedow is a horse girl 110%
heyam m
heyam m День назад
Where do they find these leaders !!!! SMH
John C
John C День назад
I can't be the only one who thinks "Sportly Turkmenistan" actually kinda slaps.
sam bam
sam bam День назад
John: I need money HBO: what now?! John: I want to bake a cake HBO: Oh, great. for what purpose? John: Im gonna piss off a dictator!
simpson cornish
simpson cornish 2 дня назад
5k dislikes were left by Berdimuhamedov's horses.
Buick Debaron
Buick Debaron 2 дня назад
"Fortress of Swolitude" might be my new favorite thing ever
Claire Magnuson
Claire Magnuson 2 дня назад
I’d like to know who helped you bake and decorate the cake! If they’re a good company please credit them! ❤️🍰🎂
Claire Magnuson
Claire Magnuson 2 дня назад
I wanna know how hard John Oliver had to practice to get that name pronunciation right EVERY TIME. I’m just imagining him yelling at himself in a mirror saying the guy’s name over and over and over again.
Claire Magnuson
Claire Magnuson 2 дня назад
Happy to see that this video has far fewer dislikes than the average John Oliver video that I watch 🤗
Claire Magnuson
Claire Magnuson 2 дня назад
Horse girls could never 😤😤
Traiano Welcome
Traiano Welcome 2 дня назад
That bar is pure gold, bro.
Astro Mars
Astro Mars 2 дня назад
Why obsessing yourself with foreign leaders...why not talk about Hussein and Alzheimer Joe? Obama deported more Mexicans than the Dump....Obama tortured Chelsea Manning....Obama repealed Habeas Corpus ...Obama and Biden gave Wall Street $4 trillion while over 5 millions American households lost their houses....Obama and Biden prosecuted whistleblowers...90% of drones victims are innocents....Liberals and their stupidity...their world is the best...Now Alzheimer Joe is running the country with spreagmylegs Calamay who laughed when asked if she ever smoked weeds and yet she sent thousands to prisons for weeds possession. Good luck! Creepy Joe said he will keep on drilling...and no he will not give you med4all....
AzertyGames 2 дня назад
because foreign politics is interesting.
Roses Andflour
Roses Andflour 2 дня назад
What, and i can’t stress this enough, the everloving fuck?!?
J D 3 дня назад
So is he the first furry to be a dictator?
Whitman Ashby
Whitman Ashby 3 дня назад
Special applause for John for correctly pronouncing "Garbanguly Berdimuhamedov" EVERYTIME👍
Theft Parrot
Theft Parrot 3 дня назад
Got to admit the UAV things actually really impressive 10/10 would Saudi Arabia again
ahmed asmalika
ahmed asmalika 3 дня назад
Why democracies always assume they are the good guys ? what if you have a nation , half of its population are a-holes and b*tchs ? which the whole population of American can confirm about their nation !
J K 3 дня назад
How does he differ from Trump exactly?
Epicrwh 3 дня назад
And i shit you not, he pulls out a fork that is COMICALLY LARGE
Hajar Renate Midbrød
Hajar Renate Midbrød 3 дня назад
wow humans worldwide do seem to Love their Psychopath / sociopath / megalomaniac / narcissist's dictators .. but it seems to be highly prevalent in Asia , Russia and the various countries ending with Stan .-)))
Warrior Boy
Warrior Boy 3 дня назад
Well his poems on horses doesn't mean he has a creepy relationship with them,he loves them like he would to his friends,I mean friends not something else.
Adam 4 дня назад
Diktstors build in ashgabat biggest alabays statuee brooo
Shreya Yadav
Shreya Yadav 4 дня назад
Great show , I really enjoyed watching it , loved it 😀
brent y joseph
brent y joseph 5 дней назад
I love how the official Guinness World Records website page for the World's Largest Marble Cake a) still lists the 1,600 sqft cake from 2017 in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia AND b) is the only page I could find with comments disabled
Mr Spaghetti Western
Mr Spaghetti Western 5 дней назад
This video is so perfect. Fuck capitalists
Austom 5 дней назад
Surely I might be wrong but I don't think so... if we assume that it was a bar of gold with a diameter of 6cm, and a length of 2m, then the weight is about 110kg. Now I would like to see John Oliver do that, will be fun to watch.
ytho 5 дней назад
So basically Berdimuhamedov is a 10 year old girl.
Guz Man
Guz Man 5 дней назад
Don’t give Trump any new ideas
Nick Chugg
Nick Chugg 5 дней назад
Steve Jordan
Steve Jordan 6 дней назад
Just what I need. Another demented autocrat on my Better Dead List.
Mary Mendoza
Mary Mendoza 6 дней назад
the tiny pony looked absolutely terrified!
Shannon Green
Shannon Green 6 дней назад
I definitely hold the record for largest bowl of goulash eaten while watching Frasier.
I speak for the trees
I speak for the trees 6 дней назад
You know shit like this reminds me that at the end of the day world leaders are just petty pathetic humans like us
Gabriel Berrios
Gabriel Berrios 6 дней назад
5k dislikes were left by Berdimuhamedov's horses.
Jorge Mejia
Jorge Mejia 6 дней назад
Hahahhahaha 20:10
Mia Kay
Mia Kay 6 дней назад
So, did the cake taste good?
Deepak joseph
Deepak joseph 7 дней назад
I guess sacha baron has enough material for ever. There is so much going on in this world.
Random Trinidadian
Random Trinidadian 7 дней назад
Did anyone else mute their speakers when fhey showed the "rap video"?
Nora Barkai
Nora Barkai 7 дней назад
This is my second favourite segment of the show ever!! John Oliver taught me more about our world, than my overpriced education did. (it's really expensive, i feel sorry for my money, but i do it for myself anyway. No complaints.)
burntpotatoes 7 дней назад
drunk, the fuck did I just watch
Mrs Screamgirl
Mrs Screamgirl 8 дней назад
so there is an overlap between authoritarian leader and horse girl...
Felix Croc
Felix Croc 8 дней назад
Berdimuhamedov has just erected a large golden statue of his dog
Ultimate Hawkeye Fangirl
Ultimate Hawkeye Fangirl 2 дня назад
Oh goody. I’m surprised the statue wasn't a depiction of his dog riding a horse
Samuel Riggs
Samuel Riggs 5 дней назад
@Mr. A-List I don't think they are
Mr. A-List
Mr. A-List 5 дней назад
Your kidding
yoon 8 дней назад
3:06 why was erdogan added? Hes well liked in Turkey across the muslim world. Id say he is the most popular engaging leaders
Gin 7 дней назад
Because he is a borderline dictator who does many horrible things, people did like a ton of bad, cruel politicians and still do.
Степан Т. Кибардин
Степан Т. Кибардин 8 дней назад
1:50 try it if bar is golden.
Laurynas Žukauskas
Laurynas Žukauskas 8 дней назад
Hey dog can I get some cake? Only a forkful. 20:05
Ben Willock
Ben Willock 8 дней назад
Turkmenistan is a country made of former nomadic Khanates and Turkmen cavalry were regarded as some of the finest in the world, so yeah, liking Horses a lot is not inappropriate if you're appealing to the nationalist sentiment of a country of horse-people.
kez 8 дней назад
Time for cake 🎂 🏇
Filip Miletic
Filip Miletic 8 дней назад
LMAO!! This was amazing 😂😂😂
mearv100 8 дней назад
This dude 100% bangs Horses
jake nenni
jake nenni 9 дней назад
Suck it Guinness
Dan von Rhynern
Dan von Rhynern 9 дней назад
05:06 when he said Ünge Dinge Ünge i felt that.
Biff Pipes
Biff Pipes 9 дней назад
I hate this guy he isn’t even funny 👎🏾
Isha Biswas
Isha Biswas 8 дней назад
Too bad you don't understand a proper English gentleman, or have basic comprehension skills.
Joseph Ford
Joseph Ford 9 дней назад
Stay in your country's politics man. Meddling in other country's affair is so american. Or is it the british imperialist in you?
Redrick Schuhart
Redrick Schuhart 9 дней назад
That happend immediately: Just the soviet government had stopped working, tribal leaders with stoneage habits became presidents in Middle Asia region. Instead of soviet education, medicine and technology they've got crazy laws and religion fundamentalism.
JohnJaggerJack 10 дней назад
Fuck you guiness world record, fuck you to the lowest circle of hell. :)
It's a me Mario
It's a me Mario 10 дней назад
I have seen this episode at least 4 times I still cant believe Berdimuhamedov is real
Regis Chapman
Regis Chapman 10 дней назад
Cakemenistan Cakemenistan. Another way this would piss off this authoritarian in particular: He was formerly a DENTIST! hahah
Lt_Darkseeker /Antique
Lt_Darkseeker /Antique 10 дней назад
As a brony,who (according to the internet and chinese friends) was born in the year of the horse.That man has a HUGE obsession of horses.Also,holy shit.....I really wish I could have some of that cake,it looks delicious
MyEyesBled 10 дней назад
If Trump were Borat.... he’d be this guy!
Moscow Cyclist
Moscow Cyclist 10 дней назад
"Genghis Khan" I wand the real horselord "Khal Drogo" I said the REAL horselord "Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov" P E R F E C T I O N
nanka2002 10 дней назад
what is the budget of this show? :D :D :D
Shaik Javeed
Shaik Javeed 10 дней назад
Joker of the century
max kuper
max kuper 10 дней назад
I m from this country and I don't know what should I do laugh or cry
peter taylor
peter taylor 10 дней назад
And now... I like dogs, but this is a bit much:
Fishing pole studios
Fishing pole studios 11 дней назад
The best part is watching John Oliver correctly pronouncing Bordi’s name
Nathan Chen
Nathan Chen 11 дней назад
And now he has made the world's largest statue of his dog, covered in gold leaf.
Jackson Ayres
Jackson Ayres 11 дней назад
This guy just made a giant gold statue of that dog.
Razzledazzleberry 11 дней назад
i want some of that cake.
Charlie Goodwin
Charlie Goodwin 11 дней назад
Fun fact: there is now a giant gold dog statue that he ordered made. He’s obsessed with said dog breed
Norbert Jehl
Norbert Jehl 11 дней назад
Looks just like the actual White House 🤔
honkawiman 11 дней назад
Trumpo should watch this video.
L 11 дней назад
Thing is his predecessor was even more batshit crazy, with the days of the week named after himself and his mother, as well as a revolving gold statue of himself.
L 11 дней назад
What we didn't answer here is, is he still alive...
BrawnerBandWidth Music
BrawnerBandWidth Music 11 дней назад
What a Turd Burglar
M5gnolia 11 дней назад
This guy's just a walking Sacha Baron Cohen character.
Karl Simon Revelar
Karl Simon Revelar 12 часов назад
He's not walking. He's driving a truck circling a pit of fire. Loljk
arshaqmuddassir kk
arshaqmuddassir kk 5 дней назад
@Khabib Nurmagomedov 2 there are a lot of them
Khabib Nurmagomedov 2
Khabib Nurmagomedov 2 8 дней назад
True words, instead of Wadiya or Kazakhstan, they could have just acted like the leader of Turkmenistan.
Comfy Patrick
Comfy Patrick 12 дней назад
For some aged 80 John has got some big muscles
John Franklin
John Franklin 12 дней назад
You killed it tonight.
Coolstoolgames 13 дней назад
Aladeen Wadiya
Issues with Tissues
Issues with Tissues 13 дней назад
look at DJT, at least this gurbanguly guy can throw knives and gun cycle
epic 1902
epic 1902 13 дней назад
Mohit Kabra
Mohit Kabra 13 дней назад
Ardi Ardiansyah
Ardi Ardiansyah 13 дней назад
So basically, if Gurbanguly compared to Supreme Leader Aladeen.. Aladeen is still considered normal, and he's not even real.. 😅
mimiette 14 дней назад
Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov: the most horse-girl of horse girls.
Rich Gerow
Rich Gerow 14 дней назад
Hey, look, it's Central Asian Donald Trump!
Alexander Schirmer
Alexander Schirmer 14 дней назад
"Horses fuck other horses all the time. That's how they make new horses." - John Oliver
Felmania 47
Felmania 47 14 дней назад
I was a Peace Corps volunteer in Turkmenistan from 2006 - 2008: an important period of modern Türkmen history as it saw the death of former president Niyazov and the power shift to current president Berdimuhamedov. If you’re actually interested in knowing about Turkmenistan - and not just listening to some bespectacled fucktard babble comically about it - check out my book, “Saving Jahan.” You can find it on Amazon under my author name “Hans Joseph Fellmann.”
ShyWolf 14 дней назад
Lost a lot of respect for Guinness after this (not that I had much to begin with). After reading their official statement, it's clear they refused because they knew it would piss the horse-fucking dictator off, and he would stop paying them to setup "world records"
Another Average YouTube User
Another Average YouTube User 14 дней назад
I’m glad this episode didn’t end with John Oliver standing next to the world’s largest marble cake.
Yer Ma
Yer Ma 15 дней назад
Turkmenistan to US: "We didn't order these pizzas"
Novik 16 дней назад
This is Trump if you upgrade him.
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