Coronavirus: Conspiracy Theories: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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4 месяца назад

With conspiracy theories about coronavirus proliferating, John Oliver discusses why we’re prone to believe, how to distinguish fact from fiction, and what you can do to help others.
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sarah Час назад
that's it. john cena made it as first on my free pass list.
defenseive kobra
defenseive kobra 4 часа назад
where is the link to the cat video?
Drake Depew
Drake Depew 5 часов назад
The problem with conspiracy theories is that they take the unlikeliness of an event as proof that it did not happen rather than comparing it to the likeliness of the alternatives. An event doesn't have to be likely, it only has to be more likely than all other specified alternatives.
Opinions No One Cares About
Opinions No One Cares About 8 часов назад
Of course I had to rewatch this one and forget Alex Trebek was in it. RIP sir.
Joy Allen
Joy Allen 9 часов назад
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Guy Skillen
Guy Skillen 11 часов назад
But they're not smart! Them thinking that is the problem!!
ImLovingThis One
ImLovingThis One 12 часов назад
To anyone in Canada who believes this only exists in America do know that we have stupid people too and they also believe that Covid-19 is a hoax. I'm a proud conservative but I realized during the pandemic the only people with retarded conspiracy theories are conservatives.
Shining Light
Shining Light 21 час назад
Rip Alex Tribek
William Latshaw
William Latshaw 23 часа назад
R.I.P Alex Trebek. Fitting that one of the last non-Jeapordy things he filmed was designed to help others. The kind of person that he was.
Mabus 23 часа назад
Solid Bjork impression? I don't know if I should laugh or be mad.
Kamlesh Patel
Kamlesh Patel День назад
My conspiracy theory is that Stanley Kubrick was hired to fake the moon landing, but he was such a stickler for detail he insisted on filming on location.
lazy homebody
lazy homebody 22 часа назад
You stole this, sweetie. That's not nice!
ishai picus
ishai picus День назад
I believe that john is wearing a wig, there is also zero evidence to support it. But still you cant prove me wrong
carzyscenctist День назад
IF YOU WANT TO LIVE PLEASE I BEG YOU TO VISIT: Covid 19 is politics playing medicine aka a HOAX - Dr Roger Hodkinson (trained at UK Cambridge Uni) Dr Simone Gold (founder of America's frontline doctors and also a Standford attorney) #DR li Meng Yan #Biggest medical tyranny of the century Russian, Russian, Russian = Covid, Covid, Covid - is all the same folks, from the fake Russian Gate to Covid is all plan to bring down The American Republic to turn it into Communism rat hole.
Darkzified 19 часов назад
Passion4Karting День назад
After reading the comments below I think that most of you are off your heads. Wake up people and take your heads out of the sand.!!
michael scriven
michael scriven День назад
I heard Alex' voice and I winced a little but then I got confused about the Cena segment.... did they not have footage of him?
David Steere
David Steere День назад
They did kill diana though
mrbearbear83 День назад
That hair makes you look like a first generation Lego mini John. Keep up the good work
C Wright
C Wright День назад
who else just luvs to hear john's voice and his explanations to bring reason
IAmSeamonkey День назад
the best part of the flat earth video at the start is that you can see the curvature of the earth in it.
nguyenthutuyen phamquangninh
nguyenthutuyen phamquangninh День назад
sheckwes davelee 80smusic kingbach
Theta Sigma
Theta Sigma День назад
RIP Alex Trebek
Verena Fraser
Verena Fraser День назад
Hear hear!!!
Trickmaster День назад
What gives me peace of mind IS knowing things happen for no big reason in particular.
lazy homebody
lazy homebody 22 часа назад
Just like everything in our individual little lives,lol
Its Just Me
Its Just Me День назад
You said the beach has no medical use..And I would completely disagree. I can't even live without water. Literally. I would die. It's why I am alive and why my ancestors survived for me to then survive. Salt-water (if it is reasonably clean) treats infections and pulls the infections out of a wound. Warm running or moving water is a home remedy pain medication. Doctors will tell you to use a heat pad but a heating pad cannot use the soft forming motion that water has. A machine that would replace it is not soft nor can in form and shape around the area. So instead of heating a sore area, you are arithmetically massaging the nerves with the motion while heating the muscles to release the pressure of the muscles on the nerves. Lots of people go to saunas. I have to take steam baths to live. I have pleural wall disease where the lungs don't inflate and cover in a lining of mucus. The moisture of humidity breaks down the mucus lining without the heart damaging effects of bronchodilators allowing them to expand and open wider. Air moves faster in and out of your lungs and increases your oxygen levels. About the only thing that isn't a medicine is sun burning, but even that has a medical use in dermatology. If you know how to treat a burn to heal it, you can wear medicated burn treatments while burning intentionally and that allows the skin to raise and swell and then heal without damage. The result is that things such as scars, epidermal abnormalities, and stretch marks are forced to go through the same healing process as the rest of your skin allowing them to return back to the normal appearance of skin. Sort of like if you go to a doctor for a wart, they freeze burn it off.
Kendrick Fisher
Kendrick Fisher День назад
I think keanu reeves is immortal thats my fav conspiracy theory whats yours
Rocket Small
Rocket Small 2 часа назад
his movies are actually documentarys on himself
Jose Hernandez
Jose Hernandez 2 дня назад
Classic strategy of making truthrs look insane because you cant actually argue the facts. Conspiracy theorist is a term introduced by the CIA wow I wonder why? to diminish value. Get some real news at @t. IF its just fake news why bann it? keep believing ur sell out news that is controlled y the 10% of population and has only 6 main branch companies. Me im going in rapture soon after all keeps becoming more true each day. Thanks to Jesus
Hanna W
Hanna W 2 дня назад
Privileged puppets that cannot fathom disasters and act in denial. Too much navel gazing. Send them to army camp.
Red Pathfinder
Red Pathfinder 2 дня назад
Just trust the government and their media shills, they know best and only have good intentions for us. They wouldn't lie about this virus? No of course not, they are entirely benevolent and exist only to serve us. So just obey them and don't ask questions.....slave!
AzertyGames День назад
Nicholas Davis
Nicholas Davis 2 дня назад
Incidently, John Cena was not asked to take his shirt off whilst filming that, he just did it. That's right, John Cena just randomly thought "I should take my shirt off", and no one batted an eye.
Cultural quotes - مقتطفات ثقافية
Cultural quotes - مقتطفات ثقافية 2 дня назад
it is a cnospiracy for god sake
Twenty-Fifth 2 дня назад
11:22 Well shit, second verse, same as the first. No wonder he lost.
Serena and Matthew's Life
Serena and Matthew's Life 2 дня назад
But why then do they label Trump's Tweets as Fake News when he is always right.. Best President Since George Bush in the 80s
Serena and Matthew's Life
Serena and Matthew's Life 2 дня назад
Donald Trump won the election and the election of 2020 has the most fraudulent votes in history. I would rather have him then our Canadian Priminister Justin Treadu
Benjamin Redant
Benjamin Redant День назад
Get help.
Sander Langenberg
Sander Langenberg День назад
There is no proof, donald needs to take his loss.
NotaNoodle 2 дня назад
Alex trebek will always be the answer. rest easy, legend.
Roland Bruce
Roland Bruce 2 дня назад
I want to inform the public on how I got cured of my Herpes Simplex Virus by a Holistic Doctor called Dr Alaho Olu on RUposts. He sent me the herbs through courier and I used the herbs for three weeks.
Amy Pattie
Amy Pattie 2 дня назад
I kind of wish there was a life studio audience because he pauses during laughter so my husband doesn’t have to rewind every time he misses something when I’m laughing too hard.
Rocket Small
Rocket Small 2 часа назад
Jacob Halterman
Jacob Halterman 2 дня назад
Rest in Peace Alex Trebek
choiday banh
choiday banh 2 дня назад
callaita sneeze warmovies johnmayer nigahiga
Rzar 2 дня назад
It is overblown and your feeding that with your words.
king darius of persia
king darius of persia 2 дня назад
conspiarcie mfas ruin everythin
Charles Newton
Charles Newton 2 дня назад
People need much more, and much better education in science. They just don't know what questions to ask
Stephen Yantha
Stephen Yantha 2 дня назад
CDC Says Only 6% Of COVID Deaths Cited COVID Alone (about 15,000 people in the U.S. not 250,000).
Sander Langenberg
Sander Langenberg День назад
Covid making other diseases worse isn't exactly fun either.
Petey Zee
Petey Zee 2 дня назад
I love when they "research" by watching RUposts videos. Meanwhile I have to go through 20+ papers just for 1 chapter of my master's thesis. Sane research sucks.
lazy homebody
lazy homebody 22 часа назад
Ah! Thesis days!! My sympathies
eduardoig17 3 дня назад
Why did John Cena take of his shirt?? LMAO
sara henderson
sara henderson 3 дня назад
The last four years have amplified the voices of the dumbest people.
Matt S.
Matt S. 3 дня назад
RIP Alex
Gavin 3 дня назад
Rip to Alex Trebek!
User Name
User Name 3 дня назад
I can conclusively tell you that she doesn't know what she's talking about. When she says that "There are sequences in the soil" that is complete word salad. When she says it "reactivates your coronavirus expression" that is also nonsense. "sequences" and "expression" are well known terms in molecular biology but not in the context that she uses. She is using those common terms, not just incorrectly, but is using them in a completely wrong context. It would be like if she was pretending to be a mechanic and was saying that you need to refill your blinker fluid and radiator belt. She learned a few terms, but not what they mean and decided to mash them together in such a way that it's not even a coherent idea.
hur mur
hur mur 3 дня назад
As I live in Sweden I know they are not in for herd immunity at all (but only in vaccine way ofc). That is a country that has laws against to much regulations and also it is controlled by our health department during a pandemic. And they are informing the people of what to do. Mainly working from home, avoid public transport if not and social distancing. Rules and some shutdown was applied to. And this is a misinformation widely and strangely spread.
Elli P
Elli P 3 дня назад
Hmmm. Moon landings, y' say? Flat Earth? COVID-19? Don't be fooled? Ask lots of awkward questions? Don't trust so-called authority figures until you've verified their authenticity? Look for plausible reasons why what you're being fed could be a pile of absolute tosh? The internet can't be trusted? Remember the principle of Occam's Razor? Oh, dear. That kind of rigorous, rational approach to identifying bullshit won't go down very well in the States, will it. I mean... those Merkins absolutely love their churches and temples and mosques and priests and holy books and God and - Just saying... ;-)
Oliver Parry
Oliver Parry 4 дня назад
*talking about the Diana death conspiracy* 'I know they didn't (have her killed) because there was no evidence for it. That's a non sequitur lol. Absence of evidence isn't evidence of absence
H 4 дня назад Does the "last days" mean the earth coming to an end? No. the creation that God has made is eternal. Now is the universal day of judgment, when God arose to judgment, to bring down all disasters written in the Bible. However, people do not think that the disaster is God's punishment. God clearly says that He will stop the disasters if you find “one person who does justice, who seeks truth.” You must search for the Truth now in the latter days!
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Jon dow
Jon dow 4 дня назад
Sparoutz 4 дня назад
It's easier to imagine than to learn reality. I wonder if the same people who conspire will even realize the assisted in deaths? Probably not, that'd mean that they'd be able to rationally analyze the situation lmao
Valentine Siobhan
Valentine Siobhan 4 дня назад
the alex segment is so sad, considering he passes away 😔😣
Rusty Shackleford
Rusty Shackleford 4 дня назад
The look on that workers face clearly says "It is a fucking travesty that people like you are allowed to breed."
Andrew Thurber
Andrew Thurber 4 дня назад
People need much more, and much better education in science. They just don't know what questions to ask
nikolygtx 4 дня назад
Not saying that coronavirus conspiracy, but since i don't know anyone that knows anyone infected here in Serbia its population controlling test, and its fail big time, people here just group and hide
Stefan Aleksander Martinsen
Stefan Aleksander Martinsen 4 дня назад
I'll disprove the 5g one . we have covid 19 but barely have 4g 😛
Nathan Wagner
Nathan Wagner 4 дня назад
''gonna share this around the world'' i love it... that sums up idiots all around the world in 2020 hahaha i love listening to flat earthers. they are the funniest people in the world, and the easiest to trigger.
Color Splsh
Color Splsh 4 дня назад
alex trebek :(
Jedke Mekt
Jedke Mekt 4 дня назад
The problem I have with this video is the equivocation of conspiracy theories = false. The Tuskegee Experiments, Bay of Pigs, MKULTRA, the (failed) Operation Northwoods, NSA mass surveillance (as John mentions), and others were crazy, looney conspiracy theories until they turned out to be true! But ultimately, skepticism and critical thinking are most important
Glimpse of the world
Glimpse of the world 4 дня назад
Night Stick
Night Stick 4 дня назад
17:42 I've said the polite version of this to my Grandmother, actually. Love her to pieces and she's the sweetest, nicest, most supportive Grandmother I could ever have, and a fantastic great grandma for my kids. She also happens to be the biggest conspiracy nut I've ever met in my life, as I've unfortunately come to see during this pandemic. I don't know if there is a conspiracy theory out there she doesn't believe - aside from the flat-earth theory. Thankfully she doesn't believe that... But virtually everything else... She genuinely called me up at 3am on a wednesday to tell me that she watched a documentary about the government sending a person through a blackhole. A documentary that was actually a science fiction movie that she watched on Netflix. I love her dearly, but sometimes man...
Andy M
Andy M 4 дня назад
Maybe conspiracy theorists just don't have something similar to object permanence. Like if they don't see it they think it doesn't exist so they have to create a narrative to cry about
Timz -trippin
Timz -trippin 4 дня назад
What about to control the populations using fear? You didn't say a word about that when it's the most common theory out there..
ComiXProvider FTW_02
ComiXProvider FTW_02 4 дня назад
What's worse than conspiracy theories? Religious conspiracy theories. Created by insane televangelist and “pastors” that are always insisted we are living in the End Times. Whether it’s their performances on TV or the books they sell where they “decode” the Bible. As a Christian, I say that it's very concerning to see easy these other Christians have blindly accepted it. And it’s usually from the right winged, conservative, God fearing Christians. It's also embarrassing to know that this is what I was unknowingly been associate with for so long.
Modulator Music
Modulator Music 4 дня назад
Big Events must have big causes like “the Big Bang”
Matthew Snyder
Matthew Snyder 4 дня назад
“Cases” does not mean sick or contagious necessarily so cases are not a good justification for destroying our well being. Risk of death is the star we should be using obviously and the risk is extremely low! Stop getting tested at all. it’s pointless and it only helps justify government overreach. if you feel sick stay home you dumb fucks!
Jim Foote
Jim Foote 5 дней назад
"I'm literally a superhero. The smallest one but it still counts."
Kiran N.
Kiran N. 5 дней назад
A Aron
A Aron 5 дней назад
Many conspiracy theories are rubbish, so all conspiracy theories must be rubbish. Many conspiracy theorists are nutty, so all conspiracy theorists are nutty. Everything we're fed by the media and government is unadulterated fact. There is nothing shady about any of the 9/11 events. And MK Ultra was pure fantasy.
Encarnacion Villazana
Encarnacion Villazana 5 дней назад
RIP Wisest man ever Alex Trebek
Taylor Justice
Taylor Justice 5 дней назад
John Oliver bashing his parent company at&t is why I watch this show. 😅🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Madison Muennich
Madison Muennich 5 дней назад
He said nothing about 9/11 hmmmmm
EnvoStar Vudoo
EnvoStar Vudoo 5 дней назад
People think about this, just for a second. If carona virus was real. There is no possible way you can get everyone to obey these new laws, just by simply staying at home and to stay 1.5m away, till cases drop down to zero... In a perfect world, if we are all abiding citizens, yeah maybe. But it’s not that simple. What about drug users, and drug dens? They have always been braking the law just by being drug users, do you think they will comply to these new laws? Shearing drugs with fellow users in close confinement, daily! I’m sure such an environment would be prime breeding ground for COVID, don’t you think? Let’s face it we all know friends or family members who is battling some kind of drug addiction. Where do you think they go to feed their addiction? Where are they right now? You will never know... It’s not easy to expect these poor souls to just change their ways all because, staying at home is the right thing to do. Don’t ignore this simple fact that the whole world is facing this very problem, it’s a fact of life. The world has been drug effected for longer then you think. Addiction is no joke. If we can’t fight the drug virus, then how on earth can we fight this alien invasion!?! But I’m just a pug, what do I know. Pug Life..
Techno Logic
Techno Logic 4 дня назад
@EnvoStar Vudoo Okay, I understand.
EnvoStar Vudoo
EnvoStar Vudoo 4 дня назад
@Techno Logic think you missed my point. im from Oz Victoria, our state managed to score zero corona cases and still has managed to keep it that way. These kind of environments that i mentioned can't be controlled. Eg; By using a computer virus scanner approach and applying it to our current jail system. might need to read that twice.
Techno Logic
Techno Logic 4 дня назад
Yes, the problem is that we can't get everyone to stay home, but the people who are breaking quarantine aren't druggies trying to get their fix. They are Karens and idiotic Trump supporters who thinks he knows more than any doctor and are willing to expose themselves because they don't pay attention to facts.
Chi Chu
Chi Chu 5 дней назад
Ha,ha..To whom ever still believing in the world are flat.You're the dumbest human on planet earth.
YoungAtHeart 5 дней назад
10:00 He got shocked for the Rachel Dolezal comment.
FirstName LastNAME
FirstName LastNAME 5 дней назад
DNA says that we are all, ancestral origins, out of Africa some time in the last 200,000 years (mitochondrial eve). So the $64,000 question is "who isn't an AFRICAN AMERICAN ?"
Madison Muennich
Madison Muennich 5 дней назад
But John, JFK wasn’t that bad of a person and didn’t want to go to war, of course were gonna believe the government killed him. Someone killing Ronald Reagan is very believable. He was awful
Joe Scott
Joe Scott 5 дней назад
That was so great of Trebek to show up. He only had maybe a couple months left but he time out to be a great guy. I grew up and often watching Jeopardy 2x4@ week; RKP, Old Buddy. I also miss the Chief from "Where in the World is CARMEN San Diego? Without her sharpness and real flare for the dramatic, the show went lame. Rip also, belatedly, to Lynne Thigpen (1948-2003). Anything on the silver screen was better for her being involved.
Jimmy Schritt
Jimmy Schritt 5 дней назад
Building 7 still doesn’t make sense.
Jamon Cosby
Jamon Cosby 5 дней назад
🤦🏾‍♂️ they could’ve atleast choose Terry Crews If they wanted a sweet blackman we dont even know that guy 😂
Lizabeth Hampton
Lizabeth Hampton 5 дней назад
It surprised me then as it surprises me now that Rush Limbaugh lost weight.
BF 5 дней назад
I'm betting he got bariatric surgery
Kevin 5 дней назад
Again BRILLIANT!! Thank you John.👍👍
Subliterate Almond
Subliterate Almond 5 дней назад
Rest in Peace Alex, You will be missed.
jasonchaaang 5 дней назад
Some conspiracy theories I'm sure are true: 1. Epstein did not kill himself 2. 9/11 was an inside job (building 3 literally came down for no reason) 3. JFK was assasisnated (prolly by the FED because he was going to phase the FED out) 4. Bigfoot (j/k) That's it.
Nik Dog
Nik Dog 4 дня назад
When the fuck did a 3rd building come down at 9/11!?
FirstName LastNAME
FirstName LastNAME 5 дней назад
@jasonchaaang you are NOT in the minority (quite the opposite), If you read the Chapman University study of American fears thru the recent years you may be suprised how large a percentage agree with you. As for JFK, he intergrated the military honor guard (pissed off racist generals) on Day 1 of his Admin. & Would Not play war in Cuba the way the military wanted to. I don't believe Operation Mongoose 1961 behavior was JFK's style (no puppet), and too much money interest getting Cuba back by force. Operation Northwoods freaks me out as an American... that soldiers would violate their oath to our Constitution so violently. Jack Ruby had no reason to kill Oswald since he was in custody already. Oswald just could not be allowed to Bin Laddin
Maya Thompson
Maya Thompson 5 дней назад
What do I do now that Alex Trebek is dead...
bjbell52 5 дней назад
Earlier today a watched a video that talked about people getting flu like symptoms. At the time they blamed it on the flu. It was later found out that the problem wasn't the flu, it was wallpaper that were decorated with green leaves. The pigment for the green contained a large amount of arsenic.
Quiet Time Gaming
Quiet Time Gaming 5 дней назад
The virus was created by China and the Biden Crime Family. I know it sounds crazy, and the question is “Why? What’s the purpose?” Simple... China wanted to re-establish trade routes and policies seen under Obama, which allowed China to really thrive and rise to global prominence. So it makes sense that China would want someone in office who will facilitate more growth for their country. And Biden knew an airborne virus would lead to the Dems instituting nationwide Mail-in voting. And it’s a proven fact that mail-in voting benefits democrats, as they tend to show up to polls less than republicans in key states. That’s the big picture. *Corona Virus was created by The Biden Crime Family* to facilitate voter fraud by convoluting the voting system!* Biden is bad for the world! Wake up good people. Don’t be fooled. Tell you parents, tell your children. Just kidding!!!!! But this sounds like something some nut job would say... and I could see people parroting it. That’s how far we’ve fallen.
Techno Logic
Techno Logic 4 дня назад
ComiXProvider FTW_02
ComiXProvider FTW_02 4 дня назад
You forgot to put in “WAKE UP, SHEEPLE!” At the end.
Lee Walker
Lee Walker 5 дней назад
rest in peace, Alex Trebek
Lene Hammero
Lene Hammero 5 дней назад
John Cena has bigger boobs than me, and I have F cups
dunky dog
dunky dog 5 дней назад
Msm coming out swinging with propaganda. They don't want you learning the truth. Conspiracy theories came from cia to discredit people.
JDRcity 6 дней назад
Here's a major problem though. What SHOULD be trusted sources, like the AP, Reuters, doctors, the CDC, the WHO, and so on, are all discounted by the conspiracy theorists as "fake news". So, appealing to the nutcases to go to trusted sources to fact check is often pointless, because your suggestion will just be met with, "You call them news?! They just want [control, take down trump, money, socialist takeover]!!!! Don't be a sheep!!!!"
FirstName LastNAME
FirstName LastNAME 6 дней назад
@John Oliver: Is your show ever going to talk about how the C.I.S.M. International Sports Military event that ended in Wuhan China Oct 27/28th 2019, just one incubation period before the Covid outbreak started? And maybe remember back to Sept 19th 2001, how it seemed weird that there was anthrax mailed around that week after that 757 plane illegally parked under the second floor Wedge 1 of the Pentagon 2001. Weird too that many budget department people were in that wedge but not very many other personal. Seems the anthrax scare took attention off of more thorough investigations into 911 and the anthrax letters included those unusual fake letters that seemed to suggest “foriegn terrorist”, BUT funny thing, it turns out our own FBI links that anthrax back to Ft Derricks, a bioweapon lab,,, but this might all just be coincidences(?) though I have great doubts. Funny too that our military has been boating vigorously in the “disputed waters”(not our place to get into that dispute militarily) of the South China Sea during this pandemic, and as far as I can tell there has been no/few significant increases in the number of permanent ICU facilities or increase # of basic care beds since March, BUT other construction(largely residential) has been going gang busters since then here in Cincinnati. High death rates among social security and pension recipients and those physically compromised, while extremely low reactions for those of a military exploitable age, but disease can do that. Now the fact that China and Iran(2 of our military's biggest concerns/competitors) were both hit hard 1st, AND even though Italy has an older population, it also has sardines singing national anthems in the streets, and ousting corrupt leaders. I personally witnessed unusual remote sensing of sewer discharge and water hydrant powered turbines running water tests at a new police-like center near my college some months before the pandemic outbreak, and I personally got two flu events(2nd one Covid), and I rarely ever get sick. It was decidedly not funny to me that as I walked into my voting center for the Ohio presidential primary voting March 17th, that the polling machines were being hastily taken out in response to the governor closing the election only the night before, only to be replaced by a system where I have to request a form and wait, to then mail(and get a witness to cosign) for a ballot that I then have to receive(fill out) & send thru a mail system during a "pandemic" AND where I was promised an election date extension by my governor, which he then later shortened with little advanced warning,,, MEANWHILE my primary 1st choice (Sanders) has already yielded to Biden because supposedly something magical had happened in South Carolina, a state which hasn't elected a Democrat since Carter and has minimum electoral votes(wtf). Plus this pandemic occurred in a period critical for the US Census, which was not rescheduled/delayed, but is critical for honest election districts, not gerrymandering of pukes of politicians selecting their preferred voters.[I believe that “pukes” should be the official title for a group of politicians repeatedly convicted of crimes or acts unbecoming public officers (a pod of whales & a puke of corrupt politicians)] In my city I have watch peaceful protests with large numbers of kids calling for social societal reform and for stopping getting pushed into student debt, then those movements got co-opted into black lives matter, clinched fist (black panther symbol for older generation) rallies where later other agents moved to destruction and looting. All of that seemed way too choreographed to be actual grassroots behavior, I know our military has used techniques like that to undermine other groups overseas. At night more actions designed to justify police crackdowns/fear. So now, is it suspect, that the one state in the union, Georgia, that is currently marked low Covid is the center of one unusual Senate control election hyper races? God I feel so bad for them, because at least here Nov 4th meant the end of these wack political ads! John Oliver please put on your own strengthened foil hat and dig into what actually might be real conspiracy. Remember that “theory” means ideas that have stood up to some scrutiny already, not just hypotheses, but theories (like theory of gravity, which you have probably relied on). Also never forget that when an organized group is trying to hide something, simple rules of evaluation can get exploited. As an American aspirant you should be motivated to help remove imperialistic behavior (I understand your British colonial guilt, and the sincere appreciation of positive, optimistic American spirit of mutual upliftment our founding fathers intended us to continue; in my case, my understanding comes from relating to my immigranting parents). Talk to people like Joe Rogan and Alex Jones and do it patiently, looking to expose important truths not just get quick, shallow jokes. Americans have strong reasons to question overly simply media conclusions or potentially co-opted media individuals. Please help us with an open and investigative mind, use your smarts/wit for the common good. I got and cleared Covid 19 in Feb. 2020, and it is serious illness, yet myself and a large population question if it really is a “novel” virus, or orchestrated to stifel free speech and assembly. Sunshine is one great disinfectant both literally(viruses) and figuratively(corruption) Sincerely Your Fan
Nadia Hassan
Nadia Hassan 4 дня назад
@FirstName LastNAME how on earth is that not the ramblings of a deranged lunatic? たいへんバカね〜
Techno Logic
Techno Logic 4 дня назад
@FirstName LastNAME Put your words in asterisks *like this*
FirstName LastNAME
FirstName LastNAME 5 дней назад
@Nadia Hassan do tell us how to get Bold txt Please anti🤖 test
FirstName LastNAME
FirstName LastNAME 5 дней назад
@Nadia Hassan [ insane(a bit), True & worth knowing,(yes ++)] Thank you for the word sotto voce⏳ Latin processed ==> Reply : "Eppur si muove" (not a fan of speaking in dead languages personally, but cest la vie :) ) If you have constructive, positive truth(s) to add, and you are not a bot or a plant ok, otherwise there are 7.7 billion real humans so let us move each other to the end of the line so after we have spoken with the other 7.69 billion LET US TALK AGAIN :) Latin processed (speaking in hushed tones about important things :) )
Nadia Hassan
Nadia Hassan 5 дней назад
I will quote John Oliver here *in sotto voce* “Everything you just said is insane.”
Audrey Flynn
Audrey Flynn 6 дней назад
rest in peace alex
amy joy
amy joy 6 дней назад
john cena is my favorite comedian.
bucca2 6 дней назад
Oh God, Alex Trebek…thank you, sir.
Don 6 дней назад
The problem is with the "if a majority of trusted news resources agree on it" it probably true, the average right wing conspiracy monger will say "Breitbart, Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, and Donald Trump all say it's true!"
FirstName LastNAME
FirstName LastNAME 6 дней назад
Hashtag #RIPPaulRudd trending may just have been referring to this acting skills and not his actual life force energy; #YoureNoRyanReynolds (I kid because I care, look Schwarzenegger's acting as a robot is %100 spot on!) 🤔 I went to see (and support Ant Man) in the theater it was good, just not Dead Pool good, more like 2nd Terminator good :)
FirstName LastNAME
FirstName LastNAME 6 дней назад
I bet John Oliver's wife thinks about that “exact same age” thing allot more since John went ahead and made this video.
John Laser
John Laser 4 дня назад
A lot
Edie STEWART 4 дня назад
The.. exact same age
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