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Thailand feat. Rip Taylor
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opinions in ASMR
opinions in ASMR 14 часов назад
John Oliver isn’t coming back until FEBRUARY? Are you serious? Oh ffs
Monnie Bunce
Monnie Bunce 14 часов назад
“Punch a hole in you like a Marriage Story wall” is a mood
Veronica Meyer
Veronica Meyer 14 часов назад
❤️A•D•A•M D•R•I•V•E•R🏆😍❤️
Isabel gisb
Isabel gisb 14 часов назад
so he's been living in Janet's Void.
ollie d
ollie d 14 часов назад
Please cover my story John, orthodontists are lying about jaw problems and its destroyed my life. I've tried to email you
Rat Bat Nuff Time
Rat Bat Nuff Time 14 часов назад
"Gave birth alone in an isolation cell"??? In the US??? What kind of savagery is that??? In the "third world" country I'm from, our female prisoners/inmates/convicts give birth in the hospital and their relatives take the babies. Damn.
Andrew kohl
Andrew kohl 14 часов назад
"does she also have a collection of dank memes" 😂😂
Ebby C
Ebby C 14 часов назад
Ok. That Adam Driver obsession. I see it now. Anyone get strangely emotional as he said goodbye to the void? We'll miss you, John.
Trenton Pottruff · Student Pilot
Trenton Pottruff · Student Pilot 14 часов назад
The funny part of all of this is that we Canadians can't even watch these shows without a VPN.
brianred8 14 часов назад
I witnessed rampant voter fraud..... First place Im going is to Fox News
Sãí Rãhùl Pûppálã
Sãí Rãhùl Pûppálã 14 часов назад
Is all this happening in my huge country?? Haha, I Know it's not..
Zachary Albright
Zachary Albright 14 часов назад
Fuck. Cardi B. I pay 40 percent too but I'm not a millionaire. Quit your bitching you annoying bitch. What are you talented at?
mentilly all
mentilly all 14 часов назад
don't trust govts or celebs
Gobtik 14 часов назад
WHO criticises US handling = Trump ego can't take it, pulls out of WHO Simple as that, the man is the biggest snowflake on the planet
Bill Sider
Bill Sider 14 часов назад
John, thank you. No really, thank you for trying to keep us sane.
Quaigon Pooh
Quaigon Pooh 15 часов назад
You know, seeing all of this from afar (Germany), all of what has been happening over there in the USA kind of seems like a tragic and exaggerated political movie starring Al Pacino. I really dont know whether I should laugh or cry, since we also have our own version of these nationalist clowns spreading fear and people are really falling for it. That really is just a shame.
Vlad Nicolae Leu
Vlad Nicolae Leu 15 часов назад
As if prosecutor Kamala was (or would be...) just 'peaches & cream' ???... Come on John, I'm sure you're perfectly aware of the horrible, inhuman results of the 'lab' experiments induced and promoted by the US judiciary with max support by CIA and local US officials (e.g. the US Embassies) in a lot of countries and places of the World, including some EU States, to 'remove' and replace local nationalist/patriot officials with abject no-spine & corrupt 'Uriah Heep-type' collaborators and promoters of US & multinational corporations' hegemony. I'm totally in favor of US supporting legally justified actions to stop local corruption outside US territory. However, I highly question the morality and benefits of US' policy of replacing local oligarchs with even lower and more despicable characters, just on the premise that the latter would be more attentive & obedient to US interests. The World's never going to get better through this kind of action... And neither will the US.
Barbara Klett
Barbara Klett 15 часов назад
You are not seeing all sides.
Reelijunniz Foorazzholes
Reelijunniz Foorazzholes 15 часов назад
They could raise the price to 50 bucks a pack and people would still smoke. Gross
Fawad Ahmad
Fawad Ahmad 15 часов назад
Joris Bohnson
Joost Mag Het Weten
Joost Mag Het Weten 15 часов назад
How is this segment not a regular thing
Lesiqa Jeni
Lesiqa Jeni 15 часов назад
Well there is a reason the German health minister laughed when the CNBC reporter claimed that the US has a strong health care system.
Traiano Welcome
Traiano Welcome 15 часов назад
That bar is pure gold, bro.
Strahinja Mirosavljev
Strahinja Mirosavljev 15 часов назад
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Cultural quotes - مقتطفات ثقافية
Cultural quotes - مقتطفات ثقافية 15 часов назад
it is a cnospiracy for god sake ruposts.info/one/anmgnaial5qVdag/video
Lesiqa Jeni
Lesiqa Jeni 15 часов назад
Trump die-hards still won’t accept defeat. Jordan Klepper went to the Million MAGA March to find out more.
William Minson III
William Minson III 15 часов назад
Um bro, mance. I love you John Oliver. Till next season.
qwertyqwery5511 15 часов назад
Nice to see John Oliver has fully embraced his American home and gone full Hollywood, making a copycapt sequel to something that was supposed to be a one-off four years ago, but now just make it bigger and call it better and see if people buy it. Apparently he's talked about Trump too much this year, because now he's borrowing from his playbook XD
Digvijay Patil
Digvijay Patil 15 часов назад
what about Hindu's killed first In Godhra train you **Sucker** biased bigot Fuck uuu
Strahinja Mirosavljev
Strahinja Mirosavljev 15 часов назад
best episode ever XD ----->>> ruposts.info/one/pqt8p37BltF_h2U/video&ab_channel=LastWeekTonight Make this TRENDING
Ryan Meyers
Ryan Meyers 15 часов назад
Lmao I just noticed the My Hero Acadamia poster in the “beat that meat” photo
IAmSeamonkey 15 часов назад
funny how most major international problems of the early 20th century started with reagan.
senthil kumar
senthil kumar 15 часов назад
People should think twice before messing up with John Oliver. He knows how to elegantly damage whatever reputation someone has
Naomi Pandey
Naomi Pandey 15 часов назад
I vividly remember how terrible demonetisation was. It ruined everything, the country was in mayhem and you know, when we have like the population of over 1.3 Billion, it was rather impractical. CAA/NRC was the most non-secular art I could imagine. Yh this video was quite inoffensive honestly, secularism is pretty much dead here.
Raja Sarkar
Raja Sarkar 15 часов назад
Tnk Oliver Sir and HBO for a Great and informative show....
theGamingSOLDAT 15 часов назад
Did ya forget about Hillary?
Tania Garcia duenas
Tania Garcia duenas 15 часов назад
I know the real man of his jaw 🙏💯📍
hippo 15 часов назад
Twenty-Fifth 15 часов назад
11:22 Well shit, second verse, same as the first. No wonder he lost.
krisztian79 15 часов назад
Democracy depends on voting. Voting depends on voters' decisions. Decisions depend on information. TRUE INFORMATION. We need immediate fact checking going on during debates, newscasts, interviews etc. So when Trump (or anyone else) uses blatant lies to feed MISinformation to voters... the program is stopped, and the true information is presented.
Jason Tufts
Jason Tufts 16 часов назад
Sadly it's completely true. I was a kid in our mobile home (They are glorified trailers) if it can be called that. We got lucky and the land was owned by our uncle, so our rent was managed. We also when we moved I think it was over 80% of the lots were bought by a single entity/group. So when we moved my uncle sold the lot and finished paying off everything he owned for the lot and home. I didn't notice how much that place costed until we moved into a duplex. Rent was more, but we still how more to spend. All utilities dropped, the feeling of the house was just so much better. I really do wish anyone living in the mobile home park can stay safe, but I've seen what these types of conditions can do to people and families.
Strahinja Mirosavljev
Strahinja Mirosavljev 16 часов назад
best episode ever ruposts.info/one/pqt8p37BltF_h2U/video&ab_channel=LastWeekTonight
Elizabeth Watt
Elizabeth Watt 16 часов назад
Trump is running scared. He has been stone broke for many years, and has borrowed money to keep up his facade. At home, in trump tower, he’s been faking it with cheap gold paint and cheapest silver-plate. Melania knows this, but she found out........too late. Rich American businessman! I spit on you! The only place trump can be of use to Putin, and the Russian Mafia is in the White House. It also just happens to be the only place he’s safe from Putin who loaned him the Half-Billion dollars..........coming due WITHIN four years. As long as he has the government body-guards and the ‘security of the Office’, NO ONE can / will touch him. But, Donny boy, you have chosen to dance to the Devil’s Music...... ...........Just wait Donny boy, your kids will find only your feet and shoes in cement. Putin only plays with you if he can keep you in the Oval Office, where you can do his bidding. Only when you can pull the right strings, are you of use to Putin and the Russian Mafia. Once January 20th, Noon arrives,..........you done for, fat boy!
Kay Bee
Kay Bee 16 часов назад
Would have been so funny if the first click didn't actually detonate...
Natalie 16 часов назад
That Shane Dawson call out lmao.
Admiralty86 16 часов назад
Sitting here in 2020, 2016 is some amateur shit.
MoreThanLessRJeh 16 часов назад
Should so play Q in a future 007
Bob Bakker
Bob Bakker 16 часов назад
They selling bags of luck. Treemonisha
ZockMedic 16 часов назад
Alcohol OR drugs? Yeah right, alcohol isn't a drug, is it?
Kool K
Kool K 16 часов назад
This is a politically motivated video
Katerina Dancheva
Katerina Dancheva 16 часов назад
John Oliver, please don’t stop with the Adam Driver bits. Let’s just imagine whatever happened in the white void doesn’t count, and whatever you promised there is not a real promise. Then you can continue the Adam Driver bits in a new set, until he visits you ON SET next year! Now that will be even more awesome!
Mason 16 часов назад
in Snowden's book "Permanent Record" he talks about his childhood a bit and even as a young man he was incredibly patriotic, it's really a testament to his love for this country and gives a lot of insight into why he's doing all this- I think his intentions are admirable and he writes with the kind of grace and intelligence he shows us in this interview. highly recommend as a quarantine read!
Tech Mex
Tech Mex 16 часов назад
No voter fraud? In a world where whistelblowers are treated like criminals and warcriminals become presidents?.......... So stupid, omg. No voter fraud... give me a break.... "Russia hacked the election 2016-2020...", now: "The safest elections ever". Do you believe this shit? Then the system got you. Voterfraud is real, since decades, you idiots
Agent Ham
Agent Ham 16 часов назад
This is even more relevant now. It is both awesome and scary watching the Trump mob turn against Fox.
César Madero
César Madero 16 часов назад
5:02 MAGA hats being angry for votes being counted in 2020.
César Madero
César Madero 16 часов назад
I'm so confused. I legit thought Puff Daddy and P. Diddy were different people.
Serena and Matthew's Life
Serena and Matthew's Life 16 часов назад
But why then do they label Trump's Tweets as Fake News when he is always right.. Best President Since George Bush in the 80s
kageseb 16 часов назад
MILF on Busty mansion (@5.51) cover is Daphne Rosen. You're welcome
Serena and Matthew's Life
Serena and Matthew's Life 16 часов назад
Donald Trump won the election and the election of 2020 has the most fraudulent votes in history. I would rather have him then our Canadian Priminister Justin Treadu
Yoda Jedi
Yoda Jedi 16 часов назад
Fake and Evil media.
teo delfuego
teo delfuego 16 часов назад
I had no idea he was gay
Dalton Smith
Dalton Smith 16 часов назад
Not gonna lie I got a little teary eyed at the end of this monologue. Well said John....
Robert Patterson
Robert Patterson 16 часов назад
Ur postage is due ,,, jjjjjhhhnnnn ollliverrr, get a back drop ,, Too much 2na ???
Jonathan Sports
Jonathan Sports 16 часов назад
I'd like to hear Jones' argument for why people can't just go and pour chocolate syrup into some chicken broth instead of buying that nasty drink mix.
Ginger Goliath
Ginger Goliath 16 часов назад
That URL is very well still active this late into 2020. My God it is golden.
Dave Roche
Dave Roche 16 часов назад
"Why, ah do dee-clayah - the Good Lord DEMANDS ah upgrade mah limo and jet to bring his Word to airports everywhea, good people". Hello, good evening and welcome to 'Spot the Scam'......
Kay Tee
Kay Tee 17 часов назад
That explosion can't be good for the environment, can it? 🤔
Xenos Breed
Xenos Breed 17 часов назад
It's depressing to be going on a LWT binge on old videos and see that not only are 99% of them still relevant, the problems are worse. What I hate about America is most people define wealth and success in terms of money. A lot of people I worked with would be perfectly happy with 60K a year with Healthcare and a few weeks off. But Republican's have brainwashed them to think higher taxes, estate taxes, and corporate and capital gains taxes somehow affects them.
nan oreo
nan oreo 17 часов назад
Hearing all of these people undermine the democratic process the way a Walmart representative coming in once they hear the word union is heartbreaking. when did facts become debatable and when did proof become disposable?
Arthyu Alagao
Arthyu Alagao 17 часов назад
Not gonna lie, I'm really sad to see nobody watching my most recent doc :( Do you guys have any feedback for me? Was it just a poorly done video? Edit: Thanks for some of the feedback guys. I can understand for those of you just not interested in League of Legends content anymore, it's just frustrating to constantly see all the other LoL youtubers do so much better in viewership than me when I feel like I'm putting in just as much effort as anyone else. I just wanna understand how I can improve and get to the level of being a real person. Sorry to everyone who doesn't watch League of Legends RUposts content. I don't know why YT is recommending this post to you instead of my actual subscribers lol.
Kelly A
Kelly A 17 часов назад
ok is anyone else concerned about just how much smoke this put into the atmosphere? this may just be 2020 pessimism, but wow that was a lot of smoke. that can’t be good for the environment
TNT 339
TNT 339 17 часов назад
I smoke and I like this video
pikeman80 17 часов назад
Maybe they should have screened Timothy McVeigh and Dylann Roof before they let them in. Oh wait. They were born in the States.
Rolf May
Rolf May 17 часов назад
wow... I am happy like a snow king when this media hate speech all have to row back with their obedience to the deep state and Trump has exposed this massive electoral fraud. Then John Oliver I'm curious about your gasping. The gasps of all left media. So sick souls.
Sherman Culbertson
Sherman Culbertson 17 часов назад
Donald Trump got elected because John Oliver didn’t send that dollar back, and then 2020 also happened because he didn’t send that dollar back.
WerDeDeDe 17 часов назад
4:43 one of them is Dan Gurewitch, I can just feel it.
Jana 17 часов назад
Bruh thats disgusting
Richard Jones
Richard Jones 17 часов назад
Just want to jump in on the 'literally' debate. We have to accept that this word is in the process of changing its meaning. This is how languages evolve. The frustrating thing is it also means that we're also losing that word's primary function due to the increasing prevalence of fuckheads in our society, who need to add emotional qualifiers to every insignificant moment of their lives! Sorry, I think I woke up angry today.
Vineeta Tyagi
Vineeta Tyagi 17 часов назад
russia is really about to stage a coup on US using the exact same script US has been using to destabilize countless countries for decades... its like shooting your enemy with his own gun... hope they have a way to remove a president who has declared dictatorship
Ryan Mattie
Ryan Mattie 17 часов назад
I'm not sure who needs to see this but if you look at John's tie, it has strips but in the reflection of the table, it crosses. Very important